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November 13, 1903     Catholic Northwest Progress
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November 13, 1903

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..... : :4 :&apos; .... ;' '" 7 : "I'HE CAFII()LIC PRC)(;RESS 5 vl 41 r .... _ Household. II 'CMCN0000 THE RECEPTION ROOM. Tile l'llsIng of tire l'arlor--The Re. eeDlion IIoont or Ilnll. One CallllOt bell) llollt'hxg, l'enlal'l;,s the Art Interchange, the r:q)id changes during tim past few years with refer- euce to |l|al roonl called "'l)arlor." It [8 only a lllalior of a few years ago when the parlor was tim tn'illCillal rooul in the llouse, Ill)ted for ils quiet- hess, Its large size, its heavy curtained windows and, slill further, that hcavy upholstercd lmrlor set. in tim umjor- Its' of cases Ill(! l'(}OZll was only OCClZ- pied after the dinner hour of Sunday afternoon or when thc people of ille house lind COl|lpazly, and wlmt recollcc- tious of these bygone days come to )rOll vflll,ll II 5' chllzl(!O you rlln across one of tl|ese Iolnlflikc parlors! To be sure, tim Imuse had the t'.unily sitting room or living room, but tile iparlol ,as tile l.OOlll of lbc hesse. Today the parlor is rapidly changing into the recoldion room and each year atling slnllll(?l' Ill SIZe, and even in ,|lie CllSOS it lllOl''es llllO a l'eceplilin fOl'lablg a combination 81alroaso hall illll) I'{'(';'plOll I'O()lll, lilt;. III Illtl:-'.l eases the rooln still hohl ils ImSt ,,l' lionel'. I1O;i1' lhe I'l'olli {.n(l';lilcl,. ;ill(l, tLmngh sin:ill in Mze. is lh(, "l;id glove" roolll of I]i(, i!ollSl, alld n.,;ed fol ibo(, llftel'llllllll fOI'IIUI I I':1111,;. It is :l recoptioll i'J,!',l ill lho rlzl!l:-;t Sell.R , )f lllo word, It Id;lco of Ill{'t'lLll the g'nest and Ills cllSllal (.'dim' hefore they are Invilod inlo file f;lllfily gaff> e|'H|g. Ill aileat lilth, c0ltllge, t'oslhI,R" ill)- proxhnately .'i:.l.O00. we hay,, just seen fl Z'eCeliii)ll FO{)lll v(hil'b WOllltl ('Ollle und('r il{e (,.q)r(.ssion ()f diminutive. This Imus(, lind a hall of fair size, about I0 l)y {4 feet, with st'liz'ease )it one end. Ol)ening off from this Imll was (he lil)rary or living room, 16 l)y 18, and In one corner adjoining the front door xvls the reception I'OOlZl, Just seven feet s(in;H'e, with qn arched opening into the hall anti also into tim library. This little room had one large wiudow facing the front, very prettily draped, and the dc('oratlons of the room were in old ivory with yellow and gold. It had a soft rose colored rug on the floor and a charming little chandelier of electric light, the square being cut plaster of Inexpensive de- sign. Oyster Soups Itnd Stews. Just why oyster soups should be thickened and oyster stews should not be is unexplainable, since other soups are usually thin, while stews are thick- ened, but this seems to be the common practice. The thickening may l)e tim, cracker crumbs of flour blended wlth butter. For a household where part of the family do not care for oysters, but do eat the broth, one measure of oysters to two of milk is a safe pro- portion. Tim milk should be heated in a double boiler and thickened and the oysters parboiled meantime in their own juice till plump. Then com- bine, seasou and serve at once.--Kitel- en Magazine. I THI: MOONSHINERS ,@ i ':< ..... OBOE-, A {;onl'ellleltl Arrangement. Tim l)iemre fron tile Ladies' Worhl shows Imw the loller arrangements of a small sleeping roozn ella lie nlllde not A ('()liNEn WASilSTAND. only to occul)y a very small space, but may also be entirely concealed when uot tn use, a featm'e often very desir. a01e. A shelf for lhe bowl and water pitcher, with a drawcr beueath it, with small side shelves and a large shelf high up, is provided, while the glass occupies an out of the way but con- venient position above the bowl. The two sets of curtains, when closed, con- ceal every article from sight. The Art of Appreciating, There is, perhaps, no other natural gift, which briugs s) much genuine pleasure to its possessor as does the keeu sense