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June 7, 1963     Catholic Northwest Progress
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June 7, 1963

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I 0--THE PROGRESS Friday June 7 &apos;963 Holy Father l d Le Pope John's Admired Wor arns Tutor Makes  Amer,ca OfF Profess,on :8 (Continued from Page l) ope s Death (00ad, Within the first three years of h,0000o.t,,0000ate,orai00e00,ive Imme ate Clonfert, Ireland, madeaPro- fession of Faith and took the . Americans to the College of !;!i: Cardinals: Richard Cardinal oath against modernism in the g!::ii! Cushing of Boston and John By Msgr. James Tucek presence of Giacoma Cardinal Cardinal O'Hara, C.S.C., of VATICAN CITY, June 3{Radio, N.C.)EA Copeilo, Chancellor of the Holy Father Szemnn Philadelphia, in 1958; Albert worldwide death watch came to an end at 7:49 p.m. Roman Church. Cardinal Meyer of Chicago and Aloisius Cardinal Muench of (2:49 p.m. EDT) June 3, almost 20 hours after Pope A newly named bishop is re- IROn CURTgln POLLS "ATHEISM and the fight against religion and faith P%. constitute the fundamental thought of Soviet power": thus did a spokesman for the Church behind the Iron Curtain sum up 45 years of Soviet persecution, a cam- paign which now seems intensified. Atheistic propaganda is at its apex Thousands of agitators are being sent to training centers, then into towns, schools and clubs. Writers and playwrights have been instructed to produce anti.Church material. One section of the Ukraine reported 4,000 atheistic lectures were given during the year. Another region has had 170 churches and conven confiscated within the past few years; several now serve as "museums of scientific athe- ism" and dance halls. In Rumania, teachers and parents risk losing their jobs unless they discourage children from attending Mass and catechism classes. Hungary's school directors have orders to talk children out of receiving the Sacraments, especially Con- firmation. All religious holidays are being supressed in Czechoslovakia because they do not have a "progressive" character. Those absent from their jobs on such days are "enemies of the nation." The rector of Lithuania's one remaining theological seminary was removed and replaced by the Ministry of Culture without ecclesiastical authorities knowing about it. Since then, all appli- cants for admission have been turned down. Despite such moves, the above spokesanan continues: "... Soviet power has not yet attained its goal. Our Church i of the Catacombs still exists and is preparing saintly Chris- //sns." A very important and significant thing for us to remember is that we are actually spared direct persecution of this kind here in this wonderful country. We should show our thanks to God for giving us this gift and renew our intentions, prayers and sacrifices for the missions and for all those people whose Faith is challenged to this great extent in the countries of persecution. The Church, it is true, will be greater for their martyrdom--for their sacrifices. We must remember that we must pray for them. Congratulations to the schools of the Archdiocese who take such and active part in the Holy Childhood program by ransom- ing pagan b?bies. i St. Margaret s School, Seattle ........................... 31 babies St. Louise School, Bellevue ................................ 1 baby Immaculate Conception School, Mt. Vernon, Washington.. 2 babies  St. Anthony's School, Renton ............................ 50 babies Assumption School, Seattle .....  .............. .......... 69 babies Cut out this column, pin your sacrifice to it and mail it to Father Szeman, Archdiocesan Director of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, 90? Terry Ave., Seattle 4, Wash. I REGISTER YOUR WEDDING NOW 4716 0 In Tacoma: 1302 Tacoma Ave. So.--BR 2-8215 1001 Types of Brushes for 1001 Uses m the Home, Office and Industry ASK FOR RICHARDS BRUSHES AT YOUR LOCAL PAINT, HARDWARE AND DEPARTMENT STORE RICHARDS BRUSH CO. QUALITY BRUSHES SINCE I90S 1001 DEARBORN, SEATTLE ., MA. 3.3720 . . i:; .  