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April 26, 1963     Catholic Northwest Progress
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April 26, 1963

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F:r;da 7, April 26, 1963 THE PROGRESSn5 O Learning Is Fun, Fun, Fun By JOHN J. ECKHART EMEMBER Dick and Jane? "Run, Dick, run; run, .Jane, run." Sure you do. Dick and Jane, bless their eternally youthful souls, have put in a jillion miles, along with their dog, running hither yon with only one thought in mind, to teach tads how to read. But as I recall, books intend- ed to teach were illustrated by someone's old Aunt Hetty. They were uninspired bits of flat work that carried all of the fire and life of a stale peanut but- ter sandwich. Happily for the young noisy crowd today, books can teach and at the same time they can be a delight to the eye and to the imagination. Two books that prove my point (which really is not im- portant enough to need prov- ing) are "How the Animals Got Their Names," and "God Made the World," published by L i t t I e People's Paper- backs. Each of these delightful pro- ductions demonstrates the very ancient didactic truism that learning can be fun. Perhaps Aristotle could never envision the semi-wayout art work as is in these books, but he could certainly smile know- ingly at the artful combination of profundity and light hearted illustration. As the titles indicate, these little paperbacks are in the nature of catechistic primers. The stories are for children under eight, and as such they avoid the obtuse symbolism of the seven-day creation and the creation of Eve from Adam's rib. But they make the fact of God's love bright and clear. And if you are not careful you SUNDAY, APRIL 28 7:30 a.m., Georgetown Univer- sity Forum, KIXI-Radio (910 k. c.) "Respect for Law: the Bar's Role" is today's topic and the panelists all from Washington D. C. include Richard W. Gait- chairman of Law Obser- v a n c e program; Honorable Joseph M. F. Ryan Jr., judge of the D.C. court general ses- sions; Honorable Wesley Will- iams, president of the D.C. board of education and Honor- able James B. Bennett, direc- tor of Federal prisons. 7:45 a.m., Hours of St. Francis, KXA-Radiu (770 k.e.) "No Son of Mine" is a dra- matic answer to parents who are disappointed in their chil- dren. 9:15 a.m., Sacred Heart Pro- gram, KIRO-TV, Channel 7. "The Greetest of These Is Charity" is the title of today's program concerning the com- mandment of love. The Rev. John E. Curley, S.J., is the speaker. 6:00 p.m., Challenge, KOMO- TV, Channel 4. 10:30 p.m., KOMO-Radio. "Facts of Life--Middle Age," a look at life between youth and old age, will be explored by Rev. William Treacy, Rabbi Raphael Levine and Dr. Lynn Corson. 7:15 p.m., Sacred Heart Pro- gram, KTVW-TV, Channel 13. How did Jesus remain serene in times so troubled?" Rev. Thomas W. Curry, S.J., asks in the second in a series of talks devoted to "Peace of ' Mind." 7:30 p.m., Hour of St. Francis, KTVW.TV, Channel 13. "Voice from Yesterday" is a science-fiction drama in which two scientists bring back the voice of Christ. Starring are Paul Lukather and Hal Tag- gart. Da,nty ,ove,y Things Her .,. CORSETS LINGERIE HOSIERY 4as2 UNIVERSITY WAY SEATTLE S ME. 2-0311 _A transigence. will find yourself sneaking a you will find appropriate pray- quick peak at the wonderful art ers, a few little songs, games, work, even when the kids are and other celebrations, such as not around Here's to more "Little Pen- a description of the St. John ple's Paperbacks."--J.J.E. bonfire. "MY NAMEDAYm COME FOR DES- SERT," Helen Me- L o u g h 1 i n, Liturlgeal Press. HEN the children dress as their patron saints on Hallowe'en, it is often the only thought they give to the saint all year. Yet, we all know that cele- brating name days is an ancient custom, and one that can foster devotion to each particular pat. ron. "My Nameday" is a most valuable aid in planning such celebrations. In the f i r s t place, it covers about 2,000 names. It would be a rare child who couldn't find his saint in that array. As the title implies, here you will find dessert recipes. More, There is also a story about each saint, and a list of all names and derivatives that be- long to him. Mrs. McLoughlin includes a list of Catholic book and gift shops, and when she tells of a particularly good statue or pic- ture, she also gives the price, and a place where it can be obtained. If the pictures in the book are any criterion, you can be