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June 5, 1964     Catholic Northwest Progress
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June 5, 1964

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.4 Treasure Waits BY MARY ANN PUTNAM A young man comes to the edge of the year And stumbles into a fog of fear 91)7 Terry Avenue, Seattle 98104 Telephone MAIn 2-8880 Published every Friday by the Catholic Northwest Progress Co. Second-Class Moll Privileges Authorized at Seattle, Wash. President, Most Reverend Thomas A. Connolly, D.D., J.C.D. Rev. Jam. H. Ganarau .................................... Editor Mary aresnahan ................................ Asclate ed.or He hesitates near a wall of doubt PAGE 4 FRIDAY, JUNE S, 1964 Turning his conscience inside out. Can no mind solve life's mystery? Good Guys Bad Guys :9 The rock of truth He built still stands -ITormal decent people, when they anity. You cannot be a good guy in Unmarred, uncrushed by human hands. a. x watch T. V. Westerns, or read Christ's eyes no matter how decent His hand deciphered history mystery thrillers, instinctively identify you may appear to your friends if The road lies not in mystery themgelves with the "good guys", not you are unwilling to stick your neck Oh outside world, can you not see with the "bad guys". The trouble is that out for your neighbor. His roadway to eternity? a lot of "good guys" aren't really so Our whole society is failing apart good after all. Oh, they don't go around because there are too many nice guys. shooting people without undue provo- We know honest, upright, hard-working cation, that is. They are usually nice to fathers of families, who would be 'Give Him Enough Rope... ' little kids and smooth as glass around amazed and horrified to see the kind the ladies, of literature their teen-age sons are pur- i(:i!i:i , But basically the American hero chasing from good old Sam, the local :: "% is a pretty self-centered individual. We grocer, if only they took the time to in- like him to be intelligent, selpsuHici- vestigate. We know mothers, devout and eat, good-looking, and prosperous, weekly Communicants, who would save s There are exceptions. But, by and their daughters from much heartache if large, we like to identify ourselves only they would take the time to really : with people who "make good", get involved in their lives and problems. The nation was shocked a few The country is filled with men weeks ago when newspapers reported and women who call themselves Chris- that a young girl had been attacked in tians, but who would never be caught broad daylight in the streets of New dead at a Civil Rights rally, simply York. There were crowds Of people because "good guys" mind their own standing about, yet no one, not a single business, live their own lives, say their soul, came forward to help her. morning and night prayers, go to Mass Picture yourself in that crowd as a and Confession every week and hope terrified onlooker. Be honest now . . . to God somebody else does something would you have rushed forward, perhaps about the "bad guys". risked your life, to help that girl? Or Most Americans are good, law- :::: would you have preferred to stay with abiding, home-loving people. But until :::::..:,::;,,::: the "good guys" on the curb who were Christ becomes their one great hero, evil ......... : ' ':!:::::::: beating their breasts and asking, "Good- will continue to undermine our compla- :' :i::::: %; ness! Why doesn't somebody do some- cent and unsuspecting social order. %i, thing?" It is His love and grace alone that Personal involvement in the lives can make saints out of the "good guys" o/others is at the very heart of Christi. and pentitents out of the bad. 'By Reason of Insanity' By ROY DAUGHERTY "WE JUDGE the accused not guilty And, in the other ring, why cannot psychia- v v by reason of insanity" trists themselves agree? is because d00fferenco beaten sanity In Support of 1964 Penny Drive With such words a person on trial and insanity cannot yet be clearly distinguished. can be released facing only treatment Not even the principles for judging are clear, Editor, The Progress: a psychiatric institution. But he and so, as a result, one psychiatrist can trace a Thank you for your generous support of the 1964 leaves many citizens "convinced" that the insan- a particular action to some particular and un- .: ity plea was only a means of escaping punish- controllable cause while another can find multi- Penny Drive, which was held the first two weeks in ment. Furthermore, the trial has resulted in a ply and controllable causes. May by Children's Orthopedic Hospital and Medical waste of money atad valuable court time. The reason, this problem brings to light, is that Center. Interest and support Such as you and your On the other hand, there are trials in which the seemingly complex and conflicting codes of staff have shown are essential to the continued sue- morality existent in America today make adjust- tess of the Hospital in its care the accused is found sane and guilty, such as ment to everyday crises difficult and effect a for help. that of Jack Ruby in Dallas; but the verdict heightened frustration that finally snaps, often I know that many requests