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April 24, 1903     Catholic Northwest Progress
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April 24, 1903

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O A WEEKLY FAMILY NEWSPAPER. i VOk. V. No, 17. SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 1903. PRICI FIVE CNTB. ell I II II  III I I'ElilLS OF t,ioo,,o,,0,,or,,o, poli. encoinindueingyou to practice t, he HIGH MASS O, IITUALISM tics. Gentlemen naturally shrink duties of an uprigh ciizeu. But to the new church of Our Lady of the h, THE ATION, from it. Henoe ithas gotten, for the disoard'religion*.and yet profess to be- OF REQUIEM Holy Rosarv was largely accomplish- TO ROME most part, with general political ma- lieve ill natural justice is self-contra- e ed under his direction. * chinory, into unreputable hands; and diotory. ]t is grasping the s/mdow CELEBRATED AT VANCOUVER, It was in the Car]boo more purlieu- AUTHORITY IS THE STRONGEST DIVORCE, IMPERFECT EDUGA- from hese hands issue the election and rejecting the substance. It is un- B.O.,BY RT. REV. BISHOP DON- larly that he made history for his TION, DESECRATION OF SUN- frauds, which thicken in groat cities, consciously clothing one's self in the TENWILL .FOR REPOSE OF THE church and his memory For years lie REFUGE FOR THEM THAT DAY, POLITICAL FRAUDS AND and gravely endanger our institutions, garment of religion, while rejecting SOUL OF FATHER MoGUCKIN. had chargeof a missionary parish hun. SEEK ESGAPE FROM DOUBT AND OONTRADIGTION. THE LAW'S DELAY ARE CRY- The ballot is the ready and potent in- its spirit, "having, indeed, an appear- dreds of miles in extent. It was ING EVILS. strument which registers the will ot a ance of godliness, but denying the pew- Sketch of the Life of the Zealous and bounded on the norf, h and south by Roy. Samuel MoPheraon Is the Sub- free people for heir own government, or thereof." ]f you seriously reflect, Devoted Prmst Who for Many Years parallels of latitude, the 50th on t.he An AppeM to History and Reason in and the violation of its purity leads you will discover that natural justice Labored in British Columbia. south, o the 55th. that runs through 3ect of Much Serious Thought in Suppor of Needed Reforms for dxreotly to the point where there isei- has no solid foundation unless it _mrests the far northern section of *he prey- Religious Circles. His Conver. sion Is Significant. Preservation of Society and her loss of liberty orrovoluHon tore. on religion. 1atural justice may sound ' AbTGOUVER, B. G., April 21.-- ]nee. Eastward, he travelled into ! A solemn Requiem High Mass -- Government. st, ore it. well in theory, but it is a feeble burr]-  was celebrated at the Church early mining camps in the Rockies, rfHE conversion to Roman Ca- We hail it with satisfaction that a er against tim enoroachments of vice. of Our Lady of the Holy Ros- and wes across the Ohilooton lflains  tholioism ofa Ritualistreotor ARDIIAL GIBBONS has writ- more healthy lmblio opinion on this There arc many that consider men- ary this morning for the repose of the and out r,o the coast, and the Skeena.  of the Episcopal church, an- ten a remarkable epistle in subject seems developing; Cha repu- tal culture a panacea for every moral soul of the late pastor, Roy. Father He was the friend of every man in the nounced last week, is not in which he points out some of table citizens appear more disposed to disorder, "Lo knowledge," they say, MoGuokin, who diedon April 7 and was country, from the oldest miners to the itself of any special significmme, but . , the obstacles which confront bear anaotive part in political politics "be diffused over the land. Social buried on Good Friday in the come. Indians of all the different missions, at this time. when both in England the young man in hi struggles for sue- and that "reform," "a free ballot," order and morality will follow in its tory of St. Mary's mission, where lie For some time, he was sperior of the and this country there is  revival of oess. He says in part: "a fair counL" are becoming, under track." The experience of other Ha- the remains of the lae Bishop Durieu Order of Mary Immaculate a St. Jo- Protestant agitation iu that church, All young men of today who are 9 anxious to win success and anxious to the pressure, more and more pary tions,as well as that of our own,shows and many other prominent members of seph's Mission at Williams Lake, after- producel by the aggressiveness of the fulfil heir full duties as citizens, watchwords. It is a purifying tendon, it to be a very great illusion to sup- the Roman Catholic faith. His Lord- wards at New