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May 6, 1904     Catholic Northwest Progress
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May 6, 1904

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THE CATHOLIC PROGRESS. :: De ted to the propagation of Catholic plce s and the gathering of Catholic V.. IVERS, A. J. BOOKMYER, publish- elrll hnd proprietors. $1.50.Per Year, 50 Per Copy. ewe matter Is solicited. Matter for edblicatlon should reach the editor by nesday of each week to insure pub- Ilcatlou on the following Prlday. gEM l TTA NCES. Remittances mbould be made by post- mee or expreu money orders, drafts or reg- Ired letters and made payable to The Progress Publlablng Company. Subscribers remeving from one place te another, and desiring papers changed, mkould always give former am well as preJ. ent nddresm. NOTICI. No one is authorized to collect money Ltr subscriptions or advertisements or dolieit for the same without showing written power of attorney, signed by editor. Avertls'ug rates will be given on ap- plication. The Catholic Progress Is printed and biished every Friday by The Progress Publishing Company. i i i i i ed to attain supernatural excellence'. Whoever loves humility, chastity, per- sonal excellence and spiritual peace will turn to Mary as the model. Ma- ry had all tim trials that poverty, and human experience bring and is, there. fore, in sympathy with our struggles to triumph and enjoy the good things of life, and to invoke her guidance is a common practice throughou the Cllristian.'worhl. May it ever increase and her name be forever blessed. THE FRUIT OF THE TREE. A late number ot the Literary Di- gest gives us an excellent picture of Rev. Samuel D. M'Gonnell, D. D.,LL. D., with hair parted in the middle aud a dainty moustache, rector of All Souls' eJmreh, New York, the author of a new book entitled "Christ;" and says timt the following, astounding though it be, is the "train of thougilt suggested hy its perusM:" "The era in which we live has often been called an age of religious doubt. Perhaps it could more correctly be de- scribed as one of rehgious hesitation and helplessness. The bewildering changes of zeoent years have ere-ted taOPE LEO ON THE CATHOLIC PRESS. for us a new vorld, but we lzave not discovered a heaven to match it. The Catholic newspaper In a parish is s m tun} minion. Let all who truly and old conception of God hen become ira- their souls desire that religion and possible, and we have not found an- Doelety defended by human Intellect and literature should fourlsh, strive by their other to take its place. So has come liberality to guard and protect the Cash- Silo press, and let every one in proportions about what a recent writer regards as D his income support them with his money and Influence, for to those who devote 'one of the most wonderfulphenomena klmselves to the Catholic press we -" means to bring helps of this in the tfistory of religmn'the with. tt which tlzeir Industry will either drawal of multitudes of good inca a ao results or uncertain and miNt- .*, oes. POPE LEO XIII. from affiliation Witl the church. They .. have turned their backs upon Ghristi- I ;P O'DEA'S ENDORSEMENT OF anity not at all because they are uot THE CATHOLIC PROGRESS. of sympathy with the religious ira. .... but because they are intellectu- !satisfaction to converts from Protes- tantism. Certitude is the thing luck. ing outside the Church and it gives non Catholics greatest concern, for with no fixed doctrines and perfect ] freedom of interpretation of the Script- ures they are rapidly falling into sects and factions too numerous to longer maintain any weight as religious bod- ies. Impecoanility is not one of the at- tributes of the Pope for he is as eapa. ble of sin as any other mortal, but from iris situation is less liable to commit sin. The Pope is not impeccable. Protestants sometimes imply that Catholics believe tbe Pope impeeca'ble. Not behig able to shake she fidelity of Catholics upon the intallibility they seek so ridicule the doctrine by trying to represent it as a doctrine of impec- cability. AN EMERGENOY HOSPITAL. The move to establish an emergency hospital in the city will mcct with general approval. It ought to, tot though we have two efficient and well equipped hospitals admission is so re.