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June 26, 1964     Catholic Northwest Progress
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June 26, 1964

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2--THE PROGRESS Fr;clay, 3une 26, 1964 c_ Pope Promises Word on Birth Regulation (Continued From Page 1) The Pope did not, however, answer the question uppermost Orthodox Patriarch Athenagoras I of Constantinople, was "of an when ovulation is stopped so as to prevent the uterus and the in the minds of his hearers in this connection: importance which in all simplicity we may call historic," the organism from the consequences of pregnancy which it is not Would he accept the invitation of Valerian Cardinal Gracias Pope said. Although he had hoped to go there as "a humble able to sustain," he said. "Some moralists maintain that it is of Bombay to go to India for the Congress? grim among pilgrims," he continued, he found himself permissible to take medicines for this reason, but they are Pope Paul merely referred Io the congress as "an event rounded by "applauding multitudes aware of the significance wrong." which is great in itself and which becomes even more extraordin, the event and taking part in it themselves." pi Plus XII had said in 1951 (addressing Italian midwives) that ary by virtue of the time and place in which it will unfold, bring- He added: "The religious meaning and the ecumenical value Latin America Prob]e|lls To c the so-called rhythm method of birth control--the use of the ing to the whole Church--but especially to the Asian world--the of the journey of the successor of St. Peter to Palestine were LEON, Spain (NC)--Latin American religious problems will natural infecund period--is allowed "for a long time, perhaps perennial message of Christ's mysterious sacramental presence perceived by all. Our meeting with Patriarch Athenagoras and be given attention at a national Spanish Eucharistic Congress to even for the whole duration of the marriage," provided there are and revealing something of its power of vivifying mankind." with the other patriarchs and metropolitans of the Eastern be held here from July 5 to 12. Juan Cardinal Lamazuri of Lima, legitimate medical, eugenic, economic or social reasons. In the course of his talk he also revealed that the Catholic Churches, both those united and those still separated from us, Peru, will be the papal legate, and Archbishop Antonio Jose At that time Pope Plus also voiced the hope that science Church is returning to the Orthodox Church of Greece relics of filled us wtih joy and hope. It fostered and strengthened the Plaza of La Plata, Argentina, will also attend, would find ways to make the rhythm method more accurate. St. Andrew the Apostle which were looted by Latin Crusaders movement, already under way, for greater contacts between the The congress symbol, reproduced on thousands of pesters displayed throughout Spain, is an llth-century chalice given to Birth Control Current Problem during the sack of Constantinople in 1204. separated brothers, in a spirit of mutual charity and trust and of the Basilica of San Leandro here by the Queen of Castile. Pope Paul, concluding his comments on his own pontificate, The Pope spoke warmly of his meeting last January with better understanding, the hoped-for prelude of the restoration of It is constructed around two onyx stones from pre-Chrjstan referred to current "formidable problems," and singled out one: Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras I of Constantinople, spiritual unity." times, ornamented with gold filigree and precious gems. "The problem everybody is talking about--that is, of so-called leader of the Orthodox world, He also referred to the forthcoming The Pope then announced that at the request of Orthodox birth control; that is to say of population growth on the one hand third session of the ecumenical council, and the international Metropolitan Constantine of Patras, the skull of St. Andrew, the and of family morality on the other." Eucharistic congress to be held in India next fall. And he talked brother of St. Peter, will be returned to Patras, Greece. Pope Paul continued: about world peace. This gesture, he said, testifies "to our veneration for the "It is an extremely serious problem. It touches the source of Reviews Pontificate Greek Orthodox Church and to our intention to open our brotherly heart to it, in the faith and charity of the Lord." human life. It touches sentiments and concerns which are closest The Bishop of Rome had begun his speech with what he The Pope declined to outline the activity of the Church to the experience of man and woman. It is an extremely complex called "a single and very cursory glance" at