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July 27, 1962     Catholic Northwest Progress
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July 27, 1962

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................... Another Thought On School Debate: 00,ia00y, July 27, T%2 THE PROGRESS--S ' .... Fd 1A'd 'N E' , FAMILY00 e era on. x00stent Problems Wxdows Blum, chairman..[ the de. moronization., program,, and for lleadlines artmento] poh.ttcalscience a!I tla,s they must have. elabor.  a ryi g P ..... " ' ate physical faClhtles When, in F R at Mar uette Umverstt m . . " And Deadlines u;t-,,,u q ..... htist, od,,,,, the history of any nation, hasa " , ace em r n ............ r ............. government hand-out contrib- ticle in the Sunday Visitor uted to the moral or economic Death o/]une 24, entitled "Federal fibre? Prefe-_serBY rather.f selelogyJhn k., st.ThmaS'Louis UnlversityS'& Poems, Prayers, By JOHN J. ECKHART POEMS OF PRAYER, by Ralph L. Woods (edi- tor) Hawthorn Books, Inc., 287 pp., 5.00 00MOSZ of me divisions of this book, i.e., Adoration and P r a i s e, Love, Submission to God, Faith, For Grace, Penitence and Par- don, To Jesus in The Blessed Sacrament, etc., are prefaced bS, an appropriate psalm. htThis is of special interest as points up as if by plan, that IPlittle of the poetry of the anno do'mini milieu can equal the magnificent psalms of the Old Testament. But this is primarily a book of poetry written since Christ, and if each poet is not a Catholic, all the poetry re- flects, in whole or in part, D tbe beauty of orthodoxy in prayer. In a book of this variety, over 300 prayers by over 100 poets, there must necessarily be all shades of excellence, medio- crity, and in charity, un- eveness in those poems of pray- ers presented. We know that the poetry of t. John of the Cross soars and urns with the same intensity that marked his spiritual life. We know that the famous and gallant American, Joyce Kilmer was a poet of somewhat small- er stature. Poetry can be prayer, and contrariwise. None of the in- elusions lack the sincerity of prayer. Some are remiss in intensity, others in craftsman- ship, but all are certainly poems oriented within the Gad-man relationship. Many are aesthetic treasures as prayers and as poetry. I would think, of small im- port really, that the critical scales might dip on the side of mediocrity all in all, but in a book of this dimension by pure numbers of poems, the omnibus mind of general readership will find much herein to enjoy. We might eriticise Mr. Woods on some of his selections, but there is little validity in the carpings of the do-nothing who rears back on his intellectual hind legs and says: "I could have done better than that," but didn't.--J.J.E. THE POPES THROUGH HISTORY: Volume I, Eugenius IV, Pope of Christian U n i o n. By Joseph Gill, S.J., 226 pp. The Newman Press. $3.75 T was on Frktay, June 4, 1434, at the siesta hour, that a tall thin monk slipped out of the Traste- vere, made his way to the Tiber, and boarded a small freighter set for 0stia. "Too soon his absence was noticed. The news of his es- cape spread. Angry groups of citizens chased along the banks of the river after him; raced on in front, shortcut- Sing the many curves and turnings to meet him with stones and weapons when he arrived; or got hold of boats and followed hard behind. "A vessel was directed into Feature Films On Television Bellingham KING-TV (NBC) Channd 5 KVOS-TV Channel 12 KIRO-TV (CBS) Channel 7 Tacoma Seattle KTNT-TV (CBS) Channel ii KOMO-TV (ABC) Channel 4 ICI'VW-TV Channel 13 MOTION PICTURE CLASSIFICATION BY NATIONAL LEGION OF DECENCY: A-l--Morally Unobjectionable for General Patronage; A-II--Moraliy Unobjectionable for Adults and Adolescents: A-III--Morally Unobjectionable for Adults; B--Morally Objectionable in Part for All; C--Condemned; SC--Separate Classification; NR--No Rating Available. (Note: The ratings listed below were those given the original movies. Most ]i/ms be]ore bein shown on tele- vision are edited to conform to the tetevision code and to the individual station's time schedule. For this reason, objectionable parts contained in the original plot may be deleted in the televtston version and thus the original Legion rating may not be entirely correct.) ATURDAY, JULY 28 p.m--KOMO-TV--DevIls' Squadron ............... A-1 :00 p.m.KING-TV Jamaica Run  . . ......... A:.ll 2:S0 4:00 p.m,KTVIV-TV Along the Rio branae ........... .t 4:00 p.m.KOMO-TVEast of Borneo .......... NR A-II S:O0 p.m,KTNT-TV--Bengal Tiger ...... 