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May 24, 1901     Catholic Northwest Progress
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May 24, 1901

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falboli ,,.......I Seatt,e Coun&lt;,il No y M l,p FIVtlll[ll$1onjoyel a .,nok(r last evening at l THE CATHOLIC PROGRESS. Ten Nights in a Bar Room. universally recognized as a miniature r no(his spirits together and enables! Is the Otllclal Organ of the YOUNG MEN ,.4 INSTITUTE. expense of tile loshlg side ill tile late; For the Northwestern Jurisdiction, corn- ntcnlb(:rshlp contest, T, J. h'crs' side prising Oregon, \\;ashlngton, Idaho Mon-, Wyoming, British Columbia and l'/wnlslled tile good tilu(L and ,l. P. i,a- llaka. vin's side enjoyed It. I)('rcshnlents Supreme Representative and cigars were. distributed, whilca ]eancls A. Garreeht, Walla Walla. Wn. carefully arranged 1)rogranl of vocal ..... and instrunlental solos and recitations GRAND OFFICIRS, 1900-1902. was being rendere(l. Grand Chaplain, Rt. Roy. E. J. O'Dea, lfBhop of Nesqually, Vancouver, Wash.; Seattle Council is now stronger Grand President, W. H. Weber, Walla throne]ally than at any pcrio(1 of its ex- Walls, Wash.; First Vice President, Roy. j, ll. 10susie, (!hcliCy, 'lVasli. ; (Jrand Scc- istence. A nunllier of new members L'etliry, A, .I. lhJl)kliiycr, cal,, %Vllsll. ]lave been initated lately and tile l'elld 'J_'ruaHurcl', l,'rllllk 'l'lcrncy, Vltllit Walls, liV,9_sh. ; (}rlliid Marshol. Nocl Col- council ts doing very well. .t17% Nanahllo, II. i:. GRAND DIRECTORS. COUNCIL 309, WALLA WALLA. Chairman, John F. Smith, Kamloops, Fotlr candidates were initiated at B. C.; James Casey, Walla Walla, Wash.; J. B. Brown, Spokane, Wash.; R. F. Me- the last regular meeting of St. MI- Closkey, Rossland, B. C.; T. J. Ivers, So- chael's Council No. 30% Y. M. I., at att, Wash. ................ Walla. Three apl)llcatlons were also COUNCILS OF NORTHWESTERN received and referred to the proper JURISDICTION. committees. Council. Location. No, Some time ago charges of "conduct l:rtland--Por tland, Oregon .............. 56 Spokane--Spokane, Wash ................. 73 unbecoming a member of the Y. M. L" Seghers--Yletorla, B. C .................... 85 Imotens--Vletorla, B. C .................... 501 were preferred against two of our St. Mlehael--WaIla %Valla, Wash ........ 3J members. Ill one case the name of I'reeldclit, T. l]. Mason : Secretary, .......... --Wellington, B. C ................ 154 tile member was ordered stricken from Sobry, Nanalmo, B. C., No. 123--Meets the roll of the Y. M. I., and in the ary alternate Sunday. President, T. uthro; secretary, Noel Collin. other the member was fined $5 and re- .......... -vancouver, B. C ................ 155 nlon--Whatcom, Wash ................. 162 qutred to make an apology to the coun- 8ttle--Seattlo, Wash ................... 492 ell. President, J, 1'. lmvln; Secretary, Dr, D. Buekley. Mcets ew.q'y Thursday evcn- * * * bag In A, O. U: W. ltall, Pioneer Block. The committee appointed to provide lb, vallt--Butte, Montana ................. 104 Royal City--New Westminster, B. C....301 ways and means for entertaining the Kamloops--Kamloops, B. C ............... 522 Prssldent. J. M, McCormick; Ree. Sec. next Grand Council has begun itswork .ar W. Morris; Cor. See., J. F. Smith. In earnest. In abont two weeks a play iboo--Wllliams Lake, B. C ........... 634 .......... --Astoria, Oregon ................ 10 entitled "The Doctor" will be prescnt- Rosiland--Roasland, B. C ................. 