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August 24, 1962     Catholic Northwest Progress
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August 24, 1962

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;:!: o 'That God Be Glorified' rAreLy CLl00lc- , .,m.. J. God Demands "['HE following letter was received May thislettertouchtheheartsof our Charity From Us / from a Chinese priest describing his brother priests and inspire them to make sac- lJ.fe, during the last 10 years: rifices for the native clergy. May it sink deep On the night of March I0, 1951 I was con- into. the souls of the faithful, and be translated. By Pat er John L. Thomas, S J v " p" n i a rote pra era for the missmns and sacrifices demned to 10 ears Ira_rise meat for hay n Y Prefemer of Sociology at St. Louis University TpEo:Us BA:NIII Cheg;:;:tUhg:hl tRr e..lela  f lr 1 . hse d a been active in the Legion of Mary. For the for the Holy Father, who bears the burden first four ears, I lived with m hands chained of the missions of the world Our brothers in I have a that my brother and I greatly y Y . . . to m back Eight ears of m sentence were Chma and Afros and Latin Amerma await the detest--we disliked her even before size married into the Y . Y . y . . . spent being "re-educated" in Communism in a commg of Chrmt, He wdl not come unless you tamily, Over a period of 15 years I have ridiculed her and labor camp. Most of this time I worked on send. Him. through The Society for the Prop- lied about her to the rest of the/emily, so that none of MaR d roads and railroad-building -- each morning we agatson ot the Faith! them will speak to her, She claims I have to make resfi, a 1: n were rushed in chain gangs to the site of the @ tution by telling them I lied. ] think if I feel charity for F and Company, 336 pp., am not mistaken he sometimes writer of such conviction that labor; at night, we were again penned in prison. GOD LOVE YOU to C. W. for $100 "For our her in my heart, make el good confession and tell. God I $4.50. VELYN WAUGH has noted, "Mr. Powers is almost unique in his country as a lay writer who is at ease in the Church; whose whole art, moreover, is every. where infused and directed by question Mr. Waugh on how a thing is "almost unique," we would agree I think on his gen- eral assessment, Mr. Powers is indeed at ease in the Church, more than the Church might be at ease with Mr. Powers. J. F. Powers has hitherto been noted especially for his superior craftsmanship in the area of the short story. I have reed his collections, "Prince of Darkness," and "The Pres. ence of Grace," and recognize his mastery of the ahort story genre. Like the poet Robert Browning, Powers has the abil- ity to create character by dis- cussion of and by an alternate character. This ee..:truction by an al- ter ego or protagonist can, if the artist is sufficiently adept, produce a mere incisive char. actor analysis than if the au- thor devoted more words to the central figure himself. There are many such exam. plea in his previous s h o r t stories, and this, his first novel, uses this technique to a fine degree of perfection. The author has obviously known many people and has remembered those traits that made them persons. While he does not suffer from the stuffy psycho-analysis of the acaa- emy, he probes beneath more just opens the nerve ends and lets the reader probe for him- self. As a prose writer, or nor- hans more simply as a story teller, Powers walks with few peers. He uses words wisely, economically and above all na- turally. His conversations can be heard. But the mere I read of Powers the more I wonder what he is trying to prove. This lack of understanding I attribute as much to his constant repetition of a cer- tain theme ae to mine own density. In much of his writ- ing, and especially in t his novel, Powers is pro-occupied with the fallinp and general bungling of the inept priest. I doubt if you will find a larger c+!leetion of m i s f i t bunglers than in Powers' fic- tional creation, the Clementine Order, Chicago province. The Clementines had appeared ear- lier in the short story, "The Devil Was a Joker." They are the vehicle of this novel, and God help us if the Church has many orders like the Clemen- tines. They have no money, lit- tle talent, and as drear a life as can be novelized. Father Urban, the heroic