5:30 p,m.KTVW-TV Wanted: Jane Turner . . A-1 8:05 p.m.KTVW-TV--Wlldcat Bus ..... A-1 9:00 p.m.KING-TV Stars and Stripes Forever ...... A-1 11:00 p.m.--KIRO-TV Northwest Mounted Police A-11 11:00 p.m.KTNT-TV The Second Woman . NR 11:00 p.m.--KVOS-TV The Prisoner ..... A-11 11115 p.m.KOMO-TV Mr. Imperlum ............. A-II SUNDAY. JULY 29 1:00 p.m.--KVOS-TV--Moment of Indiscretion ... NR 2:00 p.m.--KING-TV--Marriage Is a Private Affair A-11 2:30 p.m.--KTNT-TV It's In the Bag .... A-11 2:30 p.m.--KIRO-TV--The Texas Rangers ............ A-1 4:00 p.m.--KOMO-TV--Youth Takes a Fling ........... A-11 4:00 p.m.KTNT-TV Story of Seabiscuit ............ A-1 4:30 p.m.--KTVW-TV--Higner and Higher ............ A-11 6:00 p.m.--KVOS-TV--Bring 'era Back Alive NR 8:00 p.m.KTVW-TV--Wlse Girl ...... A-1 8:30 p.m.--KOMO-TV--Witness for the Prosecution ..... A-11 -11:15 p.m,--KO1KO-TV--The Storm .................. A-11 11:S5 p.m.--KING-TV--Ch alned ................ NR MONDAY, JULY SO 9:30 a.m.--KOMO-TV--Strange Affair ............... A-1I 10:00 a.m.--KTVW-TV--We're on the Jury ............... A-1 11:30 a.m.--KIRO-TV----Come On, Marines .............. NR 1:30 p.m.--KTVW-TV Youth Runs Wild A-11 3:30 p.m.--KING-TV--The Citadel (Part I) ............ A-11 5:30 p.m.--KVOS-TV Third Key ............ A-1 6:00 p.m.KTVW-TV--Htgher and Higher A-11 8:00 p.m.--KTVW-TV--Two O'Clock Courage ....... A-11 8:30 p.m.KTNT-TV Torcny Blaine In Panama A-I 10:00 p.m.--KTVW-TV Kitty' Foyle ......... B 11:00 p.m.KTNT-TV--QuicKsand ............. B 11:00 p.m.--KVOS-TVThe Far Horizons .......... A-1 11:30 p.m.--KOMO-TV--Moontight and Pretzels ......... NR 11:30 p.m.--KIRO-TV--Glve Me a Sailor ............ A-1 TUESDAY, JULY 31 9:30 a.m.--KOMO-TV--Ltttle Big of Heaven A-1 10:00 a.m.KTVW-TV--Hitler's Children A-11 11:30 a.m.--KIRO-TV--Murders In the Zoo ........ NR 1:30 p.m.KTVW-TV--Law West of Tombstone ........ A-I $:S0 p.m.--KING-TV--The Citadel (Part II) ........ A-11 S:30 p.m.KVOS-TV--Story of Louis Pasteur ....... A-] 0:00 p.m.KTVW-TV--Higher and Higher ........ A-1I 10:00 p.m.--KTVV-TV--Wild Cargo ...... NR I1:00 p.m.KTNT-TV---Secret Beyond the Door ......... A-11 11:00 p.m.--KVOS-TV---Obllging Young Lady ............. A-1 11:30 p.m.KOMO-TVUnseen Enemy ................. A-1 Road Agent ............. A-1 11:30 p.m.KIRO-TV--Three Feet In a Bed ............. NR ]VEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1 9:30 a.m.KOMO-TV---Journey to Freedom ... A-If I0:00 .m.KTVW-TV--Stranger on the Third Floor . NR 11:30 a.m.--KIRO.TV--Partners in Crime .... A-11 1:30 p.m.KTVW-TV---Consolation Marriage ..... NR $:30 p.m.--KING-TV--For Me and My Gel (Part I) ...... A-I 5:30 p.m.--KVOS-TV--The Mighty Barnum ............. NR 6:00 p.m.--KTVW.TV--Higher and Higher ............. A-If 8:30 p.m.KTVSV-TV---Slng and Like It .............. NR 10:00 p.m.--KTVW-TV--Valley of the Sun ............. A-1 11:00 p.m.--KTNT-TV--Flight from Destiny ....... A-11 11:00 p.m.--KVOS.TV--The Devil and Miss Jones ....... A-1 11:30 p.m.--KOMO-TV--Alias the Champ ....... A-11 When Gangland Strikes ....... A-I1 11:30 p.m.--KIRO-TV--The Accused ....... A-11 THURSDAY. AUGUST 2 9:30 .a.m.--KOMO.TV--Post Office Investigator ......... NR 10:00 a.m.KTVW-TV--Everybody's Doing It ........ A-1 11:30 a.m.--KIRO-TV---Straight from the Shoulder ...... A-1 1:30 p.m.--KTVW.TV--Great Day .... A-1 3130 p.m.--KING.TV--For Me and My Gal (Part II) .... A-1 5:30 p.m.KVOS-TV---Jesse James' Women ............. B 6:00 p.m.--KTVW-TV--Higher and Higher ............ A-11 10:00 p.m.KTVW-TV Half Shot at Sunrise ............ NR 11:00 p.m.KTNT.TV--Land fall ............. NR 11:00 p.m.KVOS-TV--Eagle and the Hawk ............. B 11:30 p.m.KOMO-TV--It Had TO Be You B 11130 p.m.KIRO-TVDIxIe ............. A-11 FRIDAY, AUGUST 3 9:30 a.m.--KOMO-TV--Pride of Maryland .............. A-1 10:00 a.m.KTVW-TV--Headltne Shooter ............ NR 11:30 a.m.lLIRO-TV--Ship Care B 1:30 p.m.KTVW-TV--Grand Old Girl ....... NR 3:30 p.m.--KING-TV--The High Wall ........... A-11 S:30 p.m.KVOS.TV--Captain January . . A-I 6:00 p.m.KTVW-TVWlgher and Higher .... A-11 10:00 p.m.KTVV-TV--HIs Family Tree .... NR 11:00 p.m.KTNT-TV--The Great O'Malley .... A-1 11100 p.m.KVOS-TV--Doctor In the House ...... A-11 ll:S0 p.m.