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August 16, 1901     Catholic Northwest Progress
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August 16, 1901

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r FHE CATHOLIC PROGRESS. 7 Pr000ress ,,.o.o,...,,, .., alb01i Forcs..00 I.ct ,,ion,Icy i}c ,.hii, Is the Official Organ of the evcni]lg. Chi(q" ]{allgor Ford pl'esidcd, ple to Sl)tlre no 1)trills to convi,.t the YOUNG MEN.. INSTITUTE The USlHd routine of 1}llsiness was distul'bcrs, who were very lUU(,,h fright- For the Nortllwestern Jurisdiction, com- prising Oregon, Washington, ]dahq, Men: g(}n(: through, ened by i)cing dragged into (.curt. All tans ryomlng British Co|unola an(] Two trann[er car(Is Wel'(? act(d Ill}On. (he (Icf(Hl(tlllltS w(q'e cllil(Irell of good ,laska. , ' - admitting B|'other Masscy (it' St. So- families and it was their first (}ll'cnne. Supreme Representative bastian's Court No. 602. lesselner, "icy caluli(lly admitted they laughed Francis A. Garrecht, 3Valla Walla, :n. Mich.. and 1]rother Alfred 1,. Char- out in (.hurch, anti the State insinted GRAND' OFFICERS, 1900o1902. lau(t of St. ,lonel)h's Court No. :171, 'that 1)y their own mouths tile)' Wel'( , Grand Chaplain, at. Rev E. J O'Dea, Bishop of Neequally, Vancouver, Wash.; Stilhvater, Minn. icondenlncd. Brother Tice Sl/earn, a Gra.nd President. /_.H. Weber, Wallva" The picnic for the orphans bn Labor righteous man of a Puritanic tyl)e, Walla, Wash.; First vice resleen[, e J. A. Fauste, Cheney, Wash. ; Grand Sec- day was dincusse(]. The conlnlittce re- was the main pronccuting witness. ]Ic retary, A. J. Bookmyer, Seattle, Vasi}. ; rand Treasurer, Frauk :[lcl'ney, Walls' ported having deci$1cd upon Madrona had conducted the services, an(1 he Walla, Wash. ; Grand Marshal, Noel Col- park as the place. Sul)commlttees testified that his peace was sadly dis- [In, Nanalmo, B. C. ....... were named and tickets distributed, turbed by the unseemly hchavior of GRAND DIRECTORS. Ch0Arman, John F. Smith, .Kaml.oops, The financial secretary rel)orted the the 'rioters.' After he tohl bis story B. C.; James Casey, Walla Waha, wash.; condition of the court very satisfae- in chief he nat down with clasped B. Brown, Spokane, Wash.; R. F. Me- Ctoskey, Rossland, B. C.; T. J. lvers, Se- tory. hands waiting for the defendants' at- attle, Wash. The new rituals are being sent out torney to llegin on him. He didn't COUNCILS OF NORTHWESTERN by Supreme President F. J. Kierce of have long to wait. The examination JURISDICTION, San Francisco. These rituals will cer- hegan like this: tainly give satisfaction, as they are " 'Brother Spears. led you the meet- Colmcil. Location. No. in' last night?' Portland--Portland, Oriegon .............. 56 nn inlprovenlent over the old ones. " 'I did, sir.' ane--Spokane , Wash ................. hers--Victoria, B. C .................... otensVtctoria, B. C ........ ........... 501 Brother Peter Henry" is out again at- " 'You prayed?' St. Michael--,Valla Valla, Wash ........ 300 President, T. E. Mason: Secretary, tending to business. " 'I did, sir.' .......... --Wellington, B. C ................ 14 " 'And preached?' Sobry, Nan,.line, B. C., No 128--Meets every alternate Sunday. President, T. Lot every member of Seattle coun- " 'I tried to.' Gouthro; secretary, Noel Collin. 155 .. ........ --Vancouver, .  ................ cil, Y. M. I., arrange to attend the next " 'And sung?' lnion--Whacom, Wash ................. 16Z Seattle--Seattle, Wash ................... 492 regular meeting, August 22. Grand " '] sung.' ,...,a,r,e , ,I. P. Lavtn ,' .Secretary' Dr. ,, D.Buck'lev Meets every 'Ihursday even- President W. H. Weber will be pros- 'What (lid you sing?' ing In A. O. U. W. Hall, Pioneer ]Hock. " Ravallt--Butte, Montana ................. 104 ent. Let ns give him a welcome be- '"There is a Fountain Filled With Royal City--New Westminster, B. C....301 ]iRmloops--Kamloops, B. C:....:,: .... .A:52 2 fitting a brothel" who is making every Blood, sir." President, J. M. Meuormlca; ec. neu,, sacrifice to stir up increased interest "Here Mr. Dysart pulled a hym E. W. Morris; Cor. Sea,, J. F. Smith. Lake, B. C ........... 16 in our society, hook from his pocket and handed it .......... --Astoria, oregon ................ to the witness with the remark: Rossland--Rossland, B. C ................. 