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May 6, 1904     Catholic Northwest Progress
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May 6, 1904

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/ B THE CATHOLIC PROGRF.SS. ALICE of OLD VINCENNES By MAURICE THOMPSON SYNOPSIS. CHAPTER l---Alice and Jean Rous- CHAPTER XXI CONTINUED sillon are waifs adopted by Gaspard Etoussilon, a French settler at Vincen- -&apos;Vould you be more savage than nee. Father Beret ]s tim parish priest. our Indlan prlsoner?" she went on; Chapter IIRene de Ronvillo brings "less grateful than he for a life saved7 news to Father Beret that a boat load I did him a sinall---a very small--sere- of liquor hs landed at Vincennes; al- Ice once, and in memory of that he to a letter from France, which the saved Lieutenant Beverley's life, be- priest destroys unread. The youth eause--because"--she faKered for a sln- then goes to Roussillon's, and Alice gle breath, then added clearly and with doins him so that he w111 not join in magmetlc sweetness--"because Lleulen. the liquor carousal, ant Beverley loved me and because i CHAPTER HI--Long Hair, an In- loved hint. This Indlan Long linlr dian, runs away from the carousal showed a gratitude that eould ow,r- with a demijohn of ohoise brandy and come his strongest passlon. You white chased and shot by the crowd. Al- men should be ashamed to fall below ice and Jean find Long Hair wounded his standard." in a swamp. Father Beret nurses him. Her words went hens. It was as ir The Indian finds a locket dropped by the beauty of her face, the magnetism Alice, showing her as a child, of her lissome and symmetrical form. Chapter IVmRoussillon reurns the sweet ilre of her eyes and the IreS- from a trading journey and brings AI- sionate appeal of her voice gave what ice a rare Indian amulet. Rene has a she said a new and irresistible force of sweetheart, Adrienne Bouroier. The truth. When she spoke of Beverley's Revolution. love for her and declared her love fm Chapter V--Alice raises tile star him there was not a manly heart in eli epangled banner over Fort Saokville. the garrison that did not suddenly beat Her father appointed captain, and Re- quicker and feel a strange, sweet waft no lieutenant. Captain Helm and of tenderness. A mother somewhere, a T,ieutePant Fitzhugh Beverly come wife, a daughter, a sister, a sweetheart. called through that voice of absoh:h, from General Clark's army to super. cede them. womanhood. Chapter VI--Beverley and Father "Beverley, what can I do?" muttered eros rescued from drowning and ta- Clark, his bronze face s pale as il ken to Roussillon's home, Alice de- could possibly become. "Dor' thundered Beverley. "Do! You frosts Beverley in a fencing bout. cannot murder that man. Hamilton Is Chapter VII--Captain Helm neglects the man you should shoot! He offere tO repair the fort. Roussillon gives a largo rewards, he Inflamed the passlous party. Beverley art, entire to Alice. and fed the love of rum and the cupldl- His watch bears a crest similar to one ty of the poor wild men llke the ene on her locket, The British under standing yonder. Yet you take him Hamilton move on Vincennes. prisoner and treat him with dlsth|- Chapter VIii--Alive is a Tarleton guished consideration. Hamilton offer of Virginia blue lood and was taken ed a large sum for me taken alive, a mtptive in childhood by Indians. The smaller one for my scalp. Long IIair British attack the fort. Helm and saved me. You let Hamilton sta||d Beverley its sole aefenders, yonder in perfect safety while you Chapter IX--Helm surrenders. AI- shoot the Indian. Shame on you, Colo. ice carries off the flag she had planted nel @larkl Shame on you If you do it." on the fort and gives it to Father Be. Alice stood looking at the stalwart relate hide. The British commander commander while Beverley wan pour angry over the stolen flag. Roussillon lag forth his torrent of scathing refer- a prisoner of war. once to, Hamilton, and she qulckly saw Chapter X--Alive promises to return that Clark was moved. The moment the flag to save Roussillon. It has was ripe for the finlshlng stroke. They , been stolen from Father Beret's cabin, say it is genius that avails itself of Op" r::L ROUSSilIon knock Hamhton down and porttmlty. Beverley knew the fighl escapes. Rene kills a British soldier was won when he saw what followed. and also runs away. Captain Farns- Alice suddenly left Long Hair and ]'an worth, a British officer, annoys Adri- to Colonel Clark, who felt her war|||. enne Bouroier and is knocked down by strong arms loop around him for a sin Father Beret. gle point of time never to be effaced :, Chapter XI--Cantain Fsrnsworth from his memory; then he saw her attacks Father Beret in a dispute, kneeling at his feet, her hands