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November 13, 1903     Catholic Northwest Progress
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November 13, 1903

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4 # O A WEEKLY FAMILY NEWSPAPER. O1,. V.. NO. 46. LI THANKSGIVING PROCLAMATION OFFICIAL. DIOCESE OF NESQUARI @ ISHOP'S Residence, Seattle, Wash., Nov. ll.--As the Pres- ident of these United States llas, according to a time-hon- e)red custom, set apart the last Thurs- day of November as a day of pubho hanksgiviug to God for all His mer- cies, i affords us great pleasure to nite with the Chief Executive of our beloved country, in this most Chris- tian observance. We, therefore, order that, wherever practicable, a High Mass be offered on the 26th of the present month, at a convenient hour, in all the churches hroughout our jurisdiction, and that the Collect, pro gratiarum actione, "'Deus cjus misericordiae" bc added to tbe Mass. We exhort all the people, young and old, committed to our care, to be pros- .eat at the Divine Services on Thanks- giving Day, and pastors are requested o make, after the Gospel, an address appropriate to tile oocasmn. We order the above to be read at all he Masses, in all the oilurches, on he Sunday preceding the 26th. EDWARD JOHN, Bishop of Nesqually. Rt.Rv. Bishol'Allen. of Mobile, Ala., recently opened and deciieated St. Margaret's Hospital at Montgom- ery, Tile building cost $125,000. Rt. Roy. Bishop Bradley has con- secrated three beautiful new marble :altars for St. John's Church, Concord, N.H. These altars are part of the al- terations and renovations which have cen going on ill the church for the past two years, the total cost of which has been $20,000. PHILIPPINE SCHOOLS. OM'PLETE CHANGE NECESSARY IN THE PLAN S ADOPTED;SITU- ATION IS FAR FROM SATIS- FACTORY. Our Washington Oonespondent Gives an Interesting Extract from the Government Report. SpeeSa Correspoltcnce. eASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 9. --The chool situation in " the Phillippines s far from being satisfactory. Tile last government reports that the Amerioa,I school authoxitics are ao. quiriug wisdom in large chunks, but better late than never. Ot the 1,500 American teacbers originally appoint- ed nearly one lmlf have left. On Sep- tember, 1, 1902, only 845 weIe in ac- tive service. A majority of these tnaohers now engaged in the Philip- pines arrived at nearly tile same time, and their several terms of service will expire during the coming year. Willie it is desirable that they be retained in tile service some time logner, it is nev- ertheless felt that hey will give way i eventually to tile nativc teachers. On this subject the govermcnt report says : "While the Americau teachers have already rendered important services in beginuing the work of public instruc- tion in accordance with American ide- as, it is nevortheless true that tile ul- timate character of put)lie instruction :in the Philippines must depend on tile character of the Filipino teachers. Under the old regime tile salaries of the Filipinos were insignflcanV, and at present they average about i $6 a month for women and $8 a month for in money of tile United he native constabulary is paid SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, FRIDAY, NOV;:dHER 13, 1903. more liberally, and this has naturally aroused more or less discontent among 1 the Filipino teachers,and has led them to inquire why a government which can pay its pohce sergeants the muni- flcicnt salary of $18.75 a month is not ale to pay its eachers with equal lib. exality. This unfortunate contrast may also be made in other oases, for tile Filipino teachers are paid less than tim drivers and cooks and often less than ordinary laborers." That there is very little entbusiasm among the Filipino teachers in timlt work may be inferred from a report of j an American teacher, giving an .ac- count of what ilapened to his school during a few days of euforoed absence by illness : "When I returned Wedncsday morn- ing," he writes, "only two of my six teachers were present and tile attend- ance ilad dropped from 140, when I left, to 25 when 1 returned. During my six days of absence scarcely any work had been done. Thursday and Friday there was a big fiesta here, and consequently it was impossible to hold school. This morning I atempted to collect the pupils and get started once more. I