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May 10, 1901     Catholic Northwest Progress
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May 10, 1901

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T1 t E CATttOLIC PROGRESS. Seattle and Its ! o | Vlellll[y The Washington State Medical So- elety will hold its annual convention in Seattle ,lune 18.21. i". The Sullivan will case came up on Tuesday in ,ludge Taliman's depart- ment ofthe superior court. It ts now In progress. The Seattle assay office (lid more business during the last fiscal year than all the other offices combined : except Denver. Steamer City of Seattle, Captain Connell, arrived May 4 from Skagway with sixty-two passengers aml a small amount of freight. Cut rates continue to send large crowds to Alaska, as evidenced by tile list of the steamer Dolphin, Capt. O'Brien, which sailed from Lynn canal Tuesday night with over 200 passen- gers. The board of public works has ad- vertised for two hose wagons and a chemical engine and hose wagon com- bined, the purchase of which was re- cently authorized by ordinance. The wagons are to be built in Seattle. There is a great scarcity of teams for hauling purposes, and Seattle con- tractors say they are afraid to take new building contracts lest they find themselves unable to secure teams for hauling the material needed in their operations. Somewbre in tile neighborhood of 280000 bushels of flax will be pro- duced In Idaho this year, and practic- ally all of it will be exported through eattle and Portland by the flax trust, 'i thereby still further increasing the liiii[:i ,hipping from this port. • Major Ruhlen, the local quartermas- ter, yesterday opened bids for fur- allowed before the work is commenced to permit everyone interested to pre- sent timir desires to tile local office. SHIPPING NEWS FFOIII the Hotel lind Stealllshl 1) llel)orter. The schooner Nellie Colman will sail in a few (lays for Cape Nome load- ed with lumber. The Farallon, of the Alaska Steam- ship Company, leaves tonight for Southeastern Alaska with a good pas- senger list and cargo. The N. A. T. & T. Company are sending several schooners to Cape Nome this year loaded principally with lumber and coal. The fast and elegant steamer Dol- phin arrived Monday noon from Lynn All Ab0u[ the State The battleship Iowa left the Brem- erton drydocl( last Thursday. Hotel Central, of Edmonds, was to- t:ally destroyed by fire last Sunday. The North Yakima Produce & Creamery Co. has gone out of busi- ness. The Everett Flouring Mill shipped ],000 barrels of flour to Hongkong last veeck• Canal ports, and left again last night The automobile line between He- with a heavy cargo of freight and a quiam and Aberdeen is to be in opera- larger list of passengers. The State of California, of the Pa- cific Coast Steamship Co•, left Sun- day evening for Skagway on her first |rip this season. She takes the place of the Senator which goes on the Nome run. It appears highly probable that the rate war now being waged by the steamship companaies engaged in the Southeastern Alaska traffic may soon be called off. Negotiations are fairly under way and promise definite re- sults within the week. The wrecked bark Colorado is likely io prove a total loss, as all hope of saving her has been abandoned. It is thought the shipment of concentrates may be saved. They were from the tion by the first of June• Spokane made a good record for real estate transfers in April. The value of the transfers for the month was $886,906. Two tons of sample ores were ship- ped from Everett to Buffalo last Sat- urday, being the collection of ores sent l'rom this state for exhibition at the Pan-American exposition. Seattle and Eastern capitalists have shipped in $15,000 worth of hydraulic machinery and will engage in placer mining along the banks of the Sultan river, about five miles from Sultan, Wash. The carpenters of Gray's Harbor ntshlng to the war department 1,000 [;i: tl ns of oats. The grain is presumably tablish a line of steamers to South aestlned for the Philippines although i American ports The first shipments i.': ' the quartermaster has not yet indlcat-/ will consist of lumber, flour and wheat ed what will be done with it. I by the good ship Buckingham. The transport tosecrans, now at l On Mr. Grlffith's return from San : tbe Arlington dock, is to be extensive-[ Francisco it is ananounced that he Iy re, preparatory to sailing from  will begin tile erection of large smelt- .,i eseatue to Alaska Quartermaster Ruh-} ers to handle the me which the ships has issued a call for bids for the will bring from the mines of Chi Contract. It Is esthnated that the pro- ond other South American mine Dosed repairs will cost about $25,000. d The