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April 6, 1962     Catholic Northwest Progress
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April 6, 1962

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Stand By The Cross t ,,Fr;day, April 6, 1962 THE PROGRESS--5 Stations Give Thoughts To Children For then I get meaner and nobody What a beautiful body Jesus can stand me. . has. It is just like mine. Heis, Love Unity ' 00.o,.ou end .,m- , , Chddren self, and even You fell down a Jeer--everything. The cruel By Father John L. Thomas, S.J. , while carrying the Cross. But Profeuor of oiologv at St. Louis Un|versiv You got up. Every time I fall soldiers stripped Him for all II Jesus is made to carry His crDs$. It is hard to be good. I want to be good. But it is so easy to be mean and nasty to others. Sometimes people yell at me and hit me when I didn't do anything at all. Well, Jesus didn't do anything wrong, ei- ther, and they made Him put that big board on His shoulders and carry it dear out of the city. He didn't get mean right back at them. He loved them instead. He took the Cross. I will, too. Jesus, help me be nice to everybody. Ill Jesus falls /or the first time. I am supposed to think about Jesus when I am awake. But I forget all about Him most of the time. Jesus fell three times when He was carrying that great big piece of wood along the street, l know what I'll do: every time I fall down on the playground when I'm playing, I'll try to think of Jesus. He thought of me every time He fell down, so I'll" think of Him. Jesus, I love you. IV Jesus meets his Mother. Jesus had a mother too, just like l do. I would like to have Jesus' mother for my mother. Mary, Jesus' mother, really is my mother, just like my own mother. I have two mothers. One mother to take care of me here, to feed me, to help me with my homework, to protect me. And I have another Mother --Mary. She is in heaven, but she likes me, too. She feeds me. she gave me her Son's body to eat. She helps me to study; she makes me remora- By Rev. Michael Cody Holy Family Parish, Seattle (The Stations o/ the Cross extst as a devotion for one purpose only, Father Cody writes in his pro/ace to this series el Lenten devo- tional reading, and that is to help the Christian think /or himselJ about the Pas- sion oJ Jesus. The Stations can help Jollon, ers oJ Christ find union with the Passion el Our Lord. "No man can altogether avoid su/Jering in this liJe," Father Cody w r o t e, "but su/Jering is worthless unless deliberately united to the Way of Jesus" Cross." Each week during Lent, The Progress will print a different set of sta- tions ]or use o t its readers. Somd have been written with children in mind,, el- hough the), may be readily used by adults. This is the tilth in the series and is directed to children.) I [esus is condemned to death. When someone does some- thing nice for me, it makes me want to do something nice for them. Jesus let the bad people kill Him because He loved them. He made me God's child by dying for me. I love Him, He's been so nice to me. How can I be nice to Jesus? I will v Simon o t Cyrene helps ]esus carry His cross. Look at the poor man, Simon of Cyrene. The soldier yells at him: 'Hey, you! Come over here. Carry this board!" Simon didn't want to help, but he had to or else he would have gone to jail. Nobody wants to go to jail. In jail you can't do what you want to do. You can't go outside. You can't have any fun. Hell is something like jail. There's no .fun in hell, no beautiful sky and pretty clouds to watch, no nothing--just hurt- ing-in hell. I don't want to go to Hell. Even when I don't want to help Jesus by doing what He says, I will obey Him. Jesus, teach me to love Your Cross because I love You. I don't want to hurt You, and I don't want You to have to hurt me because I've been bad. vI Veronica wipes the lace o/ Jesus. Veronica is a nice lady. No- body had to tell her to help. To wash the blood from Jesus' face was her own idea. She did it because'she loved Him. But I love Him. too. But do I al- ways have to have someone tell me to do things I have to do? Like making my bed, washing the dishes, hanging up my clothes and doing my home- work? Jesus--I'll be m o r e like Veronica. When I know what I have to do, I won't wait to be told. I'!1 just go ahead and do it, and make you happy. give Him my love. I will obey all His rules. ber to say my prayers. She protects me and helps me keep VII Jesus Jails/or the second time. Sometimes I really do try to be good. But it is hard. I try but I just can't be good all the into sin, help me get back up. Make me go to Confession if I have to. My mother and father love me, even when I'm bad, but they love me more when I'm good. You don't hate men when I'm bad, but You dn love me more when I am