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Catholic Northwest Progress
Seattle, Washington
November 13, 1903     Catholic Northwest Progress
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November 13, 1903

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V RJGRES5. i i l"ll. q ,\\;l'14, 'l.l(" ..t aL,,,.,,,l,..t .4,=... _#. ,..... j.....t._t__t, t .#..t.,.,#..,t.:i..t.  qhe LITTLE OLD LOG CABIN IN the LANE ' By Will S. Hays ' 4, ------ @ I l I ba,d wrlter and compose, was born In Louisville, ]   Ky., In 1837 and still resides in that olty. Mr, I-lays  l  .a/l [y is probably the most popular living southern song * I  writer, among his works being the well known "Mol- l .LW, xT , lie Darling," "Write Me a Letter From Home," 14t00/-00 bL "00bamus O'00rlon" and "00ora O'00oll" .as re, I mW,''q, I a time clerk and captain of steamboats on the ohio . I-; ' and Mississippi rivers and is now marine editor of / / \\; ,  "-'" the Louisville Courier-Journal ' @ by Bishops O'Dea, Glorieux, Shanly, Archbishop Orth and lastly by Arch. bishop Christie, after which the can- ter aisle was cleared, the candles re- moved from lle coffin, and the proces- sion formed. The remains of the ]ate bishop were carr|ed to their final rest- ing place, and with usual commitment services by Archbishop Christie, were deposited in the vault, beside the re- mains of Father Imoda, S. J., and Fa- ther Rappagloisi, S.J., two pioaeex priests, who died several years ago and whose bodies were placed in tile vault beneath the cathedral. The active pallbearers were Rev. Father Orimont, S.J., president of Gonzaga college, Spokane; Rev. Fa- ther Day of Helena ;Rev. Father Coop- man of Anaconda; Very Ray. Fatller Kauten of Seattle: Rev. Father Pu- denz of Dillnn ; Rev. Father Phelan I of Deer Lodge. and Ray. Father Stack of Red Lodge. ,The Ilcnorary pallbearers were: @ 'M getting old and feeble now, I cannot work no more, l've laid de rusty bladed hoe to rest; Ole nmssa an' ole mlss's am dead, dey're sleepin' side by side; i)eir sph'Its now are roaming wld de blest; De scene am changed about de place, de darkles am all gone, RT. REV. JOHN B. BRONDEL. I'll nebber hear them slngln' in de cane; The late Bishop of Helena. An' l'st de only one dat's left, wid dis ale dog ob mine, In do little ole log cabin In de lane. " ; Tl)os. Cruse, T. 0. Power, T. H. Car- welcome him. and yon. his beloved tar, T. J. Walsh, Dr Wm. Treaey, J. CHORUS. priests and peolfle, his joy and his A. Walsh, Dr. N. Salvail, C.I,.Daller, De chhnney's falling down, an' de roof is cavln' in; crown, will never again gaze upon his Major M. Maginnas, C. T. Perry,T. L. I ain't got long round here to remain; But de angels watches over me when I lays down to sleep, "' In de little ale log cabin in de lane. Dar was u happy time to me, 'twas many years ago, , l)e darkles nsed to gather round de door; ])ey used to danes an' sing at night; I played de ale banjo: Alas! i cannot l)lay it any more. De htnges they got rusted, an' de door has tumbled down, De roof lets in de sunshine an' de rain; De only friend I've got now is dis good ale dog ob mine, , , In de little ole log cabin in de lane. De foot-path now is covered o'er dat led ue round de hill, De fences all are going to decay; De creek is all dried up where we used to go to mill ; De time has turned its course anodder way. I ain't got long to stay here, an' what little time 1 got, I'll try and be contented to remain Till death shall call my dog and me to find a better home Den dat little ole log cabin in de lane. DEFENDED who ask or hope for no reward but the approval of the Savior. While I A NON-CATHOLIC aomemountebankfindsproflt in .tra" ducing themat tweny-flve cents ad- mission. Maybe there are some cor- .BEAUTIFUL TRIBUTE TO AbeD rupt, priests, but as protcstants hawl't DEFENSE OF THE SISTERS OF we ill Indiana had our Pvtits and our CHARITY BY A ON-OATHOLIO Hinshaws? Havn't there beeniu our ,EDITOR. own eouuty six clergymen relieved fro a their elmrge for cause in as ma- ny years? Yet what tolerance would .n "Ex-Priest" and His Audience be