Westminster, and later extreme Ritualist party, it will attract should realize that society of today is cy in a vital direction, pose that intellectual development is ship Bishop Dontenwill officiated, as- was in Victoria for some time. much attention. :. confronted by five great evils: Religion is the foundation of all sufficient of itself to make us virtuous sisted by Fathers Le Ghesne and Cote. The Will]nine Lake msision was The Rev. Samuel MacPherson, who " Divorce, which strikes a the root of morals; it is the corner stone of all men, or that the moral status of a poe- The sacred edifice was draped wlth three miles from a slat/on on the Carl. renounoed:Protestantism and received the family and society; an imperfect civilization; the one feature that dis- ple is to be estimated by the wide- mourning cloth and a catafalque was boo stage line, and was there long be- conditional baptism into the Roman and vicious systenl of education which tinguishes a man from an animal and spread diffusion of purely secular erected close to the sanctuary. Sur- fore the C. P. R. was built. Catholic church on Thursday, had undermines the religion of our youth; the bond which unites him with his knowledge. When the Roman Empire mounting the catafalque was a biretta Iu those days o move from one part been associated with that party, more the desecration of the Christian Sub- Creator. It is a virttle by which due had reached the highest degree of men- and stole,worn by the deceased priest, of the district, to another moaut a cer- or less conspicuously, both here and bath, which ends o obliterate in our honor nd worship is paid to God. It tal.culture it was sunk in the lowest the insignia of his sacred office, tain amoun of hardship, aud often 'in England. ,He belonged to the adult populaton the salutary fear of embodies all those fundamental truths depths of vice and corruption. The ttis Lordship Bishop Donenwill de- great exposure. Many a night Father "Catholic" school of the Episcopal God and the homage that we owe Him; tba involves God's sovereignty over Persian Empire, according to the tes- livered an eulogium on the character lIeGuokin was called to follow a rues- church which m represented in this the gross and systematic election us and our entire dependence on Him. timony of Plato, perished on account of the deceased, and gave a short senger through the snow and cold to city so effectively by the parishes of frauds; and lastly, the unreasonable I employ the term religion here in its of the vicious education of its princes, sketch of his life. How, when as a administer the last rites of theChurch St. Ignatius and St. Mary the Virgin, delay in carrying into effect the sen- broades and most comprehensive It does not appear that vice recedes in young man in Ireland, he started lifo to some poor fellow who was fighting and in Boston by the Church of the tences of our criminal courts, and the sense, as embodying the existence of the United States in proportion as in tim mercantile departnmnLbut hay- to prolong his final hours uuil the ar- Advent, at which he had accepted a numerous subterfuges by which the God; His infinite power and knowl- public education advances. StatisHcs tng a strong love for God and souls, he rival of the priest. Many a night he curacy before going over to the Ghuroh criminals evade the execution of the edge; His providence over us; the tee- I fear, would go far to prove the con- gave up a promising career o study slept in the snow, where darknoss or- of Rome. law. ognition of a divine law; the moral trary to be the fact. for the priesthood. How about 40 ertook him, aud many a night, too, he Our repor represents nm as giving Our insatiable greed for gain, the freedom and responsibility of nmn; The newspapers in our largc cities years ago lie came o Victoria, where struggled:back through the samesnow the laxity and radical conflict of dec- coexistence of collossal wealth with the distinction between good and evil; are every day filled with startling ac- lie was ordained to the sacred minis- o help to the'mission some prospeevor trine n the Episcopal church as a rea- abjeo poverty, the extravagance of the duty of rendering our homage to counts of deep-laid schemes of burg. try by the late Bishop Demers, British who had lost his way, and hen him- son for his renunciation of his old the rich, the discontent of the poor, God and justice and charity to our lary, bank defalcations, premeditated Columbia's first, Bishup. How in the self cooked a supper for the resouet faith, but of course he has merely fol- our eager and impetuous rushing neighbor; mid, finally, the existence murder and acts of refined licentious- 60's he followed the seekers after gold man. This is but the sum of years lowed inthv steps of John Henry New- through life, and every other --moraI of.