find my teachers fully as bad ly demoralized as I expected they would be. Maria Garingales was the only one that eamc on time; Maria Girago came half an hour late nd thou wanted to get excused for the :day. Franclsco Girago came in an hour and a half late, and then only i beoause I sent for him. Norberto i Girago was at his home asleeu and I would not com at all, although I sent for him twice. He did not come to the school, but went to the cock fight instead, and as there is another cock fght tomrrw I have no reason to ex- pect him at that time. All of my teachers, with the exception oi Maria Garingales who is always on time, have of late grown very slck in their attendance. Norberto is an old offend- er and does not seem tu improve." What a picture! But the school au- thorities are learning very rapidly that a Philippine school cannot be conduct- ed on he American plan, that Ameri- can ideas are not applicable to the scbool conditions in those islands, and even less to an oriental people living in a tronieal climate. The great original blunder consisted in attempting to foist a school system which itself was still in a crude and experimental state upon an uuwilling, unappreciative,and unprepared people. The great and bumptious Atkinson did wonders in the way of organization-- on the American plan--but when the school machinery was all finished it failed to work, and it was recognized that tile whole plan would have to be abandoned and a fresh start made. To the credit of the authorities it must be said that they did not make any bones about it,and are no engaged in tile work of reconstructing the school system, and this time it has re- gard to the conditions prevaihng in die Philippines. The work of creating offices under the soilool system contiuncs bravely. There are now 36 American division superintendents at salaries ranging from $1,500 o $2,500. It goes with- out saying that tile Filipinos will be more willing to appropriate the money for those positions when theyare fill- ed by their own people, aud this is DEDICATION OF , NEW SCHOOL. FIRST PAROCHIAL SHCOOL OF SEATTLE FORMA[LY DEDICA- TED BY HIS GRACE ARCHBISH- OP BRUCHESI OF MONTREAL. Visiting Priests, Representatives of Catholic Sociteies and Members of the Parish Wintess the Beautiful Ccremouy. AST Sunday afternoon was giv- en. up *o the dedication of the new Sacred Heart school on Sixth awune near Bell street. As 2 o'clock approached the mere. bers of the various societies began to gather in the vicinity of the church and at the appointed hoar Lueben's band headed the procession which marched to Fifth avenue and Pike street where tile Archbishop of Mon- treal, acccmpsined by Very Rev. Fa- ther Prefonttaine, Father Hild and Fatller ,secretary to tile Arch- bishop, was met and escorted to the scene of the dedication. A guard on horseback rode on either side of the earrigae containing the distingumhed ! visitor. The children of the school were l I awaiting the arrival of the procession I and as i approached they sang Ameri- ca-the men uncovering their lmads as they listened to the song. The Arch. bishop and priests occupied places on the balcony of the rectory and review- ed the procession which passed on and i ate the church. They were follow- ed by as many as could gain admis- siou,while tile officitaiug clergy enter- ed the sanctuary from tbc pastoral res- idence. In the Sanctuary. Withiu tile sanctuary were gathered Very Rev. Father Hyl.bos of Tacoma, Very Rev ]rather Pretontaine, Father Aoitergael of Ballard, Father Brown, S. J., Father Mahoney, S. J., Father E. D. Gassy, Father O'Brien, and Fa- tiler VcGrath of Our Lady of Good Help; and the Redemptost Fathers Hild, Miller, Byrne and O'Regan of the Sacred Heart parish. After the Vent Creator was sung the distinguisk. led archbishop of the metropolis of Canada approached tile sanctuary rail aud delivered an appropriate address. After explaining bmefly why tile honor of dedicating the new school became his happy duty he said  was much like being among the people of his own diocese, for here in the sanctuary sits a revered misisonary from Canada who spent tile yeas of los priesthood in the vicinity of Seattle, here are tile Sister of the Holy Names whose mother house is iu my city. and there are the Sisters of Charity who are con- ducting the Providence Hospital and whoso mother house is likewise in Montreal. Your beloved Bishop