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May 3, 1963     Catholic Northwest Progress
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May 3, 1963

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10--THE PROGRESS Friday, Mey 3, 1963 ,other 00zema. DID YOU KNOW? ? ? ? From Other Lands: .. that the new governor of Burma has decided to abolish the law establishing Buddhism as the State religion? This is very good news. . . that because of pressure from the Soviet government, 'the Beirut group of the Armenian Orthodox Church has dis- associated itself from the Russian faction? . . . that Misereor, an agency of the West German bishops, has raised $43.5 million through its annual Lenten collection since its founding in 19597 The money has been used for de- velopment projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Last Lent, Misereer collected $12.5 million, which is more than United States Catholics gave to the Society for the Propaga- tion of the Faith for the entire year! This is noteworthy since many times we forget that we are not the only people in the world that are trying to help the missions. . . that the third Haitian bisho p has been forced to leave the country, after 39 years of missionary work. , . . that there is persecution still going on in countries like Yugoslavia? Here is an outline of this persecution: Some 700 clergy were martyred from 1940-1951, more than half by the Communists Especially horrifying were the methods of execution: only 12 were shot to death; others were crucified, doused with gasoline and then burned alive, and cut to pieces. Since the present regime came to power, 40 priests have perished and 150 are unable to live normally because of past sufferings. Thus, one-fourth of the Croatian clergy has been done away with, the highest percentage in contemporary his- tory with the exception of the Baltic countries, where 78 per cent of the clergy were eliminated, and Spain, where 7,300 priests lost their lives from 1936-38. Despite this, Yugoslavia's government is now trying to give the impression of tolerance, as evidenced by its allowing bishops to attend the Vatican Council. ,OUT+ DOOR:aHOMEaSHRIN THE IDEAL GIFT FOR M 0 THER'$ DA Y, MAY 12th A TOUCH OF SIMPLE BEAUTY... AN AIR OF QUIET GRACE Reserve a niche at your home for a lovely outdoor or in- door shrine from the Kauer Co. Many sizes and types of shrine statuary or carvings, includ- ing Madonnas, The Sacred Heart, The Little Flower, St. Francis.. for rockeries, fences, patios and gardens. . i SEE: The Kaufer Co. Experienced Personnel Are Happy Shrines on KOMO-TV To Assist in Your Selection Sun., May 5th, 9:30 A.M. Tues., May 7th, 7:30 A.M. KAUFER CO MA 2-4173 4th at Stewart Portland Spokane Tacoma THE PACIFIC COAST'S LI:ADING CATHOLIC SUPPLY HOUSE u ..''r'an+. "' "ZSH+ II+d +PATSTOCKNTACOMA !1 LI+OW OCKHO I METAL WOnXS BBtS WASHER SERVICE AND APPLIANCES RUGS DRY CLEANED NOTARY PUBLIC a Workmanship Without An Equel 24-HOUR SERVICE .a.e .. ,We do new and repair ,obs for all 38'h and G, TACOMA GR. 4-9409 mo,t ,xi2 Ruqs are $10.80 i purposes where sheet metal 15 re- LARG ''T Som.--CoeaedDave""" & ,Orood ,...da,,d ..... .... +30$=0 HA. 7.0691-SK. 9-9497 V  I MAIn 3-0242 208 Jackson Street The Fu-'-y Wuny Rug Co. 514V2 S. 11th Ma i SEATTLE 4 NEW AND USED APPLIANCES sB.ce 1900 MAin 3.29S7 TACOMA -m Groups of pilgrims from many parts of the Archdiocese will travel to Sacred Heart Church in Bellevue Sunday, May 5, for the third annual Blue Army Marian Pageant in honor of Our Lady of Fatima. Ceremonies will begin at 7:15 p.m. with the procession of the Pilgrim Virgin. A living Rosary will be formed by stu- dents from the eight Catholic Right Here At Home . . . that right here in our own town missionary activity is still high schools in Seattle. going on. It makes us feel good to hear news like the fact that The sermon will be given HtllI"lIlmIIllltIlIllI]llHI!lIllnlllliltllI"tlNlllIlHulmlllIH I ,. -.