Future Is Now stirs wonder and doubt, resulting in a crime against society, are made for your valuable newspaper space. Therefore, I HERACLITUS, fasci- Who knows, though, the boundary between It seems clear, then, that common principles am sincerely grateful for your nated by the con- sanity and insanity? for judging sanity need to be adopted (and also continued cooperation with the Psychiatrists at the Jack Ruby trial ex- certain standard principles of morality) so that Hospital's annual Penny Drive stant changes in life, was pressed both ennvictions, yet the jurists con- some method for dealing with sanity trials can and with other special promo- moved to say that "all eluded he was sane. be devised, tional projects throughout the things flow" and that a And herein lies the problem. Only in this way can the waste that charac- year for which the Hospital man tan never bathe twice in In cases on which not even experts can terizes today's system of insanity trials be dim- asks your assistance. agree, how can laymen be capable of determining inated, the pleas of insanity offered to escape The Board of Trustees, Hos- the same river. Had Heraclitus the sanity of the accused, or even of judging punishment be altered, and fairer treatment be pital staff and the small pa- been speaking only of that rays- which psychiatric analysis is correct? given to the insane defendant, tients join me in sending sin- terious and wonderful thing we eere thanks to you and your call "time" we might sym- staff. Mrs. Claude E. Wakefield pathize more fully with his NO Gain For U S President Board of Trustees philosophy. Children's Orthopedic Hus- Time is money. If you have 41, pital and Medical Center, enough time you probably can By d. J. GILBERT Seattle. exchange it for money. But for all the gold in Kentucky you ASHINGTON--The Free World is Secret papers prepared in 1961 by the general Bellingham cannot purchase a minute more being advised again to be vigilant political department of the Chinese People's Appreciation time than you have. against the threat of Communism. Liberation Army came into the possession of the Editor, The Progress: It is a profound miracle that The recent warning of Pope Paul VI U.S. in 1962, it has been revealed, and analyses May I take this opportunity greets you each morning. You that Communism "preserves intact and of them have been made public here. They are to thank you for the excellent awake and before you, distilled unchanged its subversive and antireligious char- said to reveal that Peking policy is "to keep eoveragn given to the Catholic for your use, will be 24 hours acter," has been followed by the observation of Sino-American relations frozen and stalemated Daughters of America and the U.S. Undersecretary of State W. Averell Harri- for many years." Assumption Altar Society of to construct your universe and Belling, ham during the past to help .your friends and to man that the conflict between Soviet Russia and They are also said to show that Red China year when I was their public save your soul. No one can Red China "will probably cause greater diffi- has concluded that it cannot be defeated by relations chairman, steal it. It is yours. culty, not less" for the United States and its nuclear weapons, because of its vast size, and Mrs. Glen Corning You cannot Hve life in ad- . allies, until it develops its own such weapons it can Bellingham vance, and neither can you q,. Some authorities here say there is no frame- rely upon its huge armed manpower, including waste time in advance. You diate prospect of nuclear war, and that Soviet an organized militia estimated to total some The Burden can turn over the new leaf now. No purpose is served by Russia may have begun seriously to pursue a 200 million in 1961. waiting until tomorrow or us- policy of peaceful coexistence with the West. It  One reason for thinking Red China will be Is On Us tll next year. The future is . has been said, too, that Red China probably will i fail again this fall when it makes its next effort kept out of the United Nations again this year is The burden of the world is before you now, this very for admittance to the United Nations. the belief that Peking's attack on India and its not on government, nor on for- instant. On the other hand, some observers believe support of Communists in Vietnam, Lees and eign aid, nor on education. The Arnold Bennett, in his pro- Soviet Russia may have eased its attitude toward elsewhere have caused unfavorable reaction, burden of saving a world in re- vocative book, "How to Live ' the Free World a little simply to gain more free- Nevertheless, it is believed that, if its contest for bellion because it is hungry on Twenty.four Hours a Day," dom to deal with Red China. And Underscore- the leadership of Communism continues with falls primarily on us Catholics. reminds his readers that the " Scripture tells us that God's right use of time is a matter " tary Harriman has said that as a result of their Moscow, its aggressive attitude must also con- judgment b e gin s with the of urgency. It is out of time L differences, both Russia and Red China will in- tinue. Church. May we go on building that you must spin health, tensity their efforts "to subvert other