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August 16, 1901     Catholic Northwest Progress
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August 16, 1901

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THE CATHOLIC PROGRESS. ii using an elevator, azt(1 thus insures _ +....,,,o u)q safety to the young 1)eel)Is tu attend- :._., .,:; ................................................................ . g ,m&, ante. 1 ilfis school students are taught actual business from the start, each student ........  ......... ;., .... being engaged in business for himself, and taught to conduct It according to the most approved modern methods. A course in this department gives the ......................  student a thorough training as an ac- Thh.d A.venHe theater opens next I Mrs. John Qtflnn is visiting her countant from the simplest forms of Sunday evening. See the announce- / daughter, Mrs] Mitchell, in Ellensburg. single and double-entry bookkeeping ment in these columns, l up to and including banking, shipping ,  Mrs. l)r. Swooner and daughters are and commission, corporation and Joint Tickets for the orphans' picnic were camping on the east side of Lake stock company bookkeeeping, and the furnished by W. B. Jenkins and the Washington. Voucher Method. firm of McRae & l h'anigan. In the Shorthand Department a class * * On July 28 there was born a son to Wednesday afternoon tim clflldren's Mr. and Mrs. Henry Herkem'ath in of energetic students is engaged In sottklity of the Sacred Heart church Dawson, Alaska. the study of the "winged art." Thtty met for instructions in the school room , , , are learning not only shorthand by the and a very pleasant and profitable aft- Mr. Edward C. Cheasty leaves for best system extant, but typewriting ernoon was spent. New York on a business trip the lat- by the latest methods, in which stu- ter part of the week. dents learn to operate machines with Because six l||mth'ed teachers imve . blank iteyboax:ds. In addition to this, gone to Manila to teach in tl|e schools] M.T. Price arrived last week from they receive instruction In business I h  'Dawson, N W 'l" and has gone to his of t e Philippine islandh it does not .... " letter writing, mimeographing, maul- mean they have not had schools for-]mines at Mmmt Baker. t'olding and also various points neces- merly, but that titezimve not had] * * * saw fox" a first-class stenographer. k: . . . . , English schools. ' J J. . Btanlgan left today for an out. Although procuring positions is not s . ing at Montesano. On his way he will really a part of the work o f the school The beautiful silk hand-painted ban- attend the carnival at Tacoma. yet the demand for the graduates of ner of the Seattle College is on exhl- the 7institution.has been so great that bitten in the show window of the Jen- Mr. H. L. Harding, bookkeeper" for they have been :unable to supply the kins Shoe company, 519 Second ave- the Galbraith-Bacon company, has demand for first-class stenographers sue. This banner was painted and gone to Index for a week's vacation, and bookkeepers. During the past presented to the college by the Sis- * * * week they have had an application for ters of the Holy Names academy, and T.J. McAuley, a member of the a stenographer In a railway office in i certainly a magnificent piece of board of examiners of horseshoers, is Spokane, another for a large business work and reflects great credit on the attending the celebration in* Olympia. Office In Port Townsend, besides from .sisters in this line of art. s two or three business firms in this city, , , . Mr. T. F. Walsh, maviager for the which they have been unable to flli for "The City of New York," a big American Tea company on Pike stret 506 PIKE STREET. the reason that their graduates are scenic production of a mole-drama that has gone