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Catholic Northwest Progress
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April 15, 1904     Catholic Northwest Progress
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April 15, 1904

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4 THE CATHOLIC PROGRESS. L {:be 00atb0100 Pr000r$$ "'o"o"'o .,.oo T,,,: NEW POLEMICS. as wo,,ld tend to improve the llarticu- . tile active criminal, the _rub ]awyer lar ])aninessor 1)roperty of the writers. WEEKLY. and the corrupt judge. Each class With the ne religion trod tile new ":,', 21,d ot)r, Metropolitan :k trd and Main. mak('s the other two classes necessary educati(m of the day, luLs apl)eared a Last week in Washington, D. O, and the whoh; aggregation most be new system of polemics, which in its there assembled a convention of mis- 'I?ELEPHONE Mai'l :,26. driven from the city bail. Justice latest manifestation, a least, may be sionaries to non-Catholics for the our- anetI,l,o , v tishop l'l)er, h/Is not been so blind as tile people,for fitly named Agnostic Controversy 0ose of fortifying the i)lans end more Eat ihllstl,,d Msr,:h. lS91! tile justic;e dealt out has had an eye witil its motto. "[ know ye not." This effectually extend the work that is so '''e/  to the propugatlon ,,f Catiiolic ellen to business and it has made newest meaos of defeating an intellec- well under way. The convention "te!e  s and the, gathering of Calholic friends of tile nmmmotl of iniquity, tual adversary, bears a most striking closed its sessions on Wednesday of 'W& - ............. The resignation tendered by the resemblance to Russian war tactics, this week, and ou Thursday all the at- e.. IVt,:(. A J BOOKMYJlt, publish- Judge last Mml'dsy is a good beginning It isa perpetual " retreat to ttarbin"-- endants were present at the dcdica- *ts ,nd proprietors. and it will clear the way for the new always with flying colors and "on tion of thc Apostolic Mission House ........ $i.50 Pot Year. 5c PerCopy, city administration to get results from dress l:,arade." When outdone in an on tile University grounds. Tile great- .......................................... that department Let the good work argument, one's adversary is simply est stimulus to Catholic missions News matter is solicited. Matter for ignored--just as the Russian diplomat among Protestants is th fact that so .ublication should reach the editor by go on. Wednesday of each week to insure pub- lication on the following B'rlday. attcml)ted to ignore his lap brother much has been done by one single or- ................................ ON GOOD CITIZENSHIP. before the l)rescnt unpleasantness, der and only as an experiment. All ItEMITTANCES. No more conspicuous examples of Catholics should at least so live that Remittances aould be made by peat- mce or express money orders, drafts or reg- tstsred letlers and made payable to The Now that we are i, tile midst of pc- the above descIibed, novel system of the faithful missionary might point to Progress Publishing Company. litieal events it is well to consider tile controversy couht be brought to public the masses of Catholics and say "such ubseribers removing from oa place to another, and desiring papers changed, elements of Good Citizenship. We see liotioe than tile cases of President Eliot are the fruits of Catholic truth, Gath- t,ouid always give former aa well as pres- ent address, men who are after office and claim of Harvard University,and of Dr. Har- olic faith and the sacraments of the ..................................... support with no regard as to what is ris,Unitcd States Commissioner of Ed- Gatlolio (3hurch." Pubilcat.ons will NO'rICE. to the laruer iterests of our city and ucation. Both, fortunately, or unfor- now follow and all Catholics will be O (,[e Is slloi'led |o (,)]]ect lllOU nr subscriptions or adv,.rtisements or to state. Selfish pursuit should bc con- tunately, of late entered the lists with kept more nearly in touch with the 011cit for the same without ahewlug a 'rltten power of oltoruey, signed by the damned! and thwarted. .ncieat prom- the same knightly champion of Oatho- univcrral effort to evive the spirit of lltor. Advertls'ug rate wih  given ov up. ises, and former