countries Pope Paul issued his warning in an address million-dollar chanceries, dormi- pleasure, money, contentment . where fertile ground can be found, particularly to Brazilians who had observed the 30th ansi- tories, high schools and Re- and the sanctification of your , in the developing countries, versary of the Brazilian College in the Eternal ligious houses--all of which are immortal soul. Happiness, the There is increasipg evidence linking Red City. He expressed the hope that their country necessary--without giving one elusive prize that you forever ' China with at least some of the turbulence tn will "pursue its path toward a better future for to ten per cent of the cost to seek, depends upon the wise , the Good Lord Who does not use of time. :i Africa, and showing that it is constantly trying everyone;" that it will work to fulfill the just have walls for His Eucharistic But the passage of time is :: to extend its influence in Asia, . . aspirations of the people, and "thus it will be Presence in Africa, Asia and also a wondrous thing and a  Meanwhile, some warnings have been issued spared--and we are gratified it has been spared elsewhere? May we Catholics mercy. And where are the sor- here against the stepped up activity of Soviet so far--the danger and the unhappy experience continue to enjoy our cars, our rows, and the dejection and ';,: Russia in the Middle East. Khrushchev, it has of Communism, which preserves intact and un- gadgets, our comforts, our the fear, the anguish that you : been charged, is attempting to have the U.S. changed its subversive and antireligious char- snacks between meals--all of though could not endure, the i,, thrown off its bases in Lybia, to subvert the aeter." which are good--without ever shame, the sorrow--all such Algerian government, and to wrest oil resources United States is showing a particular interest giving at least a dollar a month things pass, with the passing , to the Vicar of Christ to feed of time. of the Middle East from Great Britain. The in Brazil, especially since "the recent revolutmn, the poor in the slums of Latin All things pass away. God 'r Kremlin dictator's visit to President Nasser of which disclosed extensive communist operations America?- (BISHOP FULTON alone is eternal.--Walter P. Egypt was watched closely, in the country. ,L SHEEN, April, Dad.) Sullivan, C.S.P. From Sublime To Ridiculous ., i. i By REV. G. JOSEPH GUSTAFSON, S.S. IT WOULD not be without interest in I the present birth control controversy to cite two prominent American moral- ists, Father Ford and Father Kelly who write that the Church is so completely committed to the doctrine that "contraception is intrinsically and gravely immoral that no substantial ehangn in this teaching is possible." These authors think it safe to say that it is "at lcasl: definable doctrine and is very likely already taught infallibly" in the ordinary magis- terium "ex iugi magisterio." Further, it "must be included in some way with the object of in- fallibility . . ." (Contemporary Mora ! Theology Vol. II, p. 277) The gist of the traditional teaching in this area is starkly clear. If marriage is not basi- cally aimed at procreation, what in the world else can it be for? One does not have to marry to enjoy sexual intimacy. This much should be clear enough today! And, further, if the primary emphasis is laid upon the mutual pleasure of the parties involved, where can a line be drawn? It was an Anglican bishop not a Catholic one who pointed this out for us. Bishop Charles Gore (cited by Fathers Ford and Kelly) who headed up the opposition to the birth control movement in England was quick to point out that the homosexual has as much right as the heterosexual to lay claim to sensual enjoyment. Of course, as such, he does not want to marry and have children. This is the very nature of his malady that he looks with distaste upon what people are perhaps instructively impelled to look upon a O natural and reasonable. Hence they have coined the ugly term "pervert" to describe his situation. Or, in slang, they call him a "queer". But for all that, no logic can dislodge him if he is allowed to make his stand upon the grounds of indulgence or upon what he chooses to eall love.  Another Anglican writer cited by our theolo- gians, Ford and Kelly, puts it this way: "It is well known that many people cannot find any satisfaction at all in the normal act of coitus, but find it in variations that most would condemn. On what grounds are we to say that they are not pioneers in the develop- ment of the sexual life?" Behind this "reductio ad absurdam" lies the basic insight that some things are natural, other, lint unnatural; that some pursuits are reasonabi' others unreasonable. This is, roughly but ade- quately, what is meant by a "natural law" or what St. Thomas means when he speaks of right reason as the proximate norm of morality. There Is Harmony In Halifax By REV. JOHN B. SHEERIN, C.S.P. N HALIFAX, Nova Scotia nuns teach in the public schools. Two weeks ago I was in Halifax and found the school situation a surprising contrast to the American system. The City pays the salaries of the nuns and no one raises an eye- brow. The political situation also presents a sharp