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June 28, 1963     Catholic Northwest Progress
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June 28, 1963

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10--THE PROGRESS Friday, June 28, 1963 TALES AROUND CAMPFIRES: Bosco girls 'Scar' the shirk weather bear, chases for fun Cabrini staff ': By Margaret Sullivan By Bruce Russell Camp Correspondent Camp Correspondent CAMP DON BOSCO-- CAMP CABRINI-- "'Through rain or shine, camp Round the glowing em- will go on." bers of the final campfire The arrival of the first sat 94 boys, age 9 to 14, products of the first camping bus of girl campers, kick- session of the summer at Camp ing off what promises to Cabrini. be the best season in CYO The camp was full and rest- camping brought with it the less as six days of rain ham- very spirit of camp -- songs, pered the program activities. cheers, happy faces, and on- It rained so hard the giant thusiastic echoes of the fun polly frog in Beaver Lake ahead that will be crammed into awakened -- the staff told 10 very short days. the kids. NoFevon the steady downpour Another scare was put into Moose lets Greene on the loose of rain could dampen the spirits the hearts of the campers as and enthusiasm of the happy that most fearless of fearless CLARENCE Dfiscol| (right), representing the Seattle campers and staff. The highlight groups, the work crew, led by Moose Lodge, presents O'Dea High School track coach of every camp session is its the indomitable "Big Moe" Bill Gilmore (fight) with a check to make it possible for overnite hike The first session Elbert, scampered into camp St, PooPs are 'the' midget team of year Charles Greene to participate in the Golden West Track at Bosco was not an exception. Monday evening with their and Field Invitational Meet in Los Angeles last weekend. Despite the rain the camp- "tales" between t h e i r legs, "THE" midget team of the year in the central deanery is son and Mark Shoemaker; (second row) Ray Rosso, ers and staff went ahead with talking of the bear, named Scar. St. Paul's, champions in CYO flag football, basketball and Gassier, Doug Silva, Mike Radosevich, with a 10-1 pitching All was not in vain. Greene set the fastest California prep their plans and the result was They were building a new baseball. The baseball team, climaxing a clean sweep with record; John Clark, Rich Pehzer, Greg Shoemaker, Dan time in the 100 in a 9.5 wind-aided effort and came in sec- one of the most "different" 60-foot water tower that day end in the 220. (More details in Cordo,,an Carat, an.) overnites in C a m p D o n when Sear, enraged by a for- a recent 11-2 victory over St. Joseph's in the diamond title O'Brien and Don Weyman; (back row) coaches Fred Barth Boseo's history, est fire some years ago, rum- finale, (from left) are (first row) Bill Hayes, Gerry John. and Ray Hayes. St. Paul's baseballers finished with a 14-1- Each lodge, consisting of ap- bled intotheareaehasingthe son, Gerald Wyman, Steve Lambrecht, John Ramsey, season. Cordovan caravan: proximately 30 campers, set entire crew into girders for Frank Tomich, Mike Hanes, Kelley Courage, Gerry John- (Progress Sports Photo by Robert H. Miller) G Is i d f out early in the morning with some two hours. SCHOLASTIC RODEO reene c n er rou e sack lunches, heading for dif- Dick Hayatsu, Camp Cabrini ferent destinations and return- director, and Gordie Hamilton, by Fred Cordova ing to cook their own dinners CYO camp director, spent 45 at sectionalcampfires minutes that