545 President, J. W. Cusack; Secretary, W ed, and it is expected that a large P. Turnsr. sum will be realized. hall ill tile l)ion(,cr Block, at; the I catil kiug. .'ks Clay surveyed the landscape This d[qighlful molodranla will 1)e nollling save tlle inlerminabh roll of pros(rated 1)y a strong conll)any_next plains met his gaze blending ]Is out- w(ek, l)ovetces of tile tclnl)crance Ihies with tile dim horizon. Iheni to conlulune, with each oilier in ; that mystic language which lies be- I vend i]lO r/llo.s of all phih)hig.v, i I At the lhongllt Clay thlg spllrs tillo l lilt; sides (if llis sll!od It,lhl sees pei'- I ('allSO will be interested in tile moral The sky was clear lit all poinis of sP-(lllence l)rcsonted hy this play. Thc lho ('ompass. No trace el I darkcn(d I evils (if drink are hirhlly portrayed by frowns couhl be seen. H.r(. and there Rn artislic pen, and clutcted will: a ret)osed Ill)On the horizon large, white vigorous nah'ete both pleasing and in- structiw. TALE OF NORTH DAKOTA. Written tor the Progress. ('(ived a white handker(,tllof waving{ frolu She vehicle. Agltin Prhice dashed] tinder itle smart of lhe spur, and ill it few nihiutes lie was at tile si(h; of the! VohlnlOs of vapor that appeared in tilt; (h'parling equipage. ] glowing dawn like nlountains of liUrl)le "\\;Vhy, what has halipcned, Miss 1,h'a-i besot with pearl and fringed with belts sorT' tie donlan(led. of shining gold. The morning was "Oil, silo is going away to school fresh and clear giving every llromlse and finds it rather painful to leave of a beautiful day. honlo," sharply retorted Mrs. Tarta- As Clay had fintshed his inspection lone, It was just dawning in the east of tue universe, Prince walked tip "But we c.annot tarry; it's a long when Chiy Redding awoke on a fine and in that confidential way, known distance to Minot, aud traveling is summer nlorning in the plains of only to isolation, grazed the grass at slow," North Dakota. Rising from his couch his feet. A tiny gloved hand was hehl out of fresh buffalo grass he surveyed Clay arranged his bushy mane, pet- flora the side of the covered vehicle, the landscape and looked for his belt ted his broad forehead and assured and a soft good-bye was gently whis- that lay on tile grass beset with his mute friend by a vohime of en- perod from the curtained window. grizzly cartridges, a shining Colt and dearing epithets of the friendship lie a gleaming knife of fine Damascus bore him. Thcre Is a love, silent bul steel, strong and abidhlg, that draws the The cattle were pcacefully grazing lleart of man toward a faithful beast a short dislance off and at his side in the midst of wilderness, There is Prince, the daring broncho, was revel- in the human anatomy a certain Long he stood there, intently gazing after his departed love. until the ve- ling in the sumptuary of morning amount of affection that has to be ex- hicle was lost in the dimness of the clover, flavored with nature's owl pended. In lieu of human society all horizon. anlbrosia. All creation was still on- tbc secreted affection of a vigor- "Farewell, a long farewell; may the velopcd in that silent repose so sooth- ous soul and a generous heart is angels keep thee," he muttered, and ing to tile wearied pulses of creatiop, showered upo nthe horse. To the cow- iurning his horse, silently rode back and exhilarating to the vital energies boy's heart there is no object so lov- ito the bosom of the hroad plains. thai struggle in the great travail of able as hls horse. No Caliph in all Again all was peace upon the prarie, life. Arabia ever bestrode a more docile, save in the distance could be heard There is a sublimity in the lone faithful and affectionate steed than the murnmr of the great Missouri. prairie. It is the blending of the Di- the cowboy's pony. There is an Inter- (To be continued.) vinity with nature. In the midst of change of feeling which only long as- sequestered plains the soul of man sociation is capable of producing. The I Clay seized the little hand, and coy- I C.M. Pessemier ering it with kisses, nluttered "Good- I SPECIALIST IN FOOTWEAR ble, Miriam," and tile equipage rolled THhree Progress .............. 