of appreciation. It teaches us, or points out to our understanding tim beauties of nature that are all about us, gilds the common-ploe, and emi)hasizes the jys of life az,d of liv- ing. Appealit|g to s through all our senses he pleasures that it brings are ceaseless and unfailing. Seen through appreciative eyes, the beauties of life overshadow and eclipse the homely and rough places. There is an attrac- tive side to everything,and this an ap- p]eoiative mind will see first, and re- member longest. Vulgar minds will always pay a igber respect to wealth than talent; for wealth, although it be a far less eflioient source of power than talent, happens to be far more intelligible. The new wools, in all grades of tex- ture, no matter how shaggy the sur- face, are very light in weight. ken when there was te sounO el horses' hoofs, and a young girl riding astride pulled up In their midst. "Scatter boys, scatter. The 'revenues' have got wind that you're here and be- for(: nloruing they'll he here." "Go back to your fatlmr," said one of the gang, "and tell him that we want no warning from him or any of his kin." MacAllster, seeing that he was pow- erless to protect the girl from insult, without a word took her horse by the bridle and led her away. "It's no use, Lucy. The men have been Informed that your father put the 'reveimes' ou to them, and they're not to be convinced to the contrary. Gel away from here at cute." I "I wish you'd come with me," she I said as she started on, "and quit the I gang forever." I But Ian lind work before him Just i then. lie feared the men were going to move UlZOn Cameron Swift, seize him and hang him. In a molneut he was back, and just In thne to hear Brana- gan propose to do exactly what he feared. Turning before he wqs spell he rau after Lucy to warn her, but was too late. He kept on, however, ou foot till he came to a farm where he pro- cm'ed a horse and never drew rein till he dismounted before Swlft's cottage and told of the danger. "You'll have little time," he sall, "to [Orlghml. ] There was trouble In the camp of the MeDermots. For years they had run their stills in the heart of the Great Smoky mountains, aud never had they been surprised before. But now their tills were goue, some of their nmn had been shot, while the rest, after scatter- "; Jug, lntd come together at the river fork to consider what to do. "There's Jist one thing to do," said Brunagan, "and that is to wreak venge- ance on the man that gtvc US away." "And who was that?" asked Ian Mac- Allster. "And who knows belter 'n you know yourself. And you'd own, too, that it's the schoolmaster if you wasn't dell(l stuck on his daughter." Inn MacAlister had long been a lead- er among them, but since their last misfortune, which they atirlbuted te Cameron Swift, the man who taught their children and who, though he con- demned their occupation, had before always beeu their friend, they had bro- ken away fl'om MacAlister's Influence. For Ian would not listen to a word ,| against Swift, and the gang attributed this to the fact that Inn was the slave of Lucy Swift. the scimolmaster's Fashions. l,'nliion'u I,eh eel. Wbcnever sllor[ skirls are worzl ;ill.v- body with anytlfing like due regard i,, ller a])l)carllzlci, IllnS[ l)erforce ])ay at. tenti()n Io hl!r foot gt,ar. M}liiary tol)(,oats, cn{l's and inili(ar3 pil)ings ar(, features of ln:llZy of lh(, new fall suits. Tile fasllionable l':zll glove for pronlt,- nade wear Is ill ho:lvy It,:llber. htll- tonless and wide wristed. Skirls are assuuzhzg nlore ||lll])]0 pro- Portions, They are straighler and full- er thau berctoforc. There is "z decided tendency ,lot only toward the llttc(1 (!oal, but to the fltied bodice as well. Ruby, g'u'uet, lwatber brown, myrlle green Ilud l)rnne are alnong the sea- son's osiers. For house gowns there is much talk about the passing of the blouse waist and the coming of lines conforming a little more to the natural curves of the figure Velvets and velveteens, especially tim latter, occupy n prominent positlon. Collarless bodices promise to be a feature