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August 26, 1904     Catholic Northwest Progress
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August 26, 1904

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HE CATHOLIC PROGRESS. Cbe 100alboin Progress WEEKLY. OFFICE 906 FOURTH AVE. TELEPHONE ain 13'2& aanctione )y Bishop O'Dea. Eat )bllshed March, IX99, f, ted to the propagation of Catholic pleeeI s end the gathering of Catholic eeSWa 41.50 Per Year. 5c Per Copy. .lews mailer is solicited. Matter for bltratlon should reach the editor by edn.sday of each week to Insure pub- Itoation on the following Friday. they are doing tills kind of work very successfully--so successfully as to command public suppart or assistance. We are in favor of helping every wor- thy institution engaged in uplifting falls] aud caring for the homeless, and if it be possible to multiply timir effi- ciency no means should be spared to lmlp them do their noble work of char- ity We shall forthwiti] see what con- sideration will be given to an applica- tion fr assistance for tim House of the Good Shepherd. Hero whore all con- tribute to tim funds from which the Itemlttanc anouid be mMdO iF/ SinCe or exJpren mome7 ordee  or tq- to Igterod letters ad mado pyablo lffko PlrogrHJ Publishing Company. Subscribers removing from one place to another, and desiring papers changed, ehosld always give terser as well as pres- ent addrese. NOTICE. NO one Is authorized to collect money tr subscriptions or advertisements or to 4elicit for the same without showing a written power of attorney, signed by the itor. Advertising rates will be given on ap- Ipllcatlol. '/'he Catholic Progress Is printed and Iblled every Friday by The Progress t'ubitshlng Company. den there can be no favoritism ]No opposition can be expected when such an unusual couxse was pursued as to ovreride tim veto of the meyer ann to disregard the opinion of the city at- torney. The best test of honesty of purpose is to make tile rule general by giving to the otlmr reformatory in proportion to tim work it is doing. If there is any reason why the appropria- tion should not be made let the men God ave His creatures faoultiesand! ders of God and of the mysteries of talents apable f elmst infinite de" ur faith' He was born at Aragn in C LINS BROS velopment. They constitute the glo- 1566,and,after ordination to thepriest- O L ry of hunmn accmnplishment as well hood, set out tor Rome in 1592. Here DRETAKERS, % us the -eans of leading lives of supe- he labored in the interests of poor and riot merit and usefulness. If life is a abandoned youtll, and here he died in probation, the probation must apply 1648, at t'e advareed age of niuety- not only to tim moral nature but to the I)roper care of intellectual gifts. If heaven is what we believe it to be theundcveloped mind titat does not comprehend tim ordinary laws of na- ture will be a misfit in a world so daz- zhng that tim imagination cannot pic- turoit, Land so vast that oar most careful surveys of the universe and two. His day was divided between Funeral Directors and Embalmers- schoolwork, prayerand visits to tl:] sick To continue Ills work in favor S eeially equipped for Gatholio Funerals. boys he founded tho Order of Regular honeMain 1029 1407 FJrstAve Clerks of tile pious schools. mere physical existence is possbile without education, and to many it is agreeable, but in no sense call it he called worthy of intelhgcnt beings. Enthusiasm, aspiration, enlightenment August 28. St. Augustine St Augustine was bran at Tagaste, oar knowledge of starry worlds will be in Africa. St. Monica was his mother. dwarled into insignificance by .t. A Her prayers and tears redeemed the irregularities of his early life For tlirty-three years he was distinguished for nothing but brilliant intellectual parts and the degradation of moral turpitude. Sojourning at Milan in his / That's The Ranch COPE I,E'O ON THE CATHOLIC PRESS. A Cttholtc newspaper tn a parish Is a ,Mrpetual mlsnlou. Let all who truly and rom their souls desire that religion and Iociety defended by human intellect and literature should flourish, strive by their liberality to guard and protect the CaSh- tlic press, and let every one in proportlosa o his income support them with his money ad lufluence, for to those who devote .hemmelves to the Catholic pre we ought oy ' means to bring helps of this kind, wl, It which their Industry will either ., so results or uncertain end miler- reel. POPE LEO XllI. Ib. bP O'DEA'S ENDORSEMENT OF HE CATHOLIC PROGRESR. * "The (Catholic) Progress has kegun a grand work. fraught with the great- ut good. Moy It continue under th prop- sr guidance, remain within the natural lim- It ,and without sacrifice of the identity of Catho.Ll teaching, feeling and opinion, and t will prove a powerful factor for good, .tk for the Y. M. I. and the whole church .