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March 19, 1965     Catholic Northwest Progress
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March 19, 1965

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South Central Deanery ACCW South Central Deanery of the Archdiocesan Council of Cath- olic Women will hold its annual Day of Recollection Wednes- day, March 24 at St. Vincent de Paul Church, 30525 8th Ave. S, Federal Way. Father Lawrence Willenborg, pastor of St. Vincent's will open the ceremonies at 10 am. Mass will be offered at 11 am. Coffee and tea will be served by St. Vincent's Altar Society. The program will conclude at 2 pm. All are invited by Mrs. Joseph Dahlem, spiritual development chairman. Norfh Cenral Deanery ACCW No r th Central Deanery of the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women announces a Day of Recollection Wednes- day, March 24, at St. John's Church, 7900 Ist Ave. NW from 0:30 am to 2 m. Father James B. Dunning, assistant pastor at St. John's Church will be the speaker. Mrs. Jack Pennant, Deanery Spiritual Development Chairman, EM 3-3262, is in charge of the arrangements. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be celebrated at 10:45 am. All attending are asked to bring their own sand- wiches and ladies of St. John's Parish will serve coffee and tea. All Catholic women are most welcome to participate in the Day of Recollection and are encouraged to bring non- Catholic friends. North Central Deanery ElecCs North Central Deanery of the Archdicesan Council of Cath- olic Women elected Mrs. E. C. Clancy of St. Benedict's Par- ish vice president and Mrs. R.F. Gorman of St. Patrick's Parish, treasurer at a recent meeting. Honored g u e s t s included Lutheran women from parishes east of Lake Washington, mothers of deacons of St. Thcnas Seminary and Sister Elizabeth of Jesus SCFP who spoke on vocations. A report was given by Mrs. Tim McCullough. Open House At Nit. Carmel BELLEVUE -- An open house will be held at Mount Carmel Juniorate here from 1 to 3 pm Wednesday, March 24. Tea will be served. Sponsoring the open house will be Catholic women of the eastside under the co-sponsor- ship of Mrs. William Russell and Mrs. Ronald Bennett, both of Sacred Heart Parish. "We're looking forward to having many of our Protes- tant and Jewish friends at the open house. They can tour the grounds and facilities of the juniorate of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Newark." Sisters of St. Joseph staff the schools at Sacred Heart and St. Louise parishes here and at St. Monica's on Mer cer Island. Frlday, March 19, 1965 THE PROGRESS--5 St. Joseph's Issaquah, Plans Dinner A VOCATION of a boy to the priesthood or a girl to the religious life will be aided by members of St. Joseph's Parish, Issaquah, and Sisters of Providence Heights College who have joined in plans for a dinner to be served Sunday, March 21, from 2 to 6 p.m. at the Issaquah High School Cafeteria. Discussing the plans are, from left, Sister Eileen Cecelia, Mrs. Pauline Montreuil, Mrs. Sebastion Wald, Mrs. Elmer Davis and Sister Anna Cath- erine. SU Art League Schedules Exhibit AINTING AND SCULPTURE to be judged for the Seattle University Art League's fifth annual exhibition to be held Monday, March 29, through Saturday, April 10, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Student Union Building Lounge, Seattle University, is checked by Mrs. Ferdinand B. Curtis, left, committee member, and Mrs. Max L. Gray, Art League president and chairman. A preview of the works will be given Sunday, Marcia 28, from 4 to 9 p.m. at the Student Union Building. Forest Ridge Convent Sets Entrance Exams Applications for Forest Ridge March 20, at which time en- grade and high school will in- Convent grade and high school trance examinations will be clude mathematics, English, are now being taken and must given at 9 a.m. at the school, grammer and comprehension be made before Saturday, Placement tests for both and a reading test. Many Post Easter Activities Scheduled March 24, 1965 -- Southern March 28, 1965 -- Friends of "Deanery Archdiocesan Council St. Peter Claver Center, Pan- of Catholic Women, Day of cake Breakfast 9 am to 1 pm Recollection, St. Vincent de at the Center, 17th and Jeffer- Paul Church, 30525 8th Avenue son. South Federal Way. March 28, 1965 -- St. Gabriel's March 28, 1965 -- Legion of