of smart house dresses. A Novelty In Garterm. Those who have been in the habit of wearing the round garter and find the elastic unpleasantly adhesive will ex- I A NOVEh GAnTEIL pcrienee much relief front this new de- vice. By making the elqstic only of suflieient length parlially to encireh: the leg aud continuing it wltll ribbon, se- eurlng it with a pretty bow, the sons(, of tightness is done away with to a large extent, yet the band Is as ef- fective In hohling the hose in place. Fancy or plain elastic in white, black or auy color Inay be chosen, und the rlbbou, which may be of satin, taffeta. louisine or grosgrain, should match. In tying the bow, if the second loop Is passed twice through the knot there will not be the slightest danger of lt becoming untrod. For a pair of these garters one-third of a yard of elastic is required, though one may use more or less, giving the elasticity desired, and two yards of ribbon.--Delineator. Ribbon will be used in all sorts of ways for trimming. ]z s plaited,gath- ered, made into puffs or ruohes and in some cases a set of ribbon ohoux con- nected with loops of ribbon is the only decoration of a handsome gown. 5ehind inc. ",lount my horse an,l hq Lucy mount again aud ride as fast as ou can," "But I know who was the traitor," said Swift. "A 'revenue' told me. It was Branagan." "Thllt won't save you. They're blind with rage. and Just now Branagan has them completely under his influence. Go at once." "And you?" asked Lucy. "I'll stay here and stand 'era off as long as I can." In less than half an hour there was a comluotion below, men calling to each other and shouting vengeance. Ian listened with hls lmnd ou the schoohnaster's rifle, which he had tak- en down froln the wall. waiting fill they should come up. He lind locked and barred the house and taken posi- tion at an el)on whldow, whore he couhl fire through closed blinds, tic had no mind to hurt any of his coul- rades; he wanted the blood of Brana- gan. the man who had betrayed them. On came the gang until they emerged from behind the trees and stood In front of the hmlse Then Maclister, with the muzzle of his rifle pointing between the slats of the blind, aimed straight at the heart of Branagau amt, taking adv'mtage of a moment when the traitor was not In motton, fired. Branagau fell dead. MaeAlister tlu'ew open the shutter and stood where his form could be seen, though his features could not be dlstin- gulslled for the darkness. 1,eels. he crlcd. It is Branagan who gave us away. Seurch hhn. Like as not he has his bribe in his pocket." Jolul Hanson, a friend of fan's, was the only one who recognized lhe voles. Jumping for the fallen body. he thrust his hands in the pockets, but pulled out notldng. Taking off the coat, he tore It In pieces, aud five uew, crisp $11X) bills. fresh from the United States treasury. fluttered to the ground. Then there was a sudden stillness. and MaeAlister. unarmed, walked oul to them. "Boys," he said, "it was the school- For High Grade Groceries, LEAHY BROS ' Fresh Meats, Fresh Vegetables 00and Fruit, Go to i,il SECOND AVENUE. llllD;i('!'. VVilOnl yozl'(l ll;tve hn 1. if I hadn'l fol'OSlalled you, who was lohl 1)y a 'revenue' that I{rilnaglln was |lit, traitt)r. Ilc wlzs 1VOl'Se thalz a Irailor, for he llOl olzly took II brihe for givn?.', us :lway. bnt to turll snspieioll floll hilllself led you on to nlurder ('/inlerol Swift. Yon're spared a crime." "'Ve .vrollg(Kl yOU as Vve did tlw st,lzoohnasler," said oue. "You were always tile ttest head In lhe lol. Tell ns what to do," said :111 Ol llcr. "'Vhat I am going to do is to give tlp 'nl(Ozlsh]IIl'' for(,ver, lind I'd I'('('oIll- Ullqld Io each and c, Vel'y one of yoU 10 do lhc sanzc. If yon will, I'll go Io CL, meron Swifl. and lhrough him 1 bo- lleve 1 cau gol inmHlniiy for all of ns. x,V]l:lt d'yc s'ly ?" fan dld Ket immunily (lu'oug]l tlm B('lloohllllst{'r, I/n(] CV('ry olze Of llw gang weni to woz'k at au honest eallilu'.. As for Ialz, h(, look a posi(h)n on 1he r:lih'oad an(l, h:lvinK I| head for a(hlll:: 'strath'o work. soon be('allZe Oil(' of the promhzent men on (lie lin(,. I.I1('3' Swift tnal'rled hlm afier hls zze'w Clll'eer Wl.ll  assured. MABEL C. BRAl)LEY. Enilraved Genus of the Ancients. Eugravcd gems are among the nmsl interesting ohjeets of art inllcrited by us from the anclcnts Though many of tixa cameos and int.