sure that her taste is good. This is a small book, but most complete. Celebrating name-days may also have the good effect of re-emphasizing real names. We have enough of the Randys, Candys, and Sandys showing up on birth certificates. To be aware of sharing a name with a saint, and to celebrate it, may help to dignify the naming, not nicknaming, of a child. --DOROTHY ECKHART SMITH Third Glorious Mystery THE DESCENT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT Our [ Father When the days of Pentecost were draw- ing to a close,/ they were all together in one place. Acts 2:1 Hail  Mary And suddenly there came a sound from heaven,/ as of a violent wind blwing" "as, a 2:2 Hail  Mary And there appeared to them parted tongues as of fire,/ which settled upon each of them. Act, ?:3 Hail  Mary And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit/ and began to speak of the wonderful works of God. Act, 2:4, I1 Hail  Mary NOW there were staying at Jerusalem devout Jews/ from every nation under heaven. Acts 2:5 m ctive As Catholics By MOST REVEREND FULTON J. SHEEN lorence Nightingale, in a moment of self-revelation, 'described the op- position she met as a woman nurse, the number of times she was ordered out of hos- pitals and then kept waiting for hours to re-enter. She said that she ignored all of these things for the sake of the work: "What am I to my Master's work? When people offend me, they offend the Master before they do me. And who am I that I should not choose to bear what my Master chooses to bear?" This brings up the question of how much we really love Christ in the Church. Can we say that we love Christ when we do not love that for which He came to this earth, namely, to save sinners? How many souls have we ever saved? How many sinners have we con- verted? A survey reveals that twice as many Protestants ask their neighbors to join their church as do Catholics. But what is love, anyway? Love is something we DO. It is a verb, not n noun. It is some- The Society for Propagation of the Faith works at the Faith" in its 80,000 schools, 10,0OO hospitals and dispensaries, 400 leper colonies, 2,000 orphanages and 500 homes for the aged. They could work even more effec- tively if you loved enough to help GOD LOVE YOU to Mrs. A. B. for $2: "For all of God's poor throughout the world." . . . to Mr. and Mrs. O. R. [or $10: "This is the balance of the money we platted to use in purchasing articles from friends who just broke up their home. Let the Holy Father use it /or the homeless." . . . to L. 0. for $1: "'The Society for the Propagation of the Faith is my favorite charity because I can reach the poor of the world tt, rough it. I can- not give much at a time, but I can give often." . . . to Mrs. E. M. for $10.50: "I have been saving the change from my husband's pay check each week. This is a very good way to save money for the misions." thing we do to a neighbor for Christ's sake. An Solve your gift problems with Our Lady of Indian who was converted to Christianity by a Television statues, now avai[ah!e in two sizes. vision of Christ refused to enter the ministry because he said he could learn more by prac- ticing Christ's love of neighbor than he could by studying about Christ. An African catechist, his legs eaten off to the knees by leprosy, makes 40 converts a day. Here is a man who truly loves! We must be active not just as human beings, but as Catholics. Mter listening to a Commu- nist speaker in New York, a layman turned to a policeman and said: "Why can't you stop this attack on the government?" The police- man replied: "If ycu are a Christian, you have a far better case than he. Just work at your Faith as this man does at his, and Commu- nism will be swallowed up in your goodness." ,Scriptural 00)3.osar00 Part 13 And Peter, standing up with the Eleven,/ lifted up his voice and spoke out to them. Acts 2:14 Hail  Mary 'Repent and be baptized;/ and you will receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit.' Acts 2:38 R u Khrushchev Is Again BacK An ll-inch figure of Madonna and Child, con- structed of unbreakable white plastic with gold-colored cross and halo, reminds us that as Mary gave the Divine Word to the world, so television projects the human word. A four-inch model with black suction-cup base is ideal for use in auto. Send your request and an offering of $3 (ll-inch) or $1 (four-inch) to The Society for the Propagation of the Faith, 386 5th Ave., New York 1, N.Y. Cut out this column, pin your saerlfiees to tt and