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April 29, 1904     Catholic Northwest Progress
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April 29, 1904

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S THE CATftOL1C PROGRESS. News From Ireland ERNST BROS BREDES DUFFY CO m ,Ib ....... 1 GARDEN HOSE. [ 50 feet RUBBER $2.50 50 feet GOITON $3.75 " S [ 50 " " 3.75 50 " " 4.00 ummary of Happenings of Interest in , .... ,.oo .... .oo :ii:-iviiiill t Old C try t ..... o.oo .... o.oo the oun . What Is f .... 7.00o Being Done by the ] WBEELBAiIOWS. &. T,.., [ Common Barrow, Stem Wheel $2.25 Rod Garden Barrow $400 p[ I s00ool 00ody 4.00 00ood O00rdo- M. I* Peo e at Home j Good Garden Rakes 25c All Stoel " 500 [ All Steel " 500 $e, ANTR1M" a few months ago. Tile funeral sorvi- [506 PIKE STREET Phones John 2881 ; Independent 1158 The remains of tile late Mrs. Hodg- ce were largely attended, were m ateudance. I former wore represented by a picked son were removed from Belfast on. The people ot Killaloe f gatherodin , LIMERICK. team, while Lamogue supphed Kil- kenny with most of her players. Many [ March 2. for interment in Milltown force at the depot to meet the Very The body ot Wilhnam Meehau, l of the Wexford admirers thought the[ cemetery.. Rev. Canon MoInerney who had re- drowned in the Shannon at Gorbally, boys from llo model county would[ GENERAL AGLNTS FOR A large quantity of humau skulls oentlyobtaineda verdict against the while putting dowu grating, wasreoov, run away wih ghe match, but those, STUDEBAKER weze aiscovered by some workmen re- Irish Times for slander. Ite was on- ered March 30 by two fishermen ham- who saw Lamogue in late matches ] oently while making an excavation thusiastially reeived and an address of ed Tyrrell. were of a different opinion. Tke score near GlenarJ. It is thought that they congratulation l)resented to which he Roy Father Culhane ],as bee,, ap- was a tie, 7 points each. WAGONS  CARRIAGES . HARNESS are the remains of some 198 pikemen gratefully replied, pointed curae at Elfin. KING'S. FARM IMPLEMENTS slain in that district,, lt. Roy. Dr. McRedmond, Bishop Mr. M. O'Oallaghan, of Castlemah. The funeral of the late Mrs. Elias .... Thos. MeGovern, M. P. died April of Killaloe died April 8 at Cork. He WEST STREET CARRIAGE CO. 6. after au exende,i illness He was was 68 years of age He received his on, died recently at the age of 37 years Malone, Tullamore, took place on 53 years of age. ecclesiastical raining m the hish Gel deeply regretted. At the Petty Sos- Marc 2. Great numbers aecoml)anied All Kinds of BlacksmltHng, Shoeing, Wagon and Carriage Repairs. sions in Rathkeale recently, Denis Ca- the remains to the grave. WE BUILD ALL KINDS OF NEW WORK The Catholic Association of Belfast lege, Paris, and later in Maynooth, hill, James Hartnett, James Sullivan, held its aunual meeting March 28. where he read a most distinguished Francis Hartnett and Luke Horgau, of An entertainment was given by the FARM IMPLEMENTS course. He was ordained in 1860, and Cragg, were charged in connection members of tho Gaelic League. onthe Repository SEATTLE Shop , Solemn requiem sorviet, s were .mid aport the death of Bishop Flazmery, with,',the recent raid for arms at Tullig evening of March 17. under-=the 1,at- Phones " Phones Front 661 April l in the chapel of the Mater In- !891 he was made Bishop of the die- ann with visiting the houses of Denis renege ot Roy. Fatimr KeIB, whopre- Ind. L 1864 Ind.L1968 flrmfirum hoSlfital fox the repose of the oese. soul of the late Sister M. Gerard " ....... . . ........ Lenihan and Timothy Cahfll, Mount- sided. A program of length and earl. 912-920 Western Avenue 1120 Western Avenue Byrne. On March 22 occurred the funeral of collins, disguised and armed, and in- ery was rendered. I Mrs. MoDonnol,, Broadford. timidating them for dealing with LONGFORD. A memorialbas been erected over (]ORE. Martin Curtin, of Mountcollins. ou Captain Alexander White's estate.  