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Catholic Northwest Progress
Seattle, Washington
August 26, 1904     Catholic Northwest Progress
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August 26, 1904

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/ THE CATHOIJ[C PROGRESS. , ii u _; .................. ., , A W(&apos;]- shouhl lhe ('hihl there- elevenlh year IVLI.klP-- fore rec,,ive his prinlary education. tl 1) 1 112rrPISb"l" lhe l,arent on .,',,o.n! of ,,o- .ILK/ t ZllLl'L*llk} nil!sit(,, circuntstances or other infal- lible, indh,ation: decide that his Sell Its.ks nil inanrlal labor ill any of the GENERAL EDUATIONAL PREPA- many honorable trades '.is his life's i{ATION IS NO IIANDIOAP T()]work, let hinl then keel) file lad io his SU(JCESS,--A SPE(JIAL COUISE follrteellih year ill l.he ordinary grade OFTEN IS [s('heol; I)ul shouhl he dissever ill llis r An Opportuno Study of an Iml:ortant Question by One Whose, Exl)e- [ rienee Gives Weight to l Ills Words. [ I k may be taken for gralHed that iYdrents llSa rule try heartily 1o so- ,'tll'e to tlleir SOilS a solid education. Outlmt is l)rOl)orlionate to detain/1. The great nllln])er of schools of every va- riety is a sign that education is in uni- versal demand. Having themselves heen without the advantages'of a regu- lar ai nl ing-at-som et'hin g edu(,ation, parents lind themselves nnahle to choose among the vchools open Lo their children. What shall de(:ide their choice? Tile free state school with ten or elevol-years-ol(1 llon special hl- ,,lination and al)litude Tor a more lib- J. oA'a] ,(hl(.atioll, tie VOll,ld (is Wl'ong t.o h;t the I)oy cOlltilllle in his gratle world., for this work in not' sufficient to keel) the iiwakelling faculties healthily oc- cupt,,d; the hoy's mind needs more and stronger food, which food is Sail- plied to hinl ill the colnparatiw shldy of olher languages. In youth in mem- ory ihe strongest; let. it' he exercised noI only in the A B C, of language, and of llunlbers, btll, also of religion, hi this last factor lies the, l)redominant fault of non-C'atholic systems of edu- cation: religion, Vim most ilnportant of all, is enlirely neglected at a time when [nan is nlost susee, ptihle of its power. ],'rmn his eleventh to his fourteenth year the hoy's inind is ntost apt for Rnd observe the rows of young men. They are earnestly at work; bliC does not tile work seenl entirely disprolIor- tionc'd to their age? Vigorous men till sil)ping at the ntilk-boltle! The el(H'gy of IL young nlan el' nilleleen, twel|ty ()r i)erllaps there years, ,l(!- ma;nds for il!s DrOller develol)n``ent some stronger tnsk lhan the one in whicil they are engaged; all this couhl an(l shoul(1 llave I)een learne(1 daring] former years, which often have. heen] I wasted in loafing and laziness, perlml)S ] through the fault of parents unable to] i regllblte tileir soil's tilne slid lahor to] I their Droller beginnings and dilnen- st( ns. This orc]er of studies as outlined brings the hoy's faculties in right suc- cession to their fullest develol)ment, and it. has nloreover another iml}ort- "mt bearing not to be overlooked hy reasonal)le 1)arents, who wish to dis- eharge conscientiously the divinely ap- pointed duty towards their chihh'en. Three truths sllould ahove all he re- meml)ered : ]st No one here below is exempt from work. 2d. Divine lll'ovi(len,-e ts guiding to worhlly persuits? And among these latter