smelters will also handle th, Shortly before noon Wednesday fire ores from the mines of this state. out in the basement of the I Sunday was the busiest day the wa- l, Lewis & Stayer Co., 308-310 ter front has seen for a long time. lrst avenue south, and quickly as- Steamers Farallon, Dolphin and C. D. .umed the proportions of an immense Nelson arrived in from Skagway, and fiagration, spreading to all the oth- stores and business places in the The losses foot up about ,$50,000, mostly covered by Insurance. Fred M. Brown, representing the Chamber of Commerce, has ar- ced in Seattle to consult with the chamber regarding a copper ex- from that part of Alaska for the can fair at Buffalo. He will Schooner Martha W. Tuft sailed for to secure the co-operation of Sitka with barrels and salt for some Seattle body in the matter. As canneries there. Steamer Wigwam planned at present, the ore will be sailed for Alaska to inspect canneries along the coasts, and the State of Cal- :.hlpped in large blocks. ] itornia sailed for Lynn canal points on Quartermaster Ruhlen has been no- r her first trip to Alaska. The Faral- that there is likely to be a short- lon got in early In the morning, and of food at the garrisonof troops had eighteen passengers from Copper Alaska, owing to the River and Lynn canal points. tile soldiers have shared provisions with destitute miners, i The Kansas City Claim Bureau has Ruhlen has promised to rush a been organized at Kansas City, Me., shipment of flour, bacon and to handle the settlement and collection goods via Seattle, Skagway ! of claims of shippers against railroads. White Pass railway between It is proposed to take up the expense r '10 and May 15. bills of the subscribers to the burem famous Treadwell mine, and consigned tc tile smelter at Tacoma. The Charles Nelson, of the Dodwell line, had a narrow escape from wreck- ing on her last trip north. At the en- lrance to Taku inlet she went aground and was stuck for 18 hours, but was finally pulled off by the Vic- teriana in an undamaged condition. James Griffith, the first agent for the Nippon Yusen Kaisha line of Japan steamers, announces that he repre- sents Eastern capital which is to es- every few days, giving receipts for same, to check them against the tar- iffs of the railroads, these to be pre- sented to the carriers by the shippers, and the refunds to be paid to them, the bureau prosecuting the claim until settled• The bureau will also furnish its subscribers with information call- ed for as to rates, keeping on file a complete set of tariffs of the different lines, and will, if desired, act as traffic manager for Its members. J. H. Plck- ering, formerly superintendent of the Kansas City Suburban Belt Railway, is president, and Fred Relgen, secre- tary of the bureau. The fast run of President Hill's spe- cial train from Seattle to St. Paul last week has resulted in a comparison of other fast funs, and they are given herewith : February 15, 1897, C. B. & Q., Chi- cago to Denver, 1,025 miles, in 18 hours anad 53 minutes; average speed, 54.25 miles per hour. August 29-31, Canadiana Pacific, Vancouver to Brockville, 2.802 miles, in 77 hours anad 9 minutes; average r, peed, 36.32 miles per hour. June. 1876, Jarrett & Palmer Spe- :cadets of the state university 't0 Alki Point on Wednesday for annual encampment, and will re- till next Tuesday. They will be :).'[lted by the cadets of the Sattlo l. ',, ' '"'ii T .;:d..: aroma High schools and Vashon !:;:,[€lege, and will be given instruction :..t;;;,,e practical side of sohlier life in -D: Major W. V. Rinehart of the ..ersity, who was sergeant in the ?riiiWashington Volunteers, Is in ,and. ;'reat Northern people have to Improve their system be- Westminster and Seattle, consequence radical changes ring made that will make the ibetween British Columbiff and ,:one of tbe best on lhe coast. vails of the Great Northern rall- ::i)Wlll be laid from Brownsville, present terminus, to the ferry at South Westminster at once a fast passenger train will be run between there aml Seattle, be- I;1]e mixen train now on the nd the new flyer will cover the in six hours tnsiead of from as heretofore. ncement is made by Major fills, United States engineer, latton recently sub • The people of The Dailes are figur- /- 1 mg on a proposition to have an elec-|_|'r¢]| tric road built from that place to Gel- L1UIIUI(II dendale, a distance of about thirty miles. Monday evening, at Aberdeen, the clerks of the city met and drew uI) a constitution aud by-laws for a clerks' union. The final details will be ar- ranged later. The bartenders and bar- bers of Aberdeen are taking steps to- ward the same end. Rear Admiral Schley, who has ar- rived at Southampton on his way home from the South Atlantic