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Catholic Northwest Progress
Seattle, Washington
October 10, 1902     Catholic Northwest Progress
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October 10, 1902

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4- CI) 00atbolic Progress Is the OFI.'ICIAL ORGAN of the CATII- OLIC ORDER OF FOIIESTERS. Washing- ton State Court. and of the YOUNG MEN'S INSTITUTE. Northwestern Jurisdiction. YOUNG MEN'S INSITI:UTI. Seattle Council No. 4;)'2 .--President F. 5[ootz; Rec. Scc., T. J. Edtl. Meets :hid and 4th Tuesdays ill Father Prcfontaiue's Hall. Demer's trouncll. No. 154, Lad,,smith, B. C--President Thos. O'ConneU ; "Recording Secretary, Robert White. CATIIOLIC OliDElt OF FOIiESTERS. SEATTI.E, WASII. Seattle, Wash.--Nesqually Court, N,. 1141 meets every lit'st and third Monday evening at Elks' hall In the Colman block. Chief Ranger, M. I). Lcelmy ; Recording Secretary, A. J. Bookmyer. TACOMA, WASII. / (Walla Walla was Grand Director 5. B. Brown of Spokane who has the happy faculty of nmking lfimself agreeable wherever he is. He is possessed of the social faculty and cultivates it in a happy manner. Like Brother Chas. Schattner at the banquet" the tempta- tions of the elegant spread crowded out the line of thought," and no ex- tended remarks were made, but iu the council he did his ])art well. 8 $ James Hough of Seattle wont. to Walla Walla to see how a council in a small city manages to maintaiu a stronger organization thou seems pos- sible in a larger city Seattle may look out for regeneration. Brother Lavassuer of Rossland I came to listen, learn aud appreciate "r..,ma, Wh :i"Y]'lc Court, No. 90S, . meets every secood and fourth Thursday l alia do his allure to 1)ronlote tile good evening at Maccabee hall In tile iVIIa70[ tile order. [-Ic goes ]lonlewith \\;Valla block. Chief Ranger. A. A. Aya; lag Secreta'Y, Aug. Vet Boecklin. I Walla as a model to follow. SI'[-_XN-I, ..... ;,(stl. I Brother Tremble paid his respects to Spokane, Wash.--St. l'aul Court, No. 708. Chief lhmger, A. h. Tilllseh ; Recording King Edward from an American l/clot Secretary. SNOI1OM ISII, WAS[I. Snoho,nlsh, Wash.---Victory Court, No. -J:J meets every secoild and fourth Tuesday evening In li'orcsters' hall. Chief Ranger, Thos. Smith; l[ecording Secretary. F. J. Ore. Ballard, Wash.---St. Allfllonsus Court, io. 1273, meets every Iirst and thh'd Sunday evening at Macabee Temple. Chief Ranger, Maurlce Burk; llecordlng Secretary, John F. McDonnell. W. C. O. F. SEATTLE, WASI1. Star of the Sea Court No. 510 meets every second and fourth Monday even. lng in Father Prefontaine's Hall. MRS. J. C. GRAVES, Chief Ranger. K MRS. M. BROGAN, Reco,'ding Secretary. St. Ma,'y's court No. 551 meets second and fourth Fridays 8 p. m., Fra- ternal hall, Twenty-sixth and Jackson. Mrs. Anna Boyle, C. R.; Mrs Nellie Casey, R. S. BALLARD, WASH. St. Anthony's Court No. 540Chief Ranger, Mrs. 1,'. H. Mitchel; Recording Secretary, Mrs. Catharine O'Shea. A. O. I=I. Dlvlslot No. ]:--Ancient Order of HI- ernlans--Presldent, Jas. P. Lavln ; Re- cording Secretary, P. J. O'Casey; Finan- cial Secretary, M. thrrlngton. Meets In the hall of Our Lady of Good llelD. L. C. B. A. Brancl No. --Presiddent Mrs. Katherine Welsh ; Recorder, Mrs. Katherine Meissinger ; Fin. See., Miss Mary Regal. hieets at Sacred Keart Hall oll 2nd and 4th Thursdays. With this issue the various councils of the Young Men's Institute will cease to get copies of the official organ furuished by the Grand Council. As in the past our colunms will be open to a full and free discussion of all Y. M. I. and Catholic matters of general interest. Next Wednesday evening the Knights of Columbus will have the honor of listening to Very Rev. Father Hylebos, V. G., on "Colnmbus." No member can afford to nfiss these monthly liter- ary and mnsical sessions. Herein is the begimfing of Catholic social life in Seattle. Too long have we waited for someone to arrange opportunities for meetiug often and socially. The Catholic Order of Foresters are preparing for a meeting of the local oourtsof the order on October 20. In- vitations have been acknowledged by enough courts to insure a good attend- once. This is a new idea with the Seattle court and will result in