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December 14, 1962     Catholic Northwest Progress
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December 14, 1962

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2'-THE PROGRESS F:fiday, Dec. 14, 1962 Applause Greets Pope As Council Sessions Close VATICAN CITY, Dec. 10 (Radio, NC) --The first phase of the Second Vatican Council closed simply, its ritual muted to a minimum. But what set the final cere- mony December 8 in sharpest contrast with the opening of two months before was not its relative austerity, since the pomp of a solemn procession and the richness of cope and miter were missing. Nor was it even the relative brevity of the closing ceremony, though it took only a third of the time of the opening. The most striking difference was the absence of His Holi- ness Pope John XXIII through most of the morning. The Pope, who had been aft- ing for almost two weeks, ap- peared in the council hall only to deliver a 25-minute speech. Voice Was Vibrant But his voice was reassur- ingly ' firm and vibrant. It seemed to give evidence of fatigue only at the end, when he gave the apostolic benedic- tion. Then it faltered a moment and broke--but whether from fatigue or emotion could not be said. For more than an hour, throughout 'the Mass that open- ed the ce(emony, priests and laity jamming the vast basilica could be seen glancing at the Pope's empty throne. An oulburst of applause greeted his appearance, which was heralded only by the choir's intonation of "Tu Es Petrus" (Thou Art Peter), a hymn recalling Christ's prom- ise to make St. peter the foundation of the Church. Pope John entered from the side of the basilica and walked to the throne. Under bright lights his face showed few if any signs of his illness and convalescence. Speaks Of St. Joseph The Pope noted in his speech that tile name of St. Joseph had appeared in the canon of the Mass for the first time that morning. (The Mass was of- Pope Forsees 'New Pentecost' :AT THE CLOSE OF THE FIRST SESSION of the Second Vatican Council Pope John XXIII is shown at the main altar of St. Peter Basilica. He told the assembled Coun- cil Fathers they had made a "good beginning" and voices hope the council might complete its work by next Christmas. : Councd R00.00ORmNG 00ACHI0000S 00ome. .a...ers ., (NC) -- Twenty recording machines have been pro- VATICAN CITY, Dec. sented to as many missionary bishops by the Pen- I0 (Radio, NC)--His Hol- :tifical Institute of Sacred Music in Rome. iness Pope John XXIII, Purpose of the gift is to help spread the Christian duri,ng a surprise visit to Faith through hymns which can be recorded on the the Second V a t i c a n :!maehines. Council, praised the Council Giuseppe Cardinal Pizzardo, grand chancellor of Fathers for the "charity in the institute, and its president, Msgr. Igino Angles, truth" w h ic h "dominated" were present at a ceremony of presentation, their meetings.'  The Pontifical In stitute of Sacred Music was Pope John spoke to the Fathers December 7 at the founded by Pope St. Pros X m1911 as the Higher 36th general meeting, the first : : : Seho01 of Sacred Music. It received its present name he had attended since the in 193!. council opened October 11. The Pope decided at 10:15  "' "k" 9 a.m. to make the visit, which ' MORE PRIESTS EX P ELL E D FROM HAITI-- gave the Council Fathers about . .... a half,hour to get ready for ', nto Domingo, Dominican Republm, Dec. 12 (NC)-- his appearance, Pope Blesses Council Fathers e government of neighboring Haiti has expelled Applause greeted the Pope as POPE JOHN XXIII raises his hands as he Messes the ! seven more French priests, reportedly accused of re- he entered the council hall and flzsing to pray for i@esident Francois:Duvalier. took his place on a' special Council Fathers at the close of the first session of the .The ouster of the seven, whose names were not throne in front of the Altar Second Vatican Council. The 81:year-old pontiff, still of the Confession facing to- recovering from anemia and stomach trouble, spoke clearly . immediately made known, leaves the city of Los ward the Fathers. ] Gonaives without priests and brings to 20 the num- The Six cardinals of the and firmly in Latin. His talk :brought the Council's first " bar of Catholic churchmen- three bishops and 17 council presidency turned their phase to a formal close. The council will reconvene Sop- . chairs around and faced the tember 8, 1963. .  Ilests--forced out of Hait since 1959. Pope as he spoke briefly in " rp Message Will , , , -o e' Pope John told the Fathers S i IIUSH REGION MISSIONERS ASK AIDFalr- that during the council "We  batiks, Alaska, Dec. 11 (NC)-- Ten Catholic and have been closer to you than Be 8roadcas# Dec 22 : Protestant missionariesmeeting here made several ever--close to you in prayer il suggestions for the social and economic development . . . close to yea "- thought." ' "We gladly take advantage VATICAN CITY, Dec. 2 (Radio, NC)His Holt. :0f the bush regions, of this occasion," he said, "to ness Pope John XXIII will broadcast his annual ii! The missionaries, who work in the Yukon- show you all our gratitude . . . Christmas message to the world on Saturday, Decem-  Tanana Valley, called for technical and financial and pay tribute to you because bar 22, at 8 p.m. Rome time, it was announced. - chanty in truth has really f: aid to encourage small local industries, for village dominated your meetings." (In Seattle the broadcast will he on KOMO- i labor