figure and the tragic effect of unavoidable causes, is the star of the order. The book indi- cates his prowess as speaker and mission preacher. He is called upon to use his talent in the rehabilitation of a mould- ering mansion to be used as a retreat house. What he is able to accomplish in the face of stupidity, naivete, end five thumbed is the I-Feature Films On Television Bellingham KING-'IV (NBC) Channel 5 KVOS-TV Channel 12 KIRO-TV (CBS) Channel 7 Tacoma Seattle KTNT-TV (CBS) Channel 11 KOMO-TV (ABC) Channel 4 KTVW-TV Channel 13 MOTION PICTURE CLASSIFICATION BY NATIONAL LEGION OF DECENCY: A.I--Merally Unobjectionable for General Patronage; A-II--Morally Unobjectionable for Adults and Adolescents; A-III--Morally Unobjectionable for Adults; B--Morally Objectionable in Part for All; C--Condemned; SC--Separate Classification; NR--No Rating Available. (Note: The ratings listed below were those given the original movies. Most films before bein shown on tele- vision are edited to conform to the tetevision rode and to the individual station's time schedule. For this reason, objectionable parts contain,d in th, origins! plot may be deleted in the tel,vision version and thus th, original Legion rating may not b# entirely ow/art.) SATURDAY, AUGUST |S 2:00 p.m.KOMO-TVAIr Hawks .............. ' ........ NR 2:30 p.m.--KING.TV--H0ngkong . _ ,_ . ...... A." i 4:00 p.m.KOMO,TVBuck Privates Gems Horns .., ... & 4:00 p.m.--KTVW.TV--Brothers in the Saddle ........ : S'00 p.m.--KTNT.TV--Kin of the Lumberjacks ......... . 0 p.m,--KTVW.TV--She s Got Everything ....... ^-- 5 p.m.--KTVW.TVRepent at Leisure .......... A-II o p.m.--KING.TV--No lgnway In the Sky .......... A-II ,0 p.m.--KTNT.TVMaltese Falcon ........... A-II SUNDAY, AUGUST 26 ,,, 1:00 p,m.KVOS.TVW!cked Lady " , .............. I $0e p,m.KING.TVGasll!lht ................ A-II $:80 p.m,KIRO.TVHe.r Jungle LovL .......... A.I $:30 p.m,--KTNT.TV--Prmce and the PauPer .......... A-I 4:00 p.m.--ttObIO.TV--eerss o: a Actress ........... . 4:80 p.m.KTNT.TVThres Sons 0 Guns ........... ^-* 4:306:00 p.m.--KTVW.TV--Tuttles of Tahiti ..... N B p.m,--KTVW,TVThe sa Around 121 ......... A-I Sl00 p.m.---KVOS-TVBomb% and the Killer Leopard .... R 8:S0 p.m.--KOMO.TVN0t as a Stranzer ........... 1!:15 p.m,KOMO.TVAlibi for Murder ........... A-Y 11:85 p,m,KING.TVI Married an Angel ......... :,, A.H MONDAY, AUGUST Z7 B:80 p,m,KOMO.TVPrivate Affairs ............ A-I 1000 Jt.m.KTVV, TVGo Chase Yourself .......... A.II 1:80 p,m.--KTVW.TV Desperate , _ _ A-IX eta0 p.m.--K!NG.TV--As bang as You re Neer e (PartI) A-I| 5;30 p.m.KVOg.TV--The Night the World gxptoded ,,, NR SO0 p.m.KTVWTVFaHen Sparrow . ....... A.I! 8;S0 p,m,KTNT.TV--Torehy Gbts Her Man .......... A.I I0:00 p.m,mKTVW.TV--Jungle Catvaleade ........... NR 11:00 p,m,KTNT .TV--Wall f].ower ........... . tl:oo -our children ......... ^., 11 11:80 11:30 p'.m:ZglltO.TV'-The Big Broadcast ot 'Sl"::::;.:,, TUESDAY, AUGUIT |$ 9:30 a.m.KOMO.TV-L0ne Wolf Takes A Chance ...... A-I lO:00 a,m.KTVW.TV--By Your Leave .... NR= 1:S0 p,m.KTVW.TVFull Confession A-LI 3;80 p.m.KING.TVAa Long AS You're Near Me (Part II) 0 r A-II :S p.m.--KVOS-TV--Chtna Corsai ................. A-}[ S;00 p.m.--KTVW.TVFalItn Sparrow .............. ^.,z 10:00 p.m.KTVW.TV--Htps, Htfi Hooray ............ NR 1100 p,m.KTNT.TV-.-Stret W!th No .Name .......... AI! 11;00 p.m.--KVOS.TVmMia|rs .of Cellini ........... A'" " il;S0 p m.--KOMOTVOuteass of the Clt ......... -++J: Hidden uuns ..... A-I I!:S0 p,m.KIRO.TVThoee Were the Days ,, ........ A-! WEDN]$DAY. AUGusT $9 A+ S:80 a,m.KOMO.TV---Seerets Of a Nurse ............. S:8O p.m.--KIG-TV--JIIIia Mis.behaves ............. s,s0 p,m.KVOS.TV--Date with the Fa|con ............ a;so p.m,---KTNT-TV-Jue Girl ............ 2!+ ! !!:00 P.m.KTNT-TVIrl Trouble .................. A,i !1"00 p.m.KVOS.TV--April Showers ........... A-I 11;S0 p.m.---KOMO.TVMl|llop Dollar Ptlrult .......... A.It; Los ranet Airmen .., NR !De0 p,m.KIRO-TVThe Proud and the leautttul ,,, n THURSDAY, AUGUST 'tO B:S0 a.m.KOMO.TV8e Knew All the Answers .,, A.II 10:00 a.m.KTVW.TVH0o.Pay, rtOr LOVe . ,.., NR lt80 p,m.KTVW,TVPr01[e.alonaJ. Sw.eeteart ....... NR 8:30 p,m,KINO.Ty:--Ieep..Y09r fowler lqry .... , .... tA-I s:sO p.m,--vos.Tv--on ne Die o aamoa ...... "A: tIu- Sl00 p.m.KTVW.TVFalI.n 1arrpw _ 10:00 p.m,--KTVW.TVPow0er oge .ttange ,,.  