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May 6, 1904     Catholic Northwest Progress
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May 6, 1904

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THE CA FHOLIC PROGRESS. Fashions. Drossy gowns both for house and street are made of tile pale steel grays, also the pastel shades of green. Costumes this spring are in one tone, but a touch of brightness is in-, troduced ill the hat and parasol, Brown of every shade will be polm- ]at in spring and summer clothes. Gut-out trimming in soft batiste is used on gowns of all kinds--broad- cloth, silk and chiff3n. The new serges are closely twilled and leave a soft finish that is entirely new to serges. For somi.tailoretl gowns mohair cannot be surpassed It is also used for separate skirts. The large sprawling conspicuous do. signs in silks Iare tmtirely out of fash- ion. " Canary ydlow; the vivid Kreens and the bright blues are used to gio the touch of colcr necessary in ahnost ev- er'y CO8tume. Tile French are making their dainti- est uncierwear in tile new shade of A1. gerian blue. Pink is also used. Ghlffon sleeve frills in several shades of the color used for the frock are more ellic than lace sleeve frills m tile wool 1rocks. Now hat straws are dyed o matcI all the latest and most subtle color- rags in silk and wool. Brown sbirtwaist ocstumes have lit- tle of the shirtwaist sovcrlty abou them, will doubtless be worn a groag deal during the ummer. Piping or the narrowesg of soutache braid trims the silk shirtwaist frock that is not trimmed with ,atisto em- broidery or lace. Pinking is coming back into favor. Pinked ruffles are on some of the la- , test taffeta models and pinked ruches, gee, arc used. Linen etamine, which has a linen crispness had freshness, yet falls more gracefully and musses less readily than the smooth surface of crash linens, is a great favorite. It comes in white and all the cool ligbt shades. The new blouse waist patterns slmw waists that do not blouse to a point; but rather are wide in front, with the blouse part setting out stiffly, insteao of hanging down over tim bolt. Many of the berthas upon the sum- mer frocks reach almost to the waist, but nothiug is allowed to interfere with the oliugiug closeness that em- phasizes she,long shoulder line. For those who like the perfectly plain tailored linens and the severe ginghams, there are a number of little ]nglish styles whmh will catch the eye. The best shirtwaist suits t' this year will have the long skill with many gores and the round waist. The back of the waist wilt be tight fitting, but the front blouse part will be full, though not baggy. Ripe apricot, sand color, cavalry, beautiful yellow with deep slmding, puoe, brown with a pink mauve tone, and parchment wr, ito arc now and popular colors. The lace curtains upon the summer picture nuts are eminently artistic and beoomiug, if well handled, but the mode is sure to be wo ofuUy abused. The soft leather belt is evidently to retain the vogue it acquired during the wiuter, aud is shown in almost all eolorings, wih loather covered or met- al b'ckles. Soma ot the smartest im- ported belts of this class have twoinoh elastic set in over the hips to insure the right clinging curve. The linen coat has come in with the summer wardrobe. This eoatt is cut straight and is trimmed with lace. It is made with wide sleeves and there is some fullness across the b ok. A coat of linen is washable aud should be trimmed with linen lace. But, aside from tile material there is nothing or- dinary about the coat, for it is out on the smartest of summer models. The blue and white, green and white and black soft finish taffetas are the maerils most popular for the silk shirt waist trock and foulard, which, though not so modish as it once was is shown in charming colorings end de- signs and has a softness and grace which are lacking in even the softest oi taffetas. Among the ttireo-piece costumes the bolero reigns, and the variations upon it are legion. It may be loose or fit- ted, shorter long, ornate or severe. It may be of the same material as the skirt or of different material in tbe same