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September 21, 1962     Catholic Northwest Progress
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September 21, 1962

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00THE PROGRESS Fri&y, SepT., 21, 1962 Not A Crystal Ball THERE an amazing misconception IS about Papal infallibility among mny Protestants today. To hear our sepa- rated brethren describe their impressions of what it means for the Pope to be in- fallible, one would think John XXIII :must own a short wave radio to heaven, .a crystal ball and the gift of extra-sen- sory perception. Those Protestant ministers and theo- logians who are privileged to attend the forthcoming Vatican Council shall have their age-old myth destroyed before their very eyes. Pope John, the archbishops and [ibishops of the entire world accompanied iby. their personal theologians who shall assemble in St. Peter's this October 11 .-do not expect the Holy Spirit to visit them with dreams or visions nor are .... their ears cocked to hear heavenly voices. !Dur Divine Lord never did the extra- i!ordinary when the ordinary was possible. ..i! Christ being Truth Himself and, erefore, incapable of error entrusted :His sacred doctrines to mortal men who !Were most definitely capable of error. If !'Christ were to preserve truth in His -church it stands to reason He must do ,mmething extraordinary to guide the i:minds of weak fallible men. ,:" Our Lord could have safeguarded Di- vine Revelation in a thousand different 31ways. He could have planned to return to earth every 10 years to conduct ecu- menical councils in Person. He could have given the gift of infused knowledge [0 every priest, bishop and archbishop. He could strike every heretic dead on the : spot. But even if we were not sure o/the method Christ used, one thing is cer- ' tainit would not be like God to mul- " :#ply miracles without neceisity. The whole history of mankind reveals that ;'TGod at all times saves men as men. In other words, God created us as human "*" beings with intelligence and free will, :: He wants to save us as human beings by safeguarding wherever possible that ,bztelligence and that free will. . Now it is possible for man,to pre- serve and pass on vast libraries containing hundreds of truths without fear of error, : .Our minds are weakened by original sin, but they are not totally destroyed. i. This very fact is attested to by the ,-way in which Christianity has preserved the vast storehouse of truths revealed by Christ. After 2,000 years we still possess the Old and New Testaments, the Acts of the Apostles, the writings of the early fathers .and theologians. But there is bound to come a time in the Church's long history when there is a doubt about this or that particular doctrine which has been handed down. Some may begin to say, "This dogma was not taught by ]esus or it was not revealed to the inspired writ- ers, it is rather made up by the pious #ith[ul or is the result of erroneous reasoning." What then? Well, if there isn't some means of knowing for cer- tain who is right, the Truth which Christ suffered and died to bring us will surely be destroyed. The simplest and most logical means of assuring freedom from error in doc- trinal matters is to call the Church's bishops together with their divinely ap- pointed leader, the reigning pontiff, and use all human science and research to discover whether or not there is over- whelming evidence in the Scriptures or tra'dition to establish once and for all that the doctrine in question is part of the de- posit of faith given us by Christ. If after every human means of re- search has been exhausted there is still doubt, the Pope, the Vicar of Christ, weighs the matter himself and decides. Papal infallibility means that Christians can be absolutely certain that the Holy Spirit will stand behind the Holy Father's decision. If you stop to think about it, Papal infallibility is about the least extra. ordinary means o preserving divine truth among mortal men that could be possible. For if Pope ]ohn were not in- fallible we'd all have to be infallibly inspired every time we pick up the Scriptures. God could, of course, do this, but a quick look at the confusion private interpretation has caused Chris. tianity is clear evidence He has not. All the hours of work and prepara- tion for the Second Vatican Council shows that God respects the intelligence and free will with which He created us. It is only at the last moment, so to speak, and in as unobtrusive a way as poss!ble that He steps in to correct us with extraordi- narily