contrast to the American system. It is a long tradition that Catholic and Protestant mayors should alternate in this city that is 50 per cent Catholic. THE CATHOLIC Church in Halifax is in many ways more progressive than certain American dioceses. The Epistle and Gospel are read in English at the Masses. The purpose of my visit was to give a week's course at St. Mary's Uni- versity to the priests of the diocese on the sub- ject of ecumenism. The Rev. Maurice Sehepers, O.P., gave a course on the Church and Miss Cathleen Going, a young woman theologian from Loyola in Montreal, gave a course on Person- alism. This is certainly a new era when a young woman theologian can give a course in theol- ogy to priests. A number of Protestant min- isters attended the lectures given by the three speakers and I think it is interesting to note that St. Mary's has an enrollment that is two- thirds non-Catholic. ON MAY 19 the newspapers told how Quebec "separationists" rioted in the streets of Mon- treal and some 25 were arrested. The cause of these "soparationists" who want to break away from the mother country rouses little enthusiasm in Halifax though most of the Haligonians people of Halifax are called) seem to want a new Canadian flag. Prime Minister Pearson two weeks ago tried to persuade a meeting of war veterans of the Royal Canadian Legion to accept the prospect of a new flag. He said the time was ripe for Canada to replace the Red Ensign (a British Merchant Marine flag) with a new flag with a maple leaf design that would be characteris of Canada. " The veterans realized this new flag would be a nod in the direction of the "separation- ists" who hated the Red Ensign. For this rea- son perhaps and also because they had fought under the old Red Ensign, the veterans jeered, booed and heckled the Prime Minister. How do the "separationists" feel about the new flag idea? Some say .they want more than a flag and that the idea is a case of "too little al too late." One day our Jesuit hosts drove us to the quiet little shrine of Evangeline, heroine of the poem by Longfellow. Here at Grand Pry the British exiled 7,000 Acadians because they re- fused to take an oath of loyalty to the Crown, confiscating all their lands and property except some money. It was one of history's most tragic examples of "man's inhumanity to man." I SUPPOSE that Halifax will soon haveAIB absorb the suburbs which are clamoring for corporation into the city. Then I suppose the nuns will be banished from the schools as the Acadians were banished from Grand Pre and the quiet city of Halifax will be torn by controversy over federal aid to Catholic schools. God's World: How's IVEN the weakness of human na- ture, there probably have been occasions in the lives of most of us when we have given bad example to others. Words and actions of ours have sabotaged our Lord's efforts to save souls, have nullified the effects of His grace in certain souls. We have hurt where we should have helped. It is the remembrance of such lapses which moves us to frequent prayers and penances of reparations, by which we hope to regain for our victims the graces of which we once robbed them. We wish to make sure that, come Judg- ment, there will be no soul in hell to testify against us, no soul in hell to scream, "You! You are the one who turned me away from Godl" We are determined that never again shall we subvert Christ's work of saving souls. However, our resolution is incomplete if it stops at a decision to avoid giving bad exam- ple. "He who is not with Me is against Me," Jeans tells us. All example is bad example if it is not good example. It is impossible to be a religious neutralist in our daily acts and atti- tudes, and still be Christian. CHRIST'S CONQUEST of the world does not rest in the hand of missionaries. Their efforts are necessary but purely preliminary. Their ef- forts will be tragically wasted unless you and I, the legatees of missionaries long dead, give lie- Your Influence? O By REV. LEO J. TRESE ing proof of the truth of what missionaries, home and foreign, teach today. The influence which any one of us can exert individually may seem quite limited. However, the cumulative weight of the Christ-cente lives of all of us is a force which gives Je, powerful backing--in our neighborhood, in our city and in the world. "Learn of Me, for I am meek and humble of heart." This is our Lord's "Basic Lesson No. 1" for anyone who undertakes to lead souls to Him. We must be ever-conscious of the fact that, whatever spiritual progress we may have made, it is God's grace and not our own corn. begins, always, with the virtue of Good example means that, in any given situ- ation, we try to speak and act as we would expect Christ to speak and act. Or, if that ap- pears too idealistic, let us say that good example means that we speak and act as one should who loves Jesus and who feels a concern for the souls for whom he died. We do not have to preach; we have only to be our fully Christian selves. m PRAYERFULLY WE trust Jesus to make  with His grace, for whatever spiritual harm we may have done in the past. Our trust certainly will be justified if Jesus can see us now trying, with dogged determination, to build up where once we tore down. ,