obligations arc not lie truth. Both answered mostproml)t- religion in our country. plleatlo. Tie .'atholI(" l'rogreeu is prltea an(i binding on a real Americas citizen ly, logically and courteously; and by sub{lshed every l,'rlday by 'l'be 'rogress when patriotism require of him that both adversaries the Reverend Timo- ubtlahing (ompany. lie exorcise judgment, and choose tile thy Brosnahan was most discourteous. POt'E I,EO ON 'I'LIE CATHOLI(.' PRI]SS. higher grade of man. A week ago ly ignored. In tile first case Mr. Fliot President Roosevelt made a snort was for an entire year provoked to re-! A Catholic ewapaper In a pariah Is a speeoll on the subject that is not only! flY to hs revere}d adversary by the ,.rpetual mission. all who truly asd rum their souls desh'e that religion attd characteristic, lint full of the real mar- taunts of critics thrown nt him fom o:lety dete[de,l by huma] intellect and iiterature should dourlsh, strive by their it tut distinguishes tile patriot from a hundred directions, but the wordy 'iherallty tu guard and protect the {a h. tile demagogue aod partisan. Hc said president of IIarvard perferred to re- l,: press, and let every one []1 propor?ouu o kls t,t'ome slipper| them with his meney tile real rulers of the people are tile unliu silellt. An(l, he it remembered, and lniuenee, for t those whu deVOtrC .hemselves to the (.'atbolic press we o,zht lnell who direct popular sontimeut and that Mr. Eliot was ou tLis occasion de- Sy " means to bring helps of tbl k,d. wl* It which t.oeir Indlslry ',ill ellter direct tile thinking of tile masses, fending the guidillg 1)rinciplc of his [to res,lis or un,:ertaln and mlr Continuing he added:-- life's work. There are over 45,000 pupils onroll- flea. i'/)I'E I.Ell Xlll "There must be more than good Notwithstanding, however, the as- ed ia the ,atholio sohoolsof the Aroh- ................................................ hws to make a good peoille. A man tounding silence of tis agnostic con- diocese of Boston,nearly 1,000 teachers s,,-. ,P O'IIEA'8 I,NDORSEb,]IN'F el r whose morality is expressed meel" in troversialist, we read in all tie pstpers aud buildings and equll)ments not sur- Till': CATLIOLIC ['R()t]ltE,"t. tile non-infrinueme,,t of the law is u of the laud, of Marcl 20, an address, passed anywhere. In the entire state ...... pretty poor creature. Unless our av- * * "The (Catholic) Progress has crags citizenship is based upon a good prepared fly a comraittee, at whoso there are 71,000 puoiis in Catholic ,l a grand work fraught with the great- tat good. May it ,.out ne under th, prop- deal more than mere observance of the bead was President Roosevelt, to con- schools.--Messe]tger. ,,r sublease, remail wilhln the natural lira. laws on the statute books, then our gratulate Mr. Eliot on his 70th birth- It ,and without sa,.i.iflce of the Identity of ,.':athollc teaching, feeling and op|nl'n, areal average citizenship call never produce day, m which tile following surprising , wilt prove apowerful factor for good. the kiml of government which it must John A. Creighton, of Omaha, Nob., ,th for the Y. M. I. and the whole church ulld will produce. So far from iibertg sentences are fOUlld: on February 18, deeded without re- : he great Northwest. ' 'OU have given a now definition serve to (;rieghto, University, iu that "EDWAitD J. O'DEA. and the responsibihtics of self govern- "BluhoD of Nes,lual!y " Inent being things which come easily to a liberal education." and to auy peollle, they are peculiar "The universities and colleges city, property valued at $250,000, ........ thilgs tha can come only to the most tirouhout the land recognize with bringing up the amount of his : TO OUR SUBSCIIBEBS. i: highly developed people, capable not gratitude your stimulating influence factions to that institution to $750,000. If The Oathoho Progress fals to . only of mastering others but of master- and your leadership." The university is in charge of Jesuit ing'themsolves, and who can achieve "Fearless, just and wise, of deep Fathers.--Saorod Heart Review. reach you in due time please report :i real self government, real lib(rty, and simple faith, serene in afflict]ml, ' the delay to tlis offle. Telephone:! "For that cultivation of the spirit, sell.restrained in success, you corn- Main 1323.  