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September 28, 1962     Catholic Northwest Progress
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September 28, 1962

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Friday, Sept. :?8,, 1962 THE PROGRESS7 H LY NIHIL OBSTAT: John cCorlde. S.S. Censor Deputatus IMPRIMATUR: tThcenas A. CTnnolty, J.C.D,, D.J), Archbishop of Seaffle ,oo I =oo I I I ,oo I ,oo I I,ooo1,,oo I,=ool-oo I,001,=oo I,,oo I,=ool,00oo I,,oo =ooo numbers and symbols employed by the mao- e maior cities, state highways, etc., etc. Once basic facts are known, an amateur can read at least the andmarks on even the most complicated navigational le at the bottom of the chart observe, if you will, the ine which begins at lower left with C. 2.s--4 oillion oes to 2,000 on the extreme right. "C." is for circa ) Ijlthe first date indicates a conservative scientific fll'the age of the universe. ' the other dates refer fo events which are recorded on art imrediately above them. Abraham, for example, lived about 2,000 B.C. The Exodus took place about 1290 B.C. srael fell about 721 B.C. Jusfine, Polycarp, Pope Victor Ignatius all lived about the year 100 A.D., etc. etc. Returning to the fed of the chart we see the words 'FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT,' extend clear across the entire chart. Below are written the words for the Lord's Prayer, "Thy Kingdom Come on Earth . . . as in Heaven." In its simplest and most basic form, the chart is a history of the Kingdom of God. Under God the Father the Kingdom created, falls into sin. its renewal is prepared for by the patriarchs, and is actually brought about through the coven- ant with Moses on Sinai. Under God the Son we learn how the Father's Kinqdom is perfected. Under the Holy Spirit we trace the Kingdom's preservation through 2,000 years to the present day. Under Final Victory we look forward to the last day when the King- dom will be perfected for all eternity. But just as a road map is incomalete without a four guide, so this chart and the entire course of instructions presupposes an added and all-essential text: The Holy Bible. We strongly recommend that each of our readers own a complete Bible and fhaf they read the selected passages which wilt be indi- cated in the fexf from time fo time. Since the history of salvation is to be found in Sacred His- ? I ETERNITY CogfigM P#,'d;n g tory, if is inconceivable that one could study this course effectively without com-- ing into direct contact with so pr;mary a source. The Bible you select need not be expensive but if ought fo contain the latest Confraternify translation in both the Old and New Tesfmenf. vVifh these basic ;deas in mind we are now ready t'o.examine the Table of Contents and to read the first installment of the series. You win find this read- ing will provide an even more detaile d develcpment of the basic Kingdom theme. The Proc]ress is pleased fo welcome it's readers fo ihis Christian Culture Series. We know you are cjoincj io enjoy if. P&ase retain this chart for further reference, e CHAPTER I [E PURPOSE OF LIFE e I MADE FOR? a primitive man your h see what he does He has never seen a dore; he doesn't even sw to count, or what look like; the sun is his e[i. He might be Fthe ticking  it evil spirits or amused ould be bright jewelry ck or ankle, or an 6ma- his spear. He might a hundred diff&ent olihing is clear. The f putting, it to its esas a t,mepece--are imply have to be taught :ell time. aan has a similar prob- of us possesses.a most ift that is most diffi- nand, a gift of far ealrthan anything in :rse: The gift of human l know life is precious; ience shows us how dif- |is to know the best way |.We smile at the native | figure out the watch; all funny to see i:,on thousands in isuse of their own lives nting with them, trying by "trial and error" One thing is clear. To py, useful lives, we must r certain what life is. LC.: possibly know than the poor n appreciate the watch, }meone who knows the instructs us. .ntire course of instruc- esigned to answer clear- unerringly the iBnldnt questions in an's life! What am I made for and once I find out my purpose, how do I achieve it? MAN IS MADE TO FLY Why man is made can be illustrated in a little story. To start our story off, let us say that man constructs a beautiful air- plane. AIRPLANE IS MADE: Once the plane is completed, the in- ventor teaches someone to fly it, fills it with fuel and maps a course for its first test flight. PILOT DISOBEYS: But once in the air, the pilot, thinking he knows more about the plane than its maker, disobeys instruc- tions and decides on a course of his own. FUEL RUNS OUT: Pilot mis- calculates and fuel runs