COMMERCIAL SIRE[T BOILER the last resting place of the late Rev. 1955 sacks of mail matter from the March 10. All but Denis CahilI were consisting of Mullenroe, Cullenmod WORKS. ~., liberated. He was held for trial at the and Aughnagarron towulands, whereon Brother Catch, who diea May ')q 1901 Ul ited States were landed at Cork by coming assizes, but allowed out until are sevonty-thre tenants, has been H.W. MARKEY, PROPRIETOR It, was erected by the tu,lonl:s of the i;lo (Jampauia, April I. Brothers' sehoMs, Greenpark. then on giving bail. sold under the new law on tim follow ....... ARMAGH. Mr. Patrick Lane, proI)rietor of the TIPPERARY. lug orms: First term tenants, 30 MANUFACTURER and REPAIIB I iron works, Ballbiaoura, died sudden- In the mortuary chapel of the Thur- years' Imrehase; and econd term ten- ( of BOILEIS Th-ough (Jardinal Merry del Val, ly April 1. Ha rose in themorning in los cathedral, where the late prelate ants, 23 y6ars' purchase. The sale His Holiness has written the following usual health, but soon alter was seized Maz'iJe Work a SI2ECJALTY. and distingished churchman,Mot ]Lev. contains the conditions that the z'ozlt letter to Mr. Hughes. Middletown, with a pain in the stomach. A physi- Dr. Crok-, late Archbishop of Cashel, from November last be remitted, aml All Kinds of Sheet Iron Wok who sen a bunch of shamro(.k to r, he cain was at'once called and" alter he lies, there has been cre2ted to the left the sporting rights vested in the ten- pope on March 17. ' Shop phone, Iaiu 1127. First Ae .So , bad examined the patient tie announo- of the gmw u marble bust of him. ants, and furthm that the landlord "To Thomas lIughes: The Holy Fa- ed tlmt tim priest shoMd be'summoned The marble slab on w rich '?the bust shall contribute $500 to the drainage Res. ,, 'hito 441. , S:EA'I"TL.E, her bids me thank you for the little immediately Fortunately the deceas- rests bears the inscription 'in Latin: of Mullonroe bog tor )the purpose of bunch of shamrock, and sends you and ed lived to recmve the, last sacraments. ,,Pray for the soul of the Most Rev. making i available for the enants to yourI,arentshisapostoliobh, ssing.--" The parishioners ot Gloync presen- ThomasWillia,,,Croke, Archbishop of wnom. it was sold in plots. ..j.:. ]'f/a- Ogf, Mrs. Gatherzne Gassidy died on e4 Bey. John O'Riordau, with a beau. Gshel." Over the grave St, Patrick The annual reorganization of the , . Collate,aloe March 28 She wasmo, P ing th( sta tifully illuminated address on his ln.O- is representcd on small colored tiles, Killoo0ranch of the U. i. L. on //J8 lions of the cross and had reached the motion to that parish, bearing thecrozier and the ,nitre. March 21 was made the oceasion}'of a  : ........................ - ......... -z..,'- public demonstration by the National- thirdsationwhei, size fainted. She A d ispatc h from Rome, received In Rev. Willi,:m, Borgia. ,aim wasa ists. Immediately after last Mass a 'f 'O//@@ way conveyed to the saerisgyand died Cove. Cork. March 25, stated t:hat Most native of Tipperary but who has lived in a short time. Roy lit Browne. Bishop of Cloyne, fez many years zn Ga.uafla, died recent- public meeting was held h.