mail it to Most Rev. Fulton J. Sheen, National Director of the Society for the Propa- gation of the Faith, 366 . Sth Ave., New York 1, N. Y., or your Archdiocesan Director, Rev. Stephen Szeman, 907 Terry Avenue, Seattle 4. Now they who recdved his word were baptized,/ and there were added that day about three thousand souls. Acts 2:41 HailMary Send forth thy Spirit, and they shall be created;/ and thou shalt renew the face of the earth. Ps. 103:30 HailMary Come, O Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of thy faithful;/ and kindle in them the fire of thy love. Pentecost Allehda Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit./As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen. Editor's Note: This is the 13th of 15 dec- ades of the Scriptural Rosary, a modern ver- sion of the way the Rosary was once prayed in the ,Middle Ages. 1Ve are presenting the complete Scriptural Rosary in 15 install- ments as a service to our readers. You are invited to save these meditatiom for future use. Or you may obtain the complete set in illustrated prayer-book form by sending $1 either to The Progress, 907 Terry Ave., Seattle 4, or to t/oe nonprofit Scriptural Rosary Center, 6 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago 2, Illinois. The News Limelight (Continued from Page I) staged by the angry men in the United States and launched against a sovereign state, the Republic of Cuba, and the support offered by certain American circles to maritime robbery and to piracy in the Caribbean Sea are in fact the manifestations of this policy." Thus, he is telling the world that we are the culprits respon- sible for the Cuban crisis and continuing tensions. Almost in the same breath, he blamed the U.S. for further intensifying the armament race because it would not accept the Soviet demand for general and complete disarmament. Then he assessed the full blame for failure to reach a nuclear test-ban agreement to the U.S. and Britain because they "do all they can to prevent n positive result of the negotia- tions." He rehearsed his version of the failure by pretending that the Soviet Union bad made a tremendous concession by recognizing the principle of in- spection and agreeing to per- mit as many as two or three such inspections annually, but statements of Khrushchev at their face value, British and American ambassadors in Mos- cow called on him Wednesday to ascertain whether he might have changed his mind on some issues. Britain suggested and the U.S. agreed to a new round of high-level negotiations with the Soviet Union on a nu- clear test ban treaty, despite the collapse of the 17-nation conference at Geneva. The ambassadors had met with Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko last week to set up the meeting with Boss Khrush- chev. The principal object of the meeting is to determine whether the Soviet Union would be interested in a Big Three Then, too, unless the Soviet plan for a non-aggression pact between NATO and the Warsaw Pact would be accepted, there could be no peace on the conti- nent, he said. In brief, he accused the U.S. of being the cause of everything that has gone wrong. Future Outlook This dreary recitation of Khrushchev's unchanged views and attitudes has been pre- sented as a forecast of What to expect in the news for a long time in the future. It also provides a clue to our consistent failure in deal- ing with the Communists. The policy of making eoncessions to Red demands, of compro- mising, of saying or doing nothing that may conceivably offend them for fear they may not negotiate, has been shown to be an abject failure. The Communist pattern was clearly exemplified in this in- terview with Khrushchev. He places the full responsibility for continuing war or making peace squarely on the U.S. He implies that peace would be assured if only we would accept the word of the Soviets and accept their demands. Translated into understand- able English, this Soviet jargon means that peace con be in- sured only after the Commu- nists have achieved complete domination. So long as there remains a particle of opposition, just so long will war continue. The misleading conception of coexistence does not in- elude coexistence of contrary ideologies, for Communism must prevail. Khrushcbev him- self has said this. The rumor that Khrushchev will soon retire seems to have no basis in fact He can be ex- pected to be in the news for a long time to come Test-Ban Aqain Apparently not accepting the summit to resolve the