good. VIII Jesus comforts the women o/ Jerusalem. Look at the poor women. Just standing around crying. They. aren't d o i n g anything. Jesus talks to them. He wants them to raise their children to be good Catholics. I wonder what it is like to be a mother or a father. It must be kind of hard with all the noise, meals to pre- pare, a house to buy, kids grow- ing out of their clothes and ruining their shoes. My parents love me. I love them. I will pray for them every day be- cause they have to carry a Cross, too. iX Jesus falls /or the third time. Jesus is so tired now. He falls and hits the ground--hard. This isn't fun for Him. He doesn't like the Cross. He doesn't like having to die for me. But He does love the Cross. He loves me enough to die to save me. There are many things I don't like. There are some children in my class I don't like Maybe I even think I don't like my own brothers and sisters. But I love everybody. Jesus died for me, He died for everybody. He loves everybody and I'm supposed to be just like Him. I have to love everybody. Jesus, help me to love everyone. the world to see. But when I see His whole Body I am ashamed. I am ashamed be- cause when I look closely I can see where the whips hit Him. I can see the black and blue marks where He was punched by His guards. And it is be- cause of me that His beautiful Body is like that. 0 Jesus, m y v e r y own Brother, walk with me and keep me f r o m committing sin. Jesus, I love You. Xl Jesus is nailed to the / eross. I wouldn't like it very much if someone threw me down on a board and put the point of a big nail against my wrist and hit it with a hammer. He let them do it because He wanted to show me how In be brave when I am tempted to commit a sin. I always want to think about You, Jesus. I love You so much. When I want to give in to sin, help me to be still and suffer the tempta. tion without giving in to sin. XII Jesus dies on the cross. After three whole hours hang- ing from the nails on the Cross. Jesus screams--and dies. How still His Body hangs. His heart stopped beating. All the blood that was dripping from the cuts and hurls on His Body stop. The blood begir to dry and turn a kind of brown color in the hot afteruoon air., Jesus' Body t u r n s sort of gray-ish white. He is dead. He is dead because I have been bad. He is dead because sometimes I have forgotten to love Him. 0 Jesus, never let me be bad again. I want to love You more than anything else in this world. I want to love Xlll Jesus is taken down from the cross. I'm glad they are taking Him down from the Cross. The cru- cifix wasn't very pretty. It was ugly, because it reminded me that I am not always a good child. I Wish I could have been there to help. Maybe I could have collected the nails as the men pulled them out. Maybe I could have knelt close to Mary and put my arm, around her shoulder. I would z,vhispar in her ear: -,"I'm sorry, Mother. I won't let it happen again! I prom- ise to be good." With my head on her shoul- der I can look right into Jesus' face. His Head is lying in Mary's lap. I can reach down and feel the coolness of His Face. I put my finger against one of the thorns in His crown and feel how sharp it is. The dried blood kind of cmbles when I rub my fingers over His Cheek. That's the same Blood. the same Body I receive in Holy Communion. Jesus and Mary, I love YOU. XIV Jesus is laid in the tomb. I clutch the nails in my hand. The men let me carry them. Mary and John carry the sheets they will wrap around His Body when they bury It. Joseph and Nieodemus carry His Body. It is so sad. A funeral is always sad. But it is peaceful too. be- cause I know Jesus will never again die. I know He arose from the grave only three days after we buried Him. His face shines with the light of GOd in heaven right now. I know my Redeemer lives! Hail to You, Jesus of Naza- reth, King nf Kings, my God! Hail to Ynu, Jesus, my loving Brother. Jesus, I thank You. If this letter sounds confused and rambles, it's because Fm completely con]used. I used to think that children came om God but now I read in some Catholic periodicals that this isn't the case. Smart people plan their families, the rest oJ us aren't using good sense, and the babies iust come! Don't these writers see that they are robbing us of our greatest consolationthat children are God's will? don't know what articles you've been reading but I rather suspect that, you either read them too hastily or you have some misconceptions about the divine providence. Obviously, the Creator is specially involved in every eon. ceptien, since only He can create an immortal soul. God is also specially concerned with every pregnancY, since it involves a person, one of His children of receiving baptism and the gift of supernatural life. This does not mean that human choice