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May 24, 1901     Catholic Northwest Progress
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May 24, 1901

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THE CATHOLIC PROGRESS. Ibut tile real cause of the present un- a perpendicular double sternl)ost rut1- A Romance in the Orient. What They're For. Industrial News favorable showing is that the operat-Marine Notes derto peru, it of unshipping the rudder Rustum loved Fathna, the daughter of Patience--Don't you think eyeglass- ing expenses of tile road have been or prol)eller at an)" time. She will also Jamshyd, who wns a great merchant and es lull)rove her looks? illereased b(.yond what tile earnings have a lhlsh deck, so as to avoid fre- had many caravans and wiped Ills feet oil Patriee--I shouhl hope so. That's have been. quent tlootling of tlle forward deck. rugs thaL have since brought fabulous sums what they're for!--Yonkers States- 0I the Week and NeWS She will have tllreemasts' with a sail at auclin'who boardedl'Ut l.uslutn wasa poor scribe,where l)runes were all they inch. A Market in Russia. area or 7,000 square feet, her rig i'e- ever had for dessert. One day Iustum put Unless new oil fields are discovered senlbling that of a three-masted top- on aU the trm, sers he had and went to ask A Strugfle for Eixtence. In Russia within the next few months, sail schooner. The masts will be about Jamshyd for his daughter. (l.'rmn lhe Dally Bulletln. J a market will exist there for this corn- From the Itotel and Steamship Reporter. 100 feet high, but tile topmasts are Tile rich man was exceeding wroth when i"Jennle's decided to work for a liv- modlty as great us for any manufac- made to take down, reducing tlle Rus[um, havhlg obtained the floor, made ing the rest or her life." ......... !tured ware in the United States. his motion, and there being no one present "Pool" thing! Has she?" The difference between the Alaska ! The oil fields of Baku are giving out. The Rainier is unloading a big cargo length to sixty feet when desirable, to raise a point of order Jamshyd said a "Yes; she's going to be married to traveler of this and last year is mark-The fuel used In that country is petro- at the Galbraith dock. She will load The vessel will be provisioned for a lot of things that are not Ill the books on a poet."--Philadelphia Bulletin. ed. The city is not full of embryo leum, which, with the amount export- coal for her return trip to 'Frisco. five years' voyage, with a crew of four- ethluette. I'P teen, including six scientific men, con- "You hain, you cheap pot-roast, you lob- prospectors and prospective million- ed, has produced such a heavy drain The Forallon arrived from Skagway sisting of a surveyor, an astronomer ster, you ordinary hack," the old man ex- aires this month, as it was last year upon the supply that for a year past at noon yesterday, and in addition to geologist, biolographist, artist, photo- clahued, "what do you suppose I have fed a. at this time. The rocker man, the the famous wells there have been her general cargo carried one hun- grapher and doctor.--Marine Journal. and clothed my child all these years for? RAINlER (}RANlt patent house man and bachelor but- steadily lessening in their flow. dred tons of concentrates from the Shall the daughter of Jamshyd now mate with a mere scribbler of rhymes, a poet who H 0 L ton man are not so much in evidence. Other fields have been pospected Treadwell. SAFETY OF TRAVEL BY SEA. trembles before it $19-a-week bank clerk as Still faith in the gold of the north- with poor results, and the general SEATTLE, WASH. land has not been shaken and the opinion is that oil will soon have to Schooner Balboa, of the Northwest- if lie were criminally suddenly confronted practical miner who has a definite be imported into the country. W'hen ern Commercial Company, is still tak- Statistics Prove That Old Ocean Has by the majesty of the law? Get out, or Flrmt-Clau American and European Plato purpose in going is getting his equip- this time comes there will be a grand ing on cargo at the Arlington dock Been Robbed of It Treasure. I'll--"W|thoul waiting to hear any further par- Hotel.cellenceNOtedoffOrltsltmCulslne.pecullar ex- ,O' . ment quietly together and as soon as opportunity for the United States, with for Nome, Teller City, and other Alas- Our friend Morris Phillips, in the Iieulars Rustum started away. sidewise so R. B. DUNBAR, Proprietor and Manager'. the season is safely opened a