Church, Annual Ham Dinner, 1 Mary Tacoma Acies ceremon- to 6 pro, BotheU Grange Hall, ies, 3 p.m. at St. Leo's Church. March 28, 1965 -- Legion of. Mary Olympia Acies ceremon- ies, 3 p.m. at St. Rose Church, Longview. March 28, 1965 -- Briscoe Auxiliary Open House, 2 to 4 p.m. at Briscoe School. For in- formation write PO Box 538, Renton, c/o Briscoe School. Old Gig Harbor Highway, off Mitchell Road Highway. March 30, 1965--Benefit per- formance of "The Greatest Story Ever Told" by Associa- tion for Catholic Childhood. For reservations call Mrs. John Bruno, AT 4-869S. March 29 through April 10- Seattle University Art League exhibition of paintings of Wash- ington State artists at Seattle University Student Union Build- ing, llth and East Madison. April 19, 1965--Seattle Univer- sity Guild "Game of Fashion Luncheon" at the Olympic Hotel. April 22, 1965--St. Brigid's Guild of St. Vincent de Paul Parish, Federal Way, luncheon and fashion show, 12:30 p.m. at Elks Club, 1314 Auburn Avenue. Reservations, VE 9- 1664 or WA 7-0159. April 25, 1965 -- Sacred Heart, Enumclaw, annu Ham Din- ner, 11:30 am to 6 pm in the parish hall. April 28, 1985--Holy Rosary High School Mothers' Club Springtime Fashion Show and Luncheon, 12:39 p.m. at Burien Elk's Lodge, 1st Avenue South and 142nd. April 28, 1965 -- Marian Club dessert card party, 12:30 p.m. St. Peter Claver Center, 1610 East Jefferson. Tickets, $1 may be reserved with Mrs. Vincent Manca, EA 2-0336. May 1, 1965 -- Holy Names Academy Alumnae Luncheon at Arctic Club, 12:30 p.m. May 4, 1965 -- Francisco Sec- tion of Our Lady of Fatima parish, annual Spring Luncheon and Style Show at 12 noon, the Windjammer Restaurant. May 2, 1965 -- Alumnae re. ceptien for new graduate at Holy Names Academy. May 4, 1965--St. Anne's Sanc- tuary Spring Luncheon in the parish hall. May 5, I5 -- St. Martin's Mchers Club Burse Party, 1:30 pen, Spanish Ball Room of the Olympic Hotel. OUR READERS WRITE 00More onWhether ' Drivers, etc.,' Belong in Sanctuary ! the Church, concerninp, the C.C.D. class and the Mass ' For years I would hand my Your consideration of this Since the Church is not a The quality of numbers is not be old fuhimted and marl. 'Much Less Than Thou' Editor, The Progress: May I join the poll re- uested by a subscriber from Seattle on the Peo- ple's Mass? I have served as lector and commentator at Mass, and will direct my com- ments to the last paragraph of the subscriber's letter. First, when the New Liturgy was announced, I, too, f e 1 t trongly that "... the Epistle . should be disseminated by ordained clergyman . . ." Not until the fourth or fifth time I served did I realize just how close are the partici- pants in the Sacrifice. Our Lord, His priest, the altar boys, the people, the lec- tor and the commentator, each has an important share m this Mass, and each de- ends upon all of the others to perform parts that he can- not do himself. I don't feel closer to Our Lord in this New Liturgy, but I do feel that I am now more a part of His work, and that I am not alone in a disjointed crowd of worshippers. Second, when I am standing t the foot of the altar on the anctuary side of the rail, I cer- tainly don't feel holier-than- thou. I. feel much-less-t h a n- thou, because I fully under- stand that no one came to hear me speak. I sense that God and His people expect me to relay the words of St. Paul exactly as Paul intended them to be re- atyed. I may change nothing, d nothing, interpret nothing. I must weigh even the tone of my voice so that St. Paul is heard rather than a man from the parish. The responsibility is a com- pletely humbling experience, no matter how many times re- peated. Robert L. Erickson D 422 S. Tacoma Ave. Tacoma Ignorance of New Liturgy Editor, The Progress: Re: Last week's letter Dentitled on e w 'Poll N Liturgy Asked". The letter which appeard in last week's issue of The Pro- gress displays not only gross ignorance on the part of its author, but also a complete lack of Christian charity. The author relates a two- fold problem. On the one hand, he finds it difficult to accept Ihe teachings of Holy Mother, / directives handed down from the Second vatican Council per- taining to the new liturgy of the Mass. On the other hand, he finds the lector personally offensive because he insinuates that the lector is something less than a Christian for not being a priest. It is not