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September 21, 1962     Catholic Northwest Progress
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September 21, 1962

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Eckhart LETTERS FROM A TRAVEL. LER. By Pierre Teilhard de {::hardin. Translated from the French "Lettres de Voyage, 1923-1939",; a n d Nouvelles Lettres de Voyage, 1939- 1955". 380 pp. Harper & Brothers. $4.00. "Since once more, my Lord, not now in the forests of the Aisne but in the steppes of Asia, I have neither bread, nor wine, uor altar, I shall rise be- yond symbols to the pure majesty of the real, and I shall offer you, I your priest, on the altar of the whole earth, the toil and sorrow of the world . . . "Receive, my Lord, this one whole victim which creation, drawn by your power, offers up to you in this new dawn. Bread, our toil, is in itself, I know, no more than a vast dis- memberment. Wine, too, our sorrow, is alas, no more than a draught that dissolves; but in the heart of this formless mass you have planted an irresistible nnd sanctifying urge which makes each one of us, from the godless man to the man of faith, cry out' *'Lord, make us to be one!" ' From the mystical poem La Messy sur le mend ("Mass upon the altar of the world") by Tell- hard de Chardin, quoted pp. 140-141, Letters from a Traveller. Stimulating By JOHN J. ECKHART IR Julian Huxley and Rev. Pierre Leroy, S.J. who both write laud- atory prefaces to this book, seem to be strange bedfellows. Whether or not the admiration of Julian Huxley for a Cath- olic priest and philosopher can in itself be taken as a gauge of how "far out" from orthodox Catholic philosophy the priest's writings may be, needn't be decided. Sir Julian himself re- lieves our concern about his endorsement of Pierre Tell- hard by himself admitting "Pore Teilhard's h y p o- theses as to the increasing convergence of human var- iety and the resultant in- crease of psychosoeial pres- sure . . . were more rad- ical than mine, and I was quite unable to follow him in his approach to what he belived was the ultimate goal of evolution's march, his so.called Point Omega, in which natural and super- natural are combined in a mystical and to me incom- prehensible manner". Although Teilhard usually "billed" as the discoverer of "Peking" man the accomplish- ments of this brilliant Jesuit paleontologist cover a period of more than 40 years digging and research not only in China, but the Gobi, Java, Ethiopia, India, and South Africa E v e n without considering Peking Man, Teilhard's con- tributions to our knowledge of prehistory must be classed as I Feature Films On Television Bellingham KING-'IV (NBC) Channel 5 KVOS-TV Channel 12 KIR0-TV (CBS) Channel 7 Tacoma Seattle KTNT-TV (CBS) Channel 11 KOM0-TV (ABC) Channel 4 KTVW-TV Channel 13 MOTION PICTURE CLASSIFICATION BY NATIONAL LEGION OF DECENCY: A-I--Morally Unobjectionable for General Patronage; A-II--Morally Unobjectionable for Adults and Adolescents; A-III--Morally Unobjectionable for Adults; B--Morally Objectionable in Part for All; C--Condemned; SC--Separate Classification; NR--No Rating Available. (Note: The ratings listed below were those given the original movies. Most films before being shown on tele- vision are edited to conform to the television code and to the individual station's time schedule. For this reason, objectionable parts contained in the original plot may be deleted in the television version and thus the original Legion rating may not be entirely correct.) SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 2:00 p.m.KOMO-TV--Harmon of Mlchlgan ............. A-I 2:30 p.m.KING-TVThe Last Outpost .............. A-I 4:00 p.m.--KTVW-TV--The Dude Cowboy A-I 4:00 p.m.wKTNT-TV--The Lash ............ NR 5:30 p.m.KTVW-TV--Bad Lands .............. A-I 8:00 p.m.--KTVW-TVWalklng on Air ............ A-I 9:00 p.m.--KING-TV---Gentlemen Prefer Blondes ........... B 10:30 p.rn.--KTNT-TV--Double Identity ............ NR 11:00 p.m.--KIRO-TV--For Whom the Bell Tolls ........... B ll:O0 p.m.wKVOS-TVDeath of a Salesman ........... A-II 11:15 p.m.KOMO-TV--Father Was a Fullback ........ A-II SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 11:39 a.m.--KIRO-TV--Tombstone: The Town Too Tough To Die ............ NR 11:30 a.m.KVOS-TV--Cloudburst ................. B 2:00 p.m.--KING-TVZlegfeld Girl ................ A-II 4:00 p.m.--KOMO-TVA Notorious Gentleman ............. B 4:00 p.m.KTNT-TV--Mother Wore Tights ............ A-I 4:30 p.m.--KTVW-TV--This Land Is Mine ........... A-II 7:30 p.m.--KTNT-TV---State Department File 649 ........ A-II 8:00 p.m.--KTVW-TVGenlus at Work ............ A-II 8:39 p.m.KOMO-TV--The Big Country ............... A-II 9:00 p.m.KTNT-TV--Man at Large ................ A-II 11:15 p.m.--KOMO-TV--Road Agent .................... A-I 11:35 p.m.KING-TV--Three Live Ghosts ................ A-I MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 9:30 a.n.KOMO-TV--You're Not SO Tough ............. A-I 10:00 a.m.--KTVW-TV--Kentucky Kernals .............. NP 1.:30 p.m.--KTVW-TV-.-Saint Meets the Tiger ............ A-I 2:30 p.m.--KTNT-TV--Great Hospital Mystery ........... A-I 3:30 p.m.KING.TV--Llttle Mr. Jim ............... A-II 5:80 p.m.--KVOS-TVAssignment In Paris .......... A-I 6:00 p.m.KTVW-TVBod Snatcher ............. B 10:0O p.m.--KTVW-TV--Dewi Ship .......... A-II 10:30 p.m.KTNT-TV--Make Your Own Bed . . .. .... B 11:00 p.m.--KVOS-TV--WIcked As They Come ...... B 11:30 p.m,--KOMO-TV--Post Office Investigator ....... NR TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 9:30 a.m.--KOMO-TV--Youth Takes a Fling .... A-II 10:00 a.m.KTVW-TV--Melody Cruise ..... NR 1:30 p.m.--KTVW-TV--Beyond Victory .... . NR 2:30 p.m.--KTNT-TV--The Crash ...... NR 3:30 p.m.--KING-TV--If Winter Comes ....... B 5:30 p.m.--KVOS-TV--Annie Oakley ......... A-I 6:00 p.m.--KTVW-TV--Honeymoon ....... .., .A-II 10:00 p.m.--KTVV-TV--Mr. Luck'/ ........... A-II 10:30 p,m.KTNT-TVTen Gentlemen from West Point .. A-I 11:00 p.m,--KVOS-TV--Prlvate Affairs of Bel Awl ..... B 1I:30 p.m.--KOMO-TV--Frisco Ltl ............. A-I WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 9:30 a.m.KOMO-TV--When Love Is Young ............. A-I 10:o0 a.m.KTVW-TV---Strange Bargain ................ A-II 1:30 p.m.--KTVW-TV--Unexpected Uncle A-II 2:30 p.m.KTNT-TVHere Comes Trouble .A-I 3:30 p.m.KING-TVTroplc Zone ................. A-II 5:30 p.m.--KVOS-TV--Thundering Jets ..... A-I 6:00 p.m.--KTVW-TV--Woman on Pier 13" ::,". ..... NR 10:00 rhm 1TVW-TVwHard to Hold ................ NR 10:30 pm--iTNT-TV--Plckwlck Papers ................. A- I 11:00 ............... Ip.m.--KVOS-TVMy Love Came Back A-I 11:30 p.m.--KOMO-TV--Nice Girl .................. A-I THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 9:30 a.m.--KOMO.TV--Rio A-II 10:00 aan.--KTVW-TV--Date witi the Falcon" i    i  :'."" .A-II 1:30 p.m.--KTVW-TV---Criminal Court .......... A-II 2:$0 p.m.KTNT-TV--Alcatraz Island .............. A-II 3:30 p.m.--KING-TV--Hell Divers (Part 5) .......... NR 5:30 p.m.--KVOS-TVThe Thing .............. A-II 6:00 p.m.--KTVW-TV--Dangerous Profession ........... A-II 10:00 p.m.--KTVW-TVFour Jacks and a Jill ............ A-II 10:30 p.m.--KTNT-TV---Small Hotel .... ..... NR 11.00 p.m.KVOS-TV--Two Tickets to Broadway ........ A-II 11:30 p.m.--KOMO-TVMan's Castle ............ NR FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 9:30 a.m.KOMO-TVLlttle Bit of Heaven ............. A-I 10:00 a.m.--KTV-TV--Long Lost Father .............. NR 1:30 p.m.---KTVV,-TVMllllonaire Playbo.v ,.NR 2:30 p.m.--KTNT-TV--It Could Hapnen TO Y)U ".'.''i' A-II 3:30 pm.KING-TV--Hell Divers (Part II) ....... NR 5:30 p m.--KVOS-TV--Fire over Africa ....... A-II 6:00 p.m.--KTVW-TV-,-Annie Oakley ........... A-I 10:09 p.m.KTVW-TV--French Line ............ C 10:30 p.m.--KTNT-TV--The Ratns Came .......... A-II 11:00 p.m.KVO-TV----Call Northside 777 ............. B 11:30 p.m.--KOMO.TV--Twelve O'Clock High .............. A-I Thls R,view Is Sponsored by Cahollo G;fs & Church Goods, Inc. Religious qoods for the home, church end school. A oleosent shoaplng etmosphere with e select verl. ety of religious gifts. 