&.inure state of rewards and pun. Hess. These enormities are perpetra- up into the Car]boo, seeking what was spent in preaching and exhortation man mid Hm other leading Episcopal and social delinquency, may be traced ishments. I ]told tha religion is ho ted, for the mos par,not by unletter- more precious to him, the good of and ministering to every peasen who clergymen who have gone to Rome in to one of the five radical vices CHUrner- only solid basis of society. If the ed criminals, but by indivaduals of their souls, tIis appointment as Su- sought his aid. the conviction that there alone is true : ated above, social edifice rests no on this eternal consummate address and skill, they per]or of the Oblates inBritish Golum- One short story may serve as an il- church autlmrity. When Newmmx The reckless facility wih which di- and immutable foundation,it willsoon betray a well disciplined mind uncon- bin, his later appointment as Rector lustration. The l)riest was always went over in 18.t5, as a consequence of :: J voree is procured is an evil scarcely crumble to pieces. It would be as trolled by morality or religion. If of Ottawa University, and finally his fighthxg Sloe selling of liquor r,o the In- the Oxford tract movement, it was ex- les deplorable than lIormonism; in- vain to attempt to establish society neither the vengeance of heoivilpow- return vo British Columbia, the scene dians, and with most people Iris word pooled tha the exodus from the  deed, it is in some respects more dan- withou religion as re erect a palace or, nor the hope of emoluments, or of his early labors, as parish priest of was law. But Williams Lake was a Church of England would be porten- gerous than tim later, for divorce has on shifting sands or hope o reap a the esteem of our fellow men, nor the Vancouver. "Blessed are the dead long way from the police pos on the tiously great, and actually i was very the sanction of the civil law which crop from seed scattered on the natural love of justice, nor the influ- that die in the Lord," wore the words Car]boo road, and occasionally open considerable numerically, but it was Mormonism has not. Is nor, the law ocean's surface. Religion is to see]e- once of education and culture, nor all of ,he Bisholfs text, and they are trouble would occur. One day, a never so large in this country as t,o of divorce a virtual toleration of Her- ty what oemen is to builders; it these motives combined can suffice to very appropriate as applied o such a trader named Jackson started to cross cause any semous weakness in the mouism in a modified form? Mormon- makes all hearts compac and eohe. maintain peace and order in society, saintly character as was the lute Fa- the creek which ran between St. 3o- lpiseopal church, the period of whoso lsm consists in simultaneous polyga- rent. "He who destroys religion," where shall we find an .'adequate in- ther McGuckin, a man of unswerving seph's and the Indian settlomen be- greatest growth has been since that my, while the law:of divorce practie- says Plato, "overthrows the founda- cent]re o exact of us a loyal obedi- fidelity to duty, who thought nothing yond. Father McGuckm met the mm. The losses to Roman Catholi- :i ally leads to'successive polygamy, lion of human society." The social ence to the laws of the country? of himself, but only of ho will of his man at the ford and opened the parley eism have been. made up many times The second evil that bodes mJsebJef body is composed of individuals who This incentive or young men is Divin Master. The man replied that it was none of over by accessions from other Protos- to our country and endangers the sta- have constant relations with one an- found in religious priuoiples. Roll- Sketch of His Life. Hm priest's business where he was go- rant churches. Only last Sun,lay, for bility of our government arises from oher, and the very life and presorva- glen, I mintain, is the only sure and No Vancouver clergyman was bolder ing wth the liquor, example, as many as |15 persons were our defective system of public shools, lion of society demands that'the mere- solid basis of society. Religion teach- known or more heartily admired "Well," said the Fther, "you odnfirmed a a missionary parish in I am uersuaded tna the popular or- bers of the community discharge to- es us that we are all children of the throughout the west than the late Fa- won't take it where you intend to]" New York,the Church of the Messiah, rots now