dead- locked test-ban talks. Quite clearly, this is a move by Prime Minister Macmillan to enhance his political profile at home, pressured as he has been by agitators an demon- strators against nuclear arma- ment and by the Labor Party. Whether we are again pur- suing our old policy of run- ning after Khrushchev or are merely trying to bolster Mac- millan's political prestige, we are still jeopardizing or per- haps even damaging Uncle S am' s already - disfigured world image. We will only once again be playing i n t o Khrushchev's hands. Faulty Argument This latest venture is utterly absurd. Perhaps there is much in what Max Frankel of the New York Times said on this mat- ter: "The argument that Pre- mier Khrushchev's approach to East-West relations is pref- erable to that of the Chinese that the U.S. reneged. He asserted that "responsible representatives of the U.S. had agreed to accept "two to four inspections a year," but that as soon as the Soviet Union "made a step to meet the United States' position, the United States in substance renounced what they themselves proposed to us." In other words, in addition to twisting the facts, the Kremlin dictator accuses the U.S. of bad faith. Finally, contending that there can be no peace in Europe until a German "peace treaty" as proposed by the Soviets would be accepted, he again laid the blame for failing to conclude such an agreement to U.S. in. Legion Of Decency The Birds, David and Lisa, Roman Holiday, Courtship Of Eddie's Father, Mutiny On the Bounty, To Kill A Mocking- bird, It Happened At the WOrld's Fair, Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Miracle Work- er, Birdman Of Alcatraz, Pit and the Pendulum, House of Usher, Black Sunday, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, Guns of Darkness, The Hook, Law and Jake Wade. A-3--Sundays and Cybele. B--Gypsy, Diamond Head, Sodom a n d Gomorrah, War Lover. Condemned--The Raven. S p e r a t e Classification -- Divorce Italian Style. Listed here are ratings of the latest films received by the Na- tional Legion of Decency. First-Run Movies Showing In Seattle A-I--My Six Loves. A---Critics Choice. Other Movies Currently Showing A-l--How the West Was Won, The King and I, Music Man, Password Is Courage, Son of Flubber, It's Only Money, Last Wagon, Kill Or Cure, Father Of the Bride, No Place Like Homicide, No Man Is An Is- land, Escapade In Japan. A-2 -- Lawrence Of Arabia, Communists has taken hold of the Administration." This is to say Khrushchev isn't such a bad fellow, after all, and we ought to try to do business with him rather than with the Chinese "brand" of Reds. But as Frankel adds, "Prac- tically, however, the belief is that there is no 'victory' that could be handed Moscow that would not also involve a diplo- matic 'defeat' for the West." If, knowing this, the Ad- ministration persists in ac- cepting the fallacious thesis that Soviet Reds are prefer- ahle to Chinese Reds, we can foresee only an unlimited number of defeats in the fu- ture. i Thousam of Nuns who seek PERFECT FITTING & COMPLETE COMFOR1 are not satisfied with any other shoes. "'t't"7  'f..I_ Sensibly made with sensible low heels. "America's Most Attractive Shoes for Comfort" offer Tou the maximum in quality, all-over fit, service. The shoe that you buy, Sister, is made over the last proper for your foot! IVe also carry the lVorld Famous Dr. Locke Shoes PAULCO SHOES INC. 1111 BROADWAY, TACOMA 'We Don't Agree On Raising Children' By Rev. John L. Thomas, S.J. Associate Profossor, St. Louis University My wile and 1 can't seem to agree on how to raise our children. Right now the maior bone of contention is our 16.year-old daughter. My wife claims the girl can wrap me around her little finger and get anything she wants from me. Size also claims I undermine her authority as a mother by allowing her to go out or date against her mother's wishes. I feel that my wife tends to bc too strict in this regard, but that's not the main problem. How do you deal with a woman who thinks she's always right? OUR problem illustrates one point that is often overlooked in discussing marital adjustment. Children can separate a couple as well as unite them. Perhaps it would come closer to the truth to say that children may become a buffer as well as a bond; that is, if a couple fail to work out a good adjustment as partners, they may tend to see their children either as a primary source of individual con- solation or as pawns to be manipulated in get- ting even with each