607 Union St., Seettla I MUtual 2-3929 i Go._._d Love You Fr;dy, Sep, 21, 1962 THE PROGRESS--5 FAMILY CLINIC: Emphasizing Victimhood By MOST REVEREND FULTON J. SHEEN vvnat %o00emerness''00" - "- This column is addressed to priests: anywhere else in the missions for the priest- IN the Old Testament and in all hood. This willcostonly$250ayear. Implies Marriage 3.) Unless you are really "pinched," send ' pagan religions, the priest was the offerings which you receive for Masses always s e p a r a t e from the victim, to the Holy Father through his Society for the By F, other John L. Thomas, S.J. whether he offered a lamb, a goat or a bullock Propagation of the Faith. Professor of Sociology at St. Louis UnivetdIV "" '" seamn . ,o Divinity. But Our Blessed Lord united in Thus, what is mystically presented in the Himself both priesthood and victimhood, for morning Mass will be bodily presented through How do you deal with awi# who thinks that she has "He offered Himself." Inasmuch as we are the rest of the day and the year. to know everything--and I mean everythingabout what a priests of Jesus Christ, We are never to separate man does? For example, here's the latest. I'*,e iua become ,, brilliant and among the half victimhood from priesthood. Yet, though we GOD LOVE YOU to V.L.M. for $2 Third Degree Knight in the Knights of Columbus and she's dozen most significant of the always insist on the dignity of our priesthood, "That I may be blessed n,ith a normal all upset because I won't tell her about the initiation ceremo, we seldom insist upon the indignity of our vic- healthy child, Io[[er this to the mis. hies. We',e ne,cr kept anything important #ore each other, 20th century, timhood, sions." . .. to M.B.A. [or $5 "'While read- but this is different. She claims that refusal to share my Whether or not his philosoph- @ ing your appeals to priests to send Mass experiences with her is setting up a barrier to our sense o[ stipends to the mission, it occurred to me togetherness. I feel she's being unduly curious. ical writings will ever be via- It may be asked why a state of victimhoed that I might borrow the idea to make some IT'S ALWAYS possible to carry a good thing too far, dicated or whether they will or sacrifice is so essential for our priesthood. appear in the history of Cath- The reasons are as follows: return to the priests who have been par- tiularly helpful to me and mine. Accept I and your wife appears to be doing just that! In olie thought as a fad, and an 1.) In the Mass we not only offer Our Lord this in their name." . . . to Mr. and Mrs. fact, as moral philosophers have pointed out from unorthodox fad at that, time to His Heavenly Father--we offer ourselves in G.K. for $300 "'As n,e continue to make time immemorial, most virtues develop into vices if only will tell. At present the Him. His death is mystically represeoted by money on stocks, we /eel some of it they are practiced without prudent measure or balance. orthodoxy of his writings is, the separate Consecration of the bread and should go to the hungry throughout the A couple's earnest endeavor to foster a deep sense of to- to say the least, under close the wine, which sacramentally reveal the sop- mission world."... scrutiny by the Holy Office. aration of His Body and Blood, the manner to Anonymous for $100 "'For the poor getherness is worthy of high praise, provided both husband and Although none of his writing of His death. If all we did was to offer Christ and sick in Hong Kong and India."... to wife recognize that even though marriage makes has made the Index yet, the without dying with Him, we would be para- P.W. /or $15 "Thanks to the Sacred them "two in one flesh," their togetherness has Holy Office has indicated that sites upon the Mystical Body of Christ. Heart, Our Lady and the saints', particu, definite limitations. it is "quite evident that these 2.) Expressing our priestly lives in sac- larly St. Jude, or favors receh,ed." . . . Most modern writers feel that the term rifice prevents piety from becoming emotion- to Mrs. L.R. and family/or $25.44 "'This TOGETHERNESS is so vaguely defined nod works present such ambiguities al. If all we had toward our great High check represents pennies our family saves so loosely applied that it would be well if we and even grave errors in the Priest was religious feeling, without any