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April 27, 1962     Catholic Northwest Progress
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April 27, 1962

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POPE GIVES SURPRISE MESS,00GE: "Warns World Heeds Peace Of Christ POPE JOHN XXIII imparted ,the traditional Easter bless- ing to the dty of Rome and to the World. oEaster Message Cites Church's VATICAN CITY, April 23 (Radio, NC)  His Holiness Pope John XXIII has warned the peoples of the world that peace cannot be achieved solely by negotiations and human ingenuity. "The foundations of peace are nothing else than truth, justice, true love and a generous willingness to give and to give oneseff for one's brothers," Pope John said. "Only the peace of Christ can preserve and save the world because it rests on eternal truth and has as its ohject man living in time but moving toward eternity," he continued. Pope John spoke from the central balcony of St. Peter's basilica on Easter to a huge crowd gathered in St. Peter's square as he gave his traditional blessing to the city and the world. His 10-mimtte talk came as a surprise because the previous eve- ning he had broadcast his regular Easter message over Vatican Radio. Seated on a temporary raised throne, wearing his golden and silver papal tiara, the Pontiff read his message. His words were carried by loudspeakers to the more than 250,000 people pecking the square--one of the largest crowds to gather in recent years there--and by radio and television to all parts of Europe. The Pope said: "Scientific and technical progress, which gives rise to a universal wave of admiration and which the Christian apostolate intends to make use of by applying it widely, has also in- creased reasons for world anxiety which are not imaginary. "Every nation, big and small, considering its siluation even simply within the limits of its own internal position, has reason to ktr. " "This fear can be dissipated only by the harmonious efforts of all loples for the preservation of peace where it reigns now." The Pope cited Christ as the supreme example of the founda- tions of peace. "In this," he stated, "the  Lord Jesus was the Master . . . He gave the example with His life. From Him we learn the exercise o{ this love and this outpouring of peace." The Pope warned that "recourse to any other consideration and exclusive trust in negotiations and human ingenuity are to be considered of little effectiveness. The Pontiff concluded: "We proclaim before Heaven and earth that this year and through all time the gift of Easter is the gift of peace." Before giving his blessing, Pope John wished a happy Easter to peoples throughout the world in more than a dozen languages, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, German, Arabic, Greek, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian and Ethiopian. As he concluded his blessing in Latin, 500 doves were re- leased to fly over St. Peter's square. The blessing climaxed a morning of ceremonies in St. Peter's basilica, where the Pope offered Mass at the Altar of the Con- fession. A crowd of some 30,000 people, including 20 cardinals Vol. 66--No. 16 and members of the corps of diplomats accredited to the Holy See, attended. At Pope John's Mass, the C.qel and Epistle were chanted in both Latin and Greek to symbolize the Pontiff's jurisdiction over the Latin and Eastern Rites of the Church. After the Mass, a special blessing with the major relics of St. Peter's--a piece of the True Cross, a fragment of the Lance of Longinus and the so-called Vl of Veronica--was given from the balcony of the chapel in which the relies are kept. An English translation of the Pontiff's message follows: "O peace, peace of Christmas and Easter! "You understand, dear children, how the pastoral solicitude of the humble successor of St. Peter extends in a fatherly way both to those who believe in Christ and His Gospel and also the others who, though ignoring the work of the Redemption, belong to Christ and are unknowingly bound to Him. "Yes, beloved children, the moving and anxious prayer of the present time, the hope of Easter, is the invocation, the sighing, the outcry for peace. "We respect the consciences of everyone and all the energies which are working toward the affirmation of universal good, which