no. about the missing flag, Alice shoots stretched, her face a glorious prayer Farnsworth and is arrested Iv Hamil- while she pleaded the Indian's cause ton. Beverly swears revengeon Ham. and won It. ilton and disappears. He finds the Doubtless, while we all rather feel ,, lest locket, that Clark was weak to be thus swuy- Chapter X[I--Bevrely leaves surrep- ed by a girl, we cannot quite bl'um, titiously and sends Ahce a book and him. Alice's flag was over him He in it couceals a letter; kills two of the had heard her history from Beverley's Indian scouts sent in pursuit by Ham- cnnning lips. He actually believed that ilion; Alice is released, misses her Hamilton was the real culprit, and be locket. Gasprd Rouissillon visits sides he felt not a little nauseated with home by night, is surprised by Hamil- executing Indians. A good excuse I, tea's patrol, makes his escape, Alice have an end of it all did not go Imp- ordered to the fort. gipg_ But Long Hair was harely gone over Chapter XIII.--Beverley escapes., the horizon from the fort. as free and Meets Uncle Jason and Kenton. All as villainous a savage as ever trod lh,, are surprised by Indians and captured, earth, when a diseow.ry made by Ouch, Jason 'and Kenton escape. Bsverley Jazon caused Clark to hate himself for Long Hair's prisoner, what he had done. Chapter XIVAIioe is sab_leoted to The old scout picked up the seal, unkind thrusts by Hamilton, while which Long Halt" had flung at Hamil- Farnsworth finds he is beoomlu.g deep- tou and examined, it with odious curl- ly interested in her and undergoes dis- oslty. IIe had Ilngered on the spot comforts and insult f r her sake. with no other lm"lmse than to get Im.- Hamilton interviews Father Bract session of ihat ghastly relic. Since lc- Tile priest and Farnswotrh become ing his own scalp the subject of crowll friends, locks had grown upon his mind until Cllapter XV .Bevreley runs gaunt- Its faschmtlon was h'resistlblc. IIe let, fails in esoapbtg. Long Hair steals studied the huh" of every person he saw Beverley away from camp "Try run as a physiognomlst studies times. ![,, L'. 'way, kill," Longhair releases Bey. held the grevsome thing up before him Chapter XVIFathei Beret an-' serutinfzlng It with the expression of Farnsworth speak of Alice's danger a connoisseur who lms discowred on : and plan to aid imr. By a ruse Father grimy canvas the signature of an old Beret gets Farnsworth to drink to m- master. toxieation. Hamilt.n with evil intent "Sac' bleul" he presently broke forth. visi(s Alice's ceil and tolls her tlmt "Well, I'll be-- Look'co yet, George Beverly's scalp is a trophy at bead- Clarkl Come yer an' look. Ye're b,,en quarters. Alice in desperation makes sold as'in. Take a squint, ef ye please!" a successful dash for liberty. Colonel Clark, with his hands crossed behind hlm, hls face thoughtfully con- Chapter XVIiBeverley comes up tracted, was walking slowly to and fro with Clark's army quite exhausted a llttlewayoff. He turned' about when and is assigned to duty in the little Oncle Jazon spoke. baud. Fording streams and flooded "What now, Jazon?" low lauds, cold sod hnnger endanger "A mighty heap right now, that's success of epxodttion, Onole Jazon what. Come yer an' let me show ye. and Beverley secure a rmup of buffalo Yet a fine sort o' eeJit now, ain't ye?" and oon:Vtions change. The two men walked toward each Chapter XVlII.Hamflton in des- other and met. Oncle Jazon held up poration pursues Alice and Fatlmr Be- the scalp with one hand, pointing at it rot intercepts ana engages him in with the index finger of the other. a duel after a stray shot from Hamil. "This here scalp come off'n Ilene de tea's pistol wounds Alice. Hamil- Ronvllle's bead." ton is finally disarmed by the priest "And who is he2" and submits to conditions before re. "Who's he? Ye may well ax thel. leased. He wuz a Frenchman. He wnz a tim, Chauter XIX.Beverley returns young feller o' rids town. IIe killed s witli Clark and troops and make an em'ral o' Hamilton's an' tuek ter the attack on the Fort. Hamilton is ta- woods a month or two ago. Hamtltm, ken by surprise in the attack, offered a lot o' money for 'is or 'l, ' Roussolillon returns and makes his scalp, an' Long Hnlr wnt in for glttlu' presence felt. Beverley overcome at it. Now ye knows the whole racket hearing that Alive has been killed by An' ye lets that IuJun go! An' the,  Hamilton. same InJtm he mighty nigh kicked my Chapter XX--Olark demandi an- ribs inter my stmnaeh. iii' conditional surrender of the tort. A Oncle Jazon's feelings were vislbl" !ii: meetiog to discuss terms is arranged and audible, but Clark could not resent at the church. Hamilton agrees to the eonmmpt of the old man's look:" : ': terms o surrender. Beverly is direct., and words, tie felt that he deserved !:i e4 to haul down the English flag nd ] far more than he was receiving. Nor  hoist the American. Alice appears] was Onele Jams wrong. Rene de with th lost flag and waves it otwr J Ronvllle never came back to little Adri- I t(L.BoUrcier,. although, being kept ii: Halln's hd. entirely igt]lli::tm--TJf--lr hi'e 'f f-'a" she wnlted mid lrc:lmed nnd I:ow'd throu!