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September 28, 1962     Catholic Northwest Progress
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September 28, 1962

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F--THE PROGRESS Friday, Sept. 28, 1962 S T_HW LAW o....o... ..... -o, o.o.., o. =. ..,0 .......o,o .....,..,,. t)NDR SBRAS PROPg " ISAIA JOHkl MO$1S SAMUEl. NATHAN "THE TLVE" lr, JEREMI ZACHARIA$ BAPTIEr CONQUtRS JUDGES DAVID 50LOMOM oF oF o to oP    T MOSES HOLY LAND SAUL KINGDOM IbRArL JtJU/At.H, ALEXANPiR N e.. f, AN ' a,J[D THE ONS OF ]r.,V1. .VICTIM - OFFR,ING- OZ=' ANrIA[., "BglAl), vVINE;, FIRS/. FRUITS. q"O GOD ' ..... """ '"' ' ' - CIRCUMCISION CEREMONIES OF LEGAL PURIFICATION RITUAL LIBATIONS SPRINKLING OF TIIE BLOOD OF: ANIMALS CWOSEN PP..Oi00LP_..- A .,s.o.v Dmv00.c,', The above map must look terribly complicated to the aver- age reader. Please don't let this throw you. We are now go- ing to Brief you on some Of the Basic code symbols. With just a little concentration you will soon Be able fo chart a course for yourself and your neighbors through the main highways on our road map of salvation. First off, we draw attention fo the fact that part of the chart is in color. The deep red color of "FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT" rearesents uncreated Grace which is God. The lighter screened-out portions of red o the chart itself original innocence. If was lost to themselves and their pos- terity through e's sin. This accounts for the lack of color on the chart from the Fall up to the birth of Christ. With Christ, Grace returned to the Kingdom and through the Holy Spirit if remains in the Catholic Church to this day. We are not saying, however, that no one n the Old Testa- menf possessed Sanctifying Grace. but rather that of itself the Old Law was dead, Nor are we saying al: Catholics in the Church today possess grace, But rather that the New Law through the Mass and the Sacraments is capable of actually stands for the Church's Liturgical Year of Grace. If show how each year's Liturgical cycle celebrates the history of man's salvation and how, if man enters into and re-lives these events Liturgically, he can gain and increase Sanctifying Grace. Spread before you is a chart tracing the history of God's dealings with the human race--The Story of Our Salvaion. The entire Christian Culture Series attempts nothing other than to explain chaafer by chapter this unique Map of Life. We guarantee anyone wno takes the time to study and medi- tate upon Tne twenty hi-monthly installments which constitute understanding of Salvation History will come a fresh appre- ciation of the Catholic Faith. The relationship between old and new Testament will no longer Be e disturbing mystery, relationships between the Mass the Sacraments. the Liturgy, events of Old and New Testament history will begin fo reveal themselves. A third dimension the dimension of time and place will Be added to the reader's faith. But Before one can even begin to read the simplest road map he must first be briefed on some imoorfanf essenfials represent created or Sanctifying Grace in man. This grace producinq the Grace that is signified, this interesting new Series wilt soon become completely fa- such as how to fell where is north and south: he should like- was possessed by Adam and Eve as God created them in The deep red ribbon of color at the bottom of the chart miliar with every part of the chart. And with this deeper wise ascertain the scale to which the map has been drawn, the the ell . LTUR j CH CU ARTICLE III CHRIST THE PERFECT REDEEMER-KING: Sum- mary of Christ as Perfect Redeemer-King. ARTICLE IV CHRIST PERFECTS SACRIFICE: Summary of Christ as Perfecting the Sacrifice of the Old Law through His Perfect Sacrifice on Calvary. (The Mass) ARTICLE V CHRIST PERFECTS SACRED-SIGNS: Summary of Christ Perfecting the Sacred4igns of the Old