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August 28, 1964     Catholic Northwest Progress
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August 28, 1964

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I4---THE PROGRESS Friday, Aucust 28, 1964 Volunteers Up 25 Per Cent CHICAGO (NC) -- The num- ber of Papal Volunteers for Latin America accepted during the current year is up 25 per cent over the total sent to for- eign assignments during 1963, the organization's n a t i o n a 1 headquarters here has an- nounced. Liturgical Changes As many people realize, some of the changes in the liturgy are going to be a very great asset for the mission world of the Church since through these changes the liturgy will become more personal, more adapted to the different countries of the world, to the traditions and customs and understanding of the people. I In Latin America the liturgical movement has already made notable progress--the way has been well prepared for carrying out the new Constitution on the Liturgy promulgated by the Council. Priests and laity in Argentina, by special permission granted by the Holy See in 1960, have been reciting many of the Mass prayers in Spanish. In some parts of Brazil, where priests are lacking, nuns have received the faculty to distribute Holy Communion when consecrated Hosts are available. And in dioceses in Argentina and Chile, secular institutes of men have been established to carry out such parish activities as Society for The Propagation of the Faith Rev. Stephen Szeman, Archdiocesan Director 907 Terry Avenue. Seattle 4--MA. 2.8880 conducting prayer services, preaching at Sunday Mass and giving out Communion. The major event in the liturgical restoration prior to the Ecumenical Council's action was the adoption of the bilingual ritual. Twenty thousand copies, in Spanish-Latin and Portuguese- Latin, have been circulated in Latin America, thus making it possible to have the Sacraments administered in the vernacular. BY hearing the liturgical prayers in their own language, the people understand the sacred rites much more fully. However, there are still serious drawbacks to furthering the Faith: the scarcity of priests, widespread illiteracy among the people (especially the farmers, who constitute 50 per cent of the population) and mass migration to the city. Because the social environment has changed, pastoral work aimed simply at preser- vation of the Faith is inadequate. , There is a desperate need for more dynamic pastoral activity which will keep alive the growing interest in the liturgy. If this is accomplished, there is a good chance that the practicing Catholics (only four per cent of those who call them- selves Catholic) will rise to 60 or 80 per cent of the 206 million inhabitants. It is, indeed, heartening to see the progress made in Latin American countries. We should constantly remember in our prayers the intentions of the missions in these lands, because unless the people have priests to bring the sacraments to them, to offer up the Holy sacrifice of the Mass; unless the people are given the doctrine of Christ, this boiling mass of humanity will be lost to Chris- tianity, and what a tragedy to the world. e Cut out this column, pin your sacrifice to it and mail it to Rev. Stephen Szeman, Archdiocesan Director of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, 907 Terry Ave., Seattle 98104. II i i i For the . UNUSUAL IN GIFTS... GunoEeson PiNS 71 BROADWAY SIIA111,li TACOMA I Total Papal 'Product of Creative Past' "I am the product of a creative past," the Most Reverend Thomas A. Connolly, Archbishop of Seattle, LAUNDRY SERVICE NORTH CITY said Wednesday at the conclus- ion of the solemn pontifical Mass of thanksgiving, mark- ing his Silver Episcopal Jubi- lee. ARCHBISHOP CONNOLLY AT JUBILEE MASS More than II0 new volunteers have been accepted this year, the PAVIA office said. The announcement was made as the organization's first na- tional departure - orientation week was in progress August 16-22 with exercises scheduled in Oklahoma City and Mexico City. A three-day seminar for new volunteers was held at St. Francis de Sales Seminary in Oklahoma City, after which the group was to travel to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guada- lupe in Mexico City for a final departure ceremony. New volunteers are sched- nled to report August  for four months of training in Latin American language and culture at centers located in Cueraavaca, Mexico; Ponce, P.R.; and Petropolis and Be- lea, Brazil. The Papal Volunteers are Catholic lay persons sent from the U.S. to aid the Church in Latin America through their particular profession or skill in cooperation with local leaders. Nearly 400 volunteers are now serving or have served in Lat- in America. The "responsible elements," the Archbishop told the standing-room-only congrega- tion in St. James Cathedral, included: Holy Ireland, the land of his ancestors. "Christian homes in