pur- sued his studies in our city, so I feel as I do among my own people. These Sisters grew up amid scenes familiar ;o me, I kuow their homes, timir fliends, their beloved parents and fam- ihes. Many years ago they wore sent out hero to minister to your growiug necessities--to your sick, to your chil- dren. For these reasons I am happy to be hee today to bless your new school, what will have to be done and wlmt is for I find something o. my home, some- now being done as rapidly as ooudi- i thing ot my friends, something uf my tions warrant, usual experiences, and I um overjoyed to be a part of this happy occasion. At a mission given by Fatber Con Continuing the graceful speaker said way to non-Catholics at St. John's Ca- thedral i'x Milwaukee ffty convcrts were received and quite a number left in the instruction class. One of the brothers ot tile Congrega- tion of the Holy Cross will go to Por- to Rico to devote his life to nursing the colony of lepers there. Tile po- jeer has the approval of the Porto Ri- can ffioials and of President .Roosevelt. " On Monday evening of last week Rev. John P. Curie of Quincy, Mass., was the guest of honor of former pa- rishioners, whom he served for more than twenty years. The committee ;old how much hew as appreciated and resented him with a cheek for $1,500. in part as follows: "Your city will not be known by the size and magifioennce of its build- ings, th.e gandcur of its monuments, tile value of its interests, but by the character of its citizens. What will your city be in thirty years? Your city or your country will be what your schools make them. If you" are to pass judgment on a nation you must not estimate by tile value of its mines, tile cimracter of its buildings, or its monuments commemorating its glory, but by its intellectual lifc, by its in- stitutions of learning, by the character of its people, by its religion. A na. lion without God is godless in every sense. Take for example our beloved France today. It is now governed by men who wish to suppress religion and Christian education and We-.ep tile results. "You see why Catholics are called upon to make so many sacrifices. A school is your most important build- ing. It is a sacred place--a temple where God teaches, were God in- spires, where God forms tile heart to love, where your children learn to pray. Have you ever witnessed the dedicationof a temple, tile dedication el a public building ? A school is not only a civil building, a public build. lag--but a temple, and it is as solemn- ly dedicated|to His houor, to His ser- vice. The Canadian System of Schools. Here tile speaker described tile sys- tem of education in Canada. He said tilers are no public schools, though all are supported by txation. All schools are denominational, either Catholic or non-Catholic and the plan is admirable and entirely free from friction or blame. The primary principle is that the child and its educatmn belong to tile parent. The child goes to that gchool to which the parent wishes to pay his tax. A word to the Sisters, In most touching terms he address- ed himself to the sisters who occupied front pews. He said I want to give you increase of love, more charity, greate strength and health, the pc. tience necessary to do well the work of a teacher. I will carry to your old home a happy memory of the labors you are performing here. I will re. member tile school of the Sacred Heart and the other institutions under you direction. At the close of the address St. Cecella's Orchestra rendered "Tile Holy City" in all its beauty and per- feotion. The Dedication. The Arolibishop and Fathers pro- ceeded to tile new school which was tlensolemnly blest, room by room. A laxge crucifix was placed on tile wall of one of the rooms to signify that the school is dedicated to Chris- tian education. Duxing this ceremo- ny tim children of the school were massed in the adjoining yard and sang several beautiful hymns under the di- rection of Sister Angela of Mary, clos- ing with the Te Deum. From tile porch of the school the Archbishop gave his blessing to the multitude. THE FIRST CONSISTORY. MGR. MERRY DEL VAL, SEORE. --T.'RY''()-F--STXTE,AND : MGR. CALLEGARI,RA[SED TO THE CARDINALATE. Appointment oi Archbishop Harty Approved. No,New American Cardinal Named. OME, Nov. 9.