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June 26, 1903     Catholic Northwest Progress
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June 26, 1903

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THE CATHOLIC PROGRESS. $ ( GENERAL CATHOLIC NEWS. OF THE WORLD. RELIGIOUS EVENTS FROM THE CHURCH PROGRESS. DOMESTIC. Tile annual report of tile Infirm Priests&apos; Fund bf tile Cincinnati dio- cese shows that the sum of $3,212.98 was contributed last year. At present nine invalid priests arc being oared for from the same. Mary's Infant Asylum, Dorchester. The victory achieved by the asylum is an indication of who do the buying in Boston This institutiton was the only Catholic one eutered [in tlm con- which promises to be one of the finest teal, and the sweeping victory which church edifices in the West when corn- it d showed wbat is possible iu a pleted. ]:he Austrian communicants uuited Catholic movement. of the parish donated a large measure Cardinal Gibbons, accompanied by towards tile completion of the work. Rev. William A. Fletcher. rector of The fair held some time ago netted the Cathedral, paid a visit last week the building fund something morv to Admiral Rivet, on board the French than $10,000. flagship Tage, lying in the harbor. He was accompanied from South There are now nearly two hundred street by Rev. Jean Roux, chaplain of books in the parish library at Astoria, the ship; Captain Amelot and Lieut. Ore. Gatholio authors predominate Aubrey. He was received with all it being one of the objects of St. the attentlou given to Ambassador Motlmr Sebastian Gillespie of Mercy Mary's Library Society to cultivate a Jusserand on Sunday, and Ins depart- Convent, Pittsburg, has been re-eleted taste for and encourage the reading of uze was marked by tnc firing of sevml- to hbr sixth term of office, such books. . teen g ns. Twelve nundred dollars has been Roy. Henry H. Behr, pastor of St. " About 400 members of Providence paid on the Church of St. Mary's AI- Michael's church, Elizabetlh 1. J., R. I., division of the Anoient-=Orde r otbina, Oregon. has been chosen to settle the points of attended Mass on Sunday The donations to the Apostolic Mis- difference between the master build- of last week{in the cathedral of that sion House have amounted to several ors and their employes, who have been city. It was a most imposing and ed- thousand dollars. The most notable on a strike since April 1. Both sides trying sight to see them approach the gift was a bond of $1,000 bearingflve have bound themselves to accept Holy Table. per cont.interest, from a priest in Father Behr's decision, which will  Pennsylvania. not, however, apuly to the striking A wall has been completed inclosing plumbers, the Capuchin Monastry at SS. Peter The report of the thirty-second an A fire supposed to be of incendiary sad Paul's:ohuroh, Cumberland, Md., nual convention of the Gatholio Total at a cost of $11,000. It is 41 feet 6 Abstineee Union has just been issued. origin last week destroyed the church at Belt, Mont. The edifice, which inches at its higbest point. At a dis- It silows thatthere are 1,038 societies tuner of every few yards the wall con- with a memberslfip of 85,729, affiliat- was valued at $,000, was insured for rains grottoes or stations, within ed with the union. In the last ten only $1,500, is a total loss. The reo- which are to beplaeed statuary. It is years the memhersliip has been more tory next door and two adjoining said to be the most massive and artis- than doubled. buildings were saved with difficulty, tic piece of masonry of the kind in The sum of $6,000 was netted frJm The tabernacle, lmldmg the chalice Maryland. the recen fair hld for the benefit of with the blessed sacrament, escaped the Good Shepimrd Sisters at Denver. by a mirsele. It was:found after the A procession of about 1,400 children At a meeting held laW-Columbus, O., fire, scarcely scorched, took place at theGathedralof the Holy the other day arrangements weir be- Cross, Boston, last week, and the gut, for a suitable testimonial to Columbia University, Portland, statue of the Blessed Virgin was Arehbishop'Moeller on his departure Ore., finished a most successful year erown.ed, for Gineinnati, June 22. All 'the on Thursday. Fifteen sisters will ar- rive from the East some time