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September 14, 1962     Catholic Northwest Progress
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September 14, 1962

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John Eckhart Concepts On The By JOHN J. ECKHART THE MYSTERY OF CHRISTIAN WOR- SHIP, and other writ- ings by ado Casel, O.S.B., Edited by Burk- hard Neunheuser, O.S. B., translated by I.T. Hale, The Newman Press, 209 pp. here is general agree- ment on the promi- nence assigned the Ger- man Benedictines in the stimu- lating renewal of liturgy and liturgical interest in the 20th Century. Among the Germa.! Bene- dictines the monastery of Maria Leach stands among the most important contributors to this renewal. Father ado Casel, O.S.B., was among the profound the- ologians at that monastery un- til his death while singing the Liturgy of Holy Saturday. He died at dawn, Easter Sunday, 1948. Whatever else he might have been he was a thinker of such proportions that academic, but in all lively, controversy still surrounds much of his writing. Part First of this book is "The Chr'stian Mystery." Herein, Father Casel ex- poses his thesis concerning the use of the word "mystery," in its partieu!ar context of pagan juxtaposed on these ancient notions of mystery, and for my p a r t he writes convincingly enough. He traces the Greek mys- teries and the Roman oath (sacramentum) as things nat- ural to man and fulfilled in the mystery of Christ and His Mys- tical Body, the Church and community of Christ. While developing this argu- mentive thesis, Father Casel made some perspicacious obser- vations touching the objective membership in Christ's body that is the Christian layman. The layman, wrote ado Casel over 20 years ago, "is a neces- sary and real sharer in the liturgucal fellowship.'" Father Casel also wrote Liturgy are a miscellany of Odo Casel's writings w h i c h ate grouped under the headings, "The Meaning of the Mystery," and "The Church's Common Life in Mystery." Both groups of writings reflect further thought on his original premises out- lined in the first section. The book is not for all Cath- olic readers as all readers are not equally interested in or in- fluenced by some of the depth theology of the liturgy or the more subtle nuances of the lit- urgic.l practices. However, for those who wish tf further pursue some highly thought provoking concepts of liturgy we could do no better than hope that they would read this triumph of scholarship. It is at once ." paen to the liturgy as well as a nice com- bination of theory and the em- piricism of his year in the liturgy. strongly in favor of the use of Latin during the Liturg,- of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. But in this, as in all of his preoc- cupations with the liturgy, he was moved primarily by'his Legion Of great love for, and understand- ing of, the liturgy. While we may, if we have Decency the scholarship and understand- ing, wb'ch I do not, debate the Listed here are ratings of the conclusions of the author re- latest films received by the Na- garding the Church and his tional Legion of Decency. consideration of "mystery," we must admit that he was first First-Run Movies a priest who moved in his life within the loving embrace of Showing in Seattle the liturgical year and the lit- A-l--Music Man. urgical day. A-2----Bird Man of Alcatraz. While we may envision bring- antiquity, and more than this, ing the altar to the middle of the word as it affects the na- the church as a levelling in- ture of man wLen man faces the unknown or unknowable. Man has shrouded the face of his unknowable with the veil of "mystery," and such was the essential note of the Greek mysteries. He next places Christianity Feature Films Bellingham KVOS-TV Channel 12 A-3--Adventures of a Young Man. fluence with loss of the idea B--Two Weeks In Another of sanctuary and a possible Town. 8] { / democratic heresy, he was written in a hand of humility that is sometimes hidden be- neath the mighty genius of contemporary litugists. The last parts of the book i On Television KING-TV (NBC) Channel 5 KIR0-TV (CBS) Channel 7 Tacoma KTNT-TV (CBS) Channel 11 KTVW-TV Channel 13 Seattle KOMO-TV (ABC) Channel 4 MOTION PICTURE CLASSIFICATION BY NATIONAL LEGION OF DECENCY: A-l--Morally Unobjectionable for General Patronage; A-II--Morally Unobjectionable for Adults and Adolescents; A-III--Morally Unobjectionable for Adults; B--Morally Objectionable in Part for All; C--Condemned; SC--. ........ te Classification; NR--No Rating Available. (Note; The ratings listed below were those given the original movies. Most films before bein shown on tele. vision are edited to conform to the television code and to the individual station's time schedule. For this reason, objectionable parts contained in the original plot may be deleted in the television version and thus the original Legion rating may not be entirely correct.) SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 2:00 p.m.KOSIO-TV--Adventures in Stlverado A-I 2:30 p.m.--KING.TV--Barbary Coast Gent .. B 4:00 p.m.--KTVW-TV--Desert Passage A-II 4:00 p.m.--KTN'l'.TV--E,n,lbers' Moon ., A-I 5:30 p.m.--KTVW-TV-Behind the Rising Sun B 8:00 p.m.KTVW-TV---1, hng and Claw .. A-I 9:00 p.m.KINK-TV--Dlplomatie Courier A-II 10:80 p.m.--KTNT-TV--Mr. Moro's Last Warning .. A-I 11:00 p.m.--KIRO-TV--Beau Geste A-I 11:00 p.m.--KVOS-TV--Drums Along the Mohawk .. A-I 11:15 p.m.--KOMO-TV--All The Brothers Were Valiant A-II SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 U:30 a.m.--KOblO-TV--In Society A=I 11:80 a.m.--KIRO-TV--The Paris Express .. NR 11:30 p.m.KVOS-TV--Dancing Years .. NR 2:00 p.m,KING-TV--Wlthout Love B 4:00 p.m.KOMO-TV--Gentleman From Nowhere .. A-II 4:00 p.m.--KTNT-TV--I Wonder Who's Kissing ller Now A-I 4:30 p.m.KTVW-TV--An0ther Face A-II 6:00 p.m.--KVO-TV-Tarzan and the Leopard Woman A-II 7:3:) p m.--KTNT-'rvSphia . NR :8:00 p.m.--KTVW-TV--'Uind Alibi A-I ;;ot) l).m.--KOMO-'rV--Pride and the Passion B 9:30 p.m.--KTNT.TV--Cadet Girl A-II 11:15 p.m.--KOMO-TV--Shady Lady A-II 11:85 p.m.--KING-TV--We Go to College NR MONDAY, SEPTFMIIER 17 9:30 a.m.--KOMO-TV--Two Blondes and a Redhead B 10:00 a.m.--KTVW-TV--Rif f -Raf f ....... A-II 1:30 p.m.--KTV -TV--Road block ...... A-II 2:30 p.m.--KTNT-TV--Clty Girl ........ A-II 3:30 p.m.KING-TV--Jtva ro ........ A-II 5:30 p.m.--KVOS-TV--The Deorslayer ....... A-I 0:00 p.m.--ICTVW-TV--lhfll(hty Affair ..... A-I r 10:00 p.m.---KTV*A-'rV--Am,z'ng Mr. Williams .. A-II 10:30 p.r,.--K'rNT-TV--Dantc's Inferno ........ NR 11:00 p.m.--ltVOS-TV--Go into Your Dance NR 11:30 p.m.--KOMO-TV--Woman in the Dark A-II "rlq,;SDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 9:30 a,m.--KOMO-'t'V---Fst Man Wins B r 0:00 aJn.--KT,W-T--T'e Seventh Victim B l3q p,m--KTVW-TV--t{olid:.V Affair A-I :,'::'0 ,.m.--K'VNT-TV--lIavana V',l*ws NR 3:"0 p.-,.--,:,  ?': -'rV --Peothou 'e ..... NR 5:0 O.'-.--,:vr" .':'V--AdventuLe m Balllmore A-I ti:qq ,..,.-.-'"v'.'/-'rV--Narrow Margin .. A-II 10:00 :,''.- " ,'W-TV--Baek f,, Bataan .. A-II 10:"0 n.,,.--KTNT-TV--IAfe P"ins at 8:0 A-II t,:c' ',.',,.--KVO-TV--Tom. l)i,.'.:, and Harry .. A-II rt I I:0 p..--KOMO-TV--Devil's : 'ask A-II VEDNE,,DAY. ,*'I':PTEMBER 19 .q:a p.m.--KOMO-TV--Sin Town . ...... B 10:00 a.m.--KTVW-TV--The Nitwits NR 1:30 p.m.--KTVW-TV--Mex!can Spilftre Our'West .. NR 2:30 p.m.--KTNT-TV--DevII's Car'n ...... A-II 3:30 p.m.--KING-TV--Harrigan's Kid ..... A-I 5:30 pm. KVOS-TV--RalderS of the Seven Seas A-I 6:00 p.m.KTVW-TV--Around the World .... A-I 10:00 p.m.KTVW-TV--Gay Divorcee ...... NR 10:30 p.m.KTNT-TV--Hi, Nellie ....... NR 11:00. p.m.KVOS-TV--Flame of New Orleans . . A-II 11:30 p.m.--KOMO-TV--Cover Girl .... A-II THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 9:30 a.m.--KOMO-TV--As Good As Married A-II 10:00 a.m.--KTVlV-TV--Around the World .., A-I 1:80 p.m.--KTVW-TV--Flying Irishman .. A-I 2:30 p.m.--KTNT-T---The Crooner ....... NR 3:80 p.m.--KING-TV--Dancing Lady ....... NR r 5:30 p.m.--KVOS-T--Quicksand ....... B 6:00 p.m.--KTVW-TV--Days of Glory ...... A-II 10:00 p.m.--KTVW-TV--Nevada ..... A-I 10:30 p.m.--KTNT-TV--Guild Is Mv Shadow .. A-II II:00 p.m.--KVOS-TV--Mv Reputation ..... A-II 11:30 p.m.--KOMO-TV--The Big Lift ....... A-II 11:30 p.m.