and decision play no part in the conception of a child. God creates a soul and is deeply concerned about its future des- tiny even when conception takes lilaee outside of marriage, yet He condemns the human decision that lead to conditions that require His oooperatinn. In our society' boys and girls are aware of sexual drives and become biologically capable of reproducing at relatively early ages, but this does not signify that Divine Providence intends tl/em to enter marx!age and start having babies at this time. FR. THOMAS In the state of matrimony, the Creator designed marital relations to mutual love and unity but this does not imply that they are to be used without a de- liberate choice involving awareness of their procreative ftmc. tion and the serious, lasting obligation that this implies. Although we are riving under the providence of God, , Christian living involves many personal dee!sines. , One is free to choose the vocation of marriage or another. He is free in his choice of a marriage partner. In marriege, couples may choose not to exercise their marital rights in order to give themselves more completely to the service of GOd and their fellowmen. They may choose to enjoy marital relations according to their normal inclinations with the intention of will- ingly and lovingly accepting the children they may conceive. Because of special circumstances or conditions, they may choose to limit the size of their family by restricting their use of marital relations, or they may decide to trust humbly in God's help and continue to have children in spite of their dif- ficult situation. Individual Makes C, hoices HESE are decision the Christian must make with full aware- ness of the serious commitments and obligations they entail, God will supply His helping graces but the individual must make the choices and accept their consequences. What do we mean when we say that children are God's will? In the first place, this statement implies a recognition of the fact that GOd created men "male" and "female" and commended them to increase and multiply. Further, it acknowledges that each child is the result of a special creative act of God. Also, since the child is one of the major blessings of marriage, it signifies that God has blessed the couple and entrusted them with the care and training of an immoxtal soul. However, as the statement is commonly used, it seems to My Jesus, help me love the God in my heart, time. I try, and before I know X :Y'ou even more than I love Jesus, I love You. Way of the Cross. Mary, I love you, too. it, I have to be yelled at, and my parents. Above all, I want Jesus is stripped of His to love You more than bad (To Be Continued Next ::.!!.  ill ;i, ]"v ................. ,iii ii:! garments, things. Jesus, I love You. Week.) God Love You !i ii ii!!:!il !i:i::i::!:: Dramatic Story of Congo ::::iii: ii!:::!i!::::: | ] rID you know that the populatiofl of for He often gives thorns to those He loves; it John Eekhart / IJ the Congo is more than 35 per is rather because we are to give the barley cent Catholic? There are 3,500 priests, loaves and" fishes to the rest of the hungry Treatment of Catholic Action CATHOLIC A C T I O N AND THE LAITY. By Arthur Alonso, O.P. 320 pp. B. Herder Book Co. $4.50. ERHAPS it is better to begin by saying whtt this book is not. It is not a manual of in- }struetion to cdnduc4 a meeting of the parish altar society. Nor does it tell you how to get someone to a convert class or what to do on that next build- ing fund drive. With that much out of the -way safe to say this is the best book this reviewer has seen for a definitive treatment of the subject, Catholic action. It should be a "sine qua non" for every adult Catholic and it makes no difference if you have no other ambition than to be an informed Catho- lic. "I:he author is o Spanish Dominican and a former pro- fessor of canon law at the Angelicum. Although this book can in no sense be thought legalistic in approach, it neces- sarily combs through canon law, papal encyclicals, and hiblical, theological and his- torical foundations of Catholic Action. Catholic action is defined as "the participation of thg I a i t y in the hierarchical apostolate of the Church." One can immediately think of at least one and several near approaching heresies that have been involved with the subject matter contained in this definition. The author has necessarily then to wade through many =.ntrary opinions and in places u:,es a syllogistic approach in defining the ecclesiastical per- sonality of a Christian in the Church of Christ and an exact determination of the rights and duties that pertain to the laity. This is a scholarly and thoughtful textbook of Ca+he- lie action. By JOHN J. ECKHART Analytic and comprehensive, it deals not only with the na- ture