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March 9, 1962     Catholic Northwest Progress
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March 9, 1962

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D d B r Th Friday, March 9, 1962 THE PROGRESS--5 Stan e Cross .... St-00-ions Give Thoughts on Christ's Passion "0000''00'Marriageyowacu*'c: yOui D By Rev. Michael Cody . The Stations are design.ed to, lead us VsWofiidstrnlaeS! ufftEnachrOw:::l;;g :::ipbe:?: s :liiledp  th: diW: ft Of U h ppy Home Holy Family Parish, $eoffl, Place of the Skull--Golgotha, wnere we HE Stations of the Cross exist hours in our,. minds. The Stations are not t e n a as a devotion for one purpose bmnce, like a holy card. They fire our minds to the depths set of stations for the use'of its readers. These have been writ- onlymto help a Christian think for himself about the Passion of Jesus. St. Paul proudly proclaimed his principal message as a priest: "We, for our part, preach a cruel. fled Christ... to those who are called . . the power of God and the wisdom of God." (1 Corinthians 1:23). The Crucifixion and the events of that dread day are the cream of Christian faith, brimming with a vast overflow of FATHER CODY God's love. All Christ's life was aimed toward His Passion and Death. If we are to be saved, it shall only be through the power of Jesus' redeeming death on the cross. For Children-- with knowledge of God. The Stations place us in contact with Jesus Himself, now glorious in Heaven. All Christian virtues are summed up in the Passion--justice, mercy, compassion, chastity, charity, fortitude, trnperance, generosity and the whole host of good habits. All revelation of God is found on the Way--heaven, hell, judgment, the church, Divinity and humanity of Jesus, to name a few. It is no good only to look et the crucifix. The Christian must be nailed to it with Christ if he desires eternal life. "As for me, God forbid that I should glory except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world is crucified to me and I to the world." (Galatisus 6:14.) This is true Christianity: to suffer and die with Christ, then arise to new and eternal life. The Stations can help you find union with the Passion of Jesus. No man can altogether avoid suffering in this life, but Stations Of The Cross For I Jesus is condemned to death. Jesus was very happy with Mary end Joseph in their home when He was a boy. He got to work with His father. He played with the boys and girls in Nazareth and had a good time. But now He is grown up. He has spent three years talk. ing to people about God, mak- ing sick persons well again and forgiving sins. Some evil ople don't like a good man; ey don't want to hear about God. They want Jesus to die. Jesus lets them have their way because He knows good men will love Him for it. Jean% I thank you for leav- ing your happy home so you could be my very owe broth. or II Jesus is made to carry His CROSS. Jesus is a priest. A priest is a man who belongs to God. He does things that God wants Him to do. A priest leaves his own happy home, just as Jesus did, so he can be your very own brother, too. Jesus, I thank you for the TPhriests you have given to me. ey are my brothers. They do things that God wants them to do. They are special friends of God because, like Jesus, they have put the Cro on their shoulders. IH Jesus falls /or the first time. As I follow Jesus on the Way of the Cross, I think: Jesus must love me a whole lot to suffer for me like this. I love Him, too, because He is el. ways so nice to me. I love our priests, because they al- ways try to be nice to me, even when they have to correct me, in Jesus' name. Isn't it funny how Jesus lets ordinary men become priests just like He was? He did it so they could help me. Jesus, help always to see you in the priests I know. IV Jesus meets His Mother. Mary loved Jesus, her son. Jesus was always a priest. Mary knew that, and that's why she could be happy when she saw Him doing what God wanted Him to do. She didn't like him to have to leave home to talk to people about God but she let him. When God calls a man to be a priest, a good Catholic mother is happy. She is sad because her boy must leave home. But she knows that if he goes to the seminary and becomes a priest, many people will be saved from their sins. Mary, my mother in heaven, de you think my brother Jesus wants me to be a priest? V Simon o/ Cyrene helps Jesus carry His cross. Simon didn't like the Cross when he was first told to carry it for Jesus. He knew it would be herd work. The sun was hot, the road was all dusty, it was a long way to carry such a heavy cross. They thought he would be very tired when he finished. But he car- ried it anyway, because the soldiers made him. Sometimes when boys are called by God to be priests, they don't like it either. They know it will be hard, the road long, the cross of people's sins heavy. But they love God, so they do it anyway. Jesus, tf you call me to be a priest, give me grace to follow you. VI VerOnica wipes the /ace of Jesus. I like Veronica. She was a girl with the brave heart just like a priest. She couldn't be a priest like Jesus but she could stand along the way and help Jesus. Sisters are not priests but they follow the way of the priest's life. They belong to God, too. Sisters help priests by teaching about God, by taking care of sick people. Sisters are like Veron- ica. Veronica got Jesus' pic- ture on her towel alter she washed His face. A Sister gets Jesus placed right inside her heart when she gwes her life to help his priests. VII Jesus dis/or the second time. Sometimes I think I want to be a priest or a Sister and then I start to think I won't ever have any fun anymore if I do. The cross is never any fun, and even Jesus tripped when He carried it. God didn't make me just to play and have fun. God made me to love Him and be happy with Him. I already know, even as a child, that I am really happy only when I am good. I am happy when I am closest to God. Fun is pleasure, joy, happiness. A rieSt ov Sister has joy and appiness. Being a priest or a Sister is, fun, really. Jesus, the cross is heavy, but the cross is joy. Let me share it with you. VIII Jesus com]orts the women o/ Jerusalem. The poor women can't under- stand why Jesus has to suffer llke this. So they cry. 