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November 13, 1903     Catholic Northwest Progress
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November 13, 1903

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4 THE CATHOLIC PROGRESS. i ,t'b¢ 00alb011¢ Progress WEEKLY. ,flh.,, 2ad S,,or, Metropolltan Bt-k Ird and Main. TELEPHONE Main "2. aa('tloncf Jy 131shop O'Dea Eat Ibllsbed March. 1899. e; ted to the propagation of Catholic sleet: , and the gathering of Catholic ews T.. IVERS, A. J. BOOKMYER, publlah- ,rs ,,nd proprietors. ........... ii2s0 P;rv.r. 5o Pc;copy. ...... News matter la aolleited. Matter for ubllcation should reach the editor by ednesday of each week to insure pub- dcation on the following Friday. REMITTANCHS. ltemlttncea should be marie by post. africa or express money orders, drafts or reg- Istered letters and made payable to The *rogreaa I'ubllshlng Company. Subscribers removing from one place to znother, asd desiring papers changed, should always give former as well as pres- ent address. NOTICE. No one Is authorized to collect money £or subscriptions or  vertlsements or to solicit fur the without showing a written ptwer ot attorney, signed by the tditor. Advertlsldg raes will be given on ap- .tllcatlon. Tle Catlollc Progress Is prlnte¢l and abllshed vcry Friday by The Progrees t>ubllshlng , Company. _. ....... / 'OI'E IA) (.IN •PHE CATHOLIC PRESS. y 2, CaT¢,olh: ewspaper fn a parish Is a gerpetoal mission. Let all who truly and from their souls desire that religion and society defended by human Intellect and literature should flourish, strive by their qberallty to guard and protect the Cath- olic p resu, and let every one In proportlona :o his Income support them with his money and nuence, for to those who devote ;bern#eAves to the Catholic press we ought hy ..... means to bring helps of this kind, mr;" ,t which their Industry will either . / ao results or uncertain and ml*nr- ees. I'OPE LEO XIII. ,a. P O'DEA'S ENDORSEMENT OF THE CATHOLIC PROGRES$. • * * "The (Catholic) Progrelm has Segun a grand work, fraught with the great- mt good. May It continue under the prop- #r guidancej remain within the natural lim- it ,nud without sacrifice of the identity of Catholic teaching, feeling and opinion, and will prove apowerful factor for good. Jth for the Y. M. 1. and the whole church ...  the great Northwest. "EDWARD .). O'DEA, "Blshoa of Nelqualiy" jack pot was won;" "The new's the best," or "Get there Christianity;" "Buttered toast and the higher life ;" ! "The fandango sexet;" "Cerebro-i spinal menginits and child culture." To continue we would have to con. sult the beading of a first page of the Times, which fortunately we have not at hand, and titus has Apollo saved yOU. COLLEGE MEN ON BUSINESS. The Iron Age, a magaziue of the greatest authority in all business ma- ters, affirms that "frmn a strictly util- itarian point of view" the years spent in college:work--pay, and informs :us that the Pennsylvania railroad and the General Electric Co. are offering spe- czal inducements to college graduates. What it Ires to say of the .'business m.-, value of the sheepskin concludes with these words : • 'Records prove that in producing establishments the college man at tl,irty is far in advance of the man of the same age who entered by the ap- prentice door. The graduate may have been twenty-five bofoz;e he don- ned a jumper, but in five years he learned more witl the college training Its had as a foundation than the regu- lar journeyman in fifteen years of act- :ua[ work in the shop. His reward is apparent m the greater responsibility of the position he occupies and in the greater wages he receives. Even at thirty it is shown timt the fouz years spent at college were not wasted, and that he really acquired the ability to learn how to do tlmgs." MODERN EDUCATION. It seems strange to find in the pages of Francis Bacon (1561--1626) argu- ments againts the purely commercial trend of the p]esent day education. Iu his treatise on "the advancement ot ............................................................ learning" Base nsays : TO SUBSO00I00ERS |f The Catholic Progress fails to .j. reach you in due time please report the delay to this offie. Telophone, ........................................ man T T -r r -4r r -4r v T "- -- "•" T T " -dr T -•- T "4" -4r T "4" -e" T -r The following is the order of the Forty Hours' devotion to be observed in the Diocese of Nesqually: : November. Ftrs Sunday--Lacy, St. Martin's College• Second Sunday--Tacoma, St. Jo- seph's Hospital. Third Sunday--Colton• Fourth Sunday--Brothers of Our Lady of Lourdes. SUBJECTS oF SERMONS. [From the column of Church News in one of our last Sunday's newspa- pers we take the iollowing list of sub- jects preached on that day from the Protestant pulpits ot Seattle. From the mere reading of these airy noth- ings of titles would anyone imagine that there wa anytlting substantial mad religious about the body of the sermons? The ltst: i--"The next step in the evolution: of man ;" lntroductozy address : i "Meaning ot Tammuy's victory in i New York." 2--"Concerning the ecllevtion." 3"Some neglected Honesties of private:life." 4--"Elemenlals, elementaries ; their relation to man." 5--" For my soul" (morning); "Pithy proverbs" (evening). 6I,ove's ointment" (morning) "The [everlasting gospel" or "Is Christianity played oat ?" (evening)• 7"Three sensible steps" (morn- Lug); "The tenderfoot brigade" i (evening). 8" Astro.Masonic sciences". 9--"Subject selected by 'tthe audi- ence" (all invited). In our humble opinion we award the palm to Number 2, Rev. Forbes, of the Lane street Presbyterian church, as coming nearest re the mark of what a practical sermt)slou]'d'='. ter Rev. Landels' "unctious" treat- ment ot his morning theme, in Num. bar 6,hla congregation must have been easily convinced in the evening of whatever his eigmatical subject of discourse meant to convey to them. We are very sorry we missed "Pithy proverbs" and "Aspic-Masonry," whatever It is in the "scientific" line. We will not be surprisedlnow at any future startling list oi sermons in our Sundhy papers, not even if we meet some such subjects as the following: "Three of a kind," or "How the LEITHEAD'S PiIARMACY Dealer in' pure Drugs Firs! Avenue & Marion Street. Among so many great foundations of colleges in Europe I find it strauge that they are all dedicated to profes- sions, and none left free to arts and sciences at large. For if judge that learning should be referred to ac- tion, ttmy judge well: but in this tt'ey ftil into the error dsoribed iu the atmient table, in whmh the other parts of the body did suppose the stomach ha'd been idle, because it" neither per- frnd'the office of motion, as the li"msd,/norof sense, as the head doth; but yet notwithstanding it is t z'e stomach whieh.:digesteth and dis- tirbueth to all the rest.  So , if any man think philosophy and universality to be zdle studies, he doth not co,raider that all professions ,.are from thence served and supplied. £And this I take to be a.great cause tlmt hath hindered the progression of learning, [because tffes'fndamental knowledges have ied but in paasage. For if 'tr'-e bear - more fruit, hath used to do, it islnot any- thing you ean do to the boughs, but it is the stirring of the earth and put- t!ng new mold about the roots that mus work it. Neither is it to be forgotten, that this dedicating of foundatimts and donations to profesory learning hath not only lind a malign aspect.and influence upon the growth of sciences, but hath also been prejudicial to States and Governments." W commend this, and especially the last sentence to Mr. Eliot of Har- vard college. As in the United States today, so in England in the days of good Quean'Bess, was the commer- cial spirxt abzoad in the land• FREAK PEDAGOGY. Three is a normal department at the University el Wasltington in whzch young men and women aspiring to be- come teachers are trained for their fu. tuze ora. At tim head of this depart- ment is a so-called "Professor of Ped- agogy," one A. B. Yoder. How well fitted Mr. Yoder is for the responsible position he occupies may be inferred from his reported uterances at tim Spo- kane County Teachers' Institute, last week. He is represented as saying in his address to the teachers that "children should learn a curtain amount of meanness." "They