ap- all year round; this is our gift to the never used it in connection with marriage. philosophical fields as to of- propriate form of sacrifice, our feelings would Faith before we en]oy our vacation' They may have a point there, for the word fend Catholic doctrine", eventually die. Nothing gives so much power has come to be employed as a catch-all term In 1924 Teilhard was forbid- to the words of the priest in the pulpit, the Worldmission, a quarterly magazine of mis- that more frequently than not tends to blur den to teach and in 1938 refus- classroom or the home as his self-denials, sionary activities edited by Most Reverend Ful- necessary distinctions and cloak confused ed permission to publish his "magnum opus", The Phen- ton J. Sheen, is the ideal gift for priests, nuns, thinking. FR. THO1VI/ omenon of Man. Both the Phen- May we now suggest some appropriate forms seminarians or laymen. Send $5 for a one-year In this sense "togetherness" has suffered omenon and The Divine Milieu of victimhood or sacrifice: subscription to Worldmission, 366 5th Ave., New the same fate as words like "service," "democratic," and so on, consequently appeared in print 1.) Send your surplus Mass stipends to The York 1, N.Y. which careless usage has reduced to little more than emotion- posthumously and without the Society for the Propagation of the Faith that we laden, suggestive symbols, evocative of feeling rather than benefit of imprimatur. As a Cut out this column, pin your sacrifice to it thought. footnote, it should be added, may send them to the bishops. They will, in and mail it to Most Rev. Fulton J. Sheen, Yet whether we call it "togetherness," or use some more there never was question rais- turn, forward them to priests in the missions, National Direeter of the Society for the Propa. appropriate term, a developed sense of intimate sharing or unitY ed nor does it appear there is many of whom have no other livelihood than gutinn of the Faith, 6 Sth Avenue, New York is indispensable for happiness and success in marriage. any evidence of lack of per- that of the stipend. 1, N.Y., or your Archdiocesan Director, Rev. As Plus XI reminded us in his classic encylical on mar- TeilhardSnal loyaltYto therchurchbedienCeor hisf 2.) Educate a seminarian in Asia, Africa or Stephen Szeman, 907 Terry Avenue, Seattle 4. riage, God created husbands and wives to be helpmates or corn- own Order. panions not only in bearing and rearing children but also ill This book is easily the Headlines striving for mutual human fulfillment and Christian perfection. most interesting and read- Readers Write Because marriage partners are made to the image and like- able of the three that have And Deadlines hess of a Triune God, they have the mission of imitating the life appeared s i n c e Teilhard's of the Trinity by establishing a community of love darough their death seven years ago. Both d union. Hence whether we call it "togetherness," "companion- Divinethe PhenomenonMilieu tend toandbecomeThe Re Power 'Unexcelled PuckQge' Boys' Tow11 111 Sa|11 ship," "communication," "mutual sharing," or some other name, P1 the heart of the matter is that the marriage contract joins hus- difficult in parts and must Editor, The Progress: Editor, The Progress: band and wives in a unique, mysteriously intimate union which be read at a slower pace be- ay In The Chancellor Club of Seat- As a volunteer youth worker they are bound to cherish, maintain, and foster throughout life. cause of their heavier con- tie conducted an open house on tent. Letters, on the other High Gear August 12 which was attended and interested in Catholic Ac- Deeper Understanding Needed hand, has the form of a con- by 80 new guests. We believe tion, I wonder if you would be ECAUSE thls "sense of togetherness" that your wife talks versational tone, reaching (Continued from Page 1) this to be a record number for kind enough to consider the B about is so essential in marriage, we must make sure we at times, near brilliant travel recent years, following as a news announce- understand its true nature and practical implications. description and personal ob- Secretary Rusk called it a servation. "very happy