--KOMO-TV--Lone Star ...... A-1 11:30 p.m.KIRO-TV--Caught In the Draft A-11 J Thls Rsvlsw Is Sponsored bF Ca+holic Gifts & Church Goods, Inc. Rsllqious qoods for the horns, church ariel school. A Dluessnt shoppinq simospher, wlih select vsrt- ety of reff0fous gifts. 607 U.ion Sf.. Seaf$1e I MUtual 2.3929 4 Popes the channel ahead to block his passage ald drew away only at the lasl minute when the Pope's boat would have rammed it and his rowers seized lances and blows to repeal attackers. Finally after many dangers the Pope reached the ship at Ostia..." If the foregoing description of the flight of Eugtnius IV from revolutionary Rome seems like a passage from Alexandre Du- mas it should not be surprising since it was neither the first nor the last time the pope was forced to make a hurried exit to evade his enemies the Colon. nas or one or the other innum- erable condottieri ranging a- round 15th century Italy in the employ of this or that despot. It is not, however, the highly adventurous episodes such as the foregoing, many of which seasoned the pontificate of Eu- genius IV, that are the measure of the man and his accomplish- ments as a pope. No matter which way you look at Eugenius he was re- sponsible -- "if not for what he did himself, at least for what he stopped others do- ing"--far enough to fill three pontificates. It is somewhat curious then that this book is really the first biography written about this pope. As such, for the thorough re- search of the author and his comprehensive treatment of very complicated times and problems--times and problems on whose solution the future of the Church, at least humanly speaking, seemed to hang, this book is a distinct contribution to Catholic scholarship and his- tory. Eugenius' pontificate began under the shadow of the Great Western Schism, which had been healed less than 20 years before he was elected, and which had given birth at least indirectly to the "Consilar Movement." The doctrine of the superior- ity of a general council of the Church over a pope arose out of the method of the Council of Constance to resolve the Wes- tern Schism by obtaining an abdication from each of the three popes then currently "reigning". Eugenius on his election, like his predecessors who followed after the schism, agreed to the convocation of a general coun- cil every few years. The general council of Basle which was confirmed by Euganius and which later "deposed" him and elected its own anti-pope, was one of his greatest headaches and his victory over the council his great lasting achievement. At times Eugenius, unpoplar and bankrupt, was almost alone in stemming the great wave of poular opinion supporting the heretical council of Basle. The author gives us a good pietiare of the tenacity of pur- pose and skill of this pope in deaiiflg with Basle, His success turned the course of history. Another and perhaps more timely reason for this biog- raphy of Eugenius is his bringing about a union of the Eastern and Western Church- es in the Council of Florence, which at least temporarily ended the division between Catholic and 0rthodox Churches. That union which was prac- tically a result of Eugenius' single handed efforts has to date been the last real attempt at union. The treatment in this book of the Council of Florence is good" and informative read- ing in this year of the second Vatican Council. This is not one of those biog- raphies in which the subject is submerged in the details of formal history and the peri- pheral facts that sometimes tend to choke out the real per- son of a great historical figure. The author has given us a careful and thorough study of the person of an outstanding pope whose "was a life of strong light and shade---more shade than light in his tem- poral fortunes, more light than shade in the qualities that made the man".--C.R.L. 12th Brotherhood Lamp Is Lighted MONTE CASSINO, I t a 1 y, (NC)--The 12th annual "Lamp of Brotherhood" has been light- ed at the tomb of St Benedict here in honor of all who have fallen in the wars of the world. The oil for this year's lamp was provided by the city of Turin and was presented to Ab- bott Ildefonso Rea, 0.S.B., of Monte Cassino by Turin Mayor Sarlo Anselmetti. The Lamp of Brotherhood As- sociation was founded in 1950 by Bishop Ferdinando Baldelli. Aid Through Democracy. The arguments set ]orth in this essay were among the m o s t cogent and [orceIul that we have seen layering the right and obligation o[ the Federal Government to give equal school aid lot. every child in the United States regardless el race, color, or