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April 16, 1965     Catholic Northwest Progress
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April 16, 1965

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(Continued from Page 35) Donkey foF Sale the hill country to live near Bethphage. Uncle Thomas sold pack animals there and he needed his brother Ezra to catch and bring in wild donkeys to meet the demands of his market. "Out of every ten you bring me, you may keep one to sell for yourself," Uncle Thomas told him. This was why Ezra had one donkey to sell during the season of the Passover. It was a fine colt, with a healthy coat of hair, a stout body, a dependable disposition. It had never been ridden, but seemed in no need of taming. It took to the rope Im- mediately. It should bring Ezra a good price; but even Jude won ered ff it would. His father probably would sell too low, or to the wrong people, or at the wrong timel There had beenthe ass that he should have kept to sell, now, during the feast days; but he had let it go to a feeble old sheepherder... There had been the black colt--It had caught the fancy of a lady of Herod's court. If Ezrahad sold it to her, she would have brought him more customers from Tiberius. But Ezra had sold it to a nameless hermit who went to fast in the wildernessl Back in the hill country, Jude would have accepted his father's kindness as natural and right.Always, there, they had shared with others. The dog had their crusts, the stranger at the tent door, his portion of the evening's broth. But, here, according to Uncle Thomas, such gen- erosity was follyl "Here, you do not help your neighbor,"he had told Ezra. "You triphim upl You out-smart himl That is the way to riches and good standingl" Uncle Thomas glanced at Jude. "You want to be im- portant, don't you, boy? You want your father to be im- portant? You can't count, if you spend yourself doing favors for beggarsl Favor those who can favor youl" But Jude's father shook his head, after Thomas had gone-- "Jude, my son" said Ezra, "I do not know if I can do Friday, April 16, 1965 THE PROGRESS--Page 37 as your uncle suggests. When someone comes to me to buy, I cannot cheat, lie, deceive--When someone says, 'I have need', I cannot shunt him off. I must listen and, if I can, help hlml" "That is why we wear homespunl That is why ve are barefootl" cried Jude. "W-whatT" stuttered Ezra and Jude could see he did not want to believe what he heard. "It is why we are not important people like Uncle Thomasl--And we never will be, if youdon't learn how to sell and tradel" declared Jude accusingly."Right now we have this colt;You are looking around through the crowd for someone who needs a colt badlyl You should be looking for someone who can pay you for itl Think of that, onlyl Think of finding someone who can pay you well for ltl" Ezra looked at Jude. "You have listened well to your uncle. You have learned too quickly, son," he sighed. "But you will try?" persisted Jude. "You will watch for someone who will pay a good price for the colt?" "'I will watch," promised Ezra finally. He went away, his eyes cast down. All that day, Ezra did watch. Jude was sure of it, for Jude watched Ezra. Ezra kept his back turned to the poor men with shabby baskets, the sheepherders with ragged cloaks, he looked for men of authority. He approached merchants who were fat with purses. He did not sell the colt, but Jude could see that he tried. It was simply that Uncle Thomas was so much quicker and cleverer. He attracted the rich buyers away. But soon he would sell his stock. Then--if Ezra did not weaken and s ell to some poor person--Ezra would sell the colt. For a price that would buy tunics and sandals--and importancel But Jude was troubled. For plainly his father was unhappy. He looked ashamed, and sometimes another emotion--like fear--crossed his face. It had to do with Jude, but it flared up whenever their eyes met. The pot was full that night; there was a little fire that should have kept off the April chill. But there was the constraint of difference in Ezra's little house. Ezra and Jude went silently to their mats, to lie there until dawn, the hurt of difference between them. By morning it was a burdenonJude; but it had harden- ed Ezra to steel, and set