should be sent ta school where they will learn this meanness, more espeeialy while they late very youur, and under tneir moth ers' care, else they will lead a double ilife." Also• that "parents must not impose their old beliefs upon their children but leave them to form their own opinions, etc." What forms of wickedness and sin does the learned(?) professor tnelude in tim "meanness" that the child is to learn at school? Are they specific, or is it intended to include tim whole curriculum of viva? .. And then his implied paradox, "eel rupt the morals of the child else he was not removed either in punishment will lead a double life," must have of original sin, nor by the sentence of struck the assemlfled teachers as an te deluge, look mercifully upon this original idea even if not a very lucid' thy handmaid, who neing now iobo one• If this is a sample of the moral rot disseminated from the chair of peda- gogy of our State University, tilore is urgent need of an inquiry into existing i eonditions by the authorities of the institution. Tlmre is very little darger of the American youth becoming too good, and the best efforts of both teachers and i)arents should be directed tow- ards restraining the natural inclina- tions of the chihl to evil, inculcating joined in wedlock, earnestly desire to be fortified with Thy protection; may i be to her a yoke of love and peace; may she marry in Christ, faithful and chaste, and remain a follower ef holy women, may she e amiable to her husband like Rachel, wise like Rebec- ca, longlived an4 faithful like Sara. In none of lint deeds may that authqr of deceit have any power over her; may ste abide firmly knit to the Faith and the Commandments, joined unto one bed. may she fly all unlawful  p- what is pure and good, and so develop- preaches; may sire fortify ho weak- -tess by ithe strength of discipline; ink Iris moral fibre tha wimn hecomes may she be in the natural feeling of into contact with what is vicious he, shame gave, in modesty venerable, in himself, may not bc contaminated Heavenly doctrine learned. May she thereby.--M. J. be fruitful in offspring, approved and Modern diplomacy received a shook in ou. rr prompt recognition of the inde- pendence ofsthe Panama Repubhc. It only reflects our interest iu the world- ix't'wliieh ' tim United States will make if permitted. Neighbors may be jealous but t.hings seem to be i coming our way. If you did not begin the serial story 'Alice of Old Vincennes," last week hunt up the paper and start ]t and you w'll surely finish,as it is full of charm and sufficiently active for the most im patient reader. The regular annual examination of the junior clergy of the Brooklyn Dio- cese will take place io St. John's Sem- inary, that city, on November 24th and 25th. The Gatholc women o1 Dubuque, In., ;have organized to assist the Sisters of the Good Shepherd and will raise funds for that purpose• The organization is similar it] scope and aim to timt of the Mercy Hospital Aid Association of the same place, which recently Imid up an endowment fund of $5,000 to support a free room in that institution• A SHORT SERMON. MATRIMONY. The ceremonies of marriage, referred to at some length in the last instruc- tion, do not apply to mixed marriages A marriage between a atholio and a non-Catholic is not to be blest• It must not be celebrated in the church. The ring is not blest. No sacred rite: can be employed,and the priest camtot :war any sacred vestment. After the parties have expressed their consen and .given eacl other mutual faith the priest simply says: "By the au thority committed to me I pronounce you united in the bonds of matrimo- ny" The bridegroom places the ring on the bride's finger, saying at the same time: "With this ring I time wed and I plight utao thee my troth." " What words can suffice," says Tur- tullian, "to tell tim happiness of that innocent, and attain to the xest ot the blessed aud to the Heavenly kiugdom, that they both may see their chil- drea'sehildzen ante the third and fourth generation, and arrive at a de- served old age. Through the same Je- sus Chrzst Our Lord. The priest then turning owards the altar continues the Mass in the