station, ]?as cabled tlie navy department a re- quest that he be allowed to stop ten days in England. The request has l;een granted. MARINE NOTES., (Hotel and Steamship Reporter•) While the charge was no doubt made against the Morans for unlaw- fully wrecking in foreign waters with  view to coercing them to employ a Victoria wrecking outfit, it seems from the attitude taken by our authorities that they have attempted to get pos- session of the wrecked Willamette contrary to international agreement and we have no doubt the O'tawa au- thorities will so decide and no doubt Morans will find it more expensive than to have arranged with the Vic- toria people in the first place. We have no doubt but that as great a row would be raised if conditions were reversed. In a somewhat remarkable finding, News 0[ the World A cloudbm'st at Fort Madison, Iowa, en Sunday flooded the streets to a depth of five feet. After a careful consideration of the situation, the administration has de- cided to reduce the army in the Philip- pines to 40,000. The Geneva correspondent of the London Daily Mail asserts that Presi- dent McKinley has info|'med Mr. Kru- ger that he cannot receive him, either otlicially or unofficially. Richard Redhead, who whole the tune to which "Rock of Ages" is uni- versally sung, is dead. He had been organist of St. Maray's Church, Pad- dington, England, since 1864. Charles B. Hare, the Ann Arbor stu- dent who was taken with bubonic plague April 4, was released May 6 as perlnanently cured. The only bad aft- er-cffect that Hare suffers is timt of a weak heart. The much discussed question ,as to who would secure the honor of launch- ing the battleship Ohio has been set- tled by the annolmcement that this function will be Performed by Mrs. William McKinley. The wool market has opened up well in the Yakima section, and so far corn- "A steamer trip on the Sound will be taken Friday, May, 24, when the l,resident and his guests will view the glacier peak of Mount Rainier, rising ahnost three miles in height sheer up from the water's edge, the finest piece of scenery in the United States. Se- attle, the great commercial port of the Northwest coast, will be reached in the afternomu The special train will meanwhile have arrived from Tacoma, ready to start eastward with the pres- ident's party that night. The route chosen is the Northern Pacific rail- road. through the YaMma valley, Wal- lula and Ellensburg, to Spokane, Wash." CHURCH AND CLOTHES NOT TO BE NEGLECTED. In a very interesting article entitled "Facing the Wm'ld at Fifty," the Sat- urday Evening Pest says: Go to church. Use clean linen. Wear good and well-fitting clothing. Take care of your simes. Look after all the de- tails of your personal grooming. In short, observe all the methods which truman experience has devised to keep men from degenerating. There is an unalterable connection between the physical and mental and moral. The fold saying that "cleanliness is next to godliness" has beneath it all the phil- osophy of civilization. It is an easy process that produces tramps. A few clays' growth of beard, the tolerance of certain personal habits of indolence --and your tramp begins, vaguely, but none the less surely, to appear• This is accompanied by a falling off in clear cut thought and a cessation of definite and effective energy. One of the most brilliant women I ever met, the wife of a tea merchant for years of this fruit. The orchards are being thoroughly sprayed and cleaned up for a successful harvest. have organized a union, fixing the tile state board of pilot commission- paritively good prices have been re- in Canton, said that the philosophy of scale of wages at 30 cents an hour on a nine-hour day basis• About 250 car- j ers to San Francisco exonerated Capt. ceived. Wool is coming in rapidly, foreigners dressing en rigeur regular- Jordan, pilot of the ill-fated steamer[there are now about 1,000 bales in ly every evening in the far East, no penters are employed in the territory I Rio de Janeh'o from all blame. We I Yakima warehouses, matter whether anybody was about or covered by the union, lmathave known of a pilot being bundled I not, was to keep themselves from de- , The indications are that Yak" Over the side of a vessel bag and bag-i According to cables and forecasts generating to the conditions about alley will have a very large crop of gage for incompetency, also to be coz-I by the steamship companies, 40,000 Ithem' The evening dress of the wo- ened and wheedled into kee in or r Italian immigrgnts will have arrived men and the evening dress of the men all kinds of fruit this year. The aprl- P g,  . , ' cots are not injured, and unless a late getting under way, in spite of his own m the United States by