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June 5, 1903     Catholic Northwest Progress
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June 5, 1903

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, THE CATHOLIC PROGRESS. Cbe gathol00 Progress WEEKLY. .Jrt(.*, 2nd 9oor, Metropolitan Block, 8rd and Main. TELEPHONE Main 1823. Wanctloned by Bishop O'Dea. "It is not true, as has been alleged, ;hat the Pope managed tam Spanish Inquisition freely as he pleased; for, m matter of fact, as we shall show, he was compelled to be very cosiderate of; the Catholic Kings. It is false that Sixtus Fourth created the dignity of Inquisitor General for Spain and con- Established March, lS99. ferred it upon the Dominican Prior of ................................................................................. '' m m Santa Cruz, in Segovia, thomas Tor- Devoted to the propagation of Catholic guemada; for this office was created prpts and the gathering of Catholic by the Spanish crown, and Torguema- ewa da was simply confirmed by the Pope." . J. IVERS, A. J. BOOKMYER, publish- ors r,ud proprietors. SIIENCE AND RELIGION. of thepersecutions which are ibelng carried out so recklessly in France. Neither England nor Germany have confidence iu France, and they have reason to believe that the Pope would gladly place his reliance upon the sturdier nations of Europe. The culmination comes when the President of France wishes to visit Rome and call upon the Pope. All France will feel the stlock if tlleir rul- er fails of an audience, which he will if present indications are not mislead- $1.50 Per Year. 50 Per Copy. blicatton should reach the editor by ednesday of each week to insure pub- lieatlon on the following Friday. REMITTANCES. Remittances should be made by post- since or express money orders, drafts or reg- istered letters and made payable to The Progress Publishing Company. Subscribers removing from one place to another, and deslrhtg papers changed, should always give former as well as pres- ent address. NOTICE. No one le authorized to collect money tor subscrlptlunu or advertisements or to |elicit for the same without chewing a written power of attorney, signed by the editor. Advertising rates will be given on ap- plication. . . The Catholic Progress is printed ann ubllehed every Friday by The Progress u011shlug Company. in OPE 1,EO ON THE CATHOLIC PRESS. A Catholic newspaper m a parish Is a rpetual mission. Let all who truly an( item their souls desire that religion an( loclety defended by human intellect an( literature should flourish, strive by their liberality to guard aud protect the Cath- sllc press, and let every one in proportions his income support them with hie re,hey .and influence, for to those who devote :hemselves to the Catholic press we ought s all means to bring helps of this kind, without which their industry will either rave no results or uncertain and miser- able ones. POPE LEO XIII. BISHOP O'DEA'S ENDORSEMENT OF TIlE CATHOLIC PROGRESS. * * "The iCatholic) Progress has bqun a grand work, fraught with the great- $t good. May It continue under the prop- er guidance, remain within the natural lim- it ,sad without sacrifice of the identity uf Catholic teaching, feeling and opinion, and 't will nrove a powerful factor for good. .3th for-the Y. M. I. and the whole church . the great Northwest. "EDWARD J. O'DEA, Science and Religion are not oppos- ed, that is t,ue science is forced to ad. mit a Creator, and consequently a God and Religion.. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but much knowl- ege is not. The penny-wise science of the day denies God and Religion. The greatest scientists of all time have ev- er acknowledge a Creative Cause-- God. The Chicago Record Herald thus ably refers to Lord Kelvin's late great speech, in which he [declares his life's conclusions. It says: "Lord Kelvin is one of tim foxemost scientists of tbe world. He has sRent a lifetime delving into the mysteries of electricity, heat, magnetism, tidal action--in short, into almost all the problems of physics--and when he speaks the whole scientific world lis- tens. His recent declarations of ilis l views as to science and religion, first ill an address at University college, London, and then in a letter to the London Times, are therefore of the greatest interest. " 'Is there anything so absurd,' he asks, 'as to believe that a number of atoms by falling together of their own accord can make a sprig of. moss, a microbe, a living animal?' To explain these things, he says, or to explain any lng. "Blsho of NeBqualiy.