day for the A,d Many of these guests are went in the Northwest Prog- If the example you cite is typical, it appears that your wife ministration," b e c a u s e joining the Club as evidenced tess. is either eortfused about "togetherness" or, as you suggest, is The book is more valuable clears the way for a solution of by the 27 new members initiat- for the understanding it gives the Congo problem as quickly ed into the Club at the Septem- It has long been my person- using the term to disguise her curiosity. In either ease she's on us of the personal psychology as possible." bey 12 monthly meeting. These al view that we North Ameri. the wrong track and needs help. and thought processes of Tell- UN Ambassador Adlai Ste- new members bring the Club can Catholics have a particular Much of what is currently proposed as ideal togethernHs hard which form the begin- venson declared that the action membership solidly above the moral obligation to the needy in marriage is a romantic fallacy based on the mistaken belief nings and the evolution of what of Congress was "a victory for 200 mark for the first time in children of poor Catholic coun- that love miraculously eliminates individual differences, so that appears in the Phenomenon and the universal cause of effective years and we have reason to tries, true lovers must always think, feel, and act as one on all: in the Divine Milieu. Unlike the action to preserve the peace of expect still more because peo- occasions. last two books, in the Letters the world," "a victory in which pie are still calling and writing Of all the poor countries This conception of marital love ignores reality and can work there is no attempt "get the whole world can repoice." for information, which has remained faithful to serious harm, for it leads couples to expect a type of uniW that a c r o s s" a n y philosophical The way it has looked from We ascribe t h i s unusual the Church, perhaps Spain is is impossible among normal adults'. Paradoxically, true marital system. At lOS% philosophical here, if this is a republic of, measure of success to one the most in need. This noble love, like all charity, is founded on separation rather than unity, discussion appears as a ran- by and for the people, as Lin- thing: the publicity created by country has successfully re- in the sense that it must be based on sincere recognition of and dora thought here and there coin said it is, it is high time the full page feature article in sisted the threat of Communist respect for the otherns of the other, that is, for the right of the throughout the letters as part that Congress begin asserting the July 27 issue of The Prog- enslavement. But she has to pay other to be other, to be himself--t0 be different. of the larger problem of Tell- itself by attaching conditions ress. Accordingly, we wish to a great price to remain free. hard's groping for personal sol- to these expenditures which express our most sincere thanks True love does not seek to stifle, smother, overwhelm, or ution within t h e Ignatian would safeguard our interests, to you for allowing the article We are all aware the conse- absorb the other, but with a delicate awareness of the otherness framework of his own life's work as a scientist and his re- 0nly time will decide which and to your staff for the zuperb quences of the Spanish war of the other as a person, a distinct image of God, strives to aid are in evidence almost every- sponse to the spiritual exercis- viewpoint is the correct one. job they did in organizing our where in Spain. Although much the other in reaching full growth and perfection. es. material, effort is being expended to al- This concern to promote the good of the other as other tm T.V-RADIO [0 These, for instance are his We still have a use for more leviate the misery of the poor, the basis of love, while major source of difficulty in learning thoughts after a Peking cock- copies of your July 27 issue there is much that remains to to love truly in marriage is the unconscious, self-ceutered tea- tail party where "a very lik- SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 to hand out to new guests as it be done, especially