the new land," which were established by the "God-loving and God- fearing Irish" in America. "Hardworking mothers and fathers" like his own, Thomas and Catherine Gilsenan Con- nelly. The Catholic parish, again like his own, St. Paul's in San Francisco. The great pastor, exemplified in St. Paul's beloved Mon- signor Michael D. Connolly and his dedicated c u r a t e s, Father Cornelius Kennedy and Father Lyon. The Sulpician Fathers at St. Patrick's Seminary in Menlo Park, Calif. The priesthood of the Arch- diocese of San Francisco and its high "esprit 'de corps". The responsible priests and pre- lates who baptized, confirmed, ordained and consecrated him, including Archbishops Patrick Riordan, Edward Hanna and John J. Mitty. The priests of the Archdio- cese of Seattle and the Din- cese of Yakima. The Religious and laity of the Archdiocese. "I am the product of a creative past by the grace of God and the general sacri- fices of all whom I have just enumerated, the Archbishop declared. Where ChristWept: Excavate In Jerusalem at KAUFER'S ST. ANDREW BIBLE MISSAL "a landmark in missal history" A fresh approach to full participation in the liturgy of the Church, combining the best of the pest with all that is new. Priced from $S.9S to $18.50 KAUFER CO. 4a. a; ?T. E::;ne .t ?a'::m73a first in catholic supplies Washington Owned and Operated Stores MADISON LUMBER CO. Paints, Lamber and Hardware 1011 E. 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Anaclete Yonick, No one knows the exact resent the last century d the O.F.M. spot where Christ wept, for pre-Christian period and the the tradition is not very first century of the Christian JERUSALEM, J o r d a n clear. That He did weep over period. During t h i s time (N.C.)  Visitors to the the city is known from the Jerusalem was under Roman Gospel (Luke 19, 41-44). From control and Christ spent much Holy Land have always Christian documents we know time here. viewed with awe and curiosity that pilgrims believe that The Dominus Flevit not only the city of our Lord. The his- Christ wept on the western has meaning for the archaeolo- toric pilgrimage there of Pope slope of the Mount of Olives. gist but also for the pilgrim of Paul VI in January, 1964, has Two 16th-century documents today. For here he can see the provided added stimulus to the state that the Turks built an modern Jerusalem and the gen- public search for information "oratory" or "mosque" at eral lines of Herod's Jerusalem. about the holy shrines, the place where Christ wept. He is not really far from Christ Today's Jerusalem is much This mosque was called el- in time. larger than it was during the Mansuriyeh (The Triumph- lifetime of Christ. Politically it ant), the ruins of which can is divided: Jerusalem of Israel be seen today just outside the Thousands Are to the west and Jerusalem of Franciscan property. Jordan to the east. The famed The excavations at Dominus Just Like Jose Mount of Olives is studded with Flevit by the Franciscans in the SANTIAGO, C h i I e  The many shrines; among them: years 1953 to 1955 are important greatest puzzle in this city at Viri Galilaei (Men of Galilee), for what they show on the pro- the present time is how to re- Shrine of the Ascension, and the history of Jerusalem. The final ooncile the mentality of Cath- Carmelite precinct of the Pater reports are now being published alice who retain their regard Noster (Our Father). by the Franciscan Biblical In- and respect for the Church and On the western slope stand stitute here. One volume covers her clergy and yet are pro- three large structures: the the necropolis of the Roman tossed Communists or Corn- Chapel of Dominus Flevit, the period (63 B.C. to 333 A.D.); munist sympathizers. Russian Church of St. Cath- another deals with the Jebusite The Rev. Noel Dunne, S.S.C., FOR A NEW OR erine, and the Basilica of the burial place (3000-1200 B.C.) of San Luis de Marillac Agony in the Garden of Geth- and a third report, the remains Church in Barrancas, in this USED CHEVROLET semani at the foot of the of a Byzantine monastery and city, asks, "How do you re- Car or Truck slope, chapel with mosaics, concile a man who is working Of particular interest, be- Pottery found in the tombs for the Marxist candidate in Call: JERRY HENTSCHELL cause of recent excavations, is aided the archaeologists in dat- the coming presidential else- Member St. Catherine's Parish a site called Dominus Flevit ing the Jebusite burial place as tion with the man who remains EM. 3-6110 (The Lord Wept). It is a nar- in the Middle and Late Bronze respectful toward the priest row strip of land on the steep age. More than 2,000 objects and the Church?" RES. LA. 5-S9S6 western slope of the Mount and were found shedding light on "Take the case of 3Bee the daily life of the people of Clotilde," continues the Colum- "FLEET" CHEVROLET, INC. overlooks the entire city. It forms part of the northern lira- Jerusalem who were buried in bian missionary. "For