the 12 months of throughout the world because "the simple description of the and delicate problem, his pontificate, various acts and aspects of this activity would require too long "The Church recognizes its manifold aspects, that is to say "We content ourselves with mentioning a few facts, a very a speech." the multiple spheres of competence. Among these, that of the few amo/tg the many which you already know, which seem to Notes "Magnificent Witness" spouses is certainly preeminent--their liberty, their conscience, us to characterize the past Vatican year, and the first of which is However, he did say, "We simply can tell you of our saris- their love and their duty. naturally the council," he said. faction and our gratitude to note around us and in every part of "But the Church must also affirm her part, that is, God's He recalled that he had pledged to make the continuation of the world a magnificent witness on the part of the organs and law, which she interprets, teaches, promotes and defends. And the council the preeminent aspect of his pontificate, that he had persons headed by the Holy See, of fidelity, industry, ardor for the Church will have to proclaim this law of God in the light "hastened to set the date for its reopening" after it had auto- the cause of Christ and of the Church." of scientific, social and psychological truths which in recent rustically been suspended by the death of Pope John XXIII, and Pope Paul lamented that the Church finds herself in ab- times have had new and very extensive study and documents- how he had streamlined the ponderous machinery of its corn- normal and unhappy situations in various parts of the world. lion. missions. "You know where, how and why," he said. "It will be necessary to look carefully and squarely at this The Pope then spoke of the "first two great conciliar docu- Although there are many reasons for denouncing the errors theoretical as well as practice] development of the question. And ments" enacted by the council and promulgated by him last De- which lie at the root of such unhappy situations, he said, "we no this is what the Church is in fact doing. The question is under cember--the Constitution' on the Sacred Liturgy and the decree want in this respect to increase our trust in the Lord, and there study--a study as broad and deep as possible, that is, in the on communications media. He referred also to his own January 25 fore our serenity of judgment, our equanimity toward all, and our `.=" serious and honest manner a question of such importance decree putting into effect some of the provisions of the liturgical good will toward those who will honorably and simply solve the demands, constitution, and his establishment of the postconciliar liturgy problems which make the Church suffer." Hope Soon to End Study commission to work toward full implementation of the required Then he said: "It is under study, we repeat, and we hope soon to conclude reforms in the public worship of the Church. "We always want to trust in the uprightness and common (this study) with the help of many eminent scholars. We shall "We are very glad to know that the individual hierarchies in sense of those who have power and responsibility toward the quickly issue its conclusions in the form which is judged most the various nations are working industriously to determine the public good and toward the principles of justice, liberty and con. adequate to the subject treated and to the goal to be achieved, particular adaptations demanded by local circumstances for a cord which must be at the base of modern society. And wo also :"But meanwhile we say frankly that as of now we do not fuller adherence to the reforms, to concrete needs and require- hope that the very consideration of the rights and of the interests have sufficient reason to regard the norms given by Pope Plus ments," he said. of peoples will allow the achievement of some effective improve- XII as surpassed, and therefore not binding. They must therefore Speaking of his Pentecost Sunday announcement of the crea- ments in the present state of affairs." be considered valid, at least until we feel bound in conscience lion of a new secretariat for non-Christian relations, the Pope With these words the Pope placed the Church's problems in to modify them. In a subject of such gravity, it certainly seems interpreted it "as a sign of that universal solicitude which makes the broader framework of the problems of mankind. that Catholics should want to follow a single law, such as the us interested also in the problems and spiritual needs of all men." Paul VI expressed fear "that the contemporary world Church authoritatively proposes. And it therefore seems upper- The new secretariat, he