infallible means. Dangers From Cuba By Louis F. Budenz back 'entitled Listen Yankee cans should re'- to Castro, and subtitled The Revolution attention must be paid to what in Cuba. the Communists say a Soviet In the obituary of Mr. Mills Cuba means to them. This is on his untimely death, the told to the American comrades leading newspaper in this coun- try declared his orks to be "scholarly." The "scholarship" of this booklet on Cuba was unfortunately made use of to mislead Americans completely. Briefly let us read what he says about the fact that Castro's movement is nat Communist: "But what about the Communist party of Cuba and its influence here? The first thing you must realize is that this Communist party of Cuba has never been very large or very strong as a party. Your CIA deputy, at the end of 1959, estimated 17,000 Communist party mem- bers in Cuba." That is an oldtime song about the ,'weaknesses" of the Com- mtmists in any given situation. When Poland was taken over by the Reds, "the Communist party of that country did not exist officially. Stalin had to create the "Union of Polish Patriots" and later the United Workers party, which took over by force and intrigue. Praised By Reds :.lO TEST of American :|M ingenuity and ten- !acity will be more severe an the Soviet armed presence .in Cuba. Our national capital has been put under the cloud of per- petual i n s e - curity. In the Red - ruled is- land itself, a powerful base has been established for the piecemeal liberation of LOUIS a 1 1 Latin BUDENZ America. So the international Com- munist directive organs tell t h e comrades. Immediately what is important to us is that ,The Worker of September 9 "lays down the same buttering Up process to get us to give in *to Soviet Cuba that was em- ployed origina:ly to blind us to : Castro's real intent  Editorially that issue of the Red organ says: .:,Not enmity but friendship ;with Cuba, Stop the. aggressive acts against Cuba. Open nego- tfations for the restoration of fiormal and peaceful relations with Cuba. End the Cold War ,against Cuba now." Usual Cajolery And so it is that the COrn-. rades plan to cajole us into those endless "negotiations," talkfests; and quarrels under which Soviet power has always advanced, It is not surprising to learn that the pro-Castro This was an idiotic statement to make, because the author had no means of knowing who was a Communist and who was not. It now turns out that Cas- tro was a Communist since the very begging of his activity. This Mills booklet, it must Again, Mr. Mills says: "The second thing that's important is that this party did not play for Cuba Committee, any part at all in the making to Washington, urges of our (Cuban) revolution." Cuba" by which we of course, recognize the Castro regime and acquiesce in the arming of this Soviet pup- pet.- perhaps we should'review the wh!ch got us into since it s an- .i recora of the *ullin, of be embered, was praised  , E,  by the CnmmuniSts and r sweet worus our ' r ? push bv them. It served the rt of the stro same! puose as the Red. C., Wright Mills initiated slos that the Chi- will a nose Communists were mere. in hundreds :of thousands of copies  paper. by the Latin American 3 o s e Rodrigo in the August Political Affairs. Showing how the Reds are stirring up the people of Latin America, he writes: "The great movement of soli- darity with Cuba bears elo- quent witness to the anti- imperialist and anti-feudal feel- ings of the working class and people of Latin America. The g r e a t achievements of the Cuban Revolution are a living concrete example for the work- ing people of the whole con- tinent who are oppressed by large landowners, monopolists, U.S. imperialist policies and regimes of force." On another day, we can deal with the abuses of which the Communists are taking advantage, created by "U.S. monopoly." It is essential that they be corrected. But it is also essential and im- mediately pressing that the United States take a firm stand against Cuban Com- munism. This will not be served by "negotiations" or any other palavering of that sort, It can- not be served by an invasion without an air cover, or any half-baked measures. Surpris- ingly enough, Ted Szulc of the New York Times September 9 seems to look most favorably on an American invasion of the island. Militant Lay Leaders Needed "I can write encyclicals, I can speak over the radio, I can write about social doctrine but I cannot go into the factories, into the shops, into the offices; nor can the Bishops do this, nor the Priests, for these places are closed to them. Therefore, the Church needs thousands and thousands of militant lay leaders . . . who are representatives of the Church in their working en- Strong Right Hand of The Laiiy rot L00,i. A,,,e,,;.,: e' New Study Cites ,L " Benefit of Private Agencies In Aid By J. J. Gilbert ing on the Peruvian c r e dit :. '7 WASHINGTON, Sept. unions as assistants. 