color. Frequently it is so out in connection with flowing sleeves that it takes on the guise of a cape or pel- lerino; bu again, otto finds i in mlh- tary trimness, smart with brading and buttons,defining the figaro and model ate in sleeve lines. While the Imavy linen laces are pop ,ular for use upo too linen staffs and heavy filets and guipures enter into te ti'Immin of some of the woolen frdeks the finer laces are undeniably ,having things very 'much their own ay. Wide valenciennes flouncing Canal frills are Used as they have never been before. Aleneon is first favorite for applique nd flat effects, Meohlin is the first clmiee "for frills on silk and wool and evorytaing save lingerle ma- terials, and Ghantilly is called upon for all.round sot,vice. MEN Household. CAPABLE OF EARNING For High Grade Groceries, LEAHY BR0$ White enamel ,aint00akesagood an- $1,000 TO $5,000 Fresh Meats, Fresh Vegetables ish for the wails and shelves of the kitchen closet, h Y[AR and Fruit, Go to One heal)ing teaspoonful ot fresiflv 1324 SECOND AVENUE. roasted and ground e,ffee is required TRAVELING SALESMAN. CLERK. t , for eaciz person and one fez the pot.. ERCHANT Caz°witbasort°fundefinedideatlmtJ-----R0THi rf ,,,,t fresh, ,,,ol, i r,quired ta mkolN 0 MAII[R WHAI YOUR ,,,e could h¢:lp bet. aunt C,,ro wet- PR, ETTIEST good coffee, corned her with true affection, and.el). TIo houseleel)er will !ind upon trial BUSINESS. servieg she was not in her usual good TtIEATI.R, tim, it is better to have it generous A ('omph.h reo,'.'anlzation of the I3roduc- I spirits, so v,'isly adapted ht,r conver SUpl)lv of small towels tlmu only a few ng d,,lmr]m(,nt nf Th, Mutual Life lnsur- sation a]td min,.:'h,d with it o ninny l'i{ICES---Matinee, :]5 uul [( cent, s. • am:e t'ompa,,v el New York in this section anoodotes, Ll|at (9live, without knowing largt, ones. all'ord a chahce for a few good men ; eight ,Night, 50, 40, 30, 20 cents. vacancies on the agency force remain open the causes, Telt all her cheerfulness re- Both Phones, Maiu 567 If baked too slowly sponge cake for men of character :rod ability; you can turn, and with it all increased desire will be coarse grained. If the oven is 'find out by writing whcticr it will be worth while for you to make a change; no prey- to opeu Iler heart to her null,. - ...... too hot the cake will stick, lous experience is necessary. "I Iecl, Aunt Care, as though you Hash can be made very palatable by A course of profesional instruction given would advise me, ,tad .[ would willing- TO|GH] Fl'e baking it ix1 OePl)er shells. Out the THE MUTUA'L LIFE INSURANCI COM- ly take your advice, which is not as I peppers in halves, take out the sepds, 1)ANY OF NEW YORK leel towards most pooph.,'" said ()live. Saturday night and Saturday fill with hash and t)akc. Serve with Richard A. McCrdy. Ih'estent. smillingly. Matins brcwn sauce. IIAS PAID POLICY IIOLDERS OVER "My (lear niece, I shall be glad to USROWN'S tN TOWN" For fruit mtx flout' with the sugar 630 MILLION DOllARS. bo of service to you." for tlfiokening. This will mnko the Address. GEORGE T. DEXTER. Superln- "I kno.v mamn:a looks to me, and is tendent of Domestic Agencies 32 Nassau disappointed that I can do so little to juice ereumy and prevent its running St., New York C ty, N.Y. Imlp her. I caunot tell wha to do. I over. thiuk not many of us arc blessed with Opening loxt Sunday Matinee, A small onion and astalk of celery Xavier, tuo Apostle of the Indians; to the best of temper,. I am sure you "The Punkin H sker" placed in a duck before it is roasted St. Paul, the Apostle of the Gentiles; must have wished yourseli homo in gives it a dolicious flavor. Blood or- to St. John tim Baptist, erected by tile your own cottage tile last days you C, M. Pessemiet anges make a pretty garnish for it. temperance societies of the Paulist spent with us. And. Aunt Care, that - SPECIALIST IN FOOTWEAR Cut in halves and separate the see- parish; to Our Lady of the Rosary, sort of thing gces on every day." 41 7 PIKE STREET OPTICAL CO 417 lions, erected by tbe Dominican Tertiaries of "In a large family, Olive," there is EYES EXAMINED FREE )J2 (£011d Av(L at. Wit Albany; to