to San Francisco to visit rel- hts found favor in the East, will be Qtlves. all employed at present, so far as they A Full Line of General and know. The principals of the school the opening attraction at the Third * * The story "Farina" is concluded in make no charge for assisting students Avenue theater for the preliminary this issue. It was crowded out last to secure posltions, being only too glad season 1901-02, next Sunday night, Aug- week. The first part appeared August to help worthy and competent students ust 18. The play is one of the best 2 [t is worth rereading, to get a start in llfe. of its kind, being a quick-actlon picture If any of our readers think of enter- of city life. Probably owing to the Mr. L. M. Morrin begs to anpounce ing business life, we should advise expense of the production the play has that its has resigned all coffnection them to write to Messrs. McDaren & never been on the coast before. The with The Catholic Progress since the Thompson, the managers of this Third Avenue production will embrace 20th of July. school, for further particulars. leading actors from the three compa- . . nies under the management of Russell Mr. Oscar Pipet', who itas been serf THE WHITE MAN'S BURDEN. & Drew. There are several new scenes ousiy ill at the Seattle General hos- in the play that will attract attention, pital, ts improving and will soon be on What is the white man's burden? particularly that of Grant's tomb at the street again. Does destiny demand Riverside, New York. ' * His back be laden higher "Dewey, the Hero of Manila," will J.A. McDonald has gone to Olympia By every dusky hand? fJllow "The City of New York." to attend the annual picnic of the Am I my brother's keeper, Or keeper of his land? blacksmiths and horseshoers tomor- row. It is their national holiday. What is the white man's burden? APRON FESTIVAL. Is it the mounting flood Get an apron. For the purpose of Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Daley, one of the Of treasure, vain to vanquish reducing the debt on the Sacred Heart proprietors of a large hotel at Butte, The titles of patriot blood, While out' supremest jewel church an apron festival will be held Mont., passed through Seattle on their Is trampled in the mud? August 21 to 24 Inclusive in the base- wedding tour. They are en route to ment of the church, Sixtti and Bell Alaska. What is the white man's 1)urden street. . That weighs upon iris sleep? To hear the hundreds dying? Admission free. All are Invited to Tickets fox' the orphans' picnic, to To see the thousands weep? attend, be hehl at Madrona park Monday, Sop- Oh, wanton war that haunts him! tcmber 2, can be purchased at the Oh, seed that he must reap! Ftr$0nal mtmJ0n Jenkins' Shoe company, 519 Second What is the white man's burden-- avenue. The burden of hls song * That once was "Peace and Justice; Mr. Thomas reran has returned The weak beside the strong?" Miss E(tith Collins is spending her from the Kettle Creek mining district He falters in the singing vacation at West Seattle. and reports the Hester Mining corn- At memory of the wrong. pany's properties among the best in What though our vaunt of freedom Miss Adrienne Langer is at Colby the Cascades. Must evermore be mute, this week visiting friends, t . # And the trading of men's vices Drag both below the brute; * Mrs. H. M. Prince, who has been Go bribe new ships to bring it-- Mr. and Mrs. James Easier returned very ill, has mtfficiently recovered to to Seattle last Tuesday. Tim white man's burden--loot! . go to the Great Northern Hot Springs. --Robert U. Johnson. She will remain there a month to re- Father Murphy of Portland was in the city a few days this week. gain her accustomed strength. 8tory of the Origin of "Flower of the , , , Water Fairy." .......... Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Pessemler are Once upon a time there lived in China two orphan brothers. The elder Miss Abbie Spau]ding is visiting rejoicing over the arrival of a fine boy. brother, though lie had the larger with friends at Moretly, Wash. This is a good time to start with the share of the estate left them, seized * * century. May he outlive it and be a the best part of the younger's, lear. Mrs. Prince, who has been so ill at conspicuous part of its good history, ing him but a few acres of rocky, us- Providence hospital, is convalescing. , . fruitful soil. The younger brother bore the greediness of the elder until ' The Misses Nagle, formerly of Butte he was overcome with poverty and oooooooooe and Helena, Mont., who have beencon- hunger. Then he threw himself on  ao,oooooooo ductlng the dining room at the Lln- the ground and lay there bewailing his  coln, Fourth and Madison, have sold cruel fate. Suddenly he heard a sweet New  their interest to Mrs. Baker, who will voice calling his name Opening his eyes, he saw a fairy bending over ltenceforth conduct a cafe. The Miss- him, who bade him arise, saying; "Thy o e; Nagle will remain in Seattle. patience has been great and now great : Business Firm : shall be thy reward. Thou shall find : In Town Mrs. P. R. Ritchie,'nee Emma Alh riches and fame beneath the soil O  who left here a year ago for Dawson where thy head rested. To reach and was married there last January the treasure will be no neasy task, but be again patient and persevering. Rest  has returned to Seattle to spend a not until thou hast found that which 84-86 West Washington Street.  month or so. Mr. Ritchle will arrive shall cause thee to be honored and Phone James 591.  here about the first of October and loved for a thousand generations.,,  togetimr they will make a tour of Then the fairy vanished, and the  South. returning here the first of the young man rubbed his eyes and logke d "The .C J Kelly  year. Mrs. Ritchle Is well known hero about him. His rocky ground was still as a vocalist, there, but he was Jnbilant with a new- found hope and courage. For many l O  ACME BUSINESS COLLEGE. found a flower bulb, Believing in the; o  Quietly but eA'fectively the work of t alry's promise, he planted the bulb; : Stationery C. : re, ,,u+,o. ,. on .o0 nourished It until from It there'i : ---- -- tJ vve : ill (tilt business colleges. The Acme grew a flower more delicately sweet! and fair than had ever been seen be-I Bustness college is, without doubt, one fore. Hundreds of people came to see D S of the host on the coast. It is thor- the new flower. Other bulbs sprung D Printing, Ruling, Binding, Blank : oughly equipped and up-to-date, from its roots, and the young man's P J Books, Engraving, Embossing,  The school is very conveniently 1o- name anti bulb patch soon became fa- J mous, for the flower would not grow w IAthogravure. cated, being on the second floor of in any other part of China, and riches Ballard. the Chapln block, corner of Second and honor came to him. He named Roy. A. J. Bourke, Rector. @ ::i." and Pike streets, and is thus conven- his treasure the "Shuey Seen Fiah," Sundays: High Mass at 10 a. m..- Patronage Solicited, lent of access as regards street car or "Flower of the Water Fairy," ,a Thursdays: Rehearsals at 3:80 p. m. service. Its location on the second name it has ever since borne, though Saturdays: Catechism at 2:80 p. m. we call tt simply the "Chinese Llly." SICK CALL : eeoeoooooooooo floor does away with the necessity of St. Louis Hotel Reporter. elephone Providence It.spiral, Seattle. The Pessimist. Nulhh]g Io do but work, Nolhlng 1o eat but food. Nolhlng to wear bill clothes To k-r l) frollJ gohlg tllLde. Nolhing to breathe but ah', Quhd as a flash 'lls gon,!; Nowhere l:o fall but off, Nl,WbPr(! lo staud bill on. Nollling to comb but: hah', Nowhel'( |o sleep but Ill bed, Nothing tn weep but: tears, Nothing to bury but dead. Nothing lo sing but songs, Ah. well, ahts! alack! Nowhere to go bul: out, Nowhere to come but back, Nolhlng i* see but sights, Nothlpg to qneneh but thlrsI, Noihhlg to have but what we've got; Thus thro' life we are qursed. Nothhlg to strike but a gait: Everything moves that goes, Nothing at all but: common sense Oan ever wllhsiand these woes --Ben King Mrs. Farmer--I have several odd jobs I want done. Weary Will y--T'anks, Mum! If I see any odd tramps I'll send 'era round. --Puck. Third Avenue Theatre W. M. ltUSSILL, Manager. Pllone, Main 567. Prices 20-30-40-50 cents. Week Commencing Sunday Night, August 18th, The Great Scenic Drama, The City of New York Presented by a specially selected com- pany. Sale of seats ommences Saturday at 10 a. m. Ernst Bros. Builders' Hardware PLUMBING OUR SPECIALTY. Plumbing and Tinning Contractors. Rubber Hose, Lawn Mowers and Pumps. Quick Meal Ranges. Phone Green 72. SEATTLE. Phone (Automatic) 168. CATHOLIC DIRECTORY Of the Diocese of Nesqually. (Dloeesls Nesqualliensis,) Comprising the State of Washington. Established May 81, 180. Area m square miles, 66,680. Estimated Cathollo popula- tion in 10, 42,000. Right Rev. Edward John O'Dea, D. D., Bishop of Nesqually; cons. Sept. 8, 1896-- Res.. Cathedral, Vancouver, Wash. Former Bishops--Right Rev. A. M. A. Blanchet, cons. Bishop of Walla Walla, Sept. 27, 1846; trans, to Nesqually May 31, 1850; resigned 1879; made Bishop of Ibora; died Feb. 25, l87.--Rlght Rev. Aegtdlus Jun@r, D. D.. ,one. Oct. 28. 1879; died Dec. 26, 1895. Vicar General--Very Rev. P. Hylebos, Re., Tacoma, Wash. Chancellor and Secretary--Roy. Felix Vorwllghen, J. C. B., Res., Vancouver, Wash. Diocesan Consultors--Revs. C. Claessons, M. Flohr, Win. Dwyer, J. B. Boulet, Chas. DeDecker0 H. J. Van de Ven. Deans--Very Roy. P. Hylebos0 V. G., Very Roy. F. X. Prefontalne, Very Roy. M. Kau'ten, Very Rev. M. Flohr. Defensor Matrlmonll--Very Rev. P. Hyle- bos, . G. Promoter Flsoalls--Rev. A. L. Verhagen. SEATTLE CHURCH DIRECTORY. Immaculate Conception Church. Broadway and Madison Streets. Attended by Jesuit Fathers. Rev. A. Sweere, S. J., Rooter. REGULAR SERVICES. Sunday. Low Mass at 7:30 and 8:30 a. m. High Mass at 10:30 a. m. Sunday Sohool, 2:) p. m. Sodsllly Meeting. 7:30 p. m. Evening Services, 7:30 p. m. Week Days. Mass at 6:30 and 8:80 a. m. Church of Our Lady of Good Help. oeated at Corner Fourth and Washing- ton Streets. Rev. F. X. Prefonaine, Rooter. REGULAR SERVICES. Sunday. Low Mass at 8 a. m. High Mass at 10:30 a. m.. Catechism and Children's Instruction at 8 p. a. Evening services at 7 p. m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mass at 7a.m, Sacred Heart Church. Coruer Sixth and Bell Streets. It,,. Gee. A. IIlld, C. SS. R., Rector. Assistants: Rev. N. A. Miller, C. SS. R., Rev IL Schnm, C. SS. It., and Roy. Rich- ard O'Regnn, C. SS. R. REGULAR SERVICES. Sunday. Low Mass at 6 and 8 a. m. HLgh Mass and Sermon at 10:30 a. m. Children's Mass, 9:15. Sunday School after Children's Mass. Week Days. Mass every morning a 6 a. m. and 8:lg Parish Societies. Children's Sodality meets at 8:80 on the second Wednesday of each month. Young Ladies' Sodality mests at 8 p. m. 4th Sunday each month. Married Ladies' Sodality meets 8:30 p. m. 1st Wednesday each montk. A. J. Specked ATTORNEY-AT-LAW CIVIL AND CRIMINAL PRACTICe. FEES REASONABLE. Deeds, Wills, Leases, Mortgages and Powers of Attorney prepared. Celled. tions attemled to. Consultations Free Office Itours--9 a. m. to 8 p. m. Room "B," Arlington Hotel, over Post- office. Telephone Main 926. WANTED-A boy belonglag to the New*- boys' Union t.o sell the Catholic Progress. C'all 9 n. In. Satnrday. SANITARY PLUMBING A Specialty. HOUSE DRAINAGE Put in Properly. CLOSE ESTIMATES On All Contracts. D. B. Spilman o. Pralieal Pluml)rs 6asllller$ Steam and Hot Water Heating, Telephone Black 1621. 