has shown .itself moderately in recent years. But We do not do so without the emergence of a heartfelt anxiety for the threat to the peace which all people really long for and before whose possible if deplorable loss everyone trembles. "Scientific and technical progress, which gives rie to a (Continued on Page 2) officiO! Newspaper ]or the Archdiocese o Seattle ..41 Scuffle, Wash., Friday, April 27, 1962 {Published every Friday) $4.00 per year--10c per copy :',:,,!: ,,.:,: :, ::  , ,.,. ::i. I. . ,, missin.m.Ecff,r, fs Educators Urged To Promote Unity VATICAN CI'FY, April 23. (Radio, N.C.) "'"""::""':' ............... " .............. ......... Later, he referred to his "longing" that non-Catholics and all men share in the be.sjngs of the Risen Christ arid that "all of them may be ql6t6 uched by the joy of this ex- ant news: The Lord is risen indeed and has appeared to Simon." The Pope recalled his years as apostolic delegate in Bulgaria. He told of the ancient Orthodox E a s t e r ceremony at the cathedral of Sofia "in which we could witness the bringing forth from the great church the first flame which announced the Resurrection." This was accompanied by cries of "Christ is risen," ms the candles were carried away, Pope John said. (Continued on Page 2) Ileadlines Christ's Resurrection is the inspiration for the Church's missionary drive and its "courageous de- fense of the principles on which the edifice of hu- man dignity and Christian civilization is built," His Holiness Pope John XXIII has declared. In an Easter eve broadcast to Catholics of the world, the Holy Father intertwined two ancient phrases: "The Lord is truly risen" and its response "And He appeared unto Simon." The Pope gave voice to the Resurrection's mes- sage of hope and triumph and at the same time under- lined the role of the popes as vicars of Christ on earth, vicars who transmit and re-emphasize that message throughout the centuries. But in his message he also warmly showed his feelings for the non-Catholic world and even the non- Christian world. Pope John spoke of a moving Easter rite cele- brated by the Orthodox in Bulgaria, where he was apostol/e delegate in the 1930's. State CWV To Meet Bremerton BREMERTON  Dele- gates from 10 Catholic War Veterans posts in five cities will meet for the 16th annual CWV state depart- ment convention Saturday and Sunday, April 28-29, here. Also meeting will be repre- sentatives of CWV ladies aux- iliary units. The convention banquet will start at 7:30 p.m. Saturday .in the Officers Club in the U.S. Naval Shipyard. A dance will climax the Sat- urday festivities: The first s0- Nun Performs Nuclear Experiments SISTER M. ANN ELIZABETH, C.S.C., chemistry depart- ABC-TV--the 16th in a 25-program series which each week meat chairman at Dunbarton College of Holy Cross, Wash- prcsents a professor from a different college, a different ington, D.C., explains a chemical reaction to two of her ;discipline and a different geographical area. Sister will per- freshmen students in an advanced nuclear chemistry lab- form chemical experiments assisted by two of her senior oratory. Sister wiU appear on "Meet the Professor" over students. And Deadlines ' eial event of the day will be a noon luncheon, in the Olympic Grill. actsR e oslAre MasSchurchOUr Lady Star of the Sea Celebrant of the conventiOnatwil17:45be a.m.Rev. IS Reaching Young People Brenner, slate chaplain and PITTSBURGH, Pa., baptize what he finds proposed the hand of a trusted that knowledge becomes full principal of Yakima's Mar- l-ave r quette High School. April 25: (NC)A major by others, but who will accept superior, a teacher who will blown and fruitful." his role of innovator." give to him according to his Nun Is Kayllotar By Georqe N. Kramer, Ph,D. parishBreakfasthall. TheWill Sundayfllw inbuffetthe challengeians is reaching:facing librar-young GreatFrd Booksdescribedprogramthe JuniOroper. capacity the intellectual bert- Sister M. Madeleva, presi- This column will be luncheon is scheduled in the people, John H. Ford, ating in Louisville arehdio- tags which is his. But it is dent emeritus of St. Mary's Palace. also important that the dis- College, Notre Dame, Ind., in devoted largely to con- Convention headquarters will philosophy professor at Bellar- cesan grade and high schools, partially with g r a n t s from