Law through the Institution of the Sacraments. Chapter XIREDEMPTIONMarck 8 Contents: The entire history of the human race isa history of man's Contents: The Saints and Martyrs are the Prophets of the New Law. Chapter XV--THE HOLY SPIRIT PRESERVES PETER'S AUTHORITY THROUGH THE PAPACYApril 19 Contents: Explanation of how Authority is preserved in the King- dom through Christ's Vicar Peter who is the first in an unbroken line of Popes down to the present day. Chapter XVITHE HOLY SPIRIT PRESERVES THE SACRIFICE OF THE NEW LAW THROUGH THE MASS--May 3 Contents: The Mass is the continuation in time of Sacrifice in the , GiveI xx ristwa I with it I watch t I know 1 I numbers I TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Chapter ITHE PURPOSE OF LIFE--September 28 Contents: "Man is made to fly". A survey of the purpose of life. We come to know this purpose through Revelation. Chapter IIREVELATIONOctober 12 Contents: If we are to know the answer to all of life's basic prob- lemsGod Himself must reveal these answers. This God has done by means of "oral" and "written tradition". By written tradition we mean the Holy Bible. But before we can appreciate the Bible, we must see it in its religious, literary and historical aspects. Redemption from sin. The Old Testament is Redemption infolded. Kingdom. o,itir I G O D T H E FAT H E R The New Testament through the Church is Redemption unfolded, frliln{ Chapter III--THE KINGDOM IS FORMEDOctober 26 Contents: Genesis account of creation. Faulty concepts of God and the world, An attempt to view the world as Moses and his Mes- opotamian forefathers did. To fail to do this is to miss the point of the Genesis narrative. A word on Geness and the creation of the world: creation of man and the special gifts he possessed before the fall. Chapter IIl(eontinued)CREATION IS CROWNED Chapter IVTHE KINGDOM FALLS--November 9 Contents: Genesis account of the fall of man from grace through sin. Discussion of what exactly was lost of the Supernatural and Preternatural Gifts of Paradise. All the evil in the world is the result of'sin; but all is not lost for God in His mercy haspromised a Redeemer and with tlfis the history of man's salvation begins. Chapter VPREPARATION FOR REDEMPTIONNov. 23 Contents: From the Fall to Sinai. Two things to note in these events: 1.) selection of the Jews by a process of elimination and 2.) the fact that after sin entered the world things went from bad to WOrSe. Chapter VIKINGDOM IS REESTABLISHEDDecember 6 Contents: The book of Exodus: the essential elements of the re- established Kingdom are laid down. ARTICLE I SOCIETY ARTICLE II LAW ARTICLE III PROPHETS Chapter VI (continued)December 28 ARTICLE IV REDEEMER-KING (a history of the Jewish nation: books of Exodus, Josue, Judges, Kings) ARTICLE V SACRIFICE ARTICLE VI SACRED-SIGNS GOD THE FATHER'S GREAT LOVE FOR US Christ is the focal point in all History. ARTICLE I REDEMPTION  PARADISE REGAINED: Sum- mary of God's role in man's redempuon. ARTICLE II SALVATION PARADISE RELIVED: Summary of man's role in Redemption. ARTICLE III THE KINGDOM IS MADE TO LAST: Summary-- Our Divine Lord knew that He would not remain forever with men m the way that He came to them on Christmas Night. He, therefore, took the steps necessary to see to it that His Church remained for- ever. ARTICLE IV HUMAN ELEMENTS IN THE KINGDOM: Man has an important role to play in the preservation of Christ's Church. ARTICLE V DIVINE ELEMENT IN THE KINGDOM: Man can fail in his role, but God will always do His part. The Church will endure regardless of the human element, for God has promised to be with His people. THE SON'S GREAT LOVE FOR US GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT Chapter XIITHE KINGDOM IS PRESERVED TO THE END OF TIME--March 22 Contents: In part one we saw how God the Father established the Kingdom in Paradise; how it fell through sin and was prepared for