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August 7, 1903     Catholic Northwest Progress
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August 7, 1903

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2 THE CATHOLIC PROGRESS. , _... POPE PlUS APPEARS. in such cr0wds--and ma ana the girls ed you up an' down tim nursery floor, **I**II.II"*t.x:..lI..I.*v.{I..I.I1.I.``'`-' - 'l" with the sun streaming upon him, was the new pope. His red papal robes all. It would be "nice jest to see 'era ever say enough? Not y0uP' showed resplendent amidst the more sombre colors of those who stood beside i enjoyin' themselves," he said He prodded her whimsinally with ] him Iror a fewmoments the tall form remained perfectly still. The pontiff    i  was gazing at the crowd beneath. The deafening roar showed no sign of di- "I'll keep on tile outskirts , out of his finger, but she was not listening i minishtng. Mgr. Merry del Yal and 0there waved for peac% but none came. their sight. My old clothes won't do to his banter. Then Plus X. raised his hand. In the twinlding of an eye the crowd, mad with (m any harm that way," "You're tlred, daddy ;tha't 's what," excitement but a moment before, became dumb, and a death-like silence Poorltttle soaktllg counterclerkl shb cried abruptly, "You, 00__UDEBA..ER 00iSl K i prevailed throughout the basilica. It was broken only by the clear, strong fie had always been on the outskirts, lark, a long one, no* Just a mean little voice of the new pope, and he was fifty years oM. twenty-four hour one like this. See; "Audlte non in nomine dondni," he c, hanted, like the keys of a magnificent But when he had settled himself on there are crows' feet round your eyes, organ struck by a master hand. The response swelled up from the crowd below, the great, hot beach,hidden in the lee and your're not old enough for crow's .. There was snottier silence and another response. Then came the bone- of a mighty bowlder, whom should he feet. One, two, three, four--who ev- i dietion, such as few wlll ever forget. All crossed themselves, and with magical see dancing down the beach toward erheardof" a crow \\;vith four ieet?  HIOH-----CLASS * rapidity the scene (.eased to be one of deep devotion. Loud cheers burst from his hiding place but Peggy in her Daddy, do you hear? You must have the peple as the ppe started t g back t the Vatican hY the way f the ter-dainty bathing suit! eyes. She was all a good long holiday. You shall stay i ][' L-  '' - da.=P ][ 1 l-'JF I'lL 1 !  race The aeclanmtlons continued long after Plus had disappeared. Then alone, and she made apretty picture right downhere with us, I guess we VHILS ..... ) the thousands streamed out, all happy at the eonelave's choice of a pontiff, and to pa's admiring can find clean shirts enough. You ["'--d'--i'O-'V- heartily glad that the suspense had ended. The military bodies of the Vatican assumed their full uniforms and Peggy was.the baby and his faro- shall not go honm a step till we go." , 0 hoisted the white and yellow papal flag at the bronze door. rite. In his quiet, secret way he wor- Gregory Knox shook his lmad slowly, t 912*920 Western Avenue In the afternoon, before opening the conclave, Plus X, repaired to the shipped at little madcap Peggy's rest- "An' lose my job, little one? Then iSEATTLE, " WASH. Bistlne chapel in full pontifical robes and wearing the miter. He seated less feet. The other girls called him who'd get the bread an' butter? No,  _--..--  himself onthe throne which he so little expected to occupy, as he left the "pa," but she:called him "daddy." no;l'mhavin' my lark today with { McD00NALL) BOURN CO affairs of the patriarchiate at Venice in a certain confusion. There on the. How pretty she looked in that little you. I'm satisfied. We old fellows at "" throne he received the second obeisance or so-called "adoration" of the aered college, each ear'dinal kissing bin hand and foot as a sign that he cap perched on her brown head had a while the young bloods are tmvin' , "--- , . .I acknowledged the new pope's sovereignty, saucy, witehingair, theirfoutin's. It's tho law. Besides, i   Meantime the oration super pontifieem eleelum was recited in low tones. But Gregory Knox sank back in the a place like this, my dear wouldn't do Then the new pontiff rose and, extending his hands, his powerful and mug- Ice of the rock--a minute too late, for me. Think of your me. :No, no; nlfleent voice, which is stronger than that of the late pope, pronounced the daddy, for Peggy had seen him! I'd rather go to tile trout bro,k at apostolic benediction amid profound silence. Then the great door of the "Daddy--of all things, great and home an' lie on the banks an' fish." conclave opened, small tliings--Daddy Knox." 