said, is similar to that created by Pope again relapse into forgetfulness of the ideals of peace, of solidar- tune to recommend that nobody f0r the time being take it upon John for the separated brothers, "with whom we shall continue ity, of moral and social regeneration, towards which it turned himself to speak in terms different from the norms in force," serenely the friendly dialogues that have begun." with such determination and so nobly after the sorrowful and dis- Talks of Great Events No Ward on Council's End astrous experience of the last war." Pope Paul had referred earlier to "great events" which the Pope Paul then referred to the "important and arduous" tasks He said that like his predecessors Plus XII and John XXfII future holds in store. Now he turned to one of them--the inter- confronting the council Fathers at their third session this fall. But he would ceaselessly preach peace and seek to bring the minds national Eucharistic congress to open in Bombay at the end of he made no prediction as to when the council will finish its work. of men to "the ideals of peace, concord, collaboration and broth- SISTER VINCENT MARY FARRELL AND LITTLE SISTER November. His January pilgrimage to the Holy Land, where he met erhood." 'Hello, Sisterl' i SAN FRANCISCO (NC)--Among the 28 novices of the Sisters Requiem Mass Americans In Vietnam of CharityoftheBlessedVirginMary, erriving at the San Fran- For Flood Jungles Will Miss cisco airport from Dubuque, Iowa, was Sister Vincent Mary Farrell shown in the above photo as she was greeted by her Victims Sung little sister. The Sisters were on their way to open Guadalupe Mu i General Timmes College in Los Gates, new western novitiate of the Sisters of HEART BUTTE, Mont. (NO) Charity. (Here in the Seattle Archdiocese the Sisters staff the --Funeral services were held (See Picture Page One) schools of St. George, St. John and Christ the King Parishes in for six Blackfeet Indian chil- By. Rev. Patrick O'Connor Seattle, St. Pius X in Mountlake Terrace as well as teaching at drn, ranging in age from 13 SAIGON (NC)Americans out in the rice paddie q Blancher High School, Seattle.) years to two months, who were and jungles of Vietnam will miss a familiar, friendl: .... killed in the flood waters when visitor. The Rev. Robert Crawford, C,M., will miss a Chinese Students Baptized a dam gave way on the Two daily Mass server. Medicine River. And Maj. Gem Charles J. Timmes, who left here MADRID (NC)--In the glow of votive candles and Chinese The Rev. Egon Mallman, S.3"., June 13, will miss Vietnam, into which he has put lanterns, three Chinese students were received in the Church by veteran missionary to this area, 35x/ months of intense, enthusi- Rev. Juan Antonio Montero, S.J. All three received first Corn- officiated at the requiem Mass astic work. During that time He traveled incessantly to reunion at the same service. June 16. Three days earlier he he began each day with Mass, visit these men. His helicopter The three are Ann Wang and David Wang, a married couple, buried an elderly parishioner, which he usually served and at was hit four times by enemy nnd LOrenzo Wang. Lorenzo, a journalism student, now repre- and presided at amass of still, which he received Holy Corn- gunfire. another teenage victim June 17. reunion. This correspondent accom sents the Central News:Agency of Formosa. Also in his parish was a General Timmes came to nied him once on a two-day field ti'ip to units of the 25th family of eight who were swept Vietnam in July, 1961, as dep- Vietnamese division. The pro- away by a 20.foot wall of wa- uty chief of the U. S. military ter in Birch Creek. Searchers am " " fly for are combing the knee-deep Viet N VlctlmJs Fam Receives His DFC assistance advisory group. In gram included a plane flight the following year he was made nor Utah Saigon, 4 helicopter mud and debris hoping to find THE distinguished Flying Cross, awarded posthumously to 1st Lt. Timothy Lung, was chief, hop e first day, 8 on the second, plus the plane flight I some of the 20 persons still presented recently to his mother, Mrs, Florence N. ba.g of Our Lady of Guadalupe A lean, untiring figure in in- back to Saigon. Seven distinct ] listed as missing in the floods. Parish, Seattle, by Maj. Gem W. C. Garrison, 10th . . Army Corps commander, in tigues, he became a familiar units, some of them in jungle. [ P ceremonies at Fort Lawton. Looking on are Mrs. Lung's daughters, Sister Mary Long, sight in every camp, village or girt valleys, were visited, a, I Bisho  Gibbons novice at Providence Heights College; Meda, Seattle University student; and Casey, Holy jungle clearing where Ameri- well as a training center, aI] { Rosary High School student. Killed August 