usual way. After he has given Gommuuion to the newly married couple, and be- fore blessing the people, he turns [,gain! towards the bride and ridegroom and says this prayer: May the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob be with you, that you may see your children's children unto the third and fourth gonecation, and may afterwards have everlasting life, without end, by the help of Our Lord Jesus Ghris who with the Father and the Holy Ghost livoth and reigneth, God, world with- out end. Amen. It is sad to think that the majority of Gatholie marriages are contracted wit.hout the Nuptial Mass or the nup- tial blessing, the translation of which I have just given you. Dear brethren, if you had truly Catholic hearts, you would surely de- sire to have tltose beautiful prayers of- fared up for you during the Mass that should be oelebrated tor you on the occasion of your marriage. The ob- jectzons some people have to the Nup. tial Mass are simply childish. Some people think it too costly. Now, the fact is, it ,ill cost you nothing what- ever. Whatever offering you may citoose to make on Buell an occasion is entirely voluntary. It is not necessary that the Nuptial Mass be a Higit Mass• No matter how poor you may be you can have a Nuptial Mass. Some people like to be married in the evening beqause a larger number of friends will be present. [s a great vrowd, often guilty of irreverence in the house of God, likely to bring a i blessing upon your marriage? Female !modesty naturally shrinks from mak- ing the solemn ceremony of marziage i a public xhibition. Eulightened. in- telligeut Catholics are always married marriage wltioh the Church unites in the way the Church wishes. Why die obligation confirms, and the bles do you not seek to be amongst the LUg seals, the angels announce and the [ number? The introduction of any Father aeknowledgesl" The Church I custom contrary to what the Church most anxiously desires that all Oatho- [ desires is in bad taste• The Fathers lics should be married in the morning, gel the Third Plenary Gouucil of Balti- and that mass should be celebrated on [ more thus addresed the rectors of mis- the occasion. There is a special mass [sions. "Frequeutly and in serious in the missal for the nrlde and bride. [ words inculcate that pious and lauda- groom. The bride and bridegroom are hie rite of he Church according to allowed to come into the sanctuary, which tbe faithtul, not at night, but and the canon of the mass ts interrupt, during Mass, with nuptial benediction, ed to inser special prayers for th contract Matrimony. tn this way they bride and bridegroom, show before the world their Catholic After the Pater Noster, the priest, faith, and the high and noble iaeas standing at the Epistle side of the al- they entertain concerning the dignity tar, and turning towards the bride and and sanctity of Matrimony. And this Chas Crowley & Co. Sole distributors of Standard Biscuit Co's Products or Washington "Where there's lite there's hope," they say, But why live on from day to day, ttoping for a GRAGKER sold * That's surely worth its weigb: in Gold ? Your hope can now be realized. i We have that prize--'tis"PAR- A DISE." 'Phone Main 1026 2707 First Ave. Seattle, Wash elol)hol,€ Main 272 .. TheHomerM. Hill Publishing Co. " Commercial Printers 504.5 Pacific Bloc k i[ }I. SART()RI & (hi. Importers and Dealom hz tt Igb-Grade WINES AND LIQUOR  ;':A T']'I .I'., XVA Don'tExpenmenl X,_- When you g e t glasses o, ns the,- /f], /],\\;are rigi, t in finish, ""*' T h u usau d s testify We fit glasses scienti, to our at)ility. fically. Tel. James 1301. EVERSOLE 0PTICAL CO., 708 2nd N, Y. Bl'k B. C. Kenway R.B. GI rk CLARK & KENWAY ARGItITECTS ROOMS 513-514 MARION BLD'NG Gor. Second & Marion Street, Seattle IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE State of Washington, in and for the County of King. In Probate Department No. 4. No. 5189. In the Matter of tim Estate of Ova Moe, Deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Notice Is hereby given by the under- signed, the administrator of the estate of eve Moe, deceased, to the creditors O and all persona having claims against said estate