ahcwn to tim man who ill the name Scored in the Columns of the Del- of morality would start a crusade I phi Jomnal, Delphi, I-diana. against tile clergyat twenty-fiv t MOST. RF, V. ALEX. CItR1S'I:IE, cents adlnlSslon J -OW do we know ,  - ' ' " t Archbishol) oi Oregon, (,lebrant of the Pontifical Requiem Mass. ArHE following is clipped flora whether this man who is trying tel_  [ the columns of the Delphi pull down the banners he once swore t . cl, eetu] co nienanee I:[e Ires pe.ed Martm aud R R Purcell, all of HoI , Journal, of Delphi, [ndiana,a to uphold at--twenty-five cents adis- .... t " "  " - " f Brus" .... )riestl robes or had from earth,and has gone into the borne  ella 'rluce Llenry co tzroy, o very dignified rebuke to those stun resgnea nls 1 ' Y of his eternity. He is dead." [sels, Belgium;, Jn.' a J. Bro-' who make it possible for a traducer to them stripped off'# Or how do we Scllon,P. make his living by so dishonorable a gnow he eve wre tlmm Bsbol) O'Deu eta briefly eviewedl l)hy' Wm. McMahon, Ea. [hokey, T. ..... " . , . ............ . . IDrlseoll,Dr. J. Sullivan, Arthur Grat- xmeans. It Is written by a non-Oatho. uen once zounu nront in exncsin cue ac|ve lre or one eparcect preme, I ..... " " ; tan, John Kelly m ute ; . J. Nolan, :lic wire is eminent in the councils of Free Mascnrv--at twenty-five cents telling how he had worked a'a a mis-I ...... " " + . Peter Kirseher,Livlngston; wm Fore- :tile foremcstmen of his State and who admission--but tile ueonle learned tc slonary among be lndmns, how he had[ .... - - stell,Wm Bepwortn,qzeman; '. Me- is well known to aany of tile ctizens know from tile cllaracter of men wile traveled throughout the wes spreaed- 1 of Seattle. Here is what he says: wore the emblems of tiffs order that ing the doctrine of Christianity, andt--- 'tTlm town of Flora last week had a its teachings could not be vicious, lastly how he had been named as the I ,visit from an 'ex priest.' At least he And so we who gnow tuem and their bishop of a new diocese, which stood '.so advertised himself. He came an- work and lmve seen them in their dai- a the vat]guard ot Christian oiviliza- heralded by any advance advertising ly life, no matter how widely we may tion, end how tie had carefully stood y tile liberal distribution of hand- differ from them in creed or dogma, guard over Ills flock, and how he had bills and one free lecture, he got two stand ready to defeud tile morals of watched his diocese gow and luospe. good pay audiences, a matinee on Fri- these other men and women who have "But tllough his body is den0," day afternoon for 'ladies only' at f- renounced all worldly pleasures and continued the biaholl, "his soul Uveth. teen cents, and a lecture in the even- :pursuits and who have as a visible All that was great,and noble and good :ing to 'men only' at a quarter. He monument to their cause the greatest in Bishop Brcndel still lives and will carried away not less than eighty dol- organized charity in the world. Let's live for all eternity. Why, titan, :hrs. And this in the twentieth can- give to them our spare change for re- should we mourn as if we had no hope ? fury] And this in enligbtened Amer- lief of tile sick or the homeless and let "An eveut like this should recall to ica, tie home of Archbishop Ireland, i their traducer pass on."--Dlphi, lnd., on minds the precarious nature of our of General William T. Sherman, and Journal, Nov. 5. condition here, and inllire us with so gallant Phil Sheridan and thousands rious resolutions to live in a coustant of other distinguished American Cath. -I1 -rT-IW -I-N IT /% -W state of preparation to meet a similar oo,.- BISHOPBRONDEL ho,00e'i' o-o ,.o,., ,,o o,-,,o ,, ,, ,, ,oo,,o ":' idence can ccnfide. Men whose love throu'h wh.ioll,, sooner or later, we of country and of ilome have been put (Continued From Page One.) must all pase, and but a' short time will to the crucial teat. And this in Indi. :aua, the home of Notre Dame and of which was a touching tribute to the have elapsed when it shall be said of if.." 