*' man free will is a miracle to physical ............................................................................ md chemical and mathematical sci- FORTY HOURS' DEVOTION, June. First SundaySt. Mary's Mission Okanogan County. Second Sunday--Tekoa. Third Sunday--Snohomish. Fourth Sunday--Yakima. "THE RAGE OF CONCORD." The Emerson centennial celebration was a dismal failure. ]t took the place of the preaching of the word of God in many a protestant pulpit but it did not succeed in reanimating a corpse or resurrecting a fossil. Charles Leonard Moore says of Emerson's literary phi- losophicl ability : "Emerson's essays are full of allu. sions to philosophy. Plato and Zo- roaster and the Rig Veda do business at the old stand on almost every oth- er page. Yet one doubts whether he was really capable of forming a metaphysical concept. He could nev- er concentrate his thoughts long enough on one subjec to do so. He scorns logic and cohesion. His sen- tences are a heap of glittering parti- The time for making your Easter duty expires nxt Sunday. If you are a Catholic Forester suspension will follow year failure to go to Hol: Communion, and whether a Foreste or not you stand excommunicated from the Church by your failure. There is no time for argument, go at once. A monument to cost $7,000, will be erected by the congregation of St. James' Church, Pittsburg, Pa., over the grave of the late Rev. Thomas F. Martian, who died from ,smallpox, as a result of his ministry to those affie- ted with that disease. A SHORT SERMON. PENANCE Many stay away from confession for the'reason tidal for many years they have been slaves of the devil. Ged is banished from their souls and Satan reigns supreme. They are in the habit of committing some grievious sln,such as blasphemy, or neglect of hearing mass on Sundays and holydays, or hat- case of 'the coming into existence, or growth, or tlm continuation of the red, or averice, or injustice, or they molecular combination presented in are given up to the degrading vice of the bodies of living things,' by such a impurity, which has become almost a pirase as 'the fortuitous concourse of second nature to tlmm They say to atoms,' is 'utterly absurd.' 'Here,' he says, 'scientific thought is compell- themselves, ",What is the use in going ed to accept the idea of creative pew- to confession, 1 know I will be as bad er.' And again: 'Every action of hu- as ever after confessing; better tostay away and save myself from commit- ting a sacrilege." This is a sad frame of mind. It is a sign of reprobation. It is a blasphemy against God. God will never allow you to be tempted beyond your power ot resistauce, aid- ed by his grace. No matter how vio- a lent your temptations may be, you can enos'. "He tells au anecdote of a walk in the country witt, Liebig forty years ago, in which he asked the savant whether he believed that the grass and flowers around them grew by mere chemical forces. Liebig's answer was: 'No, no more than I believe hat always overcome them by God's grace, and He will never refuse His help if you ask it. The more inveterate the habits of sin are, the greater your reason for going to confession. The weaker the patient is, the greater his need of tim physmian. God, in his wisdom, has established he sacra- ment of Penance, to heal the wounds of your soul and to give Fou streng, th to overcome the violence of your pas- sions. If you are in m6rtal sin, the sacrament of Penance is just as neces- sary for you as Baptism is for an infi- del. If you will not have recourse to that sacrament you will go on heaping sin upon sin. You will plunge from one abyss into another. How many bad thoughts and desires may you give way o in one day? How many in a year? How many mortal sins book of botany describing them could grow by mere chemical forces.' "In the forty years' since Liebig spoke as he did almost the entire sci- entific world has been swept by a wave of agnosticism. Huxley, Tyndall, Spencer are names that one most quickly connects with this view. Lord Kelvin's attitude marks, howev- er, a recession of the wave. He does not 8ice to science the last word. He turns o the miracle of life itself and finds in it the richer ruth." Since Bremerton's very existence de- pends upon a cleaning out of the dens of vice we may be allowed to urge that it be done, though