17 (NC)A new study of A second alternative, ae- e  I U.S. aid to Latin Ameri- c o r d i n g to Raushenbush, ca underscores the ad- would be for U.S. voluntary vantages to the U.S. gov- organizations which are to be ernment in cooperating w i t h engaged in foreign a i d as-. i voluntary agencies in its for- sume joint responsibility for eign aid programs, the use o1 a certain mount ' " .." ..G-" The study, issued here by the of Alliance for P r o g r e s s QI ":'::::"': Public Affairs Institute, a non- funds. partisan, nonprofit research or- The North American volun- ganization, g a i n s timeliness tary agencies could also form from an about-face by the U.S. committees in each of the host Agency for International Devel- countries m a d o up of Latin opment on this very subject. American voluntary agencies "": " ;:;:' Early in August an AID "pol- which support the purposes of "".."..::7,% icy determination" became pub- the Alliance. The North Ameri. lie whica spelled out ways the can and Latin American groups foreign aid agency could coop- could work together to see that crate with religious groups in there were no abuses in the ad- carrying on its programs. But ministration of Alliance funds when the policy document came earmarked for use by voluntary under fire from some Proton- groups. tant sources, which charged a The Raushenbush study was violation of Church-State sop- recently praised by a represent. aration, AID withdrew the dec- ative of Catholic Relief Services ument, explaining that it might --National Catholic Welfare cause "misunderstanding and Conference in a statement to misconception." the foreign operations subcom. At the same time AID said mittee of the House Appr0pria- it would continue its p as t tions Committee. forms of cooperation with re- Msgr. John F. McCarthy, ligious agencies engaged in assistant executive director of foreign relief work. CRS-NCWC, the U.S, Catholic overseas relief agency which The plan of action envisioned is the largest of all U.S. vol- in the Public Affairs Institute's u n t a r y aid agencies, de- new study, "The Challenge to scribed it as "a provocative the Alliance f o r Progress," approach te our e n m m e n would involve not just the con- problems which deserves... Next Step Toward Unity? tinuation of cooperation, buta close attention." dynamic and stepped-up pro- In the same statement Msgr. gram in which the government McCarthy suggested that Con- By REF. JOHN B. SHEERIN, C.$.P. would work hand-in-hand with gross give "careful, long-term religious groups in this field, consideration" to earmarking Catholics generally are pert that the leaders of the that o f fie in I conversations The author of this study is some future foreign aid funds still confused about the great Protestant denominations might give the impression that Stephen Raushenbush, who was for administration through vol. are going to take the initiative one religion is as good, as a member of the team which untary agencies. He, too, cited purpose of t h e coming of rushing to Rome to make another? That excuse seems a made the initial s u r v ey in the 1961 congressional directive Vatican Council. They k n o w an unconditional surrender to bit too legalistic in the face South America for t h e Food calling for "maximum" use of that it will not be a reunion the Pope. of the challenge of a divided for Peace program, the services and facilities of Council. My hope is that the Fathers Christianity that is a scandal Raushenbush suggests that in- voluntary groups. A year ago there seemed to of the Vatican Council will take and tragedy, creased government coopera- be a general impression that a very concrete and decisive Dr. W. A. Visser 't Heart, tion wit h voluntary agencies Catholics, Protestants and step in the direction of the Pro- g en oral secretary of the would inevitably result if neon- .