in July The site has been selected by the clergy of the diocese were invited to to take "charge of tile housework and isters of Chanty in charge of St. be present, he study infirmary. The new con- Viueent's Infant Asylum, Ghieago, for The Fatimr Suehr jubilee offerings vent, which is to accommodate them the erection of a summer asylum for of S. Peter and Paul's parish, Pitts- will be finished by the middle of July. the accommodation of the number of burg, Pa., toward tile debt amounted Many improvements will be made dur-iufants in their charge. Tile building to $3,187.75. ing vacation, will be situated thirteen miles from St. Philip's new church at Occiden- Chicago on a weuty acre tract of tal, .Cal., was dedicated, last Sunday Over 1,500 men assisted at the olos ground, near Park Ridge. with very impressive ceremonies by ingexercises of the men's mission held last week in St. Mary's church, Paw- Tim corner stone of the new church Most Rev. Archbishop Montgomery. tuket, R[ I. The mission for non- in Spokane, Wash., will be laid on Plans are being prepared for a fine Catholics opened with an immense Sunday, Juue 28. The edifice, which $20,000 stone church at North Yaki- is to cost $100,0o0, will be the largest ma. O-e of the imposing features PROBATE NOTICE. ! IN SEARCH OI : State f VCashingta' ft the Cunty f I King State of Washington, County of King, ss. MTINITY @ By" .... MA7 002) SMITH & KrNNED Prescription Druggists. Phone, Main 49; Independent 49 it in tim matter of the estate of George IF. l,:leustra, deceased. No. 4157. Notice. o Settlement of Fhlal Account. . Not:Ice is hereby gh'en that Martha J. @ l,,:lenstra, the executrix of tile last; will . land testanlent o George F. lleustra, de- ceas'cd, has rendered to, and liled in said coart ller final acct)ant as sach executrix, "'*" *"*' :**" "-' ""'*'* $alsand Rubtnr$tamp$ 1903, at 1:30 o'clock p. nl., lit tile Cotlrt i Copwight, 1902, by T. O..cClu/ro of tile l,robate delmrtment of our sahl db--db-''X' superior court, in tile city of Seattle, iu Sole Agent ][or said King eounty, has been duly apllohlted Patent White Enameled Letters and FID. by said court for the settlement of said nren for Signs and House Numbers, The blue waves danced shimmering- areount, at whlcll tittle and phlcc any per- Aluminum Number,, Numbering ly-in the sunlight. The three lounging son Interested Iu said estale nlay al)pear Machines, Rnbber Type, Price and tile Ills exceptions in writing to said Markers, Daterm, Rubber Ill the shadow of the pier found its aeeount, and contest tile same. Stamp Inks, Pads, Wltnes the Jhm. Boyd J. Talhaan, Judge Etc. coolness grateful, of sa|d Superh)l Court. and the seat of said 210 YESLER WAY. SEATTLE. WASH. Kitty Covington sat up suddenly, court hereto affixed this lath day of .July, 1903. C.A. KOEPHA, Clerk. scattering the sand lu all directions. By D. K. SICKLES, Del)uty Clerk. I "Oh, I've lost my St. Joseph!" she cried, with a little gasp of dismay. IN TIIE SUI'ERIOIt COURT OF TI:IE State of Washington, for the County of The men lying at her feet rose with King. one accord, anxious to appease her IN PROBATE. ladyship. "Lost what?" they askeG Ill the matter of tile estate of George F. Kienstra, deceased. No. 4157. Order to in chorus, sinew Cause Why Dlstrlbuthm Should Not "My St. Joseph," petulantly. "And Be Made. Martha J. Klenstra, executrix of the now I shall never find it in all this last will and testament of the estate of COLLINS BROS. UNDERTAKERS Funeral Directors and Ein- balmers. George F. Klenstra, deceased, having tiled in waste of sand, nor my affinity." Her this court her petition setting forth that voice rose to a wail as she looked hope- said estate Is new ill a condition to be 197 [-$rst Av.. " closed and is ready for distribution of the lessly at the long stretch of beach over residue thereof among the persons entitled which they had strolled from the hotel. y law thereto, and It apl,earlng to the The rising tide had already ohliterated onrt that said petition sets forth facts ufltelent to authorize a distribution of the their footprints, residue of said estate ; "I never guessed that you had any- It Is' therefore ordered by the court that thing saintly about you," Tom Patton all persons interested in the estate of the said George F. l<leustra, deceased, be and began teasingly, appear before tile said superior court of She flashed him a look, hut he went Khlg county, State of Washington, at tile court room of tile probate department of on unabashed" "And what's that yo0 sald court in the city of Seattle, on tile said about affinities?" 