} Eanbegs, ' CAVAN. arriw.d in the Eternal City and re- ly at 'oronto. He received tfis,ecclesi- at whioh the congregation and others astica] educanon a the Grand Semi- atendod. Washington' Biggesti d A lecture on Horticulture was dolly- eeived a cordial greeting from the hazy, Montreal. Mr. John IJeattio, Grauard, died on eredin the national chool, ,Ballie- S  borough, roontly by Miss Luoy Doug- Church dignitaries. He was the guest, Best Business Training School lass. of Cardinal RicheJmy on the day of Ills William O'Dwyer, a Fenlannrganiz. St. Patrick's day at the patriarchal j arrival. The Bishop went next day to er, died on March 13 The spirit which age of 84 years. On March 1st occurred the death, venezate the relies el' the Blessed Thad- the horrors of a British prison LOUTH. If you want our beautiful cotlog saV $o. alter a long period ot illness, of John and the t0rtutes of exile could no The funeral obsequies of Sister Mar- ' Brady, Re]aghan. Deceased was 73 dens McCarthy, his illust'rious prede- break passed peaceiully away on that [ gare Mary Byrne, or the Dominicans, yerll of .go lIlf V,Mg Oll O[ the most eeasor. Speclal arrangements have day. His broken health and finaneia'. ]Drogheda, wore celebrated March 30 WE HAVE Into our new location on First Avenue, ann, highly rspoeted citizens of the dis- been made for an audience with His ruin wore the proceedfi of his enaeav- [ in the convent chapel in the presence having cheap rent we can give you every , trier. The funeral was largely attend- Holiness. the Bishop thus paying his ors to rescue his country by an appeal[of the community and a largo oon-  . ed. vtslt ad lira to head of the Church. alter the ideals of his youth, which he MOVED , DE'RRY. to arms, but the oonsoquon'0es did not course of the laity, day bargains. Don't buy anything until On March 2 Mrs. Ellen O'Donovan, held to the las. He died repeating Rev. Mother de Sales Cahill, of le yOU have secfl our goods arid our prlc;. The tenants of the Lommount estate Tullymurrihy, lef her home to go to the appeal of tim Manchester martyrs, convent of Mercy, Dundalk, dies Remember 1907 FIRST AVENUE, near Stewart, two blocks held a public meeting at Kilgort, on Baudon. She intimated that sho would "God Svo Ireland" Maroh 1, deeply regretted. For fifty north of Pike St. Transfers from aU parts of the City ' years she had won the love and respect . March 21 The owner sent a repl to not reurn that night, but would stay The death of William Baggott, Her- of generation after generation of a former aommnuioation asking for with  frind at Killountain. Her non- w,,, ooou,o00 oo.- John NogIebrg's Art Store , terms of sale,stating that no sale could return oven the following day there- regretted. The funeral cortege was veal be made for four years or until her son fore excited no alarm. That evening one of the largest ever enoring the MEATH. " WE ENLARGE PHOTOS W[ MIK[ P[CT[JRE FRAMES became of age. This was uusatisfao- David Wren of Dromavmte, while fish. cemetery of BMlinard and testified o tory to {;he t,e*lnts who passo the fol- ing near his f&rm saw the body of a the esteem[in which the deceased was Mr. William Moonoy, of Oaulstown, lowing rosohltion: "That the tenants woman floating ill the sroam. He held. Dunboyne, aied on March 27, in Dub- Garysfort have been entered into on] , Daily Starr. of the [,eanmount etate have received called hell: and had the ematns liu, aged 67 years, deeply regretted, the following terms: Firs term ten- I W" Mrs. Beresford's reply with regret, brought ashore and upon inquiry it WATERFORD. The ronains were conveyed by rail to ants, 23 purchase, and second term l F  ltATCOI, ANACORTE$, We recognize in it the same refusal of as discovered that the body was that Rt. Rev. Dr. Sheehan, Bishop of his home a,d thence to the loom oem- enants, 27 years' purchase Nearly [ v=z I:AIi(HA/EN and BLAIN the landlords in Ulster to meet the of O'Donovau. An inquest was Waterford and Lismore, and the Very eery. farmers in the spirit of the Land Con- held by the coroner but no explana- Rev. Canon Flynn will shortly leave all the first term tenants signed agree- I Steamers UTOPIA and GEe. E. terence, add we conclude that the new tion could be offered as to how she Waterford on a pilgrimage o the Holy At the meeting of he Saran Guard- meats to purchase, and arangemdhts[ STARR le land act