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May 10, 1901     Catholic Northwest Progress
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May 10, 1901

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p ,A.. __ ) THE CATHOLIC I&apos;ROGRESS. I ' ,( BEIN5 A SKILLFUL HUMBU6 ,,,vi,: is pbysci(mlly qtzalilied for scrvicc in tilt Philippines. V'(mlen, however, are a.I)so[ved froln l swering (Jtcsc questions, provide({ tJlcy fur- iJish a general cerliHcalc lhat they are lilted for tim werk.--ll. Irving l lan- . cock in lx!slie's \\;'Vecklv. Views ef a St cvcss[t l l'h.ysieian. .. "1 mn h(,.ind h) s;, that a. li(A!c ]r, mA)ug goc,s a long wav.. in lhe ...... A DE'rERMINED MAJOR. early days., of a me(Ileal career," spc.., a family (h)ch)r with a large suh- A Maine soldier tells the l'ortland Express h()w hc o-()t a lid-bit urban 1)rm.(i(.c h) a wri|er in 'l'id-Bi(s, "aml, although, of tours(:, l can- while his regiment was marching ahmg a hot and dusty r()ad in not preiend (o defend il, i found it )nest useful in giving me a start. .qouthern l)ennsylvania. (),'tiers were very strict agaiust foraging, "Vvh(m I be.'an my c'm,er nearly lhirly ycar, qg(), l was not only 'but iu spite of them a soldier su(hlenly sprang out of the ranks in without the nc(,essa[ 3" money (o buy a 1)raclic( ,, but ] was already a mar- l)ursuit of a fat gobl)ler standing among the stnrmch 1lushes (m the (iLEANIN(iS AND 50SSIP A l)romincn( judge r(,ceJltly (ohl this s[ory on hinlself in an after- (limu,.dmt: After graduatinghc tnigrah,d to a \\;%is(era t()wn. Months of i(lhmess, with no prospects of inlprovemenl, led him (o seek a new imme. Wiihoul me)my tf7 pay his fare, hc l)oaMed a h'ain for Nash- ville, in(ending (o it" 3 , ('or a job as reporter on one of lhe daily pal)ers. \\;\r']|(!]) 111(! ('oH(hlctor Cl.ll]((l i'()r his tM<c( he saM: "l am ()n ihe staff o I(1l(: Nashvilh: l)aily , I suppose you will ))ass meY tied man. lrn(hqcrrc([ by this ,3ouhh: handieal) , l h)ok a house in what, roadsi(Ic. "l'heturkev started off in a hurry, with the man after him. Th(, condu(.Ior h)okc(l at him sharply. after (,1)'eful ir)qnirv, I (,otMdt,r(,d (o be a i)romising suburb, allixe(l a ,.' , " z . ).l,U(n l,lown called out angrily: "Ilalt? \\;\hat do \\;, )u mean? ,-, , , . . " ,, .- . brass plate to my do()r and prepare(! to rcc('Jve pal.icnis. , ), . . - 117( ((tUon ()l that paper ]s m (hc smoker," he sanl. "Come with ]tml. A few hurried steps, aud the s0hher laM the turkey hTwlme; if he idcntilicsyon, all right." "l!'or (]m.e months no( a single 1)alien( came my way, (her(: were with a l)low from his rifle barrel. "There, dum yeF' he exclaimed,[ lie folhTwcd (he (,endue(or into (he smoker; flw situation was ex= ah'ca(ly (w() doet()rs in lh(' fie/d, who (livi(h'd l)etwecn them all the prae- as he flicked it up. "l reckon you'll un(lerstand that when the major [))lathed; (he editor sat(l: tice there was; and as my small exchc(lucr was dwln(Ihng to the win- says halt he means halt)" ishing point, I saw it was (imc to lorm a new ])Jan of campaign. ] "()h, yes, hc is one of the staff; it's all right." "The :foUowina' Sunday the congrcgalion of our fashiomfl)le church ...... - .......... ===-" ............................................................................................ " ........ =- ....... J Before leaving tim train the lawyer sought (he edilor. "Why did you WaS (]istnrb()(l 17 3, Ill(! apl)(qlran(!c ()l] a Slmlll boy, who rushe([ l)anting nil RAISING THE TRACKS. tained in strong language by the say .vim recoglfized n)(,?" he asked. "I'm not on your pal)er." the aislc and spok(, .) few ]nu'rie(I words to me. X smli(.hed my hat, and The gigantic work of raising the with a. look of great concern on my face hurried out of church, followed tracks of all the raflways in the city by the c3'es of half (he congr(,,ation of Clficago so as to carry them high above the street crossings is being "The following" night my neighbors wcrc disturbed twiec by a fu- pushed toward completion. From the rious knoekin7 on my door, and a few m()Inents later those w'ho fur- extended statement in this issue it lively raised the blind might have seen me rush wildly ()uL into the street will be seen that 318 miles have al- ready I)een raised or depressed, at a in the dir(c(ion, presumably, of a patient in extrcmis. ]f their vision cost to the railway companic, s of $17,- l]a(l ])ten less resirici(ffl (Iwv weul(I have seen lay i)a(e moderate after i 155,000; that city ordinances have had turned t]lc eorn(q' ()1! i/le street, and within five minutes I had ;)nug- been passed and accepted covering gled myself (luietly into thc ]muse again hy the l)ael< entrance. 