for the chil- deney either to try to absorb the other in a unity that in able Harvard professor gave a 8:30 a.m., Look Up and Live, is an unexcelled package de- dren. reality is nothing more than an extension of self (the two shall KIRO-TV, Channel 7. scription of the Chancellor simple and modest explanation "A I would like to see a kind of be one, and I am the one[), or if differences arise, to see the of how he understood the Time for Action" docu- Club. If any surplus copies meats the social action pro- exist, we want to purchase Boys' Town home established other as an obstacle or hindrance to one's own fulfillment. dawn of thought in the animal gram nf Pittsburgh's Diocese. them. in Spain which would be sup- In other words, marital unity (togetherness) quickly deterior- series, ported by interested persons. "I couldn't help thinking The film concludes a four- Some of our members do not The object of such a "home" ates into domination by one or a stunting of growth in both if it is not based on mutual respect for the right 'of the other to be part series produced in co- subscribe to The Progress. This would be to provide needy chil- distinctively other. of the abyss that divides the operation with the National situation can be rectified if dren with :;helter, food and of- intellectual world I was in Council of Catholic Men. Bishop you would send us a large num- fer educational and vocational Discussion Could Clarify Thoughts and whose language I knew, John Wright will be inter- bey of subscription blanks. from the theological world of opportunities. viewed. GABRIEL M. TERRENZIO IF YOUR WIFE is merely confused about the meaning of to. Rome with whose idiom I am 9:15 a.m., Sacred Heart Pro- This home would work in I getherness, it seems to me a little discussion of its true mtn, also familiar. At first it was President close cooperation with Church ings should clarify her thinking. Refusal to communicate seerats of gram, KIRO-TV, Channel 7. 722 E. Union St. authorities who would make ye- stoothing of a shock to real- "The Inner Lif/' is the title Seattle ferrals and guide the project professional nature cannot be regarded as a barrier to unity by ize that the latter could be, of today's program. The speak- and indeed must be, just as any sensible person. real as the former; and then er is Rev. Thomas W. Curry, along. S.J., professor at Rockhurst I will be pleased to hear However, if your wife is unduly curious, as you infer, yotl L gi Of from any uf your readers who face a more difficult problem. I told myself that now per- High School, K a n s a s City. e on Overly inquisitive or curious people tend to bave little haps I was capable of so us- Father discusses the nature of desire to discuss this plan fur- ing the first language as to the Triune God. ther. sense of personal autonomy or depth, with the result that their make it fuirly express what 6:00 p'm., Challenge, KOMO- Decency WILFRED LaVERGNE own inner shallowness offers them so little security or satidae. the other eontains but puts TV, Channel 4. 62-1058 Nelson St. tion that they feel strongly compelled to eceupy themselves with into words that most people "P.ayer" , ill be today's Listed here are ratings of the Vancouver 5, B.C. the private affairs of others. can.., noi realizedlnger, understand., hie et topic. The panelists are Rabbi latest films received by the Na- They want to know everything about everybody else because Raphael Levine, Rev. William tional Legion of Decency. nunc, Christ was not irrelev- Treacy and Dr. Lynn Corson. Mass A Packwood? they find so little of interest in themselves and their own affairs, What can you do? Well, if your wife is unduly curious, this terestant to Professorthe problemSparker;that in-it 7:gram,15 p.m.,KTVW.Tv,Saered HeartchannelPrO-13. First-Run Movies Editor, The Progress: tendency will show up on many different occasions and you should only needed a few intermedi. "In Every Place There is Showing In Seattle I would like to thank The regard these as opportunities to point out to her that her interest ate steps to allow a transi- Sacrifice" is the title of the A-2--Guns of Darkness, Tales Progress for printing