is a failure in this province, met death. Land. ians lVlaroh 80 tlm resolution passed by are boinu made for the sale' ave Pier 1go. 2, Seattle at 8 and tha le only solution of the Land of the rest P.m., returning leave Whatoom daily the clergy of the diocese of Kilala at of the estate o the amo trms. The Question is a compulsory Land Pur- Mrs. Savage, Drumcollagher, died A serious accident occurred April 1 Ballina.'was submitted by the Gaelic purchase money amounts to $20,000. at 7:45 p. m. chase Act, Tha copies of tiffs resolu- March 26 aged 23 years. The funeral a the manure works of Goulding & League fez adoption. The chairman The landlor4 agreed to allow all rent LaGonner Trading & Transrortation lion be forwarded to the Rt,. Hen. J. cortege was the largest ever seen in Oo., at Green Bank, Waterford city. said: "Tlds is a resolution that hould now duo to be added tc the purchase Oo. Tel. Main 21] Pmr No.2. Atkinson, member for North Derry, these parts and was made up of people A young man named Darcy was feed- be adopted unanimously, andI have money. Mr. Wyndham, Mr. T. W. Russell and front Buttevant, Liscraroll, Rathkea]e, ing a bone crushing machine, when the pleasure.'in proposing timt it be adopt- A meeting of the Wioklow '98 M0n- - .... - sufficient o keep body and soul to- Mr, J.Rodmond. Newcastle West, Charleville and other sleeve of his coat was caught in a eog- ed. The motion was seconded and ument, Committee was bed at Dublin gether and pay the landlord his exor- DONEGAl,. plaese, wheel He attempted o return it, with passed, lately for the purpose of completing bitant rent." Rev. Father John Dorriou of Belly- The*Oork Examiner''ofVMaroh 28 the result that he was dragged into QUEEN'S. arrangements for the demonstration shannon died on Mroh 22 inMentone, said: 'It is only to one whoe memo the machine, The machine was stop- m the southern par of Europe. The ry and the example ot whose life is pod and Daroy extrmated. He expiied A meeting of the committee of the a Baltinglass for the unveiling of the LEITRIM. local branch of the U. I. L. was held monument to Michael Dwyer, of the remains will be brought homo for cherished with doepos affection and shortly aiterward. He was aged 33 March 27, Roy. M. H. Bolger, presid- '98 Insurrection. burial, reverenced that such'an extraordinary years, and unmarried.. The Leirtim Hurling team hold th0 ing. A groat numbe of members were GALWAY. first meeting in their new ground tribute of esteem could be paid as that At the advanea age of 90 years Broth- pesen and preparations were made A very interesting specimen of the March 27. There was a full attend- A liberal subscription to t'e par]ia, in which the citizens of Oork on Sat- er Dovelin passed o Ins reward at the for holding a "demonstration in the silversmith's ar is on view in William anoo. ' mentary fund was recently sent in by urday did honor to the memory of (Jhristian Schools, Dungarvan, Mroh near future, street, Galway. I comprises a tea A meeting of the Royal Society of Roy. Father WMker, Burtonport, from Roy. Brother Burke. Clerical, civic, 30. He had taught, lot half a century. WESTMEATH. service of solid slilver, ot wmkman- Antiquaries of Ire[and was held recent- the Natmualists of his parmb, public, all bodies and elements in the The death of MI. Slvester Phelan, The Azohbishop of Glasgow recent- city assisted in rendering the last sad of Waterford, oooutred on Mareh 28. at The deati of Miss Mary Anne Ic- ship in the Far East, and presented to ly recently in the hall of the soozety ly ordaiued Father Augustine McGhee rite, worthy o2 .the Christian educe- the age of 56 years, deeply regretted. Loughlin, Rathowen, occurred on the Pzesentation Convent Bazaar by in Dub[in. of hls county to the priesthood, tionalis and guide whose character The faueral was large and ropresenta- March 