the end of l in the far East is merely a device to frost comes there will be the first crop better judgment, but for a pilot to May. The Italian immigration so far ikeep civilized. This is itself, of course, this season is unprecedented, an interminable subject upon which f several papers might be written; but Claims aggregating more than $5,- perhaps I have said enough to make The late Joseph Conatser, who died in a private hospital at Walla Walla recently, left $10,000 to the Walla Wal- ls hospital, the rest of his property to go to his brother and sister if they can be found. He was a wealthy bach- elor rancher, and leaves an estate val- ued at about $75,000. If his relatives are not living the entire estate goes to the Walla Waila hospital. suggest taking a vessel into port, thump and founder her and then to be exonerated of all blame, is rather more than we can take aboard. A pilot has always the right and the alternative of refusing to pilot under certain con- ditions, all members of a crew are un- der absolute sway and must "obey or- ders if they break owners." Captain C. J. Gorgesen, of Se- attle, w he operated a lighter. age system at Nome last year, thinks that he has solved the problem of landing goods without the risk of loss. Last year probably more than $500,000 worth of merchandise was lost from the lack of proper lighterage facilities. Capt. Gorgesen is now har- ting constructed at Seattle three large lighters whtch will be shipped to Nome on the first trip of th e Charles D Lane. Dr. P. S. Byrne, of the Fusion ticket. was elected Mayor of 'Spokane in Tuesday's election, receiving a rnajor- lty of 100 votes over Dr. Brown, the Republican• candidate. The votes for Mayor were: Dr. Byrne, 2,084; Dr. Brown, 1,984; John Anderson (Prohl- the United States revenue cutter bitlonist), 1,429. Tim Fusionists elect- I Two of these are 20x40 feet, and the Grant returned from a cruise among ed the Mayor, Treasurer, Comptroller, third is considerably larger. This large the Sana Juan islands. The Oregon and six of the ten councilmen, lighter will be operated under its own left her buoy in the stream and sailed I I steam, and through an ingenious de- Fred E Sander of Seattle is now lvice whi(h has over to Quartermaster Harbor, where ] • , , , ' , '- been patented, its pro- she will undergo repairs for her trtp/ interested in building a narrow gauge I Peller can be raised or lowered at will. to Nome, to be made about June 1. / railr°ad from Index to Mineral City, i When in deep water the propeller will Collier Hyades sailed for San Fran - a distance of about seventeen miles, i be in a normal position, but after go- c;sco laden with a cargo of coal. It is understood that he has raised ling through the surf the propeller will the necessary funds for the construe- i be raised so that the lighter can land tion °and operation of the road, and is her cargo on the beaeh.--Marine Jour- now engaged in securing the right of nal. way. The road will be an outlet for ore shipments'from this mining dis- trict. Judge Morrow, of the United States Circuit Court at San The state board of audit and con. Francisco, on the 15th, decided against trol has awarded to the Seattle firm Chief Engineer Herlihy, late of the of Saunders & Lawton the'contract to 'wrecked steamer City of Rio de Janel- prepare plans and sUperintend 'the re, in his suit for an injunction re- work which is to bedone on the Sol straining the local steamboat inspee- diets' Home at Orting. The improve tors from refusing to renew his li- ments will cost about $10,000. A new cense, which has been revoked for assemly hall, 40x60 feet, Is to be con- negligence•• Herlihy claimed that he siructed and an addition to the hospi, bad not been tried according to law, When (,ueen Victoria came to the tal will be built. An appropriation for but had been sentenced from the wit- throne she was absolutely destitute, a the proposed improvements was made ness stand. The United States district pensioner upon the charity of her un- by the last legislature, attorney entered a demurrer claiming :cle. King George IV. Her father, the After four trips through Cascade that the court had no jurisdiction as i Duke of Kent. had been summarily re- Herlihy had not exhausted his remedy i moved in disgrace from the command tunnel and a careful measurement by of appeal to the supervising inspector, j and found his way to Paris, where he scientific instruments of the clrcula- of the Brish garrison at Gibralter, tion of the air therein, State Labor The demurrer was sustained, lived for a time in a precarious and Commissioner William Blackman and State Mine Inspector C. F. O'wens de- Immense Slst- ;hips.