what' great variety! There are the careers of arms, of law, of medi- ,'.ins, agriculh]re, industry, the careers cf Italic-letters, of s('iences, of arts Wollld you, lmrent, close to your son by a one-sided edueation these ave- nues lea(ling to noble lmrsuiis? A clasi(.al e(hlcation alone will hest'ow upon the chihl, the young man, the true liberty 1o choose after his school years that l)rofession for which he dis(.overs in hinlself sl)eeial aplitude. Nothing is lnore e0nln10n ill our clays than to witness all llneert'ltinty, a restl2ssness, anlong nlany cven advaneed ill ye%rs; lhey never thought serionsly of their vo(,alion of their life's duty; even now they nre looking for a "joh". They have to t)hlme often their lmrents who compelled thenl to all edllcatioll as would necessarily limit their ambition to the positions of underlings, whilst providen(,e iT.eluled them to be lead- ers. Clive yoilr ehildren a (']lanes, a nlany-side(l TIC)[ a one-sided chance; ap- lily them during their hest years to the development of their faculties. This is llte education which will form relig- iOILS, useful znen. J. 1], M, 7  . / / " 00'MC a. . A Three Minute Service to all parts of the ,' BUSINESS'DISI2RIGTownedbv Seattle boys. and operated i MESSENGERS, ' CARRIAGES AND , BAGGAGE WAGONS furnished to all parts of tile city day and uight "-;;;;;;;;*,;-.-;-. t...*** .*****,-+++++++++++++- Leaves Second av. and Pike st. at 2 p.m.daily Fare 50e; Children 250 This trip will nable you to see Seattle ia the most ple.aant manner in three houri am:l have all the place= of Interest pointed out to you on a warm da D it's like a r=t on the sea shore as the car hurls along. SEATTLE ELECTRIC CO. '...-4.---.- "''' ..... ;';'** v vvv r v r = 1" TO THE BUSINESS MAN: You have long wanted to got away from the city with your family, but cannot spare the time to be away for 5 or 6 weeks, but you could go to THREE TRL)E POINT. and make your summer home there, and give the tam ily and yourself an outing, and yet be =-=:=:='--::=-:-:=-::::::::::::::::::::::::::::- at your desk and business each day. You can leave THREE TREE POINT daily at 7 a. m. and be In the city at 8:15 a. m.. and return to TtIREE TREE POINT at 5 p. m.. arriving there at S:15 p. m. and bo at your summer home wilh your family each night. (Thia Is what TIIItEE TREE POINT was created for. vlz.: to give the business and professional inan of Seattle and Tacoma a chalice for a summer outing.) Good fishing, boating, bathing and swimming. The eompany have Just rn- Dieted as fine a system of water works with as pure water as there Ig In the state, and you can have it piped to your tent door if yoil wish, The compxy'e own steamer makes regular daily trips between Seattle and THREE TRE POINT as follows: Leave TItREE TREE POINT---7:00 ram. and 3:30 p. m. POIIqT 0. .B.LIVlgR M ORE /ANAGER Leave Seattle---9:00 a. m., 4:00 p. m. Sundays--Leave Seattle 9 a m. and 1 p. m. Ieave THREE TRBTE POINT 10:45 a, m. and 4 p. m, Lilly-Bogardus Dock. toot t)f Main SL We have llo Sunday picnics or danclng.  