It:00 p,m.KTNT.TV--Portrait 9f Claire .., ll:00 pm.KVOl, TVLreeny,. !ne. .... - ll:g0 p.m.KOMO.TV--Sport of Kings . AAi[ 11:30 p.m.--I(.IRO-TV--D0ffy's Tavern FBIDAY, AUGU'I' Sl 9 30 a m KOMO.TV-Ro .... A.II 10:00 .rn.mKTVW,TVSRy Giant B 1:30 p.m.KTVW,TV--The olfl.ler and the Lady .., A_-II 3:30 p.m.KING.TV--Hav a eart . ...... NR 5:30 p.m.KVOS-VWet of t!e Pecos ............ N Thls Ievlew Is SpeMerl bY Co+helle Gifts & Church oeds, Inc. Rsltgleus qeeds for th ttme, ch+rsk snd scheal. A pleasant shopping atmosphere with a lilies verb ety of rs!lQIo+l e'. &)7 Union St., SeeYP ; MUfuel 2-929 i he is most convincing when he opines, through his own crea- tures, that there are a good deal more inept priests than capable ones. But "Mores D'Urban" is the story of a death as well as a life. Father Urban, our man with a withering cause, is made provincial and his midas touch of talent that had stood him such good stead either dies or is stolen. He fails as provin- cial, and he alone knows why he fails. To this loint the book has possessed some warmth and some humor, even with the failings of the rriests. But give J. F. Powers hi s due. He has not left the read- er without reason to believe that the end would be dreary. Death is rarely a snarkling affair, any kind of death. And while we see the ability of Father Urban through the inability of the others, Powers remains the architect of mighty buildings crowded with the bungling cleric, but like his own character Father Wilfred of the Order of St. Clement, he builds with b r i c k s without straws, or clay. Catholic novels, the novel "about priests" in particular, tend to be ticklish matters. While we know that perfection is not of this world, we also know how priests can be paint- ed much larger than life by an author. With this in mind, the author's incipient pessi- mism, I recommend this work as work done by a master story teller. Perhaps he should laugh more, but then shouldn't we all? Pilgrims Walk Miles To Shrine A+ Czes+ochowa BERLIN, (NC)--Eight thou. sand pilgrims, led by 40 priests, have set out from Warsaw to walk the 125 miles to Czesto- chowa, site of Poland's most famous shrine to Our Lady, according to reports here. The pilgrims marched through the streets of the Po- lish capital with flags and ban- ners before leaving August 6, according to reports. Similar groups are going from most of Poland's larger cities. Approximately 100,000 pilgrims were expected to take part In this year's cele- bration of the feast of the As- sumption (August 15) at Czes- tochowa. SUNDAY, AUGUST 26 9:15 a.m. Sacred Heart Pro- gram, KIRO-TV, Channel 7. The Rev. Charles F. X. Do- hn, S.J., a member of the J e s u i t Missionaries of New Y o r k speaks on "Exploiting Minority Groups." l:O0 p.m. -- What's New in the Schoolhouse?, K 0 M O-T V,. Channel 4. A report on the Montessori Method for teaching retarded children will be given. The first workshop for credit sponsored by a college or university in the U.S. was conducted at Se- attle University. Included among those partic- ipating in today's program will be Rev. William Cood, S.J., professor of psychology at SU, Sister Bernard of Jesus, F.C.. S.P., teacher of l Iontessori; Sister Katherine Jean of Lake Oswego, Ore., -acher of a demonstration school at Maryl. hurst College. Films taken at SU with chil. dren in the demonstration schooh will be shown. 4:30 p.m. -- Challenge, KOMO- TV, Channel 4. The U.S. Science Pavilion at the World's Fair the theme for today's program on the re- lationship between science and religion. The three panel members are R e v. William Treacy, Rabbi Raphael Levine and Dr. Martin Goslin. A brief tour of the pa- vilion will be shown. : IS p,m.  Sacred Heart Pro- gram, KTVW-TV, Channel 13, The Ray. Francis J. Parrish, J,, professor of reli,ion at yola University in Los An- g01es s p e a l, s on "Remember Me, At Least Yo, My Friends." The Lennon Sisters sing the background music to the Ange- lus during the program. 