large its unlimited resources, and with the ka ports. Home Jomu]al, writes intelligently on that he couhi not be stealthily approached i crowd is expected to depart, the in- many producing wells discovered on The Nippon Yusen Kaisha line has the subject of ocean travel. "Friends rrom the rear; but he had gone only a little i dividuals of which will accomplish the Pacific coast, added addiLional steamers as a result occasionally ask: 'Are you not afraid wa.v when Jamshyd came running after ,,,,,. R. sART()R1 & C(}. many times more than the army of of increased business. The e()mmeree to cross tile} Atlantic so often?' Afraid! "Stay, Rustuni. stay. Why do you so Importer and Dealers In "ehechaukas" who stampeded north The Federal government has multi- between Seattle and Japan has ahnost No; not a bit oil it. I don't trust to hastily depart?" llgh-Grade last year. tlldillous interests at Seattle, Wllere it trebeled dtlring tile past year. 'blind luck' exactly. I select the best Rustum answered lhat he was going Into i represented by more different time of yea,' for crossing; I choose a a far eoumry to forget his love, whereat WINES AND LIQUOiS The residents of Queen Anne Hill, The treasure ship Roanoke arrived good, stout, not too old ship (not nee- the gl'Pat Jamshyd sltid: are congratulating themselves upon i branches of the public service than in any city of the nation with population from San Francisco at 8 o'clock last essarily the swiftest), and I make sure "Don't leave u defenseless old nian that 115 James Street. 114 Yesler Way, way, Russ. 1 had to put up the bluff In SEATTLE, WASH. the fact that the Seattle Electric Corn- less than that of the capital itself. To evening and will go on the Cape Nome that the commander is a man of ex- order to Impress you with the magnitude party does not intend to cut up their house these numerous and important run. She is owned by the Northwest perience and steady habits; then I of the prize you are getting, you know. hill with a tunnel, but will put in an interests, Congress has appropriated :ern Trading and Transl)ortation Corn- leave tile rest to providence--and, soi What'll you lake :'' ---S. E. Klser. The Puget Sound National Bank additional counterbalance, and also $750,000 for a public building, the con-]pany. She had as prominent passen- far, I have always reaehe, d my desti- SEATTLIg. give the Queen Anne patrons of the struction of which will probably be-gers T. J. Young and wife and Mrs. nation. I have experienced some Capital Paid Up ....... $300,000 el6ctrlc line a five-minute service, in- gin before the calendar year is gone. Morgan, of Frisco.. storms called 'terrible,' but they never Jacob Furth, Pres. ; J. S. Goldsmith, Vice- stead of a ten-minute service, as at Fort Lawton, within the city limits, The strike of the machinists and terrified me. Moreover, ocial sta- Correspondence In all the principal eltl present. These assurances come from will have new buildings to the amount boiler makers is very unfortunate just tistlcs published in England show that in the United State8 and Europe. Gold duJt bought. Drafts in|ned em ,: President Jacob Furth, of the Electric of $30,000 this year. One hundred and at a time when several boats were but one life was lost last year out of Alaska and Yukon Territory. : Company. seventy thousand dollars are being ex- needing repairs to be put in proper every 149 persons employed in the OF OUR pended on a harbor improvement, shape for the summer trips to Cape British merchant marine. As for pas- L 1 T(' y Buy YourSegaru Of In some quarters there has been ap- known as the Lake Washington Canal. prehension that the oil business, At the Puget Sound Naval station, Nome. The Frank Waterhouse Com- sengers on board ship, the loss of llre J which is receiving so much attention fourteen miles from Seattle, between pany suffers the greatest hardship, as was next to nothing. That is to say, T. . lYE, aS Co. it had advertised that the Gorrone of the vast number of passengers car- 824 FIRST AVENUE on the Pacific Coast these days, would four and five hundred thousand dol- would leave June 3. At present she rled on British ships, running into the OF come under the control of the Stand- lars will be spent on new buildings, DEALERS IN ard Oil Company or some other renn- maehlnery and other extensions. The !is flOating arOund the SOund lOOking hundreds Of thOusands' Only 116 per" LOsovl]TNIA:de s If lug company. Such a thing is claimed expenditures of the quartermaster's for a berth where she can get her sons lost their lives through ship- Cigl'S Tobaoa tc be impossible, for the reason that offlce.ln Seattle amount to half a rail-boilers repaired. : .wreck. And there are always 1,200,- .... 