--KIRO-TV FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2t 9:30 a.m.--KOMO-TV--The Untamed Breed .... A-II 10:00 a.m.--KTVW-TV--Falcon and the" Co-eds .. A-II 1:30 p.m.--WrVW-TV--Nevada ...... A-I 2::-0 D.rn.--K'rNT-TV--The Escape .... A-II 3:30 p.m.--HING-TV--Cry 'ttavoc' ..... A-II 3:0 p.m.--KVO-TV--Santa Fe .......... A-I r 6:0'} p.m.--KTV,-TV---Affair with a Stranger A-II 0.e0 n.m.--KTVW-TV--BehInd Prison Gates .... A-II t0:?0 p.m.--KTNT-TV--MY Dear Secretary .... B r r ! 1:00 p.m.--K OS-T --Winter Meeting . A-II 11:30 p.m.--KOMO-TV--VIva Zapata ....... A-II This Review Is Sponsored by Catholic Gifts & Church Goods, Inc. Rel,qiou, eJoodl for the home, church cad school, A pleasant shoppinq atmosphere with select vrl- ely of ruliqious qitts. 607 Union St., Seattle I MUtual 2-3929 Condemned--The Third Sex. Other Movies Currently Showing A-I -- Boo Voyage, T h r e e Stooges In Orbit, El Cid, Ha- tart, The Trapp Family, Tea- house of the August Moon, Road to Hung Kong. A-2--Seven Men From Now. A-3--West Side Story, Boys Night Out, Ride the High Coun- try, Children's Hour, Sweet Bird of Youth, Portrait In Black, I Like Money, Exodus, View From the Bridge. B--House of Women, Let's Make Love, Bus Stop. Condemned--Savage Eye. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 8"30 a.m., Look Up and Live, KIRO-TV, Channel 7. "A Plan for Unity," a film about the 0rgar,'.=ation for the Southwest Community in Chi- cago will be seen. The 0SC was formed to help meet the problems caused by the chang- ing racial characteristics in the southwest side of Chicago. Lo- cal Catholic and Protestant clergymen were among its founders. 9:15 a.m., Sacred Heart Pro- gram, KIXO-TV, Channel 7. "Sources of Faith" is the topic. The Rev. Joseph Chris- tie, S.J., of the London Prov- ince of the Society of Jesus, is the speaker. 6:00 p.m., Challenge, KOMO. "IN, Channel 4. "The Supreme Court Deci- sion on Prayer" will be today's topic. Pandists are Rabbi Ra- phael Levine, Dr. Lynn Carson and Rev. Wi:liam Treacy. 7:15 p.m. Sacred Heart Pro- gram, KTVW-TV, Channel 13. The Rev. John I. Hochban, S.J., dean of the Jesuit Theo- logical Seminary, Toronto, Can- ada, discusses our conception of heaven on today's program, the last of a set:es on the sub- ject "Remember Th,, Last End." 7:30 a.m., The Catholic Hour, KING-Radio. 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Exposition Press, 386 Park Av, S., N.Y. 16 to____d Lov( You Fr;dey, Sap. 14, 1982 THE PROGRE55--5 Best Stock On Market FAMILY CLINIC'. ,, .o..v,,,., Restating Views THE GREATEST miracles of grace are His Blessed Mother, my husband found /seen in mission lands. Take the case work after months of unemployment. This i.,,__ ',,.1 1"__ of abishop in South Vietnam: small offering is in thanksgiving for,, this un oteaoy 00JarIng Eighty per cent of the 19,117 people con- blessing.".., toF. V. for $78.05. This donation is penance for not keeping on By Father John k. Thomas, S.J. firmed by this bishop in two of his dioceses were converts. Not counting short speeches on special occasions, he preached 62 times! In one small mission post, there were 50 people taking instructions in 1957; this year there were 7,000 converts. Six years ago in one parish there were 500 Catholics; today there are 3,500. In a coal-mining town there were 100 Catho- lics four years ago; today there are 4,000. 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With your request and a corresponding offering you may order a God Love You medal in any one of the following styles: $2 small sterling silver, $3 small 10k gold filled, $5 large sterling silver, $10 large 10k gold filled. Cut out this column, pin ynur sacrifice to it and mail it to Most Rev. Fulton J. Sheen, National Director of the Society for the Propa- gation of the Faith. 