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March 9, 1962     Catholic Northwest Progress
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March 9, 1962

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4---THE ,PROGRESS, Friday, March 9.2,962 'The Right Gets Righter' he Rev. John Cronin, S.S. dropped the announcement of his new book- let, "Communist Threat To America", into a little puddle of reporters in Wash- ington, D.C. last Thursday. Reverbera- tions from the splash are still being felt around the world. Confusion on three main points caused Father Cronin's words to ripple with intensity far out of proportion to their weight. Three questions must be answered before the value of Father Cronin's book, and the impact upon the fight against Communism it will have, can be proper- ly assayed. 1) Is Father Cronin a spokesman for the hierarchy of the United States? 2) Are anti-Communist groups attacked specifically "in his booklet? 3) Did Father Cronin make blanket ac- cusations against specific Commun- ist groups in a recent press con- ference? Is Father Cronin a spokesman for the hierarchy of the United States? No. The news stories which "leaked out from the New York Times wire service last Friday seem to indicate otherwise. This is not the first time both the Catholic and secular press have at- tempted to give the impresston that Father Cronin when speaking as as- sistmt director of the Social Action Department of the National Catholic Welfare Conference, was speaing for the Bishops of the United States. Archbishop Cousins, head of the NCWC Social Action Department. read a report at the Bishops' meeting in Wash- ington, D.C. last year, expressing con- cern over extreme anti- Communist groups. The December 16 issue of the New York Times reported that Arch. bishot Cousin's remarks "were clearly intetled to describe the policies and tac- tics of the John Birch Society." Arch- bishop Cousins immediately denied the charge, stating that the report which he read at the Bishops' meeting was not written by the Bishops or even by him- self, but was prepared by the staff of the Social Action Department (of which Father Cronin is assistant director.) Archbishop Cousins went on to add, "no specific group was mentioned in the report and no conclusion drawn by edi- tors or writers is warranted. There is a divine command agffinst rash judgment, slander, and false witness." In connection with the position into which some reporters attempted to force the American Bishops with regards to extreme anti-Communist groups, Arch- bishop Cousins had this to say: "The ex- erpts upon which newspapers recently focused attention, are based upon an arti- cle by Father Cronin, S.S., assistant di- rector of the Social Action Department, which appeared in 'America' April 22, 1961." From the above, it ought to be quite dear that Father Cronin does not, in his capacity as assistant direc- tor of the Social Action Department of the NCWC, speak for the Bishops of the United States. and any press re. leases, therefore, which announce the publication of Father Cronin's book on CommunLtm with such sentences as: "The Roman Catholic Church began a natimml cqmpaign to discourage par- ticipation in extreme anti-Communist movements such as the fohn Birch So- ciety,." are guilty of making unu,ar- ranted conclusions which are grossly mis/eading. It is likewise clear, from Archbishop Cousins' remarks, that the Bishops of the United States speak for themselves, and to our knowledge they have not as yet named any extremist anti-Communistic group specifically as a' threat to United States unity, nor have they launched a national campaign against such groups. Are anti-Communist groups at- _-tacked specifically in Father Cronin's booklet? Again we must answer in the negative. Nowhere in his book does he mention by name any extremist anti- Communist grou p . Did Father Cronm make blanket accusations against specific anti.Com- munist groups m a recent press con- ]erence? It would appear that he did, and this .[act we feel way most un. [brtunate. Not so much that he ob- jected to certain extreme anti.Com. munist groups, but the way in which he objected. Father Cronin .told re- porters that his booklet was aimed at specific anti-Communist groups. But 'the specific charges that he brought to bear against these groups were, m some instances, disappointing to say the least, We regret that anyone as expert on the subject of Communism as Father Cronin would begin his "campaign for sanity" by hurting verbal shotgun charges at some 50 anti-Communist organizations. Before we take up any of the charges specifically, we feel it necessary to point out at this stage that The Progress does not. and has not, defended extremist