(giles were en graved on I)rcciotls stones over 2.0{.)0 years ago, they are still as clear aml fine as if they were cut yesterday. The designs cngraved Oil these stones lndi cats that the old Greeks and Ronlan regarded theln as ehlrnls agaiust ac eldcnt or misfortune. This supersti flea generally took the form of a fond hess for representation of cerlain ani reals. Sailors affected the dolphin be cause it was l)elieved to be the nmri- her's fNend. Womeu. so far as fishes were coucerned, preferred the repro, sentation of the prollfie aringa of th( Adriatic, which was a symbol of fruit- fulness because of the great number ol Its eggs. The ant was worn as au em- blem of industry. By the frog wa indicated the Idea of resurrection, b cause that Interesting batrachhm ro news Its yonth each spring by abed dlng tts old skin. Saffron. The partieular species of crocus that has from time immemorhd been cultl- vaied for Its drh,d sttgnms, a product known uuder tlm name of saffrou, is Crocus sativus, which Is wild from italy to Ku,'dlstan. Saffron may I)e reckoned auzoug the very oldest of vegetable products, being alluded to in the Song of Solomon :unong other sptccs of Lebalzon. Tlic nallle crocus Is fqmhlcan or Greek and was flint used by Theol)hrastus of Eresus about 350 B. C., and that It was a well known and admired flower lu Greece soon afterward Is shown by Sopbocles, who mentions lhe "crocus of golden beam" In his "tldlpus at Colouos." The word saffron seems to be a eel ruption of the Arable name "al zahafa- ran." and the product itself was first imported lute, Eugland as a spice or condilnent, behtg also use(t as a color or dye for silks aud other fabrics of the easteru loolns, At a later date, exactly when Is not known, the lflant itself was cultlwzted In Englaud, more especially in Essex. In which county tb name of Saffron Walden remains in evideuee of the fact Again, we have In Londou Sat- fron btll, which formerly was :1 site In- eluded In the bishop of Ely's garden at Holborzl, once famous for its saffron beds as well as for its strawberries. Today, however, saffron is but little used. Faith and ebedience are bound up in the same buudle. He that obeys od, trusts God; aud he that *rusts God, obeys God. Bright and Beautiful Bristling with Style, is the two Sam pie liues of COATS AND SUITS And welcomed by Seattle's appreoi- ative women. Right now is the time tim( yon are wanting a Wrap, and suell a cllanoe fox selection! You have the widest choice in styles and fabrics-- and no two alike. The Snml)les are all nlarked at 3t per cent below the reguiar value, No need of waiting till January to arty ),our mtrmeuts. You'll have tile pleasure of weriug (our clothes longer, while they are stylish, and fully get thmr worth. Goats worth $7.50, at $5.00 (-oats worth $10.00, at $7.50 Coats worth $15.00, at $10.00 Coats worth $20.00, at $i3.50 1412 Second Avenue, Seattle. daughter. Branagan had seareely spo- get far enough away, for they're near 1 FRISCH BR)5. t Are golllg out of the retail Jewelry business, rtIIS BIG STOCK will be sold at au,:tion, commencing Saturday, November 7th. at 2:30 P. M., continuing each afternoon and evening at 2:30 and 7:30 P. M., until everything Is sold. , AFTER An honoralfle and successful recqrd of 20 years, we have ffecided to retire from the retail field. We will gollnto the wholesale business and by doing so will enable us to open a uew er In the Jewelry business. In order to ac- complish thls purpose we will offerour entire stock at any sacrlflce. T!ll PUBLIC Is Invited to this great sale. whlchttglns Saturday, and will find every possible arrangement made for their accommodation and comfort. We will have chblrs for the ladies. \\; R. 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