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June 19, 1903     Catholic Northwest Progress
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June 19, 1903

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h 4L • j GENEt00AL CATHOLIC NEWS. OF THE WORLD. RELIGIOUS EVENTS FROM THE NEW WORLD. DOMESTIC. Hen. Jonh Gostigan, of the Cana- dian parliament, Was recently given a banquet by his admirers. Rumor asserts that Senator T.J. Healy, of Fort Dodge, is soon to be appointed a judge of the United States District court of Northern Iowa. The tatement made is trqo that Father J. J. Harty has been ap- pionted Archbishop of Manila. It is stated that King Edward will houor several Canadian Gatholics with the Imperial Service Order this year. Mother Sebastian Gillespie of Mercy Hospital, Pittsburg, was re-elected to , her sixth term of office, last week, Bishop'Phelan presiding. A strike of 'stonemasons last week postponed the cornerstone layiug of St. Philomena's church, Cleveland. Clement J. Barnhorn, the distiu- guished Catholic sculptor of Gincinna- ti,is engaged on a statue of St. Joseph • for the Sisters of Gharity at Mt. St. Joseph. A new Catholic church was last week dedicated at Urbana, Ill., in the Peoria diocese, many distiuguished prelates attending. An appeal is being made to all Catholics flo aid in building a much needed church at the Terra Alia, West Va.,where the people are poor laborers. The fiitll annual convention of the "Texas Staatsverband," or union oi German |Catholic Societies, wil be held in New Braunfles on Monday and ' "Tuesday, June 29 and 30. The Catholic club of Philadelphia has accepted a good offer for its pres- ent property and will likely move to another'cen, tral location. Bishop Burke of Albany has am. nouneed that the $40,000 bequeathed him by the late Monsignor McDermott of Glens Falls, N. Y., will be used for scholarships to educate young / priests. Motimr Anna, one of the first mem- bers of tha Sisters of the Holy Humil- ity of Mary, who emirgated in a body to this country from France in 1864, for missionary work in the new world, Dillon, James F. Irwin, Frederick J. Hentz and Edward F. Mctlrath were also ordained Saturday by Bisllop Mc- Dounell. At St. Patri:k's cathedral on Satur- day last Bishop O'Gonnor ordained to the priesthood James J. Smith and William B. Masterson, of Newark: Stephen A. C]affy, of Jersey City; "Nicholas Marnell, of Hoboken; Ed- ward F. Quirk, of Summitt; Cornelius J. Kane, of Elizabeth, and Joseph J. Powers, of Tre'nton. Rev. William G. Murphy, the new- ly appointed vice rector of the Ameri- can college at Rome, left for his duties Saturday, JunA 13. He will sail on tim At'lantie Transpmt liner Minnehah and will be accom- panied by the Roy. Dr. Francis H. Wall, rector of the Holy Rosary church, New York, and Rev. John E. Burke, rector of the church of St. Benedict the Moor, New York. This will be Father Burke's first vacation in twenty-five years, and he goes to celebrate in Rome the silver jubilee of his ordination ou August 4. Seven French nuns, exiled from their native land, have taken refuge in St. Louis, Me., and opened a home on Delmar boulevard. They are mem- bers of the order of the Helpers of the H:ly Souls. They visit and care for the sck in their own homes, regard- less of creed, nationality or color. Five more of the exiled nuns are ex- pected to join the Helpers. Seventeen exiled nuns have taken refuge in the Ursuline convent at Altou, Ill. Roy. M. F. Foley, rector of St. Paul's'church, Baltimore, has been appointed by Cardinal Gibbons ehap lain of the Carmelite convent, to suc- ceed the late Roy. Edmund Didier. Archbishop Falconio, the the Apes. toilo delegate, celebrated Solemn Pen- finical Mass at Hartford, Gonn, on Sunday last, on occasion of the dedica- tion of the Church of the Immaculate Conception, a handsome Gothic edi- fice 14 feet long and 68 feet wide. Graduates of Oxtholic colleges have been invited by the Seton Hall college Alumni Association to join in express- ing their condemnation of the policy of the French government iu suppress- ing Roman Catholic education in France. The association believes that tile approaching commencembut ex- ercises of educational institutions pre- sent a- opportune time for epressiug died May 20, at the mother house New Bedford, Pa. The'Rev.Tbomas S. Major pastor of the "church of the Good Shepherd, Frankfort, Ky., who is himself a con- vert, had the supreme consolation of receiving recently into the fold of she Catholic church hi,; venerable mother in Chattanooga, Tenn. The late Sister M. Agatha, formerly