--The new,scandalous manner until he was res- clared that the place is safe for train White Star liner Celtic, recently cued by a rich London alderman, who men and laborers. The inspection con- launched from the yard of Harland & loaned him the money to pay his fare sisted of a trip on fool and three on Wolff, Belfast, Ireland, is not as has back to England Just in time to pre- the engines of loaded freight trains, been stated in the press reports, the 'vent the future queen and empress Duruing the first Journey the velocity largest vessel in the world, built or from being born on foreign soil. He and the amount of the air in circula-building. The Eastern Shipbuilding was particularly severe and selfish to- tion was carefully tested by delicate company of New oLndon, Conn., is ward his poor relations, and begrudg- scientific instruments, now constructing in its new yard on ingly gave the duke and his wife the east bank of the Thames river, l apartments in the old palace at Ken- Residents of the White river valley two steamers which will have a great- sing-to. After the death of the duke i farms contiguous to several tracts of land near Black River Junction which are cultivated by Chinamen are form- slating a petition to Fruit Inspector Brown requesting that official to com- pel the Mongolians to spray their frult trees• Coss Ray, a well-known er tonnage and displacement than the Celtic. These large vessels are being built for tile Great Northern Steamship com- pany, of which James J. Hill is presi- dent, and will ply between Seattle and the Orient, their route being prob. 000,000 will be filed on behalf of the apparent to you its practical appllca- surviving seamen of the battleship tion. The processes of degeneration Maine and by the next of !tin of those are as easy as they are fatal, and since seamen who lost their hves in Ha-it o resist them requires courage, en- vana naror on the evening of Febru- i ergy and alertness, it is only too prob- ry 15, 1898, according to Attorney 'al)le that the man past fifty who feels Harwood, of the firm of Butler & Har- that he has failed is beginning to sub- wood, of New York. mit to them. Do not do it. Resort to That all the coffee consumed in the every possible method to prevent it; United States can be grown on the isl- for degeneration, in itself, is failure-- ands which have been acqulred since more, it Is death• It is exactly the the outbreak of the Spanish war is the same force which rots out the heart of even the oak, manifesting itself in conclusion reached by the bureau of st human character atistics of the treasury department I " • at Washington, after a careful study I Som--'wh t of a Puzzle of the coffee producing capabilities of ............... ,,.. the new possessions. ] wlre.--Jonu, nre m a p,cur 'I took of you with my kodak. J. H. Bowman, of San Juan county, Husband (after looking at it)- intends setting out about 2,000 tobac- Great Scott! What did you take me co plants, if he is successul in rats- for, my dear?--Smart Set. ing them from the seed which he planted. He raised some tobacco years Absent-Minded. ago on Orcas Island, and Commission- Bilkins--Sprlng once more, old man. er Bostian has raised some of excel- Moving day will soon be here." lent quality on his farm between East Smtthkins--Yes, that's a fact. Jove, Sound and West Sound. hate to leave the place where we are now. It just suits me to a T. The most disastrous fire in the his- Bilklns--Well, why don't you stay tory of Jacksonville began May 4, there? shortly after noon, in a small factory, Smithkins (excitedly)--Great head! started by a defective wire, accord- Must speak to my wife about it be- ing to the best belief, 'and. burned for, fore she begins to tear up. nearly ten hours. In that time al property loss estimated at from $10,- I Diagnosed at Last. 000,000 to $15,000,000 was caused. One I Towne--The doctors have finally hundred and thirty blocks were burn- ngreed upon the cause of Jones' ill- ed, many of them in the heart of the ness. business residence section. Ten to Browne--They've held another con- fifteen thousand people were made ,;ultation, eh? homeless, and an unknown number Towne--No, a post  mortem.--Phila- killed, delphia Press. farmer in the valley, says that there is imminent danger to fruit orchards of of Kent his widow and Alexandra Victoria, her only child, were permit- ted to reside there In seclusion, and it was the lonely home of Queen Victor- ia during her childhood and girlhood. At the moment she and her mother, the duchess of Kent, were notified of Love in a Cottage. Young Husband--Urn! What are these, my dear? Wife--Those are apple dumplings. Husband--Er--My love, didn't you --er--dump them a little too often?