creed. The ]une 22, 1962 issue el The Prog- ress carried the entire text o/ Father Blum's thesis. Thi week, howeveT, we received a most interesting letter [ r o m Catherine M. Dwyer which was originally sent ]uly 17 to Rt. Roy. Msgr. ]oseph Crowley, edi- tor of Our Sunday Visitor. Miss Dwyer severely criti- cized Father Blum ' s ap. p r o a c h in "Federal Aid Through Democracy." Her obiections are most worthy el consideration. We advise our readers to read her comments carefully. The question o[ [ederal aid deals with practical applica- t i o n o[ social principles. Therefore, various schools el thought are possible and necessary if a true solution to the basic problem is ever to be achieved.) To Rt. Rev. Msgr. Raymond R. Nell Chancery Office 128 W. Georgia St. Indianapolis 25, Ind. Dear Father Monsignor: I include myself in a group of well-informed Catholics who are very much disturbed about Father Blum's editorial "Fed- eral Aid Through Democracy", published in the June 24, 1962 issue of Our Sunday Visitor. As constitutional Americans we disagree with his basic tenet of "federal aid" in any manner or form. The federal govern- ment has nothing to give ex- cept that which it has already obtained from the sovereign states, and a brief research would readily disclose that any and all of the sovereign states are in a better financial posi- tion than is our federal govern- ment-in fact, it is bankrupt. We are asked to promote a program that further can- oentrates power in a central. ized socialistic bureaucracy which will inevitably destroy our religious freedom. To informed Catholic Ameri. cans the wonder of the modern age is the total inability of our Catholic leaders to analyze and perceive the sinister motive underlying all federal aid "gim- micks". The designed misnomer "federal aid" is centralized fed. oral control. Strictly speaking, "federal aid" is as non-existent as simultaneous daylight-dark- ness. Viewing the trend of re. cent years, the steady advance of atheistic socialism is in di- rect proportion to the degree of federal control. Witness the Department of Health, Education and Wel. fare's program (financed by the American taxpayers): coun- selling in the schools, psycho- logical testing (identified with The recent Un-Christian Su- preme Court ruling that a non-denominational prayer in public schools is unconstitu- tional, should be a blinding red warning signal of what will inevitably follow in this nation unless Christian forces are both alerted and urged to act coneertedly to restrain all branches of our federal gov- ernment and reduce it to its constitutional proportion. Father Blum's list of con- stitutiona/ authorities (which, of course, did not include the name of Clarence Dean Manion, an outstanding authority and a Christian American who attend- ed neither Harvard nor Colum- bia) forced me to do some re- search, chiefly because the name "Wilbur Katz" rang a bell, and I think you and the editor of Our Sunday Visitor might be interested in learn- mg something about Wilbur (Griffiths) Katz' background and loyalties: LLB Harvard 1926: Assistant Professor and Dean of Law, University of Chicago 1930-1950; (Most Americans do not regard the University of Chicago as the cradle of our national heri- tage.) Member of Committee to Frame a World Constitution (Ref.: "We Must Abolish the United States", authored by Joseph P. Kamp, a Catholic). Signer: Appeal to Guard Civil Rights (Daily Worker 8/28/50) Signer: Letter assailing House Committee on Un.American Ac- tivities (Chicago Daily News 9/7/48). Signer: Leaflet published by Peace Information Center (8/ 31/50). Signer: National Federation for Constitutional L i b e r t i e s (Daily Worker, 2/8/43). The National Federation for Constitutional Liberties w a s cited by Subversive Activities Control Board as a Communist front organization; by Attorney General Thomas Clark as sub- versive and Communistic; by Attorney General Biddle as a solar system or organization, ostensibly having no connection with Communism, but by which Communists attempt to create sympathy and support for their program; by House Committee on Un-American Activities as one of the most vicious and subversive organizations of the Communist party. Paul Gerhardt Kauper, an- other "authority" mentioned by Father Blum, authored "Frontiers of Constitutional Liberty", and it would not strain the imagination to de- termiun where he stands. There is an abundance of