'St. Mary'S, two of the most famous memory oi the departed bishop. He you and me, as it i said o him':: He' or she is dead institutions of learnmR and culturd in said in part: he western world, patronized by the "I need not proclaim to you, beloved "Perhaps you will say t'ia, tilers LbeSt families iu America of every re- brethren of the clergy and esteemed can bs no necessity forembitering our 'ligious faith, members of tile laity, the object for lives with these gloomy reflectiOns, he- "Judging rem his advertisments which we are assembled here this cause death may still be remote and the 'ex-prlest' devotes himself largely morning. Everything about me, the we may have time enough to prepare to a dnunciation of the priesthood sad expression vn your faces, the gath- for its approach. That may be true, :and tile convents and heads ilia adver- ering tear in your eyes, bespeak that but I speak to you today as he" would 'tisement With the injunction, 'Close sorrow felt in your hearts. These al. and ask you not to live for an in'stant the Convents and Save the Grls.' tars ,this sanctuary, the solemn chant in a condition of uneertmnty, and do "Shame, and pity that the law in its of the requiem, all remind us of the not be deceived by the thought that ( majesty cannot lay hands on tilts elan- sad purpose of this gathering, your beloved bishop has already passed deter of womanhood, "We are in fact face to face with to his reward, and consequeutly does "The writer is not of the Catholic death. Is its victim some distinguish- not stand' in need of your prayers. faitl but he has.seen and met many of ed member of tins congregation? Is Such a delusion would be fatal to tile the women who have come from these it tile soul of some devotedand zealous interests of his immortal soul, and convents and every city and almost priest who has passed to his reward? would be deplored by ills best iriends. ,every hamlet has its stories of thei No. He whose death we mourn, and Pray for him, that his soul may find genle ministry and saving influence who will shortly be interred among favor in the sight of the Klmighty; i for good. rl.eir numbers in America the dead, is none other than the chief and never lose sglt of the fact that are thousands, and what a power for pastor ot this diocese, tile pious, the tiffs scene will open up for you. Let good they are. The,highe type of zealous, tile devoted, the good Bishop us live prepared:to meet God at any purity, piety,.self-denial and unselfish Brondel. time. Live as if this day was to be love that has ever been organized un- |"He is dead. This cathedral church your last on eartl." tier the name of eliion or .philan. has donned the garments of her wid- After the sermon each of the bishop thropy. has its hospitals owhood. You will never gain see .in turn sang an absolution, during for the care of tb sick nd th helpless, him minister at this'altar, nor hear his i whioh occurred prayers, incensing of its orphanages where .the voice proclaim fom this sanctuary, the remains and sprinkling with holy children are ,sheltered, and This diocese and its numerous liartsh, water. The first absolution wah g -with homes,b tlM esand institutions wtll never by who m-as followed ACADE00IY HOLY NAMES S eventh=Avenue and.'Jackson Street, Seattle, Wash. RT. REV. EDW. J. O'DEA, Who Delivered the Sermon. Oormick, J. McCormick, Biliings; D. J. Donahoe, J. Lucy, Missoula; J. HiUes,Townesnd ; M. Driseoll, Canton; ft. Quigley, Blackfoot; J. Muloaiy, Deer Lodge; J. Bertrand, J. [rearne, Lewiston; W. Tattan, Jere Sullivan, Joe. Sulilvun, Fort Benton; Dr. Ad- ams, T. E. Brady, Grat Falls; d. Ryan,Wm. Rogers, Boulder; T. Gav- in, M. Mortals, Anaconda; F.C. Byrne, E. J. McLean, Red Lodsge; J. MacDonald, Joe. Henneberry,' Walker- villa; ld. O'Neill, Glendive; Jas. Coleman, Miles ity. A crowd of 2500 people participated Sunday in the laying of Ole corner stone of St. Cacelia's Oburoh, Roches- ter, Pa. A first-class boarding and day school fr girls only, conducted by the Sisters the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, was reopened Tuesday, September 1. Thorough Instruction is given