'Yes, daddy, yes,--go on,. ' Her At about 5:30 p. m. Prince Chigl, the marshal of the conclave, and many "Yes;.it's me, Peggy," he answered eyes were chl Ms kindled old face, and *--`.;::::l`*1`I``g````*I.ll`*"D?*: high ecclesiastiea and lay dignitaries went to the Sistine chapel to ldss the meely, his wore on a fleck of white sail in the pope's hand andoot. They were received with great benignlty. The ecru-"It D'ELA & HABERNAL mandant of the Noble Guard and the officials of the Swiss Palattn Guards is,as sure as I live l But where'd offing. He began to speak again also wen to perform this duty. Among these officers was Count Camille you drop froma balloon? Did you dreamily, as if to himself: Pecci, the brigadier general of the Noble Guards, and a nephew of the late come on the wings of the-- But there "I'd like to see Simeon again, too. wordsPPe" of pontiff reeived him with special graeiousnss, saying a few aboutiSn't anY,it, daddy."nta breath] Well, tll me hoWe an'alwaySme, butWentI couldtrutin'haultgether'in tile TAILORS. Pope Plus then retired to his cell, while the cardinals all left the Vatican She threw herself in the sand beside most fish every time. Sim warn't / and returned to their respective apartments in Rome with a feeling of par- him and dug the toes of her bathing much of an angler. He'd lay with his -) STARR-BOYD BLDG. SEATTLE, WASH. ttcular pleasure after their confinement in the small rooms of the conclave, shoes deep in. Her long black stock- :eyes shut an' say poems to me. Poor In his cell, which was very small and dark, the pontiff received the picket of ings stretched Out before her,and dad- Sin! That's about all the poetry he  C0MMFRC|AL SIFF B0|LE guards on duty, the imposing figure of the new pope seeming to embellish the dy's experienced eyes fell on them at ever had, or me either. It would be modest surroundings, once. He was so well:acquainted with like reviewia' a poem, though jest to WORS. His pontifical robes, from a merely handsome attire, changed him to a stockings! He noticed instantly that go back an' lay under the willows at H.W. MARKEY, PROPRIETOR truly stately embodiment of the Catholic idea, the gorgeous robes adding dig- - nity to his person. Pope Pins' benevolent manner is gaining him friends from they wore rutsy and loose flbered, home. Shady? . Well I guess. An' MANUFACTURER and REPAIRER moment tS"moment. Then lie saw the little "gobbled" cool? There ain't a cooler place any-  of BOILERS darns in them. Peggy was not re- where in the heat of the summer nowned for needlework, on the bank of that old troutin Marine Work a SPECIALTY. +4, ....... ............. ' ........ ........... . "Poordyo, slazy weave, "he thought ; stream wasno, sir. An'you could I All Kinds of Sheet Iron Work i WHE PEGGY TRAVELED INCOG +  "oouldn'thave come from Bruce's. hear thestiddysongof the water--ill Shopphone, Maiul127. lirstAve.So ) Mme are fast black, an' you can't see never stopped--an' smell the pine Res. ,, White 441. SEATTLE. r..-. .... *- ...... -''''''' ....... "''" daylight through 'emeither." needles, hetupwith the sun lathe I"  the interval of trade--and tim in- Knox absently. When had he. had his  "Fire away, daddy] Don't you see middle of the day. Smell good, did | torvalsoame often and lingered fling? fte waswatchingthebossfold the lady'swaiting?" it? I get tohankerin'aftevhatsmell  flo,e /,.E ,J//Od@fD * l when the thermometer registered up atrout pole, joint on joint. Then Peggy's clear, laughing voice inter-hot days behind my counter among  /T*. 