645 President, J, W, Cusack; Secretary, W, Grand President Weber of the North- " 'Please turn to that song, Brother P, Turner, .....  west Jurisdiction, Y. M. I., begins a Spears.' CATHOLIC ORDER OF FORESTERS. circnit of the councils of this jurisdic- "The witness did so. STATE OFFICE]----'S 1901-1903. tion next week. If the councils will "'That's what you sang that night?' State Chief Ranger, J. J. Dairy, pokane, be so kind as to at once send me no- " 'It is, sir.' d, Wash ; State Vice-Chief Ranger, J. T. tier of time of meetings it will greatly ': 'Well, stand up and sing it now, if Reilly, Unlontown, Wash. ; State Secretary, accommodate the grand president in you please.' H. L. Crosby, Tacoma, Wash. ; Stale Treas- urer, T. C. Fields, Everett, Wash. arranging his tour. Return postals "'What!' State Trustees---J. A. Fradette, Tacoma, were mailed from this office for this " 'You heard what I said, Brother Wash. ; Win. Walsh, Everett, Wash. ; T. J. ! information a week ago. Spears.' ]vers, Seattle, Wash.. International Delegate--q'. J. ]vers, Se-  " 'But I can't sing before this sort attle, Wash. Brother W. J. Ryan, who left this of crowd." SEATTLE. city for Minneapolis a few weeks ago, " 'Brother Spears,' with much ap- Nesqually Court No. 1141 meets second writes us that "Minneapolis is not in it parent imltgnation, 'do I understan( and fourth 'f ll sdaws at Union Hall, Pa- cific Block. J.C. Ford, Chief Ranger; Gee. with the Queen City of the Sound." that you refuse to furnisb legitimate W. Houston, Recording Secretary, No. 213 We congratulate the brother on his evidence to this jury?' Seventeenth avenue, good judgment of thrift as exemplified "' 'No---no--but, you see'-- W. C. O.F. ia Seattle. " 'Your Honor.' Mr. Dysart. 'I Chief Ranger ...... Margaret Graves insist that the witness shall sing the Vice Chief Ranger ..... Margaret Grow song referred to just as he did on the Rec. Sec .......... Elizabeth Ferguson WHEN FATHER RODE THE GOAT. night of the alleged disturbance. It Fin. Sec .................. Belle Grant J It is a part of our evidence and very Treasurer. ............. Teresa Flynn Tire house is full of arnica Meets first and third Tuesday of And mystery profound; important. The reason for it will be disclosed later on.' eech month in Union Hall, Pacific We do not dare to run about "There was a long jangle between Block. Or make the slightest sound; the lawyers and the court finally or- TACOMA, WASlt. We leave the big piano shut dered the witness to get up and sing. Olympia Court No. 928--Ch|ef Ranger, And do not strike a note: "'And mind you, Brother Spears,' James F. O'Brien; Recording Secretary, The doctor's been here seven times Ag Von Boeklln. Since father rode the goat. said Dysart, seriously, 'you must sing it just as you sang it that night; if SI'OKANIi], WASH. He joined the lodge a week ago-- you change a note you will have to go St. Paul's Court No. 708--Ch ef flanger. ] Got in at 4 a m back and do it all over again.' James J. Datey, 332 Riverside avenue ;Re- " "' arding Secretary, A. L. Tellesch, Washing-lAnd sixteen brethren brought him "The witness got up and.opened the n Mills.  ....... I home, book. There is a vast difference be- I'OR'LAND, ORE I Though he says he brought them. tween singing to a congregation in ---- .. I His wrist was sprained and one big sympathy with you and a crowd of (thedral Court No. 057--.Chief t(anger. I . Iaa J. Malley; Recording Secretary, C. W. I "lp court room habitues. Brother Spears Stinger. Had rent his Sunday coat was painfully conscious of the fact. ANACONDA, MONT. There must have been a lively time Y, ou know how those old-time hymns When father rode the goat. are sung in the backwoods settle- Mt. llaggen Court No. 926---Chie Ranger, J. E. Mel')onncll, 7@0 Cherry street, It. T. merits? You begin in the hasement Flannlgan. and .work up to the roof, and then ANCIENT ORDER OF IdlBERNIANS. He's resting on the cottch today leap off from tbe dizzy height and And practicing his signs-- finally finish the line in the basement. President, W McArdle; Vice Z=resident, The hailing That's the way the witness sang. He Mr Clark; Rcordlcng Secretary. J.C. signal, working grip, Stuart; Financ al S retary, L. M. Moran; And other monkeyshines; Treasurer. R. S.lattery;. Ser gean.t-at-Arm , had a good voice--that is, it was Terence McGlom; inmae uenune. T. . Hc mutters passwords 'neath his McAuleY; County President, M