912 Second Ave. Seattle, Wn. away. THE CATHOLIC ORDER OF FOREtTERS. ALONG THE COAST. communes with the Great Spirit of rugged usages of western life make tt SKAGIT OIL CO. creation. ']'he deserted vista without imperative for the cowboy to have the Mr, %V. H. Kearney, president of the I SEATTLE. The Alumnae ol, the Sacred Heart a slgn of human life evokes a feel- faithful serviee of a useful animal. Skaglt Oil Co., has recently reeeived/ ---- Presentation of San Francisco held ing of oppressive melancholy that His horse Is his playmate and his ser- encouraging news from Skagit Val-I Nesqually Court No. 1141 meets second am] fourth Thursdaws at Union Hall, Pa- their annual reunion last Sunday in finds no respite save in the fellowship ! rant. They talk and laugh and play Icy, where the wells of this company 1 alfl Block. J.C. Ford, Chief Ranger; Gee. W. Houston, Recording Secretary, No. 213 the convent. The exercises commenced of the Great Master of the universe, with each other, the mute companion are situated. / bventeenth avenue. ]P. the chapel with benediction of the The philosophy of the beautiful con- giving every indication that he ap- These wells are in direct proximltyl W, C. O.F. Blessed Sacrament was given by the Chief Ranger ...... Margaret Graves Very Rev. J. J. Prendergast. At 3 Vice Chief Ranger ..... Margaret Grow c'clock the literary and musical exer- Rec. Sec .......... Elizabeth Ferguson Fin. Sec .................. Belle Grant eises took place in the convent ball, Treasurer .............. Teresa Flynn where an enjoyable programme took Meets first and third Tuesday of place, participated in Miss J. Heifer- ch month in Union Hall, Pacific nan,'Mlss C. Nolan, Miss M. O'Dea and Block. Miss M. Quigley, the president; Miss TACOMA, WASH. May L. Nolan, Mrs. Thomas H. Gibson, Miss Josephlne Marks, the Misses Olympia Court No. 028---Chlef Ranger, ,tames F. O'Brlen ; Recording Secretary, Aag Ven Boeklin. Montgomery, Miss Agatha Cotter and SPOKANItl, WASH. others The officers of the Alumnae are: Miss May L. Nolan, president St. Pool's Court No. 708--Chief Ranger, James J. Daley, 332 Riverside avenue: Re- Miss Lily R. Power, vice-president Gvdlng Secretary, A. L. Tellesch, Washing- Miss Lizzie Ryan, secretary; Miss M. Mills. B. Mnlcare, treasurer. PORTLAND, Olil Cathedral Court Ne. 957--Chief Ranger, C.O.F. EVERETT. ]Bt J. Malley: Iiecordlng Secretary, C. W.' mtngsr, ............ Perpetual Help Court No. 1220 held ANACONDA. MONT. its second meeting last Tuesday even-: Mr. Haggea Court No. 926--Chief Ranger, ing at Fraternity Hall, and there was J. *. McDonnell, 700 Cherry itreet, R. T. a large attendance of local and visit. (alannlgan ........... ing brothers. Two candidates were in. ANCIENT ORDER OF HIaERNIANS. itiated--Theodore Walthers and John ]President, W. McArdleL Vice B. Moore. liar. Clark; Recording Secretary, J. (2 Rather Father Claessens was pres- ltuart; Financial Secretary, L. M. Moran 'l['asurar, ]EL Slattery; Sergeant-at-Arms ent, accompanied by key. Father Terence McGloin; Inside Sentinel, T. J. IIAuley; County President, Mr. Fltz- O'Brien of Snohomtsh; both made trick. Meets every Sunday at $ p. m. Father Prefontaine'a parlor, pleasing address. Organizer P. Henry of Seattle was present and made a few FRATERNAL NEWS. remarks under good of the order. A Wtekly Summary of Evantg It was decided to elect a delegate to Throughout the Jurisditlon of the Northwest- the state convention at Tacoma at the new meeting. FRATERNAL. Under good of the order a general discussion on the question of building A number of children received first a hall was indulged by the members, ltoly