# II,.. LC'Ug:S" k li.'uo'e$ Jews would sit down together testants and Orthodox -- that World Council of Churches, in gressional directive in the For- at the Council to talk over they will decide to enter into his Report to the Central Cam- eign Assistance Act of 1961 terms and conditions of merg-official conversations with mittee at Paris in August, were reallyputintoeffect. That All or. Today the these other Christian bodies, spoke with a deep sense of sa- directive stated in part: ordinary Ca- At the present time the Sec- tisfaction about the present re- "It is the sense of Congress tholic is well retariat for Promoting Chris-lations between the Roman that thePresident, in further- ,.,,qanc00;f;eA aware that no tian Unity is doing great work. Catholic Church and the World ing the purposes of this act, such phoneme, It sends observers to non-Ca- Council. He said that it would shall use to the maximum ex- hOrt will take tholic meetings such as those of have been unthinkable a few tent practicable the services "r'HE priest has a power pl a c e. Pope the World Council of Churches decades ago for the Vatican and facilities of voluntary, /over and a duty with John has made and it has invited the World to s e n d observers to World nonprofit agencies registered regard to temporal things clear time aft- Council and ot h e r Christian Council meetings and he mar- with, and approved by, the because he alone is "the man er time t h a t bodies to send observers to the veled at the fact that Catholic Advisory Committee on Vol- of the Ritual." He has to place the purpose of Vatican Council. and Protestant theologians en- untary Foreign Aid (a unit them under the control of the gage in such useful conversa- of AID." the Council is lrhen there are many Catho- tions of such overwhelming di- Holy Ghost, Who makes the to renew the Raushenbush stresses the ad- earth fruitful. In the Church I i f e o f t h e FR. SHEERIN lie theologians all o v e r the mensions as at present, vantages to the government of his is the task of reconciling Catholic Church, to increase world who engage in discus- the faith of Catholics, improve sions with theologians of other But he pointed out that it is such a policy. He n o t e s the all created things with God; not their moral life and modernize Christian groups. But these con- one thing to have private con- high quality of some of the per- overnight or without a strug- the machinery and discipline versations are held by private versations and something else sonnel of religious groups do- gle, but progressively, starting of the Church. His hope is that arrangement and are not offi- again to have official conversa- ing relief and assistance work with the smallest things. the Church renewed and rein- cial dialogues. These theolo- tions b e t w e e n the Catholic in Latin America and says: One has only to open that vigorated will be like a silent glans speak as private individ- Church and other churches-- "Since organizational help wonderful book, the Ritual, to invitation to separated Chris- uals, not as representatives of or the World Council. "There is in short supply, and since see that this is so. Nowhere can be no constructive relation- the emergency is great, it else does the Church manifest tians to seek for reunion with the Catholic Church. What I ship between churches unless would seem highly desirable more clearly her maternal it. am hoping for is that the Vati- can Council will lead to offi- they are willing to enter into to obtain the services of these love and concern for the pass- Yet all this seems very re- cial discussions between the dialogue with each other." people for the Alliance pro- ing companions of our earthly mote and vague and far away. Catholic Church, as a Church, Visser 't Hooft concluded his gram." journey. It implies t h a t the Catholic with other churches, views on the second Vatican And 1 a t e r he adds: "They The liturgy neglects nothing. Church will simply renew itself and then sit by and wait till In his Lenten pastoral, Car- Council by s a y i n g that the could serve, as no governmen- It blesses houses, bread, eggs, coming Council has a splendid tal agencies can serve, to ob- fruits. It thinks of fountains, ships, stables, fields, sick ani- Protestants and Orthodox join dinal Cushing said: "While we opportunity to speak the lang- tain the participation of the mals. It does not forget bees, the Catholic Church. I don't must be patient and not expect uage of d i alog u e. For all think Pope John has any such too much too soon, we must notion. If he had believed in also see to it that no labor of churches bearing the name of campesinos and urban workers wax, tools. It sanctifies water, ours is left undone which will Christ "must without minimiz, in the Alliance program." light, fire, incense. There is nothing more than a policy of Raushenbush recognizes t h e nothing it does not encounter watchful waiting, I don't be- help men f i n d the religious ing their differences, demon. strate for His sake