St. Joseph, and the Sacred need of grea forbearance, and the Wzth Instrumeu' ; . ..... Narrow strips of fly paper tacked on - places infected with roaches will drive Heart. The main altar is conueeratcd spirit of love should be largely spread the latest  Inown to to St. Fancis de Sales, erected by tile alroad to enable us to mee; and adapt and best  science A., R. PINKNEY them away. Visitation Sisters of Georgetown. ourselves to the various tempers, tal. Pike Street G A tlndautr Mantels. Tile, Grates, Dynamos. Motors. A green lamp shade is the best for ents and pursuits of all. because, you between 4 & 5  Ey¢ Specialist the reading laml). Both white au 1 Itouse Wiring, Mariue Wtrlul. yellow shades are particularly tyring. The Sword of Damocles. know, even tile youngest child has a rigitto bo eousidered and even her - - - - FLOOR TILING Good griddle cakes can be made of little pleasures eared for.' .... - DAh'21G CLASE. A Specialty sour milk, without either eggs or but- The remembrance of death loads to "Do you think, Aunt Cal'o, 'being Montlay anz[ l:ridav Prof. Wills:.  s Office anff Salesrooms: 224.5-6 Lumlmm Exchange Building. tot. ameudment of life. About four hun. the eldest, [ have a right to expect School. Ranks Hall. Privatelvssol:s Phones. Union 91; Res. Red 80 dred years before Christ th island of soma degree of deference from my daily. SEATTLE WASt The cellar should receive a daily air- Sicily was ruled by a tyrant known younger brothers and sisters?" ing, even in very cold weather, if only as Dionysius of Syracuse. One of bis • I for a few znhzutes, frzonds, xiamd Damoclee, begged to be "/ou would like me tospeak plainly, - _ _ Young beef is always a bright red, 'allowed one day to dine at tim royal therefore I will do so. The enildren *$'l,4,dmu*l,4,p,l..I, 4. THE COMING OF SPRING andthefata creamywlite, andwhen table. Tbe king, tl|erefore, invited of ono family, be hoiz ages ever so !DENNY CORYELL CO remtnds you of your c0ntemplated trip fresh killed has a faiut fragrance, him one any to a banquet, whereat the dissimilar, should never, r think, at- " • East via the Northern Pacific, the line most rare and costly wines and delica, tempt to exercise auy authority over STYLISH STATIONERY t which is famed for its splendid serv- - A warm colonial yellow is a good cies of all kinds wore served. Dame- one another while either parent, is ARTISTIC PRINTING ice, comfortable equipment and cour- coloor to choose for the walls of a cles had s craccly taken iris seat at the aliw. But an olde'r brother or sister BLANK BOOKS eous treatment. For tickets and all north room.  table, when glancing up, lie observed may, by a. uniform course of kindness Denny.Coryll Co, 716 First Av  information apply at City Ticket Of- Iu choosing a fowl the breast-bone a sword over his head, SUSl)onded by a secur that which is ot infinitely more teat is the most reliable. If the breast- single horsehair, lothiug before him vMueI moan influence." *I'b..d,,-.b.l,..,lr-,b@ flee. 1. A. Nadeau. General Agent, Seattle. bone is pliable, the wings where they any longer tempted his appetite, he "You arc q'uito right, Aunt Care," - _ _ . _ . _ join the body soft and non-resisting could eat nothing in 5is terror, for ev- said Olive, and she paused for a few when grasped by the upp-r part, and err momen his life was zn danger, moments, as though she were studying ' ..- - -_ tim color a creamy wLito, the fowl, be We mortals upou earth are in much wire,her to coniide 1)or next thoughts it chzckon or turkey, will be ten2er, the same position as was Damocles: to her aunt or no. At length she said: '£hoolderthefowlthodarkorthoskm theswordof death hangs over our "I do not wisb to blamo my brothers LISTEN and the yollower the fa. If it has head, by day and by night. At any :,nd sisters, for, indeed. I really think been m cold storage a long time it will moment God may call us out of this my temper is the worst of all. Wlmn have a bluish tinge, world. He has who has the thought all are acting selfishly, what could one of death ever pr,sont to his mind, will do'?" Wall I||r Tnl. surely not take excessive delight in "My dear ell'co, no one eau