existent in reference to edu- ward one anoflmr various andeomplex same Father, brothgrs and sisters of tler leGuokin. Nearly five years "You depend on timt coat of yours," in linoty-fiith street, near Third ar- eal]on spring from an incorrect notion dties, the same Redeemer, and, consequent- ago he assumed charge of the Roman replied the trader impudently, enue, and of the number 185 were of that term. If the civil sword, even with the aid ly, members of the same family. Catholic congregation here, but he al- "No so nuch," replied the sturdy grown men and women and eighty- 'i , To educate means to bring out, o of religion, can scarcely restrain pub- I teaches us the brotherhood of hu- ready had hosts of friends dating from priest. "as I depend on my right arm." five of them heads of families. At . develop the intellectual, moral and re- lie disorders, how futile would o the inanity. Religion, therefore, is the the early days in Car]boo. A zeMous Tim trader went, back o camp with Chicago on the same Sunday, out of a ligious faculties of the soul. An edu- attemp to do so without the ooopera- fostering mother of chariy, and char- churchman, he was broad minded to a his pack outfit, class of 166 confirmed a St. Peter's, cation, therefore, that improves the tion of moral aud religious influence! ity is the guardian of civility, and degree, and he Lad numbers of friends only fifty-two had been reared in the mind and the memory, to the neglect Still less do you fear the judgment good breeding is one of the essential in other denominations. Amongst his A NOVEL INVENTION. Episcopal church. The great body of , of moral or religious training, is at that posterity may pronounce on your elements of the well being of society, own flock, he was reverenood,no only the presen atendants on Episcopal , best bu an imperfect system, conduct. For if you believe neither Worldly politeness, devoid of religion, for his posmon m the parish, but on Hoboken priest Capr, ures Thief by churches iu ll the groa oties of this " Indeed,religious knowledge is as far in God nor in life to come, the con- is cold,formal and heartless; it soon account of his personal qualities, and Means of an Electric Dev/e. country have come from oler deHorn- above humem science as tho soul is detonation of ufter agos will not dsi- degenerates into hollow ceremony, throughout the entire city hewas held inatious. above the body, as heaven is above tim turb your ashes reposing in the tomb. Good breeding, iuspired uy religion in great respect. One could meet no :New York, April 15.An electric Undoubtodly, however, desertions earth, as eternity is above time. God The esteem of your fellowmen will not and charity, inculcates a constant self- more lovable character, and the years device invented by the Rev. Louis Ga. of clergymen to Rome are still fre- has given us a heart to be formed o be sufficient nduoement to make you denial. The young man possessing it of hs devotion and sacrifice and ser- briel of St. Joseph's Roman Catholic quenL iu England more frequent than { virtue/.as well as a head to be enligh- a virtuous citizen, for the great vix- is sincere and unaffected; he has the vice have left a fragraut memory in church in West ttoboken, proteet the in tins country. The awakening of cued. By secular education we ira- tues, even the'so that influence the ring of the genuine coin, which passes the heart of every Brtish Columbian poorboxes from robbery, yesterday bag- Protestant spiri which was indicated prove the mind; by rehgious training well. being of society, are practiced in current everywhere and which is easi- who ever came in contact with him. god ts second man. The alarm is by the recent great vote in parliament we direct the heart, private, and are hiden from the eyes ly distinguished from the counterfeit. He was a strong man, an ardent work- connected with the rectory, and when for church discipline btll has been due The desecration of he Christian of men, like the root whioh gives life a The Christian religion is all-pervad- or, ad during lis lifetime wielded a Jt sounded yesterday Father Gabriel to the spread el the Ritualist or Sabbath is the third social danger and bloom to ho ree, or the gentl ing. ] influences the maser to e tremendous influence, hurried to the church and looked the "Catholic " party in the Church of against which it behooves us to seour dew of heaven, which silently sheds kind towards his servant by remind- The late Father McGuckin was doors, He then notified the police, England and its dtermined propaga. '.. faces and take timely precautions be- is blessing on the labors of the hus- ing him that tm