227 miles more, to cost $9,958,000. and "An cv(min' or two later I hail vohmt(cred to givc a h:(.ture on 'A that ordinances have been prepared ' for 200 miles more. for which the work Sotlnd Mind J]) a I{ea]thy l{()(l\\; , (() the local (]chatillg society, rrhe ]lOUt i:; to cost $11,158.000. These figures of meeting c'urw, hut no ]ee(tlrcr wJ(]l it. A qua,l'LCl"Of all hour, lift)t! aggregate 745 miles of track, repre- n hour, passcd, and (hi, small audien(,e, which had shown exemplary l)a - senting an outlay of $38,371,000, with tience, was bc.,4"innil)g to ,.,,'row very restless aim (o say uncolupiinlcntary the work even then not wholly corn- ' . pleted. To the people of Chicago this county court at Pittsburg, by the su- perior court and by the supreme court of Pennsylvania, successively. Enduring Sentiment. "This," commented the l)rodigal son rs he sat at the head of the table and gazed around at the assembled family, who were rejoicing at his return, "lhis is about the toughest veal I ever] tried to eat." I "Well, we thought you'd like a lit-] (le touci of sentiment." said the hap- I py father. "This is tile calf you used 1 (o play with before you ran away 20 years ago."--Baltimore American. His Best Wishes, things, when the ]ce(urer rush(ffl into the r()om, red ])anting and per- nmans the removal ol; 719 grade cross- , "I had a letter from Clara, who Is spiring, and full of apologies for hi inevitable unpunetuality, wlfich I ings, with their attendant delays and in London, in which she said she was vaguely and me(h,stlv hintcd was duc to 'an urgent l)rofessional sun> dangers, o the railwa)s it means to be presented at court." ]nons. ' at. outlay of nearly forty millions dol- "I hope the l)oor girl will be ac- lars. unforeseen when the roads were qnitted."--Leslie's Weekly. 'qkfore l]le (!nil ()f |lie wc(!k it began to be w]lispcrcd |hat. |;]1(; 'new built under city charters, toward doe(of was a 'coming man ;' (hat Drs. -- and ---- wouhl soon lind which is to be credited a considerable The Honeymoon in a Shanty Boat. their occupa( ion gone if' ]])rogrcssed at [' ,' saving in damage suits and cost of , t llS rat G and so ()n. A unique wedding trip is being made protecting crossings, and the advant- on the Ohio river by a German baron "'['17(, suddcn (,,alls and i)nperious ratta[s on my (h)or grew more fro- age of greatly increased freedom in named Von Heflin. The baron and his quent, alihoug]l, e f coarse, I arranged |:heni diplomatically and did not the movement of trains. overdo (he tiling--and wit]iin a fortnight I had secured no fewer than bride secured a houseboat near Bel- three bona tide patients. More Dressing Room. lah'e, Ohio, to make the trip in, and have bought a little steam yacht from "At this stage, although ] could ill afford the risk, I bought a broug- A bill introduced in the Pennsyl. some Pittsburger t.o tow the boat. It vania leglslai:ure declares that "it has been luxuriously furnished and ham and i)ut my boy 'in buttons.' Within a week, I can assure you, shall be the duty of every sleeping car equipped for a month's voyage. Sev- there was not a. sonl in the place wh() was not familiar with the broug- company using sleepiug cars upon eral fine dogs were also taken along, llant and boy. lines of railway in this commonwealth together with a complete hunting our- "M] day hmg my carriage was either standing at my door await- to provide in every car so used a fit. According to Wharfmaster George ing my coming or being' drivcn at a brisk "rod businesslike pace over ev- wasMng and dressing room or space W. Huelston, at Steubenville, the for