30 last year in Viet Nam, Lieutenant Lang can advisors worked with Viet- engineer road project and the lw I Dies at 95 was cited for heroic action while serving as the co.pilot of a helicopter leading a formation namese troops. He briefed ev- latest phase of a military upr- ALBANY, N.Y. (NC)--Bish- of five aircraft over hostile enemy territory. A 1960 Washington State University grad- ery new advisor on his arrival, ation in the heart of the Quang up Edmund F. Gibbons, 95, uate, he was president of WSU's Newman Club while a student. The lieutenant previously If one was wounded or preset- Nagi mountains. ed, he unfailingly received a reported as the oldest Catholic received posthumously the Purple Heart and the Air Medal. with six oak leaf clusters in Purely military and training bishop in the world, died June October. The family home is at 4840 46th Ave. S.W, --(U.S; Army Photo) letter from Gen. Timmes. problems were not the Gener- 19 in the Albany see which he "When I came, there were al's only concern. h/id directed for 35 years, 1,0":ser In vnt'"e'nam Court ,. Americen advisors here," "Is your mail reaching you Bishop Gibbons retired as the Justice Newsthe GeneraIserviee.tOld,,NowN.C.W.C.there all right?" he asked an Ameri- can sergeant, advisor to a Viet] sixth bishop of Albany Nov. I0, are 3,000." (The total number namese unit in a remote clearW[ 1954, and was succeeded by fly Rev. Patrick O'Connor 10:35 p,m. in a somber court- "face" and proved its power by of American military, inelud- ing. "Are you getting PX sup- Bishop William A. Scully. SAIGON (NC) u Com- room lit by the bright p a I I o r having a Catholic made a ins administrative personnel, Francis Cardinal Spellman scapegoat, plies (toilet articles and the offered a solemn pontifical re- munism gained, a Budd- Of neon tubes, in Vietnam is believed to be like)? What are you short of? The prisoner, 35-year-old Justice is a loser in the case, about 16,000.) quiem Mass in the Cathedral hist faction was encour- father of seven children, was and with it the morale of some "The operation has been in- How's your health?" With his head thrust slight- of the Immaculate Conception aged and j u s t i c e lost, condemned not only to life elements in the Vietnamese tensified considerably since I ly forward, in typical alert- here June 24. armed forces. Born in White Plains, N.Y., when Catholic Maj. Mat- imprisonment but also to pay first came," he said "The Viet hess, and his face turned to- Sept. 16, 1868, Bishop Gibbons thew Dang Sy of the Vietnam- compensation amounting to Justice lost because the case Cons (Communist) units have wards the man, this two-star attended Niagara University ese army was sentenced here more than $17,000) to the against Dang Sy was not been built up. It would appear general was obviously sincere ] and the Seminary of Our Lady to life imprisonment with hard families of the victims he was proved, that in the last few years the in his inquiries. of the Angels in Niagara. He labor June 6. not proved to have killed. North Vietnam regime has sent He became well acquaintedD I was ordained in Rome in 1893, He was found guilty of mur- The Communist Viet Cong highly qualified professional with the Vietnamese officers after studying there for three dering eight persons, killed by have reason to rejoice eve r cadres into the south. And the with whom his men were asso- years, still unidentified explosions dur- the sentence. It removes one of Viet Cong have better weap0ns ciated. In spite,,f the long- One of his major goals was ing a Buddhist demonstration the best young officers from now. We used to capture many"' drawn-out war, see no les- SCENE OF GERMAN SCHOOL TRAGEDY to secure the elevation of the outside Hue government radio the Vietnamese army, a man home,made w e a p ons Now sening of the leaders' fighting Mohawk Indian girl Kateri station May 8, 1963. As corn- with 12 years' military exper- we're capturing sophisticated spirit," he said, "and these Teachers Killed in Episode Tekakwitha to sainthood, sander of security forces, an- fence, including an advanced Chinese-made and Russian- people follow their leaders." COLOGNE, Germany (NC)--Two teachers who died of stab Through his efforts she has der the province chief and the training course in Fort Ben- made weapons." He had noticed "no appreciable wounds in a maniacal attack at a Catholic elementary school been aceorded the title of general commanding the corps ning, Ga., and distinguished The Republic of Vietnam has change in morale generally in venerable, area, he had been ordered to service in combat, reacted to this increased ng- the Vietnamese armed force i were praised during a funeral service by Joseph Cardinal Frings With the