out. CRASH LANDING: The plane with its passengers is forced down in the middle of a jungle. AFTER THE CRASH: The ship is not destroyed but only badly crippled, still able to fly but has no fuel. People abandon the plane, wander about, their only escape is through the plane. But there is no fuel. YEARS PASS: In the genera- tions that follow, the plane's purpose becomes forgotten. Since it is not useful, people forget its purpose. DESTRUCTION BEGINS: Af- ter a time men begin to misuse the plane precisely because they have forgotten its purpose. They begin to cut it up, use instru- ments for jewelry, metal for spear-heads, etc. Because its pur- pose s forgotten, the plane is put to infinitely inferior uses. Confusion grows, things go from bad to worse. HOW SAVE PLANE AND PEOPLE? There is only one way. Someone who knows the true purpose of the plane must show the people how to fly it; he must also bring the fuel. MUST BE A PERSON! It would not be enough to fly over and drop a set of instructions. A per- son must come, interpret, guide, show by example. TAKES TIME: We would not expect this to be done in a day. Flying is not easy. It would take years to teach people mathe- matics, etc. Finally the day would come when all would be ready for the flying instructor himself. NEED MEANS OF PRESER- VATION: Now to fly is a won- derful thing. For these aban- doned people, it would mean everything. It would mean escape from the jungle, return to civili- zation. The history of flying shows how carefully scientific information is preserved and guarded. From Roman wings of wax to L e o n a r d o DaVinci's plans for an airplane in the Six- teenth Century, to actual flight by the Wright Brothers, the gov- ernment, education and so on have used every means possible to preserve the science of avia- tion for posterity. Now let us parallel this ex- ample of the airplane with men. Man has a great deal in common with that grounded plane. God is the hwentor, Adam the pilot, mankind fle passengers. Let us see in what ways the story of the airplane and the history of man- kind are alike. MAN IS MADE: In the begin- ning when God created man, he was made for one purpose, to rise above the earth and one day fly to God. To accomplish this, man received the "wings" of in- telligence and will by which he could know and love his Maker. These tremendous powers set him apart from the rest of crea- tion, of which he was master. Man, by his very special purpose, was a creature set apart. MAN DISOBEYS: However when our pilot, Adam, was told by God the laws and purposes of human naturethe why and wherefore of the plane laws which must be followed if the purpose of human existence was to be accomplished, he disobeyed God and chose to follow his own way. POWERS ARE TAKEN AWAY: As a result of dis- obedience, man crashed. He lost all the special gifts of body and soul by which human nature had been able to rise above the world of creatures to the world of God. Thus the first man's mind and heart were forced to earth. He and his posterity were grounded. CRASH LANDING: Adam and Eve were forced out of paradise into the jungle of sin and evil. AFTER THE CRASH: Man's nature, however, was not de- stroyed, but like the airplane it was badly wounded. He still had the powers of mind and will fo know and love God, but these needed strength and direction from above. Without help, man was lost. Escape from the mis- ery and insecurity of the forbid- ding jungle is possible only through once again being able to fulfill the purpose of human existence: to fly to God. But, alas, man had lost the fuel of divine favor. YEARS PASS: Entangled and engrossed in the world, man easily forgets the purpose of his existence. DESTRUCTION BEGINS: Be- cause man has forgotten the pur- pose of his body and soul he begins to misuse them. Evils grow from bad to worse. The body becomes a cheap plaything of a sensual mind. Human nature becomes degraded to states worse than the brutes. HOW SAVE MAN? How can man be saved? There is only one way. Someone must come from man's Maker to recall to man his true and noble purpose. He must show man how to recon- struct his life and to live it prop- erly for God. MUST BE A PERSON: A set of instructions is not enough. There must be one who can ac- tually teach men how to live. TAKES TIME: First teachers would have to lay the ground- work; only after years would man be able and at all worthy of the Great Instructor who would not only be the finest possible Teacher but would bring sanctifying f u e I for spiritual flight. This Instructor would re- turn to man the great gifts which had been lost, the divine powers of mind and will which are the "wings" of human flight. NEED MEANS OF PRESER- VATION: Once man had been taught to conquer himself and once again ascend to God, it would be essential that such vital knowledge not be lost. Hence, spiritual leaders would be formed to preserve this sac- red science. If grounded man- kind would only seek out that body of religious teachers and learn of their God-preserved ws- dora, they could discover true happiness which is the secret craving of every human heart. In short--they would derive the purpose of their existence, which is, of course, flight to God. What we have said thus far about the purpose and history of LET'S DI 5CUSS IT! I Interior of_ Catholic Gilts and Church Goods, Inc., 607 Union; MU. 2-3929. Louis G. ]eannot, Mgr. mankind might sound verv nice, but after all isn't this only a nice story, a nice explanation of how things might have been? No. Before you is an historical chart which actually sketches the en- tire history of the world from creation till the present day. It is a sketch of the long and dif- ficult struggle of fallen men, grounded by sin. It is the history Df the attempts, successes and failures of the human race to escape the downward pull of sin and fly to God. It is the history of God sending instructions on how to go about it. Actually we might consider the entire history of the world under these aspects. When God created man He made him for Himself. God was to be man's King whom man was faithfully and lovingly to serve while on earth, then for all eternity he would live in heaven with his King sharing his very life and power, though always in a subordinate way. What hap- pened to the Kingdom is a his- tory of what has happened to the world. Thus we might tell the history of mankind! KINGDOM CREATED. , . Adam and Eve flying fine. KINGDOM FALLS... Adam, Eve and their posterity are grounded through sin. KINGDOM PREPARED FOR... The centuries of misery and sin; Abraham and the chosen people. KINGDOM RE-ESTABLISHED... First teachers are sent to man to lay the foundations, to teach men the meaning of life: Moses and Jewish Reli- gion, prophets, kings. KINGDOM IS PERFECTED... Christ the Perfect Teacher, shows men the way, gives them the means to follow in his footsteps. KINGDOM IS PRESERVED... God preserves Christ's teach- ing and power through the Church. FINAL VICTORY . . . The second coming of Christ at the end of the world: the ultimate triumph of the elect in the Kingdom of Heaven for all eternity. How do we know that this chart is at all accurate? How can we count on its finding being true? The answer is that God Himself told us. This we shall see in the next lesson entitled: "REVELATION". Left to him. self, fallen man could never have figured out what he was really meant for, and even if he had discovered his goal in life he had lost the powers necessary to attain that goal. And so in the course of history, God re- vealed Himself and His purposes to men. In time He even sent His own Son to come show us in person how to attain God. It was this same Son who brought back to man the powers of mind and will which had been lost m the crash through disobedience. And finally it was through His Son that God established a bod}, of men, a school, a means by - which men of all ages could learn the purpose of life and acquire the meansthe fuel-: to make that purpose, exalted though it ,s. a reality. That di- : vinely established means which you, gently guided by God, have come t0, is the Catholic Church. To be Read Durhg Meeting: Explanation under chart and Chapter I, The Purpose of Life. 1. The above chart in all the discussion club meetings will bg an I extremely useful aid in learning the purpose of life and the history of God's dealing with His human creatures. So, let's see if we understand our ehartt a) Why are, certain portions of the chart in color? Explain the I significance of deep red, light red, black, and white. I b) In which centuries did these men live: Abraham? Moses? I I Aaron? Samuel? John the Baptist? Leo? Ignatius? I c) When did these historical events take place: Creation? Council I of Trent? Fall of Jerusalem? Pentecost? I I : 2. In your own words tell the important events in human history as they concern man's relationship to his Creator. Try to pinpoint these events on I the chart. I I 3. What is the single most significant event in human history? Why does this event give meaning to every other event? I 4. Do you understand why we must know r61igious history before any of us can have an understanding of the purpose of our individual lives? I 5. Can you think of ways in which many people act that demonstrate they really don't know why they are here on earth? that I 6. What can you do to bring this knowledge of the purpose of human o 9 life to thers.