of sclf-restraiot which is the spirit of mend tie admixation of all men." At a meeting in Loudon of tile As- at'll''t'u''I''ll'*l' self-reliance we u:ost rely in uo small Tiat the l)resident oi Harvard s sooiation of Principals and Lecturers The following is the order of the degree upon those who furnish so Forty Hours' devotion to be observed much of the thought of tile grea bulk "serene in affliction," we grant; that on Training Colleges under Govern. of our peel)Is who think most. The he is "fearless, just, and wise" and ment Inspeetion, it was announced ia the Diocese of Nesqually: man who writes, the writer who, abounding in all the other virtues that an association has just been form- month ia and month out, week in and above mentioned, we doubt exceedi E- ed in England and Wales for tie pres- April. week out, (lay in and day out, fu.nisb- es the material which is to shape the ly siuce he essayed the new polemics creation of classical studies. The First Sunday Tacoma, Visitation thoughts of our pcolde, is essentially with Ray. Timothy Brosnahan. Mr. movement has the support of a large Convent. the man who, more than any other, Eliot is a prude,.t warrior and knows number of influential mcn.--Messen- demonstrates the character of the peo- by hea,'t the old verso: get. Second Sunday--Seattle, Academy ple aud tie kind of government this of the Holy Names. peol)le shall publish." "He tha fights and runs away May live to fight another day." April 17. St. Anicctus. SPECTAO(LAR FRAN(3E. Our Methoditsfrieuds are now hay- Our second champion of the new pc- NICETUS occupied the chair of ins a little trouble of heir own. One lemies, United States Commissioner of  - St. Peter from tle yoa 1(5 to The action of Premier Combes in of their pomiuent ministers. Rcv. H Education, Dr. Harris, is an adept in 17B, and labored strenuously and with his art. As defender of tile present success in putting down the prevailing removing the crucifixes and other re- W. Peck, of California, makes a very ligious emblems fm court houses in violent attack on the fountainhead of public school system, he appeared be- heresies of Valentine and Marcion. fore the National Eaucatinal Assooia- In this he was aided by St. Polyearp, France is only another indi0ation ot the denomiuation--Bostoo University, Bishop of Smyrna, and , althougi the the animus of the man. Oe edict sit- and dcelares it is atheistic in its teach- tion in Boston last July, and delivered two saints differed in opinion as to himself of an apology that even Mr. the proper date of Easter, this ritual or another is prmnulgated and execut- ings. The various Protestant denom- Eliot was proud of. He was answered controversy caused no break in their ed ith a boldness worthy of a hetter tractions are changing their doctrines by Fatier Brosnahan, who stated: "I frieudship. Great simplicity ,f char- cause. The Gburoh s the one insti, so frequently that it must be quite a tution of that country that he is deter, task for ministers remote from the shall endeavor to make it clear that aoter,zea] formedunalterabilt. Auieotus'meeknessandardentdistinctve ' the fundamental proposition of Dr virtues. Tile Ghurch honors him witD mined to suppress. The resentntent had to keel) pace. The distance from Harris is wholly utenable; that tbere the Mass and ()ffice of a martyL He of the people will come item slame if Boston to California is no doubt the is no cpposition between secular an fell a victim to the fury of the Roman not from a sense of rohgionaud justice reason for tile fact the Rev. Mr. Peck religious instruction; that iu fact edu populace. In this connection, it is and the swifter he carries on his un- is not up-to-date, worthy of remark that nearly all the holy crusade the sooner it will oom Rev. Peck pay his repeats to Prof. cation without religious instruction is Popes of these early days had the glo- to a climax. Satan does not hate the Mitchell of the faculty of Boston Uni- wrong m principle and disastrous in ry of laying down their ]ices for result." hrist. St. Anicetus was the first to cross more ardently than doesGombes, versify in the following very expres. And he did i; and tie friends