--The first secret consmtory of the new pontiff. cate was held today. No Amerman cardinal was ap- pointed. Several appointments of arch'bishops all(i ishops were made,in- cluding that of the Rev. J. J.Harty as archbishop of Manila P. I., wllo as an exceptional privilege received the pal- lium at an extra consistory when he came to Rome for consecration. Tim Roy. Pedro Gonzales y Estrada was appointed bishop of Havana, and tile Rt.. Roy. Maximilian Raynoso y Delcoral, formerly bishop of Tulan- cmgo, Mexico, was appointed titular bishop of Noccsarea. The inhabitants of this city had been looking forward with unusual_'interest to ttle consisto- ry, principally because it was the first to be held by Pope Plus X. The meet ing of the cardinals'was quite simple and private, the pomp of the Vatican court being reserved fo, lle public consistory, which will be held Thurs- day. Only tile pope and the cardinals were present today. The latter, accordiug to custom, gathered somewhat early in the ante- chamber near the hall of the consisto- ry, from where they passed into tile latter place, the many papal guards in attendance rendering them sovereign honors. Tile cardinals took their places according to precedence. Everyone ex- cept Pope P!us, showed excitement and preoccupation. The pontiff rose at his unual hour, and after a private PRICE FIVE CENT, mass he partook of a cup of coffee and lt for a brisk walk in the tiird log- gia, rrng in time to dress tor tile ceremony at l .... The pontiff walk-. n. his apart- meat accompanied only by.erson- FUNERAL OF BISHOP BRONDEL REMAINS ARE LAID TOREST IN agcs in immediate attendance on i. ' A VAULT IN THE CATHEDRAL ' AT HELENA. MANY PRELATES As he enterca the hall of the oonsito- AI .--- ry the picturc prod-cod was vcry ESTS PRESENT. striking, the red gowns of tile cardin- C'"-'--r Archbishop" ".Prtland Cele- als and tim white robes and gold and[ red mantle of the pope giving a pleas- J bratecl Pontifical Requie as ing coloring to the scene. Tile corn- [ and Bishop O'Dea of Seat e manding appearance of the pontiff was / Preached tile Sermon. somewhat softened by Ills silver hair, | under which his blu eyes gleamed with pleasure and triendliness. He wore the full pontifical obes, which are only used at a secret consis- tory, once each ponticfiate, namely, at the first one. When the pope had seated himself on the throne all those present, one by one, paid him homage, after wHmh the master of ceremonies called Ul; all but those not authorized to.'take part in the consistory to leave the hall, which was done. When the doors had been closed and a guard had been stationed before them outside, Pope Plus, in a harmo- nious voice, intoned a prayer. Cardi- nal Orelgla, dean of the Sacred Col- lege, then stood up and in a few words thanked the pontiff for havin put aside his private preferences and ac- cepted the burden of the huroh. The pope replied in an alloooution which raceived universal approbation. The pope begau by recalling that at first he wished to dechne the pontifi- cal dignity. He said: "Knowing the duties resting on a Roman pontiff, it s not strange if we consider ourselves unft for the task. As we saw the apostolic duties, we judged they could not be properly ear- tie  out with our strength, as we rec- ognized that on rising to the papal throne our greatest study must uc to give the utmost force to religion and to rectify errors. All this,considering our great weakness, frightened us, but, as God willed to elevate us to this dignity,we trust in His help to sustain us. Before all, our effort will be to maintain the faith inviolable a.d to pray for the salatvion of all without saving ourselves any trouble and fa- tigue." Continuing, tile pope enu- merated all that was necessary to reach this end,and addel that he knew i there would be no obstacles to his work, and said: "The pope in his office cannot sepa- arts faith from polities. Therefore, he, being the head and ruler of the most perfect society, namely, the Churcl, ooustituted among men, and of men, he certainly must wish that between him and the pinoes of the world and the rulers of public affairs mutual relations should exist, if he wisiles to provide for liberty for Cath- olics in all par ts of the world. "Efforts are now being made to de- stroy the liberty of the Oatholic Church, which tile Church must abso- lutely oppose, as that is not a promo- tion of liberty, but corruption of liber- ty. However, following the Redeemer, we must pity and pardon the sinners, while