30tll day of Jnly, 1903, at tile hour of 1:30 o'chlck p. nl of saht day, then and there The girl's pretty face flushed pinkly, to sllow cause, if any they have, wily an "Oh, othing," she declared, with pal- "order of distribution should not be made of the residne of said estate aulong the heirs and l)ersons In said petition men- tloned, according to law. It Is further ordered that a copy of this order be 1)ublished once t week for five successive weeks before the sal 30th day of July, 19U3. in The Catholic Progress, a newspal)er printed and t)ubllshed in said King county, and of general circulation herelu. 1)one In open court this 18th daT of June, 1903. BOYD J TALLMAN, Judge. Date of ls't lluldication, June 26. PROBATE NOTICE. IN TIIE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE State of Washington, for the County of K'iug. State of Washington, County of King, ss. In the matter of the estate of Eliza Cum- mings, deceased. No, 2494. Notice cf Set- tlement or Final Account. Notice is hereby given that Win. Hick- Phone bdn 1029. CONVENIENCE Electric' light provides it at an extremely low price; Eliminntes ,the necessity of matches; insures  an absence of smoke and odors guarantees a pure atmospher$. The easiest method of lighting-no to ignite draperies  other inflammable material. Free installation and fres re- newal of lamps. LIGHTING AND POWER RATES REDUCED. THE SEATTLE ELECTRIC CO., 907 FIRST AVE. DANCING CLASSE. mau Moore, the administrator of the estate Monday ancl Friday Prof. Willson's of Eliza Cmumlngs. deceased, has rendered to, and filed in said court, his final account School. Ranke Hall. Private lesons as such administrator, and that Thursday, the 30th day of July, 1903, at 1:30 o'clock daily. 1). m., at the court rooul of the probate qe- partment of onr gald superior court, ia the city of Seattle. In said King county, has heen .duly appointed by said court for tile CARROLL & CARROLL. settlement of sahl account, at which time aud place any person interested ia said es- P. P. GARROLL, J.E. CARROLL tate may appear and llle his exceptlous In writing to said account, and contest t:he Attorneys, Proctors iu Admiralty, So- licitors of Patents. same )!il Witness tile lion. Boyd J. Talhnan, Judge of said Superior Court, and the seal of sahl  7 Hinokley Blook court hereto affixed this 1Sth day of June, 1903. C.A. KOI,PFLi, lerk.  ii (Se.ti.) By D. I(. SICKILS, Deptlty Clerk. IN PROI, ATE E6AN DRAMAH SCHOOL. IN 'rile SUPEItlOR COURT OF TIlE (HOLYOKE BLOCK.) attendance, and hands,most of its kind in tile In- will be the 130-foot tower. Tile ell- KITTY GAVE HIM ONE OF HER CHARMIN State of Washington, for the Cou.nty of SMILES King. Roy. Hugh J. Croke, a young mis l/rod Empire. , trance will be of three hrge folding In the matter of the estate of Eliza Cum- pably assumed carelessness, gazing mings, deceased. No. 2.t94, Order to Show sionary, died at Baltimore last week doors set in a wide vestibule. The fixedly at a passing sail. But they CauSeMade. Why. Dlstril)uilon Should Not Be of consumption. Father Groke, who The fund for tim now St. Mary's church will be steam heated, would not be gainsaid, so finally she William lIlekman Moore, admiuistrator of was thirty-two years of age, was in school at Clinton, Iowa, is growing. Bishop McCloskey of tile Louisville to!d them. tile estate of Eliza Cununlngs, deceased, tlng forth that said estate is now In a charge of a mission at Bucldand, New The purse of $1,500, given Very Roy. diocese has issued an order against wearingIt's anaroundlmagemyOf neckthe salntso thatI wasi,,_ conditionhaVing fi edio i lhetlllSclosedCoUrtandhlSlsl)etltlOnready set-.for Zealand. While there lm developed E. J. MoLaughlin, by his parishioners dancing and tim use of iutoxioatig she hesitated, but went on defiantly-- distributionthe persons Ofentlth, dthe restdueby lawtherefthereto,aUlngand pulmonary trouble, and feelng that on the anniversary of his silver jubi- liquors at picnics, "should know when I met my affintty." it al)pearlug to the court that