8:15 p,m. -- KXA.Redio, Se- attle, 7:4S a.m., KWYZ-Ra- die, Everett -- Hour of St. Francis. A true story, "The Will to Live" will be hoard. How could this man, told he must spend the rest of his life in a wheel chair, find the courage not only to live but to be happy? My sentence was completed last year, but I am compelled to remain under Communist jurisdic- teen to complete my re-education. "In recent years we have been starving. Be- cause of the famine, the people here are forced to keep strict fast day in and day out. Yet, in spite of this, I have not succumbed to any disease, although I am very emaciated. God has granted all of us the grace to endure suffer- ings for His Name's sake. "As to my fidelity to the Faith, I have become even more resolute. I accept all of this as the Will of God and submit, for only in times of great hardship does one experience the greatness of the Love of Christ. I am not anxious about what will come.., all that has Hands of God. His care suffices for m. "This is the first letter that I could write to you. It may also be the last! But whether I live or die, all that matters is that God be glorified. I only hope that I may still be alive to witness a springtime for the Church in China. The harvest is ripe; the way is prepared. We await the coming of Christ," Holy Father's missions. He may use this where- ever he feels it will do the most good." . . . to J.J.S. for $5 "Put this on account, for future services of an 'attorney' to plead my case be- fore the Divine Judge." . . . to A.F.C. for $1 "This small gift is given in thanksgiving for the most wonderful girl in the world." . . . to Anonymous for $1 "For the love of Him Who died for the love of us." At a loss for gift suggestions? Turn them into a gain for The Society for the Propagation of the Faith by selecting our smart cuff-link sets (oval or square), tie clasp or ladies' charm. Made of gold-colored Hamilton finish with the raised insignia of the Society, these items are ideal for seminarians, class awards, any and all giving. Specify the items you desire, enclose a minimum offering of $3 for each piece and send your name and address to The Society for The Propagation of the Faith, 366 5th Ave., New York I, N.Y. Cut Get this ealumn, pin your saerlfiee to it attd mail it te Most Roy. Fulton J. Sheen, National Dh'eter ef the Soetety for the Propa- gation ef the Faith. g |th Avenue, New York 1, N.Y., or year Archdiocesan Director, Rev. Stephen SNmaa, 9e7 Terry Avenue, Seattle 4. IIEADLINES AND DEADLINES: Boy Killed At Berlin Wall (Continued from Page 1) ing the cause of humanity an(' justice and freedom when we made no effort to save even one victim cf Red sav- agery? Have we reached a point where ostentatious concern for universal humanity in general has obliterated solicitude for the individual? It is, indeed, as Secretary of State Rusk has called it, a Wall of Shame. The deeper significance of the brutal act was that the Communists were using a hu- man being as a decoy to test the West and possibly to induce an incident for propaganda pur- poses. At the same time it was a warning to East Ber]iners to further cow them into submis. sion. It was a kind of brain- washing resembling many previous incidents which par- alyzed the West into immobil- ity. It was for the Commu- nists merely another small advance in their cold war strategy, even though it cost a human life. But what is a human being in the eyes of atheistie Communists? They had defied the West, and the West again backed down. All this is patently part and parcel of planned pressure tac- tics of the Kremlin to oust the West from Berlin. This is fur- thor evidenced by ',he audacity of the Soviets this week in de- manding that the "":t restore order in West Eerlin and offi- cially protesting the behavior of West Berliners whom they aroused in the first place. So what has the West done about it? It has reached a deci- sion to talk some more, and try to cajole the Soviets into sweet reasonahleness. We are apparently not ashamed to admit officially that we are "far behind" the Soviets in the space race, when that is certainly a debatable question, but we are not ready to admit that we are definitely losing the cold war. The Communist break-through was not in outer space; it was at the Berlin Wall. Unprecedented At deadline, headline nmvs is that after grave and profound Legion Of Decency First Run Movies Showing in Seattle A-l--Music Man, Five Weeks In a Baleen, El Cid. A-2--Spiral Road. A-3--Notorious Landlady. Condemned--The Lovers. Other Movies Currently Showing A-I--The Warriors, The Brave One, Road to Hong Kong, Big Red, Jack the Giant Killer, Moon Pilot, Errand Boy, Follow That Dream, Cash On Demand, Bon Voyage, Opera- tion Mad