serving all faiths centrally located FUNERAL DIRECTORS 1634 ttth Avenue . EAst #.7484 one block north of pine etteet l Fargo, N.D., in 1959, and Jo- seph Cardinal Ritter of St. Louis in 1961. Cardinal Mueneh, who died in Rome in February, 1962, served as Apostolic Nuncio to Germany from 1951 to 1959, when he was called by Pope John to be the first American to actually take up duties in the Vatican administrative staff. Lauds North American College Previously, in a letter dated September 20, 1959, addressed to Archbishop Martin J. O'Con- nor, rector of the college, he praised the college's accomp- lishments and commented: "Your country is a prosper- ous and glorious one where the Catholic Church stands out as a living source of spiritual strength and com- mands the respect of the en- tire population." A singular honor was con- ferred upon two New York-bern priests in October, 1960, when Pope John personally conse- crated in St. Peter's basilica, Archbishop 3oseph P. Mc- Geough, Apostolic Delegate to South Africa, and New York's Auxiliary Bishop Edward E. Swanstrom, executive director since 1947 of Catholic Relief Services-NCWC, U.S. agency for world-wide charities. Named 19 to Council Commissions When Pope John called his John XXIII murmured his last words praying for the union of all Christians. The Pontiff's last breath freed him of the agony which brought the world to his side by every means of communication for a four-day sorrowful vigil. Within minutes after the Pope's death Vatican Radio announced: "It is with profound sorrow that we announce the death of our beloved Pope John XXIII. His Holi- ness, whose kindness and humility have won the ad- miration and affection of all mankind, died peacefully and serenely in his apartment in the Vatican apostolk: palace at 7:49 p.m. this evening, the third of June, 1963. "The Holy Father had received the last sacra- meats of the Church Saturday morning, June 1 at his own request. He had been attended wtth loving care right to the end by his closest collaborators and by his doctors. "The inexorable d i s e a s e which had become graver and graver during the last few months had gradually worn down his strong constitution, but it did not prevent the Vicar of Christ from fulfilling the arduous duties of his high office with indomitable pastoral zeal ... "His Holiness lived 81 years, 6 months and 9 days." The inevitable word "The Pope is dead" came gravely through the loudspeakers and ecboed through St. Peter's Square where an estimated 100,000 were gathered. They had just finished a Mass of- fered for Pope John on the front steps of St. Peter's Basilica by Luigi Cardinal Traglia, the Pope's Pro-Vicar quired to make the profession and oath before a delegate of the Holy See. Amleto Cardinal Cicognani, Papal Secretary of State, will consecrate Bishop Ryan June 16 in Rome's St. Patrick church Bishop Ryan, who was an offi- cial in the Secretariat of State when he was named a bishop, tutored His Holiness Pope John XXIII in the English language. During the ceremony May 29, Cardinal Copello praised the Catholic tradition of Ire- land both for keeping the Faith and for sending many generous m i s s i o n a r i e s throughout the world. Later the same day, Bishop Ryan took an oath of loyalty to the Holy See in the presence of Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani, secretary of the Sacred Con- gregation of the Holy Office. 9font00 ROSARIES MISSALS GREETING CARDS CERAMICS STATIONERY PAINTINGS 'llli!i" PRINTS !