000 people floating on the seas of the 1t  .ol.lL"'. '*' as the pills largely u'sed for fuel, the lion dollars. Ourlng the 8panlsh-hmerlcan ira- world. Great Britain last year era- sale of the product to a refiner is not broglio the government bought the ployed nearly a quarter million men in llArtzcles necessary. The oll goes from the pro- The following figures cover the steamer Terry for an army transport her merchant navy. Of these 1,503 Special Notice:--We are glad to oJ- ducer to the consumer and is usually  gross risks written by insurance men at the price of $170,000, but when re- were lost by wreck and 205 by other nounce to our readers at Seattle and 824 First Avenue Seattle. Wn. contracted for at the wells. Steam- in the state of Washington during the cently the ship was put up at auction, accidents. The statistics show a larg- in the State of Washington, that the hlps, locomotives, machine shops, year 1900: Fire insurance, $103,151,- the highest bid was $37,000. Rather er death rate on sailing than on steam Brothers of the College of Our Lady of THE GREAT NORTHERN pumping plants, sugar works, found-000; marine, $9,184,000; life, $10,322,- than accept such a loss the quarter- I vessels, though on either the rate is Lourdes have added to their regular :: vies and many other institutions which 000; accident, $13,472,000; mlseellane- master's department wilt send the lsurprlslngly small. It would seem from curriculum higher course of studies, Ticket Office, 612 Fir|t Avenue. i have until recently been consumers of pus, $15,129,000; a total of $151,258,- Terry to the Philippines. to be used J the figures that old ocean has been which will be Introduced immediately Telephone Main llT. coal, are now burning crude oil, And 000. The carried over insurance is not as a hospital ship for the navy. Thus I pretty effectively robbed of its ter ,,fter Easter. The additlonal course Leave. Dally. ArIvL :k. it is the practice of the consumer to included in the list. a very pretty bargain has slipped rors."--Marlne Journal. consists of Elocution, English Liters- 8:00a. m. Everett-Mt. Vernon ll:40p, m. contract with the producer for the oil 5:10 p.m. New Whatcom. 11:1 It. m. needed for periods ot one to five years, through the fingers of a clique of ship lure, Latin, Greek, French, German 8:00 p.m. Spokane-Ronland 9:00p. m. Thus the Standard Oil Company is The Mitchell, Lewis & Stayer Co. :owners who wanted the vessel tor The New Game Laws. and Spanish. Special features have st. Paul, ChlcagoandEnt. hut Out, and realizing that it is, the fire has been adjusted. There was $44,-!summer excursions on Long Island The Olympia Chronicle gives a syn- ['een Introduced into the Busines Standard has made no effort to con- 500 carried on the stock, and is ad- Sound, and were unwilling o pay a opsis of the game laws passed by the: course by the addition of Phonography.. JAPAN AEiCAN LINE trol the price of crude oil in Callfor- Judged a total loss. Thts was divided fair price for her. No doubt others last legislature. Many changes were: For particulars address Carrying U. S. Malls to All Oriental P,lnt. nla. In consequence, the prier of oil among six companies: G. A. Burch were also bit. made in the old statutes, and the law DIRECTOR ; has steadily increased with the in- epresented the Royal Exchange for now embraces the following features: vhe 00o00e00e.t ora.00es tro,, Cal- THE BURLINGTON ROUTE crease in production, the larger out- $18,500, and the Connecticut of Hart- An annual license of $1 is collected :, put guaranteelng to consumers a con- ford for $5,000; B. W. Baker represent- Ifornia to the east via Seattle and the from all persons who at any time in- L.W. Bonney. G.M. Stewart. stant supply and Justifying them in ed the Springfield for $1,000; Watson, Great Northern has been checked by Complete and satisfactory answers t dulge in the pasthne of hunting any BONNEY & STEWART these and many other questions of the sam. making the necessary alterations tn Hanford& Co. rel)resented the North- the polite refusal of the Southern Pa- kind of game. The office of game war- FUNERAL DIRECTORS & EMBALMERS sort can be had by communicating with the their boilers and engines to utilize ern for $5,000; Kinnear, Brown & Co. rifle and Santa Fe to make