- striated shat neither meets the require- ments of our city. It takes money to runalmspitaland if an institution has some support from the city i, will be able to minister to all such oases as would be excluded from the other in- stitutmns because of inability to pay the prices regulating admission. There is so large a floating population of per- sons having neither kith nor kin, so- elM friend nor fraternal brother to vouch for or support, some p:ace must be provided where the stranger may enter in and receive the ministrati(ms we owe him as a fellow creature I prove our cimrity by faithful service in God's service. Now there remain faith, hope and charity: aud the great- est of these is charity. May 8 Apparition of St. Michael. ANGELS from the name very expressive of their dties not their nur.ure, are messengms or minis. terim pirits ready to journey at the Lordss bidding to ditsant missions. Scripture bears record of many such messages, making explicit metion of the particular angels employed m par tioular cases. Thus Raphael accom- i)anied the boy Tobias on his memora- ble journey; Michael, IIeaven's chum. pion in its .war with she fallen legions, assists Gabriel in Ins work of consol- ing tim captive Daniel with prophetic news of the Messiah's speedy coming, and Gabriel is the herald of the Incar- nation, tile sweetest message evel borne from Iteaven to earth. This day, however, has been set apart to do honor to an appearance vo2ohsafod by St. Michael to a town of devout shepherds, living near the foot of amount Gargano, ia italy. The appa- rition took place in the time of Pope Gelasius I, 492. May 9. ..... .7 St. Gregory Nazianzon. T. GREGORY, surnamed the Then- louian from his profouud knowl- edge ot ieavenly things, was born at Nazianzen, in Gappadocm. His father and mother, Gregory and Nonna, were saints. Sent at an early age to Athens, the center theu of the world's cozrttp lion, le completed lis studies without the least soiling Iris virtue. This hal). ! py result was accoml)lished only by moans of the strictest precautions. His intimale friend was Basil, a young ntan minded like Mmselt, and their friendship, whilst it operated as a strong stay against temptation, has * " " "The (Catholic) Progress has un a grand work, fraught with the great- good. May it continue under tht prop- S guidance, remain wRhin the natural lim- It ,and without ucrlflce of the identity of Oathollc teaching, feeling and opln|cn, and t will prove apowerfel factor for good, u)th for the Y. M. 1. and the whole church [ the great Northwest. "EDWARD J. O'DEA, "Disho ot NesquaHy." I O OUR SUBSCRIBERS. If The Oatholio Progress fails to reach you in due time please report the delay to this offle. Telephone Main 1823. ally unconvinced. They have lost faith in God." If all this be true, titan tlmro are certain evident conclusions which even the most uneducated may deduce from Mr. M'Conuetl's "train of thought." The first is. that men had not lost "faitl in God" during the fifteen centuries tl/ey were under the guldauce of the Catholic Churett ; the I second is, that the loss of faith tu the I Divinity of Christ, even according to and girls finally ware allowed to min. the doctor himself, is the root of the glo in the merry .dance, They even the enttre evil; and the third is, that the ere so thoughtless as to dance tim Virginia reel, and we suppose the "Drunken Sailor.' While tlmse things are not permitted in Catholic edaoa. tional institutions we do not feel that the managemen is justified in sum- marily dismissiog the faculty for per- mitting rational recreation under some restrictive rules. come down in history us a resolendcnt n w wmxxrrn., type of pure and tender affection. "- " iN AIJD. the company of the dissolute, and .... were said to know only two streets in Popular discipline seems to have lost t!,o ot, ty, one[leading to the church, uo ccner to ,o school. Gregory be- O:l?::etTto restrain at Wlltwzth Icame in due time Bishop of Gonstanti- g , ac ms. ecreation was nople.but soon tired of the burden and sought in quiet dancing among tte took advantage of a dispute to seek a girls after supper, and in due time pu- solitude wherein prayer and study he died holily, :!)0. ;-  . dis were all. wed to go out to dances " ' ' in private Iamilles, and then the boys May 10. The following Is the order of Frty Hours' devoUon to be observed loss of faith iu the Divinity of Chriss ba the Diocese of Nesqually: can never be attributed to the Catholic Church, but may most certainly be so- May. counted for by tim teachings of Prot- First Sunday--Spokane, St. Jo. esantism, assisted by the world, the seph's. Second Sunday---Colfax, Third Sunday--Whatcom; Pomeroy. Fourth Sunaay--Vaneouver, CaFne- dral. | THE MONTH OF MAY.. Man, with his senses, sensibilities, sentiments and power of eflcotton, re- joices in the thrilling embrace of phys. ieial nature that at this season is so exhilarating. Fragrance,flowers, gen- erous sunny days, songs of nesting birds, universal luxiurianee and out- door life wiu him from the sordid cares that engrossed Ins winter days. Tender, soothing and inspiring are the thoughts that come lie tim gentle zephyrs to awaken Ms interest and in. rite his communion with perfumed solitudes where reigns perpetual truce with strifes and cares and unsatisfied ambitions. Thus surrounded man's / spiritual nature rices to appreciate the sublime and mingles with the super- natural. What, then, could have been more fitting than to dedicate this month of natural charm to the Mothe of Jesus whose virtues and pcrsonahty have been the model of all who strive to lead perfect lives? She loved all things tlmt charm thescnses and the refined