the exelnsive use of female pas- young couple are header for New Or- cry road in (he district. In facl, I gave nLv eoachman so little rest tha( sengers equal in size to tim washing leans. As they run only in the day- 1 had five (71! them in six months, room provided in such ear for the use time, they have a considerable voy- "Of course, the wide g'rowfl of my practice was the gossip of every of male passengers." Witbout critic- age ahead of them. It is said that the dl'ttwillg Toonl and dinner table, and ] believe SOll]e ]narvelous stories were ising the wording of the bill, which baron married a pretty young lady in seems to legislate for "female passen- Northern Ohio.--Marine Journal. invented to account for it. All that ] cared to know was that my prac- gers equal in size to the washing lice really was growing in a mos remarkable way, and that every day room," it occurs to suggest one or two the need for bogus calls was growing less. considerations against such a meas- "]hlt the tide of fortune began to flow in earnest when one day the ure. In the first place, male passen- gers require a larger washing and big man of the district, a sporting baronet, met with a carriage acci- dressing room than female passengers dent, and ] was smmnoned to the hall by a groom on horseback who had because there are more of them--say failed to find either of )113, riwfls at honm. Fortunately, I created a. fa- four men to one woman in a sleeping vorabh: impression on the great man, and was soon able to put him on hi car, on the average. Then, again, the feet a.gain, men are more neighborly and several make their toilet at the same time, l hen I had the 1)hlce l)raetically all to myself, and my work grew while a woman will enter the dressing so rapidly that ] was compeIled to cn,,,, ' 'b,e an assistant and could tfford room and bolt the door and leisurely to smile at my )last anxieties and 'lrtifiees. make an elaborate toilet, excluding all others until she has finished. What "At the end (7:[' a year's 15rat|ice I was able to move into  much more is needed is more dressing rooms for imposing house, was free from debt and was making--well, a comfort- the ladies, and not larger ones. able income, which has never since fallen below fore' tigm'es. Bat, really, if it had not been for my little 'humbug" at the begimfing I am sure I New York Millionaire Pawned Watch should have had a different ta]etotell." for Dinner. Many of our well known million- (;I:[ANCES)IN THF. PHIIAPI']N]S. aires have a habit of going about New York with only a few cents of change : By tim end of June it is expected (hat the new civil government In their pockets, and perhaps none of the Philippine Ishmds will have been established and be in working or- carried less of the cola of the realm def. Judge Taft and his commission will by that time have superseded than Henry Clews, says the New York Post. Not long ago he and Mrs. Clews the present m:ilitary regime, which will have bcconm of secondary ira- dined at a place where the banker- per(ante. The inaugnrafion of the new system will call for the serv- broker'author was unknown, and ices of a great many tale)fled Americans, for w]mm positions in the new where the rule was strlctly cash insuhu' civil service are waiting, down. Knowing that his good wife gen- To begin with, there are vacancies for some four or five hundred erally had sufficient money in her purse to defray any ordinary expense, American nlell and WOlflen who aJ'e eOlfll)etent to act as stenographers he whispered when the finger bowls mad typewriters, Spanish interpreters, bookkeepers, inspectors in the cus- were brought: toms .,:,ervice, financial agents find department assistants. Tile demand "My dear, will you lend me enough for: bookkeepers, however, will be limited. ])epartment assistants will money to pay for the dinner?" But Mrs. Clews, too, had forgotten receive not less than $1,200 a year at the start, and within a very few tc bring any money, and there sat this months after enterirtg the scrvie(: many of these will be provided with delectable couple with millions at positions ranging up (o $,000 per ammm. home, but