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September 14, 1962     Catholic Northwest Progress
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September 14, 1962

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#--THE PROORESS i Friday, Sepf. 14, 1962 Signs Of Life here have only been 20 ecumenical councils in 20 centuries of Christi- anity. The second Vatican Council which will open October 11, 1962, will be ecu- menical council number 21. The non- Communist world turns its eyes hope- fully to Rome praying that out of this sacred conclave will come a clear answer tothe Red menace which threatens Chris- tian survival in Century 21. It is no secret that atheistic Cam, munism with its false social doctrine of material utopia has fascinated the minds and imaginations of mentall), and physi- cally starving human beings all over the world. It is likewise no secret that neither the United States nor any other nation has found an effective means to turn the tide of Red aggression. Christianity alone holds the ulti- .mate answer to materialistic atheism. fit is only to a race of men on fire with the knowledge and love of God and in love with their neighbor because he bears the image of God that we can look for Truth and Love and Social ustice to triumph in a fallen world. ]S: Communism boasts that Christianity been given a chance these past 2,000 mrs and has failed. It must be with ea t uneasiness that Khrushchev and his n&men look to the gates of St. Peter's tese days. Behind the doors of the Vafi- ca0is supposedly buried the dead life- i6Ss body of Christianity. But, alas, move- ment and signs of vigorous life are ap- pearing. The Church which to some may h-ave appeared slumbering is certainly not dead. For she is about to hold the most significant ecumenical council in her 000-year history. As successors of the Apostles begin to pour into Rome this week, the world will see that they are not returning to grave  they are rather returning home to regain strength and courage from its divinely appointed source. More than one sentry sent by Khrushchev to guard the grave of Jesus lest Christians continue to dupe the world into believing "pie in the sky," will fall trembling to their knees as they watch a "dead Christianity" come to life before their very eyes. We have every confidence that this coun- cil shall turn the tide of atheistic Com- munism once and for all. In the words of Chesterton: "Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and for the most part left untried." Under the leadership of Pope John XXIII, the world will once again be in- spired to try Christianity no matter what the cost. And once men begin to live Christianity, not just talk about it, then it will be Communism that will be found so terribly cheap, so frightfully wanting. Pope John himself has stated in a motu proprio, Appropinquante Con- cilia, issued September 7 that "The ap- proaching ecumenical council, by virtue of the number of those who will par- licipate in its meetings, evidently will be the greatest of the councils held by the Church thus far." Men and women living in this cen- tury are offered a once-in-a-lifetime op- portunity to witness the, marvelous man- ner in which the successors of the Apos- tles guided by the Holy Spirit ,preserve, define and clarify those sacred teach- ings given the world by Christ 2,000 years ago. The Progress will be giving its columns over to maximum coverage of this most important event in the issues that follow. We encourage our readers to keep informed of the Council's action ),i homage at Christian dogma's dead week by week . Holds Promise ,= A top Catholic Charities official has said the new public welfare amendments hold prom- ise for aid recipients, but he rtgretS the legislation does not lS'ovide for full use of volun- tary agencies. Msgr. Raymond 3". Gallagh- or, secretary of the National 0nference of Catholic Chari- ts, praised Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy of Minnesota for an amendment which permits all cild-care institutions to take in a Federal aid program for neglected children. fMsgr. Gallagher, whose con- fence coordinates activities of some 375 offices of Catholic Charities throughout the nation, was asked for comment after Pvsident Kennedy signed July 25 the public welfare amend- taunts, a $325.8 million pro- g It!in which revises many areas Fthe Federal government's sprawling welfare effort. The largest of the programs [feeted by the legislation are t Federal aid-to-dependent children (ADC) and old age as- sistance. Other areas include aid to the blind, aid to disabled persons and a new child-care day center program. "The amendments h o I d considerable promise of re- habilitation for relief recip- ients and for disorganized families on aid-to-dependent children programs/' s a id Msgr. Gallagher. The ADC program includes making