we are there- by making no pretensions te being bet- ter than she. Having really acted in bad faith with the Navy Department in the past, hope of retaining the gov- ernment patronage has no room for If the refitting of a will be upon your soul at tile hour of war every season s death? If you approach the tribunal worth anything to Bremerton and to Sattle why not look to our imporan financial inters sts it not to our nation- al reputation. Bremerton is very re- pentant ,just now, but it reminds us that "when the devil is sick a monk he would be, but when the devil well devil a monk is he." cles that run through one's fingers, further trifling. Hence his baffling quality. There is dozen men of no founding anything on him. He is a veritable quicksand of an author." The Philadelphia Inquzrer has its deathknell to ring over the reputation of "The Sage" which has been vainly dragging out a feeble life of a hundred years: It says: "The one patent iact in connection with the effort to make the centennial of the birth of Emerson a success is the fact that it is very labored. There is no spontaneity in tile ruovemen[ but an immense amount of urging which is a sad commentary on the de- ,liui.-,g Fopularity of the Sage of Con- cord. People o not read Emerson any mrc at least q:e is no longer con- sidered a seer in literature or in life. It is true that there can be found any number of persons who admire him. Let the conversation on the subject "THE POPE IS UNWE L. Rome is the center of interest of Penance now, with a sincere desire of amendment, by tim grace of that sacrament yeu will break your chains. You wih overcome your passions and evil habits. If you do not go to con- fession your weakness will go on m- is treasing from day to day. The habit Of sin will becomes a second nature. The wounds of your soul will become ulcers. Saddest ,of all, God will with- draw His graces, and your heart will to become hardened;. It, at the hour of start, the it seldom does and there will be found plenty of men and women to of tim Church" has really gone insane pay the highest tribute to his lite and consequently she is no longer able tile leading rulers of Europe on so- death, any thought of conversion en- count of the games of diplomacy that ters your mine, tte devil will very have been in course of solution of late. easily stifle it by tempting you to de- The madness of France in persecuting spair. "Brethren, now is the accept- rehgion uggested to the Emperor of able time, now is the day of salon- Germany that the "Eldest daughter to look after the welfare of distant and important colonial interests and that the Church may be looking for a guardiau for France and for her inter. ests so far as they pertain o religion. Tile Emperor visited Rome and was graciously received by the Holy Fa- ther who spoke of his grea confidence lion." There are many sinners who are neither slaves of human respect nor of passion, men of honor and honesty, and worthy of respect in the eves of the world, who do not go to eonfes- sien, bectuse they are deplorably in- different about eternal salvation. For. getfulness of Go& contempt for His laws, is a violation of the highest hon- or, honor towards God. An honorable and works. This is done conscientious- ly because they have neve.r read him but take him on faith." About Emerson's religious vagaries multiplied tmresies and the lasting harm his wAtings have done volumes might be written. in the stability of the Germans and in reputation in the eyes of the world their sense of justice in their public will not save your soul,and this is one administration. The Emperor has thing necessary. Those pmsons of THE INQUISITION. Unprejudiced modern historiansare nowadays saying strange things. Pro- fessor Sctmefer, of the University of Restock, a staunch Protestant, in his great work on the " Spanish Inquisi- tion," published 1902, says: "The asservation that the Inquisi- tion practiced injustic in principle is based on ignorance or m/srepresenta- tion of facts, if it does not proceed-- as it unfortunately does with the ms- whom I speak live habitually in the state of mortal sin. Neglect of the paschal precept is a mortal sin, so i neglect of the precept of annual con- fession. We often hear it said that these are good men. But of what val- ue are all the actions of their lives  As they live in the state of mortal sin, their best actions are unmeritorious done much to conciliate his Catholic subjects