and for the difficulty raised by the Church. with sympathy, e ven ender. lieve he would have called a unity in Christ for which He so sake of the world their true State issue. But he also believes ness. It is surprised at none of Council. fervently prayed." concern for each other and this difficulty can be sur- the most recent discoveries: Nor can we expect Protest- Can we leave this task of of- enter i n to a living dialogue mounted, machines, railways, aurorae. ants and Orthodox to make all ficial dialogue undone and jus- with each other about the truth One solution, he notes, has biles, airplanes, telegraph, seis. the overtures. We cannot ex- tify our omission on the ground and will of God." been worked out by the credit mograph and now television. It ' ( union movement in Peru. encompasses everything, itad. Though an American mission- wits everything for man's good ary priest, Father Daniel Mc- use and as related to his eter. #_.=.==== Lellan, M.M., has been elected nal destiny for which, as its head, this movement does stressed in the liturgy, these not make religion a criterion in mysterious elements serve as its activities. The Inter-Ameri- symbols. -- Cardinal Suhard; can Bank recently put its bless- Priests among Men. Calendar SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, COMPANIONS, M A R T Y R $, FIFTEENTH SUNDAY AFTER MASS; Hi sunt--These are they PENTECOST, MASS: Inclina, (Red). GI., 2nd Pr. of SS. Cyp- Domino--Bow down thy ear rian and 3ustina. (Green). GI., Cr., Prof. of Trim THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER What Did Marx Do? Mass for Parish. MIAN,27' aS. COSMAS AND DA-MA RTYR S, MASS: MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, Sapientiam -- Let the people COMMEMORATION OF OUR show forth (Red). GI. By REV. G. JOSEPH GUSTAFSON, S.S., Ph.D. LADY OF MERCY, MASS as on Sun. (Green). No GI., 2nd FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, Professor of Philosophy, St. Thomas Seminary, Kenmore Pr. of B.V.M., no Cr., Com. ST. WENCESLAUS, MARTYR, JUST what did Karl Marx do? Some- (Marx's phrase). No wonder the bellies of rail- Prof. Or MASS: Salve--Hail, MASS: In v i r t u t e -- In thy times we wonder--though we rea. lions rumble. Holy Mother (White). GI. strength (Red). Gl. Abstinence. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER lize that most people would call him Nor was Marx the father of modern Russia. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25. 29, D E D I C A T I O N OF ST. the founder of Communism; the father of mad- If anybody was, it was the brilliant pliable ge- FERIAL TUESDAY, MASS of M I C H A E L, ARCHANGEL, ern Russia, and the oppressive step-father of all nius Lenin, who in'marked contrast to old 15th Sun. after Pent. (Green). MASS: Benedicite Dominum-- the poor nations behind curtains: iron, bamboo, Karl's stubborn blindness, saw every political No Gl., no Cr., Cam, Pref. Bless the Lord (White). GI., or cane. and economic opportunity open to him, Wheth. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER Cr., Com. Pref. Mass for Par- He is hardly the founder of Communism. He er it was "Marxian" or not made not the 26, ST. ISAAC JOGUES AND ish. put together an unappetizing, noxious stew from slightest difference. Nor did he even heed tha ingredients supplied by half a dozen others, master's.dogmaticgrand assertion that Corn- .i,,z'.,.._ theorists who would h a v e abominated Marx; was not a capitalist country. crack-pot French dreamers, on the fringe of Incidentally, Lenin also ignored another Marx lunacy; radical followers of Hegel in 'Germany loose generalization, "I do not trust any Rus- bent on the destruction of Christianity and even alan." This is simply absurd but what shall we 907 Terry Avenue, Seattle (4) Telephone MAin 2.8880 of belief in God. Marx stirred it all violently, say of those who t r u s t every Russian auto- Second-Class Mail Privileges Authorized at Seattle, Wash. added the pepper and spice of indignation and tactically? egotism, and, to the wonder of the world, avoid. Perhaps one cannot rightly appraise Marx, an Published by the Northwest Progress Co. ed blowing up the kitchen. Far shrewder and historical accident. But why the problems with President, Most Reverend Thomas A. ConnoUy, D.D., 3.C.D. ly "ararian reformers." L abler disciples now pour this stuff down the gut- Khrushchev, or Tito, or Mao-Tse-Tsung or, to REV. JAMES H. GANDRAU--Editor In nsidering how Ameri- vironment."--Pius Xll. lets of the famous "prisoners of starvation" descend to the ridiculous, Castro? MARY BRESNAHAN--Associate Editor