Federal payments to children whose parents are un- employed, as well as to those whose parents are dead, dis- abled or absent. Msgr. Gallaghei" said that "the dearth of trained person- nel on public welfare staffs will make realization of the noble goals in the ADC program a difficult task." "We regret that the bill in its final form did not provide for maximum use of the -staffs and facilities of exist- ing voluntary agencies in meeting,the needs of these people," be said. "It is felt that such Con- - gressionul endorsement of the role of voluntary agenc- ies and institution would have helped to maintain the desirable partnership between public and voluntary pro- grams. "In view of the increased promise of help in this bill, we believe that all forms of wel- fare service should have been encouraged and supported in their effort to serve." Msgr. Gallagher said that Sen. McCarthy's amendment "reaffirms the fact that in- stitutions of charity offer an es- sential service to our nation." McCarthy sponsored in the Senate floor, it provided that Federal funds could come into play only if a court assigns a' neglected child to a foster- family. If sent to an institution, Federal funds would have been denied. In the final version of the bill, adopted by a Senate- House conference, the Mc- Carthy amendment was limit- ed to two years' duration. Russia's 'New Ethics;' 6'EN E W E D "Berlin l crises" are logical ac- companiments to the lat- est Moscow-Peking offensive. It;idirected against the Eu- Community and its Common Market. The six na- tions of con- tinental Eu- rope that form that commun- ity have ac- complished wonders. The Kremlin has to admit that. By ,BUDEN'Z working to- prSsperity gerber, their is a threat to "prog- ress and socialism." The mgni- .g ficnce of the attack upon that- is signalized by its al- mqt simultaneous appearance in the  July World Marxist Re- and the Peking Review 0000gust 10. The comrades of the world @ere thus being prepared for e great Krushchev address in os.ow of August 25. Then he 1nfolded his plans to disinte- ]rate the economies of the' est by seeking in effect to j[let the same favored nation eatment in trade for Soviet ussia from the United States we now think of giving Red Poland and Red Yugoslavia. Staunch Foes h been openly admitted the Kremlin for some time /at 'the most astute and 'unch foes that it has are ancellor Adenauer and Pres- ent de Gaulle of France. If  could detach the United tates from these shrewd al- ls,qt feels that it could easily fluenee American opinion in own way. It is not surpris- /tg "then that the World Marx- "pt- Review states: " the alliance of the clerical- /ilit:ary dictatorship of Aden- | By Louis F. Budenz auer with the authoritarian re- gime of General de Gaulle has become the backbone of the Common Market. Nee-Fascist organizations are raising their heads and rallying under the 'Europn' banner." It is also not unexpected that the Peking Review should assert that "U. S. supremacy in the capitalist world is going downhill," be- fore the growing power of the West European countries. Both of these allegations are intended, when smuggled out into our general press, to make us inclined to draw back from alllance with West Germany and France The strategy laid down by Khrushchevin the World Marx- ist Review is precisely along these lin. The first ttfing that the Krem!in and its followers are to do is to "intensify the contractiolas" among the West- ern powers. That is, they are to incite British and American opinion against Adenaner and de Gaulle. The next step is to bring about "greater economm co- operation between the social- ist world and the newly emerg- ing countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America." This makes it clear that the more aid we give in funds or trade to Red Poland and Red Yugo- slavia, the more are we un- wit.;ngly giving the Kremlin a means to extend f,mds and trade m the countrie they Wish to lake away from us. The third and perhaps big- gest proposal that the Com- munists are asked to push is that made on May 30 by Krush- chev. It calls for an interna- tional conference on trade under United Nations auspices. This would form-an "inter- national trade organization" which would fully wipe out the trade advantages of the United States and the Common Market by bringing in the Soviet bloc on favorable terms. Review Confident If these things are done, the World Marxist Review con- fidently predicts: "socialism marches ahead confidently, capitalism cannot escape de- feat." There will be plenty of people in America who are not Communists t h a t w i I 1 look kindly on Khrushchev's pro- posal for "peaceful extension of trade" with the Soviet bloc. There are tens of thousands of such people who have read Un- gardedly the No, 148 issue for 1962 of Soviet Union. the maga- zine of the Life- Look- Paris Match variety