estimate Rice Croquettes--Put over the fire earthly pleasures, the amount of iuflueneo one loving, CLO$$ON & KELLY in a double boiler a pint of milk and unselfish spirit can exercise in a house. half a cupful of,picked over and wash- hold. Love diffuses and spreads it- od tree. Gook until thick, add the Plus IX and the Student. self over tim hearts around, whose yolks of two egs, hale. a teaspoonful of fruit is joy and peace. I have no al- slt and wo tablespoonfuls of sugar. Remove from the fire, then beat until Good and great men are tolerant as ways been tle lonely person you see smooth, adding half a teaspoonful of a rule, whereas the ignorant a€ gen- me now. I once was as you are. at vanilla, or the grated yellow rind of orally intolcraut. On one occasion the head of my happy household, aud half a lemon. A bay leaf boiled in Pope Plus X was walking unattended I know what I tell you is true. I had the rioo and milk and removed as soon hroughtheVaioangalleries. Iuone mynwnwaywardhoart o discipline,  .............. #. ............. , as a slight flavor is given adds to the of these he noticed a young English- at d that was a task that needed all daintiness , f saasomng. Spread all on mrn gazing rapturously at one of Ra- my energy, and left me no leisure to  a fiat dish and when cold form in a phael's paintings. The Holy Fatlmr see the faults of others. But this cork.shape, dip n egg, then in crumbs sood still and looked a him. Th founcl--that in proporiion as I laid and cook in deep, boiling lat. young man, perceiving him, mae a dowu my own self love, and uevoted profound obeisance. Tleu the Pope, myself to the comfort and happiness Asparagus o be coked properly addressing his, said: "I presume you of others, so did all around m9 seem should be set In a little frame that are an arlist, my son?" The young o mnister to my comfort and brough Are what count in business. For the Training that achieves Results comes for the purpose so tha't the tips man replied that he had come to Rome me a ten fold blessiug" attend the will not be overcooked by being im- to study painting, but unfortunately "I would give anything to be what mersedin the boiling water during ho had not suffioient means to pay .tho youdesoribe,,,s.idOlive. Ihavonot [' f_ [ the time, necessary to cook the tougher fees required for admission to the oted upou thb principles of love yea Beautiful ...) /] Corner of part. In lieu of the frame out tne Academy. Plus IX thereupon prom- speak of. I have followed my own Catalogue [Jf" I Second & : buntle evenly on the bottom and stand ised that he himself would provide the plousure, without any deference to the Free. |  [ Pike. : it upright in enough salted boiling necessary funds to enable him to pur- comfor of others." watortooovertwothitdsofitshoight, suohisstudis' "But, your Holiness, " " My dear Olive, letyour 00anlts be MclJREN & THOMSON Both Phones Main 591: Dolioioustosorvowith boiled aspara- theEnghshman exclaimed in sston, what theymay want of oandor is not H'++4;;¢;¢¢¢;;;;¢;;;;;;¢;;;;¢.÷W  gus is: ishment,°' am a Protestant." "That among them. Half your labor sii done Buerre Fondu Sauce--Set three does not alter the case," he Holy 'a- while you cherish this openness to CATHOLIC ORDIt]R OF FOR,SP]RS. WhatoomBellingham Uour No ounces of butterthreo even table- ther replied with a kindly smile, "ad. concretion, and believe me, my dear, 1241: F J Pickel, O R; Thomas Leon- spoons--over the fire in a saucepan mission to the studios will not be do. there is no blessing on earth equiva- BallardSt Alphonsus Gourt Nu andforeadait meltslem°nremoveJUi°e and Be-lot nied you on tbat account." lent to a Christian home. It is worth 1278: R J Flaherty, C R', J E Huard, R Sec; Meets 2nd and 4th Tues. heat of pan flnishiL when it will be  any sacrifice to obtain it You have don, R Sec brotbers, Olive, and the whole, tenor Sar of the Sea Court No. 510Mrs, creamy instead of oily. Serve in a hot THE STORY OF OLIVE SELDEN, of their lives may be, and in all prob- sauce boat and pass wth the aspara- SpokaneSt Paul Gourt lo. 780: Margaret Graves, O.R.; Miss Ella gus. (From the New World.) ability will be; determined