92 degrees the clerks at Bruce's drifted.together in sparse groups to his pale blue eyes roamed to the litter rnlted his thoughts and brought him the's. Yes, sir, when the )V/ ',, of 00ies .nd ,lees and sinker, on the bae, ,rein the ,took,ng counter at gooO 00orO gives me a w,,o,e wee, o, Bg[4'I/2-- talk. The notion counter elbowed desk. Hohad boon tifinkiugofatrout Bruce's to the great, hot beach, with I'mgoin' home to go trout in' with - r = ... . Y// " dT'O//' the stocking counter, and Old Adam-- my brother Sin.' everybody at Bruce's called him Old pole all day long. Queer! But his had the sea at his feet. "Er--why, yes, Peggy, Yes. What Concluded next week. be a slender sapling, fresh cut. Adam--conversed sociably with Grog- Wo*ldtifis c0mplieated bamboo affair was I sayin'?" W ashington's Biggest] and dry Knox. They were the oldestolerks cat'ch' ' ful'ler tring olfisi tiian lie "Tllat's tim trouble: You wern' ? e Sh m tile store und were getting graf in used to oatch wit], his sapling. What saying a solitary word. Daddy Knox, An Iris,, invalid, George Brennan of Best Busin ss Training c ool the service. Castleeomer county, Ireland, attrib- ' "My Hot, aint' it? Stockin's ain't beauties they had been? How the sun just moonin'or selling stockings" rennin' real spry today," Adam said had silvered their wet backs! Queer "Sellin' stoekings'--you've hit the utes his recovery from lameness to If yOU want our beautiful catalog say so. ba.hmg in St. Winefride's well,Wales, with a cheerful laugh. He leaned over  how all day long fie had been thiuking nail, Peggy I That's what I was doin' thecounter and fanned his round, red 'of trout and a little thread ofshadowy sure. It kinder domes second nature where he recently.: visited, aud from ATTENTION! face with a "notion" palm leaf. water rippling under willow treesl He to me. That's what I expected to be an alarming illness recovered with "Well, I guess not* All the swells gazed away out of the window, and doin' this minute, but the boss gave quickness. instead of listless, moving crowds a me a day off, so I ran down her. I are out of town, and poor folks can go barefoot boy with a string of trout hankered to see a little harem searum The following extract from a letter We can save you money on Picture Frames. Closing on. barefoot this weather. What's the I crossed his retiuas, girl of mine. But, you sve"--he low- vritten by an agnostic to a Catholic entire line of Art Novelties at cost. Many beautiful things |or , matter with you, old man? You don't! "There sir; that's the swellest ned lain voice eonfidentially--"Inever friend last month, says the Liverpool look pearl." troutlng outfit there'll be in to Ad- thought to fix up, so I'm keepin' dark. Times: "Catholic missionaries were beautifying the home. It will pay you tovisit my store. 'IguessIlook as ,,ert', I ,eel)" ironda(ks this summer. You can't I wouldn'thaveyourmasee me this the ones--left.pan, I mean--thatvon John _ o. _ o,N000leher00: 1907 First Gregory Knox answered, Eea'it,," the boss aid in better spir- way for the best pair of silk stookin s everyone's respect. The worldly nov- ave "You'r%played out, sonny. What its. at Bruce's." er had a sneer for them." Tim writer you need's a week or two off. You tackle the boss to-night, an' see what "No, sir; oh, no," Gregory Knox Peggy eyed the crumpled shzrt be- had l)ent some years in Japan. son with palpable disfavor. Her eyes said ,00ut the,, it sp, ot,y surpris- Great Northern you CaI1 do.') in' what a string of fish you can haul tra'eled over the shabby little figure IN THE SUI'EItIOR COURT OF THE A smile curved the other man's lips. If'would have been a bitter smile, if in with a saplin' fresh cut. You get taking, in the shiny seams and the GertrudeState o Washington,G. IIarlow. Plaintiff,fr Klngvs.COuntY.George HOT SULPlt0R SPRINOS. there had been time enough before the one Jest sappy enough an' jest the frayed edges disapprovingly. How H. Curtlss and Jane Doe Curttss, his wife, -I, 0. cCain, Proprietor.. patient lines settled back into place, right bigness--I tell you." little and--and seedy daddy wasl whoseeknown, trUeand firStall persbnsname lSunknown,tO plaintiffif any,Un" ] G- N. Ry. makes pclal rates, "Yes, ma'd have a fittwo fits," having or claiming an interest or estate lull: and to tim hereinafter described real "prop-I" The whole pallid, weary face was pa- When he turned away a moment ]a- she said promptly. "Y0u'll have to : erty, I)efendants. Seattle & rturn in 30 de. $3.8E tient. ter the._boss called, him back. remain ineog daddy. :Now, 1 don't No. 39833 Notice and Summons.  