to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers, within one year after the date of the first publication of this notice, to the said administrator, at the law office of James T. Lawler, Seat- tle, Washington, the name being the place for the transaction of the business o said estate in King County, Washing- ton. All claims not presented within tle period of one year from the date of the first publication of thl nottce, will be barred under the laws of the State of Washington. Dated, Seattle, Washington, October 29th, 1903. J. P. GLEASON, Administrator. JAMES T. LAWLER, 314 Globe Block, Attorney for AdmlzMst,ator. 1903. Date of first publication October 30.' IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE State of Washington, for King County. Laura A. Darragh, Plaintiff, vs. Mary l llollanc] and Johu Doe Holland, her hus- band, whose true first name Is to plaintiff unknown, and as trustee, Charle L. Denny and Jane Doe Denny, his wife, whose true first name is to plaintiff unknown, Adolph Krug and Jane Doe Krug, his wife, whose true first name Is to plaintiff unknown, and the City of Seattle, a muulclpal corpor- ation, and all persons unknown, If any, hay- lag or claiming an interest or estate in aud to the hereinafter described real property, Defendants. No ........ Notice and Summons. State of Washington to Mary Holland and John Doe I1olland, her husband, Charles L. Denny and Jane Doe Denny, hlal wife, and Adolph Krug and Jane Doe Krug, his wife, and the City of Seattle, a munici- pal corlmratlon, who are the owners or re- puted owners of, and all persons unknown, claiming or having an interest or estate In and to the herelneter described real property. You and each of you are hereby notified that tile above uamed plaintiff, Laura A• Darragh, is the holder of one eertaln de- linquent tax certificate, numbered a here- Inafter stated, Issued by the County TreM- urer of King County• State of Washing-' ton, embracing the following real property situated In said King County. Washington, i and more particularly described as follows, to-wit : I Del2uent BRUSHES, ROBES CURRY CObBS HORSE BLANKETS i WHIPS ETC,, ETC. REPAIRING NEATLY DONE McSorley Henderson HARNESS AND SADDLERY 212 Occidental• Phone Main 749 Seattle Phone Independent 652 J. I ANEL Merchant Tailor 217 Columdia St Seattle  HAFTL, AUB'S • • GENUINE • • • • • . H 0 M E---MADE • • BREAD, BRAND For Sale hy the leading Grocers SMITH DRUG CO. % PRESCRIPTIONS % PHONE MAiN 49:IND-49 Cor. 2rid & James, Seattle A. R. McLEOD DISTRIBUTOR GRAND RIDGE NUT COA  and LUMP COAL of ALL KINDS. Northwest corner of Madison & West€re Act Phnn,,e. Sunset blain 976. ,( / u 1 u, m uo, Independent 976. T.L.DABNEY A.J. WOODI-I t  DABNEY & WOODHOL L We are sole agents for the Charter (a,- STEEL RANGE. We Buy, Sell and Exohap not.n New and Seooud-hana HOUSEHOLD GOODS of every description, a.t the BIG SECOND-HAND STORE. Tel. John 981. 418 & 500 Pike St. Seattle, Wash COLLINS BROS. UNDERTAKERS Funeral Directors and Em- balmers. 1407 ['srst An.. Phone /fiain 1029. r BONNEY-WATSON CO. F'[;NEItAL DIREC'rOI & EMBALMER Al|d dealers In all kinds of Burial Ca*e* C.askets and Undertakers' Goods. l'renar Ing bodies for shlpme:d s specialty. . orders by telephone or telegraph prompl ly attended to. Parlors Third Avenue and: Columbia Strcs' Phone Main lB. Sesft). Wash. CLEAR sP,IN,s CREAMERY BUTTER at All reaJiy first class Grocers JOHN B.A6[N, MANUFACTURER SEATTLE ..... 822 Western Ave TACOMA .... 1527 Pacific Ave. AND WHATCOM With, All 8 East Park ........ 72•72 1902 All 8 East Park ........ 