by the in. Asparagus Soup.Cut off tips, Jay 4T T OW tiresome you are, boys," fluenoo of tl, eir early home.. In the John A. Feulner, G R; A L Til. lisoh R See,1423 Mission Ave; Meets O'Keofe, Rec. See.; Mrs. Belle Mar. said Olive Selden to her stormy conflicts of life. when they a,e aside, and boil the asparagus, with the  little brothos, as they grown to manhood, wmn there is the 1st and 8rd Thursdays. ph, Fin Sec. Moots on 2nd and 4th addition of an onion, a head of ottuoe rushed into the room. "I sanctity of home to turn to, where, Mondays in St. Frmmis Hall, 6th and pulled into srius, and a piece of eel- wish you would go away." amid the heart are fond memories, Tacoma--Olympic Gourt o 928: Spring St. cry. Boil an hour and strain, forcing "Where are we to go, Olive?" ' Joe there is still a hallowed spo, around H P Healy, C R; O M Gavanaugh, R the lbulp through if possible. Thicken Will not let us play m the which every virtue has been wont to See, 1491, So I St; Meets 2rid and 4th a pint of milk with a roux made of a because he says w disturb him." cling, however scarred the heart may Thursdays. St. Mary's OourtNo. 551Mrs. Ma- boby srrow or sin, there ]s ground for ry A. Gummings, O. R. ; Mrs. Addle tablespoonful each of butter and flour, "Oh, go anywhere; only don't stay hope that it may Set e reclaimed. Uniontown---StJosepb Court No 558 : Gollins, R S.; Mrs. Rosa Breen, Fin. and beat into it the strained water and lucre." pulp Add the tips, previously boiled "Olive," said Elsie, entering the It may even turn back into the tran- H W Hoefor, C R; Jno J Groif, R See See. Meets on 2nd and 4th Friday for ten minutes. " -- . room at this moment, "can you take quil path of peace, evenings in St. Mary's Hall, 90th and my place in the school room for an "Tbonk you, my der aunt. for el| Vancouver, B C---Durieu curt No Jackson. HERE AND THERE. hour this morning? I want so msch your counsel. You shall see it is not 1836: F A MoPhillips, O R; P Hart. to go out witb mamma." thrown away. [ must go now; lhave ney, R See "Really, I oamot, Elsie. I must mnoh to tnink of." Division No. 1, A. O. H. County Contrary to the general belief, Cath. finish t is drawing. I am sure I am "Wait, my dear, I have something Seattle--Nesqually Court No. 1141. Pres., P. Fitzpatrick; ,resident, P. ohos are allowed to fill any political not in any humor to go over that ev- yet to give you that may be useful to M. J. Nist, Chief Rnger, A. J. Book- J. O'Oasoy; recording semtary,  L. office in Russia "The Sun" is assur-[erlasting French Grammar." you. It is among these old papers." myor, Recording Secretary. Moots iu M. Morriu; fiuanoial st, crerary M. ed by most reliable authority that Ad- "Then, Olive, you are very selflfl And she opened her wrjtmg desk. "It the A. O, U. W. hall, Pioneer Block, Harrington. Mets second and tourth mral Styzdloff, soon to take charge of land unkind;" and Elsie left the oom, mus have been thirty years ago since on the scond and fourth Tuesday ev- Sundays at 8 pm. at teh Hall of the the Russian navy, is an earnest, prao: shutting the door impatiently. I wrote it. Here it is," And she enings. Church of Our Lady of Good Help. tical (latholio. Six, possibly seven, of [ ' I shM1 go and see Aunt faro this placed a small manuscript in Cliw's the generals soon to o forth in ser- [afternoon," said Olive some hours aft- hand aud said: "Do not read it 'tzll vice are Gathulios also, while four of let the interview recorded above, you are alone, my dear. It may be as NOTICE. the goyernors of provinces are of our "1 am truly glad we have been useful to you as it has been to me," FOR RENTNioely furnished rooms SHERIIF'S SALE OF REAL ESTA'II. faith.- thrown together at last., I feel as Olive rctruned home, and when she with board in private family; One SHERIFF'S OFFICE. though we should all like Aunt faro." retired to her room for the nigbt, she room suitable for two persons. 