pools, and for regional high schools rather The Pope told theFathers Radio. Exact time of the Pope's address in the i than one central plant in an urban center, that their group "stood out Seattle listening area will be announced later.) ' They said they were willing to discuss problems like a flame in St. Peter's But instead of offering the traditional Christmas ,, square" when they Mt the midnight Mass attended by members of the diplomatic corps  nd recommendations with any interested party, council December 5 to see Pope John give his blessing at accredited to the Holy See, the Pope's schedule calls for him to noon. offer Mass at 10 p.m. Christmas eve. "We now wait with emotion This Mass in the Pope's private chapel is to be broadcast To Make Your Christmas Complete.. for tomorrow's c e r em. o n y over Vatican Radio. December 8," he told the On Christmas Day, the Pope is slated to receive the Cardinals Fathers, "when We will greet you close by the tomb of Peter of'Rome and other members of the papal court and of the central as you are about to return to administrative staff of the Church in a special audience at 10 your Sees. a.m. He is to receive the diplomatic corps a half hour later. fcred by Peele Cardinal Me- rolls, Prefect of the Sacred Congregation of the Basilica of St. Peter and president of {he council's commission on bishops and the government of dio- ceses). Pope John also made it known, through an announce- ment read by Archbishop Peri- cle Felici, general secretary of the council, that he would offer Mass December 10 for all the Council Fathers who had died since the opening of the coun- cil on the llth for the inten- tions of the Council Fathers. At the end of his speech the Pope summoned his listeners to a vision of "the heavens opened above our heads and the splendor of the heavenly court" shining upon the as- sembly. Administers Blessing "In this light, as We look forward to your return, We salute all of you, venerable brothers, 'with a holy kiss,' while We call down upon you the most abundant blessing of Our Lord, of which the apos- tolic blessing is the pledge and promise," he said. Pope John walked out amid the applause of bishops, priests and people. Then the great basilica emptied without cere- mony almost abruptly. The closing meeting had taken less than an hour and 45 minutes in all. There was no discussion. The entire cere- mony consisted of a Mass, the announcement by Archbishop Feliel and the address by the Pope, When it was over, many of the Council Fathers and the guests remained among the thousands of per- sons waiting in the great square 0utide to sac the Pope. At noon he appeared at the window of his apartment aM led in the recitation of the An- gelus with the great holyday throng. Then he lifted his hands and his voice in blessing. As the people knelt to receive it, dozens of bishops in their pur- ple choir robes could be seen in the thick of the crowd bnw- ing their heads to the leader of their apostolic college who had brought them together in council. Patriarch Compares Role of Journalists To That of St. John ROME, Dec. 10 (Radio, NC)--A Catholic patri- arch of the East has compared the role of the journal- ist to that of St. John the Baptist. Moran'to Rite Patriarch Paul P. Meouchi of Antioch spoke December 3 at the journalists' Mass at St. Des church here. The Patriarch took the text by the council Fathers. In this of his sermon from the words manner, he said, a journalist . would be acting according to of St. John the Baptist: the true liturgical spirit of "I am the voice of one cry- Ad,)ent. ing in the desert, 'Make straight the way of the Lord' Cardinal Boa . . He must increase, but I must decrease." (John 1,23 May Visit U.S., and 3,30). Prelate Patriarch Meouchi pointed 00ays out the natural tendency to look for excitement and enter- tainment in everything, even in the newspapers. This ten- dency, he said, distracts and dissipates, so much so that "men know less about them- selves than they know about every[hing else." This is the wilderness the journalist works in, he said, and added that it is the role of the journalist to be a "voice" proclaiming the truth rather than providing entertainment and sensationalism. Referring to the quotation, "He must increase, but I must decrease," Patriarch M'ouchi said that "he who serves truth does not seek to give promin- ence to himself at the expense of truth." The service of truth, does "make straight the way of the Lord" directly or indi- rectly, I:: said, This means not only presenting the facts, he added, but interpreting them correctly. In the context of the ecu- menical, council, the Patriarch continued, the journalist should prepare the minds and hearts of men to understand the true meaning of the decisions taken Chancellor Welcomes Archbishop BOSTON, Dec. 13 (NC) -- Augustin Cardinal Bea, S.J., president nf the Vatican's Sec- retariat for Promoting Christian Unity, tentatively is scheduled to give an address at Harvard University in March. Richard Cardinal Cushing, Archbishop of Boston, disclosed here he had invited Cardinal Bea to be the guest of his diocese at that time. While Cardinal Bea has not yet deft- nitely accepted the invitation, Cardinal Cushing said he is reasonably certain the Vatican official will. Plans call for Cardinal Bee to address an ecumenical meeting sponsored hy Har- P a r d University's divinity school. The full program for the meeting and the date have not been completed. Cardinal Cushing said he and Cardinal