evening talking HNA sfuden wins sfring auditions e're concerned about where our Catholic kids After a half-cooked, but de- the crew into coming out of go to school after high school graduation, iicious dinner, all headed for their cabin for dinner. bed. Tonight their bed was At last report they had all Therese Bianchi, June uate degrees from St Louis ryn Arger, Mary Kay Dyckman, trine classes. She will be part Charles Edward Greene who received his under the open sky but to be found something else to do in graduate of Holy Names University. They are: and Carol Palmer of Tacoma; of Operation Amigos Anony- diploma this month from O'Dea is one. His name will be known on the safe side, it was very camp. and haven't returned to ....... James S. Johnson of Bellevue, Mary Jean Quinn, Packwood; mous from the Newman Cente throuehout the nation in track years to come close to a shelter, their own the rote of the water tower. Acacemy anc violin sT:u- doctor of dental Margery Keen Longview; Linda at the University of Californi Tt'' h4, ,nfort,nat that th' f.tet centtrv snrint kin in cabin dent of Sister Harriet Mary, Sister Mary Georgetta St. Fortune, Snohomish; H e 1 e n Berkeley. '  i .. "L-, :--''.T",--','------: - --'--7 ---- --'::- --, ."   ,_Y j :--o ":: Besides the thrill of becom =. = m S N $ M, Sunday won first place Hilaire F C S P, Providence Pierog, Winlock; and Stephanie Assunta Huan of Banekok, me roloen west nas oeen zrequenuy iOllea Dy nlgn winos In " m-=,.u, ,,=,a=.L, me "" "" " '" ' - " " " H " "" "=: " " "" " " ' ^' ' ' ....................... ing more aware of nature and ml m m m1,#m =t, lmt,= = m the wasnmgmn Stare stung exgms, Im.u. m pnuosopny. Yanoon, utympm Thailand a n o t h e r eraduate, ms many ermrLs m escaollsn lasnng recorcs m me lay ano "" " Sis ann DeV" " ' i 220-yard runs the ways to make use of what CAm Iglg,|NA audlhons, opening the conven- ter Mary Jo e m- heads for the Holy Cross Mis- I " . . the,, have around them, the m| 1-m|uHmvo tion of the Washington State centi, S.M., Providence Has- mien Alaska in August She  But it is more so to note high winds, emanatmg from a capers become better ac-  :: , z  Music Teachers' Association at pital, Seattle, master's degree Engineers' confab will'spend a' year ere 'as a ' respected sports editor who knocked Charlie for having so- ouainted with their own court- i ii!::::i:::iiiliiiii:i!::!::iiiii::iii::i the Univesrity of Washington. in hospital administration. . h... tH ,,,,=,,,. teacher and sunervisor " . -- . ::] k@ :i::!:/::/!:!:;i:i::',i/!!!i -- . av iun .v o.uv= r-  called low grades and not being able to enroll at punhed selors and wth one another as ..i !!!i!i As State representatwe she Peter J. Henrmt, S.J., of Big Six schools like Washington, Washington State, Southern they experience various "dan-  i:i'ii!? will audition in the next re- Tacoma, master of arts (re- Michael Manca, a senior in CoU,,.,,:o to.,,,,a o,,a Canto,.,;, g,,th ;,, Berkele- and in +,ers and scares" on their nioht !ii::: ::i!!i ional convention of the organ- search) in political science. Seattle University's School of ....... A " "n"ele. .................... # out in the woods   i!ii ization next year. Sister Mary Roberts Mc- Engineering, will fly to New ,. .eat.ue umvermtys  n t a n --- --- " " *: :: " Mahon coma Ph D Y " " u s nttle theater at 800 Broadway r ..... ^.,. ,, .... ;o,, o  o,ao ,;, ........ R, By afternoon the next dav [ :i Therese was accompamed at , O.P., of Ta , . . ark CRy m the fall as g e t ............ clos"infor"antsalso "ay that the rs t'Vthe U of'W, for they stumbled.rote camp, drty llii e p mnoHbYABarbara Knapp, m phdosophy. ech:nicAnCa3eep:CS;Ynn3fr h ::mer?:pSmgl:rm;;: . and bred,to cecmre ...... amo rom  .... 2 0 avera e and runnin : ::: :::: " ....... formal chrlstenm ceremomes example, would open to Charhe, his . g g "Be% wasn't that a ball'" , Therese is the daughter of Mr oz a regmnm compexl[lon ......... o abflitms only ff he coul. d also play.Husky football. " " and Mrs Marie Bianchi, 4808 O'Dea scholarshin among engineering students in wn.awa.tneta w ca. ^-- ...... ;'"::':::':">": " r . A== l.v. oaHlo w. ,.,UII.IIUI=I College recruiting m a paradoxmal business _=. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 62nd Ave S W for Br" ....... -' the preparatmn of original .......... .......... in " b some a:= .... .L-- [:::::::::::iiiiii!i-:+'iiiiiiiiii " " Igg jrga -a- rs on an enHneerin" sub aa., neaa oz me peacn e- -mncners om wormman was wooea cessanuy y OU snorl ............................................ .................................... - ..... KENT-- J+ t, s s - -artm,mt o.a .... ,,+,,, ,i; 38 colleges and given the wearisome bushwa treatment of r i m HENRY GAYLE .cnolarsnlps Tar. Rob,rt Me,-,;, m-,d+ ,t+ ject, he will read his paper r:,..= ,-.,.::::+++..,-- juicy steaks, "conferences" in plush eateries, flashy ears, news KnocKs  DELA CRUZ. NARAN$O PImy ngem sensors . Kent hasbee"nn'amedt'h+ercip'] +. at the national ASME conven- anno+u'nea'a'"Je"an'ou']l'[,' enolarsnl sTares nave oeen iob securities, campus visitations via jets, coaches and re- ____ ,__ t a#____.J Two ,,arochial school ....... P ....... tin- eat of a one-year scholarship hen on Schl!eren photograp.hy, "Ring Around the Moon" wi eralters in the home parlor and the like before choosing Seattle on IJon vwolgl nunils unda'+ were me- ma?-++ol[,"es Hio to O'Dea High School at cam- a me n o a at peotograpo+ng be presented Friday and Sat- r ., " ........ a t t shOCK waves" ZlOWmg over me Universi*', for his Catholic education and ma'ur eolle,,e basket- Don Wood, former radio and ...... ','" "f mencement exercises for Bris- . . , urday nights for three or four s ,  . . lecmc reigning monarcns bcnom. wings ot airplanes baP ture televlmon producer-director and ................. coe Memorml School. . sueeesswe weekends begin- .... -^r ^ r .... I" --iv ^-'=-:-~ --^n of the seventh Seafmr Little winner ot me +'resment s "r .......... 1  aw tho Manca Is the son of Mr. and nin- Jul., 12 t rat race because '"" = ,,L y ,,u , u,, ,,,= - " " r " "''""" " "  *" s  Charhe has been somewhat spared of hat , .... Rovaltv dvnas of the Filinino Scholarship at Seattle Unwe - . ...... Mrs Ew,ene Manca, 1153 21st , a er or lne fro ress aunoa - -., ., -a r . conierrln or a I 1 o m a s to o of re-routing placed by O Dea officials .  .......  ,, : I y_ Youth Activities of Seattle, Inc sity s Colleen Duffy, daughter  . g .... I p - - Ave E Seattle He resides with ' was nameu oeame umvermty s "" " " ..... " ..... T D ff -609 2nd JrOOKS ant zz omer graouates. . ." n m Altentlon, Wildcats, Ramblers athletic publicity director, c?tte r lgalSsixHtlenryra de la AOvtel.VllSvl.Ua u y,a - Briscoe medal winners were hbs wife, Sandra Joy at 8232 II -'lhouan , 1 Th r r ., , " g lerat " " r" rB le for e 39th Ave NE ik Villanova and e 40-yea-old g aduate of , Ch mtophe e a s y th . But we do hope that Catholic colleges 1 e n,r m. ., ..n u,.u St. Mary s School and the son Janet Sulhvan was awarded ........................ I _,_S d$ ff,ll v ct .tt=Dtt o,tzut, attu ,,so.