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March 16, 1962     Catholic Northwest Progress
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March 16, 1962

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10--THE PROGRESS FrSday, March 16, 19&apos;82 SOCIETY FOR THE Rev. Stephen Szeman, Archdiocesan Director 907 Terry Avenue, Seattle 4--Telephone MAin 2-8880 PHYSICIAn In ACTiOn R. PATRICIA M. SMITH of Seattle, wash., had been in Kontum for over three years and has just returned there after a short home leave. Dr. Smith was anxious to return to Kontum because she knew that while she was here there was no physician there to care for her patients. Dr. Smith is working in Kontum with The Grail and with partial sponsorship by Catholic Relief Services. • Dr. Smith writes: "Since our arrival back, we've been bus- ier than ever--it seems people have been 'saving up' diseases for usl In addition, for the past two weeks we've been having the annual Catechists' retreats and it always turns out that a lot of those boys, who spend the rest of the year in far-flung villages, are sick--in addition to waiting to ask us for medicines for the people in their villages. We're down to 'reek bottom' on just about everything right now. "We've also been doing some visiting of 'resettlement' vil- lages of Montagnards who have fled the Communists--these peo- ple are really miserable until they can get settled a bit. When they flee the Viet 'Cong, they leave practically anything they howe behind them--at present they're living in little shelters built of leaves and grass directly on the ground, and the amount of malaria and respiratorj disease they have is fantastic. "We've had some final discussioo of plans for the hospital :--the contractor just doesn't seem to be convinced that we really want it the way we say we dol The contractor, however, has promised us completion in four months, so, if everything goes well, and if we can get our needed personnel in time, we should be ready te open about June or July. "I wish you could have seen the little 10-year-old boy with far-advanced lepromatous leprosy whom I brought into the lepro- sarium last week--the poor little tyke was pitiful enough with his disease, but he was even more pitiful with his fear of leaving his :village and his family--a couple of pieces of candy didn't com- pletely dry his tears. However, he found some members of his own tribe already at the leprosarium, and is adjusting pretty well there right now." Dr. Smith needs help, physicians (specialists ola a short-term basiS), a dentist, registered nurses, a laboratory technician and an X-ray technician. Write to us if you'd like to know more about it. • The Catholic Medical Mission Board, Inc. 10 West 17th Street New York 11, N. Y. IIEADLINES AII I)EADLENES: Shop at KAUFEffS A r Gromyko Stages No Budge Show Open Monday Evenings ',,,9 CRUCIFIXES For The Home SICK CALL CRUCIFIXES-- (Continued from Page 1) of Soviet hostility and obdurate a Senate breakfast meeting scribed to a broad settlement 12 inch Walnut, Oak, Moscow rejected any form of opposition to the idea. with the PreSident, stated the not only of lhe Berlin question or Maple ........... 5.25 verification system in a nuclear Now there is one for the President's mind as follows: but of all Germany, whereby 12 inch with t-land disarmament agreement is that hook! "In the pursuit of these Painted Corpus ..... 7.50 it was merely a cloak for es- At deadline, a dispatch from objectives, the United States East Germany would be rec- 13 inch Beam style, pionage by the West. Geneva says that the British is prepared to lake action on ognized as a sovereign Corn- Oak or Walnut ..... 