Boa would go on "a stumping tour" in several East- ern states to stress closer unity between Catholics, Protestants and Jews. The Boston prelate t said "we will travel anywhere and speak to anyone who will invite us." It is likely that Cardinal Bea also will speak at Boston Uni- versity, which is affiliated with the Methodist church, and at Boston College, which is con- ducted by the Jesuits, Cardinal Cushing said. Observers Visit Illinois Commissioner Resigns Famed Monastery Over Birth Control Policy . t --Twenty non-Catholic observ- CHICAGO, Dec. 11 (NC)--One Illinois Public Aid patently had become "to Supply contraceptives to mothers be- ors at the ecumenical council Comrissioner has resigned as he and other opponents cause contraceptives are cheaper than babies." paid a visit to the f a m e d of the state's new birth control policy have kept up Planned Parenthood Benedictine monastery here on a drumffl'e of protest. "The state now proposes to buy contraceptives not only for a day when there was no coun- In the\\;meantime, one of the men who suggested married women living with their husbands, but also for women cil meeting. the newly adopted program of tax-supported birth control sere- who have no man in the house. The group was escorted to p . . \\; . . . the monastery where St. Bone- Recorded byMount St. Michael's, Spokane divorcesmeS for pubhCof certaifi\\;personsrelmf remptentSon relief.prepsod that the state pay for "Is this planned parenthood? Is this 'family planning'? How dict began his religious life by  can families be planned without a father," he said. Msgr. Jan. G. M. Willebrands, Sold exclusively in Seattle by The divorce proposal was tabled December 10 by the cam- The new policy, adopted by a six to four vote, was described secretary of the Secretariat  mission, a move which in effect killed it. Its sponsor explained by its advocates as able to cut down the cost of public relief by for Promoting Christian Unity. * encouraging recipients of state aid not to have any more chil- The secretariat's president, James M. Cleary a retired advertising executive from Win- dren. Augustin Cardinal Bee, S.J., netka, Ill., and one el the most vocal opponents of the new pro- was giving a press conference gram, quit the comnission. Would Finance Divorces in Rome on that day. Cleary said Gay. Otto Kerner kad ignored his repeated Shortly after adoption of the birth control project, Harold W. Also accompanying the ob. requests for a legal/opinion from the attorney general on provid, Swank, executive secretary of the aid commission, announced servers were Abbot Benno Gut, ing contraceptives to aid recipients, the proposal to use tax funds to finance divorces. ' O.S.B., Abbot Primate of the He said the policy would affect mothers and fathers nf chil- Benedictines, and Abbot Gen- A DIVISION OF MARSHALL FIELD & COMPANY Doubts Legality dren on relief who have lived together for a period of years, but Cleary, who charges that the program's effect will be to have been unable to marry because one or the other has been Also At These Other Department Stores equip the homes of thousands of unmarried, separated and di- Spokane: vorced mothers as "houses of prostitution," doubts that it is previously married and financially unable to secure a divorce. The Crescerlt legal to use tax funds to give contraceptives to u n m a r r i e d " Howler was among the first to criticize the proposal. "llow mothers, far are we going to go in interfering with things that are not within the realm of state government?" he asked. Portland:- "It is against the law," he said. "I want no part of that Meier & Frank rotten deal." "We give them (welfare recipients) food, clothing, shelter, medicine; we send them to hospitals in taxis; we bury them; we More than 80 per cent of the mothers getting public relief are going to give them contraceptives, and now they (the corn- Archbishop Visits Tacoma: assistance from the state live with no man in the house. Under mission executives) want to divorce them. Where is it going to Maltese Regiment the new policy, any recipient "with a spouse or a child" can stop?" Rhodes secure birth control services and devices at the taxpayers' DORTMUND, Germany (NC) YakJma: expense. Another critic was State Treasurer Francis S. Lorenz, also Archbishop Michael Gonzi of In Springfield, Michael J. Howlett, state auditor of public a commission member. He said the divorce proposal was an ad- Malta paid a two-day visit to Talcoft's accounts and another member of the commission who opposed mission'that some recipients are living in a state of adultery and the Maltese regiment stationed the new program told an audience that the state's policy ap that nothing h bees dane to prosecute them. here. t  4k THE VERY REV. Cornelius M. Power, chancellor of the Archdiocese kneel, to kiss the ring of the Most Reverend Archbishop Thomas A. Connolly as he arrived in Seattle December 9 from the Ecumenical Council in Rome. At the left is Timothy Horn, mem- ber of the Fourth Degree honor gnard, James Shields Assembly, Knights of Columbtm. The honor guard was at the airport to greet the Archbishop, as were many priests of the Archdiocese. " e with oral Celestino Gust of the Subiaeo Congregation, Special permission was given the observers to eat at noon in the refectory, which is usually closed to all outsiders. They PAHCAK| & WAFFl| also visited the adjoining St. Scholastics monastery. At All Beter Grocery Stores Remember "SUNNY JIM," famous Peanut Butter, Jams & Preserves