other. Both tendencies are escapes from the couple's real problem, and both ignore the sacred obligation to regard children as persons in their own right rather than as things at the service of others. I think your last question indicates the real crux of your problem-- "How do you deal with a woman who thinks she's always right?" As one of my old professors used to say; "That's a mighty fine questionl" FATHER What's the answer? THOMAS In a concrete case, one would first have to know whether the person in question really thought she was al- ways right. Some wives give this impression either because they never consult their husbands, or because they have tried and receive no advice, or because they or their partner -- or both have never learned how to discuss a problem on the basis of its objective merits. Some partners say they never bother to consult their mates because it doesn't do any good -- either they get no answer, or discussion has always proved fruitless. Their partners would probably retort that they don't give any advice because exper- ience has shown it wouldn't be taken, and discussion is bound to be fruitless when one partner has already decided what the out- come must be. Disagreement Not Primary Issue LTHOUGH the basic issue between you and your wife is not primarily disagreement concerning how to raise your chil- dren, this is an important, immediate problem and its solution may point the way toward a better understanding of the real source of trouble. God has confided your children to you as a sacred trust. Consequently, the fundamental norm determining your deci- sions as parents must be what you prudently judge is best for them as persons to be brought to maturity under your guidance. This is one principle upon which you and your wife must agree or you will answer to God for it. In other words, your start- hag point in reaching parental decisions must always be the same -- what is best for the full Christian development of your children. You may disagree in applying this principle in individual cases, and this will call for sincere discussion and compromise, but the principle itself is not open to question. How should you tackle your immediate problem? First you should be aware that there are several factor in your favor. Your wife seems prudently concerned about your daughter's social activities, so you don't have to contend with the typical mother-daughter combination in this regard. Also, your children apparently have been taught to respect your authority and come to you for various permissions. Wife's Contention Must Be Weiqhed ECOND, you should weigh thoughtfully your wife's contention that you undermine her authority. Perhaps without thinking, or because you feel she is too independent, you have counter. manded her orders arbitrarily and without considering thoir merits. This is wrong- the good of your children should be your primary concern. You must find other ways of settling your differences as a couple. Third, have you nnd your wife ever discussed or developed an overall plan relating to the social activities of your childrea at the various stages of their development? At what ages should they start dating? How often? With whom? Under what condi- tions? With what preparation, instruction, guidance, etc? Through discussion and compromise -- always with the individual child's best interests in view -- you must reach some agreement on these questions, for routine, day-re-day, consistent decisions can logi- cally be made only in terms of this overall plan. Fourth, whatever your personal disagreements, you and your wife must present a united front in dealing with your chil- dren, or they will use your perceived differences to their advan- tage, as your wife insists/your daughter is now doing. Children should be raised with the awareness that their par- ents are partners in running the family, not competitors for their children's affection. Finally, you and your wife must keep in mind that the serious- ness of your parental obligations demands that you reconcile your personal differences in dealing with your children. Children are a sacred trust, not sources of personal gratifi- cation or pawns to be manipulated by parents in a continuing struggle for dominance. You'll find all Barb Restaurants Sunday frod Pea 7a.m. evteo 9 p.m. Delicious food, reasonable prices and fzieadly family service. *BARB IN LYNNWOOD 195 lO Highway 99" Pg. 6.8165 IN BURIEN 156 S. W. 132nd - CH. 4.o662 IN BELLEVUE 604 I04tb 2. E. * GL. 4-$455