- sevtmtn gritut ,otry OUllrUguu[ Loyola of Chicago took a second look at th|s hthe speedster ........... of Mr and Mrs Henry de la a $300 scholarshp by the Bal- o ..... ' ...... I or uns /'''''''111''%1 . , . _ , . ........... mgton  r a r e unlverssty s a  - " ........ A i mr me mxm anu bteven xonaxa t , , /, 't -..t after ms permrmances Saturaay in me totaen west mv]tauonm ___,___ _t . _._._,_,  ,_ t.ruz br, 306 23rd Ave S lara teneraL nosptm ux - . .............. 1 wht ettte "/i , sa. 1 member o[ at +t"i:ttrlCK S ransn - - 2 " ^ ' : " ..... ' a hter of tar me lbHn. U sruaents oecome i .......... # m- +tx meet in Los Angeles wh,r h I;xra tlvith h;a ulfa rattle queen m tayte aranjo, nary janet m me u ug , . . = 7, ,.n,-,m CBARLIE WON the 100 in'a wind-aided time of 9.5--the. [ee'n. anc[+thei'r'seven'ch '. 61who completed her first grade Mr .d ME2 .Zoe2 Sumvan mym,ss,ono, rue s . I PERFECT 9"Lx" I fastest in the history of the meet for outstanding senior gradu- dren at ]215 E. Lynn St. at mm.c,ate SeooLu,d will r;. , ,.+.,% .... s,. ee's grad deur.-#a! ,2"er/.] LL : I FII"I'ING & v',z,A I ares from throughout the country That 95 also matched his Wood is currently director of attena o.,y.Pamby 2cao.ot.m of3sa;0(,:ctolrsiie_. ewCtP iolns Red Cross ben 'av ;iio m+i'so."a; I cnum T r'rur.rm I - - -- "- =- s-ecial events at Lon-acres r-.]rrdanc in Ine I855. bne xs me V SPOKANE o J b  u ,,,,, '-'-,-- -.,v,,,, v,,, a washington state recom, lne old time was s.. t, .... s, . daughter of Mrs Howard Nar- by the Holy Angels Veritas . .  7", . . o work in the United States, Mex- I ................ I After a bad start, Charlie narrowed an eight-yard deficit .ace racK e was spe.eca +m- an;o 529 16th Ave Chanter of the National Honor .Juay a.qau, a gravure at ice and Alaska this summer. J ernoe ?ca, to a stride ..... to come m second m the 220 m the time 21.6. The structOrof de bateanUandtacultYdramamCeratrat S U in Coronation ' ceremonies" with Socmty.Y Susan m" the daughter t..Leo ......... S mgn cnoo| in zacoma Carol Ballangrud of Van-u .,,s,]u ,, real .= I unorthedox-laid 220 lanes set off Charlie's turning at the only 1949 50 Seafair Neptune Rex XIII Cecil of Mr and Mrs. Howard B. ant noy isames t+ouege, nas eouver, and Mary Ellen and | --I-- I  # I . - . . " been semctec Dy me mencan Cath r " curve His state record s 21 0 Th Ca,n, ' --,: .... H McK|nstry and Queen of the Pmht, 115 N.W. 74th St ........ y Me tz of Bellmgham, I t]sO/a  "01t{- l "" _ ..... , .... =t Jmect+rosstoranasmgnment m will :ast] n CoUrt? da .par.sh_tec.hetic.a ! [ v--nsm...rnaa"e--.;n .sennm II F[ t.,tub;,r.,,...,,.=,_,'* mef2ar2eetwba ;e:og[peaa'eedoah th;ilU{:;: ?:?;ob;:t;:r tChe tae:de: :Uf bye::rre se'l,gethJ?se " STieG:ial t R?; ;fmfi?iac? l " USF scholar:ips Ksr;:will leave fern two-week :okl , o nesuay m me unamoer OI .om Y P stayed two nights at a use dorm. The meet, a benefit was Navy in the South Pacific dur-  .... " include Puget Sounders training session in early July Jud" Kriss a 1963 -raduat  I hos'fornffo " I held at Los Angeles State College. ing World War II. meree J+anroom..v.e coron.a: SAN FRANCISCO-- at Red Cross headquarters in of 118 N' Aath arot ,;] [ offer. ou the m.aximum, ia I " " " " " b 1 " uon program ana aance wm "r W h .................. Gilmore stud that Charhe had been so intent on the meet Hs appointment, y ath etm also featur ^ *' FYA 'aba'taan Seven hsgh school seine s as mgton, D.C., before going also work this summer in i u-_over t service. [ that he "asse a u" all of the attached social schedule including, director Eddie O Brien cam-  ..  