Everett ,, ,, 2.55 "I've been gettin' my courage "Oh, I say, Knox," he called. "I state of Washington to George A. Curtlss . Trains to Madison direct. mind. I'm not'in full dress myself so and Jane Doe Curtiss, his wife, who are]. " --  the owners or reputed owners of, and all .. screwed . Oh, I'll tackle him. But take it weean let you off for a day-- I'm willing to fellowship with you. persons unknown, claiming or having an in-]+ -" ) terest or estate in anff to the hereinafter %- GRANDEST SCENERY what's the use'?" say tomorrow. We li-nm'agesome- l'll run across lots to our room and decrlbed real property. ]J" IN THE CASCADES, IN-' I He shrugged his spare shoulders un- how. :Not at all,not at all; no thanks tell them I'm not going down to din. ! You and each of you are MENSE WOODED AREAl that the above named plaintiff, McCAIN, WASH. i der the rusty seersucker coat. man. Wish you good luck." But i ner, and then I'll trouble you for a linquentG" ltarloW,taxiScertlflcate,the ho]dernumberedOf one certatnas herein- Gregory had not thanked him. There silver half dorlla kind sir,and buy our after stated, issued' by the County Treasurer of King County. State of Washington, era- JOHN J. POWER ] "You goin' to try it, Adam?" seemed no occasion. The thread of lunch at a restaurant, and we'll eat it bra'clng the following real property sltu- The Puget $curd b'alicral i]1 "Me? Oh, I'm all right. I get ....... -- ....... dark water ran under wifiows a hun- right here, out of a paper bagl ated in said King County, Washlngtont and more particularly described as follows, to- BOX 4, Builders' Exchange, N. Y. Bl  SEATTLE. aboard my wheel at close up,re' kite dred and fifty miles away. Larksl" wit: out into tho countr a.ways. :Nothin'. Delinquent tax certificate number B13763, GINRAt. ONTAC'ro  Capital Paid Up ....... $300,000 like it--not in this world. That's all Ihe css had relented suddenly Her eyes were still on daddy. She lot 4, block 1, Sunnys|ffe addition. [ Jacob Furth, Pres. ; J. S. Goldsmith, Vice. ' That said certificate was tssued on ;the Re|ldence, 813 Tenth Ave., eltt|e, I Pres; R. V. Ankeny, Cashier. \\; t'he country I need. Get a wheel,man; The blood of Izaak Walton running in was seeing may new thingsthe hol. 16th day of June, 1902, for the following  sums and for delinquent taxes for the fol- Telophone Pink 1041. / Correspondence in all theprlnclpal cltlu in the United States and Europe. "" get a wheel." both their veins, had forged a link of low temples, tho patient droop to his lowing years, to-wit: good fellowship etween him and the lips, the whitening hair around hi Tax certificate No. B13763, for years Gold -dust bought. Drafts Iucd oU Alaska and Yukon Territory. :1894. 1895 and 1896. $7.21. Again the bitter smile that lost it-I little old clerk. Suoh/a slender link! bald spot. She was seeing how stoop That the taxes for the following subse- quent years nae been paid by the plaintiff John !r Roberts M.D. Leehey. self in patience. Gogory Knox was What would a day off one day, avail shouldered daddy was getting to be, upon said above described lots. to-wit: Lot 4, b|oek I, Sunnysldeadd|tlon, $2.82 LEEHEY PEOPLE'S SAVINGS BANK thinking of the wheel he was trying over ahundred and, fifty miles? But and how tired ho looked. It seemed for year lS07; lot 4, block I, Sunnys,de ad- ROBERTS & to get for Peggy Both the other girls in the. d morntng Gregory followed a to Peggy, lying there in the warm sand dltlon, $2.36 for ye:r 1898; lot 4, block 1, Sunnyside addition, $2.58 for year 1899; Capital $100,000, paid up, with authority had them. He had one of his whim- sudden ilule exd s]iled d(wn t beside daddy, as if she were just being lot 4, block 1, Sunnyside addition, $2.36 ATTORNEYS to Increase to $1,000,000. r year 1900; lot 4, block 1, Sunnysiffe sieal fancies that perhaps his chance the sea to catch a glimpse of ma and introduced to him. She reached out Iditlon. $2.49 for year 1902. 