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April 16, 1965     Catholic Northwest Progress
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April 16, 1965

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D D Page ! 2--THE PROGRESS Friday, A'pril 16, 1965 The First Easter: Martha's Part By Patricia McGerr From the book "Martha, Martha," published by P. J.'Kenedy and Sons, and chosen by the Catholic Literary Foundation to ,be its Book-of-the-Month for March, ! 960. Haste marked all that followed. His dying had extended three hours from mid-day and now only a short period remained before all activity must ceasefortheSabbathoThe necessity for speed was, in a way, merci- ful. It drove out thought, pushed back re- alization to a later time.Nottill later, too, could they feel surprise that kwas Joseph of Arimathea, a member of the Great Sanhedrin, who obtained from Pilate per- mission to take the lifeless body from the cross, who brought the linen cloth arxi of- fered his own new-hewn tomb for burial. Or that Nicodemus, a leading Pharisee, came with a hundred pounds worth of aloes and myrhho THE BURIAL The tomb of Joseph lay in a garden very near the hill of crucifixion, The men carr- ied the body there and the women, with tender care, washed the blood-stopped wounds, covered them with the aromatic mixture of Nicodemus, and wrapped head, limbs and torso in the fresh linen bands. Easter Greetings WARD'S COVE PACKING 0, and. FRANK B. PETERS0N CO. 88 EA. HAMLIN ST. EA. 3-3200 SF_.,ATTLE EASTER GREETINGS Matthmen's Flowers FLORAL SERVICE FOR EVERY OCCASION CITY WIDE DELIVERY PA 2.0095 OR or PA. 2-2200 3701-So. Edmunds in Columbia Seattle It was all that time permitted and as the men laid the body in its niche and let the rock roll back across the entrance, the women deplored the insufficiency of the anointing. "We'll come back," Martha whispered. "After the Sabbath we'll bring oils and spices and see that he has a proper burial," "Yes," Mary agreed. "We'll come back," There was nothing then to do but return to Bethany. "Will you come home with us?"Martha asked the mother of Jesus. "Simon Peter is there and in much distress of.mind." "Thank you," she answered. "I will comeQ" "Sorrowfully they made the journey back, John and the women of Galilee ac- companying them. "We have heard," Lazarus told them when they entered the dark house, "Philip and Nathanael are here. They brought us wordet' Peter sat as they had left him in an attitude of complete dejection. He looked Painting Service ,LA. 4-0919 8OO N. E. 6Sth SEATTLE STADIUM CLEANERS AND TAILORS /e Operate Our Own Plant LA. 2-9125 3307 N.E. 65th Seale up as they came in but, seeingthe mother, dropped his head in cringing shame. "I denied him," he muttered. "I swore I did not know him." "It is past." She moved swiftly to put a hand on his shoulder and there was in her touch something that brought his eyes up to meet hers. "My son," she said.Her glance went past him to Nathanael and Philip who stood despondently in a corner, rested for a moment on Lazarus, came last to John whose side she had just left. "'My sons," she said again. NEWS OF JUDAS There was little sleep for anyone that night. The passing hours brought new ar- rivals, slipping in by ones and twos-- Andrew the brother of Peter, John's bro- ther James, the other Simon and Thomas, the younger James and his brother Jude, and Matthew--till they were all there, the Eleven, seeking safety outside Jerusalem. They brought news of Judas Iscariot. Hearing of the condemnation, he had hurried to the Temple to protest that Jesus was innocent and that he had sinned in betraying him. When the chief priests re- fused to listen to him, he had flung at their feet the silver they had paid him. "So," Martha murmured, "he profited nothing," "Perhaps--" It was the motherofJesus who spoke. "Since he has repented, per- haps he too will come here." "Let him darel" Peter's hand went to the sword he still wore. "Let him dare to cross my path and I--" "He will not come," Andrew interrupted. "He went from the Temple and hanged himself." "Ah nol" the mother breathed and there were tears in her eyes, the first Martha had seen there in all that long day. "You know what he did?" Peter turned to her in angry rebuttal. "It was he who led them, he who--" But at once his shoulders slumped and his vehemence faded. "He betrayed him," he finished heavily. "I denied him. Where's the dif- ferenceT" COMFORT FROM MARY The mother took both .his hands in hers i| e TO YOU 1 ASSEMBLY HOTEL 9th & MADISON IvlA. 3-4174 SEATTLE Greetmgs00 Seattle Diesel Oil Company Inc. 1531 EASTI.AKE EA. SEATTLE EA. 5.7500 and spoke as if to a child. "To deny, to betray, these are not the worst, but to despair of his mercy, to believe there is a limit to his love. You have not done this ." "No." He shook his head. "I have not. In the hall of the high priest--after I.had done what I had done--he walked past me and he looked at me, even then, with so much love. I--if I could tell him--be sure he knows--" Once more his eyes flooded. The mother made no answer but held more tightly to his hands. The last to arrive was Matthew. The chief priests, he reported, had gone again to Pilate to warn him of Jesus' prediction that he would, after being put to death, in three days rise again. They asked that the tomb be guarded to prevent the disciples from stealing their Master's body and claiming that he was risen. Then, with Pilate's permission, they had sealed the entrance rock and posted soldiers infront of it. "How shall we be able to get into anoint him?" Mary asked her sister. "We'll manage," Martha answered stoutly. "They'll not deny him the final decencies." "I'll go with you," Peter said in a re- surgence of valor. "I have no fear of any guard." Then, catching the mother's eye, he crimsoned and, in a lowered voice, repeated, "I will go with you." The other apostles, too, spoke with the mother privately, confessing their cow- ardice, their disloyal flight, and came away comforted. It seemed strange to no one that it was she, the most bereaved, who was the source of consolation, the strength on which they leaned. And It was she who, saying little herself, somehow guided the conversation. She encouraged them to talk not of death and burial but of his life and, especially, of the final evening together. Each of the Eleven searched his memory for details, large and s mall, of the Paschal meal. And those who listened on that Sabbath felt at last that they too had been present, heard all the Master's words, watched his every action at that last supper. (Continued On Page 13) I Easter Greetings GUNDERSON JEWELERS INC. 527 PINE STREET SEATTLE MAin 4-1531 E.W. Painling - Doeorating Wall 4015 Stoneway No. Seattle ME, 2-3613