dec- urnented information available concerning the long-range plan for internationalizing the schools in our country and I wonder if many of our clergy might not be guilty of the sin of omission by not becoming informed. The Wanderer has done a splendid job correcting the errors of Father Cronin. and I sincerely hope they have ade- quate space and time to devote to Father Blum -..CATHERINE M. DWYER Warrant Signed (Continued from Page 1) not yet even been reached after a serms of meetings begun July 9. One would be naive, indeed, not to believe that it is the intention of the Pathet Lao to dominate the military in Laos, and equally naive to think that they will expel the foreign Red forces. They have not even admitted that North Vietnam- ese and Red Chinese were ever there, despite abundant evi- dence to the contrary. After all, there are still neigh- boring Thailand and South Vietnam to reduce to beautiful "neutrality" and coexistence. Strangely, Vice-Premier Prince Souphanouvang, Patbet Lao leader, is still acting pre- mier while "neutral" Prince Souvauna Phouma extends his vacation. We wonder if he is in any hurry to get back before the country is "pacified," Communist style. Algerian Upset Everything is not working out in Algeria as De Gaulle had planned it when he extended independence. Algerian economy has al- most ground to a standstill due to the dragging uncer- tainty of what is going to happen next. Ben Bella's army-backed group, which has been threat- ening to unseat the Provisional Government ever since inde- pendence was achieved early this month, has finally suc- ceeded in having its way. Premier Benyoussef Ben Khedda 3delded to its demands Monday and accepted the nomi- nation of a seven-man political bureau, only two of which be- long to his political party. Ben Bella is included in the hand-picked group, but not Ben Khedda. This means that Ben Belle will have his way all the way. The bureau will take over the political direction of Al- geria, subject to its ratifica- tion by the 72-member Na- tional Council of the Algerian Revolution. The group will also designate the national candidates in elec- tions scheduled for August 12. Subsequently it will organize the first Congress of the na- tionalist movement which will merge all parties into "a party of the masses." The very expression is indica- tive of what to expect, because Ben Bella doesn't like to be annoyed by opposition parties. Furthermore, the newest development in Algeria can mean only one thing---enllapse of Ben Klaedda's moderate and pro-West influence. .God Love You Mass Stipends Do Help By MOST REVEREND FULTON J. SHEEN DEAR Brother Priest: recently We made a survey among diocesan di- rectors about Mass intertions, particu- larly for the missions. The results are as fol- lows: 1) Most directors send their Mass stipend to the same bishop or religious orders as other directors, thus resulting in an over-supply of the few and an indigence of the many. 2) Surprisingly, some dioceses in the United States do not have a sufficient number of Mass stipends for even their own clergy. 3) Mass stipends are declining at a very rapid rate. In four years, the decrease was as much as 500 per cent in some instances. O Years ago, in an hour of grief or in poti- finn for favors, the first thought of the faith. fal was to have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered. Why have the faithful less recourse now to the Renewal d Calvery? These may be some of the reasons: a) We do not preach to the people the im- portance of having the Cross personally touch their souls by a particular Mass for their par- ticular intention. b) An implicit but erroneous belief exists that a novena, in which WE intercede tor a favor, is of greater value than the Mass where the intercessor is CHRIST Himself as He shows His scars to His Father. c) The prosperity of the country spoils the individual and makes him seek the "show" of an elegant card rather the Holy Sacrifice itself, d) Our national fondness for bigness and numbers deludes many into believing that a vague "remembrance in a hundred Masses" in which their names are not mentioned, is worth more than one Mass offered for their particu- lar intention. As everyone would prefer a pri- vate audience with the Holy Father rather than a general with 20,000 others, so one should prefer the personal act of Christ's in- tercession to the Heavenly Father, rather than a general memento. For the sake of