attti-Communist crusades. We know well that crackpots abound in this area, as they did in the area of pro-Commumsm or in the field of anti-censorship. Crack- pots are a fairly familiar phenomena in any movement however noble, as one can see from the history of such fine causes as the liturgical movement-and Catholic Action. One would have no trouble lo- cating them periodically in the history of the Church or the history of the world, but "abusus non tollit usum", as the an- cient maxim goes. The good inevitably suffer from the presence of the extreme- ists in any cause. \\;Ve know of no sure way of controlling this, We do not approve of extremists in the John Birch Society, but nor do we approve of extremists in the liturgical movement. But by the same token, The Progress does not take it upon itself to label every anti-Communist.crusade ex- treme. To do this we would become guilty of being "extreme about extrem- ists." In this connection, we quote an editorial from the Nov. 27, 1961, issue of the Wall Street Journal. "It's suddenly become so fashion- able to berate 'extremists' that you might suppose the breed had but lately been born. "All this is quite understandable. By their very nature extremists are gen- erally wrong--whether m art, morals or politics because their anxiety over what is bad in the area 'of their concern leads them to reject everything, including that which is good. They are thus easily lead to a fanaticism for seemingly simple so- lutions to complex problems. "But there is an equal danger, if we may sa, so. in being extreme about extrenJists. 7'he trap is to suppose that extremists are wrong about everything merely because the), may be wrong aboza some things, This tends easily to a blind re}eclion of everything they have to .ray. "Yet quite often they have a great deal worthwhile to sat. Indeed, they are frequent/), moved to their excesses precisely because they are wi/ling to look clearly at things from which most of us avert our gaze." Among the anti-Communist groups included in Father Cronin's blanket at- tack to the press were the Fred Schwarz School of Anti-Communism and the Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation. Of the Mindszenty group, named for the famed Hungarian patriot who is in the Ameri- can Legauon at Budapest, he commented that their stated arms are good, but "when it crops up in practice, it's a Cath- olic version of the John Birch Society." Of the Christian Anti-Communism crusade operated by Dr. Fred Schwarz, Father Cronin said, it's "more ambigu- ous" than others because one half of the speakers in his "school" are reputable, while the other half are "doubtful." "The Birch Society moves in to capitalize on the ferment it stirs up." We do not feel tt necessary to at- tempt a defense of the Cardinal Minds- zenty Foundation. We are sure there are many missionary Bishops, formerly im- prisoned by the Reds. now heading the organization who can do this for them- selves, should they feel a defense were necessary. As for the Schwarz School. The Progress attended the Puget Sound School of Anti-Communism headed by the famous Australian, IVe listened. carefully to what he said. and were impressed. IVe have read accounts Of Dr. Schwarz's school in the Februm 7 9 issue of Time and Life, and this week's issue of Look magazine, and we feel that these sources raised no realistic objections to the ideas so care- fully taught by this man. As for the crackpots who may glean from Schwarz' field, they would not do this if they had mastered his own teach- ing technique  that is, if they could master it. We can imagine that Father Cronin probably has some way-out fol- lowers too, but we do not blame him for that. As for the general accusation that most extremist anti-Communist crusades operating today are "financial rackets." Might we point out that in practically the same breath Father Cronin declares that the total distribution of his new anti-Communist book is expected to be between 500,000 and a million copies. At 50 cents apiece, this is hardly chicken feed. When Father Cronin makes such sweeping statements about the extreme right, how can he avoid their accusifig him of being tarred with the same brush. At times, as we read Father Cronin's re- marks to the press, they sound as shrill as Robert Welch, the founder of The Birch Society. The result of such gener- Jesus Is Condemned to Death For Protestants Only The Chances of Unity By Rev. John H. Thirlkel, S.S. I NYONE who has read , A, this column for the last three weeks could easily conclude that I con- sider the chances of any union between Protestants and Catholics to be practically nil. (Indeed, I have received letters from both sides accusing me of such a stand.) For those inter- ested