which comes here in English. translation. That issue expends many pages on depicting the glories of the Lenin Library of Mos- cow, with its 22 million books in 173 languages. Many un- thinking people will consider this great display of literature proof that Soviet Russia can- not be guilty of the callous barbarism at the Berlin wall. They will forget that the Ger- man people out of which Hitler- ism arose were the most liter- ate on the face of ,the globe. Soviet authorities catch this idea, toe, for in the same issue of Soviet Union they have a finely presented arti- cle on the "New Moral "Cede" in Soviet Russia. It is sup- posed to be brought about by the "new ethics" which are created by socialism, "when the people did away with the exploitation of man by man." This might sound very fine were it not that three times during the past year Soviet Russia has been compelled to extend the crimes under which the death penalty is imposed. The same critical judgment which sees through these de- vices can be marshaled to halt Klarushchev's drive to weaker our economic structure. 7 Cuban Heel Educators Issue Report On Dangers Of Communism , By J. J. Gilbert made in the report are these: . . Lovers of freedom must WASHINGTON, July resist the imposition by force ........:::%:.:..:,.:, l lA new and forceful or subversion of any set of -.- .,... ..... ....... "":' , :.- .:"".' statement of the danger do g m as -- any compulsory creed. ..-:. .... :.,..: ...... that Communism i to . . . The answer to the pres- - :." the world is part of a re- ent challenge is neither fear- port which has become avail, ful retreat nor a demand for able here. total victory, but responsible and courageous leadership in "The gravest threat to free- the worldwide unending effort dam is the ruthless Communist to achieve liberty and dignity effort to impose a blueprint for all mankind. for the future upon a world . . . The entire curriculum which is in widespread revolt from kindergarten through against the past," the report high school should be re- says in recognizing what it designed in terms of the needs calls a "worldwide challenge." and goals of a free nation and "The fearsome novelty in an interdependent world. the present challenge," the . . . The National Defense statement continues, "is the Act should be amended to attempt of the Communist strengthen teacher prepara- movement to be the sole or- tion in the social sciences and ticulator and guide for world- the humanities. wide change, and to impose ... The selection of class- ideological unity by means of room and library materials mBitary and economic power must remain the responsibility and by the innumerable tech- of school authorities, even in niqaes of subversion, times of public excitement. 'Our times would be diffi- . . . Textbook companies cult without this threat; and agencies responsible for with it they are perilous, instructional materials should The ability of the Commun. be encouraged to upgrade ists to identify themselves and update all teaching ran- with the aspirations of un- terials used for education in happy peoples has been dem- American ideals and inter- cnstrated more than once." national understanding. "the report, entitled "Edu- . . . A task force of distin- cation for Freedom and World guished jurists, historians, ed. Understanding," summarmes ucators and other civic leaders the deliberations of 140 U.S. should be established to study educators who met here in and report on the proper role March in a Conference on the of the Federal Government in Ideals of American Freedom educational affairs today. and the International Dimcn- The last statement is am. sions Gf Education. It bas been plified in this way: "How can made public by the U. S. Of- the Federal Government, with- rice of Education, which in- in the framework of law and vited the educators to meet tradition, improve the educe- here at their own expense, tional machinery needed to Council of Churches Eager Nofing that the Communists' strengthen freedom at home conviction that "the course of and abroad? Should it have history must conform to their (a) a leadership role in stim- blueprint is a special sort of ulating educational improve- By REV. JOHN B. SHEERIN, C.S.P. danger," the educators say: ment, (b) a juridicial role in I am writing f r o m Orthodox delegation. Rumors went up higher than in the vat. "We do not believe that the protecting academic freedom "University City" in Par- circulated to the effect that ing on any other topic, future is destined to be either and equality of educational op- Archbishop Nikodim, leader of Some sections of the press totalitarian or free. The des- portunity, or (c) a support is where I am attending that delegation, would oppose seem to have given the im- tiny of mankind will be con- role in financing special pro- the Central committee meet- the sending of