trying by all means to become reconciled with themselves." Then the real business of the day was proceeded wth, the appointment of wo carliuals, Mgr. Merry del Val, the papal secretary of state, and Mr Callegari, archbishop of Padua, being announced by the pope, who said, in Latin : "Wimt have you to say?" In response tile cardinals aised their caps as a sign of affirmation on their part. This was all,so every doubt was laid at rest for the present regarding the appointment of another American car- dinal. The confirmation of the appoint- ment of the Rev. J, J. Harty as arctl. bishop of Manila and of the Rev. Max- imilian Raynoso y Delcoral as titular bishop oz Nocesarea followed. Tile pope then arose and bestowed the apostolic blessing, after which he returned to his apartments. The new cathedral at Dallas, Texas, has another rare attraction in the shape of a magnificent marble altar. dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. ELENA, Mont., Nov. 6t To" day all ttlat was mortal fthe Rt. Roy. John B. BroIdel, late bishop of Helena, as laid to rest in a vault beneath the S a" cred Heart Cathedral. Tho services were attended by the largest oro vd that ever assembled at a Helena funeral. The cathedral would sear- ly hold half of tllose wile came to pay a last tribute to the departed bishop, and the top of (3atholic hill, surround- ing the cathedral, was black with hu- mamty. Most Roy. Alexander Chris- tie, Archbishop of Oregon, celebrated pontifical requiem high mass, while Rt. Rev. Edw. J. O'Dea, of Seattle, }reached the funeral sermon. Archbishop Christie was assisted by Father Palladino, S. J., el Misaou- In, assistant priest; Father Desicra, of Butte, deacon; Father Callahan, of Butte, sub.deacon; Father Sullivan,of Helena, master of ceremonies; Father Pauwelyn, of Great Falls, and Father O'Bzien, of Bozeman, acolytes; Fa- tiler Thompson of Boulder, Father Blair of Livingston, Father Gallagher Fort Benton, Father Vermaat of Lew- iston, Father Post of St. Ignatius mis. sion and Father O'Farrell of Town- send, torch bearers; Father McCor- mick of Great Falls, mitre beater, and Father Foley of elena, crosier bearer. Fathers Aken, Van (]larenbeck,Batens an(1 Lambaer assisted the choir in ren- dering the special music given. A 9:54 o'clock tile procession was formed. The procession moved in the following order: Orossbearer and can- dlebearers : banne of St. Aloysms So- dality; banner of Children of Mary; banner of St. Joseph's Verein; banner of St. Cyril and Method society, of East Helena.; banner of Catholic Knights of America; priests; Bishop O'Reilly, Bishop O'Dea,Bishop Scan. ly; Archbishop Orth; Archbishop Christie; Catholic societies, including those represented at the head of the column by banners, tile St. Cyril soci- ety of East Helena in full uniform, md the Butte Knights of Columbus. The members of the society of the Cifildren of lary were formed west of the episcopal residence, near St. John's hospital, while the members of the other societies stood on either side of a narrow aisle through tile mass of humanity blocked between the bish- op's residence and the catledral. Tile torch, candle cud banner bearers, to- gether with tim active and honorary pallbearers, came out of the bishop's residence aud walked down the steps leading toward the hospital. Here they wheeled and marched toward the eatlledral. They were followed by the priests and bishops, who in turn, were followed by the members of the Ctfildren of Mary and the St. Atoys- ius Sodahty, these societies falling in line directly behind the priests and marcbing through the aisle protected by the members of the other societies. As the last member of these two so- cieties passed into the aisle, the mem- bers of tile societies which had pro. tectod the narrow aisle, fell into line, those nearest the bishop's residence breaking first, and the entire column doubling back and marching into the catlzedral two abreast0 while the surg- ing sea of humanity apzdly filled ttle aisle made vacant. Tile procession moved without tim slig.test disorder and with the regularity of soldiers. At tile Cathedral. Inside the eatnedral the members of the processmn secured the pews which had been reserved for them, after wlfioh the doors were thrown open,and tile large building was filled to over- flowing, At the conclusion of the mass Bmh- op O'Dea began tile funeral sermon, Continued on pare three.