- New York Weekly. AS JOHNNY LOOKS AT IT. Ma's a vegetarian, Pa's a faith-curist, Uncle John says he's an Anti-imperyulist. Sister Sue's a Wagner crank," Brother Bill plays golf, Gran'pa tells what he takes Fer to cure his cough. Cousin Jen writes poetry-- Tells us what she's wrote-- Aunt Lavint always claims Wimmin ought to vote. I go out in the back yard Soon as they commence, Me'n my dog's th' only ones What's got any sense. Waiter's Earnings in New York, the district from the fact that though white farmers have taken every pre- caution to prevent the spread of fruit pests, the Chinamen persistently ig- cial, Pennsylvania Railroad, Chicago i here such precautions. & Northwestern, Union Pacific and i Central Pacific, Jersey CHy to Oak-I The preliminary work for the con- ]snd, CaL, 3,311 miles, in 83 hours andj struction of two new weatber bureau 45 minutes; average speed, 39.53 miles / / ably by way of Yokohama and Hong her accession to the throne, they did A correspondent writes: The ques- Kong to Manila, a journey of about not have money enough to pay cab tion of tipping entered into the suit of 6,500 miles, fare to the palace, but, after sixty Edouard Lcderer, a waiter, to recover The Great Northern steamships are years upon the throne, the daughter $2.000 damages from Louts Sherry, the much deeper and fuller than the Cel-!dled worth $150.000 000. This fortune trial of which was begun before Jus- tic. They will have a tonnage of 21,-I was acquired by the practlce of econ- tire Schuchman in part 1 of the City 000 and a load displacement of 38,,i00 omy and business methods in which Court recently. I.,ederer says he was tons, against 36,700 tons extreme load furnlsh an example to the humble as badly Injured by a dumb waiter in displacement of the Celtic. The Amer-I well as the proud.--Ex. Sherry's restaurant. When called up- on. to testify he first entered into an lean-built vessels are el' much the same t elaborate description of the manner of him to the authorities at n for the establishment of in Lake [:nion, has roved by the chief engineer, been instructed to prepare osed lines for the hours; average speed, 40.3 miles per :l, War deparlment. This. hour. extensive supple- and soundings of the[ ts extremely Important that A New Function. bllslmd allow the lake to Poetleus--Could you use a lltttle inch of its present area poem on spring? on aceo,nt of the fact Editor--Yes, the sanctum will have storage reserw)ir is need-, to be repapered soon, and I haven't store water for the sup-[ Ample time will be l stations on Tatoosh island and at PoL type as the White Star liner, but will : It Is Now Tacoma's Kick.--The Nee the accident. When Herbert C. Smyth, per hour. Crescent. for which congress made an' (arry first, second and third class pas-i York .Iournal in giving the details el of the defendant's conusel, 'began to February ]4 sand 15, 1897, Pennsyl- appropriation at its last session, is sengcrs besides a large number in' tle president's trip tn the Soand coun- question him upon the subject of vania Raih'oad anad C. B. & Q., Jer- well under way. Edward A. Beals, of ,Steerage. Their passenger cap.clty try calls it Mt. Rainier. says "Seattle, wages and tips he drew some fine dts- soy City to D,mver. 1.937 miles, in 48 the wcather bureau, with headquarters will be quite equal to that of the Ce]- the great commercial port of the north- tinctions. In lhe winter season he was at Portland. and E. M. Luzarus. the ' tit: aml their coal and cargo capiclty v, est coast." and only mentions Taro- able to earn $35 or $40 a week. wages -'ovcrnment architect of the same city. will be slightly larger. Marine Rec- ma by saying the party will reach andtips Inolued. returned yesterday from the cape dis. erd. trlct, where they werit to select the sites for the stations, and report that they mde satisfactory progress• Their Still Troublesome, recommendations will be submitted to "Wbat nmkes Weatherwax twists the department and it is hoped that his face into such queer shapes?" the actual work of co'nstruction will "It's his new teeth. He hasn't got quite enough spring verses yet.--Ohio commence In July, when the appro- them entirely pacified yet."Chicago State Journal. ] priation will be available. Tribune. there in he eventng and leave the "In the horse show season and in next morninm The article is printed tbe wlner season the waiter earns herewith: "The next day will be spent more than at any other time," the wit- in travelling through the great fir hess continued. forests of the state of Washington, and. "Whtch pays best. the tipping by the stopping at the towns of Chehalis, Cen- public or by private parties?" asked tralia and Olympia, the,apital. Ta. Mr. Smyth. coma, on Puget Soun0¢will be reached I "The pblic pays best," answered In the evening. :i ] Lederer. -/ / / -a