/I' Gifts Mailed Anywhere in U.S. EXPERIENCED PERSONNEL [/li<ili) l The KAUFER Company GIFTS FOR: first communions confirmations weddings ordinations  1904 FOURTH AVE. MA 2-4173 a Always A Your Dining Serv|e } "!! w'"eary * " "" " D UMBER CO.' I ; ==2:-"' "" ,.,,w;;,,Lo.' history-making Second Vatican General for Rome. DR. ANTONIO GASBAR- Council, which opened its first On this same square on RINI, one of three physici- session in Rome on October 11, another anxious evening four ins in almost constant atten. CRAWFORD'S -  u a- s q. 1962, he named 19 U.S. Bishops and a half years earlier, a dance on His Holiness Pope I A;?'T " ' [ , V I  I [ and many clergy and laymen similar crowd had heard the John XXIII, rubs his eyes as SEAFOOD to serve on its various commis .... .. ,,u, kave a --.,, On I s 0,,ah.00 sions Francis Cardinal Spell- "-..:-'~hea,.s ' ......... "'---e n '', e 1 o he is driven home from the DINNER man, Archbmhop of New York,  ........ '  .... "i Vatican. Dr. Gasbarrini, the . . .^ . t.luseppe btl'l[ltl hullua.tI ) was namea to the Jo-memer ,^. ,.. ..... ;-edit and Pontiff's chief physician, I l---12;I. - II Presidency of the Council. *---J"=" "'=:: omment" For a Dec:::Dinner tim " ww'Dw'v .. heau u P't" ....... had been called back from In one of the last offmml acts ......... -- ........... tie II De uncommomy corn- his home in Bologna after oz ms pontmcate, rope Jonn ......... e" Cefering fo the amiJy At'DCC /r t'lAUf men, a pope oz me pop . the Holy Father took another sent a letter to Cardinal Cush- _ ......  _ I COCKTAILS et.n,-o vt .LJVtO ing, chairman of the U S Bish- Iell$ /ellen , turn for the worse. .... I 'IELI " I In *he Coral Room --AND- ops' Committee on Latin Amer- The words ' The Pope zs ica, to express his thanks to the dead" were hardly spoken persona, valet; Drs. Antonio l][ll I ,.o,u., eo,i,la, ClAM DIGGER bishops and the Religious supe when the bells of St. Peter s Gasbarrini, Pietro Valdoni and [ "tai.'" J Ample Porting ROOM riors "for the ready generosity began thezr mournful toll. The Piers Mazzoni, and a male of proposals and actual achieve- sound was taken up and re- n u r s e, Augustinian Brother mcnts by which the Church in peated by the city's 400 Federico Bellotti. i HlrgFM PRIMP aIR [ ,,11 UNPARALLELED your country"hadrespondedto churches as the word sped Pentecost, Monday, June3, l D "'ii'C I  FOR GOOD FOOD his appeals to help in solving across the earth s surface by was a day which the Church the problems of the Church in radio, would never forget for it Latin America, especially the At 8 p.m., 11 minutes after marked the day when one of I ] &ATMOSPHERE shortage of clergy and teachers, the Pontiff expired, the lights the most beloved popes of open 9 p.m. to 9 p.m. in his room were seen to all time died. , [ " Wed. thru Sat | ,ill FOOT O' MADISON STREIff Italians Cancel brighten. They had been kept Never before had a pope s J I m.m.. 8 .m. Sunday I | ..- I PIER 54 Receptions low in the Pope's last agony final agony been followed so I .. -r.- Lunche:ns. I I  Cocktails I ulv, ' ............... UU' A Kepuouc o, and now were turned up as closely and with such deep and I ....... II  . end I .... --.. his body was prepared to re- sincere sorrow, not only by celled here by Italian President [eztemotnenVenerauon oz uae Catholics but by men of every Fine Wines - Antonio Segni because of the .- creed and circumstance on the illness of His Holiness Pope Surrounded By Famdy face of the earth John XXIII. .ollaDoralrors I GASPERETTI'S II 11 1 / Present in the Pope's room I l at the moment of death were: BI. Vincenzo I J 'rL ...... _;_  Amleto Cardinal Cicognani, his .,nousvnas,/\\;1 secrotary of State; Bishop AI- Romans Cause "U N " TOll ROMA CAFE I1 I of Nuns f/1 fredo Cavagna, his confessor; I ...L..