sahl pc- Private lessons daily,-Evonhlg olass- es,.Dramatio Art, Fencing and Dmao. ing. Frank C. Egan, Dramatic Depart- " ' ment,-Prof. J. Leslabay, Fencing bias- ter -Lillie Ma'tinetti, Teacher of Dane- ii ing. Phone Sunset Blue 966 ' BONNEY-WATSON CO. his illness would prove fatal, he at- leo, was turned over to form a nucleus & men.ShUt of laughter Went up from tempted to reach his home i Ireland. for the building fund. Since then Ambassador Glayon has cabled the Kitty Jumped to her feet and started He reached Baltimore May 29 and in- Father MoLaughlin has added $500, state department that the Mexican the tended sailing for Queenstown the and other donations have increased government has deposited to his credit to poke diligently with her parasol in following day, but his strength was the fund to about 3,000. $1,420,682 on account of the Plus th sand where she bad been sitting. fund awara. The money Will be re- only shows how ignorant you all are when you laugh like that," she nequal to abe voyage. 4 Oxnard, California, is to have a new mitted to Archbishop Rio:dan, bishop said severely. "I have known girls The Roy. John M. Muloahy, pastor Catholic church to cost about $40,000. of Sau Francisco, the titular-claimant, who tried it, and it came true every of St. lulcahy's church, Arlington, Father Pujol is to be reoor, as there have "been no assigunmnts to pausedtime Iexpressively.mUst find my saint or"-- She attorneys in interest. "Your saint Is a sinner to leave you Mass., on the occasion of his late re- turn from Europe, was presented by The third annual eonventiou of the Mr. John J. Haunan, a well.known In the lurch in this heartless fashion," his parishonerswith apurso of $1,600. American Federation of @atholio So- newspaper man of Milwaukee, has Tom said lightly. Kitty could not read clerics will take place at Atlantic Gity been *appointed private secretary to below the laughter in his eyes. Her On Sunday ovening tim uew pipe August 1 to 5. Gov. LaFollette and also state mili- own,,PerhapsflashedycuraSaffinityhe wentwlllOn findSthingly'you." organ in St. Francis Xavier's church,  tary secretary. Mr. Haunan|is well- The girl turned to him scornfully. Chicago, was heard for the first time. The Sisters of St. Joseph most re- nown in Milwaukee Catholic affairs. "An4 so you advise me towait patient- A most beautiful program of sacred sportfully announce to their lady He is a graduatoof Marquette college, ly, like an unknown continent, till I music was rendered, friends that they ilave opened their beautiful home at Cedar Point, Ham- St. Mary's church , Des Moines, In., iron county, Ohio, for the reoption of is to have a new bell with chimes just summer boarders. Working girls as soon as the same can be procured needing a vacation or desiring a week from the makers. It will consist of .tilter very large bells, all of which wiU weigh 3,085 pounds This boll is generous donation of three benefac- tors of the church. An appeal is now being made to all Catholics to aid in building a much- needed church at Terra Alta, West Virginia, where the people are poor laborers. An addition, costing - $8,000, is be- ing built to St. Veronio's church, Hamilton, Ohio. The excavation for the new building for the East End Hospital, Pittsburg, is going on satisfactorily. The large grounds surrounding the present building are being beautifle[d with hundreds'of small plants, tim gift of a charitable lady of the East Eud. The institution is now, as it always is, crowded to its utmost capacity, and the completion of the now building .cannot be any too soon. St. Mary's parishoners o'f Syracuse, N.Y .,are raising $5,000 with which to defray the expense of decorating the interior and getting It in keeping witn the grand improvements which the bishop is making in the sanctuary. preparatoy to its becoming his eathe- .drsl. Work is soon to be resumed on the aered Heart chinch in Butte, Mont., am discovered: Thank you, but I prefer to do my own choosing. I Just must that St. Joseph." FOREI6N. Allan Wlnthrop had been searching In the sand heap, his anxiety iu mark- ed t9 Tom's coolness. He On Tuesday of last week tile Holy raised a face flushed by his exertions, or two of rest will find here all the comforts of a country retreat, with Father received [300 French pilgrims sayingshall