and has made extensive pur- chases of lands in the Holy Land and has given them to Catholic erders of priests. He did not go to Rome to be praised for this nor to see that it is not forgortten by the Pope, but to im- press upon His Hohness that Germany is acting in good faith anti, that being jority of those who have treated the found faithful in these small matters, in the eyes of God When death comes subject--from a hatred and fanaticism she may be entrusted with momentous the priest will be sent for, but by a which appears equally damable as the opposite endeavors of the Gatholic de- affairs, just judgment of God the priest will fenders of tke Inquistiion to praise King Henry VII visited the Pope come too late. The years of youth, the chanty and devotion to the faith and me with as warm a reception, a-d manhood, and maturity have of tim Holy Office beyond bounds." These visits are an evidence of unicef- een devoted to the world and the Again this fair.minded historian as- sal sympathy and of the disapproval devil. God refuses to accept the dregs BOttS : of a life that has been lived without a thought of Him. Tley Imve been in- different all their lives to their soul's salvation, and as a consequence their  soul will be lost for all eternity. Still another class of persons axe kept away from confession through shame of confessing their sins. They have a great repugnance to making known their crimes to a confessor. Now, the longer you stay away, tbe greater will this repugnance become. Must an eternity be lost on account of a little foolish shame? This shame is silly, because after all it is not sim- ply to a man, but to the representative of Ctirist tbat you have to confess 7our sins, and this humiliating avow- al is not made in the presence of a multitude of people, but to one wzth whom it must remain an inviolable secret. Drag the aonfessor before the civil tribunals, and he will know nothing abou your crime. Put him on his oath, he will be in ignorance of it. He has no knowledge of it thor is communicable. Tell him that you have entered into a conspiracy to poi- son him or to murder him at a'certain time aud place, he cannot make use of that knowledge to escape death. He must become a martyr to the seal of confession. Ths stlame is foolish, be- cause the more horrible your sins are, the greater will be the priest's com- passion. If sinners could only read the priest's heart, they would see how foolish is their shame. The priest, like his Divine Master, knows that it s on account of sinners he has received the sacerdotal unction. The deeper the abyss from which he draws you the greater tile victory over hell, and this victory is dearer tu him than all the honors of the world. Poor sinner, you may be degraded in the eyes of the world and in your own eyes, but you have it m your power to do ttle priest a great favor. You Can become his consolation, his happiness, his glory, his joy for eternity, by allow- ing him to presezt you to God, clean- sed from your sins, by the exermse of :his ministry. WALLA WALLA. WALLA WALLA, June 3--Not many suns ago the "lnstitoot toots" a baseball nine famous throughout the lengtl and breadth of the Inland Em- p,re for the unexpected in ballplaying, journeyed to the land of the Prescor- ites adjoining the Garden City reser- rattan'..Although this Prescott team was a healthy aggregation of brawn and sinew,yet out of tile skill ot these Institute" babes" were they taught the science of our national game. The score was somewtlere in the [vicinity of 8 to 3. [Smarting under ttlis defeat, these tillers of the soil sent an iuvita- lion to tile La Salle Institute manager to"trot 'em out" again. Well--it happened last week. Really, it is pain- ful to relate it. In spite of the 'fact that Prescott had imported a tw,rler from the far off wilds ff Dayton,these Institutes, whose average age s about 16, won out bya score of i0 to 4 . It was all due to "Mud" McAllister. "Mua" who 'tis said, secured his title in tim manner known only to the ini- tiated, had gone out ithat day with blood in hif eye. Backed by "Happy" and "Ike" it did seem as if their op- ponents had no show. Up to the sixth inning the ranchers had not crossed the home plate. About this time some one solved Parks secret and connected with the horsehide in such a manner as to enable him to make the circuit --tallying one for the homesteaders. In the eighth and [ninth they tacked up 2 and 1 respectively--making