Communion at the Church of with the result that a committee of Our Lady of Good Help Sunday morn- three was appointed, consisting of Img. Messrs. F. J. Walsh, Al C. Goerig and E, Bast, to look into the matter and The rapid spread of the Catholic Or- report back at the next meeting. er of Foresters is one of the many rdications of the virile vitality of Oatholic'lsm in the Pacific West. THIRD AVENUE THEATRE... "Roanoke." The members of Seattle Council, Y. . ;If!. I., are talking of giving a picnic or The delightful ideal of Southern life, cursion in the near future. We hope entitled "Roanoke," was presented at comes soon, and will certainly be the Third Avenue Theatre during the there, last week. As a dramatic production ,, It is not a classic nor even a remote We would suggest that the new equivalent to one. It deals, however Oourt of Foresters at Ballard be instl- with the heavy passions and has vir- tues that are commendable. tuted as soon as possible, so It can There Is a fine vein of moral tone have representation at the convention in the productions of its author, Hal Tacoma next month. Reid. A vigorous sentiment of relig- ious faith moves In his characters and No. 1141, Catholic Order of Foresters directs the final happy denouement of elect a delegate to the first con- the play. The artists presenting the produc- of the Washington State tion mingle a depth of fine original Court, whlch meets at Tacoma Thurs- conception with decidedly vigorous ex- dlay, June 27th, ecution. ' Miss Louise Carter, in the leading What is the use of all this waste?i role, exhibits a presence and corn- exclaims the dry toper. There is ex- mand of dramatic effect that is highly euse in not crying for spilt milk, but artistic. She Is graceful, but not un- o many bottles of fine champagne natural, and passionate, but not af-' fectatlous. wasted on warships that thirst for Sidney Platt essays very creditably ]Iced is a sacrilege, the difficult part of a half-witted but affectionate brother. Tlt lot of the counterfeiter is in- Mr. Oswald Roberts combines an ex- ,leed hard. The latest unfortunate to ecutton f a miser and murderer that testify to the correctness of tile asser- out-Shylocks Shylock. There is per- fcct dramatic grace and ease n his Men is Queen Draga of Servia. To rendition of a very difficult part. arry a bogus dollar were not near Miss Ira Donriette does ample Jus- st, painful as to pay homage to a be- tice to a role that ts replete with dif- glis king. flcult work. / COMPANY Our Bslisiil a teamship$ slsts of the harmonious blending of preclates the friendship, to the celebrated Cokedale mines of laiIroads nature's elements into one sublime Prince was a loyal horse. He could James J. Hill, which are the most panorama. The mystery of the sub- outrun any herd and tumble any steer, promising property of this character Coal Milfles lime opiates the mind with rugged Ho won the first prizes at the state in the West. ThCompanys Water Linu Cover= tht Ce discord and irregular chaos where ira- fair held at Bismarck five years ago, , Mr. Kearney, in speaking el' the from blexico to Alaska mensity and the gloom of Erehus and Capt. Frazer rode him at a mill- possibilities of the oil industry, stated make their perpetual habitat. Beleag- tary parade held at St. Paul, where he that it l)romised to reach such proper- Its railroads In Washington tap tim uered fastnesses and empty caverns was shipped expressly for the pur- tions as would utterly eliminate the in- State's largest timber districts and resound with terrible hollowness to pose. flux of the eastern product. , fields. the thunders of the sky and grinding At the time of our story a primeval The Skagit oil wells are located in Its Franklya coal |l the bet on of spheres. Rolling clouds like