the past 117th & Borhell Way Saattta its of the largest cemetery of this tomb and placed them in a two years Senora Clotilde has Jerusalem, the largest and prob- definite period of human his- been on my Wednesday sick- ably the oldest since it has tory, especially in relation to call list. Jose, a worker in the been used continuously down to Bible History. Plaza for the Corporation, our time. This necropolis con- The relics in the Roman faithfully lights the candle and rains thousands of graves from Necropolis were found in the goes on one knee while I give EM. 2.9807 all periods of time since the oven-shaped tombs and cham- his wife Holy Communion. He ITALIAN 4th millenium before Christ. ber-type tombs cut into the evidences not only a respect rock. It is because those poe- but a sincere belief in the Real SPAGHETTI The northern half of the Dora- pie sculptured their tombs Presence. Yet, he is an ac- inus Flevit property was ac- into stone and buried their tive Communist who reads only quired by the Franciscans of dead in stone coffins that we the "Red" newspaper . . . and C01N LAUNDRY & C01N DRY CLEAgIN6 the Custody of the Holy Land have something left of their there are thousands just like HOBS[ in 1889. In 1891 they had con- civilization. These tombs rep- JoseI" SERVICE LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING structed there a chapel with the same name of Dominus Urges Study of Teilhard and PIZZERIA Shirts-Rugs-Dyeing Vlevit. In 1955, the present chapel was built with the finan- Specializing in 17524 15fh N.E.- SeaHle 55 cialcatholics.aid ofit manYserves Americanto com- Evolution l"heorv ,u,, cou,, memorate the fact that Jesus, --- 1 ITALIAN DINNERS during his triumphal entry into NEW YORK (NC)  A University's Chardin research Jerusalem, wept over the city. Jesuit philosopher under- institute, with your favorite beverage Father O'connell, assistant 4:30 p.m. to 2 .m. scored here the import- philosophy professor at the Wednesday thru Saturday; WANTED: S&H once of studying and evaluating university, said criticism Sunday, 4:30 t 10:30 the late Father Pierre Teilhard based on isolated fragments Green Samps de Chardin's theory of evolu- of the Teilhard writings is iv- Delic;ous Pizza and tion of world matter from both relevant since the late philos- Spagheffi opher's vision encompassed for new ruck the physical and social sciences religion, philosophy, the so- To Take Out viewpoints. cial and physical sciences and LA. 2-9790 for CYO camps The Rev. Robert J. O'ConneII, any approach to understand- S.J., was a principal speaker ing him must be m a d e 9824 Bothen Way N.E. at a week-long August 17 to 22 , through these channels.    ;L' ' 3,000,000 conference at Fordham Univer- Teilhard's scientific observa ...... >  Stamps sity on the works of the late tions were always made from Goal J e s u i t philosopher-scientist, a religious point of view, Fa- Some 200 educators and stu- thor O'Connell said. Teilhard dents attended the conference used non-scientific methods to which followed a summer pro- make science fit into a religious gram of study sponsored by the mold, he added. Viewing man .....  as the key to the cosmos, Tell- hard explained lower forms of 0LY CR0S BROTHER life and non-life in terms of man, Father O'Connell said. Teilhard's notion of science was DIN NEn - ; ENTERTAIMENT fROM 5130 P.M, ,] W COCKTAILS Elegant Dining on picturesque Lake Union AT ).30:10 serving all faiths 624,312 that it must take man as the n ira Ily Io ca ted Stam ps key to the atom rather than the atom as the key to man, he de- As of clared. ........ t=. ............. August 28, 1964 The Rev. Owen W. Garrigan, assistant professor of chemistry at Scion Hall University, South Orange, N.J., evaluated Teil- F U g l R A L D I R l O T O R S hard's theory of evolution in 1634 llth Avenue EA#t 2.7484 light of modern scientific know- ledge. He said Teilhard's chem- one block north of pine effect ical insights are supported by S&H Serve God Through current scientific views, de- Teaching, Youth Work, Missions spite the fact that Teilhard's Green Stamps : Writing Farming Trades writings date from 1916. Social Work Clerical Work Although Teilhard's theory of Truck Campaign ,or Information write: Brother the evolution of life is offered Gilbert Burke, .5.C. in anthropomorphic terms, Fa- Notre Dame High School ther Garrigan said this does not Meter 13642 Riverside Dr. Sherman Oaks, Calif. render his scientific principles less valid. Opell "IF YOU Breakfast 6 i.m. CAN'T STOP" to S M I L E and 6 p.m. AS YOU GO BY" Lunches L Always IMNdly Welaome at TOMMY'S LUNCH Semmrl Market  3rd and Virginia TOMMY end PAULINE glRKProprteters - Members af St. Alphonsus Perish UUlIIIlUlIIIIIIIIIlIIB Cocktails and Fine Wines GASPERETTI'S ROMA CAFE "An Old Favorite in d New Location" Open: !1 a.m. Tues. thra Frl,, i Sat., 4 p.m. Closed Sun. & Man. MA. 3"5932 220 4th South li Sleek No. Train Depots) TAKE THE FAMILY lOST TO DINE