- I-- the airplane for the Kenya missions has finally arrived. The by Rev. John Peeters and EVERY THURSDAY N00N pilots who were over there for three months have now returned Rev. Marcel Bertho.. O.S.B.. ANNOUNCING ,,:o unto  o,ooK + I11[ , home. In the very near future we hope: to. give you a complete will be celebrant of Benedic- up to the last minute report on'thereal mission activity of two tion. the FIN'GER ll 4I  i .......... l of our own people from right here in our city The Boys Choir of Sacred ]LICKIN' .../-,a ! I /'VtllV' I 'Til then, remember the missions in your prayers and sac- Heart, Bellevue will sing and WINDJAMMER " c.,cm + I t, I RM I J I rifices, the Knights of Columbus will Ifal;an Meatball, and Lasagna  I - | Incidentally, that airplane still could use a few dollars, form an honor guard, General , Gerfic Bre.d, Sol.d, Hers D'Oeuvres i I t'U A I let ILL Chairman of the Pageant is g;slf Our Retriever Room i I blI/4LLI 11 Francis K. Schuckardt, region- SUNDAY al lay director of the Blue l Sfh & E. Madison EA E-774 W | ....... | Army. BUFFET BRUNCH Overflow p.rklngourto,yof -- I STEAK and I Chairman of the living Foodlond Store - | ................ | Rosary are Pat Bradley, "IriIiItHNIWIIIItImiu]II""Ia""iInmIi I PANCAKE HOUSE I Don Betz, and Susan Picht. . Committee members include RTING SUNDAY +ti II PE ff;i2hMiT'gPi L Logazzlno, M.D., Miss Grade ffKI $ SCARLET Tmm $udano, Mrs. P. F. Looker, April 2B, 11 A.M. to 2 P.M. Mrs. F. DeGroot, Kevin + 41:::'+ . Delightful Din!ng It ,o,.s+,+u. v,,.,.,  Peterson, John Gross, Mrs. U . "In Relaxing Airnosphere I I HA " =Inn r Mrs.Spencer'E" Marinig,M. MrS.B. Gilbrough,TeresaMrS" Bauer,MarieMrs. AD LTS ..... $2.75  Chicken... Seafood I L.......-...: 3: McGuire, Mr. John Gain- CHILDREN ... $1.75 + Organ Syl;ngs by Ronn;e Bowers  I ache and Tim Stiekney. / in the Scarlet Tree Room from 7 P M ( I _ - . "+: .... : ......... I l ................. An open invitation is ex- tended to the general public 7001 Seaview Avenue N.W. COCKTAIL LOUNGE I  - II I I =IP  66th end Roosevelt Way N.E. LA. 3.7,. i  " v I  I i " to participate. Reservaflons No+ Necessary  il ' =+  fl 11__ '. 1 Workshops For Remember /0" t "'Zy ,t,e,, ' r WHAT IS IT that prompts this native+ mother to sur- Adult Leaders Set breakf,, in the "'Little Pebble" render her sick child to the Sister? Is it not something like Any adult who works now or Open Weekends 7 A.M. ! | SEAFOOD | i "-'---'"-- t that which prompted mothers tO give their children to Our mayin, the future with any   1 DINNERS l! 0JD I Lord to be blessed? He, through love, left heaven to save ehildrens groups can take ad- ACRES CLAMS them; this nun has left her home to-continue that saving, vantage of a series of work-  1 .D J  For a Delicious Dinner B ( --AND- . i or aSnack or a Snack l i CLAM | .vw. LVV DIGGER The Societ T for the Propagation of the Faith maintains atshPSthe presentlYseattle Creativebeing offeredActivi. CLA M "I"/-ER ' 10,OOO hospitals and dispensaries.., won't you send your ties Center, 234 14th Ave. E. i;e:t".. L = J'L L- r Caierlng+ofhefami. . savings so theirs may continue? , m,.,.t,Eieuuic,,, A.', . $ |erred H  ..,.ss+, | n COCKTAILS n i Designed for teachers, parents -} 0000llqS ulinert S " STEAK DINNERS | J in_ fhe Coral R0om   IIMPRAII1:11:11 m' Cut out this colum n, pin your sacrifice to it and mail it to and group leaders, it is a serie of participating workshops in SlelS and II  Banquet Facilities  ) ,,, ....... uuuw Father Szeman, Arehdiocesm/:Director: Of the Society for the arts and crafts meeting Mon- + up Propagation of the Faith, 907 Terry AVe, Seattle4, Wash. days for an hour and a half Lx'( gnqr-lickinqff:d I sfo':s I I Am;In Parking i FOR GOOD FOOD i at 1:15 and at 4 p.m. . ,, ,,,m in ,he beer+ of See++,.  ']li , I Bellarmme Fr. Carroll +;;.:+,  -WlL) ,ms " Open, Days  we. & ATMOSPHERE ,,+'  a'l ' ': : :' '  '' ' mAD'SON ST''" i Announces Mentioned In Broadway District -p.. o. .. .#ord" r 0 Honor Roll Times Article eA s34o BREAKFAST--LUNCH TACOiVL. -- Forty-four stu- dents at Be l lar mine High travelIn aarticlereCentbySeattleRobertTimeSHeil. 51 ]-- ++i +++: Rainier District DINNER School have been named for  4406 Raln,er the honor roll. man, the reporter, visiting PERSONAL .+ A 3-614 SUNDAY DINNER SPECIAL The students are" Vatic .............. INSURANCE  an tzLy, nao as nls guloe SENIORS: Lorry Chrlsflansen, MI- SERVICE West Seattle OLD-FASHIONED {:heel Halllga+, Devld Hughes, Rich- Re"v. Emmett H. Carroll. S.J. erd Laylon, John Leppert, Frank Mlele, Father Carroll is the son of +Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Carroll of 6500 Seward Park S., Se- attle. He is a graduate of St. Edward School and Seattle Prep. He is currently in Rome for his theological studies. The other Archdiocesan priest in Rome mentioned by Heilman was Rev. Don E. CHICKEN FRICASSEE "Graduafion day nears. A gradua+e is a person who veers from his course mo- menfarily but whose 9eel i, life should remain un- changed." SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVE FOR BUSINESS MEN'S ASSURANCE WHITE HENRY STUART BUILDING 35fh & Avalon WE 7-3043 1010 Aurora Aurora and Roy St. AT 3-5000 Bellevue wi+h DUMPLINGS $1.65 (Comple+e Dinner) 5th and SENECA Across from Olympic Hotel FOR DINING DELIGHT [I EAT OUT TONIGHT J! We'll Smile More FRESHMEN: James Anstelt, nan SEATTLE MAIn Z-lEE+ 210 104h N.E. Counlrymn, Roberl Cities, Edward Turner, S.J.. of Tacoma. COCKTAILS IN THE +----:---" "---'-" GL 4-1S17 . UDNICE g Hanet, Anthony Haselman, Nicholas - . - orko.,oh. R.. Ow..s. Job.. 1 CHZ PAR ROOM After the COVE! Schaack, Francis Zrlc. " I FOR A NEW OR USED  Lu.cheon. Dinner. Cocktails !' II CHEVROLET /J The [ Loke Cffy Areo [I JOHN [ CHARTN2;OOM 11, REMEMBER-Your patronage of The Progressthis newspaperadvertisers Ipossible., PIER 56 Iv'eYet:rte;:Jd Call I makes Archdiocesan I 1245.4th So. MAin 3-3140 MA 4.2021 ii!!i DI G. i +0,oo o, 1 LAKESHORE INN 1 """'"''"'"'"""'--'"'"''"" Friendly I/ m. ,-6,,0 'F ,z0z w.,,ok+ N. N/" Open HOT CAKES Bre0kfast i  // I I-. Make re,er,atio,s early -1 , 6 a.m. AND --J H  mEm.En m+:L.ADY OF THE [J for Mother's Day 1 i to WAFFLES unu | ii: LAKE I IGA -'" '+ + '+' " IA" Re+:.S,B.I| 9 [_J/+/- Faa+uring for to 12Hamburger'andChildS'under,Pla+e l+'m' [][]-[] , p.m. ,,tom our owo so.of., r.c+P.,A,w,,, . r.v .d,+,,.,,,,A,, D+ W.',..., """"'"'"''"' "=----= taoO'" HA"SOe IF 0 0DLIHER i I /N, Home Mede Pies I-N| +m T II " ,,=" o,. ,un,., ,,.,,.. m/ OMMY S LUNCH i "FLEET"  ,o A... | CHEVROLET INC. / w...o,s. 6 A.M. / [] Security Morket--Srd od Virghslo [] t  AT 4-5811 1  TOMMY end FAULINE KIRK--Propriotors [] I |4Sth & Bothell Woy I ,,,,,, ,OT.EL" w,Y , ,+ ,+, ,,,, ,,,,,,,:, ,++j] =_+.,, . , M..b.,.. -,...,'f s,. A,+o.,u,. '" ---.m.m.m Oovid Petersen, Petrlck Slaehell, Ooug- les Turner, William Gaeth, Clyde Kos- telecky, Michael Mortln, Howard Nel- son, Horold Schindler. JUNIORS: Edward Constantine, Dar- rell DuMond, John Endres, Terw Hart. sen. Stephen Kneoshaw, Gary Knudson, Stlphnn Ring. SOPHOMORES: James Avery, Palrlck Cotes, Leo Hindery, Rlchard Hoffman, Davld Hughes, Leonard Koplen, Wll- llanl Marano, Harvey McGowen, Don- old Pltzer, George Rederich, Ralph RIden, Joseph Staehell, Michael Tret- ton, Briao Wuellner. Desirez Vous un Dinner Great? TRY OUR PRIME RIB (S.,erbe:) or our STEAK BORDELAISE (Magnifique!)