much good to the order. The committee having this in eharge is composed of Mr. Andrew Weber, Mr. M. ft. Nist and Mr. 5. C. Ford. The fraternal spirit is surely getting hold of the peo- ple and is bouud to manifest itself for the general good of not only" members but of the whole eommmfity. On the occasion of this meeting there will be some initiations. No pains will be spared by the home court to make a good showing to our visitors. Every member is urged to get himself ready to be present. Those who sel- dom attend meetings are the ones who gradually drop behind aud allow thcir insurance to lapse. Wives and bene- ficiaries should take a lively interest in encouraging their husbands to at- tend regularly and keel) up their pay- ments. Perseverance is the great vir- tue iu insurance of any kind. It is valueless to "have been insured," while it is the best security to BE in- sured. MEMORIES OF THE SITXH GRAND COUNCIL. Last week we used more than our allotted space iu reporting the Sixth Grand Couucil so we will continue tim narrative here. Among the eirliest on the ground n nd among the last to leave the city o of view and did it gracefully. He ex- ;ressed tile hope "that his reign and rule may i)e distinguished more than even that of his illustrious mother." JAJiES PATRICK LAVIN. Elected Commauder of S1)anish-Amer- ican War Veterans On Thursday eveuing of last week James P. Laviu of this city was the recipient of a very high honor iu being elected conmmnder of the George H. Fortson camp of the Spanish War vet- erans. The honor appears all the greater wheu tile cosmopolitan chara,- ter and the personnel of the orgauiza- tion are considered, there being twen- ty-wo different regiments represented and some of the members being prom- inent state, county aud city ottiieals. The total membership at present is 108 and the affairs of the organization are Ill a prosperous condition. Most of the members have served in Cuba, Por- to Rico and the Philippines. Mr. Lavin was amoug those who served in Cuba, he having been present at the siege of Santiago {s a member of the First District of Columbia Reg't., of Infantry. We take great pleasure at this time in congratulating Mr. Lavin upon his election. Star of tile Sea Court, W. C. O. F. will give a ball ill Ranks Hall Tues- day, Oct., 21st. ISSAOUAH' A party of our young folks spent last Sunday iu Seattle visiting friends. They made the trip in a buggy via Renton and report a good time. The party included Miss Gleason 'and Miss Hunt and Martin and Mark Gleason. Several members of our local court of the C. O. F. will be present at the reunion in Seattle on the 20tb. They are promised'a royal time with their brothers in the Queen City. SPOKANE. The regular county convention of rheA. O. H. washeldin the hall of Division No. 1, of Spokane, Wednes- day, Oct. 1st. Business before the convention was the election of county officers for the ensuing term. The following were chosen: County President, ft. 5. Sullivan. " Vice-Pres., Simon Johnson. " Secretary, E.L. Smith. " Treasurer, Jerry Barry. s $ St. Paul's Court C. O. F. is having a small boom. The members were pleased to receive three members aud seventeen propositions for membership at the last meeting. There are more propositions in prospect. Verily the boys are gettins a move on. The Daughters of Erin will give a card party iu Fraternal Brotherhood hall this evening and a large attend- ance is expected as the entertainments they give have become deservedly pop- ular. The committee is Mrs. Hedge, lgiss Frances Stewart, and Nancy Rowles. $ * $ St.'Paul's court and Joan of Arc court'C. O. F. will jointly give their annual ball on Thanksgiviug eve. The committee claims that the event will eclipse anything of the kiud given by the order in the past. The committee is cue which usually means what it says, therefore we are expecting a grand affair. The ball will be given in tile Elks' hall. $1500 was raised last Sunday for the new church in course of erection on Riverside avenue and Madison street. leave the hosl/ital this week after an attack of typhoid. $ * * Our delegates to the Y. M.I. eou- ventiou at Walla Walla have returned. They are loud in their praise of the llospitality of the people of Walla Walla. A cardlarty will be giwm by the ladies of the altar society of St. Jos- eph's p,trish. The event will take place in the rectory. Division No. 2, A. O. H., is arrang- ing to erect a club and lodge room on Pearl street, corner of Mission, ou the North side of the river. The building will be frame, :0 hy 90 feet, and will cost S;300Q. The upper floor will l)e use4 as lodge rooms and the lower for a bowling alley etc. The matter of raising funds for the buildi,g Ires beet placed in the hands of a committee consisting of Simon l?. Jolmson, T. W. Sullivan, James NcGuirk, Ed Smith, 5iartin G oedwin and the alw'tys relia- ble Con Crowley. ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI. (Continued from Page One.) fear of meu iu the desire to be their very servant. Francis, brought up to believe tha the goods of his father were his and being accustomed to use them magnifi- cently for his equals, gave of them as magnificently for his poor. What were silks and velvets and cloth of gold compared to the satisfaction of follow- ing the precepts of divine living? Let priceless stuffs go for almost nothing, that the naked should be clothed! Bernardone was irritated beyond en- durance. HiM son was eccentric. The- ories of self-sacirfice were all well enough for i)eople who were not in businens, and Franeis could afford to amuse himself with them if he liked In fact there was nothing within rea- son, as he often said to 3iadoima Pica that his son could lint afford to do. But to make 1)ad bargains, to trade velvets and even a good horse for al- most nothing in tile impulse of alms- giving was more that he could bear. The breach between the father and son grew. To be splendid while others suffered; to shower gifts on a dear son and deny them to God's poor; to have munificence for those friends who had mucll and so little for poor neighbors, our brothers the lepers, our sisters the lowest of the ear th! Francis was puz- zled by the new aspect of things in this world. Gleams of his Mission. A petty war broke out between As- sist and Perugia, and Francis joined the Assiuians. He was taken prisoner, and he astounded his cmnpanions with his gayety. Why'? Some strange power was working in his heart. Thn sorrows of the poor, the afflictions of the weak oppressed him, but lie dimly saw himself as the lmaler. "Some day," he said, "the world will ac- claim me." In his youth lie had loved to make a good figure in the world; his companions knew it, and be an- swered them gayly, not knowing that gleams of the light of his mission were upon Its path. Walter de Brienne asked him to fight for the pope against the Germans. Enthusiastically he went, appareled magnificently. But whenXhe saw a poor knight, tattered and miserable, he forced his gorgeous clothes upon him. "Thou eanst choose between the'slave and the Master," a voice said to him. "Why, then, choose the slave?" Not by wealth nor by war nor by intellect nor by temporal power had the world been saved. There was on- ly one Master. He had not been rich or warlike or proud Love, then, meant to this reader of the Bible the giving up of all possessions. Poet of the People. Let us observe that St. Francis did not forbid to his followers the enjoy- ment of tile beauty.of the world. He was a poet, the first Italian poet to sing in file vernacular of the people. He loved the people ; to die for them would have been easy, but to live for them was harder. They must see him even PHOTOS ENLARGED IN CRAYON, PASTEL, OIL AND WATER COLOR. TIE WALKER PORTRAIT AND PICTURE COMPANY J. A, WALKER, Manager. PICTURES OF ALL KINDS FRAMED PICTURES, FRAMES MADE TO ORDER, EASELS, ETC. Studio and Salesroom: 1424 Third Avenue. Seattle, Wash. poorer than riley; they must be taught to love all creatures to know the sun as their brother tim moon as their sis- ter. They u'eated God's creatures the animals brutally. To this he opposed his exalnple of sweetness and ldudness evcn to the smallest bird. The Budd- hist wouhl not kill tile aninnfls but he did not love tlmm; Francis would sing of the living brol;herhood of the crea- tion and he did it iu his famous "Song of the Creatures." The poor should learn also to be content with little things to be grateful for tile blue sky tile simple herbs fair to look at and swett for their