39.8e 19ok Which several sums bear Interest at tha rate of 15 per cent. per annum from uld date of l,ayment, and are all the unlmld and unredeemed taxes upon and agaimt said real property• You and each of you (Including said per- sons, unknown, If ny), are hereby fur- ther notified and summoned to be and ap. pear within sixty days after the servles of this notice, exclusive of the uay of the (late of the first publication, to-wit, within 60 days ater the 18th day of September, 903, In the above entitle# court and action, formed of cne it should never be law- ful to put asunder; O God, wfio lmst consecrated the bond of matrimony by such an excellent mystery that in the aovenant of marriage Thou wouldst signify the Sacrameut of Christ and His'Church; O God, by whom wom- an is joined to man, and society as ordained from the beginning is fur. nished with a blessing which alone bridegroom, who are kneeling before is not only worthy ot praise, but ill Certificate and defend this action and an'wer the • . No. Lot. Block. Addition.. cotnplalnt of said plaintiff and serve a copy the altar, says the following prayers: our tmes woul  seem necessary, since B12191 All 8 EcLat .1 arK.. . of your a.ns.w. on the u nder.sined attor. • . that said celt cate was msueu on toe ney zor am ' .,, . . ! ,rr at his omce Demw stated, Let us Pray. tle enemies ol religmu are loavtng 23d day of Am'iL, Jl)U2, for the fol.low.n, or pay the mnounts, together with Penalty sums anti for delinquent taxes or toe m- interest anu os s • •  . [ • " c t. fn ease you fall so o Be propttous,O Lord, to ou • supph- nothing unattempted to take away ow ng years, to-wit: I do, Judg.ment will be rendered against yea ' T-x anu aga,nst eacu parce, oz said real re cations and benignly assist Thzne own I from matrimouy allsanctity and every . .. - , ........... P P- .... t'ert,llCS[C I erty £O1' [ue sun]s anu amoun[s uue upon institutions whereby Thou hast or- appearance of a sacrament so that it " No. lor Year. ......... Amount. I an c.harged .against each, including costs, B12191 1t1, ]m, u, ava"l 156 75 [ oruermg a sae or eacn parcel o said prop- dained the I)ropsgation of manktnd, migh be looked upon as a mere civil 1896 • ......:..: -: • ": , ." Icrty z or tqe sati.sractl.on, of the sums I ,, , That the taxes tot toe iol[owlng BUDS--[ charges anti iounu aganns nt respectively that that which is joined toget mt by [ contract. The Fathers of the same quent years have been paid by the plaintnI as t)rovided by law and as nraved In n,,, ,m .... ,h^rit - ma" be re ....... I, ..... il in the= ......... " .... upon said above described lots, to-wit.- IHffrs complaint now on file It, this 'cause • -,,z -- u a : p ..v. veu oy ['uu.u , ur lmS,)ra mter,say o For [ anff court. Thy help. Through Jesus Ohrist our Oatholics: "Euter into marriage only la'°lt' BIk, ddt,a,h, A4ut" YI LAURA A. DARRAGH, Plaintiff. ; " u h orth .....  ,]i 8 I'as[ l'ark ........ {ftl'88 1897 I W.T. SCOTT, Prosecuting Attorney, and Lord tltro g w y ann amy mop, yes ann ) 898 • [ IAll 8 East Park  3711 1 . JOtIN C M, ,tl'lIY Dc"uty, Let us Pray• [ wittt the blessings of the NuutiM  All 8 East Park ........ 139.00 1895 I Aqorns -- '1 -Hv - ) 1899 * o ............ • All 8 East I ark ........ 40.68 " O God, who uy the might of Thy Mass. And then so far from ' ishing All 8 East Park ........ 116.66 1899[ Office, Address, 501 and ,506 M,r on Block, • • ' All 8 East Park ........ 87.03 1900 Seattle, Wsh, power ddst create all things out of to escape Irom tile union, you will re- All 8 East Park ...... 96.17 1900 First nubllcation date a o-*- .... nothing, who, wimn the beginnings of gret tl,,t it can be dissolved even by ]]I 8 8 aasst Park  ........ 7S.7sS ]9o]119e3. - .............. the universe were set in order, and death. ' ......... , man was made to the image of God, [ By a decree of the Sacred .mngrega. T T'K I'D'['I'T T A didst oda,,, nil: ;nsepeble ss, ] tie., dated August ,,,sa,, it was de- I UIVlDIX I-'LL_/ or waman z s c a w y at £Jmu [oided that Catholics who have been I gavest begimling to her body out oz [married without this nuptial blessing, i Buys Huil Umbrella; the, the flesi of mn,teaohing thereby that [no matter how long they may have ! r what zt had pleased Thee should be I:een married cat} recezve th] n • ' , "s uptial i are the best, and cost less blessing. [t can be given only at Mass. The faithful, therefore, who have not received this blessig because tliey were ! not marriel at Mass, would do well ! to have their marriage blest, no matter how long they may have been married It would be au excellent way to eele- b brate the anniversary of a marriage y; having a Nuptial Mass offered and the upttal blessing given. than cheap makes• All Guaranteed• / / SHAMEK'S 1307 Second Ave. Branch 906 Hrst Ave t