necessary to re- fute the author's statement referring to the dignity of the old Mass, hinting that the new Mass is not. Such refer- ences are obviously due to a lack of education pertaining to this individual's connota- tion or interpretation of the word "dignified". But, a re- buttal could best be formulat. ed by a closer examination of the purposes which neces- sitate these changes. Unfortunately, Mr. Progress Subscriber is not the only per- son who is just as disillusioned on matters pertaining to Faith and Morals. It seems that the old-fashioned notion of loyality has been replaced by modern ideas of discrimination. It was this very lack of understand- ing on the part of so many Catholics that behooved Pope John XXIII, inspired the Holy SpMt, to bring together the Ecumenical Council. It was not his purpose to establish a unified Christian Church, because he realized that human nature being as it is, people would always cling to diversified ideas and differ- ences of opinion. Pepe John desired rather that peoples of all nations could come to an under- standing of each other and live in tolerance in spite of their differences. He knew, too, that a couple of sessions Of the Council would not affect the sudden shedding of deep-rooted p r e i u d i c e s, whether his neighbors be "holier - than - thou t r u c k drivers*, politicians or what have you". As all Christians are mem- bers of Christ's Mystical Body, them was no better way of uniting everyone than through equal participation in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and re- living Christ's life through the Sacred Liturgy. This could best be accomplished by not only deleting obsolete and su- perfluous rubrics, but also by using the venacular. The clergy agree that many converts come from mixed- marriages. How much more at ease the non-Catholic partner must feel, attending the new Mass. If they had attended services of mother denomina- tion prior to now, how easy it would be for them to pick up the hymnal and sing. The future adults had to be taken into consideratiun, also. This is the age of the one or two-hour per week as it is today certainly light- ens the burden for both teacher and children. In another generation or two, the "puckered" feelings will all be ironed out, anct Casper will be the only "ghost" we know. The children will find it much easier and even a pri- vilege to explain their Faith to their Protestant friends; whereas, before, so often they felt unbelievably embarrassed and immediately on the defen- sive, fumbling to explain so many mysterious goings-on.. There is bound to be a cer- tain emount of nostalgic feel- ings present in the Monastary when Matins and the rest of the Divine Office is no longer chanted in Latin, and the Liber becomes a 'collector's item. But the truly loyal Catholic will swallow his pride and pray for humility and obedience. A great deal depends upon the attitude of the Catholic I a y m a n. It is unbelievable that someone like the afore- mentioned w r i t e r cannot realize the importance of the role he must play if the movement is to succeed. A poll like Mr. Subscriber suggests would probably show that he is n( the only fool who dislikes being yanked out of his lethargy, Sunday after Sunday, meditating on yester- day's football game or tomor- row's fishing trip. He would have done well to utilize that "quiet" oeriod to which he re- fers, reading St. Paul's Epistles. If, and when, he can say that he really believes St. IPaul's words in Galatians, 3, verse 26 to 28, then he, too, can rank among those progressive Catholics who will make this movement a success. Charlene Cram 17329 64th Ave. W. Lynnwood Happy To Participate Editor, The Progress: This letter is to tl, e "holier- than-thou" subscriber ashamed to sign his or her name, who wrote regarding the Mass changes. I resent the statement that "truck drivers, politicians or "what have you" were not considered qualified to read the Epistles. Probably similar die-hards accused the writers of the Epistles of being "holier-than- thou" when they and Other sim- ple folk were chose by Christ to spread His word. I was baptized at the age of 25, and in spite of instruction I entered the Church knowing very little about following the Mass properly. prayerbook to my huvband so that he might show me which part of the Mass was being said at the moment. I am now an 82-year-old