simple salads. The rich had their palaces and their glow- ing pictures 1)ut the l)oor had the tem- ple of God with our gentle sister the water to lave them tenderly to queueh their thirst and the line pictures made for them by their brother, the'sun. The simple life, the life of poverty, oouhl only be made beautiful by love of the " Creator and Itis creatures. There were those in this decaying Italy who did not love little children who did not look on them as a blessing who acted as if they were a. budren. At Christmas Francis with great pa- tience, fashioned ligures of the httle Cln'i,t, of the adoring ox and the ass, of the humble slleplmrds and the wor- shil)piug Idngs. These were for tile children; the stabh had boon the Iirst Christian oh'arch and here it was tor the children. It was St. Francis a child at heart who made the coming of the Christmas time the birthday, the twelfth night, the season of the chil- dren. Francis Second Birth. But this was after he had chosen to and the better part through love. The war iu is heart made him ill after he came back. He was no longer Fnmeis of the merry cheek and tile gay voice. The spirit of love was consuming the old Francis; the new one was about to live. Beruardone, augered by is grits to the poor brought him before he mag- istrates. Francis appealed to the bish- op. Why should his figher regret to help the little ones of Christ? If h must choose between an earthly father, whose clotles he wore, and' the com- mands of a heavenly father, to whom his'soul belonged, he would choose then and here. Before the wondering crowd, who had come to look on him as a foolhe, the ones beloved and courted of all the rich youths of As- sist-cast off the garments that be- longed to his father. Let the gold and the lands of his father go; ll) gave tllem up willingly, to the, amaze- ment of all about him. "No,he would be no longer the son of Bernardone bowed by earthly cares; he had only one father, the father of the poor in heaven." Ahuost naked he stood poor for the sake of the poor, as when; he came into the world. A peasant's frock, coarse, rough was thrown over him; he caught up a piece of rope,and tied it about him. He dipped his hand iu mortar and traced a cross on his breast. Became a Pauper. Francis the rich, the acclaimed, the heir of luxm'y, was Francis the pau- per, with no place in which to lay his head. In all Italy, there was not such another man--none willing to be poor for love of the poor. The motives that guided him had been lost sight of by his countrymen. Even his father did not understand them. The tem- ple was iu ruins. If the Lord would not build it through his servants who could? ' So to the astonishment of his world Francis began the building foL lowing the scriptural injunction of his Lord. By the example of Francis the in- dolent clergymen forced themselves to activity. Abuses of credulity were corrected. A desire for love andpeace grew among the eitizens who hated one another. Pharisees loving the forms of religion, but hating the spirit of Clrist, threw aside their rich robes, and became with Francis oxamphs of ove, siml)lioity and cheerfulness to the people, who learned that theworld was not all dark and hopeless because they were poor. And the love of na- ture, of sweet, pure, homelike song, of the sanctity of child life, and tender- ness of all creatures awoke again in Europe. H.(hY[V[li00o-K00 Don't be Deoeived (--:;h Any inexper enccd op- 00000000,iclan ca,, adver,ise to f%2L'i lit glasses but they can't ,,",)7" .... make glasses that wil' SPECIALIST correct your vision and relieve eye.strain. We examine the eyes SCIENTIFICALLY. We Lead Others Imitat EVERSOLE OPTICAL CO., 708 Second Avenue. WASHINGTON MAP & BLUE PRINT COMPANY Engineers and Draughtsmen. Plans Printed. J. C. Parsons, Mgr. Phone Buff 1731. 600, 605, 609, 610 and 61I Pacific Blk. In the state of New Hampshire there I are now eighty-six Catholic churches i Pacific Coast Steamship q and thirty chapels, with ]04 1)riests i Company and over 100,000 people in their care. ; There are four religious communities i Owning and Operating a Full Fleet o! of men and eight of women, i FIRST CLASS ITEAbtSHIPI TENTS at CBICAGO PRIC[S. 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