sensibilities of a highly spirit- ual nature. She was creates perfect and perfection in all its forms appeal- ed pewerfally to her, and ssill claims her low.. We associate all things beautifol and tender with tim thoughts of mother, and Mary being the spirit- ual mother of God's children, we go to her not only With our spiritual diffl. eulties, but wxtl our lmpes an] troub- les. She is the most powerful inter. ecssor we have and faith has o often been rewarded that we constantly ap- peal to her for ass'stance. Mary is the Qteetl of Heaven, and l must therefore ba Queeq of the Church which her Divine Son came so establish. If abe is queen sire must have jurisdiction aed a fa)thful ellen. tags, Altars onnsecrated to her honor are affectionately decorated during this happy mont;b with choicest wreaths and garlands, and b,fore tlleIIl flesh and the devil, to which Luther and Gavin handed over their follow- ers, bound hand and foot. The masterly way in wifioh the New York theologian reads us the condem. nation of hi sees is, to say the least, amusing. THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION. This being the jubilee ,year of the Declaration of the dogma of the Im- maculate Conception, and Shore being a largo majority of Catholics who seem to be unable to state what is meant by tim terms, we again give an explana*ion of it. The Immaculate Cotpception as taught by he Church means that the Blessed Virgin was conceived and born without original sin. It does not mean nor refer to the birth of Gl.rist. It would seem from observation timt catechism ought to be made more of a study by grown men and women, and that books treating in a popular THE GENERAL INTENTION. St Antoninus. FYER a boyhood remarkable for holiness, this saint entered the Order of St. Dominie at the age of six- teen. He was born at Florence in 1389 and died archbishop of his native city in 1459. Among his companions he was always noted for his modessy,can- dor and love of study. Games wce a small attraction in his eyes. He pre- ferred exercises of piety like prayer, conversation with the virtuous and pe- rusal of the lives of the saints. When sought l)e could always he found in the church ou his knees Rapid pros- ross marked his college career, and The Encyclical of our Holy Father coming to the Council of Florence, announcing the jubilee tells us what 1439, in the capacity of theologian, he spirit must animate us during tiffs was nmed archbishop ot the city by holy time: it is the spirit of gratitude to God for "th secret gifts of grace whluh God ires bestowed upon His Church through the intercession of Mary thr mghout this period." These wonderful gifts will be more fully set forth in the Messenger of the Sacred Heart for May. Our frith, too, our hope and charity should likewise in- crease during the time of jubilee; for the mystery of the Immaculate Con- ception contains, as it were, in germ, all the mysteries of our holy religion. Man's fall and original sin are there, and the sublime mystery of the Incar- nasmn: but the Irearnation meant the reopening of heaven to forgiven man, Pope Eugenius IV in spite of his re- moustrauees. He was dvoteed to the poor and sick in time of pestilneo, and he died with these beautiful words on liis lips: "To serve God is to be a king." May 11. St. Francis Hieronymo. tFaANGIS HIRO-YMO was fern th Kiing6o4m 2 ao @Nai;iils?s' fttel::gso sin few years spent as an exemplary secu- lar pmest, lm entered the Society of Jesus. He had begged to be sent on COLLINS wuy of the teachings of the Church be and all,the joys o, a happy eternity. made a course of reading in every Therefore. drawing close to Mary dur. tamfly. We see persons die as igno- ing this time ot jubilee, we earnestly rantly as they live and we Wonder implore an increase of faith, which is tmw.they represent themselves before the foundation of our whole supernat. tile great Judge as Christians when ural life, attd substance, as St. Paul they are ushered in by St. Peter. says, of things to be hoped for, and, therefore, concludes Pope Plus, "oujr Remind your neighbor of the voting contest cow in progress at the Ben laboriug classes, pilseners, soldiers, galley slaves, abandoned women, were the special objects of his zeal, and amongst them he effeoted real refer. marion, God confirming his teaching by numerous miracles. But his success must not be credited to mere external Marche, and when making purchases cast your vtes for the House of the Good Shepherd, as it lives upon the obartv of the people and the toil of the Sisters, who have in their keeping more thane hundred ohildreu who must be fed and clothed, tiers is a philanthropic scheme that may be turned to their advantage. ANOTHER MIS UNDERSTOOD MATTER. We recommend this snor paragraph to soEe of our readers who are not quite up on technical points of the Olureh, The "Infalhbility of ho Pope" moans tbat the Pope, wheat sp,aking ex-ca]mdra, that is, whe UNDERTAKERS, Funeral Directors and Embalmers- Specially equipped for Catholic Ftncrqls. 