superior of S. Vincent's .Hospital, iu "earnest condemnation of a rabid tnti-Christlan policy and determined attacks upon religious education. Accompanying this request are the resolutions reoehtly adopted by the Seton Hall Alumni, in which tile as sociatiou's members "extend our watchful sympathy and encourage- THE CATHOLIC PROGRESS. Leaadville, Col., was a sister of the After a life of suffering borne witil Right Roy. P. A. Ludden, D.D., of wonderful Chrzstian patience and Sycamore,, and had three cousins who resignation,  Mother Anna, foundress ware priests and two sisters who were of the Sisters of the Holy Humility of nuns, Mary, of Villa Ms:in, Lawrence county, Pa., passed away May 19th. Iu his brilliant speech to the Depu- For twenty years Mother Anna had ties last week the Abbe Gayraud told been confined to hez becl with paraly- an excellent story of a prefect sis, and in all that time no word of who threatened to remove one of his subordinate officials, unless the latter took his little girls from a religious school. "No" said the official, "I will not take my childr0n from the nuns' school, and if you attempt to remove me from my IOSt. I'll blow your brains out." That official was not re- moved, said the abbe, amid the smiles of the deputiesl A week ago Archbishop Farley Officiated in St. Patrick's eatherdal, New York, at his first public )rdina- tion ceremony since he assumed his title and office. The services began a 8 o clock and lasted several hours, as there were ninety-five students from the seminary at Dunwoodie to receive orders. O these thirteen were ordained priests. Those ordain- ed priests for the Archdiocese of NeW York were Revs. Edward M. Rafter, John P. Hynes, Walter D. Slattery, Charles J. Fiz/negan, James H. Honey- man, John J. Byrne, John T. Jordan, William T. Gonnolly, John J. Smiht, Timothy J. O'Gonnell, Joseph A. Liu- nuns, Daniel E. Kiernan and John Ferrazo. There are many Brooklyn students at the seminary, and of those for the diocese the Revs. FranclsJ': Romont on Jum 7 avd 8. Besides Swiss Catholics, M. Larolle of French Chamber of Delmties, M. Carton de Wiart, the well known Belgian Chris- tian Democrat, and other orators were present and took part in tile proceed- ings. Through a cablegram from the Superior rgeneral of the Order of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary it is announced tllat Pro-vicar Libert Boey- naems has been apIiointed succssor to the late Right Rev. Gulstav F. Re- pert, D. D., former vicar apostolic of the Sandwich Islands. BishoI) Boey- naems wsa born i, Antwerp in 1857, entered the novitiate of the Fathers of the Sacred Hearts in 1875, and in 1881 was appointed to the islnads. Last year he became an American citizen iff Wailuku. Gardiual Perraud presided last week at a Christian Democratzc Congress, held at Ghalons, France. The Gzar of Russia has authorized instruction in tile Cahtolic reliigon to be given in all the middle class schools of Russian Poland. A second pilgrimage of 600 llersons from Bavaria recently visited tile Holy Fattler. Recent report has it that Cardiual Vaughan of England is considerably better and may recover: A Smuggling •.. E p iJ'od e [Original.] There is on the northern part of Man- hattan Island'an eminence called Fort: George. When General Washington re- treated from Long IslHld, he took up a temporary position there while his fired army rccul)erated. Now the place is a summer restaurant where people go tc dine on tile broad piazzas and enjoy the viev. One eVelltng tvo nlcn were sit- ting on the veramla next tile wall of the house. Through a window beside them they could hear the orchestra playing inside .rod look at the pano- rama without. They were talking in a very low tone. "'Now that tile Job is finished and we're rich I'd like to hear about your early effor[s in the same direction," said one to tile other. "Tlmy were not very successful. You see, every way of concealing diamonds for smuggling purposes on the person is pretty well known to the customs men. 1 invented some of them or tlmught I did, but others had either used them or soon got on to them. The first I tried was cultivating my hair to grow straight up on my head and con- cealing diamonds there. But on one trip several of us were suspected and searched. Seeing the searcher go through the lmir and beard of one of tile party--diamonds were found in his beard--I was obliged to part with mY stock in a hurry through a crack in the tloor. This was a dead loss of $10,000. "My next venture was having boot heels made hollow, and in each heel I successfully brought