[ the great Northwest. "EDWARD J. O'DEA, "BIshoP of Ne=qually. '' If The Oatholio Progress fails to , reach you in due time please report the delay to this offie. Telephone J Main 1828. The t,nowlng Is theorder of the Forty Hopre' devotion to be observed la the Diocese of Nesqually: September First SundayLaOonnor ; Walla Walla, St Vincent's Academy Second SundayVanoouver, House of Providence Third Sunday--Colville Fourth Sunday--Olympia, St. Miclz- ael's Grading and piles of lumber on the eathedral block give proof of tile be- ginning of a great work for Seattle and the Catholics of the state. Fore- tlmught is so valual)le that all must agree t'he apparent delay was justified by (he importance of the undertaking. The Japanese will do well to leave Port Arthur till they have cleared tim field of Russians, tllon ff they Imvo men left go after tim Russian strong- hold. At present they are depleting thair forces and accomplishing little. James J. Hill is the enlbodinlen of true American spirit, and his magnifi- cent freigilter now steaming for Puget Sound is the pride of tim nation. Such men are greaer titan kings, because they have inherent qualities whereas kings have only euvirmunent ttmt makes ttmm appear great. The Philippine Commission will have extravagant notions of America because they were" treated like princes by our most excellent cmnmittees everywl.mre. No better impression could ie made on them than that the citizen of he  Uuited States is theidghest type of man and superior to tile titled and dee. orated favorites representingauthozity under Spanisl] rule. Tlmy realize that opportunit? and enterprise are tim elo. ments of mercantile and commercial superiority so evident here. Last Monday evening the city ooun. ell passed a measure over the iyeto of tile mayor appropriating $75 per month to the Crittenden Home. Only one member, Mr .I.T. Cole, voted against the measure. There are other institu- tions whose past privations, present needs and onstant charity entitle tlmm to a share of public benefit if a distri. bution is to be made. Tim House of the Good Shepherd is organized for tim express purpose of reclaiming the vic- tims of man's deceit. What more the Orittonden Home may be doing we have not heard, nor do we hear that LEITHEAD'S PHARMACY D00aler in pure Drugs e 3n Street. who voted the$75per month to tim Crittenden say what it is; if there is no ob.Cectoin let the appropriatiou be made at once. The Orittenden Home is at Duulap, the House of the Good Shepherd on 95h avenue. Charity should begin at home. Catholic papers throughout tim coun- try speak very considerately of tim ri- val candidates fr the presidency, thus manifesting an absence of the par- tisan spirit that displease readers in tile past. Tile division of Gatlmlies politically is the most hopeful sign of tile time. No anti-Catholic rings can be arranged without dectection and no discrimination will be possible when tim division becomes more general. Let no man mistrust another because! of his political allegiance, let him rath- er seek out the patriotic motive. Tim convention of Catholic educa- tors at St. Louis recently came to the conclusion that the reason that ath- elSe education is neither understood and joy are the visibe signs of higher of teacher of rhetoric he cultivation. When they from day to nlade the acquaintance of the illustri- day lenew themselves tlmir possessor ous St. Ambrose, and tim beginning of may be considered a source of life and his conversion dates from their first light and inspiration. He is wilat im interview. The grace vouchsafed his is beuauso of developed talent. The reaing and meditation completed the developing process is education wheth- work and, returning to Africa, he was or in sohoo! or by self-active effort, soon ordained.priest and raised to the Schools are equipped an:l the indivld- bishoprm of Hippo in 395. He conse- ual takes advantage of a stock of orated tim remnant of his years to knowledge and perfected appliances effective work for to gloryof God and tlmt make rapid progress possible his splendid talents arc the admiration of tile world. Manicheans, and Dona- fists and the Pelagiuns in writings as voluminous as they are profound. He died in 430. whereas individual work entails great loss of time and energy. The scilool is an economy because tim centuries thiat were required to evolve our pres. eat anvanoement are condensed into a volume and the formula takes the place of a long and tedmus calculation wifich in itself may be practical, but is not expedient. Now is the accepta- ble time and to neglect the opportuni- ty of palcing the best education ob- tainable within reach of tim boys and girls is to neglect one of the chief du. ties of life. August 29. Beheading of St. John tile Baptist. At that time Herod tim Tetraroh heard the fame of Jesus. And he stud to his servants: tills is