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March 16, 1962     Catholic Northwest Progress
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March 16, 1962

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-,-L-TH E PROGRESS " i Frioray, March 16, 1962 My Special Calling E have often considered a voca- , Sisters who will follow most closely the tion to the priesthood or the re- footsteps of the Master. But it is, like- ligious life as a very special calling" from wise, a time when every Christian ought God; a calling to close union and in- timacy with Him, given to the few. This is, of course, true, but in a very real sense the call to Christianity itself in the twentieth century, has special char- acteristics unlike any call by God since history began. Thanks to Karl Marx, who for the first time in history has made a religion out of atheism, many not only banish God from their lives, but feel it a vo- cation actually to oppose Him. Christian ethics and morality, the natural law, the ability of the mind to know truth -- these concepts are not just ignored by modern secularists. They are actually on trial. By Baptism every Christian has a special vocation. He is called upon each day of his life not only to give passive acceptance to, but to crusade militantly for God's cause. March is the month of vocations. It is a time when we ask God in a par- ticular way to raise up men and women in His service. It is a time when we ask God to give us priests, grothers and to sit down and examine his own life and ask himself, "Have I been living up to the calling which God has given me through Baptism?" At Baptism I re- nounced Satan and all his works. I be- came a Christian. I positively committed myself to His cause. Am I in the home, on the job, in the market place living up to my Christian vocation -- my spe- cial calling not only to acknowledge God, but to crusade for his cause in open opposition to those who crusade against Him? The word "vocati6n" applies in #s broadest sense to every Christian. Today, more than ever before, each follower of Christ must be consciously aware of his calling. Part of the reason why there is such a scarcity for voca- tions ,to the priesthood and religious life lies in the fact that there is not a dear understanding of the vocational element in eve 7 Christian life. Pray during the month of March that the Holy Spiritwilt guide all Chris- tians to a better and a clearer appreci- ation of their Christian vocation, be it in the home, convent or the rectory. Unrest In South America WASHINGTON, March 14 -- There is consider- able political unrest in Latin America, in the opinion of two U. S. Sen- atqrs who took part in the Punts del Este Conference which expelled the Castro re- gime of Cuba from the Or- ganization of American States. They indicate, in a report made public in recent days, thtt changes are bound to come in still other countries, and that Castro sympathizers are prepared to capitalize on them, if they are permitted to doso. Senators Wayne Morse of Oregon and Bourke B. Hicken- looper of Iowa says U.S. pres- tige has increased in Latin America, and that one reason for this is that "the United States has moved to disassoci- ate itself from the extreme conservatives at the top of the Latin American oligarchies." The Senators say of these oligarchies" that their "days as a political influence in Latin America are hum- bored." This "element," the Senators declare, "will either be over- thrown by a Castro-type revo- lution, or it will be pushed aside by the kind of peaceful revolution envisaged by the Alianza para el Progresso (Alliance for Progress)." The report says that "be- cause of the sharpening con- flict over Castro--which in turn is due at least partly to his own subversive efforts and in part for other, unrelated reasons, most countries of Latin America are in a state of political instability ranging from mild to acute, and from prospective to urgent." It warns that the heml-. sphere "would obviously be confronted with a wholly new situation," if the Latin American political institu- tions should break down com- pletely in one or more coun- tries in the next year. "There is little the United States can do, by itself, to pre- vent this," the Senators say. "Every country has to work out its own political problems. But where there is a coopera- tive response, the United States can "work with other countries along two parallel lines, each of which is equally important and urgent: "One is to promote a peace- f u 1, democratic revolution through the measures for eco- nomic development and so- cial reform envisaged by the Alianza para el Progresso. The other is to take political and, if need be, paramilitary antigue'rilla measures to pro- tect this revolution from the scavengers of Havana." The report declares "it is ap- parent that the trend in Latin America is favorable to