through $10,000 of gems, which hell)ed me out of my pre- vious loss. I would have tried It again. Rt. Roy. Dr. Henry, Bshop of I but heard that the detectives had got Down and Conner, has offered tile Bel- Iou to the scheme. ' I "On my next trip I took my wife with fast guardians tile site of a consuml)- me, and when we returned she had ou tire hospital, a hat adorned with a dozen of the The Gartlmsians lately exiled from France have purchased for 300,000 francs, {3amron Castle iu Southern Belgium. Two hundred thousand people were present, recently, at-the coronation of the famous painting "Our Lady Help of (hristians," in Turin. Italy. Roy. Fatlmr Power, S.J., has re- sumed his open-air addresses in Edin- burg, Scotland, with splendid success. The Queen Dowager Magherita of Italy recently paid a visit to Monte Casino and assisted at High Mass. prettiest red cherries you ever saw, and in each cherry was a diamoud. The scheme would have worked well if sire had conic through alone. Unfortunate- ly 1 was recognized as having been sus- pected ou previous occasions, and this involved her. We were both searched, and the womel who examined her went stralght for the cherries. "I lind good success In having the ONE OF THE BEVERLY filRLS [Copyrlglat, 1902. by T. C. McClure.] She was lithe and sun tanned, with a suspicion of mellow carmine in her brown cheek and nnexpected dimples whenever she talked, but she didn't talk much. She lived out of doors mostly, and she heartily detested head coverings of any description, so that her flaxen hair was crisped over to the color of August corn tassels• Patty was incongruous and unlike the other Beverlys. People said she was a mislit. Cheseldine had heard of the charms of the Beverly girlh before he went to tile little equntry town of Yarrow which they illumined with the bril- liance of their beautY• Moreover, it had been predicted that he would fall a victim to Modern Beverly, for that was the accellted rule• Still there were ex- ceptions, and some dld escape Medo- ra's fascinations, only to become en- tangled iu the silken web of Lillian's golden hair or fall under th( spell of Lora's wonderful singing. Cheseldine proved what might be called an cx- ceptloual exception, for neither the magnolia complexion and melting dark eyes of Medora, the golden locks and blue orbs of Lillian nor the witching voice of Lora held the charm that he found tn Patty's little contradictory face and odd, alert ways. IIe had only met her accidentally. No one ever seemed to think Patty of much impor- tance. And yet he,' John Gheseldlne, who had traveled half over the worhl and never sued for woman's love, found himself a slave• They became chums after a fashion and she showed him where the hazel- nut patches and papaw thickets were• One day he saw her gather a littl bunch of yellow threads that tangled about an herb. "Now we can tell our fortunes," she said. He looked on, mystified. "It is golden dodder, or 'love vine.' You take a single thread, tie a loose knot, think of the one you love and try to draw tile knot tight. If the thread The Irish Ghristiau Brothers are en- deavoring to raise $250,000 to found a Training college at Dublin, and with much success. The pope has sent three unpublish. ed poems-of his to the Kolnische Zeitung, which is about to publish some of his poetical writings. In I:onor of the pope's jubilee, Mon- day was observed as a general holiday in Malta. Sir Mansfield Clarke governor; Sir, Baldwiu Walker, rea admiral; Admiral Hammet, Superin- tendent Malta Dockyard, and their re- spective staffs, attended a "To Deum" in St. John's Cathedral. Benevento is about to erect a monu- ment to Leo XIII. At Benevento in 1838 he was struck down by an illness works of a tiny lady's watch lint into good sized chronometer. This left fine space around tile works for je,wels, and 1 tilled it up. But on this occasion 1 could have had the diamonds any- wlmre, for I was disguised and went through without being suspected• "At last the customs officers ,got to examhdng everything man or woman could wear that could be made hollow and 1 concluded to get up a dodge by s a breaks, you will never marry that per- sou; if not, you will." He laughed. "Let's try it," he said. "Did you ever have your fortune told, Mr. Cheseldine?" "Once--by a gypsy woman. She said I was going to marry a widow." Patty moved quickly, and the tinge of red spread over her brown cheek. 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OARROLT, Attorneys, Proctors in Admiralty, So- licitors of Patents. ......... . 