and finally reestablished under the Patriarchs and Moses. In part two we saw how the ultimate perfection of this Kingdom, per- fected by Christ, is preserved for all time through the Holy Spirit. Chapter XIIITHE HOLY SPIRIT PRESERVES THE NEW LAW BY DIVINE TRADITIONAprll 5 Contents: Explanation of how the New Law has been preserved through the marvelous system of Divine Tradition. Chapter XIV=-THE HOLY SPIRIT PRESERVES THE ROLE OF THE PROPHETS THROUGH SAINTS AND MARTYRS AND PREACHERS OF THE WORD: WITNESSES Chaper XVIITHE HOLY SPIRIT PRESERVES THE SACRED-SIGNS OF THE NEW LAW THROUGH THE SEVEN SACRAMENTSMay 17 Contents: The Sacraments are the new and perfect sacred-signs of the New Law; these the Church has preserved to the present day. In this article we treat of Sanctifying Grace and the Supernatural Organism bringing in the role of the Infused Virtues in living and Life of Baptism. Chapter XVIII--THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, THE MYSTICAL BODY OF CHRIST Contents: Explanation of that in which the Kingdom essentially consists. It xs none other than the Mystical Body of Christ. ARTICLE I MARY'S ROLE IN THE MYSTICAL BODY . . . Contents: Explanation of Mary's true importance in God's plan for the Redemption on fallen humanity. ARTICLE II MEMBERSHIP IN THE MYSTICAL BODY . . . Contents: Explanation of the distraction between "The Church Mili- tant", "The Church in Heaven", "The Chuiv.h in Purgatory" and "The Communion of Saints." THE HOLY SPIRIT'S GREAT LOVE FOR US Chapter XIXFINAL VICTORY--- May 3I Contents: Explanation of the "Last Things": Death, Particular and General Judgments, Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory, ParousiaThe Second Coming. THE HOLY TRINITY Chapter XX--THE GREAT MYSTERY OF LOVEIune 14 Contents: We have seen something of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in studying the various roles each play in the History of Re- demption. Now we delve into the Mystery of the Trinity itself. Epilogue THE CHURCH'S YEAR OF GRACE Contents: The purpose of this section is to show the Christian how to live the life of Grace throughout each year of his life on earth. The Church uses the seasons of the year to teach us the history of redemption, reliving each year the essential mysteries of Christianity. could be at it. It| for his | ment. ft put t useilbu cls proper nil. We how to Every lem. Ea precious CU the univ, life. \\;X& vet expe ficult it to live it trying t( similar r experlm to learn method. lead hap know f( B,e thJFan native c; unless s answers This tions is GOD THE SON Chapter VIITHE KINGDOM IS PERFECTED]anuary 11 Contents: An explanation of. how we are to study the life of Christ, Chapter VIIITHE LIFE OF CHRIST]anuary 25 Contents: Thia section is designed to bring the reader into close contact with the Scriptures in order to bring him into close contact .-with Christ. The object of this particular life of Christ is to show ,-from the Bible that Christ does perfectly fulfill the essential ele- ments of the Old Law. Chapter IXTHE DIVINITY OF CHRIST-- February 8 Contents: Christ, the long awaited Messiah is God! We believe this because He Himself claimed to be God, the Jews and His own Apostles knew He claimed it, and His miracles, prophecies, resur- : recuon, doctrine, life, Church and His moral force in the world to- . day all prove conclusively that Christ's claims are true. : : Chapter X--CHRIST PERFECTS THE OLD TESTAMENTFebruary 22 : Contents: Now it is precisely because Chl-ist is God that He is able to perfectly fulfill the Old Law. We summarize the various ways in which Christ perfected the Old Law in the following five articles: ARTICLE I CHRIST THE PERFECT LA\\;V-GIVER: Summary of Christ's Life as Perfect Teacher with detailed ,: commentary on "Sermon on the Mount and the Eight Beatitudes". ARTICLE 1I CHRIST THE PERFECT PROPHET: Summary of Christ as Perfect Prophet.