con- vert being "polled", and I thank God that at last I can freely and happily participate in and understand the beautiful Mass. Mrs. M. McDonald Bellingham Many Changes During Years Editor, The Progress: r The attitude of "A Sub- scriber" in his letter criti- cizing the new Mass pro- cedures, resenting having the Epistles read by other than an ordained clergyman, is typ- ical of many who resent change in anything. If this subscriber searched his memory, no doubt he would discover many changes that have taken place in various areas of religious practice throughout the years, Proced- ures and customs have varied from one diocese to another and froth one country to an- other. People a hundred years ago might very likely raise their eyebrows in amazement if they could see what he considers "obviously proper and suffi- cient" today. Surely there is no time in our lives when we cannot gain by learning and accepting some- thing new. (I remember my father telling of the bitter op- position to the first horseless carriages, too!) Perhaps if attention was ful- ly focused on what was taking place in the Mass and on the message contained in the Epis- tle, there wouldn't be s u c h concern over the station in life of the person reading it. Mrs. A. Measure 3456 36th Ave. SW Seattle (My rebuttal to "A Sub- scriber" requesting a poll on the new liturgy -- letter in the March 5 issue.) Opportunity For Lectors Editor, The Progress: Since the new translation of the Epistle is not generally available it would be quite an advantage for the lectors if you could include the current one in the Northwest Progress each week in order that they might have the opportunity to vractice read it before Mass the foUowing day. matter would be appreciated by us all. James Mack Koon 610 N. Yakima Ave. Tacoma A Helpful Service Editor, The Progress: Re: Poll on new Liturgy asked. Some of those "holier-than- thou" truck drivers, politicians, etc., probably do not like any more to be in the Sunday morning "limelight" than Mrs. or Mr. Subscriber from Se- at, tie likes him to be. But to me he's performing a helpful service and it is truly an aid in following the Mass. I now know, too, what I missed so much about the Methodist Church I attended in the years my deceased non-Catholic husband and I attended  it was the sing- ing. I'm not too good at singing but I sure feel I've been to church when I take part! As cur open-minded and intel- ligent pastor says, "Thank God for the long past-due changes!" Mrs. M. Worthington Bellingham Silence at Communion Editor, The Progress: This is not a rebuttal to the letter of the sub- scriber who asked for a poll on the new liturgy but rather a letter of sympathy toward his opinions. In this age of so much noise and artistic ugliness it was a disappointment to many of us Catholics to find the Church taking away silent though spir- itually active participation in the Mass and replacing it with what at first appears to be, par- don the expression, a Mitch Miller type sing-along. Noise does not necessarily denote spiritual activity any more than silence denotes spiritual "inactivity. In fact, it is often the opposite. As the old cliche goes, "Still water runs deep." The ideal preached by con- templatives like Thomas Mer- ton that God speaks to the soul in silence seems to have been completely discredited by the liturgists. During the one hour a week that the average Catholic spends at Mass could they not benefit by at least five min- utes of silence during Com- munion time to make a prt- rate thanksgiving instead of the community singing? democracy we must all ac- cept the liturgical changes with good grace. It's wonderful that we live in an age that is becoming so aware of the Mystical B o d y doctrine but the enthusiasm for this great dogma seems to have carried some away from the re- lated truth that Christ's Body is made up of individual souls. Mrs. Stanley Sherry 6833-54th Ave. NE Seattle Forgot 'Love Thy Neighbor' Editor, The Progress:. After reading the March 12 issue, regarding Reader's an- swer to Subscriber. I am shocked to think for a moment, that so many well informed Catholics understand the Word of God so well, that they are ready to crucify a nameless subscriber that asked for a pol:[ on New Liturgy. If I were that subscriber and hope he or she would take my advice and reveal the name fully, and reply, for said subscriber has the right to state his opinion regardless of how many book worms may object, because they are the ones that need adviee more than the SUBSCRIBER. 