bereassurlngly:found, Miss Kltty;"Oh' neverYUr saintfear. fresh milk, butter and all the appetiz- on their way homo from Palestine. And no doubt the lucky man who ing products of a well-kept farm. Aurora Lmta, the distinguished brings it back to you will be your af- Gatiolio woman poet and novelist of flnlty." Kitty gave him one of her charming The pastor of St. Alpbonsus', Spain, is reported seriously ill. smiles. Tom's Indifference to her loss Spfingdale, Pa., has received, plans The Infants Isabella of Spain has needed punishment. "I have unlimit- for the erection of a new parish build- had to undergo a painful surgical ed faith in St. Joseph," she said sweet- ly; "so do find him for me, Mr. Win- ing, which will be'.used, when corn- operation in .'consequence of a reoeut throp." pletod, for school purposes witb a kick from a horse, The two started up the beach, Allan large hall on the upper floor. At It is stated that King Edward will radiant over such unusual encourage- present a hall is being used as a hone.' several GtknadianGatholies with ment of his hopes. But Tom's face still wore a teasing smile as he picked church, through the courtesy of the the imperial Service Order this year. up the forgotten parasol and followed Glass company. Rt. Rev. Dr. Henry, Bishop of them at his leisure. During the next three or four days The New York St. Vinonet do Paul Down and Gonnzr, has offered the all the unmarried men, more or less se- Belfast guardians the site of a con- cretly, spent considerable time and Society is making preparations to open its fresh air home in the Ramapo Hills sumptive hospital, thought In search for the missing saint. for the summer, and has issued an ap- peal for funds to carry on the work. A new two-story building, to serve as dining room, kitchen and dormito- schools of Russian Poland. ties, is now being erected,and wid be The Young Men's Societies of Lie- serenelY,the neeessltyapparentlYfor exertion--TomqUlte ready for the opening. Here during erpool, ou the occasion of their recent ton. the summer the poor children ef the annual public procession had 5,000 Strangely enough, he was the one man whom Kitty ardently desired to tenements, in parties of 200 or more men m the line of march. It was, bring to her feet. It was the old story will enjoy for a fortnight all the de- indeed,a grand demonstration, of the pursuit of the unattainable re- lights of what in many oases will be Two hundrsd thousand people were acted with modern settings, though their first visit to the country. Ten present, reoetlyn, at the coronation of Kitty would have indignantly denied any deliberate angling. "Only I would dollars will give four children a two the famous painting "Our Lady Help llke to have the pleasure of refusing weeks' vacation at the home. of Christians, ',' i'n Turin, Italy. him," she said to herself vindictively. "Even If I am only etghteen and ten The Ladies of Charity have pur- A check for $400, the first prize in chased and entered into possession of years younger than he Is, he must the competition which has been going Troy House, near onmouth. The learn to take me seriously. Oh, I will on under the auspices of tha Gilohrist house, which formerly belongea to tim teach hirer' A letter came to Mlss Covington one Duke of Beaufort, will accommodate afternoon that made her wrinkle her Company among the charitable insti- some sixty persons, and will serve the pretty forehead in surprise. It wa tutions of Boston, Mass., has been purpose of an asylum for fallen from C.arruth r.g sent to Sister Euphemia, mother of St. women. t tltion sets forth facts sufficient: to authorize .: a dlstrlbnth)a of the residue of said es- FUNERAL DIRECTORS & EMBALMERB ': tate; It ts therefore ordered by the court that And dealers In all kinds of Burla Cu, all 1,ersens Interested In the estate of the Caskets and Undertakers' Goods. Preltt said Eliza Cumnllngs, deccas'ed, I,e and up- bodies for shipment a specialty: AI| pear before the satd saperlor conrt of King telephone or telegraph prompt- ' : ounty, state of Washington, at the court to. Parlors Third Avenue an ' roonl of the probale department of said Street. Phone Main 13, Seattl court, ill the city of Seattle, on the 30th Wash. (lay of Jnly, 1903. at the hour of I :30 o'clock p. m. of said day, then and