26,deeply and waely regretted. T. B. Kelly, Tuma, Tbet. DOWN. was of aH that could adorn a sincere, live. The luneral was attended by grea The death of John Miller took place MAYO. gifted and guileless Rpirit. It was'not GARLOW. numbers of relatives and fzieuds, at Galway March 18. He was an es. The funeral of Mr. John Gilmore among the members of the pers0asiou Mrs P. F. Hennessy, Port Elizabeth The following resolution was re'i- teemed resident. Mr. Miehaol Tonra, a native o Louisburgh, died recently at the ex- occurred on March 22,interment being to which deceased belonged that the South Africa, died recently, deeply od from Abboyleix District Council at ,lohn J. Daly, of Dowras, is a great traordinary age of 104 years. The de- made in the Catholic| cemetery. The desire was felt. [t embraced all creeds regrete. Sue was the younges the las meeti,g of the Mul]ingar Ru- athlete. He was born 24 years ago, ceased u]) to the time of his death'was funeral was one of the largest ever The large attendance of represonta- daughter of James Rice, Olonegall, ral District Ooun0il. : "Tha an Inter- within a mile of Goroflu. tfis first healthy and remembered several later- seen iu this locality, live. professional and public men of went to South Africa about three yoars national Exhibitiou in which a fore- efforts were in jumping a the sports esting events which took place during A large sum of money was recently thor denominations was significant ago. most place would be asmgnod to Irish iu Mountbollow in July, 1900. He the darkaud troubled times in the past. contributed by the people of Drum- evidence of tlm high appreciation and products and manufactures would be' has won 27 medals--15 gold, and 12 bal[yrooL, ey and Aunaelone, through estimation in which Brother Burke's After a long illness Sister Gabriel more likely to aract a larger influx silver ones. 24 years of age; 6 feet Roy. E. A. D'Alton, Beioarra, has Roy. Father Woods, for ho parliamen, lifework is regardea in Cork." MeMahon, a member of the Bridgidino of visitors to th country, md u larger high ; 13 stone weight; all muscle. been elected a member of the Royal tary fund. KERRY. community, Tullow, died March 21. expenditure of money, than could pos- Irish Academy, as well as of the Gal. She was in he 4(Ih year of her ago sibly result from a puzely National Father Coaroy ])resided at a reeem way Archaeological and Historical So- MONAGHAN. Ou March '30 a terrific flmnderstorm, a.nd the 23d fo her religious profession Exhibition.'.' Mr. Renan stud he did meeting of the members of the Tully cioty. The lionor of academician is The servces durimg Holy Week at accompanied by lightning, sleet and DUBLIN. no think that the Oounoil would agree Gross branch of the Gaelic League, highly valued, and is given only for Monaghau were of mote than the uzu. high winds swept over the Brosna, On March 30 John Joseph Kinsella, dustrial sense an International Exhibt- year were elected, ature. , al holemnity. The Mos Rev. Arch. Castle island and other Eas Kerry dis- to this resolution, m' that in the in- when the officers for the coming services rendered to science and liter compounder of medicine in the Crane bishop was assisted by more than a triers and wrouuht oonsidmable dam- Canal stree dispensary, was suffocat- tion would be beneficial to Ireland. It Prelates bearing the name of John score el priests, age. Siiow fell to a depth of several ed in a bath room owing to the escape was something o brifig forward hish A mooting of the Ballyhaunis branch havo been numerous as Archbishops of of the Gaelic League was he'd March -  TYRONE. inches and valleys and low lands wre of gas from four burners usod for heat- industries they wanted, and he could Tuam. Between ]409 and 487 there 27. The following resolution was , submerged. As a result of the execs, lug. At