In all the English bra nches, art, music and moderu language Plain sewing and fancy needlework taught without extra charge. For full lmrtlculars address Sister Superior. Parents are requested to send tlelr children on the very first day of school. ii i | ST. MARTIN'S COLLEGE Lac;ey, : : Washington Boarding School for Boys--Full Classical and Commercial Courses. Session began on Sept. 7, 1903. For particulars apply to REV DIRECTOR , St Martin' Est. I89b College LYCEY, Wash Seattle College (Cor. Broadway and Madison.) C z W. S. GRINSFELDER CO. DISTRIBUTORS SEATTLE AND SPOKANE Puget Sound Navigation Co. JESUIT FATH ERI. Wlth flelect Preparatot) Department for Junior Students FO, catalogue apply tO SEATTLE-PORT TOWNSEND-VIC" THE PRESIDENT. TORIA ROUTEFrom Pier No. 1, toot of Yesler way. STEAMER CLALLAM leaves daily, PROFCSOR MORRIN'S except Sunday, 8'30 a m Returning, " S .... Modern Academy and Buslnes leaves Victoria daffy, except Sunday, I t_ll.__ leaving  iotoria Tuesdayand Saturday[ 110 ourth and os er Way. STR. MAJESTIC leaves daily,except[ Snnday, 8:30 p. m. Returning,leaves The British Eduoataional Commie- Victorm daily, except Sunday, 9 a. m. Note--Will call at Angeles on trip leaving Seattle Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. STR. ALICE GERTRUDE ]eaves Lilly & Bog'dus dock Sundays, Tues- days and Thursdays at 12 midnight for Port Toe, need, Port Williams, Dungen- hess, Pysht, Clallam and Neah Bay. Returning, leaves Port Angeles Tues- days, Thursdays and Saturdays at 5 a.m i STR. ROSALIE leaves Lilly & Bo- gardus dock Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 12 midnight for Port Town- send, Pot Williams, Duugeness, Port Angeles, Crescent, Gettysburg, Pysht, Clallam. Leaving Port Angeles 5 a m. Monday, Wednesday, Frday; arrives Seattle 2:30 p. m. STR. Lydia Thompson leaves Lilly & Bogardus .Dock Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 12 mdmght for Port Townsend, Richardson, Argyle, Lopez, Friday Harbor, Roche Harbor, Deer Harbor, West Sound, Cress, Griswold, East Sound, Newhaii alga, Faihaven and Whatcom. STR. PROSPER leaves Lilly & Bo- gardus dock daily, except Sunday, at 8 a. m. for Port Madison, Kingston, Port Gamble, Port Ludlow, Fort Flag- ler and Port Townsend. Ret'ng, leaves Port Townsend 6 p.m. Sunday trip, leaves Seattle 8 a. m" for Port Town- send direct. Returing leaves Townsend 1 p m. for Seattle. Steamers and Schedules subject to change without notice. Charles E. Peabody, Mgr., 'Phones: 606 First Ave. Electric light provides it at an extrem;y low price; Eliminates theneoessity of matches; insures an absence of smoke and odors guarantees a pure atmosphere. The easiest method of lighting*no flame to ignite draperies , other 'inflammable material. ,*":" Free installation and free re- newal of lamps. LIGHTING AND POWER RATES REDUCED. 'HE SEATTLE ELECTRIC CO. 907 FIRST AVE, PHOTO8 ENLARGED IN CRAYON, PASTEL, OIL AND WATER COLOR WALKER PORTRAIT AND PICTURE COMPANY J. A. WALKER, Mana9er. ..... " PICTURE8 OF ALL KIND8 FRAMKD PICTURES, FRAM48 MADE TO OROER, EASEt , ETC, Studio and alueroom: 424 Third Avenue. Seattle, Wash. WANTED--FAITHFUL PERSON call on retail trade and agents for manufacturing house having well ea- ,5::1] "i! , ?/! ? r , + c .... ', ",Z :: .... :: f sicn at present visiting this country Sunset Main 957; Independent 257. tablished business; local territorY; has among its members the Ray. Fa- straight salary $20 paid weekly and expense money advanced; previous ex- ther Finley,, S.J. " Ant Consulalrt de France Avorat perience unnecessary; position parma- nent; business successful. Enclose sel- "-'--'---- I addressed envelope. BuperJntendcnt J. B. JOUJON.ROCHE ,rave,--. 605 Mcuon Bldg., ChicagO .... A flnO gilt bahy arrived at the home --: ..... ":" of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Garrick, 1469 ] Attornyand Couturier at Law .... DANGING.CLA TwentY!flrst avenue yesterday morn! [ z' Wt ., Monday and Friday PrbL W111oa' ; Sohool. RImko Hall. Prl I0 ..... .',:. ing at aa eaxly hour.. ' . ".. 520 BAILEY ]' $EATTLE, U.$, A. daily. .... . r. I ( ; ':I