in union, dialogue, ecu- menism, or whatever you want to label it, my remarks may well have been discouraging, to say the least. But I must protest and beg the patience of whatever read- ers I may have left. When one is limited to 600 words per right now. It will never hap. week (Editor, please note), he lven; it can never happen! But with these things clearly can cover only one point at a in mind, we can lurn to areas time. where greater understanding Actually, I b el ie v e the between Protestants and Cath- chances for understanding olics is very possible; and and unity between Protes- where possible union is, with tants and Catholics are many God's help, more than likely. would suggest two such areas and great; and perhaps nev- that we might explore in future er before in the history of weeks in Ihis column: 1) a re- Christianity has the atmos- examination of our histories; phere or mood of Christians and 2) an internal shift of em- phasis, on the part of both been so charged with desire Protestants and Catholics. on for unity, nor the time so those precise points that have From "The Way o t the Cross," by Caryll Houselander, ripe for reaping major fruits tended to separate us throu copyrighted 1955 Sheed t Ward, Inc., New York. toward lhis end. the centuries. In recent weeks, I have em- Perhaps. like a husband alities is always negative. The right gets lVe need /eaders who will teach phasized and tried to make wife who are at odds, if we righter, and the left gets lefter, the masses." who will as Charles Ma/ik cleer beyond all doubt that use history as a third party As for the book itself, "Commun- put it, enable the moral cause of Chris- Catholicism. as a Church and and an impartial observer; if as a Religion, is dogmatic in we go back re the point of sep- ism Threat to Freedom" is at best a tianit) to the offensive. It takes its creed, and will not and can aration; if each of us thorough- set of good referee rules on how to conrage to enter the lists; to stick your not change a single iota of any 131 examines our own houses; avoid extremeJ in the anti.Communist neck out: to .rimed up for your convic- truth it holds and teaches to he if each of us is willing to shift revealed by God. emphasis on certain points, movement. IY/e cannot help but feel tions .u,hile trying to maintain that Catholicism is exclusive in without shifting essentials; if that it is not books so much as teachers ever-evasive middle road. Some issues its essential worship (the Sc - each of us tries to go as far we conscientiously can, with- possessed of personal dynamic leader- will find you in agreement with ex- rifice of the Mass and the sev- out ceasing to be what we are en Sacraments), and will not perhaps we shall find, with ship of which "6ur Catholic people are treme membe=t of the John Birch So- and cannot compromise on God's grace, that we are not so desperately in need. cletv. Other tssues will find you poles these Christ-established rites. nearly so far apart as time and In the back of Father Cronin's book- apart. It is so much easter to stay on Catholicism is authoritative in misunderstanding htve led us let is a suggested reading list; factual the sidelines and criticize. The hard its law and will never and can never change a single item that to believe. sources Of information about Commun- knocks and blows that come from corn- it believes to be  law of God. ism. Among the references for factual bat are ,'epu/sive to the sophi.tticated ese things had to be  l A study are listed the House Committee on intellectual u'ho has no stomach for statedwould befirSt'no SOmisunderstand.that there ,.,a.en,00ar Un-American Activities reports. As our real war. ing; so that we might know SUNDAY, MARCH 11, FIRST veteran readers no doubt recall, the Feb. The Rev. Benjamin Masse, S.J., where discussion is utterly SUNDAY OF LENT, MASS: 10, 1961 issue of The Progress carried writing in the Feb 17, 1962 issue of useless; so that we could Invocabit me---He shall cry to clear the way for a dialogue an unabridged report by J, Edgar Hoover America, asked this question. "Wby are on those things that can be me (Violet). No. GI., Cr., Pref. in collaboration with HCUA entitled so many Catholics tagging along with discussed as far as Catholics of Lent. Mass for Parish. "Communist Target Youth." The Hoover the Birchites?" \\;Ve feel that Rev. Robert are concerned. The chances MONDAY, MARCH 12, MON- ,,,,. of unity between Catholics DAY OF THE FIRST WEEKl report illustrated Communist strategy H. Graham, S.J. in the Dec. 2, 1961 is- and Protestants are many OF LENT, MASS: Sicut oculi and tactics in the rioting which occured sue of America answered Father Masse's and great, but we have to As the eyes (Violet). No GI., during