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December 28, 1962     Catholic Northwest Progress
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December 28, 1962

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Friday, Dec '28, 1962 Evaluation Made: Council's First Session 'Good' SAVE AT By James C. O'Neill Bishop,, Zuroweste, this could problems and pssible remedies ] Jr .......... an international center ior con- ern churches from the Holy zu trtownat did the sultation on all problems deal- See. It did not touch on re- first session of the Sec- ing with communications me- lations between the Church and end Vatican Council die. This center could make Protestants. accomplish? What will The last two projects--the nature of the Church and the Christmas Cards happen in the nine-month in- Virgin Mary -- were treated York, and a number of bish- QUESTIONS IT seems that many times when a missionary goes r  out to talk to people about the missions, he is asked at least once or twice on that occasion, two questions: 1. Say something in a native language. 2. How much does it cost to educate a priest in the missions? I thought that since this is the Christmas Season of the year, I would look up some "native" language and put it in this column so that you could get a look at it yourself. Fortunately, I just received a little bit of Pidgin English that tells the Christ- mas Story. This is taken from the Gospel of St. Luke and I am sure that the people who were stationed in these South Pacific Islands during the war will reminisce as they read these words. "Tupela i stap Bethlehem, nau taim b01ong Maria belong karim pikinini i kamap. Em i karim pikininl em nambavan, em i karamapim em long laplap na i putim em long bekis-kaikai benong el sip, em i no gat rum belong tupela long el haus." This literally translated means: Two Fellows (Mary and Joseph) Remained in Bethlehem. Now the Time which Belonged to Mary to Deliver Her Pikinini (Jesus) Came Up. She was Carrying her Pikinini Number One. She Covered Him Up with a Laplap (Cloth) and Put Him in the Feed-Box for the Sheep. They Did Not Have Room for These Two in Any of the Other Houses. It is interesting to note that many times we fail to realize that when the missionaries work in strange countries they must be sure that they have mastered the language and customs of the people because those are the tools that they have and un- Society for The Propagation of the Faith Re,,. Stephen Szeman, Archd ocesan Director 907 Terry Avenue, Seattle 4--MA. 2-8880 less they have these tools in good condition they are not going to be able to give the people the Gospel of Christ. So you can see that a lot of work, and special work, must go into training a priest, Sister, or lay person to carry on missionary work in other lands. Now to answer the second question, I happen to have in my files some statistics of what the Society for the Propagation of the Faith spends to educate men in different countries throughout the world to become priests. Last year, for instance, The Propagation of the Faith spent $3,680.338 as ordinary subsidies and $3,987,067 as extraordinary subsidies. Here is a list of the Missionary Seminaries and how many men are in studying there: Continent Minor Seminarians Major Seminarains AFRICA 165 18,328 41 1,806 ASIA 138 8,832 38 3,438 OCEANIA 13 379 2 57 And remember, this is very important work because until countries have their own native priests who have been born and reared in that land, the Church will never really flourish in that country. It is only the native clergy who have a full and complete understanding of his own fellow countryman. Since this is the last of the year 1962, I beg that God will grant you many graces and blessings throughout the coming year terim until the second session opens in September? And what can be expected of the second session? The complete answer to the first question can really only be given after the entire coun- cil is finished. But keeping in mind the old axiom "well be- gun is half done," a partial evaluation ,of the significant work of the first session can be made by examining the work and development of the six- week meeting. First of all, more than 2,000 council Fathers took part in the 36 general congregations, or work meetings. In that time six projects were introduced with very mixed results. How- ever, as His Holiness Pope John XXIII pointed out in his closing speech, the fact that six projects came before the assembly "makes one realize the extent of the work thus far completed. Indeed, it is right to conclude that a good begin- ning has been made." The six projects were on the liturgy, the sources of Revelation, the unity of the Church, communications me- dia, the nature of the Chureh and the Virgin Mary. Results of the debates on these projects were: One project--the liturgy--re- viewed in full with its preface and first chapter amended and approved with overwhelming majorities. One project--the sources of Revelation--sent back to a spe- cial mixed commission for a complete redrafting. Two projects--the unity of the Church and communica- tions media -- approval but sent back for some changes. Two projects -- the nature of the Church and the Virgin Mary -- uncompleted. By far the most successful of the six projects introduced was the one on the liturgy. It clears the way, providing it receives the approval of the Pope, for a genuine li- turgical revival and renewal Second project, the source of Revelation, ran into heavy oppes,.'tion from the start. So fierce were the objections to it, that the Fathers were asked to vote on its outright rejec- tion. Although opposition was strong, its opponents could not muster the two-thirds majority required It appeared that a long and probably ttot debate faced the council At this pint, tMpe John in- tervened. He ordered the pro- of 1963. God bless you. ject to be sent to a special mixed commission which repre- sented both sides of the ques- Cut out this column, pin your sacrifice to it and mail it to tion. The decision was of ma- Father Szemaa, Archdiocesan Director of the Society