the sum- is misdirected. Ask her to analyze her real motives in this regard. finn. from. his. positivist new series beginning today on of Terror. mer Mass schedules of the Sincere concern for the good of others? Hope of discovering psychology to some sort of Channel 13. The Rev. John R. 13--The Brain That Wouldn't Washington churches, another's failures? Or personal shallowness and insecurity , mystical outlook. There . . . Maguire, assistant pastor of St. Die. Every year I have kept the This approach may not effect a major change in character, lie the Indies that call me Monica Church in Creve Coeur, Condemned--La Notte (The schedule in the glove compart- prompting her to live like a parasite off of the activities of others? more s t r o n g I y than St. Me., discusses the topic "Mean- ,Night). but it may promote the growth of some insight, and insight is Fraucis Xavier's?' ing of Sacrifice." meat and on the several week- the beginning of wisdom. This book is completely in- Hour of St. Francis, 7:45 Separate Classification--The teresting and compelling with- p.m. K X A - Radio, Seattle; Sky Above And the Mud Below. ends when I am camping in an ,, I I I I . out reference to the knotty 7:15 a.m., K W Y Z - Radio,. unfamiliar section of the state L I problems involved in Teilhard's Everett. Other Movies I have been able to arrange my .,,, response to his felt call to an "The Boy Who Couldn't For- Currently Showing schedule so I was able to parti-  "ultima" India. get" is a play about a youth cipate in the Mass. f1'$ aS te 't The problem is there but it ",n international quiz game. A-I--Three Stooges In Orbit, I would like to make a sug- appears only through passages MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 Zotz, Music Man, Road to Hong gestion, it seems with 265 camp  [ of vivid, keen, description of 7:30 a.m., Let's Speak Spanish, Kong, Pinocchio, El Cid, Wack- sites (usually filled on week- persons, places, things; of the KOMO-TV, Channel 4. lest Ship In the Army, Hatari, ends) at Ohanepecosh there turmoil of China in the A new television course in Satellite In the Sky. should be enough Catholics, Launderers and Cleaners twenties, robbers and fighting oral and written Spanish will A-2--A Weekend With Lulu, combined with the La Wis Wis 224 MA. 2-00S0 | barons, intellectual ferment, be seen every Monday, Wednes- State Fair, Magnificent Seven, campers, White Pass campers pontius , Seattle INorth and Corn munis m on the day and Friday at this hour The Unforgiven, Samar, Ger- and Packwood people to make march; of Teilhard's work conducted by Professor Clay- onimo, My Geisha. it practical to have Mass at begun, without money, and enc: ' L. Abello, assistant pro- A-,I--Sweet Bird of Youth, Packwood. puny, compared with the rich lessor in modern languages at All Fall Down, West Side Story, The 25-mile Stevens Canyon American expeditions, but cap- S-attle University' It is a non- Four Horsemen of the Apoc- drive to Paradise for 6:30 a.m. pod with his chairmanship of credit course, alypse, Boys Night Out, Ride Mass is a beautiful drive IF the the Carnegie fund China corn- WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 The High Country, I Like weather is clear, but much of mittee; of his friend Henry 10:00 p.m., Armstrong Circle Money, Rocco And His Broth- the time it is foggy at this de Monfried, an almost tic- Theater, KIRO.TV, Channel ors. early hour, and dangerous to tional character and their 7. jaunts through Ethiopia. It is "The Cross and the Dragon," B -- Oklahoma, Cry For drive. because Teilhard is such a bril- a dramatic presentation of the Happy, Sea Chase, That ]ouch I hope this suggestion is con- liant and compelling human life of Bishop James E. Walsh. of Mink, House of Women. sidered when making plans for personality, and besides a good M.M., still a prisoner in Red Condemned--The Third Sex. next summer. writer that this book makes China, will be presented with Separate Classification -- MARGARET HELLYER, lively and stimulating reading. James Daly portraying Bishop Walk On the Wild Side, Advise 23 Oregon Ave., In Ees,rn & Western Wash|m To Serve You C. R.L.-- Walsh. and Consent. Tacoma 9.