John the Bap- tist; he is risen front the dead, and therefore migi]ty works show forth tilemselves in him., For Herod had apprehended John and bound him, and put him into prison, because of Hero- dies, his brother's wife. home are the sources of domestic infi- tlmm and pleased Herod. delity, infelicity, and drive more boys he promised witl an oath to give her and girls tllerefrom than the lmrd- whatsoever she would ask of him. is ships sufferedthrough poverty and hard But she being instructed before by her labor for the family support. Pare mother, said: Give me here in a dish language, elevating tastes, politeness the head of John the Baptist. and good breeding are tim nourishing the King was struck sad. elements that support domestic life m of his oath, and for happiness, with him at table, he commanded it to be given. And he sent, and beheaded The social season will soon be upon John in the prison. us and many look forward to a very was brought in a disil, and it was giv- en to the damsel,and she brought it to her motlmr. And his disciples came and took the body, and buried it; and came and told Jesus. August 30. St. Rose of Lima. This holy virgin, tim glory of the mastered tim rudiments of French or German. sollools is unknown. Tipsy heartily urge a study of the question of how to better advertise their courses of study and the facilities Ior doing good work. Advertising pays, and it Oath. clio education is a good thing that the way to reoommnd it and further its intrsts. Th national convention of the Cath- olic Total Abstinence Unmn of America was held in St. Louis last week It wrs pronounced the best ever held. The East was well represented and the i benefits of total abstinence were pub- lished to the world. Wily can not soms effort be m-de to establisl] a to- tal abstinence society in this city. There oertamly is need of eve for our young men, and no city of Seattle's size is without some such means of holding in eimck the convivial spirit that leads to uncontrollable habits. Senator Hoar of Masasohusetts has weatlmred many a imrd political sorm during his valiant service as a states- m]m. The struggle with [dentil has placated every enemy and silenced ev- ery unkimi thought. His faithful ser- vice and impartial and unselfish labors have won for ifim universal admira- tion. Though in no sense partial to flatholio interests, no unfair measure received Iris support. His descent, his venerable age anal a life spent in tim interests of his state and his country entitle him to a partin benediction from every nlan and woman who ap- preciates wortb and a stable govern- ,.nent wrought out by such men as Senator Hoar. Remember that the best religious Fez John influence is the example that goes out said to Slim: it is not lawful for thee frmn tim home. Religion was not o have her. And having a mind to nor reogonized is because of lack of taught for assemblies under tents and put him to death,he feared the people; advertising the work of the Catholic trees and in churches, but for life in because timy esteemed him as a proph- the busy world and in the family oir- et. But on Herod's birthday, the cle. Harshnossand fault finding in the daughter of Heroclias danced before ad. Whereupon tth to give he l ask of him. !d before by her e hero in a dish Baptist. And d. Yet because them that sat ommanded it tc , and beheaded And his head ar it, asgiv e oul it it tc di iph cam b led t; an ). in . gry )f the L :a,i Peru, Is ]gel ed by in her infal% interesting fall and winter Would it not be well to plan to maRo the com- ing winter a protfiable one? one that will be a source of pleasure wimn the fleeting pleasures of early life shall have lost their fasoinatmn. Some simdy of art or science or the learn- lug of some language. Surely to be able at the end of a winter to have It should be remembered that the high mass on SuBday is the one that should be attenaed by the great mass of the people. At this mass a sermon carefully prepared is delivered and the special announcements are made. SAINTS OF THE. WEEK August 26. St. Zephyrinus. Zephyrinus was a Roman by birth and succeeded Victor in tim papaoy, 209. The ]mperor Sovorus waged a fierce persecution against the Ghurch during his reign; and, whilst the con- stancy of innumerable martyrs afford- ed comfort to the venerable pontiff's declining years, internal troubles of doctrine and discipline were a source of heavy annoyance. He was in con- tinual conflict witil the proud and rest- ive genlus of Tertullia, whose remark- able gifts, evident everywhere in his writings, doubtful wimther faiti] or heresy triumphed in iris heart. St. Zephyrinus, afte r guiding the des- tinies of tim Ohureil through the storms of eighteen eventful years, fi- nally rested in peace whilst Antonoius Was emperor, 2!9. Though uncertain- ty attacims to the manner of his death im is accorded tim honor