Fitz- breath, strong. It seemed to threaten the win- patrick. Meets every uunuay at s p.m. dew light. The crowd didn't smile--- In Father Prefontaine's parlor. And other things he'll quote it Just yelled with laughter. The jury They surely had an evening's work bent double and almost rolled from FRATERNAL NEWS. When fdther rode the goat. their seats. The court bit his cob pipe A Weekly Summary of Evenhs harder and looked solemn. It wasn't Throughout the Jurisdiction of the Northwest, He has a gorgeous uniform, any use. There were only two straight : '": All gold and red and blue, faces in the house. One belonged to ,, .: . , : : A hat with plumes and yellow braid, a deaf m.n and the other to 'Sam' Detroit, Aug. 13, 1901. And'golden badges, too. :::Dysart. The' singe, finished and sat Editor Catholic Progress: The fir But, somehow, when we mention it, down. He l.ooked tired. 'Sam' lm teenth biennial international convert. He wears a look so grim :mediately excused' him. When the tion of the Catholic Order of Forest- We wonder if he rode the goat time for speechmaking came 'sam' re- era met this morning. The delegates Or if the goat rode him. marked to the Jury, 'If you gentlemen attended high mass at 9 o'clock in St. Baltimore American. think you could go to one of Brother Aloysius' church, Rev. ]9. Van Dyke :Spears' meetings and behave better officiating. Nearly all the delegates Interest yourself in the orphans' pie- than you have here, why, you may were present and marched in a body nic September 2 at Madrona park. be Justified in convicting these boys from the Russell house to the church, and girls.' That was all he said, but it gave the Jury lots to think about. Mountain and Pacific coast delegates HE TESTIFIED IN SONG. complain of the heat, but they are en- The Lawysr Made the Proascuting Wit- They brought in a verdict of not tering enthusiastically into the busi- n 81ng a Hymn on the nd, guilty, with the request that Brother hess of the convention. Col. C. C. Fogle,, of Spears sing another song. But that Among the pleasant events planned Iancaster, Me., related the following 'gentleman had gone home, and court for the week are a lake excursion on legal incident: adjourned." tomorrow afternoon and a banquet will "One of the most original lawyers --'--" be tendered the delegates Thursday I ever met in my life was 'Sam' I- FATINA.. ing. T.J. I ssrt, who some twenty years ago was a resident of our county. He Is some (Continued from page 4.) kin to Major 'Ben' I)ysart of your The sleepy old clothes dealer appear- FORESTERS ELECT OFFICERS. town. 'Sam' was a born humorist ed and greeted Kerim with the wish DETROIT, Aug. 14.The Catholic and could have made hts fortune in {hat Allah might wither his hand be- Order of Fo'esters, in annual conven- the lecture field. When he lived uP cause he had wakened him out of his tion here, elected the following offi- our way he was engaged on one occa-, sleep. Thenngry words called sever  cers today: sion to defend a lot of boys and girls lal of the neighbors to the spot, who President, Thomas H. Cannon, Chi- charged with dlstnrbing a religious I stood about and listened eagerly. cage; high secretary, Thomas B. assembly out in the country by 'laugh- "Abdullah," said Kerim, "I love your Plele, Chicago; high treasurer, Them-! ing and giggling,' is the way the in- daughter Fatina; give her to me for as H Callen, Milwaukee; high physi-[formatton read. The case was tried my wife." i For one instant Abdullah remained clan, Dr. J. P. Smith, Chicago. I before Squire A. C. Bailey, a good old speechless, then there broke upon the [man. who has long since gone to his head of the boatman such a frightful Peter Henry instituted a court of the final reward. Like all cases of the storm of abuse that yet more of the Catholic Order of Foresters at 'Snoho-] sort, it attracted an immense crowd neighbors hastened hither to learn the mtsh last Wednesday evening. I from the vicinity of the alleged out- cause of the uproar. Seattle College (Co}'. Broadway and Madison.) ('n(htct ('d by 1 hc JESUIT FATHERS. ('ias.vs will I retlxrt'd VPdlles(h|y, SoIH. -i. 1901. VOI' Cfl{ll[(IgllP apply lo THE PRESIDENT. "Inslflt not," said Kerim. unmoved, "but give me Fatina." "l will guard her from thee so well that thine eyes shall dry up before thou shalt see so much as the tip of her raiment!" screamed the old