the HCUK hearings in San Fran- question in advance when, in concluding knOWand rulewhereoutt loOkthosefOr areasthem of2ndLent,Pr" Pr.f St.overGregory,People. FastPref" cisco on May 10 of the previous year. an article on th John Birch Society, he where it can never be found T UE S DAY, MARCH 13 This report presented the facts clearly wrote: short of embraeing or ahan- TUESDAY OF THE FIRS'/ "'After this ]e'gthv anal'sis of the doning C a t h o 1 i c i s m al- WEEK OF LENT, MASS: Do and unmistakably and yet that same re- together, x mine--Lord (Violet). No GI., port caused confusion and misunder- sad role of extreme rightwingers in the As we said some weeks ago, Pref. of Lent, Pr. over People, standing across the nation. And we sub- fight against Communism, a word if anyone thinks that the ecu- Fast. mit that had "Copamunism Threat to about the responsibility of the liberals menical movement, or the WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14, Freedom" been iri print at that time, is in order. These are not at all with- coming Catholic Ecumenical E M B E R WEDNESDAY OF Council is going to bring bout LENT, MASS: Reminiseere-- this fact would not have altered the situ- out blame for the sitHation that drives some kind of half-breed, men- Remember. Extra Pr. and Lea- orion one bit. so many anti-Communists to extreme grel, watered-down religion son after Kyrie (Violet). No positions. The liberals seem to have that is half-Protestant and GI., Pref. of Lent; Pr. over half.Catholic, and vague People. Fast and Partial Ab- The" uneducated looked to the in- adopted the old European slogan, No enough to take in and please stinence. telligencia for the truth about what hap- enemies to the left.' Not only have all Christian denominations, pened in San Francisco. Some of the they predictably defended Communists they are wasting thdr time, THURSDAY, MARCH 15,ll - their hopes, and their efforts. THURSDAY OF THE FIRST answers they received were contradictory, in the name of civil liberties, but they Such a "monster" of religion WEEK OF LENT, MASS: Con- absurd, and even ridiculous. Some of our have &eked both courage and con- would spell the death of Chris- /caste--Praise and beauty (Vie- Catholic intellectuals proved no excep- tianity, let). No GI.. Pref. of Lent, Pr. sistencv in carrying out their seLf-pro- over People. Fast. tion. It was most difficult to get any claimed devotion to freedom, This is why we have era. scholar to examine the evidence objec- phasized first the essentials FRIDAY, MARCH 18, EM- "There are few outspoken anti-Corn- of Catholic creed, code, and BER FRIDAY OF LENT, tively and to take a stand on that evi- munist liberals. Outside of such persons cult and their immutability. dence, as Berle and Emmet, and such organiza- I! anyone hopes that the MASS: De neeessitatibus--De- Catholic Church--through an liver me (Violet). No GI., Pref. l Our point is simply this: The books tions as Freedom House, few have ap- ecumenical movement -- will of Lent, Pr. over People. Fast II Father Cronin recommends for reading plied to the Communist totalitarian cease to held that Christ is and Abstinence. God, or give up its devotion are for the most part standard equip- danger (internal or external) the same to Mary, or abandon the doe- SATURDAY, MAR C H 17, meat in any anti-Communist crusade It- zeal they deployed for years against the trine of papal infallibility; if EMBER SATURDAY OF brary. They have been for years. But the Nazi totalitarianism and Nazi-like move- anyone expects lialogue be- LENT, MASS: Intret oratio-- confusion about how to interpret the ments in this country, tween Protestants and Cath- Let my prayer (Violet). After dies to change the Catholic facts they present remains. Our people "Until the liberals adopt a less am- position on divorce, b ir t h Kyrie 1st Pr. and 1st Lesson. need books, yes, but they also need in- biguous position in relation to Commun- control, sterilization and the After Dora. vobiscum, 2nd Pr. telligent dedicated intellectuals who will ism, extremist groups like the John Birch like, as immutable laws of then omit lessons and prayers l God; if anyone thinks at- up to the Epistle for the day, not just write" books of. rules or blow Society will continue to win ready ere- tempts at unity will bring 2nd Pr. of. St. Patrick, no GI., 'ql whistles when the fighting gets rough, dence among average citizens for their eventual Catholic abandon- Pref. of Lent, Pr. over Peo- but will roll up. their sleeves and get into scattergun accusations of infiltration and meat of the Mass and any one of the Seven Sacraments pie. Fast' and Partial Abstin- the fight, subversion." --they might as well give up ence. Mindszent7 Foundation 00mswers Criticism A ATHER