215 Columbia St. Seattle, Wash. ACME BUSINESS COLLEGE (LASSES AI',I, SUMMIR. t or. S(.ond Ave. and Pike St. M('LAltI,:N & 't'II()MSON, l'rlncll)als. 6albraith, Ba0. g0mpam/ Dealers in: HAY, GRAIN, I,'I,OUR and FEEl), LIMI]I, I'LASTER and CEMENT. Telephones--Grain Co., Maln 525; Dock, Main 526; Itesldenee, Phlk 771. Office and .Warehouse.....Galbraith DOCk Fool Madls,u Street, Seattle, Wash. Telephone Black 721. C. C. FILSON GENTS' FURNISHING GOOOS. 903 First Avenue. Washington Electric Supply & Mantel ...... A.R. PINKNEy. Manager. Mantels, tiles, grates, dynamos, motor repalrlng, and combination flxture, house wh'lng, gas mantels, chim- neys, lamps, etc. 71'6 Thlrd Avs Phone, Maln T41. UBSCRIBE For the alb01i - - Pr000r$$ ubscriptions $1 a Year Tr,b l00a00l Dellaries and Provisions 0.r Sptdalfle$ Pnone BUFP 72 A. PRUDHOMMEAUX gash Illat marlin 321 Plks St. $ali1, Ulasb. Estanlished 1891 Seattle Woolen 00ill Manufacturer of WOOLEN GOODS. Pioneer Alaska Clothing Makers. Office and Warehouse, 1117 First Ave., bet. Spring & Seneca, SEATTLE. WASH. The Keeley Institute For the Cure of IAQUOIt. M(HtI'IIIN, OPIUM and TOIACt;O addictions. The only -eeley lnstltule In Washington or British Cohlnlbla. (]. T. CASTLI,L Mall, ager, office 30 Sulllwn Bhl. Tel., Main 335. INSTITUTE, KIIbonrne Ave., tnke Green I,ske car. Tel., l,ake 546. All Correspondence Strictly Confidential. JOHN J. POWER GENERAl. CONTRACTOR. Box 4, Builders' Exchange, N. Y. Blk. Residence, 813 Tenth Ave., Seattle. Telephone Pink 1041. Gas Ranges @et Free o of Charge WHY DO THE PEOPLE OF SEA*ILU - PATRONIZE 00lolm . )ign Because He Carries the Bt Line of .llr, Rnd gramr00/ 60ods In the tate 822 Western Ave. Seattle, W tlAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW - l00.rli$ $1.d|0 DWNS BLOCK 706 Second AVID. Tel. Blue 341 Office Felitz Tent & Awning O. D. McGOVERN, Sv$$or Co J. 1,. Kahaley GENERAL DRAYAGE. SEATT],I,;, WASII. AN ENI)OWMI'.'NT POLICY ;n the MUTUAI, I,II'E INS. C() OF N. Y. Is the Very bcst investment you could make j. P. Lavin Spl, Aft. MUTUAI, IAFE BUILI)IN( 00LAY[[llJOLI00 Every People are learnlag ' that when they get /' glasses of us they a | "h,+l rlght--foctls, flnllh , "  price--everything. ,/t , Thousands testllt "'" to otlr ability. Spo all--t 708 Second Avenue. 00itb Os For Househohl Goods. Large Stoek at Lowest Posslble p#lees. Trederic00 IRIs0n Rialto BIok, $ali1. SEATTLE' GREAT PAPER The Dally, Sunder, Wsekly (P s'"' P I.' as & Electric Co 66 ,, 214 Cherry '. : : : Phone Main 96 Prayer Books We carry all the dif- ferent kinds--Key of Havana, Manual of Prayers, Sacred Heart Manual. Children's Prayer Books a Specialty. We also carry a large line of ROSARY BEADS. Lowman & Hanford, Stationery and Printing Co. 616 FIRST AVENUE (Pioneer Squara) John W. Roberts. M.D. Lecher. ROBERTS & LEEHEY, Lawyers, 704 New York Block, Seattle, Wash. Main 385. THE POST.INTELLIGENCER Dally Post.lntel$1en(er. t.,,,...,, ts Publishes the fullest tele- ''. graphic news fl'om all parts  (Lof the world. All the state and local news. Dally and Sun- day edltlon, 75c per month. 00nd+y Post-lntelll00lencer. +o I The largest and most com- plete Sunday paper north of $ an Francisco. Special de- i partments of literature, of fasltlon, of women's news. Sunday edition, $2.00 per year. 12 to )t WeeXly P0st.lntellqeA(er. p,,,,.,,,, All the news of the week In concise, detailed form. The Weekly Post-Intslligen- | eSP 'S t, cheapest ,l)d best ,@! weekly on the Pacific coast. Ask for special premium of- f" fers. Weekly edition, $1.00 per year. Sample Copi| Free. Write For 0. ALL POSTMAsTERS WILL TAKE SUBSCRIPTIONS. Post-lntelll@n(er (0., Seattle, W00sh. S. P. W(STON, 8nslnesa Mansget. -,A .) , . , , : . J