ntan. "Allah' is great," returned Kerim, coolly. "Perhaps he will perform a miracle and conduct Fatlna to my a rms." "If he can do that, she is thine," sueered the old man. "Dd you hear that?" said Kerim, turning to thc neighbors, "Farina is m[ne." "Fatina is mine. Allah has perform- ed a miracle, and last night he con- ducted her to me. Now she is my wife, according to your own words." Speechless with rage, the old man threw himself upon Kerim, when Cha- issa, with a piercing shriek, plunged into the room and, throwing herself before her master, clasped his feet. "FaUna is gone; I am innocent! .... She is my wife, and is in my cottage," said Kerim, proudly, as he turned to leave the place. Allah has sent her to me: prepare the bridal dowry." Abdullah raged and chafed, and the credulous Chaissa had to suffer the full weight of his anger. Moreover, the neighbors derided him when the udge roundly refused to help him. Yet the old man was afterwards rec- cnciled to one Kertm; but that was the little, fourteen days' old Kerim, the son of Kerim and Fatina. Some Arctic Delicacies. This is the way an Esqulmau lady sits at the head of her table and dis- penses hospitality, and these are the  delicate items in her bill of fare. They were tested at first hand hy W. H. Gilder, when, in crossing Siberia, at the north, he had to accept native cus- toms with what grace he might. No matter how early you may awak- en in the morning, you will always find the mistress of the house already up--that is, her position has changed from reclining to sitting. But as soon as she observes that you are really awake she hands you a small piece of meat to steady your nerves until breakfast time. Then she goes into the next apart- ment, hich is merely an inclosure for keeping the dogs away from the stores, and after fifteen minutes of pounding 'and chopping returns with the break, fast. A large fiat wooden tray is placed on the floor, and the landlady takes her position at one end in the attitude elegantly described as squatting. The family and their guests gather around the board on either side, lying fiat on their stomachs with their heads to- ward the breakfast and their feet out. The first course Is. some frozen weeds, mixed with seal oil and eaten with small portions of fresh blubber, which the lady of the house cuts with a large chopping knife. The next course is walrus meat. This Is also cut up by the presiding lady, and is served wltb no unatlntlng hand. At this portion of the meal the' one who can swallow the largest Iiece without chewing has the advantage, and the only way to get even with htm Is-to keep one piece in yourth mouth and two in your hand. After this po|nt has been thoroughly dscussed, there comes a large ptece of walrus hide, which has a small por- tion of blubber attached, and the hair gttll on the outside. It Is about an Inch thick, and very tough, so that it i impossible to affect' it by chewing. It ia therefore cut into very small pieces by the hostess, and finishes tke meal. Really, it is the most pal. arable dish of alL-=Youths ' Compan- icm. Glass Houses Next. When the supply of lumber has been exhausted and the brick makers have truck bottom in their clay beds, glass is said to be "next." In fact an enthu- siastic Frenchman, Jules Henrivaux, is not disposed to wait for the lum- ber and brick supply to be exhausted. He thinks the superior claims of glass will bring it to the front much sooner. The points in its favor are figured out this way: Inexhaustible supply of the materials of which glass is made, its adaptability to all shapes and forms, its durabllltyo and its cleanll- Dess. Imagine, says the Improvement Bul- letion, with Mr. Henrivaux, the con- struction of a glass house. The foun- dations and walls should be construct- ed of a variety of glass, recently in- vented, called "stone glass," which has already successfully withstood the se- verest tests. When crushed it gives a resistance three times as great as granite. When subjected to heat or cold It Is found less sensitive than steel. When submitted to friction it shows less wear than porphyry. Shock, as of a hammer blow, it resists to a degree twenty-one times as severe as that which would fracture marble. The test of tension has practically no ef- fect on ft whatever. The walls, then, would be built of glass held together by angle-iron so as to permit a hollow space through which pipes could pass (the Idpes Aug yon l:h/ecklin. M..i. Callahan. WASHINOTON MF(i. CO. 720 Pacific Ave. TACOMA. I :l | I'- |)'tl I J (l('l'S, hHerior i,'iulsh. (;rilh,s, l,'ixtlres, Molthliugs, SIm('hl ])ol;lil V,,rk h) XVuHI. J,PI llS |tll'llish y,ll! II job Hlld 'OLI will fllvof tlS wilh 1110['o eldora. PEOPLES' SAVINGSBANK Cspilal $100,000, paid up, with allthorlty [O IIl('l't'ase to 1,001),000. F,. (', Neufelder , ....... l'res[dent J. R. Ilsyden .......... Cashier J. 