1706 State of Washington. County of King 8a. Besides the new edition of Cardinal "I like tbe peace and quiet of her steadily revmwed her past life, and Summit Ave.Phone Black 4278 By virtue of an execution issued out ,, of the Honorable Superior Court of King Newman's "Apologia," with an intro- lonely homo, said Jack. "She is al- with fervent prayer bsmght her County, on the 14th day of March, 1904 duotion by the Gardina"s literary ex- ways tranquil." Heavenly Father los,rent,hen herin IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE by the Clerk thereof, in the case or State of Washing, ca In and for the Jose Hollenthal and Alexandrina Hel- utor, the Roy. W. P. Nevile, there is "Why, as she lives alone, she can. her new resolutions. It was then she County of King. leuthL husband and wife, plaintiffS, " No. 5540---Notice to Credltore. w'rs',, Frank Boeck and Anna Boeck a now lifo of Newman, written by Dr. not well make any noise, said Olive: untoldnd imr am,t's manuscript, which In the Matter of the Estate of Joseph defcr,(|anta. No. 38370, and to me, aa Wm. Barry, iu the series of "Literary "but her homey is certainly a great con- gave her renewo strength to keep her w McGrath, deceased. Sheriff. directed and delivere0: Lives," edited by Dr. Robortson Nic- trust to ours." good resolutions she had formed that Notice is hereby glveu that the under- N0tieo is hereby given, that I will signed has been appointed admlnistralor of proceed to sell at publlc auction to the oil. I is known that Father Neville Some of the younlzer ohildren pro- day. the estate of Joseph W. McGrath, deceased, highest bidder for cash, within ,the hours has ill his possession a grea many val- posed to accompany Olive, b-t she do- _ ......... and all persons having claims against the prescribed Ly law for Sheriff's sale said deceas'ed', or against his estate, and all to-wt; at leo x)'clock A. M, 'on the 28rd uod manusortpts lelt by tho Cardinal clined all oompanionshil), ned taking THE NORTHERN PACIFIC creditors thereof, are hereby notified to day ,f April. A. D. 1904, before the in his 0are. the patll through the fields, slowly present their said claims to the umierstgn- COUCL IIou.e door- of said King CountF, wandered on owards Aunt Garo's eel is the great highway of travel across e(1 at the law office of McCafferty & Kane, |n tlfe State cf "Washington all of the ' 1hey I,e|ug '1he attorneys for the said es-] ,.ight. title, and interest of the said ' tag0. the Contirlent between Pugot ound, late, at rooms 200.203 Epler Buildlug, laldefendants, in and to the following do- the City of Seat tic, State of Washington,[scrib,d 0ropertv. situated in I:lng Cun- Tile various altars in the xtow Apes- Many thoughts passed th.roagh her t. Paul, Minneapolis and all Eastern the same being the place for the trausact-I ty, State of Washington, to-wit: Iota folio Mission House, Washington, D. mind for tho memory of ne morniug Points. Wbdn going East you will Ion of the business of the said estate, wlih-  22, 23 and 24 in block 19, and lot '20 In ene year from and after, the dtl{e of the | 23 and 24 in block 44 of Lakewood, a C., are conseoratod to tho saints who had not faded Jar away. So,no wure find the trip via that line satisfactory flra pullicattou of this notice, to-wit, wlh- | replat of Maynard'a Lake Vnshington are the special patrons of tho great aoousing tiloughts Silo was o[ an al- in one year from .and after the 29th flay [Addition to the City of Sattle, levied missionary movelllonts. There is an 'fectionate.ingenious disposition, ready ill respect to time, accommodations of April, 1904, otherwise they will be barred. / on aa the property of defendants, to altar to St. Patrick, the Apostle of]to acknowledge her faults, and lmar- and everything that is most desirable, lORANCIS J. CARNEY, iEihty-four'Zat|sfY a Judgment,($84.(]0) Dollars,am°untingand toe,st° Ireland; to St. Boniface, the Apostle lily sorry if shehad given pain m those For rates, Tickets. etc., call on or Administrator of the Estate of Joseph W.J of ,-uH. in fuvor of the plaintiff. MeGrath, deceased. ' [ Daled this 15th day of March, 1504. of Germany; to St. Peter Claver, the I she loved. tddress I. A. Nadeau, General Agent, McCAFFERTY & KANE, [ ED. CUDIHFE, Sheriff. Apostle of the Negroes; to St. Francis I She was now going to visither Aunt Seattle. Attorneys for Administrator. 1 Ily WM. CORCORAN. Deputy.