of Catholic action, but with its proper place in the jurisdiction of the Church, it's relation to the hierarchy, with ecclesiastical associatious and' with a Catholic's duties and rights regarding Catholic ac- tion. SAINT RITA, By Willy de Sports. Translated from French by Julie Kernan. Hanover House, 144 pp. $3.50. HIS is a short book that can be read in the course of a long win- ter evening. It is particularly pleasing presentation of the little known 15th century Ital- ian rpystic and "patron of desperate causes," St. Rite of Case!a. St. Rite was born late in the married life of her elderly par- ents who forced her marriage For instance, this is how the author (rents the story that a swarm of bees entered Rita's mouth leaving their honey as she hung in a cradle in the fields while her parents worked. He says: "We prefer, however, to believe Rita was just a little girl like others and that noth- ing foretold God's predeiic. tion. It may be' that sanctity is not always won by one's own efforts and is bestowed on certain people in the cradle, but most often it is gained at the price of a hard climb and the carrying out of humble daily tasks for love of God." This book gives an appeal'- ing and readable sketch of St. Rite. and is besides the only full length biography of her available in English--L.C.R. 'Hound of to a notorious brigand and Y]r_______9 murderer. rleaven Her life is a study of a marriage to a brute who was regularly drunk and absent from home and who adminis- tered frequent beatings to Rite. Rite had two sons who be- came living images of their father, despite the good ex- ample of their mother. After her husband was murdered and her two sons died of the fever and aRer her repeated attempts, Rita was admitted to an Augustinian convent of nuns in Casein. There she lived out a life of prayer full of mystical graces. Although there is an abund- ant course of legendary ma- terial about the Saint from which the author could have dramatized the hook, we commend him for resisting the temptation and giving us an accurate and human pic- ture of the ,struggles of an Umbrian peasant woman in the time of the great western schism. To Be Telecast NEW YORK (NC)--A must. col setting of the religious poem "The Hound of Heaven" by "Francis Thompson will be featured on a special Easter Sunday morning national tele- vision broadcast. The contata, by the con- temporary English composer Maurice Jacobsen, will be tele- cast April 22 over "the Colum- bia Broadcasting System tele- vision network and KIRO-TV (Channel 7). It will be performed by the Peloquin Chorale trader the di- rection of C. Alexander Pelo- quin. The program will be co- produced by the National Coun-" cil of Catholic Men and CBS. Msgr. John J. Dougherty, presi- dent of Scion Hall University, South Orange, N.J., will intro- duce it. of whom 14 per cent are Africap, and 3,500 nuns, of whom 10 per cent are native. Who organized the persecution against the Church during the Congo crisis? The Com- munists! 1.) They formed shock troops ifl Stanleyville to spread throughout the Congo. 2.) They infilitrated groups of Catholic teach- ers and unemployed youths. 3.) They led the government to believe that Catholic teachers asking for higher wages were actually revolt- ing against the government. 4.) They traveled through streets inviting everyone "to drink and have a good time at the expense of Lu. mumba." 5.) They tore down statues of Our Lady, stripped nuns and made them crawl on gravel roads, shouting. "We killed Lumumba, the Christ of the Congo." How did the Catholics act during the Com- munist uprising? Magnificently! One youth leader refused a large sum of nmney that would have been his had he defected to Com- munism. The laity sneered at bribes they were offered to falsely condemn the clergy and pro- tested against the persecution of the latter. What are conditions at present? The bishops of the 40 dioceses report that there is much suffering in 10 of their jurisdictions. Yet, stone 600,000 converts are under instruction, four times the number in the United States which has 11 times as maay priests. Here in the U.S. the Lord spares us perse- cutions. While other ' countries have their Good Fridays, we have our Palm Sundays. while much of the Church is nailed to the" Cross. we have ointments poured on our feet. It is not because God loves us more that we are spared. world. Last year, the average Catholic contribU- tion to the Holy Father for all the Missions of the world was 27 tents. Suppose we were in the Congo and heard that ,the faithful in the U.S. had each given the Holy Father 7 cents to take care of all our churches, schools and" missions. Would we feel that they were con- scions of their duty as Catholics? Let your offering answer for you. We are asking/every reader to send $10 to lighten the borden of the Holy Father. Your donation to The Society for the Propagation of the Faith will be sent di- rectly to him. and he will use it to aid all the Coagos of the world. GOD LOVE YOU to R.A.K. for $20 "Please use it as you wish." . . . to L.W.L. for $2 "'As the mother of six hungry chil- dren I often wonder how a mother in the missions can bear to refuse her children's pleas for food. Maybe this small offering will mean she does not have to," . . . to C.M. for $10 "Enclosed is 10 weeks of my pledge for the missions. More will follow." WORLDMISSION. a quarterly magazine of missionary activities edited by Most Reverend Fulton J. Sheen, is the ideal gift for priests, nuns. seminarians or hymen. Send $5 for a one-year subscription tn Worldmission, :366 5th Ave., New York 1, N.Y. Cut out this column, pin your sacrifice to it and mail it to Most Roy. Fulton ,11.. Sheen, National Director of the Society for the Prel ro- gation ef the Faith,  Sth Avenue, New York I, N.Y., or yor Archdiocesan Director, Roy. Stephen Szeman, 90'/ Terry Avenue, Seattle & tlIIIflll[l[#lPltlllll]llllllllf Illllil[lll[llUIt}lllflllllltlllfflllIIII[I Ililltfll[111lrlnfrl?l i i Change [ of Address LEGION OF DECENCY When no+ifyin The Progress of change of address be First-Run Movies sure +o mention +he old and new address. Our mailing list mus+ be made up n advance and we cannot guarantee regular delivery of the paper*durlng such change of address unless no+ice is received 10 days in advance. THE PROGRESS Circulation Dept. 907 Terry Ave., Seattle 4 Showing in Seattle A-l--Sergeants Three. Teen- age Millionaire. Desert Patrol, A.2--Judgment at Nuremberg. A--West Side Story. B--The Day the Earth Caught Fire, Lover Come Back. No Rating--Walk on the Wild Side. Belie Sommers. The Mark. Other Movies Currently Showing MAin 2-8880 A-l--Three Stooges Meet Her- ttlltmmllllliltlmllmlmtll]llllllllltmulItmll,lllIl$11nnmll!IlIIII, a,tlll CUlts. Glenn MiLler Story. Cxim. "-I RE t son Pirate. Majority of One. Murder! She Said. All At Sea. Errand Boy. Al2---Flower Drum Song. The Searcbers. The Sundowners. The Hanging Tree. The Last Time I Saw Arch!e: Houseboat. Shane. East of Eden. A---The Innocents. Breakfast at Tiffany's. One, Two. Three. Light in the Piazza. The Hustler. Mating Game. Sail a Crooked Ship. B Devil's Eye. Don't Go Near The Water. imply that "men will be men" in marriage and if wives pregnant as a result, they must just accept this as "the will of Clod." There's a kernel of truth in this view. The Creator has en- dowed men and women with relatively powerful, mutually com- plementary effective and sexual drives that the love and intima, of marriage nrmally arouse to action with the result that chil- dren are conceived even though they may not immediately and directly be intended. Couples accept them as the normal consequence of "doing what comes naturally." Self-Control Must Be Exercised N the other hand, the term WILL OF GOD in this tname, is often used as a convenient rationalization for fallm exercise self-conic'el. No onewill deny that the prolonged'ob- servance' of cent!honey in marriage is normally difficult, but ff man is e rational creature, his sex drive must be brought under rational control. The marriage contract is not a fieense permitting the couple to operate at the level of their instincts. They remain rational beings, and marriage in Cirist requires the ob of the ord of reason. I know some readers will say: "Don't give us that old self.control argument!" But they should reflect that the drunk, the spedfltri the quick-tempered, the lazy, and the uncharitable say the sams thing. The "old self-control argument" is based on the dignity of man, and move particularly, on the Passion and Cross e" Christ. At any rate, have as many babies as you can raise proper. ly but don't blame them De the "will of God." God eooperatw with your actions, but it is yet who ehonse to act. i I ii REGISTER YOUR WEDDING NOW "The Gecmm'$ Sui# I* R*nlal Er4m." BROCKLIND'S Fermi W,ar R*nt*Iz IN SIIAYrLE , ..d o,. .u. m. 4T. u,,,,., w .m, IN TACOMA: !]!16  Tmmma Win/ i i How to get up to 10 days free interest on your savings Open a savings account at Prudehtial Mutual my ,time before the l Oth of the month and you receive full interest from the first. You can gain up to 10 days interest free. (And it-won't cost you a cent to transfer to Prudential; we'U be happy to handle the whole transaction at no charge.) The current rate at Prudential Mutual" is -4% per year--the highest rate of bank interest in the state--compounded and paid quarterly. That's how we attract new cus- tomers. We keep them by making them friends. Prudential Mutual Savings Bank At the fri;ndh,] Tbird and Spri.g Pbo,te MA 2.3200 Free parking Free postage both ways.on mail epo*its M mbm. F.DJ.C.