observers, pression that the World Council trolled, not by those who pre- grams of national concern or ing of the World Council of There was then a feeling of Churches sends observers to tend to read the laws of his- supplementing the resources Churches. The of anxiety and supense just the Vatican Council reluctantly, tory, but by those who are of the States? R e v. Jerome before the vote Aug. 13. Dr. This derives from the fact willing to use their intelligence "Upon the answers to H a m mar, O. Franklin Fray, chairman of that the text of the resolution and experience to work out a these and other questions the P., a noted the Central committee, final- says that the World Council balanced reconciliation of the development of much of. this e e u m e nist ly brought the matter to a observers "will have no auth- manifold interests of men as country's educational future from France, vote. He first read the text ority to speak officially for individuals and as groups, depends. It is essentlaI that and I have of the proposal, the W.C.C. or its member "We have faith that free- the answers he sought out- been designat- Then the Greek theologian, churches nor to engage in dam will prevail, but we side the arena of partisan ed by the Sac- Hamilcar Alivasatos of Athens, any negotiations on their be- must give meaning and sub- and vested interests." r e t a r i a t for suggested that the text of the half." stance to our faith by eeur- The r e p o r t is available But this does not indicate ageously dedicating our best through the Superintendent of Promoting proposal should include men- any reluctance on the part of effort to the cause of free- Documents, U. S. Government Christian Un- tion of the fact that this was dam." Printing Office, Washington ity as the of- the first time that the Roman the World Council. It simply fical Catholic FR. SHEERIN Catholic Church and the World indicates that the World Coun- Some of the observations 25, D.C. observers. Council had entered into of- oil is not a religious denomina- tion but a "fortim wherein de- The most newsworthy topic ficial relations, nominations can work for and loem"-a-" Ut'-'" l-" l'%tr'ot discussed during the two week The situation became highly discuss unity. A World Council meeting has been the question dramatic, however, when Arch- observer t h e r e f o r e cannot of sending World Council del- bishop Nikodim arose. The speak officially for or riegotiate agates to the Vatican Council: , leader of the Russian Ortho- on behalf of the 197 denomina- oo,.or00aoooo Unnoticed Some time ago Rome invited dox delegation is only 35 tions in the Council. the World Council to send oh- years old but extraordinarily servers and the Central cam- astute. He approached the WORD has reached us techniques was acquired first. mittee has been trying to microphone, paused far awhile Areas In Need decide whether or not to ac- as many of us took a deep History shows with everin- that Matt Cvetic, hand. Mr. Cvefic was one of 12 cept the invitation, breath, and then delivered a creasing clarity that it is not former FBI counterspy children. His father and mother THE VOTE BY the Central brief message: "I consider only the relations between and n o t e d anti-Corn- came to the United Statez from committee took place Aug. 13 the question of sending World workers and managers that but there had been a certain Council observers well present- need to be re-established on the munist author and lec- Austria in the late 1800s. For Security reasons, he was not tension in the atmosphere in ed in this resolution. I there- basis of justice and equity, but turer, collapsed and died sud permitted to tell his family or the days preceding the vote. fore suggest that we accept it also those between the various denly in HolIDvood, Calif., friends of his true FBI role. An Irish delegate (from Bel- as it stands." branches of the economy, be- recently. His mother died in October, fast) had risen one day to "ob- THE RUSSIAN'S words were tween areas of varying pro- Mr. Cvetic, 53, who was edu- 1949, believing her son had serve" that sending delegates decisive. There was not a ductivity within the same politi- rated in St. Mary's elementary betrayed her beloved adopted would make the work of World single voice raised in opposi- col community, and between school, in his native Pittsburgh, country. His father died on Council members in Ireland tion and the vote was unan- countries with a different de- and at St. Vincent's college, Memorial Day, 1950, three very difficult, imous in favor of it. Dr. Fry gree of social and economic Latrobe, Pa., was a former m mths after Mr. Cvetic's real There also was considerable called for a show of hands, development.