v m , from the Archdiocese of Seattle to Korea ......... I The shoe that you buy. Sister. | 1-"  P" '  +, ......... *- ., -IOIK ancers " " " " " L " " ",' " " .... usun. ane plans [o teacn. I :. - ..... :I.. ,.-'.__; I a tam- tn r;,+vland prates me u ammuc statz wm ...... ?., ..... are among 10a incoming zresn- 3ne 5s me caugnter oz tvir. t3,,,, ,,,, ,f ,,,,,,, I .+_ _++', "" '=' P,v I ............. .7- -" 1he IXA L,ltle Koyatty court .......... +- ................. , ...................... the early spring hmng of Rob- .... men from emht states being and Mrs. J. A. Rabdau, 5802 .............. I to :,,, ,,+: I , ltl3 VP51K to win more man repala me etiors oi iormer, er .Lu"-b'; Bo-yd, S a n t a Ann alSO .lncluues" awaraeo' scnolarsnl" " .... s m me S. m'" t., Tacoma, a --n was .'allI" Wlll go. [o lvtorena, zvtex- I I i I O Des basketball star, Dan Brotherton, Seattle JC youth actw- I.,;,, C,,ll ....... h  h+,a Princes Bobby Sumaoang, 10, 1,; ..... ;t,, r,f qo,, P+,,,,.;++r, .qninr cla nrid+nf at HNC ice, to do sacral work and teach i [ We also carr I I '  ...........  ............... son of Mr and Mrs Fred .......... J ............................. " ................. Confraternity of Christian Dec ities chairman who arranged Charlies appearance; Clarence basketball coach; Lionel Pur- " " The,, include"  , [I l,+, IY/.+1.4 z+.,  .... l Drisooll from St. George's Parish and his fellow Seattle Moose cell, Alhambra, Calif., High .Sumaoang., 4024, Rel;on.Av  S. Donald L. Betz and Richard ,.. ' , , I I "  Y'? "f"" m St Edwara s n, Rey :)IX among Lodge brothers, who sponsored Charlie s trip. coach, as fresh pilot; and the "" " " 7 S" James """ T Swanson, both of Blanchet. _ .... [ MERZ SHEET i I I r. Loc/e 5/oes si nin of Barne Koch manaapat, , t tame- " . ' aeans ,st a June g g Y ' "r" ruder Royal B. Martm Jr. and Pat- METAL WORKS And now ta Nebrask IT ,'-,,;s mentor a ...... ;t,, dral School thl d g and son -i.  n ...... :_ t.^,. ^ MARYLHURST-- I ......... II I . .  ... . . . - ... . ... - .  o.-- , ......   ]. ,;o Ma.a., Am ,,. J. J[-J[I)PJIILILI, UULII UI . . . . . . .. I we ao new ana repair lOpS Tor 8111 I r/,IULLU 3nur 1 3outhern L;alltorrlla lnsl: weeK, l'qeDlnsKa mls" weeKen(1. ' baseball coach u, ,-o. ,,,,,, -,t,,,-, .u ttl D,ed. D;ho,d R r, mxmen s[uuen[s t r o m me I purposet where sheet merci i= re- I I ............. I That's the cinder .route Charlie is taking to be guest of the 10th Ave., andTerrance Caban- O'Dea; Thomas J McMenamin, Archdiocese of Seattle were m- ] p.. - ............ I I inc. I "+' u sag, , son ot Mrs he---my ban " cl'uded among [nose" wno mace i mAta =-u+mg uu Jacgsoa =*reev m ...................... m University of Nebraska, which has on its Lincoln camp s office Parenfs, eens to- 6726 40th Ave S i- t" 'and James S. Hunter, Ever- . ............ I $EATTL| 4 I I ]]]] BI0AI)WAY. TACOMA I space for athletic director William Harrison (Tippy) Dye and dance a Eward's Parish " " " o. green. 3ntiJ:::veten?rt Iga n t33i [ |1 ........ i  head basketball coach from Idaho Joseph (Slippery Joe) Cipriano .... -- , Princesses Teresa Flares, 7, .... r  "" ' " " ....... . . . t.ouege, rom aeame are Juay 1 lj,--tt..40 I'| :::*--former U of W hoop lummanes. , '. uernaaette S third rader at St Teresa's St. Louts U lists  Arnold Sandra Gaines Kath,''- h Two other schools are mentioned prominently in Charlie's An "Inde+pendence d an c e" School+and daughter of Mr. and local degree holders Parent', Jean Pearson, Sharon I] (: future: Arizona State and Washington State. But Charlie, wdl be held Ior teen-agers and Mrs. Severe Ftores, 1510 33rd ST. LOUIS-- Sakamoto, Margaret Wiese, li  b r''r/'a'+"  +,,trman,, ............ +,Vo;,, woua t ,,uir=a..  at Arizona to run the parents next, wednesday by Ave.; Violet Bautista, 8, daugh- Five from the Archdmcese of Janme" Wdhs" " , and Judy Zsm' - II ]' :!i JetGbI.+gjei XX II quarter mile or 440 --a distance he thinks is 340 extra yards St. Bernadette sCYO Teen Club ter of Sammy Bautista and Seattle have received post-grad- merman. Others include Kath- II II -- -- " in the school auditorium, foster daughter of Mr. andMrs. , ..... II  .I ll tas . y . tOO long. . , Dancing will be from 8"30 to Urbane Bacani, 1117 Empire , ' " IS0TIlell wa  aT Kenm0re II = omeone else bandied the name of me USC Trojans, atways 11 30 m to the musi O o ........... n THE SIGN OF GOOD FOOD . . I II ] II : . . . _ _ , : p. . c t way m t. teresa s 'ansn; a at ,a i national track dynamos, but the Los Angeles smog and sticziness Johnny and the Jades and Deborah Bari-uit 7 St I vuno ACeHBAklP*I rtl eAUlkw'_e II r, . I| i: .1".i , ",t. r,t. ::  a. . . , "1 , , " I |vn. tl, PlNt11% g: vr t|ll I II -- reatgrne -- II :: ,,on, agree wm .aarne. Aamlsmon s 75 cents per Edwards School second grader I .... iii II : IT'S JUST AS well if Greene ends up at Loyola of Chicago, person, announ c ed J'oyce and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. [ .... -- II SUPERB SEAFOOD BUFFET II :Vilhmova or some other +tholic school with a superior track Davey, social chairman. Ray Bariquit, 7939 46th Ave. S. I V - i II U. program I1- 7 : th & BOTHELL WAY ' ._,  " .=. FRIDAY NITE--5.00 fo 9.30 , ,--BROTHERS OF SAINT JOHN OF GOD , I .00lk d ' I, J I a v T I, II 00R,DAY / i ,-,o.,.=..o,,,,.,,o,.,, II +1 ! I I 11 I d I I "_ I ,, ........ II I CANDIDATES ARE TRAINED AS. II N -- ...... N iilmlilliimlmlilliilllllllllmllilllllitllllliilliliiil Ii.00i LINCOLN + ++_ ++:+ :++ AIS " " " " ' -- + (Day.J.Lay) !!i 'm. .6,]o CITY TRANSFER and STORAGE CO. = !:'. x!: m  mnm . "' I t'.,, II I__..=nt.,t,n n n'rnn nr i+!.. "$: PARISH %".'7 "" I ""-,'--.-' - MIIVINli & N/llNfllik [] ".v-+''' FISHING I -- ""'"'" " "'"""" - li?'::':+::l | --- [] I II00i00,, I BBS WASHER SERVICE AND APPLIANC[S m wnmn.w,n+ MnVlNa t+l)Vlr [] I e mm!o..wmeLomer I I __" "=-_'_ .... I nn..ov, ,o,/- I I #lmlll  I 38h ond G, TACOMA GR. 4-9409 ............... 7--"'i "''"" =1 I !1 CHEVROLET INC. II m.m.h..., I LAROEST PARTS STOCK IN TACOMA One of Amer,ca's Fmesf ! II 117th &BOTH|LL WAY I0000?+11 :'_','_'_'_'27_:;'.:'_':. I N+w AND US|D APPLIANCES = 1 I ?4;;;'r+A I I ..erm.on s too,e, I  = ll I I I ! I I I I II I hOS been operated slnce Ifs opening I I and Boats I  ----- Ill I1 JI iiK,Hn = GRIFFIN-MURPHY BUSINESS COLLEGE '-"' ' "," ,, m,, )"'"" GRIFFIN-GALBRAITH AND - ! II II h:a; ed'"un:!!::!w:y' I s co =- , ...N.. ,o, ' -= SUMMER CLASSES BEGIN FUEL OIL ERVICE MPANY = -- I J=,y s II Comonolslond, Washlnglon I! ,.+,., I COMMERCE ST. TACOMA I UNITSD VAN LINSS I | I  ,m- J Be reedy for fhe FALL JOBS II 1 = I, I = I II I - - MA. 7-3151 -- = Senog,ph,c Socre,,, MADISON LUMBER CO. - .. --. Free Estimates Samhzed Vans _ i IBM Key Punch . . . [ I Painfs Lnmb.r and Nardware 1 Heating Oils, Furnaces and Burner Service  801 ......... . ....... J / '' , / .. :)O, PIULIAI I .U;ATTLE .. I MAin 4-71S4 Fifth and V,rg,ma I I -- Mark Dolhver Prestdent - ---- / Seattle | I 2021 E. Madison EAst z-e0e0 / " , _ ' i ,,., ! / 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111