not a cent for hotel tribute. Stcnogrq)hcrs will receive from $75 to $100  month, according to qualificalions. Other clerical l)osi(ions will 1lay salaries ranging be- tween these figures, 1)uL it is certain ihat there will /)c com])aratively few salaries of less than $1,200 a year for Americans. Such positions as ju- nior and nnder clerks, messengers, watchmen and laborers, with small ,hL, however, it must not-be pay, will go to native applic'mts. From * "s inferred that none of the ]]igher l)ositions will go (o natives, for suell Filipinos as are Callable and honest may rise (o any position in the civil Ol'viee. The banker's explanation to the wait- cr was not regarded as satisfactory, neither did the house understand. The proprietor, a fellow without discern- ment or tact, was so inclined to be incredulous that Mr. Clews, disdaining a controversy, quietly deposited iris gold watcil as a pledge that the bill" should be paid as soon as he could send a messenger from his home. In getting into this scrape Mr. Clews is Added to the several hun(h'e(l vacancies h)r Ameriemis specified above, r, ot singular Other millionaires have had shnllar difficulties. 1,0 () ( ) o:l 0  ' 'IC ) and women will be needed throughout: the ishmds as leachers, at salaries ranging from $5 to $100 a month. For these ap- plicants there will l)e an examination as sh'ict as that required for simi- lar positions in the United Stales; and in this, as in every other i)osi- lion, a. lmowle(Ige of Suanish, whih, not insisted u])oll, will be of spc- cial valtle ill S('('llrillu" al)pOilflmenis. Al'[m' a liltic wifile it is exl)ec(cd that there will be lhe same opl)ortunity for a(tvall(.cnlcllt in ])ay for h.'ach- ers as in olher (lel)arlm('nls (71; (17(' civil govcr]nlmn(. ][crc, then, are 1,500 i)osiliol;s to starl with thai: must I)e :filh'd by A]nerieans. Ticket Scalping Doomed. After giving a small majority ngainst the Everett anti-scalping bill the New York senate last week recon- Mdered its action and passed the bill by the strong vote of 32 to 12. It had already passed tim house. Those wire voted In the negative gavo as a rea- son that they questioned the constltu- This is only tim l)e'inning" There will cvcn(ual/y be thou- l.loltality of the act, and cited tbe fact that a somewhat similar bill passed a sands of ]1]))e(, ol)('n (() A)nerie)us, each insuriIL' permanent Oral)Joy- men( at a salisfaci(q'y e(mq)(,nsalion. But 117(, ])hilil)l)ine civil scrvi(.e board wa)fls only tiw bes! (lualifie(l a!)p]iean(s (hal can hc I'<11757(11. Th(, man or wonmn who has l'aUcd throuvh in(,o)npc(en( 3" (o make a living in !his cmmlry will tim no si);vcure waiting :f(r him ,11' her in the I)hil- fl)pinc Islands. ]'oliii(.s will n,t (.u( any llgure eilhon'. ]{ow are (,best, ,ppoizl(m(.n(s t,) /)c ol)!aine(i? f'itiz(,ns residin?" wilh- in the limits of (he [Jnitcd .States nmst writ(: to the civil scrvice (:ore- r 4 o mission a \\;\ i!hin.4'ton l!orapl)lica(ion hhlnk and prinh!(t information. The al)l)lica|iov 171;i]11 must 11o filled out in full, sin(ing lhe name, age. sex, residence and qnalifi(',ations of the apl)licant:. One si(Io o[! the I'our- paged application is devoted [o questions (hat must he 'mswe)'ed 1)efore a regular physician, who must add his eet'tifieate. The ol)jcrt (51' this med- ical examination is to aseer(ain (hal. the candidate :ft)r the insular civil few years prevtous had failed to be uphehl by lhe courts. Tbat law was devlared to be uneohstitulional owing to a clause which allowed the agent of a foreign road to pur('imse and sell tickets, while it prohibited scalpers from doing (he same. Thus the Ca- nadian Pacific agent in New York City ('ould 1)uy a New York Central ticket Io Bufl'alo and sell it io a 1)assenger who wag, going beyond Btlffalo to a Canadian point. This and some minor defects have been cured in the new law, and there can be no doubt that i will stand the test of the courts, if It goes there. The Pennsylvania law of the same character has been sus- "Well, I'm not the till(or, el(her; l'm lraveling on his pass, and I was scarc(I (o death for fear you'd ,ive me away."