of martyrdom August "27. St. Joseph Oalasanotius. A hundred years after his death this saint's heart and tongue were found sound and incorrupt, a manifest proof of i]e pleasure God derived from the saint's fondness for children and his devotedness to the truly divin6 work of instructing theoung. Even when a growing boy he counted it recreation to gather playmates of his own tender age and discourse to them of tim won- Spanish or Americans ,was born at Lima, in Peru, in 1586. Her name was suggested by resemblance detected countenance with that sweetest of flowers. When older she heard Christ address her in thes beautiful words: "Rose of my heart,he bride to me." At theearly age of five she vowed her virginity to God. To es- cape a marriage urged by her parents she cut off her wealth of hair and oth- egwise spoiled Imr personal charms of face and feature. She consecrated her entire life to deeds of self denial and prayer. Fasting was in supreme fa- vor with her and to torture imr inno- cent body she ]lad recourse to themost wonderful expedients. For purposes of prayer she had a little cell cox]. strcuted in her garden and every spare moment was given to emnmunion with I God. She died in I(;17, at the ago of 31. August 31. St. Raymond Nonnatus. Tins saint's mother died in givlng him birti). Hence his surname of Non- natus, or unborn. His parents belonged to tio nobility of Catalonia, and the Blessed Virgin, in a vision, promised the child to fill in iris regard the place of an earthly mother, whoso tender care an untimely deadl preveuted ifim from enjoying. And she was faithful to her el]argo. She led him into her Order of Mercy f()r the Redemption of Captives,and carried'him safe through all the dangers of a long campaign for souls in Arfiea. Returning from timt mission, wt{ere he had feed many Clulstian oatpives, and endured for their sakes a lengtilenod period of sla* very, he was made a cardinal by Poe Gregory IX. He was ou his way to meet that holy man wimn death over- took him near Barcelona. In his 1,st moments he miraouloulsy received He. ly Communion from angels clad in the habit of his Order. He died in 1.240. NECESSITY OF EDUCATION Education is the surest moans of at- taining to a life of usefulness and hap. piness. Happiness is a oon0ition of the mind and heart. To educate in such lines as will p.reserve these nor- mal, sensitive, responsive, discreet and vivacious througi] life is a duty. To pamper, prejudice or corurpt them is un everlasting misfortune. A teacher should be a person of. superior meriit and vitue in order that the cultured may be fnrthor refined and that th( vulgar may be elevated in their tastes. Science stimulates, biography human izes, poetry refines and religion saneti- tics and rewards. Life without tlleso elenmnts is a barren state of being, au existence without hope or inspiration. Tim names that live in history are those characterized by great mental (r'by  con s Sming love for God and man. It must still be so in tim centuries to come. In like proportion to exert an influence in one's own comnmnity he must have some of the qualitieations tilat make him nmre than a good servant . a submissive l:'rblthd at Seattle twice a flio]:l]l. 'l'h('l'e iF; 11() botlcr i,al)e r Jor the fltl'l]l(q', d:tir3"Illll]l of hor- tJc'tIituri.I )1' I}Le Northwct. Tho I;I]l('] 'l\\;'(!H jtl:[ |[IO. tDforIJlatloll li( %%/;111; it (',oIl|:lilIH .llf'|l Ir;IClt- CHI ]II:l[lOl' ;Is J :tl[:l,)lO(] |0 eOll(lt- |il)lH III (]1( N)ll[llwe)|. /](l] a[l'd ,V)II! el) I)H2 l'lI':!l wrIIe for it f!'o'l J}l(,]r I)'A'!l (YDOI'!O'I('#!4. (on- |gJ)q :1 (],![)ll'tli](!pt for l]lo dairy, t|]( pr,ll|ryn!Hll, 1he hor|ieulturlst, (})O .|O('k rqi.'ql', lhe l':lrnl and 'ardeI), tDd ,uovoral "oth'Pr feat- urns, (':wl] in charge of well- [y)ovl] vcril(!rs who g;lfile( their x|)(l'ierice Oil t|le farm. "Pwo 'Of ttlOTll HI'( l'o])reNoT[ed here: V. Valclen, horlhmltural editor, and II. L. I31anchard, poultry editor. WI: OI:I:I:R IT PRI:I: a9 a premium with this paper, If YOU subscribe now. The Razlch and our PaVer for the price named below. Do not delayonly $1.80 (00ash for new subscribers or renewal BO0000[-WAISO00 C0. FUNERAL DIRECTORS & EMBALMERs And dealers In all kinds Caskets and Und ......... of Burial C-aelll, o00LrV/000000_00y.00msat a speola,t,. -00il  p e or telegraph rom r attended to Par--- m .... P I- Columbia 8t- ,:-. ru Avenue aa Wash. ---,. faerie Main 18, Heattlo, With The Catholic ProFess ** Telephone The Homer M. 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Eight teams arc oonstautly on hand to call for goods at[ over the city. SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS worth of business is its history last week and it is growing. MODERATE RATES Phones Tndep'd't IIIl)j Suns Main s sk A F I. mi in is: eb ne eel iia i frc alt n oh du ul Tl ha gr fa: wl fo: fu wi vi pc de SIS tL U d