the United States and adverse to Castro." But it indicates it is a mis- take to think of Latin America as a monolithic whole, and says the Senators found "a kind of jealousy h a s I o n g 'existed among Latin American court-. tries." This came to the sur- face, they said, in talks having to do with U.S. aid and who gets it. The Senators contend there is a case that can be made for discrimination in U.S. aid programs. In fact, they add, t h e Alliance f o r Progress is "discriminatory by its own terms," its aid is to go only where it will be coupled with social and other reforms. It is interesting in this con- nection that a private institu- tion-Johns Hopkins University --is currently sponsoring a se- ries of talks and discussions in this city by U.S. and Latin American leaders. They include Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Dr. Milton Eisenhower, presi- dent of Johns Hopkins, Jose Figueres of Costa Rica and Raul Prebish of Argentina. To get "to the historical roots of the Alianza para el Progresso," is the stated purpose. 00Vhat Is Anti.Communism? By Louis Budenz HEN on Febuary 15 death came to my old friend, Cardinal Muench, I became doubly con- scious of the clnim on all of us Americans to extend genu- ine education on Communism. Such was the Cardinal's atti- tude. I first met him 50 years ago at a sem- inar in south- ern Wiscon- sin, where he and I were panel leaders is a discus- sion on bad housing con- ditions in the cities and in: the rural slums. Of BUDENZ late, I h a d corresponded with him on the world-wide war by the Kremlin on the Ctholic Church. In the interim, there were other-episodes including the visit of the then Bishop of Fargo to me at Notre Dame, after my return to the Catholic Church, There he encouraged me" to do what I could on edu- cating the American people realistically on Communism, since I had confided to hint my shock at finding so little known about the living conspiracy. 'Ultra-Right Peril' That we will all have to in- crease greatly the classes in Questions and Answers on Communism ;" to which I have so often referred, is now con- firmed by the new tactics of the comrades. In recent issues of "The Worker," and speci- fically in that of February 18, article after article appears on : "the fascists," and "the ultra- right peril." We can learn at once that the big forces played up are the anti-Semitic Gerald L. K. Smith, with whom the Com- munists have always sought to link up all "anti-Commu- nist" movements, and those others who rush out to fight Communism without knowing much about it. But this leads up to the great smash article which "The Worker" wants to be carried to the American people. That contribution is by the mysteri- our "Daniel Mason," whose identity remains a deep secret. His leading directive article is headed: "Right Wing Launches Campaign to Block 18-Nation Summit Meet." This is the old "amalgam" method in use by the con- spiracy for years, recom- mended anew by the Pro- gram of the 22nd Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. For when we read this leading article, we find that the chief voice of this "right wing" is the "New York Times"! Anyone thoughtfully engaged in opposing our foe can recog- nize et once that those well- intentioned but illiterate people so far as Communism is con- cerned who view all sorts of ideas as "Communistic" is a blessing to the conspiracy. Those who consider fluorida- tion, the income tax, and mental health efforts as "Com- munist created" are the vic- tims of this illiteracy. 'Good' And 'Bad' Reds But we note another tendency, at the other extreme of Amer- ican opinion, which is repre- sented by Mr. Walter Lippmen, the widely syndicated colum- nist. On February 13. Mr. Lipp- man writes: "The West has a strong interest that Mr. Khrushchev should not lose face in his struggle within the Communist 'world." When that is written (as it is) in connection with the same proposed "summit" meeting that "The Worker" plugs so strongly, we can detect that what Mr. Lippman recom- mends is that we fight Com- munism by building up the chief Communist in the world. This in an expansion of the thought which has provided United States aid to the Com- munists Tito and Gomulka, while they work against us in the United Nations and among the neutral countries. That thought was expressed by the "New York Times" when it said that we should support Tito in order to pre- vent a "worse type" of Com- munist' from overthrowing him. The prospect offered by this view is that we have only the alternative of "good" or "bad" Commu- nists. This picture has been aug- mented by the "image" being presented by Khrushchev as one who stands for "peaceful transition to socialism" and "the p r o s p e c t of universal peace." But if we turn to the January "World Marxist Re- view," we can read that the program adopted under the direction of this same