705 N. Y. Block, 'Phone Main 385 E.c. Neufelfler ........ Pruldent might oomo when ho got to the streets he gifts. He had not meant to go a little sea brawned hand and slo,wly rateWhlChof 15severalper cent.SUmSperbearannumintereStfromat saidthe J'J. T.R' GreenlcafHayden '.'.'.'.'Aut .Cah[ercalhler d'ato of payment, and are .all tlzc upaid of gold. ' until the l@st minute and he went ,in threaded the scant gray hair between and unredeemed, taxes upon and against ,b@.Ib,e@.:===..::I:;::::::::.=::::.::.:::::.: Commercial Savings and rust, Generm The slow afternoon drawled toward hie shabby store suit and forgot to her fingers, The softnessand silkiness said real property. Banking and Ezchane. You and each of you (Including said per- close up. Instantly, at the stroke of change his shirt. On the train re,norse of it surprised her. She had never sons unknown, If any) are hereby furthqr notified .ana summoned to be and apear ealer In All Kinds Of D e, the clerks hurried toward the croat assailed him.* sharply. What would known before that daddy's hair was within sixty (lays after the service of this  F][rl.l, 9 ,a, notice, exc]us!.ve of the day of the date of doors that swung between them and ma say? No certainly not. Ma must soft and silky, the .., :.,,t,o. ,o:w,t. w,t,,o t Gaibraith Bacon & Co. days after tee lst ay ot amy, 1003, In. the ) freedom, but Gregory Knox took an- not see him in that dubious guise-- "But it's thin, daddy. I believe above entitled court and action, ad defend Pictures, this action and answer the complaint of said Dealers In " other way. me, who was maing her one month in my soul your'e growing old. Are- plaintiff and serve a copy of your answer MoL|d|r IAY, GRAIN, FLOUR and FEED, LIML "Wish you luck, old man," called long stT"uggle fez' gentility in a great on the mderslgned attorney for plaintiff Old Adam after him, Bat good luck y" th-'sea, It was her one n't you ashamed of yourself, sir?" at his omce belOWwltated, or pay the PLASTER and CEMENT. The idea I" amounts, to.gethe . penalty, interest  ' 'elephone--Graln Co., Main 2; DOc """ and costs. In case youzall so to do, Judg- OSt Complete Line, :New, Unique Main 26; Relidence, Pink 771. looked doubtful. The boss, in Bruce's chance for the year--her andthe girls. ":No older than some other folks this agalnstment WmeachUeparcelrenaereaof s.ldagamStreal yOUpropertyand and Artistic Work, and 0taler and Warebomm ..... Galbralth Doe diaJeot, was out of temper. The heat She dreamed'of it ad pa worked for side of the sea pus," retorted daddy for the sums a na amounts aue upon and Foot Madison Street, Seattle, Wash. and confinement rasped him. year round. : LOW PRICES charged against each, meludlng costs, or- with a boyish laugh. He did uot feel derlng, a sale of each p a:reel of said prop- erty for tno satmracslon of the sums "Eh? A week off? Man ahve are ought to have fixed upfor ma's old Just then. He f01t young. It was charged and founa against it respectively Th Paifi Pitu Fm Co as provloeq y. law, ana as.prayed in pla'ln- Id y,u datt?" he cried sharply. "Don't sake and the girls'," thought Gregory SO pleasant to have Peggy all to him. tiff's compmm now on me In thts cause D. McDona , , you know we're short anded now? gultily and in amin'ute the' holiday' self, and to lie resting with the "gee- anff court. 1114 16 3rd Ave. Phone Red 4485 OERTRUDE O. ttARLOW, ' ................. Carriage and Wagon Making rhe young cab have to go--cant' hold zest had vanishe'B. H-fledtaok tle',, boom of the breakers in his ear. PIlntlff. "*v* ....... o .............. **o*** -.o o-o o. * "*" ............ -o W. T. SCOT, Prosecuting Attorney,  GENERAL JOBBING 'era in--but you old chaps are oar dully on the-hcit'l-toushios and "You're growin' old, too, ma'am. And ffOHN C. MURPHY, Deputy, standbys. Yon're had your fling." ade* his plans wearily, tie Would Bless my soul, wasn't it day before Attorneys for Plaintiff. HORESHOEING Office address: 501 and 06 Marion "l'es, yes," murmured Gregory keep out of sight--that would be easy yesterday fou had the eoliv, an', tot- Block. Seattle, Wash. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS. 41-41 Walntoa St., Seam, Wa. First publication, dated July 81st, 1908.