72 Hinekley Block EGAN DRAMATIC SCHOOL. which it Was feared would prove mot- merit to the Catholic alumni, Gathohe tal. His recovery was attributed to students and Catholic  people of: the prayers of th whole.people. Frauds." The Queen of Portugal has visited the Pastuer Institute in Paris. Pro- fessors Duolux and Roux preformed before her experiments, in which she expressed deep interest. Her Majesty is a Lisbon M. D.,uot "honoris oausa," but by examination.. The golden jubilee of the Ven.Aroh- deacon O'Leary, P. P., V. F., wss cel- ebrated on Tuesday iu the parish oomplaiut or impatience ever passed church Oastleisland, county Kerry. her lips. She was a native of Loraine, The ceremonies were of the most ira- Franoe. Last week Cardinal Gibbous was presented with a handsome Turkish library chair by the Maryland State Council of the Catholic Benevolent Legion in the presence of a large gathering of the members and officials of the order. The event was a dis- tinct surprise to the cardinal. The chair is upholstered in cardinal red pressive character. There'was a large gatheziug, of priests avd people. Mr. Denis Kilbride has been re. turned as member of parliament for South Kildare without opposition. His nomination papers were signed by the principal clergymen and laymen of the constituency. This is a suffi- cient answer to the packed jury that sent him to herd with the convicts of leather on a steel fra,ne, and more Mountjoy prison. than 200 steel springs are used iu its construction. A silver plate on frame is appropriately inscribed. FOREIGN. the M. Paderewski is suffering from an acute attack of neuritis, and by tile advice of his physicians has been corn- palled to abandon all his public and dr]vale engagements for the next three months. , Father Paul J. Volk, missionary in Columbia, writes that he is the only priest in the province of Bocas, the Bist)op of Panama not having priests to spare. The "Federation Gatholipue Re- mands," which is an asso0iation of the Gatholio clubs and work- ingmen's unions of Romanic Switzer. land, held a Catholic conference' at A general congress of the Indian Tart]aries--writes the Bombay Cath- olic Examiner--is to meet at Allaha- bad next yea.'. Although primarily a congress of the members of the Third Order of St Francis, the ulti- mate aim of the movement is to con- solidate Gatholios int( a homogemous whole aud to spread practical Chris- I tianity. which the Jewels could be brought through without being subject to ex- amination. I taxed my ingenuity to the utmost, but could devise no way with- out taking in a confederate. I knew you and had confidence in your being straight. As for nerve or sleight of hand or anything like that, tlle case didn't require it. The beauty of the scheme was that I could bring asmany diamonds as I liked. "You know tile rest. I took passage from New York and before leaving the wharf at Southampton engaged a re- turn berth and at once cabled you in New York the number of my berth, which you secured for next trip out. When I went aboard again with $200,- 000 worth of diamonds, 1 knew just where 1 was to put them. I had a car- penter's bit, a narrow saw and a pot of paint. During the trip I took up a sec- tion of the stateroom floor and chucked In the diamonds. Of course as an old suspect when I went ashore I was searched. But as the diamonds were still on-the shlp I didn't mind a little thing like that, though I went off with the usual indiguatlon at being taken for a smuggler. • "I eoufess I was a little nervous the day you sailed• I knew you bad the room all right, but I feared some slip. You see a big part of 'half a million was at stake• When your wife and dauglters, after seeing you off, came in with the bags in their pockets and told how they had cried over you and waved to you and all that, I was hap- py as a king. I knew that I must con- ceal the haul somewhere till your re- turn or longer, for that matter, and concluded there was no safer place than on my own person. No one is go- ing to molest me. The only fear for a smuggler is coming ashore with the goods on him." The dinner bng finished, the two men lighted clgars, sipped their coffee and leaned back In their chairs with the comfortable feeling of having staked all on a chance and won. "Shall we divide now?" asked the lis- tener. "Just as you like. I've got two bags in my pocket of equal value. I'll take out my handkechief. In it will be one of the bags• I'll toss the handkerchiet , with the bag, carelessly into my hat. When we leave, you take my hat In- stead of your own." The feat was executed. Just as the men were aboht to rise two arms reached