death of Bishop disperse the crowd. A politically ambitious party gression by increasing its re- ' during the 'Buddhist crisis' o of Cologne for their example of sacrifice. Gibbons, the oldest Catholic A five-day trial ended in the in Vietnamese Buddhism can sistance. This is indicated by last year.' .... The teachers, Gertrud Bollenrather, 62, and Ursula Kuhr, 26, prelate is reported to be Arch- ordeal of a long evening ses- now cut a notch in its noncom- the in c r e a s e d number of Gen. Timmes made a final were killed by a berserk memal patient, Walter' Seifert, who also bishop Dionigio Casaroli of sign and a grim sentence at batant gun. It has gained American advisors, trip around central and south sprayed pupils with a homemade flamethrower. By June 20, nine Gaeta, Italy, who will be 95 "There are now nine Viet- Vietnam before he left. days after the attack, nine pupils had died of burns, and it was next month. WIll Not Drop Grades But names army divisions where feared that others of 2g children hospitalized following the attack there were only seven in 1962," 2,000 Paperbacks would also succumb. Bible, Ecumenism, Will Build More Schools General Timmes said. "At the beginning of 1902 the Self-De- Published The assailant died from wounds inflicted by police gunfire. COIIVelIIOII l'opJs NEW O R L E A N S (NC) -- olic education," the Arch- tense C o r p s had very little ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N.Y. Archbishop John P. Cody has bishop said. training. That year we gave (NC)--More than 2,000 paperJ[l ,al STUTTGART, Germany (NC) announced the establishment of Archbishop Cody also has six-week training courses to back books are listed in thd1l J h-osep',num "*'' Leiprecht of five new parishes in the Arch- 65,000 of them. We gave 12- fifth annual edition of the The Rottenburg said the Bible and diocese of New Orleans, bring- planned three new central week courses to 72,000 of the Catalog of Catholic Paperback ecumenism will get special at- ing to 14 the number he has Catholic high schools. One of Civil Guard that year, too. This Books published here. tention at Germany's national formed since being named Ap- these is near completion at training has been continued. The 120-page catalogue was Catholic convention, Katholiken- ostolic Administrator, June 1, Lockport, Louisiana. Others And now the Self.Defense Corps compiled by Engene P. Will- 1902 2nd Avenue tag, which will take place here 1962. are to be built at Houma and Visits UoSe and Civil Guard have modern ging, director of libraries, Ca+holic Residence Ho00el September2-6, 1964. "Reform by a New Think- The Archbishop, who is pres- Thibodaux. Four recently corn- equipment." Catholic University of America, ing" will be the theme of the ident of the National Catholic pleted New Orleans area Cath- BISHOP Georges Hakim The General paid a warm Washington, D.C. The books for People in +heir 60's eonvention, the Bishop an. Educational Association, said olic high schools--two for boys (above) of Acre in Galilee tribute to the American cap- are classified in three ways--by nuanced at a pontifical Mass that all 14 parishes will have and two for girls--are now be- is v i s i tin g in the United rains, lieutenants and ser- author with a brief descriptionjl] . EXCELLENT FACILITIES for splrffuol end meerlal needs offered in St. Eberhard elementary schools. Some al- ins expanded. They were built States and will preside at geants serving in the field aa of each book; an alphabeticall[l IDEAL LOCATION in the heerf of downfown Seaffle, the Church. ready have schools in opera- during the tenure of Archbish- the fifth Melkie convention . advisors w i t h Vietnamese list of all titles, and, as a read-'qVl " mainstream of metropolitan living He said the new .awakening lion. up Joseph F. R u m m el and of North America, tobe held troops. "They've done a mug- ins guide, listings by subject RATES unbelievably low in the Church should give new "Instead of d r o p p i n g opened in September, 1962. nificent j o b ," h e s a i d. matter. .... impulses to German Catholics grades, we must build and The five new parishes are be- in Akron, Ohio. He will "They're living in dug-outs The book is published by the For Further Information Coil and "help them to new con- build so that all the ehildren ing carved out of existing par- represent the Melkite-rite and thatehed huts, eating the Catholic Paperback Book Co. MA =7071 tracts with Protestant Christ- of our area may have the ishes which already have their Patriarch Maximos IV Saigh same food as the Vietnamese at 100 North Village Ave. here inns." blessing of a thorough Cath- own elementary schools, of Antioch. soldiers, sharing their life." and priced at $1.50 per copy.