-hout IllOr(' than Iwo yt!/l', a/'hw ']li(']l tL'ere is no further re(!ord 1' her life Clark, Beverley and Oncle ,]tZoll COil- suited together and agreed :m(m themselves ]hat they wouhl hohl lJ'o- fouetlly secre tile story of the v,tp. ri'o have made it public W,ll]d Ii;c ....- asperated the creoles and sol |hi,HI ', Hi Icntly against Clark. a thing he: vy wl h tlisaster for all his future pique. .\\;s il was, tile release of Lollg ]lllil' c.tlr:"d ;t great deal of dissatisfaction and ,ui "nous talk. Even Beverley now fol that the execution ordered by lhe c, mi mender ought to have been sternly car lied out. A day or two later, however, lhe whole dark affair was closed forever by a bit of confidence on the part of Ore.h, I She Idcadcd hc Indian's cwusc. Jazon when lh,v(,rley dropped into hi, hut one evening 1o have 1 slnoko will him. The rnin was over, lho sky shone 111. Pile vas lulllhl:lry, w]lh :3 ne:lr]y fill] lnoon and Ii lhoUslllld st|ire re-ellfor(.Jll:: It. Up frou| the south l)oured one .I those balmy, accidental wind |lood sometimes due in leelwuary on the Vn- bash, full of tropical d'eam hh|is, y,t edged with a whiter chill that SllHl('k,  of treachery. Oriole Jazoa was unusu- ally talkath'e. He m,y have had v deep draft of liquor; at all events l',ev. erley had little room for a word. "Well, beln' as lt's 'twixt us ,to Is bosom frlen's," the old fellow presently staid, "1'11 Jes' show ye somel)ln' l)oor- ty.' He pricked the wick of a lamp and took down his bunch of scalps. "I hey been a-addin' one more to keep company o' mine an' the tethers." He separated the latest acqalslilon from .the rest of the wisp and n(hled with a heinous chuckle: "This 'n's Long IIair'e!" And so it was. Beverley knocked the Imhes from his pipe and rose to go. "W'en they kicks yer Oncle Jazon's ribs," the old man added. "they'd jes' as well lay down an' give up, for he's goin' to salervate 'era." Then, after Beverley had passed ou of the eabln. Oriole Jazon eidrrup 'd after him: "Mebbe ye'd hctter not tell leetle Al- ice. The pore leetle gal hcv hed worry 'hough." CIIAPTER XXII. AND SO IT ENDED. A FEW days after the surrendt,r of It'mfilion a large boat, ihe Willing, arrived from Kaskas- kin. It wffs well manned and heavily armed. Clark fitted it out be- fore beginning his march and expected it to be of great assistance to him lu the reduction of the fort, but the high waters and the floating driftwood de- layed its progress, so that its disap- pointed crew saw Alice's flag teal]m-' bright and high when their eyes flr:t look(d upo llm (lull little lown i'r,)n far down the swollen river. There w:t much rejoicing, however, wheu lt ,y came ashore and were enthuslnsti(.al;y greeted 1)y the garrison and populace. A courier whom they picked up on the Ohio came with them. He her,, di- patches from Governor Henry of Vir- ginia to Clark and a letter for Bev,r Icy from his father. The letter to Beverley from his fa- ther was somewhat disturbing. It bore the tidings of his mother's failing health. This made it easier for the young lieutenant to accept from C]arl, the assigament to duty with a l)amy detailed for the propose of escorting Hamilton, Farnsworth and several ,,tib- er British officers to Williamsburg, Vs. It also gave him a most powerful ,,s. sistanee in persuading Alice to nrtrry him at once, so as to go wlth him on what proved to be a delightful wedding Journey through the gteat wlldcrnes: to the Old Dominion. Spring's verdure burst abroad on the snnny hills as th, ,' Slowly went their way. The math.g birds sang in every blooming brake and grove by which they passed, and In their Joyous hearts they henrd'tbb bubbling of love's eternal fountain. Our story must end here, because at this point its current flows away for- over. from old Vineennes, and it was onl of the post on the Wabash that we set out to make a record. Wha befell Alice and Beverley after they went to Virginia we could go on to tell. but that would be another story. SUf.. five it to say, they lived happily ever after, or at least somewhat beyond threescore and ten, and left behind them a good name and numerous d- scendants. How Allee found out her family In Vlrgiula we are not informed, but after lapse of some years from the date o her marriage there appears In one or her letters a reference to an estate In- herited from her Tarleton ancestors, 0d her name RlPl}eaFn In old,. records