'They seem to be so up to date, but forgot LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF. Regardless of all the slam- bang aimed at the subscriber, there are many facts that did not come to light. It seems that so many call The Holy Sacri- fice "The New Mass". They better book-worm a little fur- ther to find out that the HOLY SACRIFICE of THE MASS has not changed at all, if they know what I mean, What has changed mostly is that the Latin they used to hear and didn't understand, they now understand in Eng- lish, if they understand. I am a Spaniard and don't understand English very well, but I understand Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph. John Betaneourt Member, St. Benedict's Parish for a short time 30 years. Seattle New Mass Won, 8-1 A poll, a poll, my subscription for a poll! Here it is -- the FOR, Against, and Undecided. Thus filled with figures from head to soul: may the good, beautiful, and true therein abided. strained-- w h e r e would we be without their, anonymity? Still, spiritual "brownie points" may be gained when "true facts" help eanquer timidity. This recent survey revealed what consumers say: In new Mass w. old, the new won 8 to 1. The one (I) was neutral. He said "for present day soci- ety, whatever's effective should be done. The epistle copyright was won by laymen with 7-1-1 the ao- tual tally. One (1) was the same neural to the end while to priest's reading of apts. fie the other did rally. In sum, "the secrifica of the New Law" is the Mass. As such it must be a nourishing meal, an EVIDENT sigh from which , boldness is easy to draw. as each soul works to earn its eternal repast. Mrs. Joel Allan Tobias 2326 Crockett Seattle. No Room for Meditation Editor, The Progress: I had made up my mind to refrain from entering my two cents into this little controversy, but can't possibly after reading the letters from all the "Progressives" in The Progress. I will agree with them on one point--I must admire any lay- person for the nerve as well as the stamina it takes to lead a congregation. We had to attend Mass out- side of our home parish this Sunday and after attending my first so-called "Peoples Mass', I left with a complete sense of frustration. If it had not been for the Consecration of the Mass, it may well have been a Protes- tant service. This is progress? 2he church has always been a place of quiet and solitude; a place re- moved from the confusion and turmoil in the world to-day. There is no room in this Mass for meditation! Then there is the little matter of "The Peoples Mass Book." I'm sure Christ Himself would not recognize the shapeless forms on the cover as human beings. Of course, if there were beautiful pictures in this book to remind us of Christ, Mary and the saints this wouldn't be progress--it would mental, and tradition and beauty must not stand ta the way of the great march for- ward! Pardon me, if I drag mY heels! verl l.eeoh 4139 Gay Rd. Tacoma 'Thank, God, For Pope John' Editor, The Progress: AR aeending the People's Mass and in  to the sbscriber who looks with dis- on the new lighting of old canes to flluminaCe the E.d- ctdt path to salvation. I would like to say: "Thank God for Pope John XXlIr'. So short his reign this interim Pope But long his ripples ring out with hope. Listening to the anguished cry across the ear&, His ce4arageaus, boundless heart eauld feel the pain could know the truth. Shining wide his beacon fight: "That ye shall love one another", A Bethlehem star, dear and bright Illuminating the dark and lonely night. The pragmatic, the prudent they murmur now: "A man before his time." "Why, this can never be.'" Accepting not the miracle of His grace, His holy will, Knowing not that pride and fear Have smudged their lamps and held them still. H. S. Phifer 330 E. Vashon St. Port Angeles No Preference To New Mass Editor, The Progress: I do not prefer the new Mass called "The Peoples' Mess." As the subscriber wrote, "The quiet dignified Mass that was proper and suf- ficient", should continue as such and all parts of it should be sacred and taken care of by an ordained "Priest". One whd offers a sacrifice to God is a Priest. A Subscriber To The Progress More 'Our Readers Write' On Page Six |