36 5th Avenue, New York 1, N.Y., or your Archdiocesan Director, Roy. Stephen Szeman, 907 Terry Avenue, Seattle 4. DEADLINES: 2 And 2 Equals 5, Maybe 3 (Continued from Page 1) have had something to do with to the American Congress are come up with anything ap- proaching this feat. President Kennedy said this week that "we have a long way to go" before we catch up with the Russians in space and "I don't think we can ex- aggerate the great advantage which the Soviet Union secured in the 50's by their being first in space." Item: Secretary of State Rusk served notice cn Khrushchev that the U. S. would not be in- timidated by his threat of a nuclear war over Cuba. Berlin, but this week that seems quite clear. The connec- tion was obvious in a lengthy note Khrushchev distributed through the Soviet pres agency Tass, Tuesday, warning that any attack on Cuba or on Soviet ships headed for Cuba would mean a nuclear rocket war. That did not seem to be the main point of the message, however, even though it was another propaganda bit in- tended for world consump- tion. The main point was due in November. Well, the Soviet Government is prepar- ed to reckon with this." That is to say it will wait until after the elections to press for agreement on Berlin. These statements give pause for thought. The Administra- tion charitably interprets them as meaning that Khrushchev is using the U.S. elections as an excuse further to postpone ex- ecution of his long-time threat to make a separate treaty with East Germany. Could he possibly have iusin- Profouor of SKiology at St. Louis University Will you restate your views on steady dating and settle an argument for us? My sister's 15-year-old daugh' ter is allowed to go steady (three or four times a week) with a 17-year.old high school junior. When I suggested this wasn't right, my sister quoted you as saying that some types of steady dating were all right, as long as the couple were properly supervised and knew how to behave. I feel there's more to the problem than that, especially when the couple are so young. ERE we go on steady dating again. Steady dating was the subject of one of the first articles I wrote for this column back in 1957 and I have discussed different aspects of the problem at various times after that, but apparently I have not succeeded in making myposition entirely clear. So let's tackle it again. Some of the difficulties related to clear thinking about steady dating stem from its definition--the term is no univecal but is frequently loosely used to designate several different patterns of dating conduct. When discussing steady dating I have tried to identify these various patterns as they Cur. rently exist and to lay down the relevant moral principles that apply to them. At the same time, in dealing with the dif- ferent solutions to the "problem" that are pres- ently proposed, I have constantly insisted that inasmuch as a solution can prove effective only FR. THOMAS to the extent that it comes to grips with the real sources of a problem is the widespread parental promotion or toleration of early and frequent dating, together with the main- tenance of a social system that provides youth with few oppor- ttmities for sharing the social life of their age-groups except o1 the basis of couples. I maintain that as long as these conditions continue unmodi, fled, steady dating will be prevalent, and it is Frobably this man nor of defining and stating the problem that has caused your sister some confusion. Definition Of Terms ET US begin by defining some terms. At one time "goin steady" or "steady dating" was confined to the courtship period. This exclusive, intimate association of a couple mature enough to think seriously about marriage still constitutes one form of steady dating. As dating for "fun" began to become acceptabl after World War I, the term, steady dating, was used to designate a some- what temporary though convenient agreement between a given couple that they could rely on each other for dates when tha situation called for this type of participation. In other words, it was taken for granted by themselves and. others that they would go out together if they were to attend couple-centered affairs. According to a current fad among teen-agars, "steady dating',,, Secretary of D e f e n s e Mc- Namara bravely declared that the U.S. has the military capa- city to meet any emergency that might arise. Rusk conferred unofficial- ly with members of the O.A. S. and concluded that the U. S. could expect