--Mater Et Mag- employe of the U.S. Justice FBI role was revealed during speculation about the Russian He observed that the hands istra, Pope John XXIII. and the Federal Bureau of his testimony before a Con- Investigation. gressional Committee. ,,, In 1941 ,the FBI requested , Mr. Cvetic authored a series tf.. f,f_e,. ,  Mr. CvetictojointheCommu-of articles in the Saturday nist party in order to secure Evening titled "I was a intelligence information for the Communist for the FBI." A U.S. Government. He success- motion picture, starring Frank fully infiltrated the party and, Lovejoy as "Matt Cvetic, was in the ensuing nine years, at- produced; also a radio series, tended more than 3,0C3 meet- w i t h Dana Andrews playing ings with Soviet agents, Soviet Cvetic's role. Secret Police, and U.S. Cam- Not long ago he had been ling years he .worked as an entitled "Escape To Nowhere," jl- iJe--t'l M" II -- , , undercover agent, Mr. Cvetic which was to revezl, for the ,, reported regularly to the FBI. first time, the complete, almost Pavlov's Followers Mter being recruited into the unbelievable story behind his Communist party, Mr. Cvetic all but heroic 17-year fight was assigned to the party's against the Red conspirators. professional branch. This Cam- Considering the highly ardu- munist unit was composed of ous, dedicated and consistently By RT. G. JOSEPH GUSTAFSON, S.S., Ph.D. Re d s in the scientific, legal, self-sacrificing labors of this Professor of Philosophy, St. Thomas Seminary, Kenmore medical, governmental, social, staunch patriot all through health and welfare fields. Later these years, his sudden death A]HAT CAN modern psychology do "we are not beginning to see the outcome of he was assigned to the Commu- denotes a great loss not alone Y ff universally applied by an all- an experiment, begun by Pavlov on bis dogs in nists' organizational, education- to the many friends and us- powerful government to the puppets it the 'Tower of Silence' at Kol'tushi." The poor al and financial committees, teemed patriots whom he so deceptively calls citizens? The question has been animals were reduced to the level of machines, where he helped to direct most faithfully and fruitfully served, raised in our mind not only by what goes on of the Reds' major fronts in the but must also be construed as abroad in Russia and China but alsowhat has We are quite aware that this thesis will middle and late '40s. a great loss to our country. It been said at home by some extreme radicals, strike some of our readers as fantastic, but even In 1949 he helped organize is more than passing strange In "Modem Medicine" (2-19-62) the editor, here at borne Dr. Brock Chisholm, once of U.N. the Labor Youth League, youth in the circumstances that his arm of the Communist later- death drew scarcely even a Irvine H. Page, M.D., who has been in Russia fame, former director of WHO, vice-president of national iv. the United States, one-line mention in any of the recently, fell to musing about the colossal failure the World Association of World Federalists, and came in contact with hun- metropolitan pap:rs that reach of our foreign policy with regard to the Com- munists, seems not only willing but eager to accept it. In dreds of Soviet agents and our desk. Is selfless patriotism American Communists. Indeed, thus shabbily rewarded in such "They don't seem to respond," he cam- fact it has become the first principle with him. h's knowledge of the R e d s' times as these? plained, "to any form of what we would call He tells us that the object of psycho-therapy is conspiratiunal m e t h o d s and From the Wanderer 'common sense'." The Russian he has seen "the re-interpretation and eventually eradication hides behind a hard surface of surliness. He is of the concept of right and wrong." lie and his "unsmiling and withdrawn and concerned only fellows would replace the parent since honoring ('.//'[/C h00m00o,, .o.n00 ooo, pa00eo00 of00oc00 or 00.,oo io ,,,,--- consistency seems to worry him whether the sodiety today. A@, corpse of the one-time god Stalin be rudely We have space for only one more quotation removed from its shrine or whether Khrush- among several available. Dr. Weston LaBarre of chev's farm policies fail. Duke University assured us in 1948 that we are 907 Terry Avenue, Seattle (4) Telephone MAin 2-8880 The Russian has wildly hated Germany and now able to shape almost any kind of person- Second-Class Mail Privileges Authorized at Seattle. Wash. calmly witnessed a peace treaty with the Nazis. ality the world requires. In his view "our most Whatever he hears officially, however bizarre, unassailable beliefs" cause most of our misery. Published by the Northwest Progress Co. immediately becomes his current dogma to be One must add that Pavlov was a modest President, Most Reverend Thomas A. Connolly, D.D., J.C.D. accepted with dog-like devotion, man; some' of his followers think that they are REV. JAMES H. GANDRAU--Editor Dog,like7 The editor wonders ff at last savioursl MARY BRESNAHAN--Associate Editor