Bail. A-2--Pocketfull of Miracles, Geronimo, Premature Burial. A-3--West Side Story, Happy Thieves, View From the Bridge. B--Bus S top, Let's Make Love. Separate Classification--Ad- I vise and Consent. consultetions among Allied commandants in West Berlin a decision was reached to take action. Any sort of action to thwart the Communists is almost un- pr.e,edented, but this one is so mik that it raises some doubt if it can be called anti-Commu- nist action. It morel,, provides for readying an ambulance at the Wall to aid any future East German refugee who might get himself wounded in an escape attempt. Even the snggestion that the West might send men ito the barricades to save any poor yictim like the one last Friday has caused apprehension and trepidation, because this might create an incident. Presumably, ws are afraid we may provoka the displeas- are of the Soviets, or perhaps even offend or anger them. Well, sooner or later an inca- dent will only it will not come too later When Secretary Rusk denied that the U.S. has adpted a no-win program, ha may have been objecting to the repug- nant terminology, but a policy by any other name would be equally reprehensible and disastrous. The way it looked from here, the Soviets were guilty of cal- lous murder but the West stands convicted of vascillation in the face of a moral issue. Dutch Yield Another illustration of the UN throwing its weight around, again supported by the U.S., is the result of arm-twisting which resulted last week In the Netherlands agreeing to Su- karne's demand that West New Guinea be given to Indonesia. This, of course, is in har- mony with UN opposition to "colonialism," also dose to the heart of freedom.loving Khrush. chev. The so-called negotiated set- tlement was actually accept. ance of a plan submitted by Ellswerth Bunker, a retired U.S. State Department official, who, in some unexplained fash- ion, got into the act and be. came a mediator to adjust the differences between the two countries. It was really not an adjust- ment of differences at all, but a device to persua le the Neth- erlands to accept Sukaruo's demands as painlessly and gracefully as possible. Curiously enough, nobody seems to have raised the is- sues that the 750,000 Pa.paans of New Guinea are In no manner related to the Indone- eions racially or culturally, that they were not consulted about the prospect of being handed over to Indonesia, and that the UN has taken juris. diction without their consent. When Indonesia sent troops into New Guinea nobody in the UN seemed to consider this invasion or nggress|on, much less an effort to acquire a colony. The reaction in The Hague was fairly well summarized by a Dutch cabinet minister who said, "We were forced into it against our will and against everything we honor. We are ashamed." Why the U.S. was so deeply invoied and so solidly behind Snkamo's demands is not clear. Some say it was to keep Su: karno from slipping into Communist camp. almllllllllalllllll i n I ----m+ 11111111111111111111111111111111 for that smart look in olasses look to Bring yOUP eya do+or's prescription +o us a+ any Sherman Optical Ioea+]en and qe+ your younqs+er off +e a good sfart +his semesfer. She cerfalnly will enjoy +he comfor of precision ground, Bausch & Lomb Lenses, perfec+ly tiffed ;nto Guild Fashiened Frames. Try on +hls eyewear and see. Available at . . . Dewntewn, 325 4+h & P;ks Bldg, MA. 2.74|8 Univarslty. 1301 N.E. 4S*h S+reot ME. 3-3710 l|allard, 1701 N.W. k4arket Sroo SU. 4.0700 hrlea, $.W. 144th and Amlsoum CH. 2-4737 I i I I I I I am sorry, and say no more about her, that's enough, Why should I tell my brothers I lled? They think very highly of me, so hy Iurt myselt and run the rik o t them bring angry at me? Alter all, they know by now how dumb and stupid she is, yOUR LETTER reminds me of the story they tel! about a certain colorful character attending an old-type revivalist meeting, at the end of which the "converted" were to come up in front, publicly con- fess their sins, and pledge future fidelity to God. Mter this character had launched into his confession, the preacher suddenly stepped up and stopped him with the words: U' "Brother, you ain't confessin', yo re brlq gin'!" Frankly, I find it hard to believe that any mature Christian woman could have any ious doubts about her strict obligations ia thl situation you