the Mass, which is the transplanting of Calvary into our midst and our times, may we restore to the faithful the com- mand of Christ: "Do this in Commemoration of Me." If you have an over-supply of Masses, re- member that some priests in the missions live on Mass stipends. The priests in one arch- diocese in Africa receive from us an average of eight stipends a month, for daily Hying. What a blessing it would be to the poor bish- ops and priests of the missions if each priests in the U. S. sent an offering of $5 once a month for one Mass for his own intention. God ordered priests of the God Testament to offer a more expensive animal that the people because theii- failings were more serious. Through such char- ity to the poor, the Sacred Heart will also give greater power to our glorious priesthood. Bring those who are close m you dose to Our Lady by giving them a God Love You medal. The 10 letters of God Love You form a decade of the rosary ns they encircle this medal originated to honor the Madonna of the World. With you request and a corresponding offering you may order a God Love You medal in any one of the following styles: $2 small sterling sil- ver, $3 small 10k gold filled, $5 large sterling silver, $10 large 10k gold filled. Cut out this eninma, pin your sacrifice to it and mail it to Most Roy. Faltoa 3. Sheen, National Director of the Seclety for the Propa- gation of the Faith,  5th Avenue, New York 1, N.Y., or yenr Archdiocesan Director, Roy. Stephen Szemaa, 907 Terry Avenue, Seattle 4. Do marriages of the widowed ace special problems? I've been a widow ]or 16 years, and since my children are married and moved away, these have been lonely years. Recently l agreed to marry a widow- er who has been liing with an unmarried daughter. I like her and her ]our married sisters but am worried by the strong influence they can exert on their ]ether. When di[erences arise, he sides with them rather than me every time. In ]act , I ]eel like an outsider on such occasions. Would it be advisable to marry under such conditions? o start with your first question, the answer i,s in the affirmatve, that is, such marriages face spec- ial or unique problems, though not necessarily more difficult ones. The widowed have the advantage of experience and maturity, of course, but these assets are sometimes offset by lack of adaptability, delicate financial problems, and unfavor- able pressures from children or relatives. Studies indicate that loneliness, insecurity, and economic necessity are the principal mo- tives given for contracting new marriages. Although these down-to-earth motives stand in sharp contrast to the more romantic reasons generally given by younger couples, they may indicate only a more mature appraisal of reality. We may take it for granted that the "marriage expectations" of older couples will be some- what moderated by their age and previous ex- FR. THOMAS pretence, yet we have no reason to doubt that both old and young couples seek similar goals in marriage: com- panionship, love, mutual support and security. Research findings concerning the problems that may occur among marriages involving the. widowed suggest that the major source of serious maladjastment is the presence of children from a previous marriage. The difficulty arises in a variety of ways. In some cases, the children refuse to accept the new parent or remain hostile through fear of losing some of their inheri- tance. In other cases, friction arises from accusations of partial- ity and favoritism. This is especially evident when both parties come to the new marriage with children from a previous union. Finances may also become the source of difficulties either because the partners are reluctant to pool their resources, or because they have previous commitments and investments that limit their freedom, or because relatives feel that an "outsider" is gaining possession Of wealth that should be theirs. It is a fact of general human experience that no disagree- ments are as destructive of family ties and life-long friendships as disputes over money. - Problems Need Not Arise one of these problems need arise, or, at least, need not arise in a manner destructive of marriage, provided the couple value their new-found unity and solidarity above all other relationships. In general, all areas of passible disagreement should be discussed thoroughly before marriage. If agreement cannot be reached before the partners have given up