of prescribe the clerical onsnre. and his majesty must bc radiant with siva manner: Dr. Harris know it ;and we are willing satisfaction a tie way his work is be- "Shall we commit our souls' eterna! welfare to such open despisers, scorn. o declare ourselves for oee a prophet ing accomplished, era and haters of the Ghrist and His and say that neither Dr. Harris nor To an Anerican the fact of suoi per works as Tom Prine, Keunaa and any otler champion of the public seoution's being carried ca in the name Wollhausen, from whon Dr. Mitchell school who has a reputation to lose, of a republic is enough to condemn it. gest most of his critical positions? And what a spectacle such a republic Dr. Mitchell teaches us tha Jesus will venture a reply o tte argument Ghrist was an ignoramus concerning wiioh silenced the U. S.Oommisoioner is iu the face of monarchical Europe. His own revelations in tie Old Testa- ot Education. It stand for such etremes as social- ment, and actually taught tbese igno- Verily, the new polemics is boeom. isis advocate, and socialism is the one rant views to the disciples for thv ing popular, and others besides the exceedingly increased, and many per- discordant and disintegrating princi, truth, supposing that He was teac,.ing sons of the first rank, among them Ap- correctly." "universities and colleges throughout ollonius a Roman senatcr, enhsted pie that governments contend most Talk about your 'critical positions.' the land, recognizing with gratitude themselves under the banner of the against. Any souls tossed about between Dr. the stimulating influence and leader- cross. After a courageous defense of Mitchell and ev. Mr. Peek would ship" of Mr. Eliot of Harvard. the faith, Apollonius, also famous for "THE INSOLENOE OF OFFIOE" his knoweage of phillosophy and holy undoabtedly he in a very critical pea- scripture, was beheaded about the itionall the same between his satan. The Post.Intelhgeneor has published year 186. Simultaneous with our observation ic majesty and te deep blue sea. some fifty letters, from as many prom. last week that oases are no fairly taunt citizens, under the heading April 19, tried in our police and justice ogurts "Greater Seattle." Strange to relate came the exposure of Judge Cann and Last Wednesday tio Knights of Co- St. Leo IX, Pope. his methods. So general i,ad become lumt,us through their National Presi. scarcely any two of these gentlemen IT would require a volume to give dent presented $50,000 to the Catholic entertain the same views on the sub- even the faintcst idea of the cease. the abuses that the very air seemed University at, Washington, D. (3, for jeot, and if all the schemes and im- less activity of this great Pope. rife with the odor of corruption and the endowment of theChair of Secular provements suggested were adopted, Scarcely a country of Europe was left intuitively the average man fixed hs History. It was an eventful day, and the cost .to the city would e.oeed the unvisited, and, by advice and exhorta- suspicions upon float department of some notable incidents marked the re- tion, the assembling of diocesan coun- caption of this gift, which we shall property valuation, oils over which he presided in person, our city government, be able to give in detail next week. Letters of this kind, however, fill a ie inaugurated and erried out many Titan there are a few lawyers wLo Tbe check is unusul in proportion as double purpose.' They fill space iu needed refrains. Born in Alsace in will stoop to any subterfuge to win. it measures 4 feet by 8 feet and, be the paper, and they allow the writers 1002, he was still only a deacon when To huy witnesses or to coerce them to sides the usual specifications on a check, it oo'taius the names of the an olportunity of exploiting some pet appointed to tits bishopric of Toul, and nearly two years elapsed before he re- be on the right side seems to be ecru- councils contributing o this fud. It scheme which might otherwise never calved priestly and episcopal consecra. men practice. Conspiracies against is hOl)ed the check will be reproduced be hoard of. rich. His wise an prudent adminis- the safety and good name of our city in mimature so that each council may Some of the letters