'But, if God wants Jesus to die, it's all right with them. They want what God wants. Jesus is a priest and He has to do the will of His Father in Heaven. I hope my mother will be like these Christian women of Jesusalom. If I want to follow the way of the  all the way to be a priest, I hope she will want me to do it. ,, Jesus, make my mother trust you like these women do. IX Jesus lulls /or the third time. Jesus, each time I kneel in Church before yon in the Blessed Sacrament, I want to be with you. I want to pay attention to my prayers. You thought of God while you were lying in the dirt on this fall. A priest or sister always tries to think of God when they are in Church. I want to think of you, too A priest has to pray for people. That's what Jesus was doing on the Way of the Cross. I will be llke a priest right now and pray for sinners. l Jesus is stripped o/ His garments. There is Jesus, the priest. How still he stands. How tired and hurt He looks. But His face shines with love for me and everybody in the world. My sins have hurt him but He knows I love Him; really I do. Even as he is getting ready to die, He thinks of me and loves me. Jesus, do you want me to take. your place after you die on the Cross? Do you want me to teach people about God? I will do what you want. Even if I have to give up things, I will think of You, stripped even of Your clothes You have done so much for age. How can I say "NO" to You? By JOHN J. ECKHART FROM GLORY TO GLORY, GREGORY OF NYSSA, edited and translated by Scribners Herbert Musurillo, S.J. St. Basil the Great had a little brother, As is not unusual, he forced his will on the younger man, and insisted that he do things for which he had no inclination. As is more un- usual, St. Basil was fight, even though he did not live to see the emerging greatness of St. Gregory of Nyssa. Gregory was married, and a teacher of rhetoric when his brother caused him to be elected bishop of Nyssa. At that time, it was not neces. sary that a bishop be or- dained, so there was no ob- jection to the fact of his mar- tinge. He was most unhappy over his situation, and did not give Basil the support he expected Later, through a period f trouble, Gregory was won over to Basil's ideas, and began to help him, but it was not nntil Basil's death that Gregory came out from his shadow, and began to show his full stature. The facts of Gregory's life are given in the introduction by the noted French scholar, Jean Danielou, S.J. So often the early Fathers of the Church are hidden from us, lost in the centuries, until all we can see are superhuman giants with no reality. Father Danieiou does not humanize Gregory by a novelistic ap- proach, but presents the fuets simply and concisely, letting Gregory emerge by himself. Father Danielou also made the selections of Gregory's works to be included in this book. The work is edited and trans- lated by Herbert Musurillo, S.J. and he has rendered it in a scholariy, yet very readable style. A great deal depends on the translator. There is no awkwardness here. The text reads as though it had been written in English. This is as true of Gregory's Greek ,as it is of Father Denielou's French. The selections used in '*From Glory To Glory" are from St. Gregory's spiritual writings; mainly his commentaries on the life of Moses, and the Canticle of Canticles. He pots out the many levels on which the Bible may be studied, and he uses these books as symbols d the progression of spiritual life. He augments the symbolism of the Old Testament with verification in the New. St Gregory's doctrine, called "epeetasis" is one of continuous progression of the soul toward God. In very brief terms, it is this; God is infinite, and therefore finite man can never comprehend Him fully. The closer the soul draws to Him, the more the soul realizes that the goal can never be reached. In this very frustration, how- ever, there is joy. In the glory of each new disco,ery the soul rejoices to know that there will always be more to seek and to find. Thus the very progress itself becomes at once an ar- rival and a going forth. Many of these selections have never appeared in modern language before, so we gain from this old old work, thoughts that are new again. It will always be so, because they are timeless. Dorothy Eckhart Smith ten especially for the readers. Some have been written with children in mind, although they may be readily used by adults. How to use these Stations: Alone or with your family, fol- low the stations. At each one genuflect and say while genuflect- ins: "We adore you, O Christ, and we bless you. Because By Your Cross You have redeemed the world." Next read the little consideration written for the individual station. This is intended only as a STARTING POINT for your own thought processes. Then comes the main part: pray or think in your own words, or even without words. Just stand there in silence and let the prayer of God inflame your heart with