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March 22, 1963     Catholic Northwest Progress
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March 22, 1963

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Se se Of Mission Needed n &apos;Why Do Spouses " '" '""" Q arrel Easily? 'outh is a problem today because them, give them purpose, make them disciples, / adults are a problem. Their so-call- summon them to carry the crosses of other U ed rebellion is against a previous gener- peoples. ation for not having transmitted to them the By Rev. John L. Thomas, S.J. inn horitoo rff  n.rru in llfe They era In order to get this idea across, we have Associate Professor, St. Louis University Jolm Eckhart J prec .......... 7 " Y "-;.'" "'::'" : "'" J - written a sneeial March-April issue of Mission, Why do some married couples quarrel so easily? liKe H powermt automonue wltnou steering  "A wheel, clutch or brake. They have atomic which is entitled Message to the Catholics Alter almost live years o t marriage we have no major St. John "ST. JOHN OF THE CROSS," by Monsig- nor Leon Cristiani, Doubleday and Co., 298 pp., $4.50 "Within myself no life I know And without God life cannot be; Then, since there's neither life for me, What can my life be here be- low? A thousand deaths 1 undergo And [or my true li[e here I sigh, Dying because l do not die." O wrote the Prince of Mystic Theology in the last quarter of the 16th Century. Philosopher, scholar, mystic poet, and in all things in love with God, St. John of the Cross blazes with undiminished glory across the skies of Catholic sainthood. His life was made of such divine stuff that it would per- haps be very difficult to write badly about such a man. But Monsignor Cristiani has done well by the Saint, as Well as by his own talent. There has, certainly, been tome upon tome created to further expose the life and work of this wondrous Span- ish mystic and co-reformer of the Carmelites but all of them stacked one upon the other do not make this work one whir less important. And there is a good reason for this. This author creates a loving image of St. John of the Cross that cannot help but further ,hdevotion to the Saint. And 'qFglory be, he does it without resorting to any pious non- sense about the Saint. I am happy to report that more and more, hagiography is concerned with truth, not cultistie rumors. Monsignor Cristiani does not use the heavy hand of extra mundane charisma on the Saint as St. O John of the Cross himself warned constantly against the search and acceptance of such manifestations. Monsignor Cristiani even has the Saint, in his historical escape from imprisonment by Carmelites of the Old Observ- m ? . . 7 45 a m, Hour of St Franc,s, KXA-Radio. "The Long Denial" tells the story of an artist who follows a beautiful girl to an ancient village to solve the mystery of a haunted church bell that rings at midnight to awaken careless individuals and nations. 9:15 a.m., Sacred Heart Pro- gram, KIRO-TV, Channel 7. "A Child's Glowing Heart" is the topic of Roy. William B. Faherty, S.J. pamphlet editor of the Queens Work, St. Louis, in this series on "Child ......... Guidance." 6:00 p.m., Challenge, KOMO- TV, Channel 4. ,'The Ecumenical Council -- non-Catholic Reaction" will be explored by Rev. William Treaty, Rabbi Raphael Levine and Dr. Lynn Carson. They will answer questions such as: "What does the council mean to Pt'otestants? Will Jews bene- fit from it?" 7:15 p.m., Sacred Heart Pro- gram, KTVW-TV, Channel 13. The Rev. Thomas W. Curry, professor at Rockhurst High School, Kansas City, speaks on "The Inner Life of God." Take Your Pick By JOHN J. ECKHART once, slide down the monestary wall by the use of cleverly con- nected blankets. Pious folklore has him flying down, the hard way, on his own. It is true the author re- cords an instance of levita- tion, but it is an instance well witnessed and duly re- corded. The point is, writers such as this one do us a great favor by slashing out the folklore" surrounding a saint. The saints themselves would applaud. They don't need it, so why should we. We in turn should applaud Monsignor Cristiani for giving us a concise, yet adequately detailed dissertation on St. John of the Cross. Without maudlin, nor yet overfictionized accounting of the times, this book breaths 16th Century Spain, the age that produced St. John of the Cross, and St. Therese of Avila. He successfully balances the mystic poet against the Thom- istic scholar and paints for us the man, in love with God. "St. John the Baptist," by