a to- tal of 4 to the Walls Walla boys' 10 runs. Heavy lfitting and good sup- por of the battery is the first cause of victory. Parks, as usual held his end u') and had 13 strikeouts to his credit. Sclmeffer on third base con- nected with everything that came his way and made the only unassisted double play of tile game. Lankard on tirst made a reputation as a poultry fancier as he captured no less than four "fowls" in the course of the game. And Casey--Sayl As shert- stop, he was like the typical Irish. man's flea. His territory was covered in a manner that would make the an- tics of that proverbial acrobatic tor- menor Lseem unworthy of mention. Miller, little Sammy Miller, had his hammer with him and knocked out some pretty hits. James Casey, Jr., son of his father, held up the profes- sional pride of his ancestors by pu- ting the "eomether" over the new fangled curves of the Dayton "shoot. er" and in that manner raised his per- eentages considerably. This makes the second defeat that the Institute boys have administered and the third game will most likely be piayed on the home grounds. ========================================== Dealer In All Kinds Of Frames, Piotures, Mouldings Most Complete Line, New, Unique and Artistic Work, and LOW PRICES The Pacific Picture Frame C0 A. R. McLEOD DISTRIBUTOR. ND RIDGE NUT COA' and LUMP COAL of ALL KINDS. Northwest corner of Madison & Western Ave Ph0nes 00un,et Ma,n 975. Independent 976. Seattle College (Cot. Broadway and Madison.) 1114 16 3rd Ave. Phone Red 4485 , JESUIT FATHERt With Select Preparatory "I' .b +:-., ,I.... +..4. ,.'4""I'  Department for Junie Student9 Fo ataloame anply to Butter, Eggs, Cheese THE PRES,DENT. If you want the BEST at tle lowest price SEE US at Cow Butter Store FIRST & PIKE Puget Sound Navigation Co. Seattle. Port Townsend- Victoria Route --From Pier No. 1, foot of Yesler Way SEAMER MAJESIC leaves daily, ex- cept Tllursday, 8:30 a. m. 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PROSPER leaves Lilly & Be. gardus Dock every day at 8 a. m. for Port Madison, Kingston. Port Gamble, Port Ludlow, Fort Flagler and Port Townsend. Returning leaves Town- senp 6 p. m. STR. Lydia Thompson leaves Lilly & Bogardus Dock Sundays, Tuesdays,and Thursdays at 12 mdmght for Port Townsend, Richardson, Argyle, Lopez, Friday Harbor, Roche Harbor,. Deer Harbor, West Sound, Orcas, Griswold, East Sound, Newhall Oiga, Fat,haven and Whatcom. Steamers and Schedules ' subject t0 change without notice. Charles E. Peabody, Mgr., 'Phones: 60(; First Ave. Sunset Main 257; Independent 257. CATHOLIC DIRECTORY Of the Diocese of Neequally. (Dioceeis Nenqualliensis.) Comprising the S'tate of Washington. Established }day 81, 35o. Area In square miles, $6.680. Estimated Catholic popula- tion in 1900. 42,000. Right Rev. Edward John O'Dea, D. D., Bishop of Nesqually; cone. Sept. 8. Res., Cathedral Vancouver, Wash. Vicar General--Very Rev. P. Hylebos, Re,.. Tacoma. Wash. SEATTLE CHURCH DIRECTORY. SANITARY PLUMBING DRAINAGE CLOSE ESTIMATES D. B. Spllman C0. Steam and Hot water Heating, Telephone Black 1621. 215 Columbia St, Seattle, WaaN, You Can Obtain John B. Agen's Clear Spring Creamery Butter FROM ANY UP-TO-DATE GROCER. Immaculate Conception Church. Broadway and Madison Straeta. Attended by Jesuit Fathers. Rev. A. Sweets. S. J., Rector. REGULAR ERVICES. Sunday. Low Mass at 7:0 and S:a0 a m. High Mass at 10:30 a. m. Sunday School, 2:S0 p. m. Eodallty Meeting, 7:30 p. m. Evening Services. 7:10 p. m. Week DaTa. Mass at 6:30 and 8:80 a. m. Churcn o, uu[ Lauy of Good Help, Third and Washington St. Rev. E. D. Casey, Re0tor. Sunday. Low Masses at 8 and 9 a. m. High Mass at l0:30 Vespers, Benediction with Instruc- tion 7:30 p. m. Baptisms at 2 p. m. Sundays. Sunday School after the Children's mass which is at 9 o'clock. Week Days, Low Mass at 7 a. m. daily. JOHN B. AGEN, SEATTLE ..... 822 Western Ave. TACbMA .... 1527 Pacific Ave. ANDWHATCOM Wssh, Hr. 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(20th & Jackson ) Sunday Services :- Low Mass at 8:30 a. m. High Mass at 10:30 a.m. Sunday School, 2:00 p. m. Girls at 2:45 p. m. Ballard. on the Wednesday preceding the third Rev. G. ACHTERGAEL. Pastor. Sunday of the month. SundayLow mass at 8 a. m.; Boys' Sodality meets at 7:80 p. m. on the Wednesday preceding the third high mass at 10.30 a. m. Sunday of the month. I Benediction--4 p. m. Young Ladies Sodality meets at[ Week days--Low mass at 8 a. m. P ,t