Khrn- shchev emphasizes "that where- ever the bourgeoisie is strong and has et its disposal a huge police apparatus, development toward socialism would pro- ceed through fierce class strug- gle in its most violent forms, including armed uprisings." This is only raising the curtain s ! i g h t 1 y on Khru- shchev's designs upon the United States, expressed by his initial speech to the 22nd Congress when he said that "socialism has been wresting one position after another from the old world." We shall not rush from night- meres about Communism over to appeasement ahd back again if we follow Pitts XI's precepts and learn "the nature of Com- munism." It is the major re- sponsibility of all educated Americans. II --From "The Way of the Cross" by Caryll Houselander copyrighted 1955 Sheed  Ward, Inc., New" York Jesus Is Made To Carry His Cross ROM the fortress arsenal, a pair of armored guards bring a cross-bar and heave it on the shoulder of the silent Lamb. Just an ordinary piece of lumber, one of many. Thro@n on that shoulder, spattered with the Blood of the Lamb, this timber is now venerated throughout the world. Our daily trials, our routine existence; lost in the shuffle of many lives. But thrown on the shoulder of the Lamb of God, the Savior, purified by the spattering of "Christ's Blood, the most ordinary existence is worthy of veneration. Let us wash ourselves" again in the Blood of the Lamb. son Salisbury, in a front- page feature article in the New York Times of Feb. 7th asserted that some of the top physicists, astronomers and mathematicians in.Russia are no longe atheists. H e claim that they hay, n o t become believers in a formal reli- gion but said to have shocked ventional C o m munists with their be- lief in a God. FR. SHEERIN "Within the most advanced echelon of Soviet science there is emerging a tendency to seek a non-materialist, spiritual con- cept of the universe." Salisbury links up this "start- ling development within the elite corps .of Soviet society" with an alleged revitalization of the Russian Orthodox Church. He sees the long-per- secuted, half-dead R u s s i a n Church suddenly alive with bustling activity.. The ordinary reader of this article is tempted m feel that perhaps we have been mis- judging the Soviets. Perhaps Communism is evolving in the direction of humanism? Can. Khrushchev and his Kremlin aids be so bad after all if they do not suppress re- ligion among the scientists and if they allow the Russian Ortho- For Protestants Only 'A History Lesson' By Roy. John H. Thirlkel, S.S. NE of the biggest problems facing those Protestants and Catholics sincerely inter- ested in dialogue and better understanding is: "Where to begin?" The ques- tion is so vast and so complex as almost to defy solution from any quarter. If we start on our creeds, we meet the problem of dogma- tism; if we start on our codes, we get lost in the intricacies of authority and who has it, and the multiple complexities that application of law to cases can create; if we start on our cults (forms of worship) we find that their determination de- pends on our creeds and codes, and we are back where we started. This is why, we suggested last week that a search of our histories might prove profitable and turn up some clues to solution. The one thing we should all lay claim to is a common heritage in Christ. If we have not that then we truly and literally have nothing in common; and until we have that, every effort at ecumenism will be fruitless. Today's ecumenical move- ment is not stressing union be- tween Christians and pagans, or Christians and Jews -- as much as we might desire and pray for such unions. The ecu- menical movement right now is concerned first of all with unity and understanding among the horrendous multitude of Christian sects; between Cath- olic Christians and Protestant Christians. krticle On Soviets 3ca] :i , religion (creed, code, , and cult) that cannot trace its roots and its essentials in some ('od Needs A Seco: J Look way inhistorybacktoChrist, has no business calling itself Christian. And (more importantly as 8y REV. JOHN 8, SHEERIN, C.S.P. far as Catholics are con- cerned) any Church (organ- RE Soviet scientists dox Church to operate un- young Tendryakov, describing ized society with hierarchy seeking God? Harri- hampered and uncensored? the Tendryakov excerpt as "a and authority) that cannot If one takes a second look at succinct summary of the ha- trace in history its roots as tle Salisbury article, however, ture of this belief." Here is the a society, and the essentials it is hard to find much evidence excerpt: of its hierarchy and author. to support the optimism of the "I do not imagine God as he ity in some way back to headline. As to the religious is depicted on icons. To me .Chrlst' has no business call- r enew a l of the Orthodox God is a sort of spiritual prin- mg itself a Christian