6.40 Now, either the Soviets report has been emphatiEalty whatever disarmament meas- munist stale and Berlin would Many others, 3.75 to 13.50 REGULAR have something to hide, or denied by a U.S. "spokesman." ures can be agreed upon as be a "free city" in which all soon as such agreement is WALL CRUCIFIXES-- they have nothing which of- This is not too reassuring, reached." Western allied rights would be 10 inch modern, fers a threat to the world, however, in light of President One can only hope lhat he is voided. Walnut or Oak ...... 5.65 !! In the former case, they Kennedy's statement Tuesday not playing the role of a young They accused the West of 12 inch traditional, obviously do not want to dis- that he is ready to take imme- Koa Wood ......... 4.50 arm. They want the other ha- diate action on whatever dis- man in a hurry, creating tensions and a threat 15 inch Walnut o1' Maple, tions to do so, while they pry- armament measures can be DrivinQ Hord of war. They tried to fright- unique new design .. 11.95 en the U.S. into submission pare militarily toward that reached at Geneva. During the week, the Soviets by saying that if we renewed We also carry many of the new modern slim line day when they will be strong What did he mean by "what- resorted to several tactics to nuclear testing we were invit- Crucifixes, with both modcrn and traditional enough to conquer a disarmed ever disarmament measures?" rush the West to the summit ing a world holocaust. world by force of arms. Presiden! Kennedy announced or to approve hasty agreements Corpora. There is every indication that that the U.S. would seek the they proposed. Despite repeated warnings, t au'er this is the correct analysis of widest area of agreement at They threatened to make a they have been engaging in the situation, that they are the earliest possible dote. Sen. separate treaty with East Ger- harassment of the three 20- The Co merely playing for time in the Mike Mansfield, emerging from many unless the West sub- mile-wide allied air corridors to West Berlin by endanger- * hope that they can lull the free ing planes in various ways. CATHOLIC SUPPLY HOUSE world into a state of defense- less paralysis by accepting a Business Leaders Act: Their fighter jets "buzzed" Established 1904 false notion of peace, civilian scheduled flights. In Launch addition to demmlds for flights The Old Reliable Catholic Book Store /t is doubtful that they have Filipinos nothing to hide. But if this by their military planes at the SEATTLE: 1904 Fourth Avenue, MAin 2-417] same time and the same alti- TACOMA: 744 Broadway, MArket 7-2702 were the case, they would fear tudes, they now announce that Stores Also in S 3okane and Portland no espionage. They should Social Action Move they would make night flights gladly invite the West to in- in the Western air lanes. spect their unwar-like paradise of peace. The most ridiculous scheme Bring Your Friends To The Divergence MANILA, Mar. 14 (NC)A group of business has been to seed the air coy- Host Comfortable ridors with radar,jamming DOLL SHOW In view of this obvious de- leaders here have launched the Philippine Executives' metallic chaff thereby jeop- SHOES FOR June 21, 22, 23 and 24 duction, one is hard put to Movement for Social Action to promote observance ardizing WeE tern planes BUSY SISTERS Hours 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. which depend on radar to MASONIC TEMPLE explain the British attitude at of Christian social principles ists and businessmen at- stay within the 20-mile zone America's Most Attractive this juncture, among employers and man- For some time there have agers, tended, and also to land in Berlin. Comfort Shoe 6th and Dayton been indications that London The movement is modeled on Vaccari told how UCID had The purpose of all this is y[ [ EDMONDS dlh was bringing strong pres- UCID (Unione Cristiana Im- helped in stemming the tide of