Sigm'd iu "(Iff. A|h-, Tarleton lh,v,,rh y A (h.s,',md'ant of lwrs still reasur,'s hc locket, with its hroken lldnt.'ltlwo ::u.i battered crest, which won leverl,w's life from Long IIatr. the sav.ige. De.. lide it, as carefully guarded, is tlic In- lan charm stone that stopped llanfil- tea's bullet over AMce's heart. The ra- piers haw, somehow disappeared, and there |s a tradltion in the Trleton family that they were given by Alice to Gaspard Itonsslllon, who after Mme. Rousslllon's death in 1790 went to New Orleans, where he stayed a year or two -before embarking for France, whither he took with him the beautiful pair of colechemardes and Jean. the II unchback. Onele Jaz(m lived in Vincennes many }'ears after the war was over, but he died at Natchez, Miss., when nlneiy- three years old. tic said with ahnost kis last breath that he couldn't shoot very well even in his best days, but that he had upon various occasions "Jes' kind o' happened to hit a InJun,in the left eye." They used to tell a story as late as General Harrison's stay in 1ncennes about how Oncle Jazon bur- led his collection of scalps with great funeral solenmlty as his part of the ee)ebratiol] of peace and independence about the year 1784. Good old Father Beret died suddenly soon after Alice's marriage and depne- ture for Virginia. Ite was found lying face downward on the floor of his cab- in. Near him on a smooth part of a puncheon were lhe mildewed fr'g- meats of a letter which he had been ar- ranging as if io read Its content. Doubtless It was the same leth,r brought lo him by Reie de Ronvllle, as reeorded in an early chapter of our story. The fragments were gathcred up and buried with him. IIls dust lie: under the present Church of St! Xavier. the dust of as noble a man and as true a priest :ts ever sacrificed hlmself for the good of humanity. In after years Simon K.enton visih,d Beverley and Alice in theh" Vlrgin!: home. To his dying day he was fond of describing their lmppy .]nd hoSl)ila- ble weh'ome and the luxuries to whh.h they introduced hhn. They lived in u stately white mansion on "t hill oww- looking a vast toimcco plantation i where hundreds of negro slaves workod ! and sang by day and frolicked hy night. Their oldest child was named FItzhugh Gaspard. Kenton died ifi: 1836. There remains but one little fact worth recording before we close the book. In the year 1800, on the Fom'th of July, a eertain hhuling Fronch fami- ly of Vincennes held a patrioth: reun- Ion during which a little old flag wa produced and its story told. Some ouo happily proposed that it be sent to Mrs. Alice Tarleton Beverley with "l letter of explanation aud in profound recog nitlon of the glorious circumstances which made It i hc true flag of the great northwest. And so it happened that Alice's little bann(,r woni lo Vlrginia and Is .lil] preserved ill all ohl lliallSiOll noL ",'(l'y fat' from Monticello, but it seems likely that the VCabash valley will soon again possess ihe precious relh:. The mar- riagc engagement of Miss Alice Bever- ley to a yonng Indiana officer, distin- guished for his patriotism and milita- ry. ardor, lms been announced at the old Beverley homestead on the hill, and the high contracting parUes have plan- ned that the wedding ceremony shall take place under the famous little flag on the anniversary of Clark's capture of Post Vincennes. When the. brhle shall be brought to her new home on the bauks of the Wabash the flag will come with her, but Oncle Jazon will not be on hand with hls falsetto shout, "Vlve la banniere d'Allce Roussillon! Vlve Zhorzh Yasintonr' 'I'll 1'; END. Perll of the Lumberme.. crew of seven men werc loosep'ng timbers from the reeks above a great eaUtract on the River Dew Qutnze. The nearer they worked to the head of the rapids the more tmndaeut grew thoh' peril. At last the cautious steersman a half breed uamed Polson, refused lo venture further the lives of his crew. Phe foolhardy foreman ordered him out. stopped aboard and took Poison's steering paddle. Out from the bank they shot swiftly and down the steep incline. All went well until they wish- ed to turn their boat beside the ro<,k. that blocked the timber when to their consternation tho. speed of the boa: slackened. Managlng o polut her bow up stream, they rowed with all thch" strength. For somc s(onds she ,rove,' moved. , Surely the demon ,,f the l'ill- Iris had cnught them. With Imundh;" heart und pantlng breath they lugff(,d with all their might and nmin, blH. to no purpose. Inch by inch, with iu- creasing rage, hc drew them until .l last with a deafening roar he hurled them, boat and all, llke a Javelin, inio the very depths of the gigantic cal- dron of boiling foam.--Arthur Heating in Serlbner's. 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