the rae den is created and the salary of such undersigned. And dealers In all kinds ot Burial Cases. the ell for fuel. These conditions ex- and E. A. Strout & Co. represented to the coast low enough to divert the officer in each county is fixed at $50 Caskets and Undertakers' Goods. Prepar- i Omaha, Chk, ago, Kansas CRy, St. Loul-- ' Ist at present, and are likely to exist l,he Theurlnga for $5,000 each, and the traffic from their transcontinental per month. It is optional, however,with lug bodies for shipment a specialty. AI, ALL POINTS east. order by telephone or telegraph prompt- for an indefinite length of time. New York Underwriters for $5,000. The lines to the ocean and Great Northern the county whether or not it shall ap- ly attended to. Parlors Third Avenue and M.P. BENTON, Puget 8d. Agt., los8 on the Walker building has not rou|e. In a joint (:irculRr the two corn- point a game warden. His salary is Columbia Street. Phone Main 13, Seattle. 103 Pioneer Square, Seattle, Wash. :,: The state board of equalization for been settled, but will not be more than panics say that the short haul of the to be paid from the moneys collected Wash. Southern lines cannot be made at a 1900 placed the valuation of the state's $7,000. This is covered by $20,000, from licenses. Under the provisions estate at $177,822,995; personal hehl byBurns & Atkinsonin four dlf- less rate than $540 a ton and that this of the law the open season for kllling = . i=|V=  JohnO'Leary. JohnC. Stuart. property, $38,721,872; railroads, $21,-lerent companies, will be the rate for deUvering oranges moose, elk, caribou and similar ani- . t.. t_,  B0ard 0f Trade Liquor C0 " to the California coast hereafter. On reals shall be from September 1 to No- * i {)38,256, making a total of $237,583,123. this rate it is impossible for the steam- vember 1. It is unlawful to kill more SEATTLE-TACOMA ROUTI. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. A comparison of these figures with the A number of the People owning ship company or the Northern line to than four deer in one season, or one Four Round Trlp Daily, Except Sunday. assessed valuation for the state for property in the blocks surrounded by handle any more shipments except at elk or antelope, or two caribou or Foreign Wines, previous years Indicates that it is the First avenue, Virginia street, Second a loss, but shippers arc hoping that sheep. Ten is the limit of grouse, TIME CARD. l'dghest assessed valuation that the avenue and Pike street, are advocat- I they may be induced to do it for the patridge, prairie chicken or native Leave Seattle--7:45, 11:15 a. m., 2:45, Liquors and Cigars ' tate has ever had, being $8,445,- mg the cutting down of the hump in advertising, pheasant which may be killed. It is ;:5 p. m. 584 hther than the figures for 1899. front of the Denny Hotel, which unlawful to kill any kind of duck be- 8:00 p. m. State Treasurer Maynard says the fl- would immediately convert this resi- The followin 9 from the Marine Rec- tween March 1 and August 15, and not Table service unsurpassed. i ! llances of the state at present are in de.rice district into good business ord. published at Cleveland, .Ohio, will more than 25 of these birds can be VOIC] C.ITI][ far better condition than can be found property, and thus form a needed ex- be news to Seattle people. Johnson- killed in one day. It is made Unlawful SUNDAYS. in connection with the finances of al- tension of the retail business dis- Locke Co. are a big shipping firm at for railroad companies to receive for Vlyer or State of Washington. 0er  oer  0r|ro most any other' state in the Union trict. Another point that couid be 'Frisco, but it cannot be learned to shipment out .of the state any wild Leave Seattle--7:30 a. m., 12 m., 5 p. m. Washington being practically free scored in this connection, and which what use they intend to put the steam- game, birds or animals heretofore Leave Tacoma--9:30 a. m., 2:30, 7:30 0. MAGN[J i Clt[JTZ from debt, and al)lc to pay its war- veould be of great advantage to the of New York City rants in cash. city, is that a number of docks in er: enumerated. Nothing in this particu- p' m. . ...... 7 North Seattle now crumbling topieces, "Five handy like-built steel steam- lar section is to be construed to pre- u. SEEI.EY, Jr., Agent. 