plain. Tr e Walk For fairy R ...... ,ions Coil On lhe other hand, President [ Mrs. Brown  PR 8-2321 1 sures on President Kennedy preditori e Dirigenti--Christian Communism in Italy and South Kennedy reluctantly has com- Shoe Salon Between 4 and 6 p.m. / to rescind his reasonable de. Union of Entrepreneurs and America by awakening leaders mitred himself to a policy of mand that the foreign minis- Managers) founded in Italy 15 in industry to their social re- renewal of nuclear testing late 1518 Fifth Avenue Edmonds Doll Hospital [ ters' conference must pro- years ago and established in sponsibility. He said that five in April if the Soviets would tFiffh Ave. Between Pike & Pine) 9003 -- 233rd S.W. [ duee some fruitful results be- 21 countries, years ago Cuban businessmen .not accept a workable ban ..... fore he would go to a summit Vittorio Vaccari of Rome and failed to heed his warning that agreement. He hs several ......................................................................... meeting. Turin, secretary general of PrEmiEr Fidel Castro was a limes declared that he would This week, the British at UCID, proposed the launching Communist. not go to lhe summit without Announcing-- Geneva wanted him to reverse of the movement at a luncheon He urged his hearers not to some reasonable assurance of SHARI'S School of Da his decision not 1o enter into meeting here February 14. He regard their business affairs progress made on the foreign nee any nuclear test ban agree- was honor guest at the lunch- as isolated from the whole minislers' level, and would nol merit without the safeguards of con, which was given by Rufino complex of society but to work accept a nuclear ban agree- 323 West Galer inspection and control. Cardinal Santos, Archbishop of together in aecordence with ment without inspection and To make matters worse, re- Manila. Christian social principles, controls. Queen Anne's New Complefe School ports from British sources Archbishop Salvatore Siino, Vaccari attended the recent It is up to PrEsident Ken- ADVANCED AND BEGINNING STUDENTS stated that Secretary of State Apostolic Nuncio to the archdiocesan Eucharistic Con- nedy to remain resolute, where- Classes or Prive÷e Lessons Rusk and Foreign Minister Philippines, was also a guest, gress here and spoke at one of upon KhrushEhev will back off. Lord Home were prepared to and read a letter from His the sessions. He had attended as he has always done in the TAP. BALLET- TOE- MODERN JAZZ drop President Kennedy's de- Holiness Pope John XXIII the Asian Lay Apostolate Con- past when faced by firm re- mand as impractical because commending the movement, gress here in 1955 as an ob- sistance; and the British will AT 3-3298 About 60 Filipino industrial- server, continue to support the U.S. Retarded Child Is Subject, Challenge,O'  9  " ___Ui  The relations of the com- munity to the retarded child will be reviewed on "Chal- lenge," KOMO-TV, Channel 4, Sunday, March 18, at 6 p.m. The need for public educa- tion and information about the - etillilllllelo]lllll[il[olllkil[elelol,liolOlllzllelgktAvat7-- meaning of mental retardation l l l ][ will be described by the panel- lets, Rev. William Treacy, Dr.  l,,,- * ( Martin Goslin and Rabbi Re- r phae' Levine. %%.. GUll PLEASURE / The numberofpeopleinthe SEA HORSE ..... to serve community affected by mental THE /'rel,,,s " ' retardation and the agencies  ............. yOU equipped to handle them will '" fill CTCt IO'WII (, _ .. I also be discussed. Royally! KOMO-Radio rebroadcasts n !a Plan Your '  k ix /("/ "Challenge' Sunday evenings 0cea Fresh S foods at 10:30 p.m. LUNCHEON or . Legion of Prime Rib DINNER ,y.