there to show cause, if any they have, why an order of distribution should not be made T.L.DABNEY A.J.WOODHOU of the residue of sahl estate among the DABNEY & WOODHOUSI heirs and persons In said petition mentioned according to law. We are sole agents for the Charter Oa It iu fnrther ordered that a copy of thls STEEL RANGE. order be published once a week for five successtve weeks before the said 30th day We Buy, Sell and Exohapg, Dora 'L'  ' of July, 1903, in The Catholic Frogress, New and Second-hans a newspaper printed and l)ubllshed in said L  Khlg county and of general circulation HOUSEHOLD GOODS :i:::i therein. I of every description, at the Done in open court this 1,gth day of June, ! 9,,: o,'D J. 'rAU,MAN, Jndge, BI6 SECOND-HAND STORE. DaLe of ]st publication, June 26, 1903. Tel. John 981. ,i MOORE & IrARREIL, Attorneys for Administrator. 418 Pike St. Seattle, Wa,h The czar of Russia has authorized Was not Miss Covington the.prettiest girl at the Point and the most willful? instruction in the Gatholio religion But her willfulness seemed only toadd from chill at the sea mist which was to be given in all the middle class to her charm. No; not all the men. rislng. "A month has been an unusual- There was one who went on his way ly long vacation for me. I was so worn out that they made me take it." rkln't14e"f'arge'st-r'tal Jwor"y houx' Chapma. Bros. & Co. of the nearest metropolis. "What J]ew craze has struck the SAILS Point?" the offending paragraph ran. FIRE PROOF AND "Here we have had three orders come BURGLAR PROOF in from men there in the last few days VULT FRONTS, LININGS, for images of St. Joseph. Are you having revival meetings? I guess not, SA]ETY DEPOSIT BOXES, Etc. particularly as each order states 'of 904-906 FOURTH A'v'E,, SEATTLE :he kind usually worn by young ladies Telephones: Black 9101; Indep. 161 as charms.' We don't keep them on hand, so had to send for some. But ;::i we are expecting them, so three young Teachers and others who are open ladles will be the happy recipients in a for employment,either permanently or day or two., Kitty's lips parted in a low whistle during the summer season, may profit but the walls of her room never be- by reading the advertisement of the trayed the unladylike proceeding. Standard House, Educational Dapart- :! It was that very evening that Tom mona, Caxton Building, Chicago, which asked her to take a stroll up the beach.  ...... She assented with unusual alacrity, appears elsewhere in this issue. They were far beyond the sound of * e- the orchestra in the hotel ballroom b Tom broke the silence, n-'e'as he bent and pressed his lph "I am going back to town Monday," hers. he began abruptly. The glrl on his "And it was all wlthout the help of arm shivered, but it might have been St. Joseph," she said a Uttle later. The old teasing look came Into Tom'g ': Still the girl made no reply. "It has been a very happy time," he went on more gently, "and you have made it happy for me, little girl. It has been good of you to give so much of your time to a sober old fellow like Kitty drew away from him. "Why don't you say that It has been kind of you to give so much of your elevating influence to a foolish butterfly like my- self ?" "Klttyi" With a aasterful move- ment he put his hand reader her chin turned her face up to his in the moonlight. There were tears in the dark eyes, and the mouth trembled piteously. "Kitty!" he cried again, but this time. Mvolc_.w.LfulL of .Pad-baII}t- face. "I have something to confess," he began meekly. He thrust his hand into his vest pocket and drew out--ths st. Joseph. "I ptcked tt up the y !i:! you lost It," he said contritely. '`i ::i never meant to keep It. But I did :)i want something of yours, seeing that I had no hope of winning you. And then I think I wa, a bit Jealous of the old fellow. I was afraid he might do some uufair discriminating." The next morning Kitty was offered three several St. Josephs, with the slight incumbrance of three hand, i: i and hearts. But she refused them all ; collectively. "I don't need ant more ..... St. Josephs," she said, with a charm-  ing blush, "for I have found my af- finity." And by noon the Point wan agog over the latest engagement. "It was all through the St. Joseph," the ..... girls said. But two people know bet- teg ....... -- ....