his chin. He went through the crowd, among the donkeys in the court, like an angry man. "A coltl I have a colt to selll A fine-but very costly- coltl" he warned. "No shabby bidders wantedlNocrippl- ed men with penniesl No sick old women with woven baskets I" It was bitterness, and it was directed toward Jude. It made Jude wince. He did not like his father like this, this hardness and bitterness seemed spreading among the shabby people, the troubled people, like a shadow. .. Happy Eas+er Happy Eas+ar Edmonds Milady's Motor Oompany Beautv Shop PR. 8-3,129 PR, 8-3844 201 5th So. Edmonds 115- Sth So. Edmonds EDMONDS STEWART'S PHARMACY Greeting Cards Presr;pfions--Drugs---Sundries Westgate Shopping Center. Edmonds PR. 6-1414 iiiii liiiiiii iiiiiii00i00 00ii000000ii00iiiii HAPPY EASTER " CENTRAL FURNITURE ANB APPLIANCES ES 3-8911 Fifth & Pacific Bremerton Easter Greeffngs ANDERSON HARDWARE Vl 2-2101 . Garden Equipment & Supplies Sporting Goods-Paint ' WINSLOW-BAMRIDGE ISL. And then, a strang thing happened. Two men came Into the court. They came quickly in a momentary silence. They went straight to the colt, without hesitating, and untied him. It was as though they were going to take him away, as though they had a right to him, and they did not reach for purses to pay--I Jude stirred. He heard his father asking in a strangled voice, "What are you loosing the colt?" The men turned to Ezra. Their robes were of common cloth such as fishermen wore, yet they stood without fear, without explanation, too, almost as tho they were servants of a King.... "The Lord hath need," they said. The word "need" fell like a knell on Jude's ears. It was the word that always reached his father's heart. It was the word that moved him to give of his kettle and mat, roof, fire, coat--the labor of his hands. Now it had reached him again. Jude saw that, for his father's face had re- laxed into the pure and simple beauty of compassion. He was about to nod his acquiescence. Then his eyes met Jude's. Wistfulness rose in his eyes, then. Ezra was going to let these men take the colt away, but the wistfulness was a wish that Jude might approve, might stand with him. it sent a thrill of joy through Jude for suddenly he knew that that was where he did standl He was with his father, not with Uncle Thomasl He did not want to be, nor did he want his father to be, important in the way of Uncle Thomas I He wished to be important in his father's way--the way of the shared crust, the proffered coat, the given c-oltl Relief that this was true,-sent him tremblingly for- ward. He opened a side gate so that the men could pass more quickly into the street.Then he looked at his Father. "Father," he would have said, "forgive me. Your way is the good way. I will not doubt it again." But he could not speak the words,forthe emotion that rose in him; and, finally, he realized that there was no need. For Ezra patted his shoulder and they turned and stood together and watched the procession that was starting at the Mount of Olives--the throng, at its head a Man, riding the colt. They were in accord, together again; they shared the old communion. They could marvel atOnewho could have been the least of men--one of the hungry, the homeless, the naked--yet was more than these. They could recognize, in Him who had been in need, the Lord. They could think: No matter whether or not they crown this man in Jersualem, this One who comes meek, upon a colt, is surely a Kingl They could look at each other, and weep together, in joyl DARI6OLD by KITSAP DAIRY and all our local milk producers wish you a Joyous Easter BREMERTON SILVERDALE IGA FOODLINER MEATS - GROCERIES FRUITS - VEGETABLES Your Complete Shopping Center SILVERDALE HIWAY MY 2-2277 (IIREMERTON) SILVERDALE '"'" , Easter Greetings from Bacchus Lumber CO. 463-232 I Vashon PACIHC ELECTRIC Company 644 IPif4'mt ItS. 7.3949 ELECTRIC HEATING WIRING and REPAIRS Lighting Fixtures and Supplies Electrical Maintenance Bremeron DR. R. J. WEBER OPTOMETRIST, Med.-Dental Center TR 6-4941 DAY STREET PHT ORCHAR9 INSURANCE COMPLETE INSURANCE FACILITIES General Insurance Co. of AmericamSAFECO WAN/; REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 608-4+h St. Bremerl'on WESTGATE PHARMACY FEATURING . . . 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