cursive powers of the youth be a keynote address, declared firming last week's pre- (Continued on Page 3) mine College, Louisville, Ky., the Ford Foundation. developed." that "although the calendars dictions, told the 38th annual Catholic Ford explained that "the of the world are the Julian Red China and the so00iot Vigil Training .ceded Union signedanextensivetrade Nocturnal Library Association convention greatness of man's intellect calendars, and our history here. "It seems obvious," he de- does not rest solely on the fact bears the mark 'Anne Domini, pact in Peiping, a significant "It is with the very young clared, "that the most impor- that he is able to acquire ideas the year of Our Lord,' our in- move politically showing that May 4.5 that we must: begin training tant thing for the young stu- ... It is when he has the abil- tellectual activities include all friendliness, not a rift, exists Nocturnal vigils will be our leaders," he said, "per- dent is that he be given first it3, to exercise insight, when he times, all cultures, all prevail- between the two countries kept throughout the night el sons who will be convinced the building stones of knowl- is able to see the relationship ing forms of existence." Red Yugoslavia, for years Friday, May 4, and into the that .the duty of the Christian edge, and that he learn to between ideas and their appli- She made the observation supported by U.S. taxpayers' morning of Saturday, May 5, intellectual is not simply to walk intellectually by holding cation to existential, situations in exploring the possibilities money, simultaneously con- in St. James Cathedral, So- of intellectual unity in the ciuded a close rapport with attic, and Sacred Heart world. Intellectual unity is Moscow for increased trade Church, Tacoma. Moral Guidance Given possible under the fowest and and greater economic coopera- The vigils are kept in re- most basic principles, Sister lion as result of Gromyko's sponse to requests of Our Madeleva commented, add- five-day visit in Belgrade. Lady of Fatima for prayer- U S Air Force 'Basics' ing that these must be "mu- The Soviets have spurned ful observance of the first tually acceptable." even the U.S. generous three- Saturday of each m o n t h. @ Sister M a d e 1 eva told the stage plan at Geneva which Prayers will be offered for librarians that they could "no once again proves that they peace and vocations and acts TOLEDO, Ohio, April Catholic.s, the Oblate of St. tendance at Benediction is most longer dare to be tongue-tied want neither peace nor dis- of reparation will be made. 24 (NC)Young Ameri- Francis priest said. impressive." Father D'Angelo in our own English speech." The "busies" have a brief- related: "An honor guard ac- armament nor anything short cans who spend five to ing with the chaplains the companies the Blessed Sacra- Must lie Linqulsts of total submission to their Perrail of Pope eight weeks in b a s  c first day in camp, F a t h e r meat down a long aisle into the "We must learn and read scheme of world domination. They likewise rejected in Hung In Basilica training at Lackland D'Angeio said. He estimated hall. The boys are told: 'Here and speak at least two other that he meets from 600 to comes the real Chief of Staff.' modern languages," she corn- principle any plan to ban nu- ROME (NC)--A mosaic of (Tex.) Air Force Base usually 1,200 newcomers a week. They ram to attention." mented. "I say we must and I clear testing which includes His Holiness Pope John XXIII leave as better young men. Seldom less than 1,00O Catho- Some young men have prob- mean exactly that. It may be international inspection or con- has been added to the long That's the judgment of Fa- lies attend Sunday Mass and lares which are thrashed out at a bit late for us to begin but trol, conclusive proof that they series of popes' portraits which ther Salvatore J. D'Angelo, about,750 receive Holy Corn- private conferences with chap- we are training young librar- will accept no offer, reasonable line the nave of the Basilica of O.S.F.S., a reserve Air Force reunion, he added, lains, Father D'Angelo said. fans. Facility in language is or unreasonable, which,might St. Paul's Outside the Walls. chaplain, who returned here to "They receive Holy Corn- Some may have been away imperative in this training. Be- impede their intention