and allow no liquor on the premises. &'e are prepared to handle family picnic parties and others to the extent of 40 persons daily Oil our own boat. Rouad trip for parties of 10 or more, 5c, in- cluding grounds. Transportation for parties of 50 or mnre can bo had upon application. ,Ve will furnish transpor- tall'on to lly parlies who Inay wish to look the grounda over with the view of 1COatrlll K there. Tent,, for campers can be furnished upon application and put lip ready for use on a day' notice. For further in- formation send address or apply at the ('A)inpany's lnco, 625 First Ave., second floor. First-class family board. Telephone James 4691, [Shootthe Chutes AT MADISON PARK--Thcre' nod. ing llke it anywhere, it can't be beret as a |un-makcr lot children and it make* tim o IA oyoungl The best way to get plmuse and it coU only a tiillet Special atteafion to school chlklren during vacation tlme. their sons from like faihu'e, these stld- denly t)rovident parents nlust hy all nleans ])ltl(:( their son in a hllSJness school. College education llllt]a a hc!al'- ing in the tllir(l instance. Its advan- tages, it is safe to say, do not aplmal to the great'er nHInber; plqmal'ily be- cause with Inally (hi, ,x)llege COllrse is an tln],:llown quantity, and tl]] argll- Irients in its favor are aL last hrought to naught by the question: What will l,attn or (h'ee, n (lo t:o my boy?" And so this bughear, ]atin or Gree]{ decides against the college, Very often too the examl)les of those, who ]lttve bCell "at" )llege, hllt show very ]lille result of |.lie lnu(!h 1)raised e}assi- cdll(:ation l)redisl)ose against t']le Olc is inclined to ask: llow those who hIve COlnl)hted ercia] s(:lloo]s llave suv- s? Are Ihere nol a )lISiness to ells ill list h!avhlg liens, {]Jo l)r[- Ill'el)are(I- ONLY MAN ON EARTH Who is president of a railroad aIld owner aTid operator of a barber ghop is Jas. L. Shuto of SHUTE'S POPULAR HIGH-GLASS BARBER SHOP, 105 PIKE StREET. Mr. Shuts is also President of ,ho G. N. M. R. R., the mmt miniature railroad in the world, making connections with tile Madisoo systenLatie celh;gc (,ourse. Religion, lallgllage, refit lwlnattcs [llld history b,'ing lhe n, ind of ,l..1 into wi,,est an(1 fln.Ns suhtlest' play. The, SIlzdy of t]le lang- uages, of the lmtin an(1 somewhat later l|i IM d,.. ,,, t.o ,.,,el, l00,ys I,a,e i,efore ,lie ,,, ,,10nu.y, sill(ielll tile htws of thought and logi,:; i it gives lo him the I)owe,' (If delicacy i]! A[[gUSI of exI)ressillg Jn [li, nlo[hel' |'Ollglle (}H! ] t]}oHght I)re:(,.]}Led Is ]liln ill the dis- [ 29Th shuiJal' l:;ll'[) Of a fol'(}iRll lon}-lle. l .  1 A 1)eal of three bells weighing 4000, strest ears atMad;son Park and the Cimtes. Grand, novel and thrillingl wide, ellen lie :tals linlls lh'st consider- tile higher sludies oil the course eonl- all hence eaell one is (:alle(l to per- all,m; ltle nlajority send their chil-lnlonty lerrled the ltigh school or aca- fornl a special duty. pounds has been b]ossgd by Bishop ' (h',m t(, these, (hey are honle institu, denlic course. The nlental lraining 3d. liducation musL l)rclmre each 0unity for the ehur0h at Santa Bar- +++++++++4-++4--4++4-  *X0"Yaj(2@a( ing mind alsohltely trustwortlly. The during the su,x,eelling college years, is No one of sane nlind denies the first officiated at the laying of the corner : business sellool Iin(ls second consider- not intezlded I)roxilnately |o lit the statemen(. [t is tile second truth that stone of Holy Cross convent and pazo- " ation; Lhe word 1)llsiness al)i/eals to all student for seine special elnl)loyn]ent is too often (lisregardell. For many ohiltL school. l those especially whoc, ouhllmver well or ln'ol'ession, hnt' to give hinl such there, exists in God's treasure hollSe ........ STABLES BOOKS ,;llucee(I ill their own, and to guard general, vigorous all(] l'Olln(led devcqol)- bug the one vocation to a eomlner(,,ia] Work will EOOll bo commened on a I ulent as wilt enal)le him to ('Oils sue- life, and yet are there not ahove all the new Diooesan bllil(lillg for the diocese I cessfully even wilh the, unforseen two gl'e;t divisions of vocations: one:ofOhieago. Tkenowchanoery office] Cor. 5thAv.andPInSt. I00pr a - - -. emergencies of life. Vehile giving the calling to tlle religious life, the otller fin the same eitv is now under roof. ; F|rst-class Double and Single Rigs  yer BOOKS, ,0sarles, SiC lllilld stay it I?ends is renlove the "ill- T ..... '-'- "a'e-  [  Books for Boys and Girls by 4- v D ih and s htl " I ) Oathoho writers. Largst Book- solarily" of ,llougllt and want of  =i   t SBn-'t.'nd alYMCiC, ST;Bn ,1 store in tho State. elasticity, which is one of the ,.].uge  Sound Leads tho World" 4- hnoulrior in its llne. TELEf HONES---  ' most ]lelleless and disllearlening re- ;mnet Mare' 2090; lnder'ndent X 2090. OWMAN g HANFORD CO sit]Is of l)e('ialisnl in students who t have not brlnlgllt to ttleir slu(lies t'lle t M.O. BENNETT, Manager ( 616 First Ave., (Pioneer Place) ** =6e*,eoe6e'oe, lln]liol'n] nlenta] training given ])y a SEATTLE " INDUSTRIAL .t.z DAIRY SUPPLY C0 I EXPOSITNON ents for the Dc LavaI Cream Separators A(. his lifleenth year lh(?n lhe stu- iJ! ...-.... AND (ienl enl.ers ]1[ (.o]]ez:( ,!()111's(? l)ro])er, COliSiSl'il,g tff the four year: ,.alled i|r Contiuues STATE f)'eshnlan, sO])]l(/ltlOl'C, junior and s,m- i,.. 'l'be e,: .lel,00lato.' I! Ul)On his lit(!rary wor].all(I t,i sludy, i [ int( and l)rolitably, Ihe bes( WEEKS te(lelq (17 all(:i(llt Slid ]}lo(]erll ]J((!ra- :)1" h it',h('r s(udies ill nl:tt}l(}lllatic IOl'Oll,'.']l Ir:lillil}K, ill al'i(h}neli(: :ln(l '(!OnlCl '3' "J{tl(, OII( IT ty iC][ hie, "]}q (IO,:S not i boy lllOW.; IIOt}|iIIK H[/Olil  I'articipated i,i by all Trade (Tnio!:iss sl]os:: ln,thods." No, lint in the State and Brilish Columbia. ',Ill whell ;1(: his age, ('- tf ()Ill' ]I()V ]'il]ll()il{ }}llE[- lg(! ()[ (l]]ltl!Cll Of [ l'!lIl'ilH(!d }n .V,HI |' ,.(,, l,.l,, WE DESIRE 1"0 aNNOUNCE :!l(,n|(!llt: cK t}l;H JTor :t olnlui!r- i},e ;:oiltoli(hlliOl{ of tile 5{odel i,at|nciry all,'l ]!Heetri(; lalul(h'y tinder I'('Vi()ll; '(Cit} ; IIDjli,  ()J" }l( ....... : .. 5. ............... lI':, h('. l!l(!- ,i:::;i:! IN000000e00-Elee'irie Lau,dr00 )l'ded :I . Dr(hi-I !tTll0 m::h| ,)!(i:<) and l)la]lt is l(leald nt th C()]LNEi ()]0 le]ILST AVE. t|t|II iS ,i,( ,\\; S'I?., wh|,rt we wilt bt; plea!ed |o sl|ow oily ]J(311(]H |lie lllosl; tnodt,rll ,.llc|e]s s'ni ,ry ]au|ldry l)]``t!ll l:| th(, stxt:e. ]?l;o2es--M:lia 590, [ud. :)',)0. Tho best by test, 400,000 of them in uso * nnte for the "BUHL" milk cans, and for a full: 0 I1[O liuo of Greanlery, Cheesemaker's and., miJkmen's supplies and apparatvs. , Fully equipped Tinshop Department $ flraniteware, itardware, Woodenwore. $ 112 SEOOND AVE. SO. SEA'ITTLE, WASH  Sacred Heart Parochial Schooi 2317-2;I2:1, Sixtil Avenue, Seattle. C,)|Mncted hv l:he Sisters of the J[oly Nll|nes of ,Jesus and Mt|rv, I|nd lln(lel' t[l( diret;l:loll of tllo ]{e(ltnl])to- rise ]?ethers, ,'s hitherto the course of studios onlbrIle(}s till) l:il|d|n:gnrten, grltl||nlar .,'t'ad,!R |tHd i'o]' VC:tl'S hi,fi seh(/o] w('[ tl w'ic la (,ll l'(t(li , , ........... eonu)le I;USTN IqSS ($(IU]LqE, e(msistinv of Steno;rl|!dly, !pyllewrl t. in