from the window and grasped "And I know now she was lying." "Why are you so sure?" Patty drew up tim golden knot she was tying with a vicious little twist that snapped it. "Because i do not choose that it shall he tre. You've wrecked your love with that thread, Lady Patty• Try an- other." "Lady Patty" was the whimsical title he had given her from the first. She dropped all the golden snarl of vine upon the ground and turned her head away. "Who did you nameT' he asked. "Nobody--I won't tell. lt's all a lie, anyway," she said sharply, and, look-i ing into her face, he saw she was press- ing her lips tight together to keep them from quivering. He was puzzled. "Lady Patty, have I said anything to offend you?" "No." She turned her head steadfast- ly away. "Let us go home." They went on slowly. John was badgering his brain for a solution of Patty's change of mood. It was as If a bright spring day suddenly became overcast, with a flurry of snow. They came to the bars of a great meadow. Far across It, on the slope of the hill was the little village church and back of it the peaceful "God's (HOLYOKE BLOOK.) Private lessons daily,-Evening olass- es,-Dramatie Art, Fencing and Danc- ing. Frank G. Egan, Dramatic Depart- ment,-Prof. J. Leslabay, Fencing Mas- ter -Lillie Martinetti, Teacher of Dane. ing. Phone Sunset Blue 966 BONNEY-WATSON CO. FUNERAL DIRECTORS & EMBAhMER And dealers in all kinds of Burial Ca|e Caskets and Undertakers' Goods. Prepar- Ing bodies for shipment a epeclalty, Ali orders by telephone or telegraph prompt- ly attended to. Parlors Third Avenue and Columbia Street. Phone Main 13, Seattl Wash. 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God alone can krow His own secret counsels, yet He reveals them through the agency "Have you any friends there?" John asked reverently. Then she let her eyes--soft, mysterious gray eyes, they were--come back to his face as she an- swered simply: "My husband." "Patty, dear, are you wild? Your husbandI Why, you are scarcely more than a child. Are you not one of 'the, Beverly girls?'" "I am Walter Beverly's widow. You may have heard the girls mention their dead brother Walter. I am classed as one of the 'Beverly girls,' and no one thinks me of enough Importance to ex- plain or even remember about It, but I am twenty-three and have been a Widow for four years. Please lower the bars now and let us go home." And then he remembered the fortune teller--the widow- "Patty, Lady Patty, wait," he cried. "I never knew; 1 never dreamed it. Nobody told me of it. l took it for granted you were the youngest of the Beverly sisters. Love, stop. I will not let you go through the bars until their coat collars. At the same time a I have told you. I named 'Patty' when man dining at a neighboring table I tied the love vine knot, and, see, it is arose, advanced and clapped a pair of drawn tight. Who did you name?" bracelets on each. The change from the satisfied expres- sion on the smugglers' faces to abJecl misery was something to be remem- bered. Later on the detective informed them how he got on to them. "I was cabled from Southampton by a confederate detective that you had gone on board with a hlrge amount tn diamonds. When you went ashore and I didn't find them, I was nonplused. But 1 knew they were somewhere, and I've been shadowing you ever since." "Smuggllng's played out. You've got careely loud enough for him to hear: the thing down too fine." "John Cheseldlne." MARY ALICE BOND. [ HARRIET WHITNEY. of angels and men. God alone can work miracles, yet He works them by "Lower the bars," she ordered ira- the instrumentality of Hzs creatures. periously. And so God alone can forgive sins, vet "Not until you tell me, Lady Patty," [ He has willed t grant forgiveness iu he said Immovably.  t'he normal way only by the ministry "I won't tell. Anyway, the thread of'men to whom He as bean pleased to broke, and, besides, you said you would never marry a widow." "I lied, then. Here is my vine, Pat. ty. Try your fortune again and name the same name--out loud, mlnd you. What was it?" She stole a glance at his face and saw all the tenderness lu hls eyes. Then she took the golden thread, tied a knot in it and murmured delegate his power. We haw his owu word for it. "Receive ye the Holy Ghost. Whoso sins ye shall for- give, they are Iorgiven them, and whose sins ye sball retain, they are retahmd " Who, then, forgives sins? Gnd, the Holy Ghost. By the min- istry of men, or Himself immediately " By the ministry of men, oau we be suze that this" is so? Yes, Christ has so declared in express words, and Christ is God. .: "