Church. Church, I find little to cheer ciple, the stimulus to the emer- For those who agree to these about, gence of the galaxies, the stars, premises, propositions, and There is a well-founded as- the planets and everything restrictions, there is a com- sumption' in political circles which lives and reproduces on tuna heritage in Christ; his- tory shows it in undeniable that this Church is the puppet these planets, from the most fact; and 'there is some real of the government--and Salis- elementary cells up to man." hope for union and under- bury, in my opinion, only con- Salisbury takes this to be standing. firms that assumption. He notes a declaration of religious be- We Catholics have an argu- that the Orthodox priests who fief, a renunciation of athe- ment for Catholicism which are bustling about so crier- ism. It is nothing of the most of us learned as children getically are "a new genera- kind. It says nothing of a from our catechisms and re- tion of young priests, the first personal God or of a life to ligion classes. It is a facile ar- really new generation trained come. It' refers simply to a gument, simply and easily since the Bolshevik revolu- spiritual force inherent in stated, and like so many facile tion." That in itself is enough matter, arguments it is perhaps too to cast suspicion on their mo- Marx too accepted "the spiri- simple. But it is an argument, tives, tual element in life but saw it and despite simplicity, it has Secondly, he reports that only as a phase of bio-chemical a good deal to be said for it. the g o v e r n m e n t has uot activity. He loathed religion as It is an historical .and genea- ceased its e a m p a i g n of nothing more than a reflection logical argument--an argument harassing religion in every' or projection of the economic way possible, especially by miseries of society. closing churches and semi-Lenin agreed with him and Calendar naries. Why then are these said: "Religion lulls the man young priests allowed to rune- whose life is miserable with the tion? hope of celestial reward." Ten- SUNDAY, MARCH 18, SEC- The only logical answer is dryakov believes in some kind OND SUNDAY OF LENT, that they are obedient servants of spiritualized matter but there MASS: Reminiscere-- Remem- of the government rather than ds no reason to think he does ber (Violet). No GI., Cr., Pref. of God. Salisbury mentions not hate religion in the good, of Lent, Mass for Parish. rumors to the effect that the old-fashioned Bolshevik man- late Metropolitan Nikolai, re- ner. MONDAY, MARCH 19, ST. fused to take orders from the The total effect of the Salts- JOSEPH, Spouse of B.V.M. government, then met his death bury article is, in my op!nion, Patron of the U n i v e r s a 1 from "unnatural causes" due rather unfortunate. By and Church, MASS: (Justus- The to improper medical treatment, large it gives the impression just man (White). GI., 2nd Pr. As to the "startling" burst of that Soviet Communism is of Feria, Tract, Cr., Prof. of religious interest among Soviet evolving away from atheism. St. Joseph. Mass for Parish. scientists, there is really noth- This false impression will trap Fast. ing startling about it at all. the unwary peasant in Latin Salisbury summarzies the trend America whose main objection TUESDAY, M A R C H 20, as expressed in the work of to Communism is its atheism. TUESDAY OF SECOND WEEK OF LENT, MASS: Tibi dixit-- My heart hath said (Violet). No GI., Pref. of Lent, Pr. i " . I "'x'-' "-" i  -__  over People. Fast. ..... :. --  t!m WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21, 7--'-" llUll', " i]11! over P00ople Fast ....l....-.- --I'----" WEDNESDAY OF SECOND WEEK OF LENT, MASS: Ne derelinquas--Forsake me not (Violet). No GI., 2nd Pr. of St. Benedict, Pref. of Lent, Pr. THURSDAY, M A R C H 22, THURSDAY OF SECOND WEEK OF LENT, MASS: Deus The Cloud Cuc00 Lar  ._o God (Violet). No GI., 2nd " :O(3 Pr. of St. Isidore the Farmer, Prof. of Lent, Pr. over People. Fast. By REV. G. JOSEPH GUSTAFSON, S.S., Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy, M. Thomas Seminary, Kenmore FRIDAY, MARCH 23, FRI- DAY OF SECOND WEEK OF E Americans live in an extraordin- many a country behind the Iron Curtain and the LENT, MASS: Ego autem--As ary cloud-cuckoo of ultixnate un'- Bamboo Curtain, and it is happening to fellow for me (Violet). No. GI., Pref. of Lent, Pr. over People. Fast realism. We read about people who suf- members of the Mystical Body. It is only that and Abstinence. fared in Dachau or in the Hungarian revolt we do not get the news or the details, for this or who died in Korea but we treat all this as is what Pope Pius XII called the "silent Church." SATURDAY, M A R C H 24, SATURDAY OF SECOND if we were watching a popular movie in which Life can be "nasty, brutish and short" as WEEK OF LENT, MASS: Lax the hero will outwit Hitler and Khrushchev and grim old Thomas Hobbes