also has a Master Jn born sixty-eight years ago in County who found a man hiding under one of tion of sacerdotal and saoramentarian fore it assume proportions too formid- bandman. The case of the oun]or heaven who has no respeo to persons. Antrim, Ireland. He was educated in tim pews Tim prisoner refu, sed to tll doctrhms anti its persistence m ex- able to be easily eradicated, of tho Christian religion is tamiliar I admonishes the sorvant to be docile tis home land, ana later aended col- his name, but sad he lived in His oy reme Ritualist practices. Obviously, A word must be added on two other to the reader. Wt0 was so grea a and obedient to his master, not erv- lege at Marseilles, In 1859, he be- however, no power in parliament can pregnan evils. Our young men know benefactor to society as He? He went ing to the eye as it were pleasing o came a member of the Oblate Fathers, NOTABLE MEETING. restrain this school. They are clergy- that the ballot is the expressionof the about doing good to all men. He gave men, but as the servants of Christ uo- and shortly afterwards came to this men of intense conviction and ot the will of a free peo)le, and its purity sight to the blind, and hearing to the ing the will of God from his heart, country to begin the lifework that has CHICAGO, At)ril 19.--The lay- slirit of martyrs. Moreover, the Rit- should be guarded with the umost deaf, and walking to t,e lame, and It charges the rich to be high-minded, endeared his name to the memories of nooth Union, composed of Roman ualist churches are remarkably suc- jealousy. To violate that purity is o strength to the paralyzed limb, and not to trust in unoertaiu riches but in Britisl Columbia. The trip was one Gatholio priests and Bishop who have cessful in attraotiug attendance. Here wound the state in its tenderest point, oomfor o the aitlioted, and even hfe the living God, who "giveh us abun- of hardship and some peril. The studied at the amous Irish college, in New York among the most thronged The rpeated cry of "election to the dead. He promulgated the most dantly all things to enjoy." It court- young man walked across the Isthmus will begin its sessions in this city on of the Episcopal churches are St.Mary frauds" is one full of warning, In sublime and beneficent laws that were sels the poor to ber their privations of Panama, thence took ship to San the 27thof May. The guests are like- the Virgb:. and St. Ignatius, thouglt  many instances, undoubtedly, it is the ever given to man. He invariably with resignation, by setting before lranciseo, and from there to Victoria. ly to remain iu Chicago sevearal days in them Protestantism is openly float- empty charge of defeated partisans inculcated respect for ruling powers them the life of Hm who, in thewords In 186, he was ordained at Victoria, and to be the recipients of much pri- ed and their doctrines aud practices against the victors; yet enough to- anl obeyance to their authority, and of the apostle, "being rich, became and from tlmt time until 1888 he spont rate hosp/tahty. Severaof theheads bear a close similarity to those of the mains of a substautial character to be yet Ho was branded as a seditious poor for your sake, that, through pov- he busies years of his lifo in the ut)- of the dioceses aud archdioceses have Roman Catholic church. It must be  ominous. It is the gravest menace to man, an enemy of Caesar, and He was erty, you might be rich." been invited, and many distinguished said, however, that though Mr. Mac- ......... I)r country. In the latter year, he zree nsuons. I m one result of ,ut to death by the ,people whom Ho In a word reh'g'mn s" antermr" to so. went to Ottawa, as rector of the Ro- ohurohmon are hkoly" to attend. Def. Pherson the clergyman who has just . universal suffrage tha elections very soaght to doliver from spiritual bond- oiety and more enduring than go"ern- roan'Catholic University, and remain- irate aspects of coDego and seminary gone over to Rome, benged to this i'i frequently turn upon the votes of that I ag.e But perhaps you will say that a ment' t" s" the focus of all sooml" wr'- ed there until 1898. He came west life', wll" be dtsoussed" . The late A'oh .... Rtuahst ltrty, he dd" lint represent. :'ii,l! large class made up of the rough and I natural sense of ustioe, rode" pndent rues, the basra" of pubho" morals, the again in the autumn of that year, aud bshop Feehan ,was a graduate of May- its sp'rt', as generally manifested, i!! :baser sorL To influence and organize of religion,can exercise sufficient influ. (Continued on page ve.) on Septembor 99th took charge of the aooh .... (Continued to Page  )  ,;:iii /