the mquset it was stated tha no se why Ireland should be made were three Johns in succession, *we adopted: "That the holding of an In- Tim members of the Oastleoaulfield sive humidity potato planting aud til the particular kind of gas was odorless, the dumping ground for the products from 1441 o 1450, and one from 1647 ternational Exhibition would be a fl- branch of the U. I.L. recently sub- lage operations wore suspended, and The verdict was death by suifocation, of other lands. He proposed that the to 1666. Now come three Johns iu nancial loss to Ireland, ann the de- scribed $50 to the parliamentary fund. there is grave danger to the seed sown resolution submitted be rejected as immediate succession--John McHalo struction of tim few native indastries perishing in flat land saturated with The death of Mr. Valentine B. Dil- opposoa to t'he National Exhibition. John MaoEvily and John Healy. Alto. ha$ have survived and are fighting The home of Mr. Henry Gilpin, near weter. Ion, solicitor, is widely regretted in This course was unanimously agreed gether, eight Johns in 500 years. Dungammn, was completely destroyed Ireland and abroad. The funeral from to, and an order o that effect made. for exist.once; we condemn the projeo by fire on'March 27. A ordiet of death by accident was his home in Dublin ws attended by returned by the coroner's Jury at *he WEXFORD. The deth of Ms. Dolphin occurred of holding such an Exhibition. Re. A lecture entitled, "The Holy itquesr hold ou the re'uains of Jeremi- a great concourse of persons. Deceas- alizing the necessity of nursing and Land: As I Saw It," wa delivered in ah O'Sullivan, who died from injuries ed was admitted a solicitor in 1870. The following resolution was passed at Danesfor on Mazoh 2(L at ameeting of the Enni.eorthy '98 At Glennamaddy, March 17,the dole. simulating our h0mq industries, we the Catholic haM, Oookstown, on the received a he Rosslaze Railway KILDARE. committee: "Tha we. the Committee gates from the surrounding branches endorse the holding of a National Ex- feast of the Annunciation by the Very works, Ferrybank. Mrs. Anne, Byrne. of Kiloook, died of the Enmscorthy '98 Mmorial, roe- of the U. I. L. assembled in. [argo bibition,and on as lagre a scale a p0- Rev. Father Wetters of Dublin. Rquiem services for the soul of the March 28, aged 69 years, deeply re- ord our regret a the dath of Mr. numbers. The following resolution sible, as what is required is  to show There was a large attendance, m- late Mrs. P. loElligott, Castleisland, gretted by her numerous friends in ffame Hennessey, an honored memr was adopted: "That we determine to what Ireland and Irishmen aeprodu. eluding many Protestants. were held in th parish church March Ireland and in the Umted States. of this committee, and that we offer to use every means in forcing the distri, ing and not what the foreigner is pro- his family our sincere sorrow and bution of the grazing lands for en- duoing in opposition. GLARE. 25. KILEKNN Y. sympathy." 'f larging small and uneconomic holdings On April ! occurred the death of On March 19 solemn requiem mas The semi-final of thoLeinser foo- so as to enaMe the ovcupiers to moin- lrs. Bridget McDonnell. agea 93 ; | Mrs. James Tuohy, Enuis, aged 26 was celebrated for the repose of the ball championship came off a Jones' WIGKLOW. tain their iamtlies in comfo-t wit rout ' years' died March 28 at Tavanaugh.  , ] | I ' years. The ease was made doubly sad soul of tim late Mrs. P. Kearney. A road, Dublin, March 20. The contest- Agzeements for the purohsae half bozng obhged to go to the od suck- Mrs. 'Barbara Daly, Cj:ossmolina, [| owing to he death of her husband but largo n-tuber of the priests and laity ants were Woxford ann K,ilkenny The el he Wicklow estate of the Earl of ing harves fields in England to earn['died March 9, years. II