observed. Domini--The law of the Lord Mao-Tse-Sung. The American movie is the ulti- It is not that we wantto indulge in histri- (Violet). No GI., 2nd Pr. of mate anodyne for our thoughtless citizens, onies. There is always the Faith to make final St. Gabriel, Pref. of Lent, Pr. And so the Marines always land at the last sense of it all. But Faith, as rational, allows over People. Fast. minute or the good guys cut off the villains at no one to hut his eyes to the world around the box canyon or the super-sleuth has already him. While the press, the movie, the "IV con- planned out in advance what to do when the spire to lull us into a false security, it would crook springs his trap. behoove the nation to rouse itself from its Oh goody? Oh nuts! It isn't real. dogmatic slumber and its cozy dreams of end- The villain wins out often enough in life less progress and social security and invinei. " nor is there any guaranteed happy ending ex- bility and wor|d domination. eept in sophomoric and soporific TV. People have suffered and people have died wretchedly and in misery and compromise and sometimes in disgrace. And all this has happened in our enlightened twentieth century. It is happening, as: we write these 'lines, in that traces "our family tree" as it were. Reduced to its most basic logic, the argument runs like this: "Our (Catholic) religion and our (Catholic) Church is older than any other Chris- tian religion or Church; it is older by fifteen hundred and more years than Lutheran- ism, the first, and greatest, and strongest "mother" of all Protestant Churches and religions. Catholicism can trace the es- sentials of its creed, code, and cult back through history to Christ and the Apostolic Age; it can trace the roots of its organization as a society, and the essentials of its hierarchy and authority in an unbroken line of Popes, Bishops, Priests, and Catholic laymen back through history to Christ, Pe- ter, the other Apostles and the first Christians. Therefore, our history would seem to imply that the Catholic Christian Church and religion is the one most likely to be Christ's Church and religion--if Christ did indeed establish a Church and a religion." Now a good logician could punch holes in this argument; and a good historian would f i n d innumerable points to question before he was satis- fied. But my point here is not to prove the argument. I think it is verifiable fact for anyone who can take the enormous .time and trouble to run it dowr[ My point here is to ask: can any other Christian religion or Church even dare to make the same claim? Will history back up the genealogy, the "family tree", of any other Christian sect? in other words, does his- tory not show that the Cath- olic Church is the "Mother" of all Christianity? Is not the Catholic Church the "M o t h e r" of Lutheranism (even though Catholics might regard it as an illegitimate offspring)? And isn't Luther- anism ,the "Mother" of all other forms o| Protestant Christianity? If the road back is to be mapped out for us by history, will not all Protestants even- tually have to become Luther- ans; and all Lutherans even- tually Catholics, before we can get back to unity in Christ? Out of the Past... March 17, 1839 URING Holy Week of the year 1839, beginning March 17, Father Blanchet devised his now famous Cath- olic Ladder at Cowlitz mission while teaching Indians from many distant tribes, including those around Puget Sound. The first form of this ap- peared on wood with notches representing the date Father Blanchet wanted the Indians to remember. Indians called it the Sahale Stick. Later, Father Blanehet de- vised manuscript copies and a printed form appeared in Rapport sur les missions du diocese de Quebec for June 1843. Many other editions of the ladder appeared, the most im- portant being DeSmet's edition in Letters and Sketches, Philadelphia, 1843; F a t h e r Blanchet's last edition, New York, 1859; and the Lacombe edition in colors, Montreal, 1897 from A Chronicle of Catholic History of the Pa- cific Northwest, 1743-1960 by" Roy. Wilfred P. Schoenberg, Sd. March 19, 1911 EGUN on July 28, 1909, on a new site at Twelfth and Reserve, the fourth St. Jo- seph% Hospital in Vancouver, Washington, was dedicated on this feast of St. Joseph by Bishop O'Dea. On the same day the former hospital was adapted for a new institution called Blanchet Home for th Aged. 907 Terry Avenue. Seattle (4) Telephone MAin 2-8880 Second-Class Mail Privileges Authorized at Seattle, Wash. There was once a Roman Empire and here ......................................... Published by the Northwest Progress Co. was a once mighty Babylon and Pharaohs once President, Most Reverend Thomas A. Connolly, D.D., J.C.D. luxuriated on the Nile. There is no security, all these say to us; there is only struggle for prin- REV. JAMES H. GANDRAU--Editor MARY BRESNAHAN--Associate Editor ciple and truth.