are, indeed, very tration of his diocese singled him out are not m the keeping of one individ iavo it as an evidence of good work done. It is also hoped that some of interesting aud show at once thaf the as worthy of the Papal throne, anti, though he made a public confession of Lll|nru l"l'11"urlirt't PflARMACY the errors io our history will be eor- writers have give the subject hought his sins in the attempt to escape this rected througi the investigation and --and good thought a that. But the high dignity, the electors did not insistence of this departem1t of the majority of the writers are narrow in tne powers of hell. COLLINS BROS. UNDERTAKERS, % . 2.. '." '..:. .:-   ., :q ., Funeral Directors and Embahners- .......... Specially equipped for tatllolio unerals. it ':;', +;!/. 'Phone Main 1029. 10007 FirstAve .... , Telephone Main 272 iThe Homer M. Hill Publishing Co. :Commercial Printrs 504-5 Pacific Block : R. SAI{T()R1 & C(), Importers and Dealer8 In Hlgh-Orade WINES - AND L.IQUOR I i b James L tree 114 Yesler 'Na., ,'aE ATTI.,E. WASH Don'tExperlmem &_=. When you get ,," '3.- tlasses of us they EDUOATION. ]', lElare right in finish, i;.. _.,.; pr ic e, everything. n the single Province of Quebec,  Thousands testify Cannon, there are 5,000 primary ' W [it glasses scienti, to our ability. schools, (;00 superior l)rimary schools, fically. Tel. James 1301. 3 normal schools, 1 polytechnic, 2 ag- EVERSOLE OPTICAL CO., 708 2nd N.Y. Bl'k riculturai and 2 deaf-mute schools, 1. houses of secolldary cducatou and 2 CHAI.LEII MESTON Seals and Rubber Stamps universities' The total number of stu- [ dents of all the sch-ols is 32(;,570.-- ] ole Ageot for Messenger" Patent White lnameled Letters and J'tl ares for Signs and [louse Numbers. Aluminum Numbers, Numbering Machines, Itubber Type, l'rlce Markers, l_)atera, Rubber 8tamp inks, Pads, /ql," ln VESI,i,R WAY, EATTLE. WASFI April 20. Blessed Hermanu Joseph. HIS saint was a soz of Foor pa- rents ih Cologne, and his beauti- ful life is full of a touching siml)li(:ity absolutely beyond tl,c cornprehensoin of any but the most profound faith. Of sue}l, indeed, is the Kingdom of Heaven aud the familiarity he enjoyed with the Mother of God and tile Child Jesusevcu hereon earth proved the Master's saying true. Accorc'ing to the boy's biograpler,nearly every step hc took was marked by a miraelq. Prayiug before tie statue of the infant in the church, the hand the of the statue opened to rccieve an apple from Hermaun. The Blessed Virgin pointed out to him astone beneath which he found small sums of money for his boyish nee(is. Hc was lifted from the 1)a.vement of the churcil to the tribune with its xuarble group of Mary, St. John and Jesus, to form one of the company and enjoy an hour in games wilh the Divine Chlld. He died about 1230. April 21. St. A,selm. NSELM was a native of Piedmont. When a boy of fifteen, Leing for- biddeu to enter religion,he for a while los iis fervor, lett home ald went to various schools in Jerance. At length his vocation revived, and he became a monk m Pec in Normandy. The fame of his sanctity in this cloister led William Rufus, when dangerously ill, to take him for his confessor,and make him Archbishop of Canterbury. His  heroic defense of the cttureil agaiust William and Henry I are known to all. St. Anse]m,on account of his writings, is celebrated as the father of scholastic theology. He is yet more iamous for his devotion to our Blessed Lady, whose feast fo the Immaculate Conoop tion, he was the first to estahlished in the West. He died A. D. i109. April 2'2. St. Leouides. BONNEY-WATSON C0. FUNERAL DIR[]C'I?OItS & lflMBALMERS And dealers in all kinds of Burial Cases, Caskets and Undertakers' Goods. Preuar- Ing bodies for shipment a specialty. Ali orders by telephone or telegraph prompt ly attended to. I'arlora Third Avenue an Columbia Stree* Phone Main 13. Seattle, Wash. Phone Johu 346 Open all Night W, S. MAYFIELD LICENSED EMBALMER AND FUNERAL DIR[CTOr ],ady Assistant Always Give Personal Attention Broadway  Burke Ave. BALLARD : =:: =I; : ::: ; : .t. .I-to.bataa . BRUSttES, ROBES . t curry COMBS nors. BLANKETS t $ wraps ETC,, ETC. :l: $ REPAIRING NEATLY DONE $ McSorle002, Henderson t . HARNES ND SADDLERY , 212 Occidental. Phone Main 749 Seattle ++++I'+..