shad- wilderness still existed in the west- a rich territory, as will be Seen from,coMt for steam purism, and that from ows of the Inane coil and recoil to the ern portions of North Dakota, nota- the fact that some of the most eml- its Newcastle mine Is good noun] supreme music of the celestial orbs. bly so on the Missouri slope, where ient geologists have examined the icon] for anybody to burn In the midst of this terrible discord the trappers and cowboys were the soil excavated from the wells and pos-! .... is heard the soft, infinitely low and only harbingers of civilization, itively state that it is rich with oil. sweet music of the stars. It is the Fort Buford was the last settlement Prof. Winchell, the state geologist IJ. H. MGraw. Ga. B. Klttil, song of love ill the great cosmos 'of in the far west which served as a de- of Minnesota, has exantined the dis-   the universe. Distant denizens of fense against the inroads of the In- tricts owned by Hill, and upon his ad-  space roll in rhapsodic Jubilation in dlans, vice extensive drilling operations are REAL ESTATE, FIRE AND their unknown orbits while Jupiter Capt. Fraser was in command of in progress upon the Great Northern MARINE INSURANCE sings love ditties to blushing Venus. the fort, maintaining only a nominal property.   It is the wooing of the Planets. auxiliary of soldiers, as the place was The Skagit Oil Co.'s wells are sit- Room B Bailey Building. SEATq'I'., WN. uated directly next to those of the Far down among the revolving a very unimportant one. Great Northern, and draw from a ter- - .... worlds 'Aurora Borealis calls her stel- Since the death of his wife Capt, rltory abounding In this new product. We C][ or lind De|iver Promptly lar retinue while the Great Bear Ira- Fraser lived tn comparative obscurity patiently growls at the gentle chat- wlth Miriam, his only child. The de- Sa| 10II)$ - ter of tile Pleiades. votion qf friends, love of society and In the isolated ravines, by the pale fondness for social amusement were PEOPLE'S SAVINGS BANK ,1. s.,0.  t Pr$$|11 0. light of the moon can be sen the thus supercedod by onehuge affection ('al)ltat $100,o0o, paid up. with autilorlty I.adles' and GentP' Clothing Cl to lucrl!ase it) $1,000.01i0. Lil.d and ReDalrtl. noble moose still a lord of hls prtmeval for his daughter. Born and reared in E. ('. Neufe]der . ....... President haunts grazing in the fresh clover or the east, Miriam was a girl both gen- J.R. liaydcn .......... Cashier J. T. Grecnleaf .... At. Cashier ....................... drinking of the spring, tle and amiable, combining in self the Commercial Savlnge and Tract, Gcm, rs[ At every rustling of the sage brush refinements of the east with the sin- llankhig and l,:xchengc. 'l"ll'',-,ll.'.l,l..ll.ll,.tl.ll his noble head rises, and with nostrils cerity and devotion of the west. distended he sniffs the air, fearing the When her mother died she was only white man's ambuscade. Such is the: 14, and the circumstances that under- vast silence, and aboriginal splendor lie the existence of every mortal trans- of the untamed prairies, ferred her from an eastern metropolis Softly and gently the sun breaks t,, a western wilderness. through the fleecy clouds and glows Capt. Fraser lived very peacefully in the midst of this disorder with and almost happily with his daughter. glamorous radlence transfixing the Miriam grew accustomed to her en- D. McDonald Carriage and Wagon Making G 1'." N l,HlA1, JOlllllNG I[OIlESll()l,IINtl 415-417 Vi'ashlligton St.. Seattle, %Villih. MAS I INift'-" %l,'e call the litltnlloll tlf lhe cler- gy to our itch,el s I)('k of I)tlrP whles iidalllC(I for lllSli i)llrlloit,t. IVhcli erderhil klLdly dro I) li..i ii card. 50CIAL5 AND SMOKERS We Inakl, n lilt, clslly of orders for parlles, liil.1}lcl, ttniokcrs slid ban- illlelil. lt" h e n con lenlllls t h:lg par. ehllSei In Ih;ll IlnP call sl our tlfllce. 