0.41 Itolyoke BIk. SEATrLR When the cannery Interests In the destroyed by teredoes and the action ers are being dispatched to the Pacific vent the railroad companies from Seattle Tel., Main 17tl: Tacoma Tel., 211. /" North Pacific set about to form a of the water, could be saved and made coast to open up a new line there. The transferring game from one point to combine, they came across a difficulty use of for many years to come by Asuncion and Paraguay have already another in the state. Violators of the Je B$|$$ 0||(e ,in the refusal of the Alaska Packers' sluicing the dirt that forms the'hump started, to be followed by the 19ureka, game law may be arrested without 00,The Best Typewriter McLAREN & Association to join the combine. It cn Second avenue and Stewart street. Tampico and the Meteor, the latter warrant. It is compulsory upon every  Principals. i now stated that this associatlon has No doubttheownersofthesedocks now beingcompletedattheyardsof resident or non-resident who desires MITH PREiMIER ,oPso given options on its various plants would be glad to pay for having the the Craig Ship Building Co., Toledo, to hunt in this state to first secure a S Prospectus Free The Best Locat!o to the syndicate which has been seek- space under their docks filled solid O. The fleet is consigned to the John- license from the county auditor. Res- Cor. Second Ave. and Pike St. i lug to effect such a combine. The ith earth, thus saving their property son-Locke Mercantile Co., who will not idents of the state must pay an an-  J E H H00YE ,yndicate is composed of T. B. Me- from the destructiveteredoes, tendedaS yet state what route they are in-nualtaxof$1; non residents must paYfor. 8here seems no doubt but $10. The money so collected shall be ]  - --.------L- ) " ; C0 Govern, of Delafleld, McGovern & Co., ------- John $ McGroart G C Blankner of New York; R. Onffroy, of Fair- that a considerable fleet of these me. turned in to the county treasurer, who o ' Y " " haven, who promoted the Pacific The city of Spokane seems to be dium sized steamers could easily be shall place the same in the "game pro-   ...... | 0$| ]e$e| go. l,i American Fisheries company, and the en the verge of having trouble in the disposed of at fairly good figures if tection fund," which fund shall be ap-   ]llt'll Jamest N l ..... 312-13 New York BloCK.. a.'l[T.! e i Kelly-Clark company of Seattle. It is matter of insurance. The result of the they could be had." plied to the payment of salaries of   The organization and establishment ot aid the Alaska Packers' association recent electlon in the metropolis of game wardens, provided that in addl- ',I  Washington . has placed a valuation of $12,000,000 Eastern Washington is responsible for In a case in which David Lemery tion to the license heretofore exacted new enterprises and a general real el- on its outfit. The indlcatlons are that this. Dr. Byrnes, the newly elected sought to recover damages from the! Great Northern railway, the Supreme! any person killing a male elk shall tate business. Eastern eonnactlonn. pay into the county treasury the sum  ,Tel. Unlo n 70. the matter of consolidation will be mayor, is a Democrat. He was elect- court of Minnesota, In a decision ren-lo f $20. The failure to do so makes 1 brought to a head at once. The plants ed on a platform that does not suit extend from Chilkoot, in Alaska, the insurance agents, and the latter dered on April 26, ruled as follows:;th e person guilty of a misdemeanor south to Seattle, 900 miles along the threaten to increase the rates of in- Vaere a through passenger on a rail-lan d subject tea fine of not less than d 0pint coast. Some of the best known flnan- surance if this platform is lived up to. way train, without objection by the $10 and not more than $100. W an on ::' clers in the United States are behind Exactly what there is in the platform company or its agents, alights from  the deal and are understd t be act" that is bnxius t the represents" the train at an intermediate stattn The salmn catch n the lwer C" i = i National portance ually pledged, The proposed capital tires of the insurance companies Is for any reasonable and usual purpose, lumbia has been very light so far this ii of the comblne Is saidto bo$32,000,000 not plain, but there seems little like-such station being one.for the dis-season, and but few large haulP, have [ b SU ' according to a prominent New York lihood Mayor-elect Byrne will yield to charge and reception of passengers, he keen reported. Priers are unsteady, SEATTLE. . , financial authority who is personally their threats. The doctor says he will does not cease to be a passenger, and but it is reported that 7 cents ts being 1N EFFECT MAY 5, 1901. ALONE /' interested in the deal. The capital refer the representatives of the insur- is entitled to the protection accorded paid by the canners, while the cold- Arrive. ,, anco companies to the tax-payers' to such by law. But a through passen- torage people are taking all they can "North Coast Llmlted,"l L eave. CONTAINS BOTH : will be in common and preferred stock league, composed of Intelligent clti- ger on a through train--one that does get at 8 cents. Despite the poor run St. I au. and East ... 