their independence in the marriage contract, there is every likelihood that their union will be plagued with quarrels or that the dominant partner will make all decisions. This brings us to your final question. You have good reason to doubt the advisability of entering marriage under the conditions you have described, or rather inferred. In a sense, it was natural for your prospective mate to tend to side with his daughters at the beginning of your friendship, since this paternal relationship was a tong duration and pro- bably taken for granted; but once you reached the decision to marry, you became a couple with a new focus of unity, interests and common purpose. Indication of Pattern Shows ence, at this stage of development, if his daughters' influence over him still remains stronger than' yours, this is a good indication of the pattern your marriage will follow. You may be tempted to think that once you are married, you will be able to gain complete control. This is possihle if you are willing to face a goad fight, but it would probably re- sult in the complete alienation of his daughters and other re- latives, so that you should ask yourself whether it is worth the price. Because of your experience-of loneliness, there is some danger that you will be reluctant to face realistically any pro- blems that may appear to threaten your valued relationship. Don't make this mistake, for you will have to face reality sooner or later and you should do so now while you are still free to decide. What can you do? It seems to me that you must redefine the situation at once. Make it clear to him and to them that you are not on "outsider". Either you discuss problems and reach decisions together as a couple, or the marriage should be post- poned. This need not lead to the disruption of your relationship, but it is a necessary clarification of status that must be made and that they must accept if you are to preserve your self- respect. In this connection, it is well to keep in mind that you can suffer more from loneliness in an unhappy marriage than as a widow. SUNDAY, JULY 29 9:15 a.m.Saered Heart ]Program The Rev. Eugene P. Murphy, S.J.. national director of the sSacred Heart Program. empha- zes the element of personalre- sponsibility in the war against Communism In this first of a serles of programs on Commu- nism entitled "The Red Ice- berg." ,The first !arogram is called "t=ommunism. aaa nter- national Battle." (KIRO -TV, Channel 7. . - 1:00 p.m.,hat's Pew In the Schoolhouse The Rev, Colman O'Hualla- chain, O.F.M., of Ireland. will be the guest. Father is attend- ing the University of Washing- tows summer session of the Lin- guistic Institute of America. He will discuss the University's lin- guistic workshop and their teaching of the Gaelic language. IKOMO-TV. Channel 4). 4:30 p.m.---Challenge Questions sent m by viewers will be answered hy the three panelists, Rev. William Treaey. Dr. Martin Goslin and Rabbi Raphael Levine, Questions on child rearing, conformity reli- gion in the family will be an- swered. (KOMO-TV, Channel 4A 7:15 p.m.---Sacred Heart Program The Rev. William M. J. Dris- coil S.J., province director of the Jesuit Seminary Gulld for the Maryland Province discusses the mind of Jesus in the matter of suffering In the current series "ChrlstAike Suffering." (ICrvw- TV, Channel 13L 9 - 9:80 p.m.Rosary Following the final movie, the Rosary is recited. The recitation is highlighted by slides of the five Glorious Mysteries and background music of the "Ave Maria" and other hymns to the Blessed Mother, (KTVW-TV, Channel 13. 10:80 p.m.Challenge Radio rebroadcast 6f the tele- vision program seen earlier to- day. (KOMO). Legion Of Decency Listed here are ratings of the latest films received by the Na- tional Legion of Decency. A-lZotz, El lid. S e p a r a t e Classification -- Lolita, A-l--Hiawatha, Road To Hong Kong, Sad Sack, Delicate De- linquent, Sergeants 3, Merrill's Marauders, Quantrill's Raiders, Man Who Wagged His Tail. A-2 -- Judgment at Nurem- berg, Don't Fence Me In, Night Creatures, Lonely A r e the Brave, Reprieve, My Geisha, Experiment In Terror. Samar. A-3.-Boys Night Out, West Side Story, Cape Fear, Spar- tacus, Exodus, Home From the Hill, Holler in Pink Tights, Rome Adventure, Taste of Honey. B--That Touch of Mink, Butterfield 8, World of Suzie Wong, God's Little Acre, Cab-" inet of Caligari. Condemned--Five Day Lover. S e p a r a t e Classification -- Walk On The Wild Side. t !