0- chaos with belts of porphyry and vlronment, and even enjoyed a ride =:=:='=-I=:-=:='=='=I''I'II=I=I='=I-='='=='I'I't"H'I" capricorns of pure gold. on Clay Redding's pony to his ranch Seated on a purple throne in the Clay, in such cases, being compelled yL, ..... --, -'- midst of clouds the Divinity communes to walk behind. <:--'--'--':-' -: : :--:--:- := :--:- :=:=='--' -: :-4- : : := : :--:- with Himself and contemplates His He was a frequent visitor at the for,. handiwork, heguiltng the long wintry hours with It is in the midst of the deserted tales of wild adventure and daring es- prairie that the mind sickens at the capades. Capt. Fraser heartily on- paltry pelf of the world and untram- Joyed these evening, and as for Ml. reeled holds a communion with the rlam, they were veritable dreams of divine. These are nature's own ca- Arabian Nights, thedrals where every blade of grass is No Othello ever wooed his Dosde- a chorded harpischord attuned to the mona with more legitimate madrigals melody of Aeolus, discoursing music than did our youthful wizard of the that shames the lays of Orpheus and Ilains. outclasses the sonatas of masters. At the state fair held at Bismarck Upon the soft stillness of the night Clay's horse won the prize and Miriam can be heard the howling of wolves was chosen as Queen of the carnival in the distant hills and the low tour- that followed. Through thls coinci- mur of the great Missouri. deneo Clay was forced to offer, and Clay Redding was a young man of Miriam accept, to rlde Prince, winner an eminently respectable eastern fam- o. the prize at the parades that for tly where he enjoyed all the advant- lowed the fete. To Clay's lot fell the ages of a refined social as well as men- task of leading his horse through the tal culture. It was the desire of his procession, parents that he should at some future However, the growing Intimacy be. date Join the mlnlstry. His strenuous tween the young hearts was cut short opposition to any such consummation by the sudden arrival of Mrs. Tarta. severed the ties of affection for his lone, Miriam's wealthy aunt, from New home and he was compelled to make York. At. Mrs. Tartalene was child- the best of life in the far west. less, she insisted on taking Miriam It]so curious fact but none the less with her, to be given the advantages true that the western cowboys are an el education. The entire plan was intelligent class of young men, roman- burrledly executed. All preparations tic in their ideals and brave in the dis- were arranged and they departed on a charge of the strenuous duties that on- fine morning for Minot, to take the circle their existence. :rain to Mlnenapolis. Clay was a type of this native prod- On the morning of their departure uct, nurtured and developed upon the Clay was with his herds. In the dis- western plains and inured to the stern tance he espied the equipage and at usages attendant upon this pioneer once a strange curiosity was aroused. CRAYON PORTRAITS civilization. By nature's mysterious There is In the affection of two hearts l,'o,, bh'lildl y g;fls are hk,,ns ,if affccl[on h)eg remembered. Work nf spe,'la! arilsti,. I'{ll t ty IS oxe'lltcd Ill lily billldto hi llll, IViilor Colors. i'll!It]i'd, it frelnod iiild i, li, acclimation he grew to love his sur- love's silent vernacular tbat speaks hirged n('cordhig to ally design. roundtngs, his faithful horse and the over boundless wastes, recognlzlng ___ broad prairie. His flocks were the no obstacle In delivering its message. JOHN NOGLEBERG I:l17 8e(nd Aven,m, Seaitl,, largest in those parts and he was Natural magnetism draws homoge- Murphy Wine & Liquor Co., :lie Iqko St . Sesttle.