7 :u0pm 8:381 Ii and debenture bonds. Paul and East ...... I 7:45am 3:001 zeus who have looked over the ground not stop at intermediate stations to of fish, persons interested in the In- Atlantic Express, St.I Daily, by mail ............ $6 a year and who prepared the data for the receive or discharge passengers--who dustry are not discouraged, and the st. Louis, Kansas CRy} Daily and Sunday, by mail..$8 a year :, il I The net earnings of the Northern suggestion that the number of men in leaves such train without the knowl-belief prevails that the season will and Southwest ...... [ 7:45am 3:00t I'ortlaud and South ...[ 9:00am 4:301 '. ". '  .  ]Pacific for the month of March lndi- the fire department of Spokane be re- edge, consent or invitation of the corn- prove a good one. It is thought by 112:30pro 9:15t  9:40pro 7:25 rate a falling off as compared with dueed. In Spokane it is the general pany at an intermediate station at fishermen that the run will improve Olympia and Gray's Hat The Sunday Sun the same month last year. The state- opinlon the city must retrench in err- which the train stops for some pur- shortly. The present poor run is ae- her . ..... " ......... 9:00am 4:30I ment shows the net earnings for the tain departments, and the reduction of pose incident to the operation md counted for by the high stage of the South Bend, dally exceptl 9:00am 4:30I Sunday ........... is the greatest Sunday Newspaper in month as $1,338,737.09, an increase of men in the fire department Is one step management of the train only, aban- water, as the fresh water at the river's 'aeoma ............. : 7:45am 7:25 the world. $10,487,02 over the same month last aea result, dons for the time being his relation mouth keeps salmon from entering. As 9:00am 11:25 12:30pro 3:00[ Price 5c a copy. By mail, $2 a yeaz year, but as this year the earnings of as a passenger, and assumes all risks soon as the freshe*t subsides, an im- 3:25pro 4:30t the St. Paul & Duluth are Included, incident to his movements, provement in the run will doubtless  :15pm 0:30t I- * * * there is a falling off In the system, Coincidence. occur. I , :50pml 8:38 Address THE SUN, New York. other than this division, for the same "'1 ain't making any insinuations," Plans have been completed for the i Sumas. Vancouver, B. C. 9:40pro 9:15I period last year. The fiscal yoar be- said the corn fed philosopher, "but I construction of the vessel to he built Friday Not Unlucky. Snohomlsh, Sedro-Wool- :05am I 5:10I 1 / Icy ................ :05am 5:10t gins on July 1, and for the nine months have noticed that the man that sees at Vancouver, B. C., for Capt. Joseph Quizz--Do you think Friday an un- Issaquah and Suoqualmle 49:40pro 10:10 THE WRNCE ME'rileD ending March 31, 1901, the net earn. the first bluebird every year Is the Bernier, who intends starting, on a lucky day to move? OF DI.IA_IlXIG lugs are $12,406,689.22, a decrease as same man that once owned the fastest north polar expedition. The vessel Bizz--Not for me. I moved on Frl- Take the famous 'NROTH COAST LIMITED" Puptls Taken at Any Time. Terms ken- compared with the same period of lain horse in the country and had tiae will cost $80,000. J. B. Tirrell, the da and found out if I'd waited untlll For the l'an-Amerlcan Exposition. onable. year of $135,018.32. During the period smartest dog and the prettiest wife Canadian explorer, will accompany Saturday my goods would have been Through car service to Omaha, Kansas ii. covered by the statement there has and all that sort of thing "--Indian- Bernie/- The new v Jo ,,m , o**chea for ren* hl- *o T .... Cltv St Louls etc Telephone Brown 1471. i,: been a falllag olf of gross earnings, spells Press. unioue in some resnects Tt wlll hv hal : I.  Nadeau, General Agent, Seattle, Wn.  ..... AD.AM A. S. SMITH, , ..............   -arlton, A G P A Portlana ut ' tzncKley l$1oek SEATTLE WASH - _ . ..... , . , . .... ... , . . ,, . , , . ,. -. / , , , ....... ,([') :., ,:,: . , . ........ ..... . ..........