--I)cnvcr News. S l)rought a Al)out twenty-five years ago a. certain ,. outhcru man .-uit a.uainst the South (aroina lhfih'oad for danmges to his property, says the Y()u(]Fs (h)mpanion. lie lost (he case in the Superior Court, Inlt insisted upon carrying it to the Sul)reme (ourt, where he reprcsented his own cause, lie began his argnnlcnt I)y saying whimsically: "May it plea sc ihc eeurt, there is an (71(1 French adage whi(!h says, "A man who is his own ]awvcr hath a fool t'(,]" a client.' " I he next week (he Supreme Court pronounced its decision, which as a(hcse (o (he Southerner. lle was m Augusta at the tnne, but re- (.(qved fin; annottneelnent of his second and final disappointment by means of a h,legran sent him 1),y a 1)rominent judge who was an intimate friend of Iris. The (oh:gram read as folhsws: "Judgment for (]efendaaat in error. French a(lage alli)'mcd by Sul)remc Court." 'l'hc (reasu)es of the Basil( of Frat)ce are said to be better gmarded (han (hose of any other L)ank in lhe world. .At the c'h)se of business hours every day, when llu: money is put into the vaults in the cellar, masons at ,mec wall up thc doors with Io'draulic mortar. Water is then turned on and kept running nntil the cellar is floodcd. A burglar would have to work in a diving suii and 1)reak down n cement wall before he could even .(art to loot the vaults. \\;Vhen the o[licers arrive the next morning :he water is drawn off, the masonry is torn down. and the wmlts oi)ened. In the courts of Venice, when a prisoner is about to be condemned |o (lea(h a tall and ghostly looking individual, dressed in a long black ,aown, walks n,@stically c() the center of the conrt room, bows solenmly I t) ,, ,%  1 lo thc ju(Igcr, and in a eavcrnous voice l)ronounces the words, "Rcmem- I)(:,7" (he hakcr? .... l'hcn he bows again and stalks away. Just 300 yearn ago a baker was executed in Venice for a crime of which he was not guilty. When his immccnee was established the judges who condenmcd him gave a sum of money to the city, the interest on which was to be devoted to the .ctting u I) anti ])cr])etual burning of a lamp, known as the "lain l) of ex- i'iation," in the l)alaec of the ])oges."--l[elcna Independent. SEATTI.I., Wash., May 7, I9]. U. S. ])epartmcnt of Agriculturc, Climate and Crop Bulletin of the eather Bureau, Vasllington Section, for the week ending May 6, 19oI. The past week although a trifle cooler than normal, was the best growing week yet this season. With the exception of light frosts in some localities on the 3rd and 4th, the weather was warmer than it has been, and very favorable for vegetable growth. Light showers occurred on thc st, 2nd and 4th. ".l'lm rainfall, although of small amount, was very beneficial to wheat and grasses in the eastern counties, where it was badly needcd.' Late- sown wheat was brought u I) by the rain, and 1)oth winter and early spring wheat greatly improved. It was a week of favorable weather for tilling the soil, and the usual spring work is now finished or well advanced. Seeding was comlfletcd last week, and most of the summcr-fallow plowing is now finished. Potato planting is done, except on the low lands. Gardening is general Corn planting is in progress in Klickitat County. Sugar-beets are beinff sown in Spokanc County." Hops are now being trained in Yakima County. :Extracts from Reports of Correspondents. Lower Sound: l)eming--Growth rapid; gar- dens being rel)lanted. Fairhaven--l:ruit trees much healthier than last year; sweet corn being planted. Newhall--Considcrab!e planting being donc; fruit proslsect excellent, l.awton--Oats coming u l) fine- frosts; seeding and planting progrcssing slowly; l)asturcs very good. Fulton--Early potatoes com- ing Ul) ; strawl)crries blooming. Axfur(lChcries are the only fruit iu bloom; sunshine is ncedcd. Oakville--l;ruit not damaged 1)y frost on 2nd. South 1}cnd--Pear trees in bloom; caHy cabbage Idlled by frost had to be replanted; corn and pump- kin-seeds planted. LaCenter--Fruit trees blooming heavier than usual; all ldnds either in bloon or have dropl)cd it; hail did little damage; sccding not quite done; hops growing well now. Big Bend Country: WenatchecLight rains and warmer weathcr have hastened growth. Eas- ton--Chcrrics just coming into l)loom; wild straw- berries in full l)loom. Coulee City--All crops grow- ing finely. HarringtonWhcat and oats growing splendidly. Wilbur--Wintcr wheat looking well; spring wheat coming up; fruit damaged by frost. Cresceut.