to con- The series of oval portraits give a retreat at St. Francis reunion with greatest sincerity from the Church and sacra- yond all diplomatic techniques tinue testing. The only agreement reached begin with St. Peter and repre- de Sales High School where he and piety. You'd have to go to ments for more than a year. and sum mit conferences a sent the line of popes to the formerly taught, a seminary to beat it," the The reasons differ--loss of con- speaking knowledge of other during the week was to cnnduct present day. With the newest Lackland usually h o us e s chaplain said. tact, swallowed up in a large languages provides |he key to furlher formal negotiations on addition, there are now per- some 125.000 "basics" and be- The fledgling airmen are de- city, broken homes, lhe chap- international understanding and (Continued on Page 5) traits of two Popes John XXIII. tween 40,000 and 45,000 are voted to the Rosary and at- lain related, a free world. / / / Librarians Told Top Challenge Cardinal Lauds Theme, 'Fostering Ecumenica Spirit' By John J, Daly Jr. DETROYI", April 25. (NC)The head of the ecumenical council's Secretariat for Promoting Chris- tian Unity has told U.S. sisterhoods of the "absolute necessi.ty" of working to promote unity. "This task is urgent for those who are conse- crated to God . . . and even more urgent because of the immense possibilities in your work of educa- tion," wrote Augustin Cardinal Bea. His appeal was made in a' letter from the Vatican to the Sister Formati, on Conferen6e meeting at ,the 59th annual convention of the National Cath0fie Educational Association here ..... The Cardinal, stating that unity efforts re complex and requiring "long and profound" pre-/ paration, congratulated the NCEA on its choice of the convention theme, "Fostering the Ecumenical, Spirit." "I pray that you may firmly intend to be dedi- cated apostles in this mission," the Cardinal wrote, "that your teaching and most of all your example, prayer and sacrifice, will stir up many other ardent apostles for that unity so much needed by the Church, desired by Christ and expected by .the whole of humanity." The German.born Cardinal, a Jesuit, remarked that not all Catholics are concerned with unity. "Unfortunately," he said, "no one can boast that all Catholics are vividly con- scious of, and deeply pene- trated by the duty to be con- cerned with their brothers who are baptized in Christ, brothers even if separated from the Apostolic See." There are cbuntries today, he continued, where many Catholics are indifferent to- ward the growing movement to promote uni.ty of all Christian. "Some Catholic are sus- picious, even against, this movement," he admitted. "Such attitudes, it seems, stem from an inability to over- come deeply-rooted prejudices or old resentments. "There is hope, hnwever, that the coming eoancil will stimulate and awaken the consciences of everyone to a more zealou fervor and wider, truly more Catholic, openness of view." Cardinal Bed told the Sisters that almost every subject taught in schools presents op- portunities to deepen esteem and understanding of non- Catholic Christians. He also said it is clear that promotion of Christian unity cannot be improvised. "It re- quires from everybody a long and solid preparation," he said, ACCW Meeting ARCHBISHOP - ELECT James J. Byrne of Dubuque, Iowa, will give the main address at the 38th annual speak at the convention of the diocesan Council o f Catholic Women Mon- day, April 30, in the par- ish hall of St. Philomena Church, Des Moines. Dr. Kern Civil Defense Head To Speak To ACCW Dr. Fred Kern, national di- rec:tor of the Religious Affairs Office of Civil Defense, will will speak at DR. FRED the breakfast KERN in the hall at 9 a.m. His sub- ject wilt point up the relation- ship and duty of the church to the local, state and national convention of the Arch - governmen in times of erner- diocesan Council of Catho- lic Women April 29-30. Convention headquarters are at the Swept Wing Inn, south of the Seattle-Tacoma Airport, and the banquet and breakfast will he at St. Philomena Parish hall, gency. Dr. Kern will be introduced by General E. M. Llewellyn. Washington State director of Civil Defense. For breakfast reselwatior contact Mrs. Robert H. Kirsch- her, P.O. Box 245, Kent. Price of the breakfast is $2. t