'Phone Main 1029. 10007 FirstAve BROS. ,'i. ,. + .. + . :. . :. .} . o:o . + .I. .:., ... .. Telepl,one Main 272 The Homer M. Hill Publishing C0. Commercial Printers 50.5 Pacific Block I'4 ,I'*I*.I''I,I,*I, ,+**I,,:} 4,,t. P,. 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JO00N, surnamed the si,enton SMITH DRUG CO. aoeoun of his eLraotoristio vir- * PRESCRIPTIONS tue and deep spirit of recollection, was  PHONE MAIN 49:IND-49 Cor. 2nd & James, Seattle %% %%%%V.%%%%. the foreign missions, but when he wus the first rtligious rule written and it told by his superiors that Naples must was worthy of a saint whom God had be his Indies and Japan he entered Ifilled with the spirit of wsdom, and upmt that wonderful missionary career : honored by the gift of miracles sod which earned for him the name of prophecy. Apostle of that city. The poor, the that life of prayer and work and pen- May 14 St Paohomius ST PAGHOMIUS was born in Upper Egypt about the year 292, of pa- gan parents. He was first attracted to Christianity by tha kindness of some Christians to himself and his fellow soldiers, and when the days of his mil- itary service were euded, h at once sought instruction and baptism. Pass- ing into the desert, he entered upon en thousanti cenobites were living un- tier the rule drawn up by bim. It was anoo which has been.the marvel of all ages. Many diseiples came to follow his example, anti to enjoy the benefit of his spiritual formation, and at she time of his death, 48,upwards of sew faith is confirmed and our hope arous- activity. By severest penance and frequent prayer he pleaded their cause d and strengthened by the Imma6u. before the Lord, and won tim grace of late Conception of the Virgin," who was kopt"from all stain of original siu because she was to become the Mother of Christ" and "was the Moth- er of Christ that the hope of everlast. ing happiness might be bor again in our souls." But faith and hope will pass away when we shall no longer ee "through a glass in a dark man- uer." but "Charity never falleth away." Timrefore, the life of the Love of God wMch wn begin on earth, wifich we are now living, will never end; its exercise in heaven is but the continuation, uninterrupted even in death, of th.t xo,'cise on earth and the intensit of tha love in heaven as well as the glory of our crown aonom- partying it,will be in proportiou to our I,'lINlltAI, DI[tlMYl'()itS & EMBALMERS Al}d dealers In all kinds (,f Burial (:ames, Csk(te and Undertakers' G()ods. Prepar- Ing bodies for shipment a specia]y. Ali orders by telephone or le)egraph prompt ly attended to. Parlm's Thh'd Avemw and' Columbia Stree* Phone Main 13. Seattle, Wash. I Phone Johu :46 Open all Night | W, S. MAYFIELD LICENSED EMBALMER AND | EUN[RAL DIRECTOR I Lady Assistant Always Give Personal Attention llroadway 8 Burke Ave. BALLAID Phone independent 652 L J. DANEL Merchant Tailor 217 Columdia St Seattle which they stood in need. He died at the age of seventy.four, and his body is venerated in a side ohapel of the Jesuit Ghureit at Naples. May 12 St. Epiphanius. T. EPIPHANIUS is called' by St. Augustine, St Ephrem, St. John "'amasoene and other Fathers of the Gharoh, acquainted with his life and witings, an authority on Gatho.lio odetriue, an admirable man, a mau full of the spirit or God. He was born in Palestine about the year 'dl(l, and from early youth applied himself to the study of holy Scripture. He em- braced the monastic life which he continued to live even attor his eleva- tiou to the See of Salamis iu Cyprus. A. R. McLEOD DISTRIBUTOR. GRANDRIDGE NUT COA' and LUMP COAL of ALL KINDS. Northwest corner of Madison & Western Ave Sunset brain 976. Phones: Indepndcnt 976. T. L. DABNEY A.d. WOODHOUSE DABNEY & WOODHOL bE Solo agents for the Charter Oak STEEL RANGE. We Buy,,. Sell and Exchange HOUSEHOLD GOODS of every description, at the Big '[W & SECOND-liAND STORES. Tel. 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"them will millions seek the help noed- LEITHEAD'S PHARMACY Dealer in Rure Drugs First Avenue & Marion Street. defining matters of faith aud morals and 1)reclaiming the doctrines of the Church so the world cannot err. This doctrine was defined by tbe Ecumen. teal (ouncil of ].87o and has been ac- eel)ted by ,'he universal Olmr(m. It is one of the strong,st argumem;s of tbo Ghuroh and affords the m,,st perfect love nn earth and tim servioo of God, His bosom trien and spiritmtl diree- or was St. Hilarioa. St. Epiphanias tl:at is its proof. "]f you love Me, had the greatest lmrror of t}eresy, and keep MyOommandments." Therefore. his zeal for its extirpation sometimes while we earnestly pray for an m- loft him open to the charge of iml)ru. erease of aith md hope lluring the deuce. Yet while thus combatting er- ror, ne was all kindness and charity joubilee, we must, above all, beg of towards the erring and was thcrefor'o Mary Immaculate to intgnsify our held in universal esteem. 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