(f East Meets West Decency: Choice Broiled Steaks TOMORROW _ A MISSIONARY S FIRS]" APPROACH to the people Firsf Run Movies af the ia often at the hospital or the €lispensary, where non..all u LjChOW:a" In Seaffle direct con act with t , :::Pj;::WETDIB$]:::Sf!s!RG:2:D'ND . :'iUl!L!!! "u ::< ::: : :.. q.:i ; picture ]ast and  ' A-l--Sergeants Three. er demon trates to z A-.I--West Side Story. Chil- dren's Hour. Four Horsemen [ ;" "m" an infant, The Spelt  of Apocalypse. aintains 1 ),000 suct B--Oklahoma. Lover Come LIVE MUSIC [ Luncheons [ PIANO [ : in:aimSphere: i: ,t the ntis Jon work Back. NIGHTLY [ .o.,..t, I TABLE LOUNGE [ i : an.,in;i.'. hem throu ,h your s : Other Movies , i;:Emertainmeqf"NighflY, DANCE MUSIC Curren'ly ShowingA.l_Second Time Around. :::;'Y 'su?iil:!;::[il2d :uP' ? :: :r On;on a,o.,i .3.z3,( 08elnHReHa?'c80fRePzow Mysterious Island. Murder, FA.  ,me lar (RRBflPPLE VICTOR'S 610 PiNE R0sellini's FOUR-1O She Said. Invasion Quartet. suburban dining excellence.. ;Christians come in direct contact with the effects of Chris- tian charity. In this picture East and West come together as a missionary sister demonstrates to an African woman the nursing care of an infant, The Society for the Propaga- tion of the Faith maintains 10,000 such hospitals and dis- pensaries throughout the mission world; the Holy Father supports and aids them through your sacrifices. I: " STEREO TAPES-ALL EQUIPMENT SUPPLIED AND OPERATED Music Provided or All G'roup Functions DANCES  DINNERS  WEDDING RECEPTIONS • Also Candid Recording of Your Wedd!ng in Stereo Romanoff and Juliet. Green GL 4-6344 featuring chosen by I PORTABLE SOUND SERVICE Helmet. Charcoal Brolte n,,,o;o,,.t Florentfl,e delicacy'rE from Holiday Magazine as tops , , Jones Rldg. IdA. 4-5990 *r AT. 2.2]06 A-Z--Sundowners. Pocketful CRAWFORD'S Cocktails Cocktail, N;h, the Eelebrated  of in dinin.q distinction, I ,, i, of Miracles. Flower Drum aelt.u. Shopping Center JohnPoggett£ superb service Song Weekend With LuLu • • .:,: .................... ..........................  ....... : ................................  .............. ........... . • SEAFOOD and Your Past Is Showing Young • t,,, the 610 cocktail lounge nightlyln the Boulevard Room ...... ':::::' :':'*":"'::*: ......... ' .......... 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FOR DtNING FUN  ,;. ..... .., : :: COCKTAILS I. r'+ VIP ourl tll00 220 4th South I Tavo , e S -- I m._ (I Block No. Train D,pots} , :, ii customers. ' ' '  ..,___ i - ............ I Famous f,r I . ' - l serving all fazths iii;!! I ..... p I When you patronize these firms listed in the Open Sunday , •  light atmospher0, Prime RiI Sea from 1-9 P M FOods, GhLken, Steaks from our dis- Open Daily " i] e KAM Oourmet Lane, please mention The Progress. ,,a, broiler, Private banqtlet faclli|les, sit a.m. to lo'p.m. ,oo00,oa lii00ii0000!i [ BAKERY I " , , , ACRES_AN.OF _CLAMS 19260 Aurora Ave. N. , ...... lortions Li6-1525 | PRODUCTS ARE NOW | -'-mp,,mppm.p.,,,,,,q,,,,,m,-..p,um..m. CLAM DIGGER [ ,,VA,LABLE ,N YOUR I" 0en  ,.,,..I,,,..,. =[]: ,0aM d ! I I =. : -.o---.. -- Fine Foe  I I= 6a.m.  ___, = i e VISlT • aa4 Zrh ve,n,e • EAst 2-7484 !ili!ii | • A m | [] to ::; :: unu = I nt00A I! i FOR GOOD FOOD o, ,o ,o,, o, /, ,,, ? Lunches ' i AHD YOUR FAVORITE W --L\\;'d:il  -,,--- iiil 6 p.m. INE 2J'h -ym :i:::,, :,,i,!: ..,4:;i:i!!iii!:::i:i.!   , FOOT O' MADISON STREET Lake Terrace Dining Room " " ...... ': :: ...... ] 145th & Bothell Way I • Security Market3rd and Virqinla [] ! PIER 54 :ii:; [ 1.1.. e:a,, A... " [ [] TOMMY and PAULINE KIRK--Proprietors i Weekdays, S:30 "re 9:30 Sunday Open I P,M. I I mm Member= of St. AIphonsus Parish [] Patronize Progress a d v e r- 78S0 Green Lake Drive N.- LA 3-$929 or SU 2-231B [ | TIIIIIIilIIIIIIilIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlUlUUUlHIIIIHinI tisers. They are your friends. d Distinctive Continental Broiler Entertainment Nightly (£arpet