adoration, thanksgiving, contrition. It is not necessary to recite any prayers, such as the Our Father or the Act of Contrition. The real value of the Station devotion is to make Christ's Redemption alive to your soul. Children XI Jesus is nailed to the CROSS. Jesus, I always want to do what I want. You want me to be what God wants. I see how you pot Your hands out to be nailed to the cross. You didn't like it, but You loved the nails because You love me. I think I want to be what you want me to be. Is it a priest or sister? Please tell me. I'll know what you want in two ways: (1) I will want to serve God. (2) I wilt be told by priests that I have what it takes to be a priest or sister. Jesus, I will listen for Your voice speaking within my soul. I will listen to Your priest on earth because He speaks in Your name. Xll Jesus dies on the cross. Jesus is giving Himself to Our Father in heaven, God. Jesus right now is doing the best thing a priest can do. Jesus is dying, so you alad I might have life forever in heaven with God. Jesus loves GOd because He is a priest. Jesus lays down his own life for us. His friends. See Him there, nailed to the cross. You know how long it is from the time school starts in the morning until lunch time. It seems very long, doesn't .it? You get tired, you think about going home and playing alter school. Three hours. That's how long Jesus suffered and hurt terribly on the cross be- fore He died. Jesus, every time I am at Mass, I'll think of you being hurt on the cross. I will love You for it. How can I play and talk in church when I know You are my friend-- when I know You died for me? Jesus, I love You. I thank you for being a priest. Xlll lesus is taken down from the cross. When people die, somebody has to take care of their body and get it ready to be buried. Mary and the men took Jesus down from the cross to get Him ready, after He died. What will they take me down from when I die, I wonder. I know someday I will have to die, Will I die a good, beauti- ful death like Jesus? Or will I grow up and forget all about the cross and be a bad grown- up? Jesus, I want to die a good death. I don't want .to forget You at all. Maybe You will even give me a very special kind of grown-up life and make me a priest or sister. Then I will be able to stay even closer to the cross. Jesus, ff You call me, I'll come. XlV Jesus is laid in the tomb. Some day I will be buried, too. People will come and stand by the grave where they put my body. Maybe someone will cry. They will be sad be- cause I am dead. My soul will be before God. What will I say to Him? Will it be,: "Jesus, I didn't become a* priest because I thought it might be hard but now it's too lateP' Or will I say: "Jesus, I thank you for your special friendship. I haven't always been the best priest in the world but I did follow you. I took Your cross. Why, lookl Here are some of the people I gave Commun. ion. Here are the people I gave the last rites. Those over there I baptized. How happy they all are. They are laughing and shouting with joy. For met Jesus, how can I ever thank You for making me a priest and keeping me so close to You on earth. My God, now I can love You forever in perfect happiness with all the souls I helped on earth." (To be continued next week) God Love You Communion Implies Death Ry MOST REYEREND FULTON J. SHEEN [VERY Catholic knows that when he to His Death before we receive His Life. After "-- receives the Eucharist he communes Communion, in the happiest moments a soul with the Life of Christ. But how many can spend in this life, make a practical reso- lution to die to some tittle luxury for the Catholics know that in the Eucharist sake Of the Missions. Then send the offeflng they also have communion with the Death of Christ? St. John tells us about the Eucharist being the "Bread of Life," but St. Paul completes the picture:, "So it is the Lord's Death that you are heralding, whenever you eat This Bread and drink This Cup until He comes." It Is the Risen Body of the Glorious Life of Christ which burns within us as we leave the Communion rail But how then does Com- manien announce His Death? By demanding the application of His Death to our livesl As we live to Christ, we must die to the world. Christ is not only the Priest offering His Life for us in the Mass, He is also the Victim offer- ing His Death in reparation for our sins. *'This is My Body which is given you . . . Thin is My Blood which is being shed for you," He told His Apostles. N THE one hand we seek to increase our intimacy with His Life; on the other we multiply sacrifices that we may better have "fellowship with His Cross." It takes the appli- cation of His Death to our lives to bring His Eucharistic Life to the two billion pagans in the world. Every newly erected tabernacle in Papua, Uganda, Burma or Ceylon where His Life be. comes present involves some self-denial on our part in San Francisco, Wilmington, Chicago or St. Louis. The reason the Church demands fasting before Communion is to make sure that we have at least the minimum of incorporation which represents that "death" to the Holy Father. This you do whenever you give to his Society for the Propagation of the Faith. GOD LOVE YOU to M.A.S. for $10. "I promised St. Anthony I would give this to the Missions if he Bent me tenants. He did." . . . to Jane for $I.25. "I am 13 years old and have been trying for the last month to save most of my 50-cent allowance. Please me it for the poor in Africa and Asia." . . . to W.T.L. for $5. "Instead of spending this amount on tranquilizers, I hope to obtain peace of soul by sending it to the Missions." . . to