'C. (;recnleaf .... Assi. Cashier Coalmerclal SIIvlllgs alld Trost. Generai ]lal}killg slld lxehange. / SUBSCRIBERS ARE REQUESTED TO KINDLY MENTION THE CATH OLIC PROGRESS WHEN BUYIN FROM THE FIRMS WHO ADVER TISE IN THESE COLUMNS. Phone Black 416. Mrs. A. G. BoTle ...Pia,0f0rl... Leachitzky Method. TWO STUDIOS-- 1545 Twelfth Ave. South, 1 Holyoke Bldg. NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS. Notice is hereby given that the Ktng County Board of Equalization will be in session three (3) weeks, commenc- ing MONDAY, AUGUST 5, A. D. 1901, at the King County Court House, for the purpose of equalizing.the tax roll of 1901. All taxpayers claiming abate- ment of tax are hereby notified to appear on or before SATURDAY, AUGUST 24th, 1901, or be forever barred. GEe. B. LAMPING, County Auditor, and Ex-Offieio Clerk of the Board of County Commission- ers of King County, Washington. Dated at Seattle this 3rd day of July, 1901. C. M. Pessemier SPECIALIST IN POOTWEAR )12 Second Ave. Seattle, We. THE Pacific - - - 0asl COMPANY 0st BwJa! tenmships lLailroads ' Coal Mines The Company  Wsr Lines Cow. the Mt from xlo to AI=I Its raJlrods In Whlnirton ta tl State's largest timber distrlets  fields.. Its Franklyn oo&l Is ths bmst on co=at for steam purpose and that Its Newcastle mine l Kood enough h4m coal for sybody to burn. Rcademy of Salut Bmiai Everett, Wash. A select Boarding and Day School fear girls, conducted by the Sisters of St. Dominie. This institution affords an opportun- ity of pursuing all the common branok- es. Academic Course. Stenography and Typewriting, Inatrumental Music and Palnti .%11 departments and new high cla, room open first Monday in Septembe day in September. The school is delightfully situate, thoroughly heated and entflated. For particnlars address ',' MOTHER SUPERIOR. ACADEMY OF THE VISITATION .Cor. South Eighteenth and I Ste. i TACOMA, WASH. I This institution affords young ia- i.dies every advantage of a solid and refined education. Thorough in- struction is given In all the Eng- lish branches. Music, painting, em- broidery, languages, etc. Terms moderate. For further Dartieulars apply to MOTHER M. DOLORES, " NEW STORE. 1118 Second Avenue.. NOTHING BUT HIGH GRADE GOO nS. NOTHING BUT FIRST-CLASS WORKMANSHIP. THEO. HABERNAL MERCHANT TAILOR. i New Statuary New Pictures New Kodak Albums For blrthdsy Ilftl ars tokeU8 ot affection long remembered. Worl of 8pedal artt qtmllty Is executed at my studio In Oil, Water Oolorlk Pictures Enlarged and Artistic Framing Done FROSTS WATER COLOR00 JOHN NOGLEBERG themselves being glass work convey- ing the hot air, hot and cold water, gas, electric wires, drains and every- thing needed for the health and com- fort of the inhabitants. Stairs and balustrades, ceilings and wall decora- tions, mantel-pieces and fireplaces, would all be constructed of glass. The new glass house will be abso- lutely clean and practically indestruc- tible. The whole of its surface can be washed from the top story to the basement, without a trace of humidity being left. Dust cannot collect on its polished face, and the spider will find no place on which to hang Its cob- webs. He was long and lank and spread out at tbe shank, nevertheless he knew a good thing when he saw it. Where was he from? Drummer--It is pretty hard to get a drink In this town Isn't it? Landlord (Kansas Hotel)You bet. Why, you can't even work the snake- bite racket any more unless you carry the snake to the drug atore and let him bite you in the presence of a com- mittee! Judge. We don't do all the advertising in Seattle. Oh, my, no; but our ads are noticed and "shown" to lots of people. The parson (leaning over the fence, shocked)--Makln' garden on Sunday, brother! I is pained beyon' measuah, Brother Johnson! Rastus Johnson (fiustered)--Deed I ain't makin' garden, pahson. I've only diggin' bait to go fishin'.--Brooklyn Eagle.