Jean Bergeaud, translated by Jane Saul, R.S.C.J., Your Name-Your Saint Ser- ies, The MacMillan Company, i26 pp., $2.50 E have in the past reviewed other books in this series. This book about the great precur- sor continues the high degree of literary excellence set by the others. The publisher should be con- gratulated in their consistent top selections for authorship. Like the others, this book is translated from, the French. The author has related what there is to know about St. John the Baptist, made some conservative, well edu- cated guesses to fill in some unknowns, and has always associated the Baptist with his times. The author also explores some of the traditional devo- tions to St. John the Baptist, historical as well as contempo- rary. All of us fortunate enough to be yclept in honor of The Great Saint, should be on somewhat familiar grounds with his life and actions. This book is a good way to , get started. Third Sorrowful Mystery THE CROWNING WITH THORNS Out'Father energy, but it is unguided (no steering wheel), cannot disengage its power in dangerous spots (no clutch) and has never been taught to deny itself (no brake). e Any force which is devoid of purpose is necessarily revolutionary. A boiler without obed- ience to its pressure.limit explodes; a train in revolt against the "conservative" who laid the tracks runs wild; the young without a mission perish. This want of mission affects all young people, even though they have a measure of Faith; it leaves people of all ages bored, full of ennui and disgusted with life. But given a mission, a goal, a purpose, they quickly become happy. O Three years ago a young man was brought to us by his father, who was saddened by his son's loss of Faith and consequent cantanker- ous nature. A few months later the boy ran away, returning the next year still as stub- born and anti-religious as ever. We recommend- ed sending the lad to a school outside the United States. After a year the youth returned to ask our support for a plan to teach poor children, build a clinic and construct a small church for the impoverished of a certain miss- ionary land. At college he had met some boys who had done such work, who in turn inspired him with a mission. e The burden of the Church in the U. S. is to give our people a sense of mission, something to do either for their parish, the poor in the city, prisoners or. the hungry souls in mission lands. Our people are sheep--but not sheep to be sheared only. Their purpose is not just to "support the Church." The Church must support of the U. S." If you don't have it, write and we will send it to you. In gratitude, say a prayer for the Holy Father that next year the people of the U. S. will give him more than an aver- age per capita contribution of 27 cents to evangelize, educate and heal over 2 billion pagans! e GOD LOVE YOU to H. A. M. for $10 "I am offering this up for the poor of the world, so I won't be one of them next month if my husband gets laid off his job." ... to J .D. for $1 "In gratitude for my most precious possession, the gift of Faith." . . . to E. B. for $6 "I have tried to make small acts of denial each day throughout Lent to send the missions the financial equiv- alent. Please have the Holy Father use my offer- ing as he sees fit." . . . to M. V. for $25 "By having an accountant' figure out my income tax, I was able to save the above amount. I want the missions to use my savings to further their saving." e We want not only your sacrifices but also your prayers. Send your request and a $2 sacri- fice-offering for the Worldmission Rosary, and we will send you these multicolored beads blessed by Bishop Sheen. Each time you say the Worldmission Rosary, you will remember to put aside a daily sacrifice for the Holy Father. @ Cut out this column, pin your sacrifice to it and mail it to Most Rev. Fulton J. Sheen, National Director of the Society for the Propa- gation of the Faith, 366 5th Avenue, New York 1, N.Y., or your Archdiocesan Director, Roy. Stephen Szeman, 907 Terry Avenue, Seattle 4. <\< Now the soldiers led him away hto the < courtyard,/ and they stripped him and put onhim <\< a purple cloak. Mark 15:161 Matt. 27:28 Hell,Mary <\< And plaiting a crown of thorns they put it upon his head,/ < and a reed into his right hand. HailMar Matt. ZZ: < And bending the knee before him they: mocked him,/ saying, 'Hail, King of the Jews!' ,t Matt. 27:29  HaiI,Mary i And they spat on him,/ and took the reed and kept striking him on the head. Hail.Mary Matt. 2z :so Pilate again went outside and said, 'I <\