+.I+ +.I,+ Phone Independent (;52 F.J. DANEL Merchant Taiior 217 Columdia St Seattle HARTLAUB'S @ a GENUINE a a a a H 0 M E---,N| A D [ o BRFAD. BRAND For Sale by the leading Grocers SMITH DRUG CO. % PRESCRIPTIONS % PHONE MAIN 40:IND-49  Cur. 2nd & James, Seattle A. R. McLEOD D]STRIBUTOR. GRAND RIDGE NUT COA l and LUMP COAL of ALL KINDS Northwest corner of Madison & Western Ave phnnae. Sun.t 00a,n 976, 111dl II , 0 Independent 976. T. L. DABNEY A.d. WOODHOUSE DABNEY & WOODHOU E Solo agents for the Charter Oak STEEL RANGE. We Buy, Sell and Exchar, ge HOUSEHOLD GOODS of eyey desoril)tion, at the Big N']W & S[COND-HAND STORES, Tel. John 981. 4,18 & 500 Pike St John Coughlin Praoioa1813 3rd Av PIumber and Gas Fitter Contractor for Steam and Hot Water. Apparatus and THE emperor, Severus, in the year Hot Air Furnaces. April 18.  202, raised a b!oodv persecution, Phones Main 295 & Ind. R I809 I which filled the wl)ole empire witi 813 THIRD AVE St. Apollonius. imartyrs' but especially Egypt. The i SEATTLE "Jrareas Aurelius had persecuted the[ m0st illustrious of those who by their] ..... /1 Christians, but his son, Commo- I triumphs nnobled and edified tie city [ dus who in 180 succeeded him show- of lAlexandria, was Leonides, father] PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS. ed l'llmsglf favorable to them out of re- of the great Origen. He was a Chris-[ gard for his empress, Marcia, who was tian philosoplaer and had seven sons, I an admirer cf tie falth During this whom he brought with great care. ! calm the numborof the faithful was Leonides was beheaded iu 202. His A GOOD iNCOME CAN estates and goods were confiscated,and seized for the emperor's use, his wid- ow being left with her seven ehldren. Divine Providence, however, was both her comfort and support. April 23. St. George. EPARATING what is merely legen, ,fdary and symbolical from what is history, we learn that St. George was born in Cappadocia, towards the close of the hird century. He adopted the profession of arms, and rapidly rose to high rank in the Roman service. Or- dered by Diocletian to abjure Ghrsiti- anity, he was, on his refusal, thrown lute prison,and after exquisit,e tortures was finally beieaded. He had always been held in high vend.ration by the faithful in the East; but, on the return of tie Orusaders from Palestine, devo- tion to him spread rapidly through Europe. He is the patron saint of England Mtlta, Barcelona, Valencia and Genoa. St. George is re0resented in Ghristian art on horseback, arrayed in full military raeooutremonts, and tansflxing with his spear ahage drag- ona type of suo0ossful combat against evil--the'trmmph of faith over BE SECURED AGENTS WANTED by an (Whole or spare ttms, _Male or female.) tood wages and con- stant employment o be eaa'ned by tutolllgsnt agents. rhe New Diamond Gold Pen superior to the bast Gold Nlbs cost ONE English ,, lnly. Points flnJshed tke Diamond - - Shape. One nlb wUl last Manutacturer =an, mo00t00,. for the Advantages of the new Diamond Pen: Beautiful New Diamond touch--glide smoothly over the papermaks writing a pleasure--- .) Gold Pen ,reprove In uso---dur. ane  non-corrodible--- -*v*rvwhnr ono ntb wtll last longer than grosses of steel nlbs. Every man, woman, or child should use the new Diamond Pen. To start at once send 40 cents (stamps will do) for Agents' Sample Box, or one Dollar for large size Sample Box post free by return to all naris of the world with particulars of the best pay- lng agency. Slanctarcl Corporation,: Diamond Pen Works " 49 NEWGATE ST., LONDON, E. C. ENGLA2D. "0 1 | I" spare his humility. Leo IX was a, (Postage for letter 5 cents.) Dealer in pure Drugs Univers!ty. :he occupant of. the uhair their views and seek only personal great lover of the poor and tile afflict-I  may res assurea n has a valiant hos ......... ___ ._ ed, and on one occasion he lifted ale- [ - It'|, |t,n,,n 0 U,|n,. O#,,,,,, at his back who expect him to get re- benefit not ne generat wetzare. 'ne per on his shoulders and l:laoed him in ....................... -- , IFIIbl tRIIGIlUG O( IlllglllUII OIIGGI, sulfa "imnrovements" suggested are such TELL THIM YUU AW IT I THE CATHOLIC PROGRESS his own bed. He died in I054. l!iil