for the jor importance and marked a Propagation of the Faith, gO7 Terry, Seattle 4, Washington. turning point in the council's development. ull The project now faces re- Archbishop Krol Plans F drafting. The title has already US been changed from "The e Of New Vernacular Norms Sources of, Revelation" to 'Revelation.' Though it might PHILADELPHIA (N C ) -- seem minor, this is important Archbishop John J. Krol of in at least portions of the Mass since one of the major objec- Philadelphia told a press con- is virtually certain, said the tions to the project, as first terence here that his archdio- Archbishop who was one of the presented, was that the very cese will take full advantage five undersecretaries of the title posed a theological prob- er new norms on the vernacu- council, lem which is by no means a ' Su 1 r in the liturgy. " ch sections as the Gloria. settled or agreed on by thee- natty n ua e Epistle, Gospel and Creed " he Use of the " e lag g " , , logians themselves. said, 'wi!l almost certainly be Speaking of the next pro- included.' ject considered, communion. The prelate said of his own tions media, Bishop Albert  . L A . , See that "we shall have par. R. Zuroweste of Belleville, nop AY Tour tions of the Mass in the vet- I11., said that it brought the naeular as soon as we can attention of the world's bish- ., ,, get approval and as much in ops to the fact that "modern l-rlenaly the vernacular as is permit- communications media are ted." providing the Church with He said exact changes agreed the greatest opportunity to i   upon at the Second Vatican fulfill Christ's command to [] J Il Council cannot be revealed teach all nations." yet but he added" [] V ,,- . .... The Bishop is a member of Latin as a umfymg prmcl- the council's commission which Illklt= IlL Ilil pie will be retained, at least drafted the project. , [l[lliiLliml in the principal parts of the Among the projects sugges- |U[lLiiLlll Mass, but the principle of tions was that the Pope ex- --- -----' ...... unity does not mean complete pand the functions of the el- .......... uniformity.'' ready existing Pontifical Com- 145th & Bothell Way mission for Radio, Motion Pic- If you haven't been reading tures and Television to include Lake City Area rhe Progress advertisements, the press. you have been losing money. If approved by the Pope, said Read and profit. Council's . Democratic Spirit Lauded WASHINGTON (NC) -- The Second Vatican Council was referred to by Archbishop Pat- rick A. O'Boyle of Washington as "one of the most demo- cratic meetings I ever attend- ed." The Archbishop, who is a member of the council's Com- mission on Seminaries, Studies BISHOP ZUROWESTE Speaks On Communications available information and tech- nological advice for the best means to be used in various countries and under various conditions. Moreover, it could be an international center for coordinating efforts in the en- tire field and for placing at the disposal of the Bishops much technical and profession- al consultation." Bishop Zuroweste also noted that the proposed office would be "consultative" in nature and "not a news dis- pensing agency or a censor- ship organization." The fourth project--the unity of the Church--dealt with the as one. The latter, however, though introduced in so far as it was distributed to the Fathers, never did reach the floor. Debate on the nature of the Church began December 1 and ended December 7 without reaching a vote. This project is considered among the most important to be presented to the council. Its original form encoun- tered much opposition and, though it never reached a vote, it has been sent back to the Theology Commission for reworking. What will happen in the nine- month interim between the first and second sessions? This is answered in general by the norms laid down by the council's presidency and by the Pope himself in his closing speech of December 8. "Today's celebration," said the Pope, "does not bring the work to an end, rather the work that awaits all of us is of the greatest im- portance . . . the council really remains open during the next nine months of sus- pension of the ecumenical sessions properly so called." Chief organization during the interim period will be the new- ly instituted coordinating com- mission. In the Pope's words, the commission will have the duty "to pursue and direct the work during these months and to lay the firm faun- ops, will work with the 10 reg- ular council commissions and unity secretariat. As envisioned by the norms of the council for the interim session, all the projects pre- pared by the various prepara- tory commissions are to be re- viewed and re-evaluated. Thus, it is hoped, the see- and session will not be faced with such deadlock de- bates as those which sur- rounded the projects on the the nature of the Church, in which great numbers of the Fathers found them- selves completely out of sym- pathy with the projects as presented. What the council will do, and what it did do in the first ses- sion, is to prepare for the fu- ture the coming of what Pope John has often called a "New Pentecost." He called it "a 'New Pente- cost' indeed, which will cause the Church to renew her in- terior riches and to extend her maternal care in every sphere of human activity; it will be a new advance of the Kingdom of Christ in the world, an ele- vated and persuasive reaffir- mation of the good news of Redemption. a clarion call of God's Kingship, of the brother- hood of men in charity, of the peace promised on earth to men of good will in accordance with God's good pleasure." Crib Sets, Stables .... .... U00to Many other items rom our regular also on Side The K.i00ufer CATHOLIC SUPPLY HOUSE Established 1904 The Old Reliable Catholic Book Sto SEATTLE: 1904 Fourth Avenue, MAin 2-4173 TACOMA: 744 Broadway. MArket 7.2702 Stores Also in Spokane end Portland THE SIGN OF GOOD FOOD . . YOUR ASSURANCE OF SAVIP 70 Stores In Eastern & Western Washington To The MUKILTEO... By the Sea... .'L -. ,; C._ Now Eve GALA ** CELEBRATION DANCING   9:30 'til COCKTAILS... 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