Mrs. E.M.V. for $3. "Our son is 16 years old today. The enclosed donation is in thanksgiving to God for having sent him to US." The 10 letters of GOD LOVE YOU spell out a decade of the rosary as they encircle the medal originated by Bishop Sheen to honor the Madonna of the World. With your request and a corresponding offering, you may order the GOD LOVE YOU medal in any one of the following styles: $2 small sterling silver, $3 small 10k sold filled, $5 large sterling silver, $10 large 10k gold filled. Cut out thisolumn, pin your sacrifice to it and mail it to Most Rev. Fulton #. Sheen, National Director of the Society for the Propa- gation of the Faith, 366 5th Avenue, New York 1, N.Y., or your Archdlocesan Director, Rev. Stephen &mmu, 907 Terry Avenue, Suttio 4. By Father John L. Thomas, S.J. Professor of Sociology at St. Louis University What is a girt of 19 to do when her Dad [orbids her to have dates? He insists 1 have to be "engaged" before going out with anyone. "I wasn't allowed to attend any social /unctions during high school, and though I was an honor student and wanted to go to college, he/orbade that. He even objects i/I go swimming or to the movies with other girls. Sometimes I wish I were married so that I could get away om his clutches, Please help me. OU'RE caught in a very difficult situation, and I'm not sure that it will be modified without rather drastic action. Your father is either a very sick or ignorant man. Since he pays no attention to what your mother says and refuses to discuss the matter with your pastor, it's not likely that he will listen to anybody. You'll simply have to take things into your 'own hands and work out a solution yourself. In other words, I am suggesting that you make plans to leave home. This is a drastic solution, but the situation seems to demand it. You now have a job and can support yourself. Isn't it possible to find a place to board in a good home, perhaps, with e rein. five or friend? Of course, your father will be indignant about this and will probably threaten to disown you, etc., etc., but he hasn't been treating you as a FR. THOMAS real father up to now so you don't stand to lose much. The reason I'm taking this stand is primarily your own state- ment about getting married in order to escape his clutches. This would be a short-sighted, tragically .inept solution, though my experience in marriage counseling indicated that other girls caught in similar situations have tried it to their lasting regret. At your age you do have a right to enjoy some social life. Since our society requires that young people select their own marriage mates, you should have an opportunity to meet other men and women socially and thus be given a chance to develop the type of friendship that may lead to marriage. There is some danger that if you postpone your entrance into normal social life much longer, you will either become too shy to attempt it at all, or you may imagine you're in love with the first young man you have an opportunity to date. Fourth Commandment Must Be Pollowed I-rT about your obligation to reverence and obey your ants? This is a serious obligation and not to be put aside thoughtlessly or without adequate reasons. How does it apply to your situation? In the first place, one of your parents, your mother, agrees that you are not receiving proper treatment. Though she wold probably not be happy to see you have to leave home, it seems to me that she would have to admit that this is the best course of action under the circumstances. What about your father? Clearly, his attitude and action are irrational and unjustified. He did not allow you to attend any so- cial functions during high school; he would not permit you to go to college in order to become a teacher. Although you are now old enough to have a full-time job, he refuses to allow you to have dates He objects when you go swimming or to the movies with other girls--what does he want? Wrong Concept Of Authority AT very minimum, pattern indicates he has THE this wrong conception d parental authority. Parents have only a temporary, delegated authority over their immature children. It ts granted them for the good of their children and is consequently limited by this purpose. Parental authority ceases when children become mature, though they obviously owe their parents love and reverence throughout life. Hence In leaving home you will not be acting contrary to the legitimate authority of your father. The situation is regretable and unfortunate, but it would be foolish to remain in it until it was too late for you to make the change, or sheer .desperation drives you to attempt to escape through a hasty, ill-advised marriage. Of course, it will take considerable courage and perseverance to make the move. Up to now you have been surprisingly docile and obedieat, so it may take some effort to become wholly inde- pendent. Nevertheless, you have to take the step sometime if you hope to lead a normal life. .One final word of advice. Try to carry out your plans as calmly and quietly as pos- elbin. Nothing is to be gained by dragging the affair out through numerous scenes of quarreling and recrimination. Whatever happens, don't carry any malice in your heart. Remember, it is the essential mark of the Christian to forgive and forget. Do what you have to do because you feel that you must, but leave the judging of others up to God. "... to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life. Sister says, "Use the Maryknoll Missal" Available at your book. store in bindings from $3.95 to 122.$0. THE MARY!OLL DAILY MISSAL P. J, KENEDY & 80NS Publilhers to the Holy e Set dt