little support from that quarter and implied that we should not go it alone. Apparently it didn't occur to him that the U.S. might show some leadership. Item: After proclaiming that peace had been established in Laos with setting up a "neu- tral" government there, the U. S. has pulled our Marines from the Laotian border and our military advisers are departing. There is no indication that the Communists are pulling out their foreign troops from North Vietnam and Red China, and the Soviets are still air-lifting undisclosed cargoes into Laos and to the Pathet Lao. Item: We have outstripped the Soviet Union in natural re- sources energy development by something like four to one, yet Interior Secretary Udall went to Sovietland " to study" their power installations and to ac- cept Khrushchev's challenge to an "energy race." Did he mean Soviet style? There are many more similar items, but one should taper off on a happy note. Our busy legislators in Wash- ington found time this week to pass a resolution declaring it the sense of Congress that bourbon, whisky that is, should be regarded a distinctive pro- duct of the U.S. After all, bourbon whisky was named for Bourbon County, Kentucky, where the corn pro- duct first originated. And certainly there is at least something we Ameri- cans should stand up to de- fend. Berlin Bid It wasn't too evident at first that the Soviet encroachment on Cuba at this time might I Readers Write Editor, The Progress: The coverage of the Litur- gical Conference was a remark- able feat of journalism. The issues before, during and after the sessions proved inval- uable to both those of us who attended and those who were not so privileged. Congratulations to you and to your capable and hard-working associates. MOTHER MARY MARK, S.N.J.M. Provincial Superior Convent of the Holy Names Marylhurst, Ore. Berlin. Nothing in the document war- ranted any alarm over war. Despite the usual pitch about Soviet rocket and armed super- iority and ranting against the U.S., the tone was quite mild. Khrushchev pleaded with the U.S. to reestablish diplomatic and trade relations with Castro, just as though nothing had hap- pened, and then hypocritically he added: "We are stretching out a hand of friendship to the people and Government of the United States. We would like to pool our efforts with the Government of the United States and other countries to solve all ripe international problems, to safeguard peace on earth. "To do so one must agree, above all, on the first step which might be a solution of the problem of ending nu- clear tests. We are ready to reach agreement on general and compLte disarmament u n d e r s t r i c t international control." Now that seems to be news, excepting t h a t Khrushchev means all this should be done on strictly Soviet terms. And he may very well believe that this will be done shortly. Talks Elections The concluding paragraphs, in addition to the allusion to Berlin, c on t ain references which require close attention. "The Soviet Government expresses the hope that the Government of the United States will at last draw sober conclusions concerning t h e need for a peace treaty with Germany. There have been many negotiations on this question, but no progress has thus far been made." uated that he expects the re- sults of the fall elections would enhance the probability of the U.S. accepting the Soviet plan to settle the German question? Calendar SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, FOURTEENTH SUNDAY AF- TER PENTECOST, MASS: Protector noster -- Our pro- tector (Green). Gl.; Cr., Pref. of Trim Mass for Parish. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, COMMEMORATION OF THE IMPRESSION OF THE STIG- MATA OF ST. FRANCIS, MASS as on Sun. (Green). No. GI., 2nd Pr. of St. Francis, no Cr., Com. Pref. Or MASS: Mihi Autem -- But God forbid (White). Gl. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, ST. JOSEPH CUPERTINO, CONFESSOR, HASS: Dilecti Dei--The love of God (White). Gi. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 EMBER WEDNESDAY OF A U T U M N, MASS: Exultate Duo -- Rejoice (Violet). Extra Pr. after Kyrle, ;_o Gl., 2nd Pr. of St. Januarius and Camp. Fast and Partial Abstinence. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 COMMEMORATION OF SS. EUSTACE AND COMPAN- IONS, MASS as on Sun. (Green). No GI., and 2nd Pr. of SS. Eustace and Camp. no Cr., Com. Prc'. Or MASS: Sapientiam -- Let the people (Red). GI. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, ST. MATTHEW, A P O S T L E AND EVANGELIST -- EMBER FRIDAY OF AUTUMN, MASS: Os Justi--The mouth of the just (Red). GI., 2nd Pre. of Ember Fri., Cr., Pref. of Apostles. Mass for Parish. Fast and Abstinence. has come to mean more than "going ste ' ." For them it seen to designate the exclusive, affectionate, intimate association  a couple on all social occasions, thus differing neither in pray-: tices or privileges from steady dating among engaged couples. The recent question of a puzzled 16-year-old illustrates new form clearly. She stated that for the past three months abel has been going out with a young man three or four times a weak/ and since he now wanted her to go steady, she was wondering whether I thought she should! Although most young people are often not clear in their own minds concerning what they mean by steady dating, it is the pattern similar to the last type I have described thnt has justly  aroused the concern and criticism of all responsible people. ii: Such couples are not ready for marriage in our society, yet they insist on establishing an association that ignores both ta'aei fact that they are sexually mature, since they have aiready experienced puberty; and their need to apply their major in- terest, time, and energy to the serious study and training requiredi to prepare them for adequate participation in contemporary adult" society. Frank Statement To All S A matter of fact, some of these girls--and their mothers-- are apparently so short-sighted and implicitly biologicall motivated that they make every effort to capture a mate lon before there can be any reasonable expectation of starting & family. There is need to speak frankly here. Modern Christian mothers--and their daughters--have serf- . ous need to analyze their real motives in this regard. Many-., and these are hard words but substantiated by factual evi' deuce--are willing to :ignore the moral laws relating to in order to secure a mate. I recognize the indignant, horrified disclaimers this statom'l will arouse. Mothers will claim that they only want their ehildreli7 to be popular and to enjoy themselves.  Does this explain the current eager promotion or thoughtless.  toleration of early, frequent, unsupervised cross-sex associafions The widespread rise of feminine social and sexual aggressivenestt from grade school on? The marked rise of pregnant brides illegitimacy? The startled look on the faces of high school girl when informed that a boy is not only not obliged to marry them but should be dissuaded from doing so should pregnancy resul t from their irrational association? I hope I have made my position clear this time. I quite:' agree that the situation your sister is permitting is wrong and. reprehensible. However, since she allowed her daughter to data? three or four times a week, I don't think that anything you or- I can say will prove of much avail. What the Dictator seems to SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER !! be telling the world is that the U.S. is to blame for the failure of the negotiations; and second- ly, he has issued a veiled threat that the situation in Cuba has been designed to per- suade the U.S. to "draw sober conclusions" and capitulate in Berlin. He continued: "It is said that it is diffi- cult for the United States to RELIABLE negotiate on the German peace treaty now as elections o..o. i WATCH / '""""" ' A'L'U'M'I'N'U'M I 2730 - Zst AV ze. $OUYH) i : ,, Manufacturers of Le Us Gve You i QUIK-FIT Frame Bar Windows, OFFICE FURNITURE [ Master Watchmaker A FREE Esfimae; Windows for all Cypes of Con'! I|| Semecn Street MAim :1-1440 I 512 Broadway IL It Will Pay You! struction. Alsynite, Mirrors, Com. I[A, 4-4410 MAin -])UIU GEORGE GAGNER & SONS 6-74 L TRICK & MURRAY j ......... S*orm a s:,oo. D**.,