describe. According to your own testimony yo lied about your to other mmberl of the family until you succeeded in destmyilql FR. THOMAS her reputation among them so that they all refuse to 3peak to her. This false situation now persists beeeuse of your lies, ud 0nly you can change it. It is patently hypocritical to speak of feeling charity for h' in your heart, or of making a good confession and telling God "--arit .... good you are sorry. What can such terms as cn y; cem. Cession," and "sorry" mean in this context if you refuse to make use of all the means at your disposal to undo some of the evil consequences of your hate-inspired actions? It will cost you something, of course; you may indeed ev have some little experience of the type of suffering Id!a tll have endured as the result of your falsehoods. Last Things Pirst et considering your problem from the viewpoint of rist, it may be putting last things first to start with con about restitution. As the last line of your letter graphically in. dicates, you still harbor the black, cancerous evil of hate withl you, and unless you undergo a radical change of heart, ae thing you do will amount to nothing more than external whit- washing, of little avail for the salvation of your soul, There is a frightening realism in the teaching of Christ. Lit us Christians not fool ours'elves, either we practice charity in thought, word, and deed, or, in the words of St. John, the beloved Apostle, we are liars in calling ourselves Christians. Indeed, the great Apostle goes further. "We know that we have passed from death to life, beeau we love the brethren. He who does not love abides in death. Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer. And you Imew that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him" (I John, 3:14.15). In these words, St. John is merely re-echoing the final mlv age of Our Lord to His Disciples after the Last Supper: "A new commandment I give you, that you love o another; that as I have loved you, you also love one anoth, By this will all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another" (John, 13:4. $). The practice of charity demands constant self-discipline-qul a Christian, I am not free to think or say or do what I but my inclinations, drives, impulses, aims and aspirations mult be checked, curbed and regulated in terms of my obligatiov1 to others. In this sense, I am not my own master, for the right o others constantly challenge the free disposition of myselfI am caught in a web of demanding relationships that restrain ma at every turn. Thus charity requires a humility and abandonmen,t of sal *.hat is a kind of death to self: "Unless the seed fall into the ground and dle, Jt shll net produce fruit." This lesson is difficult to learn, so we seek escapes multiplying prayers, devotions or service we happen m like rath than humbly discriplining ourselves and acting like Christians. The latent hypocrisy implied in such actions has plagued Christ- ians from the beginning. Perhaps because of the intimacy involved, ones love turns to hate in family relationships, no failures of charity become as destructive enduring and bitter. ............................. . ......... Am __ Europe - Rome. Holy Land SPOKAHE DIOCESAH SECOHD VATICAN COUNCIL PILGRIMAGE la there for the ope,lng, Octall+r 11th, 1962, with soma 11,1100 Illskops, almost all the Cardills ead Palm Jeha XXIII Hlmmlf. SPOKANE DIOCESAN TOUR under fha Isadershlp ef Hit Excallency, the )dOlt Roy. Bernard J, Topel, D.D., Ph.O,, who will aC0mpeny e pll- qrlmaqt through Its tour of Lourdes end In Rome Itself. From thon on. the tur wlll be unllr fhll liSle'lion af Father John P. Denntlly, edl- tot ef the INI.AND R!iGISYEIt. Spoklal dlosesan newspaper. + INCLUDING: Rome,... Parls-,alre,-J,e rdes,+ Fetime-,,Lldnx-- Jumlm,.--Ibtklekem.-. Nm, IIIkall 'repel + @U!l)llP TOUR en the Way el the Cm=, lh M @alilee, (aim tad ti Plm!mld$ aad aphis=. Plus examleadea of the Dead Sea Seralle ply New Pay L!dr- Lra As Llltlo At 10% 0earn DNdIlal r, pln|d Pqyment, &ept. 1, 1962 Seed GeuPes FI!!l Printed Ilrochure Grtmp Rate $1134 N.Y. te N.Y., InsludN Air & Land Yravel. Netels, Me Meals & Tears. 14AMI ............................... AD|glSi ........................ I .... et tt ....e.s tt t tat ttt tat tett**t (Mal ta Vatlum Ceunll Pllsflmlh Ch Bldll,, S. 317 Hawud St., Spekut 4 Walk,