__L JE "I%." ,,[ ' Msgr. Loris C.apevilla, his per- Advanced Itahan American "an otd ..or, e./. i WaS seek ,] k,\\;  sonal secretary; hiSandbrothersAlfredo VATICAN CITY (Radio, NC  " r nt i i a New LocatiOnTues. i  I . I I Ill _..tL I I hen we're going to &'nner at i II II Lunch on.Dinr fCcktails I ' ' MA. 4 2021 --The Sacred Congreg ati on of G ", el,,,.,,,b 'e *r t s , o o, 4,,, ,' est,04,h N.E. Ill. r v. n v I [PERFECT "f'.ff-=\\; Zaverio, Giuseppe I|Opeu" 11 u.m. ,hru Sat,4pm Closed Sun &Men I ......... \\;  Roncalli, and his sister, As- Rites has examined miracles 605 Queen Anne Ave. No. II [FITTING & l sunta, ed attributed to the intercession I COMPLETE COMFOR1 Also present as he di were of Venerable Vincenzo Romano, AT 3-3556 J I MA. 3-5932 I I y, ,,hom I I .va,u ,.L, . ,..v,,, v,  his nephew, Msgr. Giambat- who for 35 years was a parish I  not satisfied with any tiara Roncalli of Bargains; priest at Terra del Grace, near .... I I 220 4th Scum a I THE COVE I U en uat J other shoes, four nieces; Guido Gusso, his Naples. p y 1! Bock No. Treln Depots} . . , ._m,,.,..m k  Born at Torre del Greco "til 2 ara l |J I June 3, 1751, he entered the " " I  I DIrD IL Where Seneca J Naples seminary in 1765 and Pizza & Spghe+| I 11 rpn Ju Meets the Sound I [ Je.sibl, made with sensible Lake City Area | was ordained in 1775. He died 'O O I 16.t.00bO00d00i00,, l[ low heals, "Americ'SAe Sh "-o for Comfon"Mst 'I 20,at Torte1831. del Greco December ,, I " ,g I --- o,.,...o o...,,. ,. .,__ ,,, v .... , I I,-over fit, servia. eta s.. j His cause was introduced September 22, 1843, and he was i "cocktails i The shoe that you hu, Sister, i I declared to haveheroic virtues  -;,T.' I I LJKaI I I b made over the last propel I.;Amlh, I , . , 00GIL,00WII00I The first miracle attributed to Father Romano was the cure in 1891 of Maria Carmela Res- II Famous I I I tucci of Torre del Grece, who r adway District ' II Lo So, II .,,- .. i s.fered from an ulcerated 00, E. Pi.e II * I |'U I J JaZ cancer of the breast. I F00DLIHERI "-'d"-" II CHALET r' cure of Sister Maria Carmela Rai:e; rict Gozzolino also of Terra del Open 7 Days A Grace. This occurred Jn Octo- 4406 Rainier I I I 1111BROADWiY, TACOMA [ 14,th&BathellWey bar, 1940. The Sister suf- 3 II :=;= I i " J fared from a malignant tu- "prices you can a/lord" PPA 3-6144 STEAK and ..... mor of the right tonsil. :: The Cardinal-pr omo tar of BREAKFAST--LUNCH W fie PA USE AL-U-M= I-N-U-M [t,o cause of Venerable Via- ,,.,,Dr', 3hpT=O II L WINDOW & GLASS CO. I ministrative staff. The Postula- SUHDAY DIHHER SPECIAL 1010 Aurora II 4715-25th N.IL tor is Msgr. Salvatore Garofalo, fIt r'Aeulfkl" D ' Aurora and oy Sf. I I (Across from Un;v. V'dlage) I l 730 - 1st AVE. SOUTH I rector of the Urban Pontifical Ut.u-r/'nv,' AT ........ 3-5000 I1 I I ,_. ,,_ ._.._ v_.. I Mo.uo.,,,, ,f 1 University. CHICKEN FRICASSEE ..---5,, .... I'l LA. ....... 2-5100 I" I ?".Y2_ ':_':Y 'Y" I "OUlK-FIT,' Frame Bar Windows; I wffh DUMPLINGS Uellevue II --- I 1  Ke e Istimate! I Windows for all types of Con. I Congressman I I Will Pay You! I sruction. Alsynffe,Mirrors, Com. I C/es Budenz I .A;. a.cnTn 1 bination Storm & Screen Doors. I (Complete Dinner) GL 4-1517 J When you pafromze GEORGE GAGNER & SONS 6-7-6 WASHINGTON, (NC)- Rep. Daniel J. Flood of Pennsyl- Sth and SENECA ....... these firms, iisfed in fh vania, in a statement in the laKe he i.amlly .... Across from Olympic Hoel ourmet Lane, pleas Congressional Record, express- Out To Dinner Serving the Entire North End, Queen Are Hill, Capitol Hill, and Magnolia, Mercer Island and Bellevue 6870 W0ODLWH V[. LAkeview 3.2000 SEATTLE I ed "regret" at the decision of Louis Bndenz, Iongtime N.C. W.C. Feature Service columnist on Communism, to discontinue his column because of ill health. Flood placed in the Record Bndenz' final column along with a statement of apprecia- tion of Patrick F. Scanlan, editor of the Tablet, Brooklyn diocesan newspaper. Classified advertising gets r u u ! t s in The Progress. Home to sell, buy or rent? Call MAin 2-8880, Extension 21 and solve your problems the us wa?. For Orders To Go EA 2.9563 TIT0'S TACOS DRIVE.IN 319 12th Ave. So. EA. 2.9963 GEHUINE MEXICAN FOOD HOURS: 12 Noon - 10 P.M. mention The Progress. D$11Ig]11liillllHllilil$lt1llll$1lllll1llllil1$l1 EVERY TIIURSDA NOON I 11:30 UNTIL 2 0 CLOCK _=-- FINGE]t g4 Jg LICKIN' w '-*. CHICKEN ' Italtan M*atballs and Lasaqne Garlic Dread, Salad, Hors D'Oeuvres Y;s;/ Our Retrlever Room j lSth & E, Madison EA S-5774 Overflow parkinq ourtesy of Foodland Store l UiHiHgH