John F. Cro- not follow that a person be- Father Leopold Braun, A, many successful seminars all against anti.Communlsm." nin's statement listing comes an expert on Commu- A., for 12 years the only Re- over the United States; it spon- As Cardinal Cushing said: nism by . . . suffering perse- man Catholic priest in Soviet sors a widely acclaimed radio "Ever since then every anti- the Cardinal Mindszenty cution." Russia; Father John J. Kelly, program called "Dangers of Communist group has been at-' Foundation as one of the We gladly invite everyone to O.S.A., Rector of Villanueva Apathy," now heard in 30 ma- tacked." The attack on the Car- "private anti-Communism examine the credentials of the University in Havana for 9 for cities; it distributes litera- dinal Mindszenty Foundation members of the Cardinal Minds- years until forced out by Cas- ture on the evils of Commu. was initiated last year in a se- crusades" which are "financial zenty Council, all of whom have tro in 1959; Father Robert nism such as "Divini Redemp- ries of articles in the Commu- rackets" is totally false, and sacrificed comfort and health Crawford, C.M., who worked torts," Cardinal Cushing's nist "Worker." The echoing this careless calumny against lie serve for years in the front for 5 years in China, 2tA "Questions and Answers on of this attack illustrates what 4 Bishops, 10 priests and thou- lines of the battle for Christ years under the Communists, Communism," the American Pope Plus XI predicted' in "Di- I sands of Catholic laymen and and against the atheistic Corn- and now continues to labor Bar Report on Communist Tac- vini Redemptoris": "Little by women has saddened the hearts munist conspiracy in various near the border; Father Jo- tics, Strategy and Objectives, little it (Communist propa- of Catholics everywhere, parts of the world, seph J. Hill, C.M., who de- and U. S. Government docu- ganda) pen e t r a t e s into all The C a rdi n al Mindszenty Bishop Cuthbert M. 0'Gara, voted 9 years to the Chinese meats carefully chosen to gi,e classes of the people and even Foundation has never solicited C.P., a missioner in China 30 missions,  years under Corn- information on Communism in r e a c h e s the better-minded any money from anyone, and munism; Father John A. wrious parts of the world, groups of the community with exists solely by virtue of the years, 2 years a prisoner of Houle, S.J., a missioner in I r r s p o n s:i b 1 o charges the result that few are aware volunteer labors of its Council, the Chinese Reds; Bishop John China for I0 years, impris- against anti-Communists /el- of the poison which increasing- officers and members. It is dif- A. O'Shea, C.M., who served in oned for 4 years by the Chi- low the Communist directive ty. pervades their minds and I ficult to understand why Fa- China 31 years, more than 2 nese Reds; issued in Moscow on Dec. 5, hearts." I ther Cronin should describe as years under Communism; Bish. Father Vincent Loeffler, C.M., 1960" "It is indispensable to Cardinal Mindszenty a financial racket a group of op Rembert Kowalski, O.F.M., a missioner in China for many wage a resolute struggle Foundation. dedicated Catholics who serve who spent 27 years in China, 2 years; and F a t h e r Ismael without salary of any kind to years under Communism and Teste, who was exiled from his .,.'.,]O1_.......' Implement the admonitions of then 2 years in Communist native Cuba after witnessing the  ---"-Z' .... :.- --'-f.f....--- "DiviniRedemptoris,"andwho prisons; Bishop John A. Chef, Communist conquest of his #[ - I .urge a complete dedication to who lived through the Commu- country. "(f'-"'- Christ. nist takeover of'Korea; Father The C a r d i n a I Mindszenty Father Cronins attack on Ladislas Keresztesy Parker, O, Foundation is a non-profit, edu- the judgment of the mission- Praem. who spent 4 years un- cational organization whose sole 907 Terry Avenue, Seattle (4) ,Telephone MAin 2-8880 aries who make up the Car- der the Reds in his native Hun- purpose is to combat Commu- Second-Class Mail Privileges Authorized at Seattle, Wash. dinal Mindszenty Council is gary before he escaped; Father nism with knowledge and facts. - .................... without parallel in our time. Harold W. Rigney, S.V.D.. Rec- Its headquarters are P. O. Box Published by tha Northwest Progress Co. Father Cronln says that the tor of Fu fen Catholic Univer- 321, Clayton Branch, St, Louis President, Most Reverend Thomas A. Connolly, D.D., ff.C.D. credentials of our mission- sity in Peking until imprisoned 5, Missouri. aries "should be examined by the Chinese Reds for 4 The Foundation hasorganized REV. JAMES H. GANDRAU--Editor carefully" because "it does years; 4,000 study groups and put on MARY BRESNAHAN--Associate Editor