--Grass and wintcr wheat doing very well. Spokane County: Grass starts very slowly and stock do not get enongh to eat. Northport--Some potatoes and vegetables arc Ul). Pcone--Fruit trees are all bursting into blooln ; slsring seeding will be done in another week. I:airficld--Beet seeding in progress. Latah---Wintcr wheat looldng line; apri- cots in bloom; rain wouhl be beneficial; Medical l.akc--Whcat growing steadily; grass rapidly; fruit trees doing wcll; a marked al)scuce of green aphis on apl)le trees. Palouse County: Ritzville--Winter wheat still looks well; much of it _'2o inches to 2 feet high; ly;good prospcct for fruit. Anacortcs--Iverything but the lToltom leaves are getting to be yellow; . I1 o" comig ahead nicely; early garden truck is up, spring whcat and all fruits still looki . well; rain g'rund in excellent condition for eultivation; ap- needed badly, l_)eli.q'ht--Corn planting in progress; ples in 1)lossom. lo'man--Oats an(1 early potatocs ) are up grass is looking well LaConner--I-otatoes and garden 1)eing planted. E(luality--Seeding near- !y d(Tnc: early potatoes coming Ul); good prospect for fruit. Upper Sound: Sherryviile--Planting ahnost d,,L,e. Vcqetation growing rapidly; all kinds of fruit setting well. Christol)ler--Cherrics and I)hms show (lama.c from frost ten days ago. Kent --I'asiures doi:Lq well; gardens about all in; root trolls nearly :lll l)lantc(l, lsaquah--No (lamagc from the frosts; l)lantin in full progress. (;to. ] larbor--Grass .m)win,,-, finely;., planting mostly (lone ()n uplan(l; 1)rost)ects for fruit werc never l)ctter. ()lympia--]:'()tato l)lanting well ah)ng; cher- ries, 1)lures and prunes 11:l(113," damaged 173 , frost apples (lamag'ed somcwhat. Littlcrock--Do nol lhink fruit is danlagcd nluch hcre: sec.din aim I)l:tntinff nearly throe; fail zuM winter whe:tt k)oks wel/. (,rand Mound---Secdiiio" 1)racticallv done; pe- tal() l)lantiug . more than half throe; a])l)lcs bit)s- s()nlintz; good l>roslsccts for fruit. 01alla--l'()ta- tocs, sl)ring, wheat ;111(l oals arc lll): very favoralsle weck for strawl)errics; some half (levelol)e(1; grass and cl()ver lo)kino" very fine ;cherries are s()mewhat frozen, lbdlow--f:rost morning of 271(1 did little damao, e aplsles, cherries and strawberries in full I)loom : veo'etation of all kinds m:tldng slow growth. Southwest Counties: Mossyrock--All crops growing slowly; fruit not nauch damaged by late sunnller fallowing ncarly (h)ne. l:letcherSprhag wheat very bacl<war(l; some fruit dan)aged l)y frost ; pears in Moon). Stmset--\\;\.'leat is (loing welli )rune trees bhu)ming. Rosalia--Sl)rinff seedin: COml)leted, gar(lelfing an,l 17otato plauting l)eing throe: fall wheat doing nicely; fruit trees leavirt. and early fruit in l)h:)oln. Stalcy--Vc?,etation grow,, ing well; 1)lowing under good headway. Walla Walla County: Mayview  Spring: wheat a g(7o(I stan(I, an(1 look lg well. l:'omeroy-- ,,; Cr(q) ontlo,)k very l)r)mising. I)avtonFruit.. ':'.! slightly iniured by frost, Csl)ecially cherries. ,0 .... : vello--No apparent injury (o fruit by frost. X\\;ralta < \\;'V:tlla--.\ll ve,'e(ati(m ns,(te rapi(l progress (turin: lhc wcek. Wailsbiu'g---I,'_,'tll wheat doing well; rat ires helped the spring wheat. ) . . , Yakima County: l aket .... lht fruit shoW:: mmeuse ; n, ) training' will begin cm the 6th ; and (-);its looking well. " ) ) ' . Klickitat County: I I, ckh )u,, ..... 1 loulg licallv do)m: crab al,ples, plums, and chem-ies: . ful! 1)lt)om' applcs lcavc,,I out. l.vle--.( ;r.fiilill ,oi ) .... ,% con(litton ; rx'e is heading: c(>n l)l:mted in pr,gres fruit and g ardeT truek ,loin, nicely. Scot:t2.' anti plunts have 1)e 'n hurt 1)v the late frost; lmars and cherries are all ri,ht, with pro s large yield. Mottin,vcr's.---l.ain b:idly wheat and rye; putatocs up and good, slang!i: 'i G. N. S A [, [ S } 1 Section . 7 ':